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Tear Jerker / Trollz

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  • In the first episode, after Ruby kicks Amethyst out of the BFFL she shows regrets over it, but can't bring herself to apologize directly. Making it worse is when she sees a cute boy at the mall and comments that he'd be perfect for Amethyst, only to remember she isn't there and why. Meanwhile, Amethyst is distraught and wonders if she's changed too much to remain friends.
  • Amethyst's nightmare in the first episode where her friends don't know her and can't see her. As she puts it, it's like she wasn't there.
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  • The montage of the girls coming back from the Old Trollz' Home wet and miserable in episode 9.
  • When the Sacred Altar is broken, magic disappears and the Ancients will die before the sun rises the next day. This includes Amethyst's grandma, and she's worried about her for the entire arc.
  • When Simon uses time-delayed cookies to turn the girls evil, Ruby thinks it's because of her own influence and tearfully cries to Obsidian that since they're acting like monsters, she's a monster too.


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