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Grandma van der Troll is Amethyst's maternal grandmother (her mom's mom)
I'm guessing this because Amethyst and her mom look pretty much identical and Grandma van der Troll looks pretty similar to them. To elaborate further, I'd say that when Amethyst's maternal grandparents got married, Amethyst's maternal grandfather chose to take his wife's last name, and then when Amethyst's parents got married, Amethyst's dad had done the same thing.
The original Troll Dolls created in the 1960's are the precursors of the modern Troll species in the series.
  • It just makes sense. Shows the gem-in-the-bellybutton thing has been going on for ages.
    • A secondary point to this WMG; Troll Hair, probably evolved as a sign that particular troll was an acceptable partner, the more ability it had to stand straight up, the better. Which is why hair seems to be so important to modern trolls. Except for Jasper because that is the way he rolls.

In the future the BFFL will eventually bring magic back to the world as it was in the past.
  • Obsidian has already mentioned they are more capable at magic compared to the previous Magic of the Five group. So it is entirely possible the girls are capable of it. Shame we will never find out.

The Trollz broke things again by sealing Simon away for only 1,000 years.
  • Previously, the Ancients had sealed him away for 3,000 years, which was enough time for them to grow wise and train the present-day girls. By reducing the number by 2,000, not only will Simon return earlier than before, but there won't be enough time to train a new group of five.

Black Amber caused Angermore to vanish.
The website mentions that Black Amber almost destroyed the planet when Simon let it loose, and Angermore is last seen being approached by something that's shrouded in clouds.

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