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Oh, you may act like you don't like Disney, you may talk about how it's an evil corporate monster that only gets stronger and stronger the longer we live. (Laughs) But the funny thing is, you don't have a choice. You can bombard us with all the genius monstrous things that Disney has done in the past. You can argue debatable messages, you can argue debatable ethics, you can even argue debatable stereotypes. But it doesn't matter. Disney has always been there. For most of us, it's the first thing we're introduced to, and that's the genius of Disney, putting all their time and all their effort not in something adult, but in something for children. And once something has your childhood by the balls, it's never gonna leave you. It's there forever. Disney has practically become family to us. It's fairy tales, it's magic, it's everything that we enjoyed and thought was possible when we were younger. And as we grow older, there's a lot of other things to enjoy: the artistry, the creativity, the imagination. There's literally no other word for it but Disney. It's an artistic cultural phenomenon that'll never, ever leave.


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