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"This is your chance. To earn that look in your daughter's eyes. To become the hero she already thinks you are."

Nebula: All you do is yell at each other. You're not friends.
Drax: You're right. We're family. We leave no one behind.
— Drax defines the Guardians' relationship to Nebula, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

In a universe full of traumatic origin stories, ancient conspiracies by neo-facists and undead assassins, and a madman plotting to wipe out half of life in the universe, there is more than danger and trauma. There are people coming together to do what's right.

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Marvel Television


  • Nearly every entry in the Multiverse Saga to date has had the shot of T'Challa scattering the Border Tribesmen with a kinetic impact as the final visible shot of the Marvel Studios intro — a tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman, who passed away a few months before the Saga was able to properly begin, and to the literal impact he left on the MCU and the world.
  • The fact that Steve Rogers (Captain America) is the one person who everyone respects regardless of faction, and despite that, you just know meeting him you can call him "Cap" and he won't mind.