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Tear Jerker / Trolls

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First movie
Trolls, being about happy trolls, also gave us sad moments.
  • In the opening when it's revealed the Trolls escaped, King Gristle Sr. tells the prince matter-of-factly that he will never be happy now.
    • Sadly, he wasn't present in Bergen Town when his son found happiness and helped the other Bergens be happy on their own.
  • Bridget herself. A disrespected, put-upon scullery maid Bergen who only wants to be nice, but has 0% self-esteem, no friends, a cramped, dark room in the palace basement as her place to live, and a hopeless crush on the Bergen prince, who doesn't even know she exists. Chef contributes most of the abuse on her, such as tossing kitchenware down a chute directly on top of her so she can clean them, without a second thought. All this has been going on for most of her life.
  • The reason Branch stopped singing. His singing as a child attracted Chef, and Branch's grandmother was eaten when she tried to save him. The loss caused him to lose his color and happiness.
  • The whole "True Colors" scene, which is heartwarming too, but also hard to see all the Trolls, especially Poppy, losing hope and color. Especially since earlier, Branch was hoping to see the look on Poppy's face when she realized life isn't all cupcakes and rainbows. He gets to see the look on her face, but as she's ''giving up entirely'', which Branch definitely does not enjoy in the least.

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