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  • Turbo taking on the neighbourhood Jerkass kid on a tricycle nicknamed "Shellcrusher" and winning.
  • Turbo chasing after the Crows that took Chet and giving one of them a beatdown from the inside.
  • The Snail Crew hijacks a tourist bus!! The best part being when the bus is charging straight at Whiplash. Does the snail stoically stand his ground? No. He laughs like a freaking maniac!
  • Turbo begins the final race trying to behave like a car, and quickly gets in difficulty. At the first pit stop...
    Whiplash: Are you a car?!
    Turbo: No.
    Turbo: NO!
    • Doubles as a Funny Moment when you realize that the cadence of the exchange is straight from Samuel L. Jackson's "Does he look like a &#*$#?!" line from Pulp Fiction.
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    • For those who don't understand, Whiplash makes Turbo realize he must exploit his snail particularities (mainly, his size).
  • At one point during the race, a small flock of crows lands and surrounds the Snail Crew. Oh, Crap! moment, right? The next scene, they're using the crows as Power-Up Mounts to get to Turbo.
  • Chet escaping from the little glass trap a kid trapped him in, leaving the box by crawling down the window and then catching a balloon and pulling off all these incredible stunts to avoid all of the hazards to him, just so he can get to his brother and encourage him! He's even riding a crow like the Snail Crew are by the time he gets to Turbo!
  • Let's just say Whiplash is a walking CMOA.
  • Turbo winning even without his powers.
    • Three words: TUCK AND ROLL!
    • The entire climax was awesome. Both Turbo and Guy are literally struggling to the finish line, with Guy pulling his car.
  • Kim-Ly trying to beat Gagne up on the track. Also a funny moment.
  • The last snail race. Turbo has lost his Super Speed and is with the Snail Crew on the line.
    Whiplash: All right, so you got a new shell. Can yours do this? HIT IT, BURN!!
    • Cue Burn's shell turning into a freaking hot rod motor, White Shadow's into a damn monster truck, Whiplash's into a friggin' jet turbine, Smoove Move's into a huge-ass sound blaster and Skidmark's into a downright hovercraft propeller!! All that Transformers-style!

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