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Baby reunites with Baba.

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.

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  • The first ending credits are rather sweet. In contrast to the manic energy of the opening, it's just Star strolling down the street to a chill beat and greeting Marco at the end.
    I think Earth is a pretty gre-at place
    That's saying something, 'cause I've been through outer space
    I think it suits me, it's just my style
    I think I'm gonna stay a little while
    I think that strangers are just friends you haven't met
    I'm blasting monsters and I never break a sweat
    I'm really thinking I could call this place home!
  • The friendship between Marco and Star is very heartwarming as they share a deep and close bond. They are both willing to help the other if they are distressed, Marco is very forgiving when she makes a mistake about human culture and both become very angry and supportive when the other is distressed or under threat such as Star using extreme violence when finding out that Marco had been kidnapped by Toffee in "Storm The Castle" and Marco going through a Tranquil Fury when finding out that Mr. Candle was partnered with Tom in order to manipulate Star into taking him back in "Mr. Candle Cares". Their friendship is close enough that both Star and Marco developed crushes on each other. Even then, both of them try to put their crushes aside so that it doesn't come between their friendship or happiness.
  • Up until the end of season 4, the show time and time again surprising the audience with how sincerely pleasant Eclipsa is, from her sympathizing with young Moon's orphanhood, to being a good mother to Meteora, right down to having genuine love for Globgor and her people. She may be flawed and selfish at times, but fans came to accept her more and more with each episode.

    Season One 
Star Comes To Earth
  • Although the scene was Played for Laughs, Star's parents asking for a guide for their daughter is pretty heartwarming. It means that they don't want their child to be left into a new world, alone, without anyone's help or to guard her from a pint-sized demonic overlord.
  • Star telling Marco that she didn't have a choice in coming to Earth, and he didn't have a choice in having to deal with her. She then tells him that she'll find another family, if it means respecting Marco's space.
  • Fridge Heartwarming: the scene where we are introduced to Marco's karate skills (as he easily defeats one of Ludo's henchmen) gets a new meaning when you realize that Marco didn't know (yet) that Star could very well fight on her own. He simply saw that she was in danger and instinctively protected her.
  • The pure joy Star expresses as she asks Marco, "You can fight!?"
  • Marco decides to forgive Star and let her stay with him. Star gratefully hugs Marco, with Marco smiling in response. D'awww!

Party With A Pony

  • Most shows would have Marco trying to convince Star about Pony Head's negative behaviour for the whole episode (and getting the Cassandra treatment), but the moment he tells her about the skewering thing she immediately believes him.
  • When Star learns Pony Head ditched Marco, she is quite pissed and makes it clear that if Pony Head continues this behaviour, their friendship is finished. Shows you just how important her friendship with Marco is that she threatens to leave her childhood BFF for him.
  • Related to the above, the fact that Star proudly declares Marco to be her best friend despite having known him for such a short amount of time.
  • Pony Head giving Star her inter-dimensional scissors, before leaving for St. Olga's.
  • Despite all the crap Pony Head gave Marco when they first met, he doesn't gloat or anything about her being sent to St. Olga's. Instead, he wishes her good luck. Pony Head responds with a thank you and uses his first name for the first time since they met.
  • Star and Marco eating nachos together just makes for such a cute image.

Match Maker

  • Skullnick drawing a smiley face on Marco's test paper to compliment his A+ due to how she's usually frosty or stern with all her students and how she doesn't seem like the type to do that.
  • Star tries to give all the credit for getting rid of Skullnick to Marco so that Jackie will finally notice him. It's ruined by Skullnick coming back to Earth after getting dumped, but when Star apologizes to him for its apparent failure, Marco expresses sincere gratitude for the attempt as it got Jackie to talk to him if even for a little bit.
  • Star having Marco take over the fighting for a few minutes so she can hook Skullnick and "Mr. Triceps" up.
  • The fact that Skullnick stays in her monster transformation for all episodes after this one and has come to be totally fine with it, as have all her students and people she interacts with.

School Spirit

  • Marco vowing to protect Ferguson is played for laughs, but it just goes to show how much he cares. Also, he ends up being right about the Warriors wanting to kidnap him, but that's neither here nor there.
  • Alpha Bitch Brittany letting Sabrina join the rest of the Spirit Committee during the big game despite her being relegated to a wheelchair due to an injury she sustained during practice. Shows she might have a Hidden Heart of Gold in there. Granted, it's negated later with a Kick the Dog moment where Brittney shoves Sabrina (still in her wheelchair) aside so that she can get ahead in running from the current disaster on the football field, but hey, she's running for her life.
  • You gotta hand it to the Mewni Royal Guard; taking the time out of their presumably busy schedules to babysit Star as a toddler is equal parts Heartwarming, because they seem to be into it and enjoy the opportunity to teach her, and hilarious because they're teaching her how to snap the necks of her stuffed animals among other things, leading her to becoming the Badass Adorable Blood Knight she is today. In other words, Star would be a normal princess if it weren't for her body guards.
  • Marco selflessly charges onto the field to rescue some of the Warriors from a mutated animal. The Warriors gratefully compliment him, and Marco thanks them in turn. On that note, it also seems like at least most (hopefully all) of the Warriors survive and escape afterwards.
  • When Star realizes she's messed up badly and expresses remorse, Marco admits that he's at fault too, because he shouldn't have left her on her own.

Monster Arm

  • The fact that Star stayed up for two days and nights straight trying to find a spell to fix Marco's arm puts it right in here, although it's mostly Played for Laughs.
  • It's somewhat heartwarming that even though Marco was mean to her, Star, who is exhausted from aforementioned sleeplessness, was still willing to go Marco's karate tournament, when she could have been catching up on her sleep.

The Other Exchange Student

  • Initially, the Diaz's taking Star in was seen as simply a move of convenience since Marco and Star had already quasi-met before the decision was final. This episode reveals that they are actually an EXTREMELY loving and accommodating family, having taken in over a dozen exchange students and showering all of them with love and attention for next to no gain. Talk about being friends with everyone, they've thrown a party for EVERY DAY that Star has been on Earth!
  • Star opting not to tell the Diaz's about "Gustav's" real past despite being exceedingly jealous of him is a nice Pet the Dog moment.
  • The Reason for "Gustav" faking being a transfer student is so that he can practice his cooking in different styles, just so that someday he can open an excellent restaurant in his depressed town that otherwise has nothing going for it.

Cheer up Star

  • Star and Marco's attempts to cheer one another up.
    • Star wears a mustache, juggles laser puppies, and gets swallowed by a fish. At the last one, Marco, Star, and the fish all share a hearty laugh.
    • Marco, normally known as the "safe kid", prepares and goes through a ridiculously dangerous stunt just for Star (with understandable hesitation).
    • If you look, you'll notice that during Marco's perilous stunt, Star is visibly horrified for his safety, until he confirms he's alright with a "Ta-da!"
  • When her crush doesn't give her a call, Star thinks it's because she isn't cool enough for him. Marco reassures her, and his words bring a tender, grateful smile to her. That's how much Marco has confidence in her to get back on her feet.
    Star: I guess I'm just not cool enough for a guy with a record.
    Marco: Are you kidding? You're the coolest girl I know.
  • Marco telling Star to accept Oskar's call in the middle of battle because he knows it's what will make her happy.

Quest Buy

  • Star letting Marco keep her original charger despite how him vacuuming it up at the start of the episode nearly destroyed her wand.

Diaz Family Vacation

  • Mr. and Mrs. Diaz being very affectionate with one another during their anniversary and having a blast once Star brings them to Mewni.
  • Star risking being caught by her parents because she wants Mr. and Mrs. Diaz to have as much fun as possible at Mewni.
  • At the end of the episode, Star discovers she gets her Blood Knight tendencies from her father, and that he regularly sneaks off from more formal regal duties to fight monsters. The two bond over their shared love of the fight, with the two agreeing not to tell Star's mother about either of their transgressions.
  • Marco's parents seem genuinely appreciative of Marco's fanny pack gifts, despite him giving them similar presents the last year. It's all but cemented at the end of the episode when it's the only thing they wear while they're relaxing at a hot spring. The ONLY thing they wear.

Brittney's Party

  • The opening of the episode shows how much Star is liked by her new classmates, and how much she likes them in a refreshing aversion to the Cool Loser trope. One girl reveals she covered the inside of her locker with pictures of Star, and then Star reveals she did the same thing with pictures of the girl in her own locker.


  • Marco trying to help Star through what he assumes to be puberty, his initial reaction is to tell her it is nothing to be ashamed of. Keep in mind that Marco is 14. In most other shows he would be embarrassed or make fun of her. But Marco has her back before he even knows how serious the situation is.
  • Marco's concern for Star throughout the whole episode was sweet, even going so far as to feed pudding to Glossaryck for information on getting her back to normal. It turns into a bit of a Tear Jerker near the end, when he has to let Mewberty!Star go and she flies away, and he thinks he'll never see her again.
  • What does Marco do immediately after Star crashes back down to Earth? He rushes to her and gives her a big hug. And she gives him a big hug back.


  • Star's joy at the idea of her and Marco being "mess-up twins". She's just so glad that she and her best friend have one more thing in common with each other.

Lobster Claws

  • As fruitless an endeavor as it was, it was nice to see Marco try to reform Lobster Claws from his evil ways.
    • And at the end, Star admits there was some good in Lobster Claws.
  • When Ludo was going through his speech to Lobster Claws about how he just had the wand in his claws, instead of getting mad and firing him like he did at the beginning of the episode, he wanted to rub his claws, ask how it felt to hold the wand in his hands (it felt tingly) and let him go into the portal ahead of him.
  • While Star makes it quite clear that she is suspicious of and dislikes Lobster Claws, she still helps him. To get his job back and thus to leave her alone, but still, that's a new caliber of Friendly Enemy right there.

Sleep Spells

  • The fact that Marco is keeping track of how many times Star has saved Marco and vice versa.
  • And then the reason why he kept track, he just wanted to be as capable as the magical princess. Star then goes on about how awesome Marco is and the fact that keeping track is silly since they'll always help each other out.
    Star: I don't get it, why is this tally thing so important to you?
    Marco: Uhh, I don't know, I guess you're this magic princess from another dimension… And I'm just…
    Star: Star PhD. Marco, YOU are awesome! We don't need to get caught up in who saves who. All that matters is that we have each other's back.
  • The Queen's daily messages to Star. While it does showcase her as a My Beloved Smother, it also shows how much she cares for her daughter to give her advice she thinks she'll need.
  • During therapy, Marco asks Star to pretend to be someone close to her. Star pretends to be... Marco. Doubles as a Funny Moment.

Blood Moon Ball

  • Thanks to Marco's actions, he foils Tom's attempt to be magically declared Star's soulmate, and becomes her soulmate instead. Then they share a dance.
  • After her talk to Marco at the end of the episode, Star says her night wasn't totally wasted because she now knows that Marco can dance. Then they proceed to unintentionally speak in unison.

Fortune Cookie

  • Star following the advice of fortune cookies leads to her believing 'love is always the answer' and hugging all the monsters of the week instead of fighting them. When Ludo tries to get the wand, a two-headed red monster pushes him back so he can keep hugging Star, and he/they seem to have developed a crush on her, as they come clean about the fact that they were trying to trap her.

Freeze Day

  • Star and Marco are treated to a slide show depicting their lives up until that point. Star's sequence is quite sweet as it shows her growing up with her folks, learning how to fight from the guards, and going on misadventures with Princess Pony Head. Marco's on the other hand, is far more bittersweet.
  • After realizing Father Time spent his entire life (which is to say, all eternity) running on The Wheel of Progress, as well as how desperate he was to see the world, Star turns the wheel into a chariot-like device pulled by giant Time Hamsters, which allows Father Time to travel all over his dimension while also keeping The Wheel of Progress turning.
  • At the very end, Marco is finally brave enough to say "Hello" to Jackie, and she says "Hello" back.

Royal Pain

  • Mr. Diaz tells King Butterfly that they are family.
  • At the end, Star apologizes to Marco for inadvertently making his life difficult, but Marco assures her that he doesn't really mind the crazy things she does- he just wants a little advance notice. But he admits that sometimes surprises are good, and playfully shoves her into the pool that used to be the Diaz living room. The episode ends with the two of them horsing around on dolphins.

St Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses

  • Star celebrating Pony Head's birthday then choosing to rescue her.
  • Pony Head breaking out of her brainwashed state when she sees Star is in tears.
  • Despite still claiming to be Star's "best bestie," Pony Head's attitude toward Marco shows real improvement. When she realises he's in trouble, she doesn't hesitate to go with Star to rescue him, and is humble when told that Marco is Star's "best bestie" despite not being answered when asking if she was her "best bestie" overall. She even congratulates him (in her own way) for successfully inciting a riot among the other princesses.
  • Star's behaviour when being motivated to save Marco.
  • Star breaking Marco's rule of non violence to save him after seeing and hearing him in pain.

Mewnipendance Day

  • While Buff Frog was running away, Star was aiming her wand at him but refused to attack because of how she realized how unfair of an advantage the people of Mewni had over the monsters. Just a reminder, this is the girl who fights monsters just for the fun of it but it's mainly done in self defence.
  • Star giving Buff Frog some corn to comfort him after (unbeknownst to her) being fired by Ludo. This is especially meaningful given that (as explained in this very episode) the Mewmans literally went to war with the monsters over control of Mewni's cornfields and have monopolized the corn ever since. Yet here's the princess of Mewni freely giving away corn to a monster.
    • Even before that, there's the part where Star allows both the Mewman and Monster team to join the corn feast together. Marco points out that her pop-up book indicates the Monster team shouldn't be having any corn. But Star decides they can put the book away and forgo the historical 'accuracies' just this once.
    • In a bit of a meta one, she comes to the conclusion how unfair the legend of Mewnipendence Day is... well, largely on her own. Ordinarily, this would take a big speech or a lecture in a story, but all she needs to have done is Marco pointing out that the book seems off to him and she makes the mental journey that "maybe our past wasn't as glorious," all on her own.

Interdimensional Field Trip

  • Marco and Jackie in the beginning are actually communicating with each other, via texting cat photos. How Marco got her number, who knows, but he made progress.
  • Ms. Skullnick accepts her new form after hearing history about what makes trolls great, and ends up protecting her own students who were in danger. All the students cheer for Ms. Skullnick, who is noticeably ecstatic.
    • Skullnick's wonder at learning that she's regained her youth.
  • In the end, Jackie comes to Marco and asked him if someone already has the seat next to him taken. Marco looks at Star who's gesturing him to let her sit with him. Marco responds, "Yes… you are.", and Jackie sits next to him. Aww… Marco has made progress.

Storm the Castle

  • Buff Frog helping Star to defeat Toffee and, unlike Ludo, having no ulterior motives for doing so.
    • His up front motive was to give his new babies a better life (living in the castle).
  • Star is willing to not only give up her magic wand to save her best friend Marco, but destroy it with a spell that, as far as she knew, would irrevocably remove its magic.
  • Once Star realizes she can't stop Toffee's crystal prison from crushing Marco, she instantly gives the wand to Toffee. She doesn't stop to think that she's giving up every power she has or that Toffee could destroy entire cities or become king with that kind of power. If that's what it takes to save Marco's life, she'll do it.
  • Toffee actually released Marco as promised. Pretty minor, but given how often the hostage exchange is a double cross, it counts.
  • Before Star closes the glass box to shield her and Marco from the blast, she warns Buff Frog to leave as fast as he can.
  • Star and Marco sharing a hug after she loses her wand.
    • Considering that the last thing the two did was fight, the hug also showed that they reconciled. And after what the two went through, they really didn't want the last memory of each other to be a fight over a sandwich.
  • Though it only lasted a few seconds and ended with her leaving him for dead, Ludo actually considering Star a friend can be considered some level of heartwarming.
  • Despite being somewhat angry over the mess Star caused, the Queen doesn't reprimand or threaten to send her to St. O's. What does she do instead? Give her daughter a hug because she's just happy that she's safe.
  • A subtle example is Moon telling Star off for making the Diaz's worry; Moon has shown herself to be slightly disconnected from her family and to prioritise her work as queen, but this shows that she has respect for Mr. and Mrs. Diaz because they are looking after her daughter while she is on Earth.

    Season Two 
My New Wand
  • In a new sense of maturity, Star intentionally calls her mother to ask for help in learning how to "dip down".

Mr. Candle Cares

  • At the end of the episode, Marco comforts Star about her fears of becoming Queen of Mewni, by stating that when she does become rule, she can make the rules.
    • In a nice bit of character development, after Star and Marco go in for a hug after his speech, Tom doesn't get angry or try to destroy Marco, he just backs off.
  • Marco and Tom bonding over their experiences with Star.
  • Tom confessing his wrong doings to Star and admitting that she will never love him back. Before he leaves, Tom tells her that he liked Star's new hair cut (the hair cut doesn't last though).

Red Belt

  • The subplot of the episode has Star obsessively searching for a hammer, wanting to hang up a poster the "normal" way without magic. When Marco's parents see her doing this and realize they don't actually have a hammer, they get one from the store and leave it for her to find.

Star on Wheels

  • Marco teaches Star how to ride a bike, and promises not to let go of the seat as she does. However, he does, thinking she can do it on her own, making her ride through town...not knowing how to stop. Continuously, she refuses to listen to Marco's instructions on how to stop because he didn't hold on to the seat like he promised. At the end of the episode, he takes hold of it while riding an invisible goat, saying "I won't let go. I promise." Because of that, she is able to stop. Then they hug. This is a perfect example on how deeply the two rely on each other in all situations.


  • The end resolution of the episode, with Willoughby the dog being given to Lydia, who was almost obsessively longing for a companion and is so happy to have a dog now, and Star even makes a name tag out of her necklace and gives it to Willoughby.

Star vs. Echo Creek

  • The old homeless woman encouraging Star to go home as she still has a family who loves her.
  • Judging from the missing posters of Star and how tired he looked, it's implied that Marco stayed up for a day or two looking for Star.

Wand to Wand

  • When Star's magic goes haywire and nearly sucks Marco into a tornado. Star saves him with the Power of Friendship even though the way it's shown it appears as Ship Tease.
  • Ludo warns the spider and the eagle to leave the tavern once he starts using his magic, despite his mistreatment of his minions (both current and past) he shows a concern for their safety.

Camping Trip

  • Star reassuring her dad that he's still her hero, even though both of them are older.
  • The geyser that Marco was trying to see all episode? He's seen it plenty of times before. He just wanted to repay Star for all the amazing things she's shown him by showing her something great. She sees it and agrees it is beautiful.
  • The reason why River came to earth was because he feared that he and Star were drifting apart and he wanted to reconnect with her.
  • While the moment that River mistakenly regards Marco as Star's boyfriend is played for laughs, It's good to know that he trusts Marco enough to protect her as he said that she needs someone younger to take care of her.


  • The tadpoles themselves are adorable. You wouldn't think cartoon blobs could be this precious.
  • The fact that Star and Marco are the first on Buff Frog's list of prospective babysitters. He clearly trusts that they can take proper care of his kids.
    • More to the point, Star treating Buff Frog like a friend and accepting the job without question and with much enthusiasm (even sending him a picture of the tadpoles with "we love you daddy" added to it).
  • Buff Frog doesn't miss Katrina growing her legs.

On The Job

  • Buff Frog playing with his tadpoles makes for a really sweet scene.
  • The mobile above the tadpoles' bed (really an egg carton) uses toy versions of Buff Frog's old comrades. Despite them not always acting like it, Buff Frog still considers them friends.
  • After Buff Frog saves the monsters from the fire, they admit they were wrong to think he'd "gone soft" because he's now a father. And when Buff Frog leaves to pick up his children, Dogbull tearfully announces that he's going to call his dad.

Game of Flags

  • Queen Moon's small smile when she watches Star (actually a corn disguised version of her) sitting at the kids' table, and states, "That's my girl."
    • A subtle one, but it's implied that the reason Queen Moon forbade Star from participating in the Game of Flags is because she didn't want her daughter to do some of the (implied) mistakes she did at the same age.
  • After Marco tries to talk some sense into her over the Flags game, Star decides to steal the flags from her family members… so she can plant them all on top of the mountain in a gesture of solidarity. Especially touching when Queen Moon, who has always seemed to have a sort of benign contempt for her own daughter, declares that Star brings out the best in both sides of her family.
    • The reaction from both sides of Star's family show they even liked her idea.
  • Unlike Moon who didn't want Star getting involved in the game of flags, River expressed his pride in his daughter for playing. Doubles as a funny moment when he congratulates her again when she betrays him and throws him off the mountain.
    • River punch-drunkenly talking about Star at the end of the episode is both hilarious and sweet. He just seems so proud to talk about her and to find her.
  • After Star explains how both sides of her family are pitted against each other in the game, Marco asks which side They'll be on. Star states that, obviously, they're on their own side. The primary implication here is that Star automatically considers Marco to be family and believes the pair of them to be stronger than both the Butterfly and Johansen families.
  • Marco saving the life of a Mewni guard when he nearly dropped into the lava.
  • Flags is an every man for himself kind of game. We even see people from the same clans take each other out. But as much as Star got into the game there was no question that she and Marco were a team.

Girls' Day Out

  • After an exciting adventure with Janna, Star decides to stay in detention and watch the wrestling match with Janna and her friends, while still wearing her "Detention Mayor" badge. Then she reveals she made Janna a "Deputy Mayor" badge.
    Janna: You know you don't have to wear that badge anymore, right?
    Star: I know, but if I take it off, we wouldn't be matching!


  • Even though they were obviously shown to be on good terms before, the fact that Star invited Starfan13 to her sleepover shows that Star really DOES consider her a friend.
  • An easy to miss moment: when Janna confesses her love of pink, everyone exclaims, "Pink?!" in surprise, except Marco, who's looking at her with what could be read as sympathy. It's not hard to imagine that he can sympathize with her through his own insecurities about being In Touch with His Feminine Side.
  • As the final question of the truth or punishment game, the cube asked the group who they had a crush on, with each of the girls saying their crushes. It comes to Marco and he owns up to confessing that he has a crush on Jackie, while she's in the room. The cube detects that one of them is lying, Marco, believing it's him that lied unintentionally, admits that he's not sure why he likes Jackie, but says that she deserves someone who would want to get to know her. Jackie is definitely touched by this as is the cube as it gives kudos to him.
    • When Star asks who Jackie's crush is later, she says that she's not sure instead of the boy from skateboard camp. His words probably stuck with her and she may actually be serious about considering Marco.
  • Starfan13 out-and-out admits that she really does LOVE Star. Star not only isn't weirded out by this, she hugs her back. None of the others think it is strange, either.
  • At the end of the episode, the cube is still stuck on "Who do you have a crush on?" mode when Star throws it in the trash. As it's being tossed in the back of a trash compactor, she happens to say, "Marco Diaz!" in frustration. Before it's crushed, the cube lights up with the word "TRUTH."

Gift of the Card

  • Despite the Gift Card punishing Marco and attempting to kill Star and Marco when it became expired, the fact that she thought about it (because of how picky he can be) is extremely cute.
  • Marco and Star going in for one more hug before the Gift Card kills them.
    Marco: Let's hug. So when they find our charred skeletons, they'll know we were friends.


  • The fact that Tom and Marco legitimately bonded.
  • When Marco had stormed out of the carriage, Tom actually felt so bad about it that he resurrected Mackie Hand to make up for it. It clearly took a lot out of him to do so, too.
  • By the end of the episode, Tom and Marco has gone from being each others' most hated individuals to just not liking each other. As strange as that sounds, it is better than how they were before.
    Marco: I still don't like you Tom.
    Tom: I still don't like you too, Marco.
  • Even though it was all kind of a set up Tom clearly did a lot of research on Marco before inviting him to the movies. He didn't even like Mackie Hand but he knew which two movies Marco liked the best and even knew what language was best. Tom tried really hard to pass his test. His only mistake was lying to Marco about it.
  • Tom does legitimately appear to be trying to overcome his anger issues.

Is Mystery

  • Buff Frog sticking to his morals and refusing to join Ludo, who he clearly knows had gone insane, even though Ludo could probably provide him with whatever he needed to take care of his tadpoles. In fact he takes it upon himself to warn Star about it.
  • Buff Frog actually becomes concerned for Ludo when seeing his insanity and apologizes for knocking him unconscious. It's as if a small part of Buff Frog still sees Ludo as an old friend but doesn't know how to genuinely help him with his Sanity Slippage.

Hungry Larry

  • Rafael Diaz showing some Papa Wolf badassery when the eponymous monster swallows his loved ones (and several neighbours) whole.
    Mr. Diaz: But my family is my blessings. […] Give me back MY FAMILY!
  • When Rafael finally gets his family (and Star) back he hugs them all. Not only that but he actually sees Star as one of the family and shows as much care for her as he does with his wife and son.

Spider With a Top Hat

  • Rock the Warnicorn assuring Spider with a Top Hat that he has it in him to be a warrior spell.
  • Spider with a Top Hat learning that he is actually the strongest spell in the Wand's arsenal; the reason he almost never gets cast is to save him for when Star absolutely has to win.

Into the Wand

  • Glossaryck's words to Star after the harrowing events of the wand journey. It's probably the most emotionally honest moment we've seen from him yet.
    Star: You know what? I think my mom was right. I'm not tall enough to go on this ride.
    [He floats over to sit next to her]
    Glossaryck: I'm not tall enough to go on any ride. But I've been on them all.
  • Star apparently had an ancestor who fell so in love with a monster that she broke free of Mewni's Fantastic Racism and ran away with him.
    • This one might go from Heartwarming to Harsher in Hindsight since said ancestor, Queen Eclipsa, is currently known as "the Queen of Darkness" and has factored heavily into the plot ever since her existence was revealed - and ''never'' in a good way.

Page Turner

  • Glossaryck, knowing full well that Star is about to succumb to the temptation to look at the "forbidden pages" of the spellbook, feels the need to stand up for her to Queen Moon.
    Glossaryck: My Queen, my Queen, your training was different because Star is different. You have to have faith in her to make choices that are best for her. And my job is to train Star to be a Queen!
    • More heartwarming moments for Queen Eclipsa, as Glossaryck cites her as the only Mewnan queen to trust him to do his job the way he thought was best. They must have been quite close when he was training her.
  • An overlooked and brief moment. When Rhombulous crystallizes Glossaryck, Lekmet inspects him (either to check if Glossaryck survived or to congratulate Rhombulus) and just as Glossaryck is about to burst out of the crystal. Rhombulous protects Lekmet by standing in front of him and guiding him away.


  • Jackie actually did get paper towels for Marco, and has put the earlier incident completely behind her by the time they meet again, greeting him with a friendly smile like nothing happened.
  • Contrary to the expected trope, the jock Marco spills food on is understanding of the mistake.
  • Marco overcomes the Naysaya curse by telling Jackie all of his deepest and most embarrassing insecurities, and follows up by finally asking her out. She accepts. For an added bit that's heartwarming and hilarious, Star's goofy Squeeing over Marco, then glomping him afterwards.
  • The fact that Marco and Tom are actively hanging out since Friendenemies.
  • When Marco admits his insecurities to Jackie, he gains an audience with a lot of students. The fact that nobody interrupts him or laughs at his embarrassing insecurities shows that they admire and respect Marco's bravery, particularly at something that nobody would be willing to do in that situation. And for that matter, the simple fact that Jackie listened through his entire confession (a lot of stuff), and never once got weirded out or judged him for said things.
  • Naysaya's touched reaction to being asked what he wants for once.
  • Marco allowing the Naysaya to stay a little longer so that it can see a movie for the first time.
  • When Janna told Marco that she reads his diary after she shows him and Star the secret storage locker. This was played for laughs but think about it, she's always known that Marco has had a crush on her friend Jackie and she's never mentioned it to her or teased Marco about it. It shows that she has some degree of respect for his privacy and she knows that there's some things she shouldn't use to tease him.
  • Star telling Marco (with her finger) that he shouldn't let Naysaya stop him from what he wants. Naysaya even lampshades that she's a good friend.

Bon Bon the Birthday Clown

  • Star's reaction to Jackie in her dress.
    Star: Oh my gosh, you look like the ocean.
  • Followed by Star and Jackie's reaction to Marco in his formal clothes.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Diaz's So Proud of You moment when seeing Marco finally going out with someone.
  • When Marco tries reading conversation topics he wrote on his hand, Jackie wipes away the ink and assures him he doesn't need them.
  • This exchange after Jackie and Marco's awkward entrance to their mediocre school dance:
    Jackie: I think I made a mistake.
    Marco: What?
    Jackie: I should never have asked you to the dance.
    Marco: (Defeated) Yeah… you're right… why would you ask me to go to the dance with you…
  • After Star complains about Marco and Jackie again, Janna decides to simply delete the picture of them from her mirror phone.
  • Jackie encouraging Marco to be able to laugh at himself.
  • Jackie knows how much Marco hates screwing up and looking stupid in front of her... and tells him that she admires how he never lets it stop him, no matter how many times he thinks he fails to impress.
  • Jackie teaching Marco how to ride a skateboard.
  • Marco and Jackie's First Kiss.
  • Marco may be on a date with the girl of his dreams, but when he realizes that Star has been trying to get a hold of him, he instantly decides he needs to find her.
    • And he doesn't ditch Jackie either; he brings her along to help!
  • Janna hasn't been hanging out with Jackie lately and she doesn't give her old friend much of a greeting when she comes to the Diaz household to pick up Marco (as she's too busy being fixated on a flashlight), but when she's being attacked by Ludo's rats, Jackie doesn't hesitate to charge in to try and save her, while Janna instinctively clings to Jackie for safety.
  • Marco grabs Star to stop her from being pulled into her spell. She tells him to let go or he'll be pulled in too, but he refuses. Then Jackie grabs his other hand, with Janna backing her up. The way the music swells here tops it off, along with the wide shot of all of them standing their ground together.
  • After Star has lost both her spell book and Glossaryck to Ludo and is reduced to tears, Marco comforts her with a hug and promises that they'll get them back.

Raid The Cave

  • Star arrives at Ludo's cave, only to find Ludo had long ago packed up shop and left, taking Glossaryck with him. And when Star tries to find Glossaryck with the All-Seeing Eye, he doesn't want to be rescued and doesn't seem to care much for Star's efforts to rescue him. The good news is, the peace-loving "alternative monsters" now living there admire Star as "the rebel princess", probably one of the few times Star has ever been praised for doing "her own thing". They don't even bear a grudge against her for blasting them with magic spells. In fact, they literally ask her to do it again later, and even consider it an honor and something to brag about.
  • Angie and Rafael lean towards each other to kiss as seen by Star's All Seeing Eye for a brief second.
  • At the end of the episode Star, after being reassured by her parents that the spell book was "Just a book", takes an old diary and begins writing her own book of spells.

Running With Scissors

  • When Star finds Marco, he greets her with a hug. What's extra sweet about this is that while Marco spent sixteen years in a different dimension, he never forgot about Star despite all this time and not only that, she was a key figure to making him return to Earth.
  • When Marco finally returns to Earth with Star, he is distraught to discover that he lost his muscular body but Star playfully pokes his stomach as if she didn't care that he lost his muscles (which she was previously ogling earlier) and she soon leaves to make nachos for them to cheer him up.
  • Hekapoo has apparently become Marco's Friendly Enemy over his years of hunting her down, to the point that he has an Affectionate Nickname for her and she agrees to take care of his pet Dragon-Cycle Nachos after he leaves. Their goodbye is surprisingly touching.


  • It's oddly touching that the normally surly Miss Skullnick admits she's proud of Star for trying her best to solve the math problem, even if she didn't get the right answer.

The Bounce Lounge

  • The ending of the episode, where Star, Marco and the Bounce Crew commiserate over not being able to stop the Bounce Lounge from closing, and take some photos together in the old photo booth Pony Head managed to salvage. And Marco's hugging Star, and Pony Head!
    • Thanks to his devotion in saving the lounge, Marco is considered a member of the Bounce Crew according to their new group picture. It says something that Marco is just as good at connecting with Star's friends as she is at connecting with his.
  • Star warmly hugging Marco from behind when he pays the final amount of money needed to pay the Bounce Lounge's mortgage, and the two of them dancing together immediately after.

Crystal Clear

  • Star showing no hard feelings toward Rhombulus for crystallizing both her and Marco, and giving him a much-needed pep talk. Rhombulus is so grateful that he gives Star one of the crystals he keeps on his chest.

The Hard Way

  • Ludo's childlike joy at mastering new spells with his wand and him looking to Glossaryck as a father figure is both funny and surprisingly touching given his backstory of how his own father never gave him or taught him anything, so he's been lacking in any sort of familial bond throughout his life.
  • Ludo humbling himself before Glossaryck and asking for guidance "for once in his life."


  • After the events of "St Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses" Marco became the face of a princess revolution which inspired princess' to express their individuality, the revolution is growing in numbers and the authorities having more trouble in keeping them in line due to the numbers. The Princess' are no longer being psychologically tortured and brainwashed into a perfect image of princess and are in no fear of being captured or being threatened with St Olga's.
    • A typical trope in cartoons is for a character to get famous enough to have merchandise but not get any royalties from it. As it turns out, the trope is averted here, and despite the likelihood of Marco never finding out about his merch, or the way any lawyer could easily prove that Marco wasn't 'Princess Marco' and therefore they owed him nothing, the manufacturers managed to track down Marco (who lives in another dimension) and paid him a hefty fee for using the likeness of a persona he made up.
  • Marco agrees to participate in a video that was planned to steer the revolution or disband it. Marco reassures a worried Star that the princesses are too rebellious to listen to the message or he will become a martyr for his participation in the video.
  • Miss Heinous' assistant Gemini actually idolises Marco in secret and keeps a doll of "princess Marco" with him.

Collateral Damage

  • Star's motivational speech to everyone at school about how they're all "better than a Possum" is both hilarious and heartwarming in it's own way.
  • In a strange way, the amount of love the people of Echo Creek had for a statue of a Possum when contrasted with how hated Possums were by the settlers when they first came to Echo Creek and founded their town.

Just Friends

  • Star is clearly trying to invoke I Want My Beloved to Be Happy in this episode. She invites Jackie to the Love Sentence concert claiming that Marco got tickets for them (it was actually Star), she makes concert tees for all three of them, and actively encourages Marco to be with his girlfriend. It's also clear that Star doesn't hate Jackie as a person. Even though Marco and Jackie's relationship is hurting Star, she's still willing to not ruin it for Marco's sake, regardless of how she feels.
  • Jackie cheers up Marco when he feels left out and gives him an affectionate pat on the head.
  • Marco and Jackie sharing two intimate kisses within a short period of time at the concert.
  • When Star sees all the couples kissing at the concert, one of the couples is two men.
  • While Marco is unaware of Star's deeper feelings for him, he is still very close to her, miming the words to the "Just Friends" song (their second favorite song) with her, and calling her "super-cool" and "the best friend a guy could have". He even takes the time to ask if she's okay when she tries to leave after his kiss with Jackie.

Face The Music

  • Ludo's younger brother, Dennis, expressing his worry about something not being right with his big brother and asking Moon to help him and bring him back home safe and sound.
  • This small scene of a same-sex couple with their daughter. Just like in the previous episode, it appears that Disney is changing their views.
  • Star's Princess Song, despite being drastically untraditional, is well-received by the audience. Even Queen Moon herself thinks the "ditty" is charming and congratulates Star. Then the next two verses ruin everything.
    • It had tumultuous consequences, but the last verse of the rock ballad divulging Star's secret crush on Marco is fairly sweet in a sappy way. The Marco marionette even has a teeny tiny crown!
      • It even ended with a projected image of Star and Marco gazing lovingly into each others' eyes, with Marco wearing the same type of crown as the marionette.
  • Moon saying how proud she is of Star and Star's reaction is just sweet.
    • And even though she has every right to infuriated at her daughter for blabbing royal secrets, Moon doesn't get mad or upset, only calmly (and somberly) explaining to her daughter some cold truths. It's pretty clear that Moon wishes things were different so that Star wouldn't have to suffer.
  • The fact that Marco has a spot with the Butterfly family and Magical High Commission.
  • Rhombulus clearly treasures his new friendship with Star, cheering during her song while calling her "my girl".
  • It's implied that Moon is, or was, friendly with Ludo's family based on how she treats them, even giving them a gift of Mewnan corn for their time despite getting no useful information. Seems like Star isn't the only one to be cool with monsters.
  • River visibly worrying about Moon's safety even though she's a massively powerful magic user. It shows that for all of the spats that they have, they really do love each other.


  • When Star calls for an emergency friend meeting, Pony Head, Janna and Kelly all drop what they are doing to go hang out with her, and of course, StarFan13 was always there.
  • Jackie dropping her usually chilled laid-back attitude to show her goofy side to Marco, demonstrating how much she has opened to him and how much she cares about him. When Marco mentions his strained friendship with Star she doesn't show any sign of jealousy, instead acting supportive and comprehensive to him.
  • Queen Moon showing compassion towards Ludo and concern for his well-being, even letting him know how much his brother Dennis still cares about him and is worried about him too.
  • Star finally admitting to Marco that she has a crush on him.
  • When Star confesses her feelings for Marco, Janna starts glancing over at Jackie in concern, wanting to make sure that she's OK.
  • In Crystal Clear, Rhombulus described the Magic High Chancellor Lekmet as "kind-hearted" and as much of an angel a goat-demon could be. In this episode, Lekmet proves it, sacrificing himself to bring Rhombulus, Hekapoo, and Queen Moon back from the dead, knowing full well it would kill him and doing it anyway.
  • Star and Marco temporarily agree to forget about Song Day and reaffirm their friendship, albeit briefly due to the aforementioned Anguished Declaration of Love occurring moments later.
  • When Marco talks about how things have become weird with him and Star to his father, Rafael advises his son to talk with Star instead of avoiding her. Rafael even playfully tousles Marco's hair during his advice. Needless to say, Marco feels better.
  • While everyone else is looking at Marco and Star during Star's Anguished Declaration of Love, Janna can be seen giving some concerned looks at Jackie, as if to check up on how she's handling this.

    Season Three 
Return to Mewni
  • The episode begins on a sad note, Marco wants to keep up the decorations from the season 2 finale because he wants to be like Star never left when she comes back.
    • At the same time, both of his parents attempt to lift his spirits from getting him his favorite brand of cereal (Angie) or calling "SAD Teen" hotline for advice (Rafael).
  • While the items River packed for Moon and Star are useless survival-wise, they're pretty sweet: The first is a note taped to a corn which said: "Corn't wait to see you again." The second is a fan with him in a seductive pose while blowing a kiss and reading as followed: "Miss you!! Kisses, OXOX, River (your husband)."
  • Star took one of Marco's hoodies as a way to keep him close.
  • A small moment that may go unnoticed, but during her argument with her mother, Star refers to Moon as "the cool, warrior queen Mom". Given their tense relationship (which has been explored in previous episodes), this one line really shows that despite thinking of her mother as overbearing, Star thinks of her mother rather highly as well.

Moon the Undaunted

  • Young River being Adorkable around young Moon. He gives her a condolences meat for the loss of her mother. Which she sits down to eat later when confronting the monster army.
    • And unlike the Magical High Commission, Count Mildrew, or Mena, Young River asks her what she thinks is best instead of making decisions for her.
    • When Moon goes to confront Toffee and his army, Mildrew thinks she's "driven crazy by grief" to which River replies "She's not dead yet, you fool!"
    • After the whole thing is over, both River and Moon exchange a hug and River smiles proudly at Moon during her Badass Boast to the others when they expressed anger at her decision.
  • Eclipsa being surprisingly nice and sympathetic toward Moon's situation, instantly figuring out why Moon is the Queen despite being so young and even admitting she also lost her mother around the same age. She also makes it clear that in order to teach Moon the spell, she has to give her something in return, specifically, she has to set her free, and even asks if that's really what Moon wants. How long this attitude will last, we will have to see.

Book Be Gone

  • In a way, Ludo's reaction when he realizes that he burnt up the spellbook, effectively killing Glossaryck. Even after getting angry with him, he still cared for him and looked up to him as a father figure.
  • Both the Eagle and Spider returning home and waking up Ludo with a burrito.

Marco and the King

  • Apparently, when Moon goes away for extended periods, she leaves different outfits for River, so he'll have something to wear every day.
  • Marco and River bonding, with Marco helping pull River out of his depression over having failed his kingdom.
  • There is something funny and sweet in Marco being on the First-Name Basis with River despite their difference of both age and social status.

Puddle Defender

  • Buff Frog being overjoyed to see Star, and letting her and Moon stay at his house without question, saying he owes Star for all the tadpole-sitting she's done.
    • Buff Frog's Affectionate Nickname for Star, "Sweet Potato," is the epitome of heartwarming.
    • Presumably to give her mom a first good first impression, Star's the first person in the series to call Buff Frog by his real name. He does insist on being called Buff Frog though, probably being used to it by now.
  • Moon and Buff Frog realizing they have something in common: they're both concerned parents who just want to keep their children safe, with Moon, previously having shown prejudice against Buff Frog for being a monster, actually touching him on the shoulder as she notes that he's a parent too.
    • They even tell Star to "go to her room" in the same tone of voice and gesture. They take notice of it and smile at each other.
  • During her heated argument with Buff Frog, Moon mentions she is worried sick about her husband and wants to go and help him. Given she seemingly didn't care about him when Star mentioned him, it's very sweet to know she cares the world about her husband.
  • The Buff Babies glomping Star and Star being equally happy to see them. The babies even glomp Moon.

King Ludo

  • Pretty much everyone agrees that The Mime is an artistic genius. Even as blatantly evil a king he is, even Ludo agrees that she's brilliant. She's quite flattered.


  • Star and Marco are finally reunited, and they immediately share a hug. Star was that happy to see him that she didn't want to let go of him and told him to take off her headband when he said that she was poking into his neck.
    • This moment is sweet from a meta standpoint — in most reunions between friends with one having crush on the other, the reunion is tense and awkward because of the revelation. But with Star and Marco? Not the case. Future awkward conversation can wait. These two have missed each other deeply.
  • Star telling Marco he looks cute with a beret on.
  • When Star realizes that Ludo genuinely had no idea about Toffee possessing him, she decides to help him out, and even humors him when he asks if he can go back to being "a beloved monarch."
  • Moon and Buff Frog, having bonded over their mutual parent status, working together to break Marco out of the dungeon.
    • After Star uses the Whispering Spell, leaving a pile of rubble in its wake, Moon yells "Buff Frog! We have to get over there now!", and Buff Frog immediately complies, grabbing Moon and Marco and leaping all the way over there. The fact that already Moon is calling Buff Frog by name and placing that kind of trust in him shows how quickly their parental feelings smoothed over the prejudice.
  • Star calling Moon "mommy".
  • When Toffee hits Marco hard enough to send him flying into some debris, Buff Frog immediately runs over to help the boy.
  • When Moon sees Star in her golden Mewberty form.
    Star: HI MOM!
    Moon: Hi, sweetie. Don't you look lovely.
  • Marco, Moon, and Buff Frog glomping Star after she comes back to life.
    • Hard to hear, but when Moon goes to hug Star, she lovingly refers to her daughter as "my baby".
  • When Ludo decides to go into the void again in order deal with his issues, he bids a farewell to both the Eagle and Spider.
    • Even sweeter? Before closing the veil, Star conjures a bag of potato chips for Ludo to eat on his journey, with her last words to him being a concerned "Good luck". This is an especially sweet gesture since she showed no concern for him when she did the same thing in the season 1 finale.
    • It's also a touching bit of Character Development on Ludo's part since he was previously terrified of the idea of going back into the void in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown". Now that he realizes that he needs to go find himself again, he's brave enough to actually go back into the void willingly.
  • Star and River sharing a hug after being reunited and then River asking "Where's Moon Pie?"

Scent of a Hoodie

  • Star stops Marco as he's about to leave, saying "I need a longer goodbye than that!", then pulls him in for a big hug.
  • When Marco is leaving, River gives him a cape for his role in the fight against Ludo/Toffee, and Moon kisses him on the forehead. When he and Star are awkwardly trying to step around each other, Moon and River exchange a smile.
  • The Arts and Crafts crew were also present to see Marco off. Last time we saw them, Marco left them in the dungeon out of spite for being willing to let him die, but they didn't seem to bare any hard feelings against him for it, evident from Ruberiot telling Marco they'll miss him, Foolduke asking if he could stay longer, and Mime Girl giving him a quick toss down the stairs to greet the Butterfly family.
  • The reason why Star is obsessed with Marco's hoodie, she misses him greatly and refuses to wash the hoodie because she believes that it reminds her of their adventures together.
  • Pony Head telling Star that the memories they shared with Marco will always be in her:
    Pony Head: You don't need to hold on to those stinky hoodies anymore. You know why? 'Cause, like, what we have learned is that Earth Turd's scent is, like, in your heart or whatever.
  • Marco taking a good whiff of his hoodie when it comes back to him and he realizes that it smells like Star.

Rest in Pudding

  • At Lekmet's funeral, everyone is clearly sad that he's gone, with Rhombulus even making a speech about how selfless he was.
  • After returning the fragment of the old spellbook to Glossaryck's temple doesn't seem to do anything to stop him haunting Star, she goes on a rant about how frustrating it was having to work with Glossaryck… then Star admits that Glossaryck was one of the few people who really trusted in her, and was always there for her.
    Star: Thank you, Glossaryck... Thank you for everything! I hope you find your big bowl of pudding.

Club Snubbed

  • Tom revealing why he's been "club snubbing" Star? He wasn't. He was actually trying to respect Star's space when he thought that she and Marco were an item.
  • Both King Dave Lucitor and River getting into a fight when they think the other's child is "club snubbing" them.
  • At the beginning of their dance, Tom and Star are visibly still peeved at one another, but throughout their dance, they smile more as they continue their dance.

Stranger Danger

  • Star defending Eclipsa not because she trusts her, but because Star believes that she should be treated fairly.
  • At the end of the episode, both Star and Eclipsa are looking over the rose garden together.


  • Tom wanting go through with the demoncism not because he wants to get Star's attention, but because he's inspired by her efforts to be a good princess, he wants to be a good prince.
  • While going through the painful demoncism, Star is unable to free Tom. So, she decides to stay and hug him until the ritual is done.
  • The demoncism only got rid of one angry guy inside of Tom, there are millions of more of them which could take years to get rid of. A distraught Tom laments that he doesn't want to go through that again and fears he'll always be the an angry prince. Star reassures him that even with all those angry, little guys being inside of him, Tom can still be a great prince. Touched by her words, Tom decides not to plan for anymore demoncisms.
  • Star and Tom holding hands while playing with pinwheels.

Sophomore Slump

  • When Jackie-Lynn calmly explains to Marco how insensitive he's being, notably in regards to her, Marco gets a Jerkass Realization and promises to make up for his neglect. He then spends the next day taking her on an amazing date.
  • Jackie-Lynn gently breaking up with Marco, explaining that he shouldn't stay on Earth for her sake because it will only make them both miserable. Her last words to him: "Stay amazing."
  • As an apology for earlier, Marco present Sensai with a handmade cape.
  • Marco apologizing to Ferguson and Alfonzo for his earlier behavior and they present him with their lucky dice. This is especially notable because after spending a whole season absent, this is a heartfelt sendoff for them.
  • Angie and Rafael allowing Marco to go to Mewni as a transfer student, even though the latter is a little worried.

Lint Catcher

  • Marco and Star apologizing to one another for their earlier fight.
  • Tom and Star are seemingly a couple again and were apparently singing a burrito song together. Even if their relationship is ambiguous, at least their animosities have been dealt with.
  • While it was brief, both Tom and Marco are happy to see each other again.
  • Eclipsa giving advice to Star about how to deal with her feelings for Marco.
  • Star knighting Marco as her squire, with her last words being that above being her squire, he would be her closest confidant and friend.

Trial by Squire

  • Star reassuring Marco that she doesn't care about all of the equipment they couldn't get, she just enjoys having fun with her best friend.
    • Them buying a bunch of random things and playing with them.

Princess Turdina

  • Even though Heinous reveals the truth about "Princess Turdina", all the princesses are quick to rally behind Marco against Heinous.
    "He can be a princess if he wants!"


  • Star trying to evoke a change in how Mewmans treat monsters. She's come a long way since we first saw her.
  • Buffrog casually acknowledging Jelly Goowell as "The Crazy Dirty Lady Who Watches Us Through Trees" showing her no ill will despite her insane condescending bigotry.
  • At the climax, Star collaborates with the monsters to stop their village from being flooded. Dr. Goodwell is so moved that she changes her bigoted views on monsters.

Sweet Dreams

  • As Marco has an Oh, Crap! reaction upon relazing he stands before the dreaded Eclipsa, Star quickly assures him she means no harm, showing her to be the only person on Mewni to be friendly with the past Queen (aside from Glossaryck).

Lava Lake Beach

  • Star and Tom have officially gotten back together.
  • Star and Tom having fun at volleyball together; Star hops onto Tom's shoulders and they start flying around.
  • The hellhound Jorby seems to be a Straw Nihilist, believing that everyone is in a constant state of falling apart. However, he proclaims that his love for his duck girlfriend will last forever.
  • Marco and Kelly have bonded over their relationship difficulties and have gotten a few Ship Tease moments. Marco helps her deal with Tad and Kelly consoles him after he realizes that he might have developed feelings for Star. In the end they share Marco's hoodie while watching the "soulrise" at the beach.
  • Tad considers Marco to be his best friend.

Death Peck

  • Rich Pigeon reveals he can speak and gives a marvelous speech rousing the Pigeons to join Star's cause for justice. It actually moves the King to tears and earns him massive applause from the other birds. Here it is in full:
    Rich Pigeon: Yes, father. I disobeyed pigeon law and learned the Mewni tongue. But I did it for our kingdom's future! Why must we proud pigeons continue to pretend to be mindless animals? Princess Butterfly champions a noble cause: peace and friendship between the powerful and the downtrodden. We must not let our prejudices against the Mewmans prevent us from joining their fight for justice. We are a small but mighty empire. I love this kingdom and it is my duty as its prince to protect it. But it also my duty to bring it forth into the future. Star Butterfly: you have inspired me. Seeing you work so hard makes me want to be a better prince for the Pigeons. Nay, nay, nay, nay, nay, nay- for all of Mewni!


  • Seeing King Pony Head acting so goofy in the privacy of his home. A far cry from the indifferent and apathetic monarch he appears to be in public.
  • As Lilacia has enough of her sisters and goes to her room, Star goes there and tries to comfort her.
  • When Star complains to Pony Head about her sisters, she is quick to defend them. Lilacia admits that despite all the intrigue and arguments, she loves her sisters.

Monster Bash

  • The plot of the episode has Star trying to make a party that eases the tensions between monsters and mewmans.
  • When the party begins, party goers are obviously uncomfortable with each other until Rock seemingly begins to threaten one of the monsters but in reality he was actually complimenting his clothes. Another monster, Slime uses his ooze to heal Penelope Spiderbite's severe spider bite despite initially being mistaken for trying to flirt with her.
  • Marco and Kelly still have a strong bond since "Lava Lake Beach" as they dance together when Marco's karate moves are recognized as a trademark dance move which is named "The Sword Hand Dance".
  • Tom trying to relax Star for the party and receives a kiss on the lips and on the cheek from her.
  • Mixed with Tear Jerker, but Ms. Heinous discovering her childhood playroom and remembering the past that had been brainwashed out of her long ago. Even after all she's done, she sounds so delighted, and close to tears.
    • What's more, when Mina tries to harm Heinous/Meteora, Star stops her. Granted Ms. Heinous is an enemy, or that she was the Head of the dreaded St. Olga's, or that her Butterfly lineage has turned Star's world upside down, Star still saves her.
    • Gemini's behavior in this episode. He claims that the lever on the machine is stuck, likely a small attempt to save Marco, whom Gemini was earlier being shown to admire. And yet later in the episode he remains supportive of Ms. Heinous despite all the crap she's put him through.
  • The night has ended in complete disaster; Mina has escaped, Star's attempts to improve monster/Mewman relations has been drastically set back, and the monster teens are nearly arrested, only being saved through Star's intervention. Despite this, the monsters don't blame Star at all, assuring her that this kind of thing happens to them regularly, and gently turning down her offer for an afterparty.

Stump Day

  • Star and the other Mewmen's general cheer and excitement for the holiday is adorable to say the least.
  • The backstory of the holiday, where early Mewni settlers who were once squabbling huddle together for warmth around the stump during a harsh blizzard, and carving their initials into it.
  • Marco's attempt at celebrating Star's birthday inviting over Tom, Janna, Star Fan and Kelly, and even getting a Mariachi band.
  • After arguing for awhile, the characters enrage the Stump and it looks like it's going to kill them all. The characters than say that at least they'll die together. They even hold hands as they believe this will be their last moment. Star and Marco hold hands first. The Stump disappears, causing Marco to think it spared them because they proved they loved each other. Star says it's just because it's midnight that the Stump left, but it's the thought that counts.

Holiday Spellcial

  • After spending the whole episode spilling everyone's secrets and making everyone mad, the All-Seeing Eye manages to make amends by showing a montage of the spells being kind and friendly with one another, bringing the mood back up considerably.

Total Eclipsa The Moon

  • Despite being as distrustful of Eclipsa as the rest of the Magic Council, Moon is genuinely taken aback when she finds out that Eclipsa's real daughter, Meteora, was completely stricken from Mewni's historical archives; not only is she willing to look into who orchestrated the cover-up, but she even admits to Eclipsa that her daughter might still be alive. Much like Buff Frog, Eclipsa being a parent seems to have helped Moon develop some empathy for her.

Butterfly Trap

  • When Queen Moon presents a comically large stack of documented evidence against Eclipsa, Rhombulus quickly moves to protect Lekmet's memorial picture from objects that tumble off the stack.
  • Upon seeing an image of her monster lover, Eclipsa lovingly touches the image and calls him "sweetie". Her cheeks also glow and she says that his smile is irresistible. Whatever relationship she and the monster had, it was obviously far more loving than her marriage to King Shastacan.
    • The image of Eclipsa's monster lover actually purrs softly at his love's touch.
    • And the cherry on top? The Box of Truth confirms Eclipsa is telling the truth: she loved her monster lover and indeed found his smile endearing.
  • When Moon asks her question "Are you sorry for what you have done?", Eclipsa replies "No I am not". This can be interpreted as either a selfish response or it can also be interpreted as this: she doesn't regret running off with her loving monster lover or having their daughter Meteora. If it were a choice between adhering to the status quo and staying in a loveless marriage and having a close-knit family with someone she loved, she'd do it all over again.
  • A bit of Fridge Heartwarming: after Star gives the Council a "The Reason You Suck" Speech for refusing to admit what they did to Eclipsa's daughter, it's Rhombulus who finally tells the truth. He clearly still holds Star in high regard and can't stand her being disappointed in them.
  • The whole trial was orchestrated by Star and Moon to help Eclipsa because they wanted to know what happened to Meteora and how the MHC was involved.
  • On a somewhat bittersweet note, the revelation that Eclipsa isn't related to Star doesn't change the fact that she still regarded Star as family. Eclipsa's reaction to the whole situation indicates that even though Star no longer returns the sentiment, Eclipsa still wouldn't have asked for a better granddaughter.
    • Also heartwarming is the fact that even when Star is realizing that she and Eclipsa aren't related, Eclipsa still calls her "sweetie"; even if they aren't related, she clearly cares for Star and holds no ill will towards her.

Ludo, Where Art Thou?

  • Dennis considers his big brother, Ludo, his hero because he was the only one strong enough to leave their Abusive Parents. Ludo then reassures Dennis that he can be strong too, and encourages him to go on his own adventures and find his own way. The two brothers then hug and say they love each other (though Ludo has trouble getting the words out).
  • When Dennis and Spider go to meet up with Ludo, he is overjoyed when he sees the latter and proceeds to hug Spider before talking with Dennis. Also, the fact that Ludo has been saving up some food for Spider despite being in the middle of nowhere is pretty sweet.

Is Another Mystery

  • Tom, who's been largely insensitive through the whole episode, displays a moment of solidarity with the other monsters. Despite his family's wealth and the privilege that comes with it, he still gets funny looks from people who don't know who he is.
  • Katrina offering Star a going-away present, and Star in exchange returning the doll Katrina left behind in her family's haste to leave.
  • After Marco announces Buff Frog's disappearance, Star immediately starts getting ready for the search and rescue. Marco initially planned to go with her but Tom begged Marco to stay behind while he and Star search for Buff Frog. Understanding that Tom and Star want some alone time, Marco agrees by pretending that Glossaryck has ran away again. Before leaving Tom gives Marco an appreciative smile.
  • To show how much confidence the monsters have in Star, they all agree to come back to Mewni when Star becomes queen. That's how much Star's efforts mean to them.
  • Tom's speech to Star when she thinks that she made things worse with the Monster situation is extremely sweet:
    Tom: Have a little faith, Star. I'm a monster, you're a Mewman, if we can make it work then there's hope for everyone.

Marco Jr.

  • Marco is going to be a big brother!
  • When the messed-up magic painting turns Marco into a cardboard cut-out, Star re-takes the personality quiz that goes with it for him. It shows just how well she knows her "best Earth friend" Marco that she gets every question right and turns him back to normal.
  • "You're beautiful again!"
  • In realizing they don't know their practically grown son like they thought they did, Marco's parents humbly admit they should've been more involved in his life.
  • In turn, Marco admits that, to be fair, he should've spent more time with them. He decides that he would like to visit Earth more often so his unborn baby brother will be more acquainted with the real Marco Diaz. And his parents are more than happy to welcome him back any time.

Booth Buddies

  • Marco begrudgingly admits that he has a crush on Star and after they both joke about their anxieties, Marco finally summons the courage to kiss Star in the final photo. However this moment is deconstructed when they both consider the complications of this revelation and how the pair were never truly trapped in the first place, making their kiss and Marco's confession unnecessary. They do end on a light note since they are happy that things couldn't get more awkward and that everything is out in the open. This moment certainly puts the "bitter" in bittersweet.
  • Kiss aside, Star and Marco's interactions before that moment are all pretty cute and sweet, like Star giggling at Marco talking about his guts.
  • The reason why Ben lied about the photo booth? He saw that Star and Marco had a mutual crush and wanted them to kiss.
  • Ruberiot and Foolduke becoming an Official Couple and getting married. Even better, Star attends the wedding and holds no grudges against him after the mess he made in "Face the Music".

Bam Ui Pati

  • In-Universe, the vampire who "cursed" the main character reveals he never did such a thing and gives a lovely little moral:
    Vampire: Don't hide from life just because something bad happened to you.
  • Say what you will about Ponyhead, but her awe at the episode finale of her favorte show channels every anime fan's glee at seeing an anime's amazing finale episode.

Tough Love

  • The initial interactions between Eclipsa and Meteora are pretty heartwarming due to it being years since the mother daughter duo have been reunited.
  • Eclipsa admitting that she still loves Meteora. Too bad Moon attacks her afterward.
    • Eclipsa then tries to protect Meteora from Moon since she's still her daughter which sadly leads to Moon losing half of her soul.


  • River reassuring Star that even though Moon is missing, Star has grown a lot as a person, and that he'll support any decision she makes.
  • Star and Marco having a Cooldown Hug when Star admits to putting on a brave face. When Marco volunteers to delay Meteora, Star is flustered by this bravery and when the two are interrupted by their hug, they immediately pull away from each other while blushing.
  • Hekapoo agreeing to be part of the "Marc-nificent Seven", despite angrily dissolving her partnership with Marco back in "Night Life". Even though it was implied she was there because of a supposed crush on Talon Raventalon, she was still willing to work with Marco again.
    • Fridge-heartwarming: Her coming back to Marco may be due to events in "Butterfly Trap", where she and the other Counselors were shamed by Star for essentially lying to the Butterfly family. Her speech may have helped her see that she was no better than Marco and forgave him for lying.
  • The amnesiac Moon is cheerful, friendly, and playful, a far cry from the stern, no-nonsense queen she usually is. Despite the gravity of the situation, it's touching to see her acting like the happy-go-lucky child she once was.


  • While it's not portrayed as a good thing, Moon and Star exploring and playing in the Magic Realm is probably the most fun mother and daughter have had together in the latter's whole life.
  • Marco tells Tom about his kiss with Star so that he will angry enough to abandon him. Tom is at first in denial but soon becomes a good sport about it and even wraps his arms around both Star and Marco at a later point in the episode.
    • A meta example: In the original storyboard Star and Marco were just going to hug at the end, with Tom watching them from afar with a sad expression. The creators must have changed their minds about it and decided to let him have a moment of happiness in the final version of the episode.
    • The relationship between the two have gotten miles better than how they were to begin with. Tom outright states that Marco is his best friend. And when Marco loses his soul, he wants to honor his best friend's sacrifice by making sure Star is safe and that Marco's soulless body is safe as well.
  • Although a touch disturbing, there's a small subtle moment with the tapestry room: all the tapestries of past Mewni queens have been scratched by Meteora. ...All but one: her mother's tapestry. Even after her mama seemingly "betrayed" her, even though she's growing unhinged by the minute, Meteora apparently couldn't find it in herself to destroy the tapestry of her family.
    • What's more, this must've been the first time ever she saw a clear image of both her mewman mother and her monster father.
  • At seeing her grieve for Meteora, Star comforts Eclipsa by telling her she saved them. From season 2, Eclipsa was painted as the "Queen of Darkness" who would bring evil and destruction to Mewni (and the Universe) if she ever escaped her prison. And in a turn of events, she not only turns out to be a genuinely good person, she even saves Mewni.
  • When Eclipsa offers Star to take back the wand, the latter decides it's already back to its rightful owner. Star recognizes that as "queen", the responsible thing is for Eclipsa to keep the wand. Eclipsa looks genuinely stunned at seeing such kindness.
  • Unintentional or not, Eclipsa regresses Meteora to a baby while fighting her and protecting her adoptive family. Eclipsa tearing up at being given a second chance to give her daughter a new and better life is both heartwarming and tearjerking.
    • The last thing Eclipsa (with tears in her eyes) says to Star before flying off with her infant daughter:
    Eclipsa: Thank you.
  • When Marco's soul is returned, Star immediately runs to him and catches him. When Marco wakes up, she hugs him tightly while having tears in her eyes.
  • Depending on how you look at it, Eclipsa taking Meteora back to the monster temple and finding her husband Globgor crystalized. Regardless of the potential negative consequences, Eclipsa's smile and the tears in her eyes are hard to not find "awww"-worthy.
    Eclipsa: Hello, my love. We're home.

    Season Four 
Butterfly Follies
  • When the Monster with the Pie Carnival T-shirt realizes that he's talking to Star Butterfly, he tells her what an honor it is to meet her, and how thankful he is for what she's done for the Monsters. Considering that the Mewmans all seem to view Star as a joke for what she did, it's nice to see someone viewing her actions as positive.
  • The reason Star is so adamant that they'll find Moon? The picture she's keeping of her and Marco on a beach day is a gift from the future; Star reasons that she wouldn't look so happy in the picture if they hadn't found Moon by then.
  • New Monster Town as a whole. Now that Eclipsa is in power, she creates a new kingdom where the monsters can thrive as a society once more.
    • Seeing the Monster Temple restored is nothing short of a breath-taking sight.
    • Eclipsa decorating the doorway to the Monster Temple with roses, as a homage to her childhood rose garden.
    • At worst, the monsters are employed as willing castle servants, and at best, some get to be lords and ladies. It's too much heartwarming to see the monsters don't have to scrounge around in the forest like animals, but live like people.
  • Eclipsa shows how indebted she is to Star, even going as far as to give her, River, Marco, and even all their servants a place to stay until the smoke clears.
  • A subtle moment, but when Meteora makes her appearance, Eclipsa tells her to "come to mama". Back in "Tough Love" when Meteora referred to Eclipsa as "mama", the latter said she preferred "mother". In other words, Eclipsa is respecting the fact Meteora (her past self, at least) likes to call her "mama".
  • Despite the animosity the two had, Marco gives a genuine greeting to baby Meteora. Too bad this moment almost instantly becomes Nightmare Fuel as Meteora gives him a Death Glare immediately afterwards.

Escape from the Pie Folk

  • What makes an amnesiac Moon decide to go with Star and her group? Star begins singing the pie-making song Moon's been humming.
    Moon: I remember this song! I don't remember anything else, but I remember this song!
  • Fridge-Heartwarming: What's the significance of the pie song? Moon's late mother, Comet, was a cooking-themed queen. It's possible that, growing up, Moon and her mother made this song together. Even with amnesia, Moon never forgot this song. And even in death, Comet helped her daughter find her way home.
  • The end of the episode, where everyone is in the hot air balloon. Moon says that even though she doesn't know what happened, she knows that everything will be okay, and she, Star, and River share a Group Hug.

Moon Remembers

  • When Eclipsa offers to let River take a shower in their waterfall, he belligerently tells her he doesn't take orders from her. Moon tells him to take a shower and he immediately goes to do so.
  • Eclipsa giving Moon a Bear Hug while crying Tears of Joy and apologizing for her actions in "Tough Love".
  • Baby Meteora sucking on Glossaryck's head.
  • While Moon admits she still doesn't trust Eclipsa, she doesn't chide or get angry with Star for her decision, only saying she did what she thought was best for Mewni.
    • And despite Moon's distrust of her, it seems like Moon really did enjoy her time with Eclipsa.

Swim Suit

  • Tom and Marco building their own makeshift swimming pool to act as a beach for Star.
  • What finally got through to Eclipsa's head that she can't abuse her magic: That Star would lose all trust she had in her.


  • After finding out that his Dragon-Cycle Nachos has been taken hostage, Marco decides he must go to rescue her immediately.
  • Marco stays behind and help rebuild the ice kingdom after returning the sword to its rightful place, as he was the one who caused it to melt in the first place.

Lake House Fever

  • Tom's family, his mother in particular, are shown to be caring towards him (Even if they do get into a few arguments sometimes).
    Dave Lucitor: (Watching Tom surfing on the lake) That's my boy.
    Exasperella: That's my nephew.
  • Wrathmelior is initially dismissive towards Star for having previously broken up with her son, and kissing Marco after she got back together with him, but after Tom gets caught in a storm in the lake when Star tries to leave, she goes to save him without any protection from the lava, leading to Wrathmelior being tearfully relieved that her son is alright, and realizing that Star does still care about him.

Yada Yada Berries

  • When Eclipsa realizes how many people Star has imprisoned in an attempt to interrogate them, she immediately lets everyone go, even though the culprit was never found. She then reassures Star that she's well aware that it's going to take a long time for everyone else to trust her, but she can't let the fact that people don't trust her get her down.
  • Star being very proactive in finding who was trying to petrify Eclipsa.
  • When Eclipsa sees her monster guest given dog bowls instead of plates to eat their meals, she orders Manfred to get them some and take her food back too. Why the latter? Because she wants to eat with her monster guests. And Star and Marco follow her example as well.

Down by the River

  • The Maizleys reveal that they don't know how to take care of themselves because back when Moon was Queen, she took care of everything. When Moon and River realize this, they put aside their animosity toward the family and teach them how to grow their own food and make a proper shelter. Then, another family appears, asking to set up camp in the new makeshift "village", which seems to mark the start of a new civilization.
    • This all goes to show that Mewni is not a place, but a people. By taking in Mewman refugees, Moon is saving her people from extinction, so there will always be a Mewni as long as its people are there to stand.
  • The Monster Parents being as nice as she/he can about the Maizleys not living there anymore and packing up their things for them with her/his kids even though it feels kinda weird.
  • While it may have lead to some problems, Eclipsa is returning the rightful homes to monsters.

The Pony Head Show!

  • Star apologizes to Eclipsa for wasting her time with the show, since even Eclipsa's song didn't even seem to sway any of the Mewmans. However, Eclipsa is not upset about any of it, declaring that she'd rather be herself and hated than pretend to be someone she's not to be liked.
  • After an entire episode of the Mewmans complaining about their compacts being hijacked and giving the show a wave of dislikes, Star ends the show, thinking it was all for nothing. Cut to one little girl, humming Eclipsa's song, giving the show a thumbs-up.
  • Kelly helping Marco with his cooking segment on the Pony Head Show and comforting him when Pony Head kept taking up their time.
    • When Marco accidentally tells Kelly wrestling is fake, she's stunned and hurt. He goes to apologize for what he said, but she explains that while he ruined wrestling for her, she walked around a bit and got over it.
    • At the end, Kelly asked if Marco could come to her home and cook his food for her. And Marco happily agrees.

Surviving the Spiderbites

  • After their Meet Cute in "Monster Bash," Princess Penelope Spiderbite and Slime Monster are officially dating! And her parents are totally cool with it.
    • It's even more so with Queen Spiderbite. Her great-great uncle Shastacan was eaten by Globgor, but she doesn't harbor any hatred for monsters in general just one in particular and for a good reason. This is in stark contrast with Moon when her mother was killed by Toffee — yes, she had every right to hate the lizard, but she went too far in taking her anger out on other monsters.
  • Star spent most of the episode trying to get the Spiderbites to give Eclipsa a chance, but after the seemingly appear to not like the ritual dance because the performers were monsters, Star has had enough and calls them out, saying the performers worked hard on the dance.
  • When Eclipsa realizes she got the date of the meeting mixed up, she is genuinely mortified, and immediately goes to apologize to the Spiderbite family. She's even willing to show them the crystallized Globgor to help ease their fears about him.
  • Eclipsa revealing exactly what she was doing with Glossaryck: she wants to restore the Magic Book of Spells so she can learn magic that helps other people instead of just herself.
  • It turns out the Spiderbite King and Queen only came to visit Eclipsa because Penelope asked them to give her a chance.
  • Marco babysitting Meteora...with humorous results.

Kelly's World

  • Kelly and Marco's adventure in this episode. Even agreeing to be "break-up buddies" when the other suffers from heartbreak. Kelly even kisses Marco on the cheek.

The Curse of the Blood Moon

  • Eclipsa comforting an upset Marco about his feelings for Star, and gives him a hug. Judging by his starter, this isn't the first time that Eclipsa has comforted him about this, and definitely shows Eclipsa does treat Marco like her own son.
  • Tom reassuring Marco that he isn't angry with him for having feelings for Star. He is also as worried for Marco's well-being as he is for Star's, and guilty for having inflicted the Blood Moon curse upon them both, and doesn't force them to continue to go through with breaking the curse when they learn it will erase their memories of falling in love, letting them make their own choice.

Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell

  • Dennis surprising Ludo to Castle Avarius with the intent to rebuild it with him and his minions.
  • Ludo using his minions to eat up the shady landowner who swindled Dennis, admitting to said landowner that he loves his brother and will do crazy things for him.
  • Ludo and Dennis rebuilding Castle Avarius with the help of a number of their other siblings, deciding they can now live there without their Abusive Parents.
    • Just the fact that Ludo reached out to his other siblings and brought them to the castle. Dennis was the only one who was ever nice to Ludo, as his other siblings all bullied him with permission from their father so that Ludo could be "toughened up". And yet Ludo is able to forgive them and give them a second chance, recognizing that they are just as much victims of their parents' abuse as he and Dennis are.
  • Ludo trying to make an effort to not fall back into his old ways as a villain. He ultimately succeeds by applying his old ways for a worthier cause.
  • The end of the episode shows Dennis and Ludo playing basketball, with the former picking up the latter to make a shot. The last shot is a scoreboard that reads "Ludo vs. The Forces of Evil", signifying that Ludo is no longer among said Forces of Evil.

Ghost of Butterfly Castle

  • The opening shows a smiling Moon lying calmly in a hammock and looking over to her husband and the residents of her new home.
  • River advising Moon to be a little selfish for once instead of always trying to help others.
  • As psycho and prejudiced as she is Mina's loyalty to Moon is something to be commended.
  • The fact that Mina sewed all the destroyed tapestries of the previous Queens (And Jushtin) back together and put them back on display.
    • The Fact Jushtin even has a tapestry at all and wasn't completely swept under the rug outside of the Book of Spells.
  • Moon looking at Comet's tapestry. It shows that she still loves and misses her mother even today.
    • Not too long ago, Moon had lost her memories and couldn't even recognize her husband and daughter. The fact she remembers her mother despite her memory loss testifies of how deeply she loves and misses her mother.
  • Even though Moon would later decide to let Eclipsa handle Mina on her own, she was genuinely shocked at Mina's reveal of trying to yada-yada Eclipsa.
  • While River had previously expressed dislike for Eclipsa, he is genuinely concerned when Moon decides she's not going to help her against Mina.
  • River making a portrait of Moon.


  • Despite the kids of both Mewmans and monsters finally getting along, the adults still hate each other. Buff Frog has this to say when Star points this out, "Dah, our generation is garbage. But the little ones, they might turn out okay."
  • Kelly giving a cheek kiss to Marco.
  • Buff Frog deciding to stay in Mewni which Katrina and Star are happy about.

Meteora's Lesson

  • The fact that the Rich Pigeons are having dinner with Eclipsa. As opposed to "Tough Love" where their Prince angrily told her and Moon to leave the Pigeon Kingdom, this hints that they've forgiven Eclipsa for Meteora's rampage.
  • This episode shows an unlikely friendship between Glossaryck and Meteora, with the latter being very protective of the former.
  • It turns out, Glossaryck has been teaching Meteora how to "dip down" and takes on a bit of a fatherly role with her.
    • What ultimately makes Meteora successfully "dip down" for the first time? Seeing Glossaryck about to get his other arm broken by past!Toffee.
  • Eclipsa mistaking Meteora saying "dip down" for "dada" but it's still adorable.

The Knight Shift

  • Star cheering for Marco during his knight coronation ceremony. And then afterwards, she presents him with a hand-made knight cape.
  • Eclipsa and Meteora bonding by playing a picture game.
  • Marco ultimately decides that he will be returning to Earth, but reassures Star that that doesn't mean they can't keep going on adventures together. He then presents her with her own cape, displaying moments of their friendship.
  • As Star and Marco watch the sunrise, both the symbols on their capes and their shadows form a heart.


  • When the Mewni citizens hear of Eclipsa's kidnapping, they all rather her stay missing. However, when Pony Head impulsively states Eclipsa is going to be killed, all of them are shocked and worried.
  • Though Pony Head's Batman Gambit caused a lot of stress for Star, it does ultimately work. By the end of the livestream, the Mewman citizens are cheering when Eclipsa is found, and they begin greeting her when she appears on their screens.

Junkin' Janna

  • In her own way, Janna spends most of the episode showing Tom that he can have fun even when Star isn't around.
  • Tom doesn't want to harm the crow when Janna tells him to, at least not until it turns out to be less harmless than they thought. It shows that he seems to care about animals and won't attack them unless there's a good reason to.
  • Eclipsa eating all of Sean's offered doughnuts despite finding them awful.

A Spell With No Name

  • While Richard the One-Eyed Narwhal is initially just as wary of Eclipsa's spells as Star's other spells, he does ultimately rescue them from the titular Spell with No Name; turns out he can see the invisible spell with his echolocation.
  • Star's spells inviting Eclipsa's spells to join them in their party at the end. They may decline, but it shows just how much Star's spells have warmed up to them.
  • It turns out, Spider with a Top Hat is the godfather of Richard's children.

A Boy and His DC-700XE

  • Marco is very patient with Tom throughout the episode, teaching him how to bond with his dragon cycle and repeatedly telling him that he doesn't have to keep going if he's uncomfortable.
  • Tom realizing that not only does he not want to make the jump, but that Hampton (his dragon cycle) would rather be free to roam with the wild dragon cycles. Without any hesitation, Tom allows Hampton to go free.
  • Hekapoo and the other club members accept Tom into their ranks after he uses his powers to perform the Devil's Jump himself.

The Monster and the Queen

  • Contrary to what everyone feared, Globgor is a mild-mannered Monster who clearly loves his wife very much. When Eclipsa tells him that he's still crystallized in the real world, he simply replies that he's not surprised, and reassures his wife that she'll know when the time is truly right to free him. Considering that it would have been both pitifully easy and predictable to have him be Evil All Along (or at least make his kindly personality just a case of Nostalgia Filter), it's very refreshing and sweet to have him really be as good a person as Eclipsa insisted he is.
    • Before this, the two of them play and sing a song together.
  • Globgor expressing pride at Meteora learning to crawl on walls. It's been centuries since he's seen his baby girl, and it's good to know that time has not robbed him the chance to second-hand watch her grow.
  • Although a sobering moment, Star and Eclipsa's discussion goes better than one would expect. Instead of ending with a disappointed "I can't trust you anymore!", Star decides to prepare a coronation for Eclipsa so she will officially be queen and will have to be a better ruler for her people, while also showing empathy to how badly Eclipsa misses her monster husband.
    • Likewise for vice versa on Eclipsa's part. One would expect her discovering Star kept the remaining piece of the Magic Book of Spells (which, by right, is Eclipsa's property like the wand) a secret would lead to her either losing trust in Star or a Start of Darkness. Instead (thanks to Globgor declining he be set free), Eclipsa is humbled enough to accept that if Star is going to chew her out for reading her thoughts and stealing the spellbook from her closet, then so be it.


  • When Star tells Moon that the coronation will be the last thing she does to help Eclipsa and that she just wants to be a teen again, Moon smiles and tells Star how much she's grown up.
    • Even though River's secretly suffering from insecurites at being taken seriously, he doesn't let it stop him from wishing Star good luck and telling her he's proud of her as she protects him and Eddie.
  • Star's delight that Moon did come to the coronation, despite stating her hesitation earlier.
  • Moon complimenting Star and Tom.
  • Globgor never intended to hurt anyone after he was freed from the crystal. He was trying to get away from everyone so his family wouldn't get hurt.
  • Globgor nearly crushes Star during their fight; however, when River calls out that Star's his daughter, Globgor immediately lets go of her.
  • Eclipsa's face lighting up when she sees Globgor again. Just moments ago, she was so down-trodden by the likely prospect that she would unfairly be put back in the crystal. But seeing her beloved's face again puts a smile back on hers.
    • Just the two of them tearing up with joy at seeing one another. This may be their darkest hour, but it's all worth while so long as they have each other one last time. What's especially sweet is, Eclipsa must've been have the worst day of her life imaginable, yet seeing her husband outside his crystal made her day.
  • The second Globgor realizes that Meteora is trying to crawl to him while the stage is ablaze, he immediately throws Omnitraxus off of him and puts out the fire.
    Meteora: Ba-ba?
    Globgor: (tears up) Yeah, that's right. It's Ba-ba.
    • Just the fact that this genuinely marks the moment Globgor is reunited proper with his baby girl. It's a small quiet moment, but it's still a powerful reunion in its own rights.
    • The reunion becoming the head of this page note . While the previous picture is no less heartwarming, this picture replacing it just goes to show how deeply moving familial love can be.
  • River, of all people, defends Globgor when Rhombulus tries to crystallize him again, pointing out that he was just trying to protect his family.
    • A small detail, but River referred to Globgor as a "man", not a "monster".
    • Buff Frog also stands up for Globgor, pointing out that he's just as good a father as himself.
  • Star, Eclipsa, and Meteora sharing a Group Hug; they are soon joined by Globgor, Moon, River, Marco, and Tom.
    • Another group hug happens when Star and Tom are standing with each other, when Moon comes to join them. Then Tom pulls Marco into the hug, and River embraces all of them.
    • Just seeing Meteora nestled at the center of the group hug speaks volumes of how far Meteora's come to enjoying a blissfully happier existence. It was only a year ago she was living as an unhappy headmistress. Now, she has a future ahead of her, both her mother and father back, and so many people in her life who love her.
  • The episode ends with Eclipsa singing a Triumphant Reprise of her song from the previous episode. And then Sebastian, Mina Loveberry's pet crow flies overhead...


  • Buff Frog tells Star and Tom that ever since he's become a father, it feels like he has a new purpose in life.
  • While Tom is clearly upset that Star decides not to go on the trip they planned, he does respect her request for some space so she can figure things out, even telling her that he'll leave his phone on if she wants to talk. Quite a contrast to his behavior in his first few appearances.
  • The introduction of Marco's baby sister, Mariposa! After her stressful day and wondering where she's meant to be, Star finds her place with the newborn nestling peacefully in her arms.
    • Mariposa is Spanish for "Butterfly," so it's possible Rafael and Angie named their daughter with Star in mind.
  • Star saying farewell to all of her loved ones:
    • Eclipsa and Globgor wish her good luck and offer her and Tom a vegan cake...of a Mewman. And Meteora gives Star a drawing.
    • Star and Pony Head saying they love each other.
    • Sipping tea with Moon in her and River's village.
    • Playing Cornball with Katrina and Buff Frog threatening Tom to take care of Star.

Britta's Tacos

  • Star and Marco reunite with all their Earth friends; in particular, Alfonzo and Ferguson giving Marco a hug when they see him again.
  • Star spends most of the episode just happily relaxing after everything she's been through.
  • Marco meets Jackie again for the first time since their breakup, and despite his worries, she's adapted just fine since then. She also introduces Marco to her French friend, Chloe (with the heavy implication that they're dating), while reassuring him that they can still be friends, and reminding him that there's another special girl in his life to boot. Most importantly, this episode would give Marco and Jackie the closure they needed.

Beach Day

  • After going through so much during their time on Mewni, Star and Marco are finally able to just relax and have fun at the beach.
  • Father Time gave Star the Beach Day picture, but who gave it to him? Turns out it was Star herself. She realized that past!Star was about to go through a lot of stress in her life, and decided to make sure she got something that would help her not lose hope.

Gone Baby Gone

  • Mariposa and Meteora getting along as babies is adorable.
  • What makes Mariposa realize that Marco really is her brother? Turns out she's kept the penguin finger puppet Marco gave her the entire time, with Marco telling her the same story he told her all those years ago.
    • Fridge-Heartwarming: Marco kept his promise from "Marco Jr." that he'd visit his family more often so his unborn sibling would know him better, to the point where even a small detail like telling a story with a penguin puppet sparked recognition from Mariposa.
  • When Meteora makes a comment about Mariposa not having magic that bums her out, she immediately realizes what happened and tries to reassure her.
  • Star promises Mariposa and Meteora that she'll make sure the two of them will grow up together on Earth, somehow.
  • Even though her childhood in the Neverzone was far from ideal, it's still a better one than her first childhood. Because there's one big difference between the two: she grew up with Mariposa, the closest thing to a friend and her family. And that's quite a step-up from her robotic guardian.
  • Having grown up with Mariposa in the Neverzone and will do so again, Meteora's (third) childhood with both her and her parents will no doubt be her best yet, leagues above her first one at St. Olga's.
  • Marco and Mariposa fighting Wyscan together.
  • A small one, but when Marco and Star travel to the old woman to find the babies, the woman asked their relation to the girls. When it comes to Star, Marco confusingly states they're distant cousins, which Star agrees. In other words, Star considers Meteora family.

Sad Teen Hotline

  • Marco's parents don't seem to have a problem with letting Tom sleepover at their house when he can't go home.
  • Before that, they try to help Star and Tom deal with their feelings, saying that they themselves had broken up many times before.


  • Tom encouraging Marco to get together with Star, pointing out that what the two of them have is better than the Blood Moon's curse ever was.

Mama Star

  • As the gang goes deep into the Magic Realm, each of them starts to lose their memories due to the Realm's effects. Marco wonders in a monologue why, aside from Star, the others came along at all. He concludes that he wanted to go because he wants to be with Star. As he goes on losing his own mind, Marco's monologue culminates with four words:
    Marco: (to Star) I want to... I want to be very small. And I want you, ah... I want you to put me in your pocket, and I wanna stay there. And you can just reach in whenever you want, and just pat me on the head. Because I love you, Star.
    Star: (dumbstruck) What'd you just say?
    Marco: (still hallucinating) Haha, what?
    [Star watches as he looks back out the window... and then smiles.]
  • The amnesiac Star and Marco becoming parents to a lost unicorn foal. Marco says that he's "so happy", then asks Star if they can have a thousand babies. When Janna brings them a bunch of corrupted unicorns, the two happily snuggle with both them and each other.

The Right Way

  • The Rousing Speech Pony Head makes to encourage Star. As self-centered as Pony Head can be, she truly does hold her best friend in the highest regard.
    Pony Head: Baby girl! Don't let the monster win. She is filled with hate. But you, you need to look around you. You are surrounded by love. You've got a big heart, girl. You got the biggest heart Mewni has ever seen. SHOW HER YOUR HEART!
  • Star and Marco reuniting after the Solarian Soldier's defeat. Star hugs him tightly, asking that he say nothing for the next minute because she just wants to listen to his heartbeat. Marco not only complies, but he hugs her back.

Here to Help

  • River shows genuine concern for Globgor, and does everything he can to help him, and assure him things will be okay. The connection he made with the monster king over both of them being fathers in "Cornonation" is as strong as ever.
  • Following up from "Mama Star", Star actually remembers Marco's monologue where he stated that he loves her. He becomes embarrassed but admits to her that he felt this way when they first met and it's only become more intense as time has gone on, but didn't act on it because he didn't think Star felt the same way. She shuts him up with a kiss, then reveals to him that she loves him, too.
  • After they clear out the pig-goats, Star lovingly clings to Marco. And in the moment before Moon's treachery is revealed, they are shown holding hands. Even better, by the sound of Star's brief line ("We could definitely do that"), it sounds as if they're already planning their first date.

Pizza Party

  • Despite eventually becoming a genocidal maniac, Mina Loveberry's flashback of Queen Solaria shows her doting on her infant daughter, Eclipsa, and being genuinely touched by Mina's pledge of loyalty.
  • While Moon banishing Eclipsa and her family from Mewni is very harsh, it's a better fate than their previous sentence (crystallized and/or torn apart from one another). It would've been exile, but at least they would've had each other this time around.
  • The first thing Star does when Mina wants to to kill Eclipsa and her family? Immediately puts her arms around the former and Meteora.
  • Although sad unto itself, we have a gentle moment where Eclipsa comforts her husband while he lies injured from a Solarian wound.

The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse

  • After Star disowns her, a bulldog monster casually begins to heckle Moon. In response to this, Eclipsa shoos him away. Regardless that she tried to usurp Eclipsa and endangered innocent mewmans and monsters at the hands of Mina, she will not stand to have some stranger needlessly heckle Moon on her watch.
  • While it can be interpreted as a sobering testament of how unused to normality she is, Eclipsa's character reveals an optimistic aspect when Moon wonders how she can be so casual "at a time like this". It's not everyone who finds a silver lining during "times like these", and this quote provides a Retcon for why the Nostalgia Filter exists.
    Eclipsa: My whole life has been 'a time like this', Moon. You learn to enjoy these moments.
  • Quirky Guy finally thinking he's cool before he dies.
  • River hides Globgor from the Solarian Warriors, and rushing him to the Magic Sanctuary, having bonded after Cornonation.
    • River's lines addressing the concern that Globgor won't survive long enough to get there: "The man is a father. He'll make it in time."
  • Eclipsa encouraging Moon to make amends with Star, and asking her to join them in fighting for Mewni. Even after Moon betrayed her for petty reasons, Eclipsa still has it in her to show compassion toward the former queen, and consider her an ally.
    • Alternatively, it's possible that Eclipsa is choosing to be the bigger person not for her sake, but for Star's. Remember, Eclipsa also had a mother that did terrible things as a result of her bigotry towards monsters, and this led to their relationship being strained. She's going out of her way to encourage Moon to swallow her pride and fix her mess because she doesn't want her and Star to end up the way she and Solaria did.
    • This is heartwarming even on a meta level: Moon's betrayal most likely soured the very Mother's Day it aired on. In contrast, seeing Eclipsa's forgiveness and kindness is enough to rekindle the very meaning of Mother's Day: celebrating good mother figures who share love even with those who do little to deserve it.
  • Star's vision of her completed tapestry depicting her destroying magic provides a surprising light at the end of the tunnel: Globgor is in it, and so are Buff Frog and his tadpoles. Last we saw them, respectively, Globgor was dying, and Buff Frog (along with his friends and family) was facing genocide. If this is any indication, Globgor (and hopefully all the remaining victims of the Solarian wound) was saved in time, and the monster genocide was averted.
  • It's brief, but in Star's vision, Jushtin is seen protectively holding onto Festivia as Star walks through the tapestry room. He may have outlived his sister, and while it's not clear if he lived to see his niece grow into an adult and everything else that ensued up, he'll be a Papa Wolf for his grandniece. Becomes even more heartwarming when one considers they're not even blood, yet he still protects her like family.


  • Hekapoo, without any hesitation opens up a portal to the Magic Dimension so Star can destroy it, even while knowing it will destroy her.
  • When Star asks Marco if he's ready to enter the Realm of Magic, he quickly grabs and holds her hand before telling her he's ready.
  • Eclipsa discovering Star and Marco's new relationship.
    Eclipsa: Are they? Awww!
  • Star tries to get rid of her magic, only for it to not work. Then, Moon appears and offers to destroy magic with her. But then she and Eclipsa start to lose their memories, and needing to have pudding shoved in their mouths just to stay lucid.
  • After Marco saves Tom, Star is relieved when she sees that he's alright again.
  • Despite his confusion at having just regained his memories, Tom almost immediately asks Marco if he's alright after the latter is injured.
  • Surprisingly, the scene where the Magic Realm is falling apart has its moments:
    • Solaria's ghost seems to have realized her mistakes in life, and even shows affection to her half-monster granddaughter before she fades away. Hers and Eclipsa's exchanged warm smiles says it all.
    • Comet's ghost giving Moon a proud smile before she fades away. Moon tears up, happy to have the chance to see her mother one last time.
    • Glossaryck telling Star he's proud of her.
  • Both Star and Marco choosing to go to the other's world (permanently since magic was being destroyed) and leaving their old lives behind. No matter what happens, they want to be together for it.
  • Although it's a sad moment where Star cries over her last reunion with Marco, it's worth noting she cries in Moon's arms. As opposed to the previous episode where she was (rightly) angry at her mother, it shows that at the core of their relationship, Star truly loves her mother, enough to cry on her shoulder. In turn, Moon tearfully comforts and consoles her grieving daughter. (A far cry from the distant queen she was at the start of the series).
    • Once they return to shore, River practically glomps both Moon and Star. It's every father's greatest joy to see their family safe and sound.
  • Seeing Eclipsa with Globgor and Meteora feels a bit like their character arc is coming full circle. Eclipsa and Globgor's first cameos were a tapestry of them depicted as a wickedly grinning creature holding a mysterious, ominous queen. One of their last appearances is their true selves: them smiling pleasantly, holding their baby daughter, Eclipsa's hands clean of dark magic.
  • All the monsters being saved from the genocide, including the overjoyed Buff Frog and family.
  • After the battle, Moon fusses over a depowered Mina as though the latter were a second daughter coming in soaking wet from a rainstorm. The way Moon says "This is my fault" implies she's not only talking about what recently happened but acknowledges Mina needed help for years and Moon should've done something about it sooner.
  • The Monster Archer firing an arrow at Mina. One could interpret she did it, not out of hatred for Mina, but to protect the Butterfly family.
  • To further cement her All-Loving Hero status, Eclipsa appears to be just as worried about Mina as much as Moon does indicate that yes, she is very much capable of feeling compassion for her enemies no matter what they've done to her.
    • Even Meteora takes after her mother when she follows up Mina's rant with a cheery "Bye bye". (Also crosses over into CmoF).
  • Maude Maizley deciding that a hate-filled monster-killer is not who she is. If she's any indication of the mewmans who didn't join Mina in the woods, it says a lot about how there are more good people than there are racists.
  • Because she aided Star in destroying the magic, Moon has earned her daughter's Forgiveness. Star recognizes that perhaps it's for the best that Mewni's monarchy has ended, giving Moon a fresh start, not as a queen weighted with her mistakes, but as a loving mother who will honestly work through her problems with her daughter.
    • Generally, Moon's apology to Star, humbly accepting her daughter has every right not to forgive her transgressions. This makes it all the easier for Star to tell her she's already been forgiven.
  • Star saying "When a queen messes up in this family...", meaning her family, and then using Eclipsa as an example of a queen who messed up. Goes to show that even though Star and Eclipsa are not blood-related, Star really does consider Eclipsa a part of her family.
  • Just the sight of Eclipsa, Globgor and Meteora spending time together. After 300 years of strife, conflict, and persecution, the three can be a family in peace.
    • Also, seeing Globgor alive to spend time with his wife and daughter.
    • Because magic (and therefore dark magic) has been destroyed, Eclipsa's arms no longer bear their dark markings.
    • Eclipsa asking Moon about how she raised Star because she feels that the universe needs more people like Star and she wants Meteora to be just like her.
  • While it's sobering that (with the Butterfly Monarchy at an end) Eclipsa's reign ended as quickly as it began, she seems happier for it. And who could blame her? She and her family were spared the political pressure that came with the crown. No maintaining images, no red tape, no Perfect Princess Songs. Eclipsa, Globgor, and Meteora are free from that. Guess Eclipsa was right, Moon really did do her a favor.
    • What's more, Star and her parents are free from their royal obligations too. They get to be an ordinary family for good this time.
  • Ponyhead trying to cheer Star up. Even in her own sassy way, it's the thought that counts.
    • The Bait-and-Switch where Ponyhead describes that Kelly is crying... ...crying tears of joy because she's having the time of her life with her new boyfriend Jorby.
      • This completes Kelly's character arc, from having an on-and-off relationship with Tad to finally moving on and starting the first chapter of a totally new relationship.
  • After Tom tracks down Star in the infirmary, the two immediately share a very relieved hug.
    • Ponyhead's exasperation at their hug may seem insincere, but it could count as her being on board with Starco.
  • Janna trying to cheer Marco up after the paramedics get him out of the rubble, telling Marco with a meek smile that despite everything, he still at least has her as a friend. Marco is shocked but incredibly grateful to hear Janna finally say this out loud with none of her usual snark or mind games.
    • Janna following this up by giving Marco time to run to the portal by faking heart failure, even noting this is probably the first time she's done him a favor that wasn't motivated by schadenfreude.
  • Though it's Played for Laughs, Ludo sees Star running and invites her to a friendly game of basketball with Dennis, it shows that Ludo has genuinely turned into a better person and no longer feels any animosity towards Star.
    • Star saying "Not now, Ludo" has the implication that this isn't the first time she's played basketball with Ludo. She's already familiarized with the newly reformed Ludo, so by now, she knows he's no longer the same wand-obsessed villain he was in the pilot episode.
  • Star and Marco race towards the last portal, so they can at least see each other one last time. While they seemingly fail, the portal is then revealed to have caused a Merged Reality so they can be together. Bonus points when you realize that the portal was created from their declaration of love within the Magic Realm ("We belong together.")
  • The moment where Star and Marco actually reunite face to face. Both are in a stunned silence and are barely restraining their joy of seeing each other, only managing to hello to each other as the scene fades to credits. Indicating that the two will embrace each other in a way like never before.
    • Remember when Star was so stressed out in "Cornoration" that she was starting to forget what teenagers did on a normal basis? Aside from their worlds merging together, Star and Marco finally get to resume being teenagers again. It may be a crazy, brave, new world, but nonetheless one where they can start building their relationship in peace like any normal teenager, without having to worry about all the fighting and political drama that dominated their lives for the past year.
    • And Meteora and Mariposa can grow up together like they were promised.
    • Glossaryck was right; "cleaved" has two meanings, you can "cleave apart" and "cleave together".

    Meta and Fan Works 
  • In light of the angst permeating the long hiatus after the rather heavy episode Bon Bon the Birthday Clown, the fandom came together and made "Wholesome Week", a week dedicated to making nothing but positive and happy fanworks. A second "Wholesome Week" was announced in wake of "The Battle for Mewni" TV movie.
  • In "Just Friends" if you look at the couples kissing, you'll see that there are some same sex couples in the mix. Disney is often restrictive with displaying same sex relationships. For example, Gravity Falls had originally planned to have two same sex couples shown in the series, but the first couple was removed and the second couple was heavily implied but not shown officially. The reason why Disney is restrictive of showing same sex couples is due to Foreign Broadcasting Laws. So including them in this scene is a big move for Disney.
  • The extremely popular "Trans Marco" headcanon has been a massive source of comfort and self-assurance for many in the LGBT Fanbase, and regardless of whether or not it's true in the show's canon, many people on the show's crew are grateful that this headcanon exists and has been so helpful to many people who are trans, questioning, gender nonconforming, etc.
    • To wit, during a Q&A session with Nefcy and the crew at a convention, Nefcy mentioned that they adore the Trans Marco headcanon, and while they admitted they would likely never be able to make it canon due to standards and practices, they also go out of their way to make sure that it is never disproven in series.
  • In a way, the show's handling of the Starconote  ship is strong and it depicts their relationship as phenomenally healthy. The trope about friends becoming lovers is a staple in Disney works and is depicted as being a simple and straightforward formula. One half realizes the crush, friend clings to their mind until they realize the crush is reciprocated then the trope formula is complete via becoming a couple in the end or finale. The show and the creator actually deconstructs this trope in a realistic fashion. Both Star and Marco do eventually develop crushes on each other but at separate times and the crushes are both unwanted and unrequited due to the present relationship that crushee has (Jackie Lynn-Thomas & Tom respectively). Both Star and Marco put their crushes aside for the happiness of the other but when their crushes are revealed, it isn't as simple or straightforward as the trope described. The creator has made it clear that the show is controlled and formed by her own ideas and creativity, not the desires of any particular part of the fandom. For example she has expressed interest in making more episodes based around Tomco note  due to liking the pairing. The show's handling of relationships shows that they are willing to deconstruct the standard formula and show that they have more to offer with the story.
  • The sense that fans stopped referring to Globgor as Eclipsa's "lover", and he's referred to more and more as her rightful husband, the way a surrogate parent can be an adopted child's rightful parent. The show itself also does so in the fourth season.note 
  • At one point during a panel at SDCC 2017, Eden Sher and Adam Mcarthur hugged during a table read. Check it out here.
  • Eight days away from "The Battle For Mewni" special, Disney XD uploaded a reaction video from the Gallery Nucleus panel in which fans saw the season 3 intro for the first time. To top it off, as the video ends (Along with the date for when the special is coming out), everyone was in pure shock and joy over what they had seen. Even two cosplayers in the front row, if you look closely at the very end of the video, started gushing over what the heck happened as the screen fades to black. It's a sweet way to show how fans give their full support for the show.

    Livestreams, Comics, and Books 
  • The second "Marco LIVE" chat has Marco reminiscing fondly on his time chasing Hekapoo and her clones to earn a pair of dimensional scissors, and he even calls her, "the lovely Hekapoo."
  • In the Post-Starcrushed FanCo13 Live stream, Marco says he will try to find Star, "because that's what friends do." He also said that he was happy that she confessed her feelings for him even though he doesn't know how to respond to this revelation.
  • In Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, there's a heartfelt letter from Moon to Star.
  • Skywynne is revealed to have deeply loved her son Jushtin, even hoping that he could become the first male Butterfly ruler. Despite eventually giving into societal pressure and having her daughter Solaria to inherit the throne instead, which she regretted in spite of loving Solaria as well, Jushtin had no hard feelings and still loved her anyways.
  • From a charity marathon, regardless of how serious you can take Alex and Daron's words of canonicity, there's undeniable sweetness in the scenario of StarFan13 meeting her possible father Stan Pines, and the two of them singing "I Want It That Way".
    Alex/Stan: 'Cause I want it that... (sniff) StarFan, I think we're related!
    Daron/StarFan13: (Barely holding back the laughter) Oh daddy, I love you!


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