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"I watched you while you were sleeping. I-I mean... I was present when you were unconscious from the ice."

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Agent Carter:

  • Angie's attachment to Peggy, and the way she acts jilted when Peggy pushes her away, has led to some massive Peggy/Angie shipping:
    • Angie is very insistent about wanting Peggy to move in with her in the same apartment building after Peggy needs a place to stay.
    • After Ray's death Peggy goes to Angie for comfort. It helps that "Someone to Watch Over Me" is playing in the background. Here are the lyrics
    • Angie's answer to Peggy saying she wouldn't belong in Broadway because she can't sing is "It doesn't matter when you got legs like yours".
    • In the season 1 finale, Peggy ditches Sousa so she can see a friend... that friend being Angie, because they're moving into one of Howard's places together.
  • Dottie outright kisses Peggy to make use of that knockout lipstick. In the series finale Dottie is practically giddy at fighting with Peggy, but also goes all The Roommate on her. She also taunts Peggy with Double Entendres like "Isn't this fun?" and "I thought you'd be better."
  • Howard Stark tells Peggy: "I knew how much Steve meant to you! Because I know how much he means to me." Basically equating himself with Steve's canon love interest. Peggy herself has referred to Steve as the love of her life.
    • It's revealed that despite the fact that Howard has developed weapons of mass destruction in the past, he considers his greatest shame to be not finding Steve alive. When Ivchenko hypnotizes Howard into hallucinating his greatest wish, it is to find Steve alive. Howard is absolutely thrilled at the idea of finding him and bringing him home, desperately trying to convince Peggy that it is real. He is only able to snap out of his hypnosis when Peggy manages to make him fully accept that Steve won't ever come home.
    Peggy: I know you loved him. I loved him, too. But this won't bring him back. [...] Steve is gone. We have to move on.

Daredevil (2015):

  • There's a smattering of jokes about the exact nature of Matt and Foggy's relationship, and their personal arc across the first season wouldn't be out of place between a hero and his love interest. This was lampshaded several times in "Nelson v. Murdock". AV Club reviewer Oliver Sava spoke at length about their romantic chemistry in the same episode.
  • Wesley and Fisk, with some even nicknaming Wesley, "Smithers". Regardless of sexuality, each one is clearly the most important guy in the other's life.

Jessica Jones (2015)

  • Jessica and Trish's relationship crossed this line a few times, especially in the first episode. This is especially notable as Jeri is the one that received the Adaptational Sexuality treatment and the fact that they are adoptive sisters. Although it can probably be justified due to the fact that the show is staying true to the comic, where Trish's equivalent Carol Danvers also has massive amounts of Les Yay with Jessica. It's mentioned a few times that Trish is the only person Jessica loves. In season 2 Jessica flat out says that Trish is the most important person in her life to her mother Alisa. To top it off in season 3 Dorothy, Trish's mom, mistakes their attempt to explain that Trish now has superpowers as them admitting to be in a relationship and her only quibble seems to be that she thinks Trish can do better.
  • Jessica also has a bit with Claire after the two bond rather quickly.
    Claire: ... Take off your pants.
    Jessica: I usually like a little more romancing.
    Claire: Don't we all?
  • Jessica even has a little bit with Jeri.
    Jessica: [over the phone] If this is a booty call, I'm liking your chances.
    Jeri: It's Hogarth.
    Jessica: I know.

Iron Fist (2017)

  • Quite a lot between Claire and Colleen; heck, when Claire first meets Danny, she basically cock blocks him from having a "not" date with Colleen. When its revealed that Colleen was a member of the Hand, Claire defends her without even a second of hesitation and is quick to forgive her after they have a talk, a talk that came off like they were a couple.
  • Davos and Danny also have this, all of Danny's good stories of K'un L'un start with "Me and Davos." Davos also acts personally hurt that Danny would have left K'un L'un and really really doesn't like Colleen.
    Danny: None of this is because of K'un Lun. It's because I left you!

The Defenders (2017)

  • Luke and Danny develop a quickly blossoming relationship, where Luke acts as the responsible older brother to Danny's gung ho younger brother.
  • Once again Claire and Colleen have a lot of this, especially in the climax, where they borderline flirt.
  • Trish and Jessica have an indirect moment when Trish outright compares her relationship to Jessica to Karen's Ship Tease heavy relationship with Matt.

The Punisher (2017)

  • The relationship between Frank and Micro is just full of it, starting from how they settle into arguing Like an Old Married Couple one episode after they start working together. To mention some other highlights, after they get drunk together Micro decides to show Frank how he is "hung like a moose", and Micro calling Frank a "beautiful, scary man" when he manages to stay conscious at death's door.