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YMMV / Trick Moon

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  • Cult Classic: The pilot got people hooked pretty much immediately due to its entertaining characters, charming art-style, and intriguing setting and plot and managed to amass more than two million views on YouTube and tons of fanart in only six months. The pilot's fans were wildly disappointed when word got out that Cartoon Network did not pick the pilot up, but they hold out hope that one day Trick Moon will pull a Lakewood Plaza Turbo/Uncle Grandpa and get picked up for a full series by somebody (be it Cartoon Network or somebody else).
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  • Popular with Furries: Being set in a World of Funny Animals, it naturally became popular with the furry fandom. Popular enough that it became nominated for the 2020 Ursa Major Awards in the "Best Dramatic Short Work" category alongside Mystery Skulls Animated - "The Future" and Zoophobia - "Bad Luck Jack".


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