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  • The amount of worldbuilding seen in the show is impressive; there's a detailed system of magic, several historical events are mentioned, and in one episode the wheres and whys of how girl trolls get their magic is explained. They even have a different calendar system.
  • In the first episode, Ruby takes on who she thinks is an ogre with nothing but a tree branch.
  • The first time the girls use the Magic of the Five to defeat Snarf.
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  • In "Field Trip" the boys and girls work together to fix the bus and save Mr. Trollheimer from ghost dogs. Ruby and Rock face the ghost dogs out in the open, using magic and torches to fend them off, Flint uses the Power of Rock to stun the ghost wolves and finally Onyx and Topaz use a spell to finish them off.
  • In "Bringing Back the Magic," the girls had to face a cyclops without their magic, and with the Ancients' lives at stake. Though it takes a lot of effort, they manage to defeat it.
  • The arc where the girls turn evil, letting Simon take over Trollzopolis. He pulled off quite an evil plan.
  • Rock defeating Simon by smashing his trophy against his head.
  • The girls stopping the Trollhiti volcano from erupting in the last episode.
  • Alabaster saving Coal and Flint from a fatal fall down a chasm using a crossbow-like device with a wire attached to it in "The Day the Magic Died".
    • Topaz saving Alabaster from getting crushed by a rock.


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