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First movie

Creek: Whoa, whoa! Everyone, we must all remain calm.
Chef: That's right. A calm Troll is a tasty Troll, and you are a key recipe in my success. [The Trolls gasp] You see, he who controls Trolls controls the kingdom, and I... I AM THAT HE!
Cooper: You're a dude? [Chef grunts as she squires a lemon on his eyes] Aah! Ooh...
Chef: By this time tomorrow, I'll be queen, and all of Bergen Town will finally get exactly what they deserve: TRUE HAPPINESS!
— Chef talking about her scheme to the Trolls she kidnapped.

Poppy: Why not? Why don't you sing?
Branch: Because singing killed my grandma, okay?! Now leave me alone.
Cooper: My uncle broke his neck tap dancing once.
Poppy: How did singing kill your grandma? What song she singing?
Branch: I was the one singing. [voice-over during flashback] That day, I was lost in song... I didn't hear my grandma trying to warn me.
Branch telling the other Trolls why he doesn't sing.

Branch: Happiness is inside of all of us, right? Sometimes, you just need someone to help you find it.
— Branch after the "True Colors" song.


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