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First movie
  • Smidge is a short, tiny, ridiculously cute girlish troll... with a deep, booming, male voice!
  • When we first meet Branch and find out he's always been crying Bergen:
    (at a birthday party)
    Branch: The Bergens are coming! AAAAAHHHHH! (knocks over the cake)
    (at a wedding)
    Branch: The Bergens are coming! AAAAAHHHHH! (knocks over the cake)
    (at a funeral)
    Branch: The Bergens are coming! AAAAAHHHHH! (knocks over the casket instead of the cake, causing the body to fall out)
  • Most of Cooper's humor is in the form of a cheery Wham Line said at the least opportune moment.
  • When Chef finds the Trolls, Cooper poops out cupcakes (pictured above), and Poppy offers them to Chef.
  • While Poppy is telling Branch that all her friends have been taken by name, Branch makes a face that clearly says "no big loss" when she gets to Creek.
  • Guy Diamond farts glitter.
  • Branch finds Poppy, unconscious and cocooned in webbing, and promptly cuts her free and resuscitates her by using a pair of bugs as if they were defibrillators. It's how Poppy jumps back from unconsciousness that raises a few chuckles.
    Poppy: (suddenly springs back upright) Get back up again!
    • Also, WHY Branch just happens to show up there - Poppy figured that by the third 'hug time' that he wouldn't be able to bear being hidden with the other Trolls anymore.
  • Late at night in the forest, Poppy tries to cheer Branch up by playing her ukulele. Branch appears to be moved by her music, and then approaches her and asks to play a number himself. Poppy agrees, and hands the ukulele to him. There's a pause, and then Branch promptly throws it into the fire an inch away from him, and goes back to sleep. It's the comedic timing that sells it!
  • Most of the wild animals featured in the movie are so out-there and weird, they're pretty much all worth a chuckle.
  • Biggie tells everyone that that Mr. Dinkles is freaking out, only for Mr. Dinkles to show no reaction and make his normal squeaky noise.
  • On Bridget and King Gristle's date, they both reach for the same slice of pizza, and their hands touch. The theme tune of A Summer Place starts swelling, their eye contact grows more and more nervous as they lean in towards each other...and then Bridget slaps his hand and rips the pizza slice away before he can take it. Gristle is into it.
    Bridget: (audibly gobbling pizza while glaring at him)
    Gristle: (stares at her, looking somewhat disgusted) are FANTASTIC!
    • Immediately afterwards, Poppy attempts to feed Bridget a complement to give back to Gristle. Poppy can barely hold her gaze on the guy without gagging.
  • This example is more Black Comedy, but when Branch finally reveals why he refuses to sing because singing indirectly caused the death of his grandmother, Poppy apologizes for having the wrong idea about the reason behind it. What was her wrong idea? She had thought it was because Branch "had a terrible voice."
    • Even better, Branch admits he had an amazing voice "like an angel" and the scene has fun blatantly playing up his (and therefore his actor's) singing prowess.
      • After the song "True Colors", Branch admits to Poppy that he's finally truly happy. Poppy's expected reaction is to be overjoyed... and is then followed by a tired "NOW?"
    • Cooper's response after Branch reveals his grandma's death:
    Cooper: My uncle broke his neck tap-dancing once. (gets Dude, Not Funny! looks from the others)
  • During the Bergens' rendition of Gorillaz' "Clint Eastwood", a Bergen can be seen burying himself in a grave. Looking closer, one can see that his gravestone reads "RIP Here Lies Me". And there's a frog-chicken perched on the gravestone, cawing.
  • As soon as it's revealed that Creek betrayed the trolls, Branch tries to strangle him with his hair and accuses him of selling them out. Poppy tells Branch to stop and tries to listen to what Creek has to say. Creek then confesses that he did sell them out, and Poppy tries to strangle him with her own hair, with Branch smiling proudly at her.
  • When Chef shows up in Gristle Jr.'s castle after being gone for twenty years he asks her if she'd been hiding behind a plant the whole time.
  • The moment Mr. Dinkles actually a deep voice, causing everyone to gasp when they hear it, only for Mr. Dinkles to go back to his squeaky noise immediately after.
  • After the gang finds out Creek is alive, they cheer and Branch attempts a "happy shout" with the others. He's a TAD out of practice.
  • At the beginning of the movie, Chef gives a young Gristle Jr. what the audience is led to assume is baby Princess Poppy. Eventually, they realize Gristle Jr. had been chewing a decoy all along - and it resembles the original Trolls doll!
  • When the trolls try to comfort Bridget, Biggie tells her to just go ahead and have a good cry, only after she does he tells her to pull it back in.
  • When Cooper interrupts Chef's master plan, we get a series of quick cuts showing Chef pulling out a lemon, pulling out a cutting board, cutting up a lemon, squeezing lemon juice into Cooper's eyes, Cooper screaming in pain, Chef sheathing her knife back in a holster on her leg, and Biggie covering Mr. Dinkles' eyes from the horrid sight.
  • The deleted scene of Satin and Chenille giving Poppy dresses for her coronation back when it was to play a larger part in the film.
    Poppy: I want to wear them ALL!
  • After Chef starts snatching up Trolls, Biggie asks around if anyone has seen Mr. Dinkles, who's attached to his back. Shortly after, King Peppy's method of dealing with the Bergen is to whack her in the foot yelling "Bad Bergen! Bad, bad Bergen!"
  • The trolls attempt to give Bridget an idea for a compliment to say to King Gristle. Hilarity Ensues.
  • This line from Creek after his deception is revealed:
    Creek: I had a spiritual revelation... (earlier on) I DON'T WANNA DIE!
  • Black Comedy, but Poppy's first plan ends with Scrapbook!Poppy getting her head ripped off by a Bergen... and her neck spurting rainbows.

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