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  • In the extended ending of "The Big Test," Ruby uses a spell to have a friendly pillow fight with the other girls and Wa-Wa.
  • In the arc where the town was sent back to the Middle Ages, Amethyst stood up for Coral, the Alpha Bitch, when Simon threatened her. When things went back to the present Coral thanked her, even if she couldn't remember why.
  • Sapphire taught a friendly ogre, Sandstone, how to read. In return he taught her how to swim.
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  • Rock got one when, despite not having magic, he told Ruby to stand back and let him take care of Simon. It's even more heartwarming when in a later episode, Rock did defeat Simon.
  • In the arc where the girls turn evil, Rock gives Ruby his jacket when she's freezing, and she's very grateful for his help.
  • The girls braving the Haunted Woods to rescue a goblin toy a senior citizen lost in the woods years ago.
  • Topaz facing her own fears to help Zirconia, which helps her save Amethyst's grandmother from Simon.
  • In the final episode, just when Ruby is about to walk out on the other girls, Amethyst is put in danger partly due to her actions. Ruby immediately turns around and saves her.
  • The final episode has Ruby's hair burnt and frizzed from being near a volcano, so the others wear hairstyles just like hers so she won't feel left out.
  • The website had a section listing the girls' online profiles, including their best friends, likes, and dislikes, among other things.
    • In the section where it asks who their "Best Friend" is, each of the five girls lists the other four as their "Best Friends," being unable to choose between them.
    • In the "Dislikes" section of Onyx's profile, she claims that one of her "dislikes" is people who dot their "i"s with smiley faces—except for when Amethyst does it.
    • In the "Dislikes" section of Ruby's profile, she claims that her "dislike" is people messing with her friends.
  • Sapphire hugging Alabaster after his Percussive Maintenance gets the bus started in "Field Trip".


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