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Talespin takes place in the future of Robin Hood.
And Baloo is Little John's descendant.

Thembria is somehow connected to Tinabula.
Sure, Thembria is basically formed from the word "them", but the Russian word for "timbre" is pronounced the exact same way as the "thembr-" in Thembria.

Mad Dog is actually Tabaqui.
We never see Tabaqui is Disney's adaptation of the Jungle Book and Talespin has some Jungle Book characters in it like Baloo, Shere Khan and King Louie. Whose to say that Mad Dog isn't just some pirate nickname for him and his real name is Tabaqui? Also, Mad Dog and Tabaqui have very similar if not identical personalities. It could be possible that Mad Dog used to work for Shere Khan before he was fired for some incident and taken in by Don Karnage.

In a similar way, Don Karnage is based on the leader of the Dholes.
The Dhole pack were the enemies of the wolf pack in The Jungle Book that were Adapted Out from the Disney movie. Karnage is identified as a red wolf by Word of God, but his coloration is also correct for a dhole.

Kit is related to Rebecca, just unaware of the relation.
Kit was originally meant to be Rebecca's son and his design does look surprisingly like her. It's possible one of Kit's parents is an estranged sibling or cousin of Rebecca who never saw any reason to contact Rebecca about their kid before Kit was orphaned so Kit is completely unaware that his boss could have a legal claim for custody over him and Rebecca doesn't even know that Kit as her relation exists.
  • Alternatively, Kit is her son but neither of them suspects it because he had another name before being abducted and Rebecca refuses to hope her boy is alive.

Rebecca is from a wealthy family.
It would explain how she manages to live as a single mother and buy up a business; even accounting for the AU factor, it's probably still unusual for a widow to have business qualifications, let alone run a business essentially singlehandedly but if Rebecca is a Daddy's Girl of a wealthy man, it would make sense that he's her backer initially and eventually backs off because Rebecca wants to prove she can stand on her own.

If this show gets revived, it will have a setting update.
  • While Fair for Its Day in the 90s, the 1930s/1940s setting probably wouldn't fly today. So if DuckTales (2017) sparks a revival of all the Disney Afternoon shows, Talespin will have its setting altered, possibly to a 30s/40s-style steampunk or maybe even a sci fi setting. That way, they can say things like "Of course Thembria isn't a Take That! at Russia; it just happens to be a Fantasy Counterpart Culture to Russia."
    • Why wouldn't it fly today? Talespin is already set in world that is similar to but is not an exact copy of the actual 30's/40's. That leaves room for plenty of creative freedom, though a sci-fi version might allow it to have more of its own identity and avoid copying the original too much.
      • I was mostly referring to some really heavy-handed stereotypes that were present, particularly Thembria/Russia and a Missing Episode involving Yellow Peril elements. A setting alteration would help make those less offensive.
  • Kit's rich friend Oscar Vandersnoot will appear in more episodes than he did in the original and one of them will show the beginning of their friendship.
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  • Don Karnage will be appearing in an upcoming episode of the Ducktales reboot so fingers crossed!
  • Baloo, Rebecca, Kit, and Molly will start of as a real family. Baloo and Rebecca will be husband and wife, while Kit and Molly will be siblings and the children of Baloo and Rebecca.
    • The animation will be like The Lion Guard.
  • Going by the designs for Kit and Molly during the San Diego Comic Con 2019 panel for DuckTales (2017), a reboot for Talespin could follow those two in their adult age taking up the family business.

The late Mr. Cunningham was verbally abusive.
He kept telling Rebecca to let a "man" run the family's finances and that's why she's constantly trying to excel in business.
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