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Theme Parks are, to simply put, amusement parks based upon a theme of some kind. They can range from campy mom-and-pop affairs, such as those tucked in among the lovely glacial ravines of New Hampshire's White Mountains, to high-tech vacation destinations run by big corporations, like the Six Flags parks and Universal Studios. And, of course, the Disney Theme Parks. For a whacking load of pictures and videos from many parks all over the world, go to the many, many websites around the web about theme parks like TheCoasterGuy, CoasterForce, ThemeParks-US, and Coaster Studios

Outside just themed environments, theme parks often try to tell stories through their attractions. It's mostly the larger theme parks that put this much effort into this, using incredibly detailed sets, animatronics and special effects to really push visitors into the setting.

Speaking of, Disneyland is certainly the Trope Maker here.note  See also Souvenir Land and Amusement Park of Doom. A related trope is The Theme Park Version, used to describe something that has been simplified and sanitized for mass consumption. The sub-indices are for specific decades.

For the video game, look at Theme Park.

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