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Headscratchers / Trolls: World Tour

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  • We saw Branch parkour into the hot air balloon last minute, so when did he manage to get the barrel full of weapons on board?
    • Maybe Branch had the weapons in his hair

  • Why is Branch back to being gray? At the end of the first movie and the during the series he's now blue. What changed?
    • It probably comes down to the lighting of certain scenes. In the beginning and throughout the movie, he's blue with blackish blue hair and in other parts he looks back to being grey with pitch black hair.
    • It still doesn't explain the hair which was now bright blue in both the ending and series.
    • Probably brand familiarity, everyone who didn't watch The Beat Goes On knew Branch with dark colors from the last movie until the very end. So maybe his darker colors were kept just to match his less joyful, more cautious attitude even if it did improve from the last movie.
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    • Brand familiarity is the likelier explanation. The Beat Goes On was a continuation of the movie, so it follows that Branch retains his vibrant colors for it. This movie is also a continuation with the show's canonicity being made dubious. My in story reason is that Branch's color changes because his trauma wasn't magically fixed and he changes based on his mood. Notice he's at his most vibrant coloring when he's singing with Poppy.

  • How do the many Troll nations fit into the Bergen narrative from the first movie? Were other troll communities being harvested too?
    • For that matter, where is Bergen Town on that map?
    • Do Bergens and the other Troll nations know about each other?
    • I assumed either the Bergens only knew about Pop Trolls or didn’t bother going after other genres because they didn’t make them happy in the same way. Also, the only troll nations who seem just as lively as the Pop Trolls (Funk and Techno) have ways of easily escaping the Bergens. (Having a spaceship and being underwater, respectively)

  • What is up with the vast differences we see between baby trolls on screen? Baby Poppy in the first movie acted like a toddler, but then we see freshly hatched Tiny Diamond acting and speaking like a tiny adult, the Country Troll baby already at a child level, able to start chores fresh out of the egg, and baby Cooper being somewhere in early childhood behavior.
    • Easy Each Baby Troll is unique. Or the writers got lazy

  • Are Hickory and Dickory brothers, or just business partners? They share a musical genre and a skin tone, but the similarities end there. Their facial structures are completely different, not to mention their heights, hair color and length. The fandom Wiki lists them as brothers, but it's yet to be confirmed by an official source.

  • How did Poppy not get suspicious when Hickory told her that Chez was tracking her down for Barb?
  • How did Pennywhistle get to the Volcano where the Rock Trolls were or even know where the volcano was if she stayed behind to fix Symphonyville?
    • Considering her backstory of being a traveler, she probably knew where the Volcano was and probably gave up on fixing Symphonyville having no hands. Plus her experience with Poppy probably made her change her mind to go help the trolls rather than be alone doing a task that was hopeless from the start.
  • How did Barb know Trollex, Trollzart and Poppy's names (on the invitation sent by Debbie), if none of them ever even heard of her?
    • Considering that she has hired assassins, she probably also has spies to help give her the information she needs.
  • Why is K-Pop treated as a completely separate genre in this movie? All it really is is pop of Korean origin, so they should belong in the pop realm. The Pop Trolls even sing “Gangnam Style” at one point, the most famous K-Pop song out there, raising even more questions.

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