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  • "Plunder and Lightning" when Rebecca sings a lullaby to Molly and notices Kit Cloudkicker is wistfully watching her as a mother he will never have. Although he tries to hide, Rebecca finishes her song by leaving out the cookie jar for him to take a cookie to show silently that she cares for him too. (This scene is unfortunately cut from reruns and even the DVD, but you can watch it on YouTube.)
    • Before that, Rebecca personally makes sure Kit and Baloo have blankets for the night, even saying "So my flight crew doesn't get chilly." Kit is genuinely touched by her concern and responds with an adorable "Gee, thanks, Mrs. Cunningham."
  • The end of "The Old Man and the Sea Duck", when Baloo realizes the gift that the ghost of Joe Magee has given him. "Look around you, Baloo. You're free as a bird! The skies are yours..." Can also double as a Tearjerker.
    Kit: (looking at a photo of Baloo and Joe) Who's that, Baloo? A friend of yours?
    Baloo: More'n a friend, Kit. More like, a guardian angel.
  • The entire premise of "A Jolly Molly Christmas" revolves around Baloo and the others' extreme attempts to maintain Molly's faith in Santa Claus and somehow make her Christmas wish come true (for it to snow just as her mother desires). After it seemingly falls apart and Molly runs off heartbroken and disillusioned, the crew reunite with her, just as the first snowflake falls from the sky. They all watch the gentle snowfall happily.
    • Not to mention the ambigious nature as to just why and how the snow falls. The scene plays out in a very strange way, and all Molly says afterwards is "Mommy, I saw him!" When Louie asks Baloo who she means, Baloo replies "Louie, you wouldn't believe me if I told you." The answer is left up to the viewer: was it Santa Claus? Or was it.....
  • Mixed somewhere between this trope and a Moment of Awesome, "My Fair Baloo" involves Baloo embarrassing Rebecca with his oafishness at a Business Man's ball. After saving her and the other guests from an armed robbery and plane crash, he is still thrown out by the other members. A furious Rebecca chews them out, realizing wealth and eloquence don't make a good person and storms off to find Baloo. While the ball is hijacked by the same armed robbers ("small world, ain't it?") Rebecca is attacked by a giant snake, which Baloo instantly rushes out and saves her from.
    Rebecca: Wake up, you weasels! That man just saved our lives. Maybe he's crude and 'rough around the edges', but I'd take him over all of you put together!
  • There are so many heartwarming scenes in the 2 part episode "A Bad Reflection on You", most notably when Kit brings Baloo out of his BSOD,
    Baloo: Stop it, you hear me? Just knock it off! I'm a loser, a failure. I crashed my plane, I lost my cargo, and thanks to me a very big boat's gonna get sunk and I can't cut it, I tell ya! Just, just leave me alone.
    Kit: Papa Bear?
    Baloo: What?
    Kit: I still think you're the best.
    • And the scene where Baloo stands up for Kit as they're escaping from the air pirates.
    Wily: This boy's enthusiasm is gonna get us all killed!
    Baloo: This boy happens to be Kit Cloudkicker! The best navigator in these skies, and we're a team, see? So if he thinks we can do it, we can do it! (to Kit) So? Do it!
  • The scene in "Sheepskin Deep" where Rebecca learns that Baloo has been secretly studying to earn his grade school degree — during his deliveries — throughout the episode. Baloo thinks that Becky will be angry, but instead she congratulates him on trying to better himself and tells him to take the day off and continue studying.
    • In a way it's heartwarming because it's so unlike her to accept any excuse from Baloo.
  • Baloo and Kit's reconciliation at the end of "Stormy Weather".
  • Wildcat bonding with Molly in "Flight of the Snow Duck". It is especially sweet to see them play pretend together.
  • Pretty much anytime Baloo is willing to sacrifice his beloved Sea Duck or chance of ownership of it at last for the sake of his True Companions:
    • In the first part of the pilot, Baloo attempts to finish off a job in order to maintain possession of his company and his plane, only for Kit to get captured by Karnage's gang. Baloo is forced to release his live cargo as a distraction to rescue him. Despite his sadness, he makes clear he values Kit over his plane, leading Kit to realise at last how much Baloo cares about him.
    • In "From Here To Machinery" after the company is seemingly on the brink of becoming bankrupt, a depressed Baloo is willing to let Rebecca sell the Sea Duck to keep her and Molly off the streets.
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  • In "Last Horizons", Baloo unknowingly leads the inhabitants of Panda-La to Cape Suzette where they launch a full-scale invasion. Blamed and hated by the city for accidentally bringing an invasion to the city's doorstep, Baloo flies off to stop the invasion himself. He gets caught, but one by one in rapid succession, Kit, Louie, Rebecca, and Wildcat each pull a Big Damn Heroes when the group gets cornered. Turns out they all snuck on board not wanting to leave Baloo to fight the invaders alone. True Companions indeed. For shippers, there is also the moment when Rebecca yells at the end, "I love you, Baloo!"
  • Oddly enough Baloo and Karnage of all people get a little of this in "Stuck on You." Karnage fancies himself as a man of honor, pirate aside and seems to believe that he'd be trusted and respected by Baloo to not try anything sneaky and underhanded while their stuck together. When Baloo reveals that he definitely does not buy that and is waiting for the figurative knife in his back, Karnage seems...almost a little disturbed that he thinks that way. He proceeds to, temper aside, honor their alliance to a tee. And after their free and Baloo expects him to turn on him, he doesn't and tells his crew Baloo already left promising that while he'll be back to shooting him next time they'd go their seperate ways peacefully for the moment.


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