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Possible networks and streaming services that could greenlight Trick Moon
Since the higher-ups at Cartoon Network decided to not greenlight the show, there is a possibility that an other network could give this show a chance.

  • Netflix: Due to how many of the steaming service's animated shows were proven to be massive hits, Trick Moon might have a shot and become an instant classic.
  • Disney Channel: A lot of fans have made petitions to have Trick Moon be produced by Disney. Considering the channel has aired many popular shows like Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls and DuckTales (2017). Alternatively, Trick Moon could air on Disney+.
    • Knowing Disney, they might not want to touch Trick Moon since it isn't a Disney original.
  • Peacock: While the streaming service is relatively new, it is currently planning to produce new animated content from Dreamworks Animation. Trick Moon could become the streaming service's big hit from Dreamworks (not to mention, the creator Geneva Hodgson already has a job there since late 2020).
  • Nickelodeon: Because they have an infamous tendency to pick up shows from other networks, and personally, I feel like Trick Moon is more of a Nickelodeon show than a Cartoon Network one.
    • Praying they don't pitch it after a few episodes like they do with other Nicktoons.

If Trick Moon ever gets picked up, it will reveal itself to be in the same world as OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes
Because Trick Moon has pretty much the same artstyle as OK K.O. does, since they're both storyboarded (and this one was even created) by the same person. It will reveal itself to be one of the many other blue planets as shown in the intro.

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