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"I watched you while you were sleeping. I-I mean... I was present when you were unconscious from the ice."

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Infinity Saga

     Phase 1 

Iron Man:

  • In the first movie, when Rhodey finds Tony wandering the desert after escaping the terrorists.
    Rhodey: Next time, you ride with me, okay?
    • Cue a hug that is more Tony collapsing into Rhodey's arms and a heartbreaking look of relief on Rhodey's face.
    • Then cut to Rhodey holding Tony's hand as he helps him off the plane.
  • Then there's the scene with Obadiah at Tony's house just before the climax. There was a definite bad touch vibe there.
  • A line from the original script for the second film (which still survives in the novelisation) has Tony drunkenly proposition Rhodey to join him in a three-way during his "last" birthday party.
  • Tony spends most of the third movie dodging questions about his PTSD, but The Stinger reveals he's opening up and telling the entire story to Bruce Banner.


Captain America: The First Avenger

  • Howard Stark and Steve Rogers. First, just look at how Stark looks at Rogers before the injection! Second, just look at how Howard observes Steve's newly-enchanced shirtless body.
  • There's tons of devotion between Steve and Bucky:
    • Steve is willing to walk 30 miles beyond enemy line into Austria for the hundred-to-one chance that Bucky may still be alive.
    • When trapped in an exploding HYDRA base, Steve is stuck on the wrong end of a collapsed bridge. He yells for Bucky to go, but he refuses.
      Bucky: No! Not without you!
    • The drinking song that plays in the bar while Steve and Bucky are talking to Peggy is "There is a Tavern in the Town". It's just a catchy period piece at face value, and Bucky is definitely acting like a Hopeless Suitor in the scene, but the song's literal meaning coupled with Bucky's general feelings of inadequacy during the scene leads to some ...interesting undertones about who of the two he's actually jealous of.
    • There is no way the writers intended for the scene between Steve and Bucky in the bar to come across the way it did.
      Bucky: [leans over] But, you're keeping the [Cap] outfit, right]]?
      Steve: You know, it's kind of growing on me.
    • And when Bucky says goodbye to Steve before shipping off to war, he affectionately calls Steve a punk. While he was most likely using it in the modern sense, historically "punk" also had quite an interesting alternative meaning...
    • Tying in with Fridge Logic or Fridge Brilliance (depending on one's personal Fanon), movieverse Bucky is a Composite Character whose backstory takes a lot from Arnie Roth, a childhood friend of Steve who was bigger and stronger than him and protected him from bullies, and was also super popular with the ladies. Oh, and the other thing Arnie was most famous for? A Gay Aesop. There's also the fact that his namesake James Buchanan's biggest claims to fame are being terriblenote  or possibly gay. Bucky's parents were apparently sadists or prophets.
    • Bucky's relationship with Steve is similar to Peggy's relationship with Steve, in the sense that they only ever saw Steve, not Captain America, and that's who Bucky chose to follow into battle. Bucky never saw the hero — he only ever saw his best friend and the man he'd stand by no matter what.
      Steve: You ready to follow Captain America into the jaws of death?
      Bucky: Hell, no! The little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight. I'm following him.
  • When Steve asks the Howling Commandos to go back to the front with him, two of them, Jones and Dernier, converse in French and they're sitting awfully close to each other. Makes you wonder what else they use that for...

The Avengers

  • A lot of the lines between Science Bros Stark and Banner sound kinda flirty, and a thousand fanfics were launched in the single moment when Stark randomly pokes Banner in the stomach and Banner just puts up a mild, vaguely amused, "Oh, you" type of protest note . Couple that with the scene where the Hulk saves Iron Man twice in rapid succession, and the fact that these two are the only two members of the Avengers to hit it off the instant they meet...
    Stark: Finally! Someone who speaks English.
    • They are seen driving off into the sunset together at the end of the movie.
    • It's toned down in the movie proper, but the featurette included on the DVD shows that Tony is a little... excited about the Hulk.
  • Perhaps it's less suspect in Asgard, but the way Thor cupped Loki's cheek and neck while asking him to come home seemed a bit affectionate (in a not so brotherly manner) to mortal audiences.
    • Their lips were mere inches away from each other when Thor pulled Loki out of his seat on the jet.
  • Cap and Thor; that searching look Thor gives Cap when Cap goes on fighting after he's's like a light went on inside his head. Fan fiction appeared for these two months before the movie was released, but that moment helped make it less of a niche pairing.
  • As in the comics, Cap gets this with Stark. During their arguments, one can't help but think, "Just KISS already!" One reviewer noted that Cap and Tony's "simmering, crypto-erotic tension" outshone Black Widow and Hawkeye's attempt at chemistry.
  • Agent Coulson's fanboy tendencies toward Cap is played for laughs, but the way he tells him "I watched you while you were sleeping" can be interpreted in some ways...
  • Stark sort of flirts with everyone. It's reflex to him.
    Stark: [to Hawkeye] Better clench up, Legolas!
  • This little line spoken by Stark after Loki attempts to brainwash him, and fails.
    "Performance issues. It's not uncommon... one out of five."
    • This gem:
      Stark: [to Loki] There is no version of this where you come out on top.
    • Also, when Thor tries to retrieve Loki from the Quinjet, this line, in a very annoyed voice:
      Stark: Don't take my stuff!

     Phase 2 

Thor: The Dark World

  • Malekith and Algrim. Moreso the latter to the former. This is helped by the latter's Undying Loyalty to the former. There's also the scene where Malekith puts the Kursed stone in Algrim.
  • Cap/Thor earns a new lease on life here when Loki shapeshifts into Captain America, and then some.
  • At one point, Loki tells Thor he looks "ravishing." He'd used an illusion to make the thunder god look like Sif but he still said "brother."

Guardians of the Galaxy:

  • Groot and Rocket are very close, much like in the comics. Groot is very loyal and protective of Rocket and when Groot sacrificed himself to save the team, the normally snarky and caustic Rocket is openly weeping! After the movie got its Honest Trailer, Groot and Rocket became an obvious copy of Science Bros.
  • Also when the team is incarcerated together in the Kyln and a large inmate gets a little too touchy-feely with Quill, Groot and Rocket step in to protect him with Rocket explicitly stating that he was their "booty." note 
  • Yondu and his First Mate Kraglin. The two are rarely seen apart, and Kraglin is evidently privy to a lot of Yondu's secrets and quirks. Yondu and Kraglin even seem to act like surrogate parents for Peter Quill, with Kraglin remarking that Quill "turned out okay" and Yondu beaming proudly when he finds out Quill literally Trolled him.
  • Gamora and Nebula are typically trying to kill each other during their few scenes together, but one deleted scene has them more literally at each other's throats. The scene is titled "Sisterly Love". That's not what most are thinking.
  • Drax the Destroyer's actor, Dave Bautista, has admitted believing that Drax has "a bit of a man crush" on Quill. This adds another meaning to Drax's declaration to fight beside the "honorable" Quill, and the part in which Drax (accidentally?) insults all of the present Guardians except Quill.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

  • Several reviewers have noted that Sam plays a role normally filled by the Love Interest in a superhero film (emotionally balanced, nurturing person who gets the hero to open up emotionally in a supportive way). They even have a Meet Cute, for goodness sake. And at the end of the movie, Sam is waiting by Steve's hospital bedside for him to wake up. He's even playing Marvin Gaye for him.
  • As per usual for a Captain America film, there's Bucky and Steve's friendship. Bucky becoming the Winter Soldier does not diminish the vibes; if anything, it increases them. The amount of Steve/Bucky Fan Fiction skyrocketed when this movie came out, thanks to this:
    • The tune that plays on Steve's radio when he finds Fury in his apartment is "It's Been a Long, Long Time" (a song about separated lovers pining for one another), which immediately followed by Steve meeting the Winter Soldier for the first time. While it could initially have been dismissed as merely a coincidence involving a popular period song, it comes back in Avengers Endgame for Steve's reunion with Peggy. Although its use there is intended to assert Steve's heterosexuality, it has the counter-intuitive effect of exacerbating the Ho Yay for this scene into hindsight Homoerotic Subtext now that the song choice is fully established as meaningful.
    • When Natasha is trying to set Steve up with someone, he complains that "it's kind of hard to find someone with shared life experience." Yeah, Steve, who could you find that grew up in 1920s/30s Brooklyn, fought HYDRA in World War II, was made into a Super Soldier, and was frozen and thawed in the 21st century? Who could possibly fit that description?
    • "I knew him." Yes, Bucky, yes you did. The Helicarrier battle between them makes it better, with Steve literally begging Bucky not to make him do this. Then when Steve no longer has to fight with the lives of over twenty million people on the line, he drops his shield into the water and refuses to continue their fight, getting the crap beaten out of him in the process, and falls into the Potomac below towards near certain death. Who saves him? Bucky.

Avengers: Age of Ultron:

  • The tension between Steve and Tony can easily edge into this — when Scarlet Witch makes Tony think that the rest of the team is dead, Steve is the one he goes to, and he's visibly horrified by a dying Steve telling him that he could have done more. Even lampshaded by Natasha, who quips "I thought you and Tony were still gazing into each other's eyes" after Tony says goodbye to Steve as the former leaves the Avengers indefinitely.
    Tony: I'm gonna miss [Thor], and you're gonna miss me...
    Steve: I am gonna miss you, Tony.


  • Cross' question to Pym "Why did you push me away?" sounds more like a spurned lover than a fired assistant.
  • When Cassie says, "I want my daddy!", Cross answers, "I want your daddy too."

     Phase 3 

Captain America: Civil War

  • A line said by Crossbones to Steve in the D23 sneak peek:
    "You know, he remembered you. Your pal, your buddy, your Bucky."
  • Scott Lang has a Stupid Sexy Flanders moment with Steve, touching his pecs in a similar manner to Peggy Carter in TFA.
  • After the first trailer came out, there have been numerous jokes about how the film appears to be a drama about Steve choosing Bucky over Tony.
    Steve: Sorry, Tony, he's my friend.
    Tony: So was I.
    • Marvel plays with the scene where these lines were said in the "Civil War Cure" promotional video for Doctor Strange (2016). Here, Strange is prescribing treatments for various injuries sustained in the film when the aforementioned scene comes up, prompting Strange to say that there's no cure for a broken heart.
  • Meta examples: The movie's writers describe Cap's relationship with Bucky as "a love story; he can't let go of his brother". Would count as a Ship Sinking if not for the hilariously mixed messages sent by the wording, plus the fact that Sam and Bucky apparently are nicknamed "Cap's two girlfriends" on-set.
  • Shipping Sam and Bucky with each other has gone way up post-movie, thanks to the Like an Old Married Couple flavor of their bickering (also helped by the actors engaging in much the same behavior during press junkets).
    • Alternately, a lot of their interactions could be seen as interplay between the present boyfriend vs the Ex.
  • When Ant-Man grabs War Machine, Tony gets pissed.
    Tony: Give me back my Rhodey!
    • And continuing the trend of Tony's movie endings involving bonding with a male colleague, he spends his last moments in this film helping Rhodes learn how to walk.
  • Cap explaining to Wanda why he failed to properly defuse Rumlow's suicide vest before it was detonated, causing the disaster that launched the Sokovia Accords:
  • This movie in general seems dead set on cementing the idea that Bucky is Steve's real love interest. Steve's loyalty and devotion to Bucky is arguably the biggest over-arching theme of his series of films. Nearly everything that Steve has done in The First Avenger, The Winter Soldier, and Civil War had Bucky as the main motivating factor in some way. In The First Avenger, Bucky is what causes Steve to finally take initiative and join the war as a real soldier, with some encouragement from Peggy. In The Winter Soldier, Steve allowed Bucky to nearly beat him to death, without fighting back, because it was what Bucky seemed to have wanted. Here, it is established once and for all that Steve is willing to do anything for Bucky — to the point of splitting up the Avengers himself and becoming a fugitive, potentially ruining his legacy and reputation, just to protect him. That level of commitment is unnaturally high, surpassing even that of some Happily Married couples. On Bucky's end, it seems one of the main reasons why Bucky stayed away from Steve for so long is because he knows how far his best friend is willing to go for him, and that he doesn't want to cause Steve anymore pain. This is combined with the wracking guilt he has over the crimes he committed as the Winter Soldier, and with it the belief that he simply isn't worth it, even though Steve sees differently. This eventually leads to his decision to go back into a cryo chamber until a way to safely remove his programming is found. With how much the universe seems intent on keeping them apart, Steve and Bucky's relationship starts to resemble as that of one between Star-Crossed Lovers.
  • Zemo reveals that over the course of his plan he obsessed over the Avengers and followed them for a year. When he comes face-to-face with Cap the first thing he notices about him is "there's a bit of green in the blue of your eyes". Talk about dedicated.
  • The final shot of the movie, pre-credits, is Steve rescuing Sam from prison. Note that Sam's already smiling when he turns around, indicating he knows Steve's come for him. The knowing smile they share has been described as... less than heterosexual.

Doctor Strange (2016)

  • Mordo worries about Stephen's heart during the multiverse sequence, and when Strange enters the Dark Dimension in the finale, Kaecilius has an interesting choice of words to taunt Mordo with: "Even Strange has left you".

Thor: Ragnarok

  • This gem of a line from Thor to the Hulk: "I went on a journey of self-discovery, where I found you."
  • During their fight on Sakaar, Thor uses the very same lullaby on Hulk that Black Widow did in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Later, when Thor escapes to the Quinjet to try and leave Sakaar, Hulk tears after him to smash the Quinjet, shouting "Friend! Stay!".
  • After the conclusion of their fight Thor is brought up to the Hulk's bedchambers. Shirtless. While the Hulk is lounging naked in a bathtub. Any other reason the Grandmaster might've had for doing that is never brought up.
  • The Grandmaster seems to be flirting with Loki when he tells him that on any other world, he'd probably be millions of years old, but here on Sakaar... blinks slowly at Loki. Moreover, Loki is the sole person who gets to sit on the Grandmaster's couch in the latter's private box at the arena; not even the second-in-command Topaz receives this (dubious) honour, nor the despot's favourite scrapper Valkyrie. It makes one wonder: what kind of service did Loki provide to the Grandmaster that is distinct from Topaz, Valkyrie and the other underlings which would earn him such an exalted position in only a few weeks time?
    • Tom Hiddleston in this interview thinks of it as the Grandmaster becoming Loki's sugar daddy after the latter arrives on Sakaar.
      Hiddleston: In my head, Jeff Goldblum takes Loki out to Rodeo Drive and says, 'Pick the finest fabric you can find...'
  • When calling on the citizens of Sakaar to find his missing champion, the Grandmaster says that he has been stolen by the "seductive Lord of Thunder." Thor then corrects it as "seductive God of Thunder."
  • The play Loki stages reenacting his own (fake) death features Loki dying in Thor's arms... With a rainbow prominently embossed behind them.note 
  • Loki also knew the password for the Commodore, the Grandmaster's personal ship "for orgies and stuff", implying quite a bit of familiarity.

Avengers: Infinity War

  • Drax openly admiring Thor's looks when they find him.
    Drax: This is not a dude. You're a dude. This...this is a man. A handsome, muscular man.
    • He later describes Thor as a cross between "a pirate and an angel". (Considering it's Thor, it's hard to blame him, really.)
  • The instant Cap spots Bucky, both of them immediately hug each other close with the biggest smiles of the entire movie. No matter which way you spin it, it's one of the movie's most heartwarming moments...
    • ...which leads to a much darker moment: Bucky's last word is "Steve?", in confusion and fear, as he moves towards Cap before vanishing. And Steve—Captain America, the first Avenger, the guy who just took a punch from an Infinity Gauntlet and stayed standing—is so broken by Bucky's death that he can't say a word, just kneeling and touching the grass where Bucky used to be. If previous films weren't selling you hard enough on Bucky's status as essentially Steve's tragic love interest, this one will.
      • According to Joe Russo and Sebastian Stan, Steve has visited Bucky in Wakanda prior to the events of this film...otherwise the hug itself would last "like half the runtime."
  • On the same note: Bruce grabs Tony for a big hug on his return. The science bros are back!
  • Speaking of Tony, he and Stephen Strange do get mighty close over the course of the film.
    • After the Cloak of Levitation smacks him, Tony looks Stephen up and down before saying "I'm ... going to allow that."
    • Tony and Stephen repeatedly save each other from dangerous situations — Tony helping get rid of Maw while he was torturing Stephen, and later Stephen protects him and Peter when the ship crashes.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

  • Jimmy Woo and Scott get rather buddy-buddy despite Jimmy constantly trying to catch Scott sneaking off to do superheroing. At the end of the film, Woo tries to give Scott a subtle warning that he'll catch him the next time he breaks the law. Scott pretends to not get it, causing Woo to try an explain what he meant. Scott doesn't let up and even asks Woo if he was trying to invite him to dinner later, which Woo initially deflects... before asking if he would be interested.

Captain Marvel

  • Carol Danvers and her friend Maria Rambeau have a very close bond, and quickly fall back into that closeness when Carol returns after years in which Maria thought she was dead and was devastated by it. Carol also acts like a second mother to Maria's daughter Monica, to the point that we see photographs of the trio in matching pajamas on Christmas morning.
    • Brie Larson herself describes them as the main romance of the film, even using the phrase "love lost, and love found again" in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.
    • Maria states that after Carol's death, the Air Force gave her the fragments of Carol's damaged dog tags. This strongly implies that Carol had previously designated Maria as her next of kin. Given that the events occurred before the US military instituted their "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, this may be a case of Truth in Television.
  • A Deleted Scene from the movie of Yon-Rogg confronting the Supreme Intelligence shows that it manifests as a copy of himself. Said copy proceeds to fondle and caress his face tenderly while he's scared out of his mind.

Avengers: Endgame

  • Stony shippers never had it better.
    • When Tony first person arrives back on Earth, it’s Steve, not Pepper, who is the first to run to Tony when he gets back and help him down the rest of the way — specifically, with a very intimate arm around his lower back for support.
    • Tony kicks off a Running Gag by blatantly checking out out Cap's large derierre and commenting on it in a way that suggests that he did this often. Scott, who we already know is appreciative of Cap's form, also gets in on the action.
      Tony: [drawling] Mr. Rogers, I almost forgot that that suit did nothing for your ass.
      Steve: No one asked you to look, Tony.
      Scott: Don't listen to him Captain! As far as I'm concerned, that's America's ass.
  • When Tony and Scott discuss how Scott will disable 2012 Tony’s arc reactor in order to distract HYDRA members, they casually throw around the phrase “go/going inside him”.
  • During the ending, when Steve goes back in time to live out the rest of his life with Peggy, Bucky makes it apparent that while is he aware of Steve's true intentions, and is fully accepting of it, nevertheless he's also visibly and audibly heartbroken to a point that can come off as unusual and extreme for what's supposed to be a friendship/brotherly bond. Which again makes Bucky come off as an Unlucky Childhood Friend Hopeless Suitor who is depressed about the prospect of prospect of having to live his life without Steve, but lets him go because I Want My Beloved to Be Happy.
  • At Tony's funeral Sam can be seen leaning intimately close to Bucky for comfort.

     Phase 4 


  • Agatha Harkness in Episode 1 seems more interested in Wanda than her (fake) husband, and ties her up in Episode 8, getting really into her personal space, addressing her with nicknames usually used as terms of endearment like "baby", "buttercup" and "toots", and being very... interested in how powerful she is. And when she first sees Wanda in her Scarlet Witch outfit after Wanda forces her back into the Agnes persona, she calls Wanda "hot stuff" and asks "Did I leave the oven on or is it just you?"

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

  • So... how about that staring contest between Sam and Bucky in the trailer?
    • Episode 2 reveals that said staring contest literally stems from something usually considered a couples' exercise. Sam even lampshades it by complaining about Bucky having his legs spread.
  • Early on in Episode 2, Sam and Bucky are sent rolling through a flower field with their arms around one another, even landing in a Suggestive Collision with Bucky's arm around Sam's waist and their crotches pressed against each other's. People have compared it to the famous rolling scene from Brokeback Mountain.
  • More than a few professional critics have described Sam and Bucky's catty behavior (and even their more serious arguments) as coming off as like two people who used to date the same person in the past (Steve) and are still hung-up enough on him to try to outdo each other as to who was the better partner.
  • For a more specific case, a lot of Bucky's internal turmoil and angst over the absence of Steve plays out similarly to the drama of a recently widowed person learning to cope with the death of a long-term spouse. He's shown as feeling lost without Steve, who was one of the few people who both understood and believed in him, and the insecurities he projects onto Sam are revealed to be out of a fear that he's unworthy of Steve's support and that he's essentially Loving a Shadow (or at least, the platonic equivalents of such).
  • While any explicit Ship Tease is reserved for Bucky and Sam's sister Sarah, the Good-Times Montage of Bucky and Sam bonding by working on Sam's family boat together plays out closer to a Falling-in-Love Montage instead, complete with the two getting very touchy-feely with one another in places. The way they declare they will be there for each other in the end of episode 5 also has a bit of a He's Not My Boyfriend vibe.
  • Shipping Zemo with Sam and Bucky surged after Episodes 3 and 4, not in spite of but because he's stringing the two along so openly. He simultaneously plays mind games with Sam as he expresses great appreciation for his integrity, and emotionally extorts Bucky and even cradles his face suggestively at one point.
  • In episode 3 when Zemo is caught reading Bucky's notebook, the book he's found storing it in is titled Das Nein in Der Liebe ("How to Say No to the One You Love"). A Freeze-Frame Bonus reveals that the exact page he placed Bucky's notebook over is the end of a chapter called "Gleichgeschlechtliche Phantasien bei Heterosexuellen"note . That combined with the above creepy fondling moment, which came about due to a situation in which Zemo subjected Bucky to a minor form of Go-Go Enslavement, plus Zemo's tendency to manipulate and deliberately antagonize Bucky over his violent Winter Soldier past despite later revealing he actually considers him the one (known) Super Soldier he respects, can come off as Zemo being a Stalker With A Villainous Crush on Bucky.
  • In the very last moments of the show, during the portion where Bucky is showing off in front of Sarah and ostensibly flirting with her, if you listen closely to his dialogue underneath the background music, what he's actually talking to her about is his desire to cohabitate with her brother, innocuously or otherwise.
    Bucky: Sam and I were gonna move in together. The truth is, I would do it, it's just he's not good at sharing anything.

Other TV Series

     Other TV Series 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • Fitz pats Ward in uncomfortable ways a few times, including what looks like a broslap on the backside, and seems to idolise him more than a little. He also responds to Ward's betrayal with a similar amount of distress to Skye, who was Ward's Love Interest.
  • Simmons and Skye develop something of a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship over the course of Season 1. In particular, Simmons' response to Skye's life-threatening injuries is to spend the best part of an episode stroking her forehead and hair. Then there's the fact that they've hugged at least as many times on-screen as they have with their canonical love interests...
  • Following Ward's betrayal and Simmons' temporary departure, Fitz develops a relationship with Mack that is reminiscent of his relationship with Simmons in Season 1. A lot of Fitz/Ward shippers have defected to Fitz/Mack for this reason. It's even been noted that in Season 2 the Mack/Fitz/Simmons dynamic operates almost identically to the Fitz/Simmons/Triplett Love Triangle in Season 1.
  • Simmons has a rather transparent girl-crush on Bobbi Morse, a.k.a. Mockingbird. Bobbi herself has more of a Cool Big Sister attitude to Simmons.
  • When Fitz sadly tells Mack and Hunter how badly his attempt to confess his feelings for Simmons went and how he's sure she doesn't feel the same way to the point of leaving, Hunter is quick to assure him that "it's her loss". It's a sweet moment, but it does come across as a little flirtatious at the same time.

Agent Carter:

  • Angie's attachment to Peggy, and the way she acts jilted when Peggy pushes her away, has led to some massive Peggy/Angie shipping:
    • Angie is very insistent about wanting Peggy to move in with her in the same apartment building after Peggy needs a place to stay.
    • After Ray's death Peggy goes to Angie for comfort. It helps that "Someone to Watch Over Me" is playing in the background. Here are the lyrics
    • Angie's answer to Peggy saying she wouldn't belong in Broadway because she can't sing is "It doesn't matter when you got legs like yours".
    • In the season 1 finale, Peggy ditches Sousa so she can see a friend... that friend being Angie, because they're moving into one of Howard's places together.
  • Adding some Foe Yay, Dottie outright kisses Peggy to make use of that knockout lipstick. In the series finale Dottie is practically giddy at fighting with Peggy, but also goes all The Roommate on her. She also taunts Peggy with Double Entendres like "Isn't this fun?" and "I thought you'd be better."
  • Howard Stark tells Peggy: "I knew how much Steve meant to you! Because I know how much he means to me." Basically equating himself with Steve's canon love interest. Peggy herself has referred to Steve as the love of her life.
    • It's revealed that despite the fact that Howard has developed weapons of mass destruction in the past, he considers his greatest shame to be not finding Steve alive. When Ivchenko hypnotizes Howard into hallucinating his greatest wish, it is to find Steve alive. Howard is absolutely thrilled at the idea of finding him and bringing him home, desperately trying to convince Peggy that it is real. He is only able to snap out of his hypnosis when Peggy manages to make him fully accept that Steve won't ever come home.
    Peggy: I know you loved him. I loved him, too. But this won't bring him back. [...] Steve is gone. We have to move on.

Daredevil (2015):

  • There's a smattering of jokes about the exact nature of Matt and Foggy's relationship, and their personal arc across the first season wouldn't be out of place between a hero and his love interest. This was lampshaded several times in "Nelson v. Murdock". AV Club reviewer Oliver Sava spoke at length about their romantic chemistry in the same episode.
  • Wesley and Fisk, with some even nicknaming Wesley, "Smithers". Regardless of sexuality, each one is clearly the most important guy in the other's life.

Jessica Jones (2015)

  • Jessica and Trish's relationship crossed this line a few times, especially in the first episode. This is especially notable as Jeri is the one that received the Adaptational Sexuality treatment and the fact that they are adoptive sisters. Although it can probably be justified due to the fact that the show is staying true to the comic, where Trish's equivalent Carol Danvers also has massive amounts of Les Yay with Jessica. It's mentioned a few times that Trish is the only person Jessica loves. In season 2 Jessica flat out says that Trish is the most important person in her life to her mother Alisa. To top it off in season 3 Dorothy, Trish's mom, mistakes their attempt to explain that Trish now has superpowers as them admitting to be in a relationship and her only quibble seems to be that she thinks Trish can do better.
  • Jessica also has a bit with Claire after the two bond rather quickly.
    Claire: ... Take off your pants.
    Jessica: I usually like a little more romancing.
    Claire: Don't we all?
  • Jessica even has a little bit with Jeri.
    Jessica: [over the phone] If this is a booty call, I'm liking your chances.
    Jeri: It's Hogarth.
    Jessica: I know.

Iron Fist (2017)

  • Quite a lot between Claire and Colleen; heck, when Claire first meets Danny, she basically cock blocks him from having a "not" date with Colleen. When its revealed that Colleen was a member of the Hand, Claire defends her without even a second of hesitation and is quick to forgive her after they have a talk, a talk that came off like they were a couple.
  • Davos and Danny also have this, all of Danny's good stories of K'un L'un start with "Me and Davos." Davos also acts personally hurt that Danny would have left K'un L'un and really really doesn't like Colleen.
    Danny: None of this is because of K'un Lun. It's because I left you!

The Defenders (2017)

  • Luke and Danny develop a quickly blossoming relationship, where Luke acts as the responsible older brother to Danny's gung ho younger brother.
  • Once again Claire and Colleen have a lot of this, especially in the climax, where they borderline flirt.
  • Trish and Jessica have an indirect moment when Trish outright compares her relationship to Jessica to Karen's Ship Tease heavy relationship with Matt.

The Punisher (2017)

  • The relationship between Frank and Micro is just full of it, starting from how they settle into arguing Like an Old Married Couple one episode after they start working together. To mention some other highlights, after they get drunk together Micro decides to show Frank how he is "hung like a moose", and Micro calling Frank a "beautiful, scary man" when he manages to stay conscious at death's door.


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