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As if the TV-Y7 rating slapped on the show is of use to them these days…

Note: This page is for suggestive content that is subtle, not just anything you wouldn't expect to see in a kids show.

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  • The go-to drink for the cast is a "cold one". Every box shown has it clearly labeled as soda on the side but...

    Season 1 
Star Comes to Earth
  • The laser puppies have little hearts on their butts beneath their tails.
  • Marco's behavior in front of the Stop & Slurp comes off as that of a drug addict trying to beg money for another "fix", even though he's just begging for a refill on his drink. It also comes across as an underage person paying people of drinking age to get alcohol for them.
  • When Ludo ambushes Star and Marco, there's a single frame where you can see up Star's skirt. Downplayed in that she simply wears leggings under her dress, but still.
  • Star hits one of Ludo's mooks with a "Jellybean Hallucination Mist" that causes him to trip out wildly:
    Buff-Frog: Woah... what is happening?
    Buff-Frog: I'm freaking out!...

Party With a Pony

School Spirit

  • "Don't worry, Sabrina, the spirit boys are going to catch you. Grow some pom-poms!"
  • Usually the acknowledgement of sexuality (not just romance) in minors, even if they're in their middle teens, is a big no-no for Disney, so how they managed to pass not one but two instances of "booty-shaking dance moves" is unknown.
  • Marco insists that Ferguson blows on a stranger danger whistle if the Warriors try to steal him, "This whistle's gonna save your life! Put it in your mouth! Blow on it! DO IT!" as all the while he's forcibly shoving the whistle in Ferguson's face as Ferguson screams "Get it away from me!" Alfonso slowly backs away in the background saying, "Oh, dear…"
  • Ferguson thinks he might get "a lot of action" if he had a real Prehensile Tail.

Monster Arm

Cheer Up, Star

  • Star gets a little too into a fantasy involving her and Oskar, leaving her nibbling on her wand in a dreamy fashion while she makes noises of pleasure. It also doesn't help that Marco splatters a bucket of red paint on the wall while she's fantasizing.
  • Star shoots a swarm of bees at Ludo's monsters. One of the monsters is a giant flower who has a look of ecstasy while being attacked by the bees.note 

Diaz Family Vacation

  • When Marco goes to give his gift to his parents, Mrs. Diaz is pawing at her husband's chest hair, and the two are humming and giggling to each other. Marco's visibly not happy to see this.
  • A street peddler opens his coat to show what he's selling to Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, making it look like he's flashing them. Doubles as a Shout-Out to Hercules, which uses the exact same gag, down to selling them the same materials (sundials/watches).
  • Mr. and Mrs. Diaz are seen naked in a hot spring in a cave. They then ask King Butterfly if he wants to join them. He has an uncomfortable look on his face.

Brittney's Party

  • Among the pictures of Star that StarFan13 has on her locker, one of them is Star in her pajamas, shortly after waking up.
  • Brittney refers to Star as "Star Butterface".note  A pretty tame example, but not one that would normally be heard on kids' programming.
  • Jackie sees Marco and Ludo throwing up and approvingly calls them party animals, a clear reference to binge drinking at parties.


  • Let's not beat around the bush here: The entire setup for this episode is pretty much "Star has hit puberty and is really horny".
  • Star interrupting a schoolmate drinking from a water fountain while his lips are still puckered up and declaring, "♪~My turn!~♪"
  • Janna sticking her hand into Marco's hoodie as she offers to "make some magic" with him via Star's book.


  • While the melee is going on, Ferguson ducks for cover behind a wedding cake, telling the cake-topper that looks like him to "fly free little Ferg!" before running offscreen. Nothing very radar worthy there. He then leans back onscreen, grabs the cake topper that looks like the shapely pixie queen and puts it in his pocket, saying "and I am saving YOU for later!"

Sleep Spells

  • When Marco is trying to use psychology to figure out why Star is sleepwalking (and casting spells in her sleep), he calls himself: "Dr. Marco: Ph.D" to which Star asks: "What does Ph.D stand for?" Of course, Mrs. Diaz pipes in with "Pretty Handsome Dude", but we all know what other meaning it can have other than the psychological term…

Blood Moon Ball

  • "Star, never go with a predator to a second location." Yes, Marco all but said outright he suspected Tom of Date Rape.
  • "I'll have my own Blood Moon Ball… in Star's bedroom… where it's always fun."
  • One of the demons at the ball describes how a lucky couple chosen by the blood moon will have their souls joined forever, but the way he intertwines his fingers as a visual aid makes it sound like another way a couple is "joined" together.

Fortune Cookies

  • Toffee introduces himself to Ludo by offering the latter a glass of swamp water. He then asks Ludo if he drinks from the bottle. Ludo replies only "On days like this", giving the whole scene the impression of an alcoholic drowning their sorrows.

St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses

  • One of the etiquette brainwashing slides uses the phrase "Tis better to be fussy, than to be called a hussy." This is an example of past the radar and not just an obvious lewd joke, because by dictionary definition the word means "an impudent or immoral girl or woman" even if that's not how it's commonly used today.
  • Star uses the spell "Raspberry Panzerfaust" to destroy Tower 3. The Panzerfaust, German for "Tank Fist," was a Nazi anti-armor weapon.

Mewnipendence Day

  • When Ludo, Toffee, and Buff Frog were checking out the monitor for the All-Seeing Eye:
    Ludo: Now we can watch Star where ever she goes! In the kitchen! Bedroom! Even in the bathroom!
    Toffee and Buff Frog: [exchange nervous expressions] Uhh...
    Ludo: Maybe we don't keep the bathroom channel.

The Banagic Incident

Interdimensional Field Trip

  • Ms. Skullnick, formerly a 50 year old human turned into a troll by Star, finds out trolls live for about 400 years:
    "I'm gonna live to be 400? And here I thought I was going through the big change. Turns out I'm a teenager again!"

Storm the Castle

  • Mr. and Mrs. Diaz under a blanket on the couch, doing something under there with a flashlight. Specifically, they were reading "medical textbooks." Which presumably have detailed sections on anatomy...
  • Ludo bribes Buff-Frog with some tadpoles. What the latter says later on will cause the less-mature to snigger:
  • When Marco and his mom reunite, she is upside down on her horse. They hug, each with their crotch in the other's face, and Mrs. Diaz urges him to "don't make it awkward".

    Season 2 

Mr. Candle Cares

  • Marco tries to lure out Tom by claiming to Mr. Candle that he and Star are "smooch buddies... on the lips." This is the closest thing to a G-rated version of Friends with Benefits we can get.
  • When Marco is pretending that he and Star are a couple in order to make Tom jealous, he says that he and Star have tried all sorts of positions... of kissing, of course. He then goes on to list several nationalities such as German, Italian and Polynesian — conveniently skirting around French — and is in the middle of saying what a workout his tonsils have been getting before Tom blows his lid. This might count as Accidental Innuendo if not for the fact that in slang, "German kissing" is no different from French kissing save for it being more passionate, and "Italian kissing" refers to French kissing... while also fingering one's partner; the Polynesian one is more obscure, but it refers to the Honi, a type of salute that's really serious and sacred amongst those who practice it.
  • One of the weapons proposed are "pear grenades of anguish," in reference to the Pear of Anguish medieval torture device, which was either inserted into the victim's mouth or other orifices.

Star vs. Echo Creek

  • When Star makes a shelter after going into hiding, she uses her wand to poof up a giant bouncy castle, the heads on the towers of the castle make it look quite phallic:
    Star: Okay, maybe something less conspicuous.
  • When Star talks to Brigid about what she did to run away, the latter looks at the former's headband. When Star notices this, she says: "My eyes are down here".note 


  • When Mina and Star are at the playground a woman with a baby sitting next to Marco on a bench mistakes him for a teen parent whose daughters are Star and Mina.
    Mother: Which ones are yours?
    Marco: (sighs) Those two. (points to Mina who is chasing a little kid and Star who is crawling on the ground.)
    Mother: Uh, bless your soul.

Camping Trip

  • This whole episode is about a father in denial of his daughter growing up and everything that implies.
  • There comes a moment where King Butterfly, while talking to himself, admits that he's in denial about Star already dating.
  • At one point, King Butterfly asks Star if she wants a piggyback ride. The problem? The king is not only half naked but also walking on his arms, which means Star would have her face in her father's crotch. Understandably she tells him "no". Marco, apparently oblivious, says he would care for a piggyback ride. King Butterfly responds by saying, "That would be weird, Marco".

Goblin Dogs

  • When the goblin rolls up with a T-shirt launcher for people waiting in line, one female goes "In my mouth! I want it in my mouth!"
  • After eating the titular dogs, Star, Marco, Princess Pony Head and Kelly all have a trippy Mushroom Samba.

Game of Flags

  • While arguing about Star participating in Flags. When Star brings up Moon having played Flags at her age, Moon's response?: "I did a lot of things you won't be doing."
  • There's one shot of Queen Moon revealing her legs during the flag race.


Gift of the Card

  • As Marco and Star face impending doom when Quest Buy gift card catches up to them, they hug and Marco says that they're having that one last hug so that when someone finds their charred skeletons, they'll know they were friends even in death. Considering what two real life skeletons found in each other's arms were thought to be doing when they died, it's likely that whoever would've found Star and Marco's remains would come to a different conclusion about them than merely two friends hugging.

Hungry Larry

  • In the episode, Mr. Diaz is disappointed that none of the kids think his haunted house is scary. He decides to pack up the decorations, starting with an inflated Frankenstein's Monster, which he has trouble getting out the door. How does Mrs. Diaz choose to phrase this when she tries to comfort him later on?
    Mrs. Diaz: Honey, I know you're probably totally humiliated that you wrestled that blow up doll in front of your son and his friends.

Into the Wand


  • Before the Naysaya emerges as a separate head, it has Marco blurt out that he sometimes shapes his pillow into Jackie before he goes to sleep and kisses it goodnight.
  • When the Naysaya appears, Janna shakes Marco's hand to be civil to the Naysaya, believing that the Naysaya can control an individual body part. Marco, however, tells her "that's not his hand that's..." only for the Naysaya to start fumbling and making a face as if Janna was holding a private part of his body, before admitting one of Marco's many insecurities. In his words:
    "Marco Diaz covers the mirror when he showers, because Marco is ashamed of his own body!"

Bon Bon the Birthday Clown

  • Janna gets away with an interesting one in this episode. When Marco is preparing for the dance after taking a shower, wearing only his towels for the whole scene, he tries to put on some cologne only to trip over Janna, as she and Star are searching for supplies for the séance. He then complains that the cologne fell on his butt, to which Janna responds by spanking him, saying, "Ain't nothing wrong with that!" In addition, she takes a sniff of the cologne from her hand. On top of that, when Jackie later arrives at the house, Janna suggests she should smell Marco's butt.

Running with Scissors

  • When Star sees Marco as an adult in "Running With Scissors" after he tells her who he is, she almost instantly becomes enamored by his new look. Even better, they even show a close-up of his abs.
  • Hekapoo calls Marco a fleshwad, in much the same manner that someone would say... something else.

The Bounce Lounge

  • Kelly is seen eating tons of Goblin Dogs after Tad broke up with her. Anybody who's familiar with what Goblin Dogs exactly are can see this as doing drugs to deal with her pain.
  • Kelly's reunion with Tad implies some get-back-together-sex in her hair.

The Hard Way

Glossaryk: I should warn you. This chapter might taint you.
Ludo: Oh I've got plenty of taint already.

All Belts Are Off

  • They pretty much manage to get away with showing actual shit on screen by simply making it rainbow colored.

Collateral Damage

  • When Star admits to being "messed up" after appearing to be unfocused and bothered, Janna quickly replies with "Me too." She seems to have meant something else.
  • One female student admits to practicing kissing on Otis's "kissing hole", which is apparently located on his backside.
  • Marco tells the story of the "Bonner Party," a not-so-subtle reference to the infamous American pioneers who resorted to cannibalism to survive.

Just Friends

  • Jackie suggestively greets Marco and continues by commenting on how his too small concert tee shows off his pecs.
  • One of the lines of the titular Love Sentence song, "Just Friends," is "You went out and got busy and found somebody new."
  • If you look closely during the scene showing couples kissing, you'll see a few same-sex couples. Explanation 

Face the Music

  • Considering how irritable and angry Ludo's father is, when we see that his wife has a black eye, it's hard not to think about domestic violence.
  • Star claims that she had a wardrobe malfunction.note 


  • When Marco tells his father that things have gotten weird with Star, his father's reaction sounds like something else than what the actual problem is:
    Mr. Diaz: What could be weird? Two teenagers sharing a home. One boy, one girl. [Beat] Oh. Oh no.

    Season 3 
Return to Mewni
  • When Moon unpacks the luggage for herself and Star, she is disappointed that River had packed unnecessary yet affectionate items. One of these items is a fan with a drawing of River in a seductive pose while wearing nothing but a loincloth and blowing her a kiss. This all but says that River has a surprise for her when she gets back.
  • The "Sad Teen Hotline" Rafael tries to call is a clear reference to suicide hotlines. Very likely, it's for that too.

King Ludo

  • Marco, while sneaking around the castle, finds Ruberiot and two other performers, a jester and mime, who have been resting in the King's chamber while Ludo is away. They eat his leftovers and use his bath. The mime on the bed, mimes sleeping but then starts bouncing up and down. Ruberiot quickly adds that they've all been sleeping on the royal bed.


  • When Star and Marco are reunited, they hug and Marco says Star's horn-headband is poking him. Star smiles at him and responds, "Take 'em off..." which has already become a small meme on the subreddit for what it sounds like out of context.

Scent of a Hoody

  • Star starts obsessively smelling Marco's dirty hoody.

Stranger Danger

  • When Star stops Rhombulus from re-crystallizing Eclipsa, his crystalizing beam ricochets around the room and hits him on the butt. Then Rhombulus tries to say "Great, now I got crystals growing on my-" but he's interupted by Moon before he can say exactly where they're coming from.

Sophomore Slump

  • After Jackie hugs Marco at their date, she monotonously steps back and tells him to take off his shirt, followed by Marco's reaction that is flustered confusion. The reason for her question follows, but out of context, certainly for Marco, it sounded suggestive.

Lava Lake Beach

  • Tad tells Marco "You could be knocking back soda pops and crushing pizzas in any dimension!" Now substitute "soda pops" with "beers" and "pizzas" with a different p-word, and you get what Tad would've been saying if this weren't a TV-Y7 rating.

Sweet Dreams

Night Life

  • The whole episode could be interpreted as Marco having an affair with Hekapoo while Star struggles to keep the "marriage" from falling apart.

Monster Bash

  • The books at Mina Loveberry's campsite have titles clearly referencing adult fare such as Fifty Shades of Grey.
  • Tom suggesting that he and Star should cuddle somewhere private after presuming the disappeared guests are just cuddling somewhere is a reference to teens having sex during parties.

Stump Day

  • Marco knocks on Star's bedroom door late at night and asks if she's "decent". He then enters (with his hand above his eyes) without her actually confirming that she's dressed.
  • Tom is seen pelvic thrusting while dancing with Star at the episode's ending.

Holiday Spellcial

  • The dance Flying Pig does during his anecdote involves some rather suggestive pelvic thrusting. He even has to clarify to his confused friends that he was dancing.
  • After All-Seeing Eye shows footage of Gray Warnicorn putting on a fake muscle suit, the latter is about to fight the former before Spider with a Top Hat calms him down. Gray Warnicorn then says this to All-Seeing Eye before leaving:
    Gray Warnicorn: Fine. I'll be back momentarily to whoop your... eye, I guess.

Total Eclipsa the Moon

  • After Moon learns that Eclipsa's daughter inherited a tail from her father, she asks, "But how is that possible?" Eclipsa starts to reply:
    Eclipsa: Well, when a queen and a monster love each other very much…

Butterfly Trap

  • The Truth or Punishment box has a setting for bachelorette parties:
    "Alright, ladiiies!"


  • Outright implying an abusive religious nurture is pretty ballsy.
    • It could also be taken as an example of narcissistic parenting, which even then is still pretty heartwrenching for a family Disney show.
  • When St. Olga accuses Miss Heinous/Meteora of being ungrateful and that she should be thanking her for the way she raised her, Heinous punches her while scoffingly saying "thank you". The way she says it though sounds like a G-rated way of saying something else.


  • After Marco shows off some impressive combat moves, Star pulls up his shirt to see if his abs from "Running With Scissors" are back. The way she does it could easily be interpretated as a dirtier affair without context.
  • Marco's nickname for his sword is "El Choppo", which to many viewers reminded them of the most powerful and notorious Mexican drug dealer of the modern era.
  • Moon's practically naked in both this episode and "Conquer". They probably only got away with it because her hair was long enough to cover her private parts.

    Season 4 
Butterfly Follies
  • When Marco asks River if he's hungry, the latter replies that he's "hungry for his wife". Marco doesn't know what to say in response.

Escape from the Pie Folk

  • During Star's battle against the Pie Folk in the volcano, she blasts one out of a cliff and into the lava. This is subverted since it's actually tomato sauce.

Swim Suit

  • When Rhombulus's other chest gem/mini prison gets shattered during his fight with Eclipsa, it's referred to as a "nipple demon" no less than four consecutive times.
  • Marco having a video call with Star and complains about Glossaryk's tiny trunks. He then proceeds to show Star how small they are, cutting away to a red faced Star closing the phone.


  • Star gushes over Marco's adult form and Brunzetta. She even asks Marco if he had been questing with Brunzetta or has been questing with her.

Yada Yada Berries

  • Being "yada yada'd" is treated exactly like being poisoned, complete with someone downing some themselves to keep from being made to spill secrets. Star even refers to someone who ate the berries as having taken their secrets to the great beyond, which is just short of saying that yes, the people who eat these berries are definitely deadnote .
  • The Assassin's Guild is remarkably open and even trivial about being in the business of contract killing. And Star treats them like they are not actually doing anything illegal, except for this one specific poisoning attempt that one of them might be guilty of.

Surviving the Spiderbites

  • The Spiderbites reveal at the end of the episode that the painting Star showed them was drawn with the blood of Globgor's enemies, which they get past by having it with multiple colors.

Out of Business

  • Janna bites into the neck of a living cake shaped like a unicorn, causing raspberry filling to gush out like blood.

Kelly's World

Curse of the Blood Moon

  • A surprisingly mature example. When Tom reveals the actual nature of the blood moon, it's treated like a failed date rape attempt due to the shock of Marco, Star and Tom's grandfather. Even Tom admits that it was a horrible thing to do and he's come to regret it, saying that he "ruined his friends' lives". Making it sound like he gave the two an STD.
  • Played again with Janna and Marco. When Janna offers him a way to get over Star, she knocks him out with hypnotism and he wakes up in the girls bathroom. With Janna nonchalantly testing him if he had gotten over his crush on Star. If the sexes were reversed, then the scene would have a far different tone.

The Monster and The Queen

  • Globgor refers to miners as ‘greedy little buggers’, bugger being a relatively mild British swear word. But seeing as the word’s origins relate to anal sex, specifically sodomy, and it is still occasionally used in that context, it’s pretty surprising to hear it on a kids show.

Britta's Tacos


  • Tom's clothes somehow come off during the night.

Mama Star

  • As if the Teen Pregnancy jokes in "Britta's Tacos" weren't enough, an amnesiac Marco says he wants to have "a thousand babies" with Star.

Here to Help

  • Star's line "We could definitely do that" near the end of the episode can be interpreted as something else when you consider the circumstances.

  • At the Star vs. the Forces of Evil panel during the Gallery Nucleus art show, the members of the crew were asked for specific examples of Getting Crap Past the Radar that they couldn't believe made it in the show:
    • Daron Nefcy and Drake Bridal: The entire "The Banagic Incident" episode.
    • Dominic Bisognano: The Mushroom Samba in "Goblin Dogs".
    • Aaron Hammersley: Marco referring to Tom as a predator in "Blood Moon Ball".
    • Adam McArthur: Janna spanking Marco's butt in the bathroom and commenting on how nice it smells in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown".
    • Becky Dreistadt: "Hungry Larry" having three instances of referring to the inflatable Frankenstein's Monster as a blow-up doll.

Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension

  • In the margins of Moon's "Grandma Room" tapestry, Star writes: "Not a grandma yet ;)"
  • It is stated that Moon has taken pole-dancing class, and that the go-go boots from it are part of her regular wear.
  • Janna's interview states that she doesn't drink. Yes, as in alcohol.
  • One section has Star, Marco and Pony Head playing "Date, Marry, or Make Disappear Forever" — basically a G-rated version of "Fuck, Marry, Kill". Also, Star states that the Mewni variant is called "Court, Betroth, or Sell."