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With tons of movies and TV series, is there any wonder that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has tons of great music?

Works with their own page:

  • The Avengers:
    • The "Avengers Theme". Especially the repeating motif that starts at 1:06.
    • Helicarrier. This was one of several parts reused in Avengers: Age of Ultron (and this was a movie with original music by Brian Tyler and Danny Elfman).
    • Tunnel Chase begins the movie with thrills and suspense, ending with a tag of the title theme.
    • Assemble augments an already tense battle in New York with a mix of bombastic horns, strings, and timpani. It isn't until Banner (who earlier emerged from a pile of rubble) arrives that the piece goes into a decrescendo. At 4:10 as Banner walks forward, the strings picks up again along with some subtle timpani, building to a bombastic prelude that then transitions into the Avengers fanfare - leading to the iconic shot of the original Avengers "reloading" their weapons. This prelude makes a return later in the franchise.
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    • One Way Trip plays partially as the heroes enact the plan that ultimately saves the day, with equal parts sorrow, solemnity, and acceptance.
    • A Promise adds a beautiful acoustic guitar as the heroes settle after their victory, before one final triumphant reprise of the main theme.
  • Iron Man 3: Brian Tyler's score is fantastic.
  • Thor: The Dark World: While most of the soundtrack is great, "Into Eternity", which plays during Frigga's funeral gets special mention.
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier:
    • "Taking A Stand", Cap's new theme that sounds darker and more muted for the modern times, yet still appropriately heroic.
    • Winter Soldier's theme, a wail that makes one's hair stand on end and can quickly turn from ominous to sudden.
    • "End of the Line", played during the film's climax where Bucky saves Steve from drowning.
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron:
  • Ant-Man:
    • Christophe Beck's score, which — befitting a heist movie about a former criminal using old-school sci-fi tech — is much jazzier and 1960s-influenced than that of the average Marvel film, with lots of Latin brass, bongos and flute.
    • The main theme and the Mexicali surf rock remix, "Tales to Astonish", that plays over the credits.
    • "First Mission", in which Scott not only fights, but defeats the Falcon single-handedly, is wonderfully tense, and even includes a cue from Henry Jackman's Winter Soldier theme upon Sam's arrival.
    • "I'm Ready" by the Commodores, a smooth bit of instrumental funk played over the montage of Scott and his associates mapping the heist on Pym's safe.
  • Captain America: Civil War:
    • The Marvel Studios fanfare that plays during the beginning of the film. Fans can get excited just by the studio fanfare, similar to the Disney fanfare or the Fox fanfare!
    • "Civil War", an epic and exciting song with that plays during the iconic airport battle.
    • "Cap's Promise", the song starts on an emotional tone but starts to get more triumphant and exciting as the film reaches its finale.
  • Doctor Strange (2016): The Master of the Mystic End Credits is delightfully mysterious. It has received much praise for its unique blend of instruments and styles, with the end result being just as grandiose, majestic, and trippy as one would expect for a film about the Sorcerer Supreme. It has been compared favorably to Pink Floyd, among other things. Speaking of whom, the use of a song of theirs, "Interstellar Overdrive", as Steven prepares himself for a party and drives is pretty neat.
  • Much like Guardians of the Galaxy, Luke Cage (2016) really deserves its own page, as some of the jams played in Cottonmouth's club are just absolutely brilliant. Extra points in that the artists themselves performed live exclusively for the show.
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming:
    • Michael Giacchino's score includes an epic version of the iconic Spider-Man (1967) theme that is used to introduce the Marvel Studios logo. The suite for the film can be heard here.
    • The Vulture's theme (mainly the ten-note phrase that announces his arrival) is menacing, swooping and intense, and fits perfectly for his terrifying appearances as a monster from the sky. When it plays during fight scenes, it features heavy drum accompaniment, making it sound like an evolution of the music from the '60s cartoon. Is there a better bad guy motif than that in the MCU?
    • Spider-Man's patrol of his neighborhood is set to "The Blitzkrieg Bop" by The Ramones, a band native to Peter's own Queens that fits perfectly with our high-energy New Yorker hero.
  • Thor: Ragnarok:
    • Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" is used in the teaser trailer... and appears twice in the movie.
    • The entire score by Mark Mothersbaugh has been praised as being one of the, if not the single best score for an MCU movie to date. The "Ragnarok Suite" is particularly epic. "Twilight of the Gods," the song that plays during Odin's death scene, is also particularly moving.
    • "Where To?" uses the theme from the original Thor to phenomenal effect as Thor becomes the new King of Asgard and takes his seat in the control chair of the escape ship.

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