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  • Anytime Beck goes hand to hand with Paige.
  • Anytime Beck goes up against Tessler. Especially the end of the fight in the first episode.
  • The fight between Beck, Cutler, and Paige. Cutler throws his disc at Paige and misses her. She asks if he was even programmed for combat, but it turns out he hit the switch controlling the wind turbine she's standing next to. As Paige is being dragged away by her parachute catching the wind, Cutler quips, "Nope. Aerodynamics."
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  • Zed enters a street race against some local thugs. Two of the racers begin working together to eliminate the other racers and they finally reach Zed... who activates the equivalent of a nitro boost and blows them away.
  • Able giving Tron an ass-chewing over his recruitment of Beck. First of all, Able figured out Beck was the Renegade all along and figured out Tron was still alive and actively training him. Then cap it with being able to stare down the biggest badass to cross cyberspace and tear him a new one over putting one of his charges in danger.
  • "Scars-Part 2" is basically a whole episode of Tron being awesome. From schooling Beck on the Lightcycles, to his epic throwdown with Dyson. Just goes to show, the old man's still got it.
    • Distilled down to the very essence of awesome with this exchange between two guards while Dyson is torturing a silent Tron:
    Guard 1: Everybody else screams, why doesn't he?
    Guard 2: He's Tron.
  • The Phrase spoken by Beck and Guard 1, Cyrus, who rescues Tron in the end.
    "We can't let the Revolution end before it really begins."
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  • Tessler's "nightmare", in which the Renegade completely curb-stomps him. It may be Tessler's worst nightmare, but it's a dream come true for the people of Argon city, and it shows that the Renegade has proven himself to be a lot more than a simple Freedom Fighter.
    Tessler: What do you want?
    The Renegade: To take back Argon City.
  • In "Grounded", Tesler's latest challenge to the Renegade touched a nerve with Beck. Zed accidentally pitches a ball at him, only for Beck to catch it without looking. Mara was even impressed by that.
  • Also in "Grounded", Tesler gets a villainous one for challenging the Renegade to a mano-a-mano fight. Even if he kind of cheated by bringing along a hefty trump card, he didn't let his mooks interfere and handled it himself, all the while telling the Renegade how pointless his quest is while wiping the floor with his face and No Selling every single kick or punch thrown at him. He then almost kills him with a well-placed Face Palm Of Doom while Beck is helpless to fight back. Seriously. But then Able came along...
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  • Mara and crew successfully repairing all the tanks they were forced to repair. Pavel's defeated attitude is just the cherry on top.
  • Beck breaks out of a living-generator/torture-chair while it's boiling him alive by waiting for the heat to loosen the restraints. Then he fights off Cyrus and foils his Evil Plan.
  • Mara free-coding a Recognizer as it's bearing down on her, triggering a set of Disaster Dominoes to top it off.
  • Keller stopping Pavel and helping out Beck, using Pavel's own discarded staff. Beck claims that he had Pavel under control, which he indeed did, but Keller really wanted to hit him.
  • In "Rendezvous", Paige, finding her escape by light-cycle blocked by a tank, gets past it by turning off the bike, leaping over the tank, then reactivating the bike while passing over it so the light-wall is within the turning radius of the turret.
  • "So predictable."
  • Some awesomeness from "Terminal" summed up in 8 awesome words.
    Tron: Good news. I'm healed. Bad news? I'm healed!
  • "Welcome to the House of Pain."

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