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Nightmare Fuel / Trolls

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First movie

Given that Trolls is a notable departure of children's media with its Black Comedy aspects, it's no surprise that there are some scary moments and implications.
  • While Chef is mostly Nightmare Retardant with her "scary" moments, there are still some exceptions:
    • Her abuse towards Bridget. While it isn't really that horrifying, it's implied that she had started doing it to her since she was first hired at the castle as a child, given how Bridget appears saddened when Chef returns to Bergen Castle. The worst part? She likely managed to hide the abuse from every other Bergen, considering how there usually aren't any other Bergens around when she throws a punishment on her.
    • The Slasher Smile she has when she finds Troll Village at last. It easily stands out from the typical grins or scary expressions of other DreamWorks villains when you put them up to comparison, even those who might have gone beyond her heinousness.
    • How she wanted every Troll to be eaten at the reinstatement of Trollstice. This gets pretty jarring when you think for it for a while. Perhaps she probably didn't care about the Trolls at all, rather seeing them as a simple means to an end, which is especially supported by the fact that she set Gristle to eat Poppy as a baby; that is, regardless of age, she's willing to get them all killed off and extinct by any means. The other Bergens may have ignored it, but they were likely to fall under a great oppression from Chef had she succeeded in her scheme to overthrow Gristle.
  • Also to mention about the opening sequence is that when the Bergens find out that the Trolls escaped, King Gristle Sr. tells his son matter-of-factly that he will never be happy now.
  • After "Get Back Up Again", Poppy, who is unconscious and is wrapped in spider web, gets surrounded by spiders with all intent on eating her. Even after Branch shows up and fights them off, he still has to revive her.
  • Most of the monsters Poppy and Branch run into have off-the-wall designs meant to be jokes or gags of sorts, but some still manage to be frightening. Of special note is the one that pretends to be a hill, which ends up eating Chef and Creek in The Stinger.
  • The reason Branch stopped singing. His singing as a child attracted Chef, and Branch's grandmother was eaten when she tried to save him.
  • The Reveal that Creek is a traitor is surprisingly unnerving, for all the wrong reasons. During the part where Creek says "I'm doing this for you", he strokes Poppy's face in a very rape-y manner, not helped by Russell Brand's soft-spoken delivery.

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