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Over the course of the Trolls franchise's animated releases, a number of literature books based on them were published, written by a number of different writers. Most of the books are simply intended to be sold as children's merchandise, and therefore aren't canon to the franchise in general. While a great part of the books are original stories, there are also several that are simply adaptations of the animated media.


Thus far, the most recurring writter in the books is David Lewman.

List of books:

Related to Trolls & Trolls Holiday
  • Follow Your Art (2016)

  • Trolls: The Junior Novelization (2017)
  • Rock'N'Troll Collection (2017)
    • Poppy and the Mane Mania!
    • Branch and the Cooking Catastrophe
    • Biggie and the Disastrous Dance
    • Guy Diamond and the Rainbow Roundup
  • Trolls Holiday: The Junior Novelization (2017)
  • Trolls: Tales from Troll Village (2017)
    • Poppy and the Parade Problem
    • Biggie and the Big Misunderstanding
    • Branch and the Party Rescue
    • Satin & Chenille and the Fashion Show Disaster
  • Trolls: 5-Minute Stories (2018note )
    • Trolls (Treasure Trove Story)
    • Hug! Dance! Sing!
    • Drop the Beat!
    • Pet Problem!
    • Everything that Glitters is Guy!
    • Out of Branch's Bunker
    • The Sound of Spring
    • Happy Troll-O-Ween!
  • The Legend of Hug Time (2018)
  • Too Many Cupcakes! (2018)
  • Mad Libs (2019)

Related to Trolls: World Tour

  • Trolls World Tour (A Little Golden Book) (2020)
  • Trolls World Tour (A Big Golden Book) (2020)
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  • Trolls World Tour: The Junior Novelization (2020)
  • One Big Party! (2020)
  • In Harmony (2020)
  • Trick or Trolls (2020)
  • Holiday in Harmony! (upcoming)
  • Trolls Talent Show (upcoming)
  • Let's Work Together (upcoming)
  • Gift Time! (upcoming)
  • A Different Groove (upcoming)
  • Tiny Diamond's First Day of School (upcoming)
  • We're All Awesome (upcoming)
  • Rainbow Of Colors (upcoming)
  • Glitter Party! (upcoming)
  • Dads Rock! (upcoming)
  • Happy Trollsgiving! (upcoming)
  • Happy Trollmas! (upcoming)
  • Let's All Sing Together! (upcoming)


The Trolls books provide examples of:

  • A Day in the Limelight: Many of the books feature secondary and supporting characters from the animated media (mostly the Snack Pack) as the main protagonist(s).
  • Absurdly Dedicated Worker: The Bizzy Buzzer Bugs from Too Many Cupcakes! are insects who like doing voluntary work requested by Trolls. As explained by Cloud Guy, they only stop working when they're told to do so. Because of this, the bugs end up filling Pop Village (then known as Troll Village in the Trolls-era books) with cupcakes, due to Biggie, the one who called the bugs in the book, being unaware of telling them when it's enough work.
  • Adaptation Expansion: Some of the books expand upon the animated media, adding new storylines related to them and giving clarifications to some headscratchers. Follow Your Art is an immediate prequel to the first Trolls movie, and In Harmony is a sequel to World Tour.
    • Trolls Holiday: The Junior Novelization extends the Caterbus trip scene from the original Trolls Holiday special. After getting out of the wormhole, Cloud Guy and the Snack Pack find themselves lost in the forest, and split into three groups to search the route to Bergen Town.
  • Ascended Extra: Many minor and unused characters from the franchise are used regularly in the original stories under major roles.
  • Canon Foreigner: There are a few new characters who are original to the books, such as Ginger Jo from Pet Problem!.
  • Christmas Episode: Trolls Holiday: The Junior Novelization, Holiday in Harmony! (which are adaptations of the Trolls Holiday and Holiday in Harmony specials) and Happy Trollmas!.
  • First-Person Perspective: Out of Branch's Bunker is a P.O.V. Sequel of the first movie from Branch's point of view.
    • Follow Your Art is told interchangeably between Harper and Poppy's perspectives.
  • Halloween Episode: Happy Troll-O-Ween!.
  • Retcon: Follow Your Art drops Cooper's ability to poop cupcakes from the animated media. Instead, he bakes a tray of cupcakes in one scene of the book.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: David Lewman's adaptations of the first movie (Trolls: The Junior Novelization and Trolls (Treasure Trove Story)) don't have Chef and Creek dying at the end like in the movie. Instead, they remain living together in the forest, isolated from both Troll and Bergen society.
  • Thanksgiving Episode: Happy Trollsgiving! and Trick or Trolls.


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