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Heartwarming / Turbo

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  • Angelo sharing tacos with Tito.
  • After Turbo busts his shell. He's just a snail. But all of the humans, all of them not just Tito, decide that it's best if they pull him out of the race. This is all a gamble to get Starlight Plaza on the map, and they could gamble some more by letting this snail go on for a few more laps. But they care too much about Turbo - A snail! - to gamble his safety for their careers.
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  • The whole snail crew coming to Turbo's rescue after his shell is destroyed.
  • "Hey Angelo...we did it!"
  • After Turbo loses his Super Speed (It comes back later):
    Smoove Move: Are you gonna be okay without your fancy magic superpowers?
    Turbo: Sure. Never stopped you guys.
  • At the final race, Chet comes with an Ambulance shell and starts giving security advices (which bothers the "racers" more than anything else). The CMOH is at the end:
    Chet: And that being said... (to Turbo) Blow off the track, bro.

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