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  • In "My Fair Baloo".
    Baloo: Oh, and one more thing; take off your clothes... * sniggers* On the double, Beckers.
    • This example is somewhat mitigated by the fact that Baloo, Rebecca, and the wealthy people are still in their underwear after using their clothes to get off the island, but there is another more racy example of radar-dodging. When Kit tries to get Baloo to behave properly, he has Wildcat dress in drag. When asked where the lady should sit, Baloo answers "On her backside like everyone else!" and slaps Wildcat in the butt, who responds by exclaiming "Fresh!"
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  • Not to mention in "The Balooest of the Bluebloods".
    Baloo: (Dresses as a woman, complete with big fake breasts) What's with you buddy? Never seen a set of bongos before?
  • A funny one from "Bearly Alive", when one of Howard Huge's goons is poking Baloo with machine gun:
    Baloo: HEY! Quit pokin' me with that thing! You're as bad as my doctor . . .
    • Also in that episode, we meet Oscar Wiggerstomper. Unsure if the connotations of that name were considered or not, but it has caused more than a few snickers.
  • Don't forget Buffy and Muffy from "A Touch of Glass", or the jokes Baloo cracks on them.
    Baloo: Ooh, that's a little toughy.
  • This conversation in "Citizen Khan"
    Baloo: How can he get lost in a town only one block tall?
    Corrupt Sheriff: Maybe he wanted to get lost. That Miss Clevenger, ooh, what a woman!
    • Later when Miss Clevenger fall in a vat of water when escaping from her room.
    Ms. Clevenger: After her bath a girl is ready for anything.
  • From "Save the Tiger"
    Molly: Is mommy mad at Baloo?
    Kit: Nah, she really likes him and he really likes her. (Rebecca slams the door) There's just times when they like each other better than others.
  • From "Her Chance to Dream", Rebecca, having received dozens of angry calls about late cargo, phones Louie's to locate her errant pilot, Baloo.
    Bartender:(answering phone) Huh? Where's the hullabaloo? Oh, that Baloo.
    • If you don't get it, it was implied that Rebecca asked "Where the hell is Baloo?"
  • "All's Whale that Ends Whale" has Seymour claim that he is using an excellent fertilizer. Baloo snarks "That I can believe". Since fertilizer is feces, Baloo is saying that what Seymour claimed was bullshit.
    • A milder example from "A Touch of Glass", depending on whether one considers any reference to fecal matter without exception to be crap: wishing to cater to a high-class clientele, Rebecca kicks out a rhino who wants to ship a reeking, fly-attracting bag of grade-A fertilizer. Someone knocks on the door and thinking he has come back, she yells: "Take your manure and go away!" Instead, the two snooty con-artists Buffy and Muffy come in. Buffy retorts: "Oh! Frightfully sorry, but I don't have any...uh...manure!" Realizing her mistake, Rebecca replies "Did I say manure? I meant bonjour!"
  • Another mild, debatable example: in "The Balooest of the Bluebloods", Wildcat spends much of the episode walking around Castle Von Bruinwald searching for the toilet.
  • In "Waiders of the Wost Tweasure", Baloo and his rival Plane Jane steal a two-piece horse costume. Jane says "I'll be the head while you be yourself", implicitly calling Baloo a "horse's ass".
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  • In "Sheepskin Deep", Baloo has a lamp of a topless hula girl and when asked how to conjugate verbs by Kit, he answers "That's none of your business!"
  • An episode features Baloo landing on top of Rebecca and she comments that he's lost weight. Let me repeat that, she can tell he's lost weight by him landing on top of her.


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