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There will be no romance between Poppy and Branch.
Poppy and Branch will form a strong friendship or sibling-like bond in their journey, but they will not be love interests. Rather, they will end the film as Just Friends.
  • It's up in the air at the end. While it was hinted during the movie that Branch has a crush on Poppy and she was pleasantly surprised by his Love Confession during "True Colors", it's not specifically confirmed by either one. To further complicate matters, Bridget also says "I love you" to Poppy (a sentiment Poppy returns), but in a clearly friendship-defined context as Bridget is heroically giving up her romantic shot at King Gristle Jr. so the Trolls can escape, so it's still not clear whether Branch and Poppy's "I love you" to each other constitutes romantic love or not.

Poppy's father will die.
His death will cause Poppy to undergo a Heroic BSoD.
  • Jossed. Poppy's father survives the movie; he's present to give the crown to his daughter.

Branch is part Bergen.
He has a somewhat similar colour scheme to them, and he's far less happy go-lucky than most of the other Trolls.
  • Jossed. Branch's gray color scheme is later revealed not to be natural; it's because he fell into despair after his singing indirectly caused his grandmother to be eaten by Chef. When he finally sings again, it's revealed his natural color scheme is a lime green, so he looks more like the other Trolls.

One of the trolls will steal someone's left sock.
Since there don't seem to be humans around they'll have to steal from a Bergen, another troll, or some other creature, but they'll do it, at least as a blink and you'll miss it joke.
  • Jossed. Sadly this never happens.

The Animators were high the whole time.
Come on, just look at it! Also consider the surprising amount of detail put into rendering that pizza. Clearly someone had the munchies that day.

Creek isn't dead and is coming back.

During 'Get Back Up Again', Poppy is eaten by three different creatures and she manages to survive (including going through what seems to be one creatures digestive system). Creek probably found a way to survive and is coming back, possibly with good intentions, possibly not. No word on Chef, though.


Branch fell in love with Poppy during the movie, not before.

In the first half of the movie, Branch really did think lowly of Poppy, having no real reason be like her more than anyone else. His collection of Poppy's intitations was not due to any romantic intrest, but more a combination of I Just Want to Have Friends and Because You Were Nice to Me (notice that in his introductory scene, Poppy is happy to treat Branch as a friend while the others treat him like an outcast to the point of mocking him). It is only during the journey when Branch and Poppy spend time together and he developed his attraction. This is based on how just after his poetry during Bridget and Gristle's date, he realizes Poppy is staring at him and he quickly looks away, seeming shy and even frustrated, as though he was just coming to terms with these feelings.


Trolls 2 will/would feature Creek as the antagonist.

Just think about it. He let every Troll be kidnapped by Bergens, and at the end when the Bergens learn they have happiness inside them Creek is sent away with the Chef in the burning pot. This also relates to the theory above that Creek is still alive because he would most likely have to be alive to be the villain of the story.

  • Jossed as of now. He’s reformed in the series, so that’s likely to not happen.


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