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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.
I'm blasting monsters and I never break a sweat...

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  • The outro for the third season. It sings how awesome and amazing the titular character is.
    She's a princess winning battles
    Through the break of dawn
    Don't worry when it's night
    'Cause she will keep the lights on
    Ohhhh, there goes a shining star
    Evil won't deter her (No, sir!)
    'Cause magic flows through her (Star Butterfly!)
    She is a shining star!
  • The series's overarching theme of how glaringly wrong racism is. From "Mewnipendence Day" to "Cleaved", the show makes viewers question if there's even such a thing as "harmless bigotry" (And by the looks of it, there isn't). Heavy-handed? Perhaps. Much needed? Yes.
  • The show managed to make convincing decoy villains note  and throw off the viewers' scent of the true antagonists, Toffee (For Season 1's finale, Season 2, and the opening Battle For Mewni arc of Season 3), Miss Heinous/Meteora Butterfly, and to a Greater-Scope Villain extent, the Magic High Commission (for the remainder of Season 3), and Mina Loveberry (for Season 4).
    • It's to the point where even one of the least sympathetic antagonists, Toffee, turned out to have the right idea about destroying the magic.

    Season 1 
Star Comes to Earth
  • In Star's monologue, she reveals her daily hobbies: Fighting monsters and taming wild unicorns.
  • Marco instinctively protecting Star from one of Ludo's mooks. Followed by him and Star giving an epic, double-teamed beatdown to the rest.

Party With A Pony

  • Star calling out her childhood BFF, Flying Princess Pony Head, for ditching Marco and then lying to her about it. Star then states that if she kept acting this way their friendship would be over.
  • Flying Princess Pony Head showing she can produce laser beams from her horn.
  • Flying King Pony Head making a grandiose appearance.

Match Maker

  • Star and Marco vs. Ludo and his cronies.
    • Special mention must be made of how Marco is brutally ambushed by one of the thugs only to kick his way out of the assault and how Star is viciously smacked across the field by one monster only to use that momentum to smash her wand into another's head.
    • There's also Marco's awesome rake skills.
  • Turbo Nuclear Butterfly Blast!

School Spirit

  • Though it's a case of Gone Horribly Right, Star's booby traps are rather impressive once triggered.
  • Star and Marco working together to defeat army she created.

Monster Arm

  • Marco smacking down the bully who was harassing another student was pretty nice to see.
  • Marco outsmarting the Monster Arm during the tournament.

The Other Exchange Student

  • The Mook Horror Show that was Star chasing Gustav through the woods, culminating in her summoning a giant exploding dragon.

Diaz Family Vacation

  • Marco averting his usual Butt-Monkey status when the group enters the Forest of Certain Death by using the contents of his fanny pack to navigate through its dangers.
  • Marco uppercuts a hydra.
  • Star and Marco causing the hydra to choke itself to death.
  • King Butterfly cutting open the hydra's corpse.


  • Marco manages to wrangle a boy-crazed Star with a tennis net and keep his hold even as it causes him to get yanked into the sky. He only lets go when he realizes he needs to let her go.


  • The escape and final battle. Special mention goes to Star using the wand like a sword.

Sleep Spells

Blood Moon Ball

  • When Tom explodes with anger and stars shooting fire everywhere... Star casually traps him in a block of ice without even needing to speak the spell. Then resets his "days without anger" counter to zero.

Fortune Cookies

  • Marco's karate really shines in this episode. Highlights include toppling seven monsters with one kick, split kicking the two headed monster, and holding his own against all Toffee's monsters for a time while Star is distracted. And even while trapped in a dumpster, he somehow gets the dumpster to slam into the two headed monster.
  • How Toffee manipulates Ludo into hiring him.
  • Five words: "Love is never the answer."

Freeze Day

  • One of Star's memories shows her and Pony Head stealing treasure from a group of children.

St. Olga's Reform School For Wayward Princesses

  • Star going to St. Olga's, the place she fears most, to save Pony Head and give her a birthday party. That takes guts.
  • Overall, Marco shines in this episode. Even though Star was the one who wanted to rescue Princess Pony Head, Marco was the one in charge and proves his capability of being a Guile Hero by using tactics and tricks to fool the staff. This is all with just his wits and a hairpin! For bonus points, he is able to keep Star from resorting to magic (which would have triggered the alarms) and violence.
    • Marco using the hairpin on most of the locks -not to mention hiding one in his mouth- that he encounters without any trouble. That is a learned skill, and he's doing it during stressful situations.
    • After spending most of the episode sneaking around, Marco rallies the other inmates of St. Olga's to rebel against the school.
  • On the villainous side, Miss Heinous finding said hairpin and taking the time to analyze its origin. She implied that she knew Star came from Mewni, but Marco was a Spanner in the Works and an unknown variant. We know now why the show is called "Forces of Evil" and not "Force of Evil".

Interdimensional Field Trip

  • Miss Skullnick gets in touch with her newfound troll heritage and fends off the String Monster while Star gets the other kids back on the bus.

Marco Grows a Beard

  • Star being reminded of and living up to her Badass Normal nature after nearly an entire season of relying on her wand.
  • Star rising up from the hair with wand in hand at the end. Her utter air of confidence is what sells it. And even then, she elects to finish off Ludo's minions without her wand and tosses them out the front door.
  • Toffee taking control of Ludo's forces.
    • Especially the way Toffee used Ludo's own flaws against him simply by asking who his minions wanted as their leader: An incompetent jerk who blames them for everything treats them like garbage yet who just now couldn't steal the wand from Star even when it was right in front of him due to being tickled by Marco's beard, or himself, who treated them nice and got closer to the wand then Ludo ever could've dreamed three times now.

Storm The Castle

  • The monsters under Toffee's rule capturing Marco off-screen. The reason why it had to be off-screen? Because Marco has put up a decent fight against the mooks before, and thus they would've had to catch him by surprise.
  • Marco remains calm throughout his captivity. He makes a brief show about testing his restraints, and declares that he's had all the fun he can have in his cell. Then he amends, catching a stool with his feet and spinning around. He engages in a bit of Casual Danger Dialogue. And when Toffee offers Marco a sandwich (the same kind Star had offered him, by the way), Marco says that he's full, but that he's an excellent cook, and if Toffee unties him he'll give him a taste (meaning beat him.) Toffee does, and Marco doesn't hesitate to strike at him. Granted, it turned out to be Toffee's reflection, but Marco shows guts. And when Toffee calls Marco a "disappointment", Marco calmly calls Toffee "boring" and states that he looks like a lawyer.
  • Star throughout the entire episode, really, shows an impressive amount of power and maturity. When realizing that Ludo didn't kidnap Marco, she turns on her heel and doesn't waste any more time with him.
  • Buff Frog telling Ludo where to stick it, and genuinely trying to help Star defeat Toffee.
  • When Star's second attempt at destroying the barrier failed, she gets so pissed off that when the monsters attempt to Zerg Rush her, all she does is say "No" and freezes them in their tracks without even looking at them.
  • Star's heart shaped marks and the wand begin to glow after she forms a barrier to block the monsters, then blasts the cage holding Marco to bits. It regenerates, unfortunately, but Star showed a huge level of power and control at that moment. Even Toffee looks concerned, whereas before he was just looking bored and kind of annoyed.
  • The reveal of just what Toffee wants with the wand:
    Toffee: Do you think I'm like Ludo? I don't want your wand. Destroy it!
    Star and Marco: Whaaat?!
    Toffee: [suddenly wearing a Slasher Smile] Surprise!
  • The fact that Mr. Diaz and Mrs. Diaz came to save Marco with the help of King Butterfly and his troops. Even donning suits of armor.

    Season 2 
My New Wand
  • Marco once again shows off his organizational skills when he cleans up Star's room, putting things he thinks are and aren't Star secret.
  • When Marco is about to read her diary, Star manages to "dip down" and use magic without her wand for the first time.

Ludo In The Wild

  • Ludo, after a serious Humiliation Conga, reveals the cunning and stubbornness that he had by outwitting a giant spider. He also shows off a lot more competent leadership, using animal underlings to make up for his own physical deficiencies.

Mr. Candle Cares

  • Marco manages to help Tom out with his relationship with Star in the middle of a ping-pong match to the death. Not only does he endure many powered hits (enough to break paddles), Marco also says that no matter what the guy tries to force, including potentially killing him, it's simply not gonna change Star's mind; she has to want to first.
    • In the grand scheme of things, Marco's life was forfeit, and if Tom succeeded, Marco would've joined the dead in Tom's Underworld. In other words, Marco cheated death.

Red Belt

  • Marco's battle with the tapes store's owner, a muscular man more than triple his weight and that, presumably, has studied the red belt's tape quite well, so he's not just much stronger than Marco but also a technically superior fighter. Marco still gives him a good battle by his own, up until his sensei tells him how to win.

Star on Wheels

  • Remember the useless Mewberty wings that Star kept after that episode? Well, in this episode, she manages to work the wings hard enough to fly across a sink hole!

Camping Trip

  • River heroically carrying Star and Marco to the geyser himself, despite only having five minutes to get there and too much distance to travel in that time. They just miss the eruption, but it's an impressive effort, especially with how much River wants to prove to his daughter that he can still be her hero.

Wand to Wand

  • Ludo orders some food and he is given a bowl of mud, to which he reacts with a rather cold anger. The second time around, however, he orders the same food knowing they would serve him the same bowl of mud, only to eat it just in order to freak the rats out before punching the bartender in the face.
  • Ludo puts up a good fight with the bar rats. And this is before he uses the power of his wand for his revenge scheme.
  • Ludo's warning to his eagle and spider after his wand finishes charging.
    Ludo: Run.


On the Job

By the Book

  • When Glossaryck's donut box is about get crushed by a garbage truck and neither Star nor Marco is close enough to reach him in time, Marco pulls the lid off a nearby garbage can for a perfect Captain America shield throw move, jamming the truck's trash compactor in place.
  • How about the whole thing where Marco's fending off both of Ludo's minions? To recap, they are a giant spider and a giant eagle, tag teaming him, and he handles them like he handled Ludo's old minions!
  • Glossaryck's gambit through the episode deserves mention. Not only does he save Star when Ludo has her cornered, it culminates in Star learning a powerful new spell.

Game of Flags

  • Queen Moon breaks up the big fight near the end of the episode by showing off what happens when she "dips down", making a big entrance as a multi-armed, massive-winged creature not unlike Star's form from "Mewberty", and stopping everyone in their tracks with her magic.
    Star: Mom?
  • The introduction of Star's Badass Family. They may be dysfunctional but one can't deny each of the family side's awesome feats during the game, even if it crosses into Nightmare Fuel.
    • The fact that every year the family perform their flag game on a mountain that has grass, heavy rain, snow, and lava.
    • Uncle Heartrude (Butterfly) pretends to offer a helping hand to Marco, but reveals to have hidden a Mewni guard to drag Marco further down. Bitch in Sheep's Clothing yes, but still pretty impressive, pragmatic thinking.
      • He's seen in a bear trap on his waist but he's more annoyed than in actual pain.
    • Aunt Etheria (Butterfly) proves to be a badass Cool Old Lady by not only climbing the mountain with no assistance from a Mewni guard but also using a magical seed to entrap a few of the Johansen members.
    • Lord Grunt (Johansen) summons lightning to causes an avalanche; and both Star and Marco manage to effortlessly dodge the debris.
    • Aunt Etheria vs Lord Grunt — She uses a saber that was hidden away in her flag and he uses the bear-skinned cape...that became alive when he pulled its' arms.
    • An unnamed Butterfly family member uses her boots to stop two big, burly Johansen men from retrieving their weapons.
    • An unnamed Johansen family member drops an explosive in a Butterfly's trench.
  • Star steals all of her family member's flags. Not to win for herself, but to bring them closer together.


  • Star overcoming the Truth & Punishment cube game through talk rather than force, showcasing real emotional maturity and intelligence as she drives the entity into a Logic Bomb.
  • Princess Pony Head managing to carry Star, Marco, Jackie-Lynn, Janna, and StarFan13.


  • Marco kicking down the magically reinforced demonic door Tom was using to keep him imprisoned in his carriage.
  • The resurrected Mackie Hand kicking the butts of the theater's security guards and ticket booth guy.

Is Mystery

Hungry Larry

  • Rafael forcing his way into Hungry Larry's mouth to save his family.

Spider with a Top Hat

Into the Wand

  • The climax of the episode reveals facts about a number of Star's ancestors, including how Moon defeated Toffee when she was younger. This included severing his finger and apparently making it so he couldn't grow it back, which is saying something.

Page Turner

  • Glossaryck giving a good What the Hell, Hero? speech to Queen Moon.
    Queen Moon: Why all the riddles? You were always very direct when you were training me.
    Glossaryck: (sighs) Well, it finally happened. Every queen wants to tell me how to do my job. "My training was different." You know what Glossaryck hears? (in a whiny voice) "Me me me ME!" (switches back to his normal voice) "I'm going to pull my mentor away from his job so I can be in the spotlight again." The only Butterfly to leave me be was your Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother Eclipsa, the Queen of Darkness, whose chapter, coincidentally, you left Star alone with when you pulled me into this wonderland of Red Tape. (Hits the crystal ball to show Star and Marco excitedly about to turn the page to her chapter, causing Lekmet and Hekapoo to scream in terror) You all did this because you don't trust me and more importantly, you don't trust Star. (Softly, as Queen Butterfly tears up.) My Queen, your training was different because Star is different. You have to have faith in her to make choices that are best for her. And my job is to train star to be a Queen. (Queen Butterfly nods softly and Glossaryck leaves)
  • After both the elevator and stairway fail to get him to the top floor, Glossaryck uses his magic to lift the entire first floor up to the top.
  • Glossaryck schooling Rhombulus in a fight gives us a glimpse at how powerful he really is. This especially counts after "Crystal Clear" revealed that it is Rhombulus' job to imprison high-level threats and that he has kept some individuals in stasis for centuries. Glossaryck was able to break out of one of his crystal prisons pretty much effortlessly, despite quipping that Rhombulus has gotten stronger since they last met.
    • It can't be understated just how astonishing a feat this is. Rhobulus's crystal prisons appear to put the subject into some sort of temporal stasis; the entire point is that it doesn't even matter how "powerful" you are, because you can't actually DO anything while inside one. And yet, Rhobulus still can't keep Glossaryck contained.

Bon Bon the Birthday Clown

  • Star just straight up punches the eagle with her fist.
  • Janna gets in on the action, knocking away rats with the hairdryer.
  • Star weaponizing the Mystic Room Suck Transform spell.
  • Jackie also joins in, immediately charging the rats to help Janna.
  • Marco's confronted with the Giant Spider, and plainly opts to punch its four-eyed face.
  • Marco narrowly saves Star, and everyone forms a Chain of People to pull her to safety.
  • Ludo actually has a plan. Remember, in season one the extent of Ludo's "strategic" abilities was to yell at his minions to "GET THE WAAAAAAND!!!" But now? He's legitimately capable of putting together an actual scheme. An honest-to-goodness Evil Plan. With spies and disguises and everything. And it works.

Raid The Cave

  • Star uses the All-Seeing Eye spell to locate Glossaryck, and when he's spectacularly unhelpful in telling her *which* cave he's actually in, Star tries simply reaching through to grab him. Glossaryck says it won't work, that the spell just doesn't work that way. It's a spying spell, not a portal, so this is akin to trying to reach into a TV screen to pull out something that's being displayed. After being told it's impossible, Star "dips down" and reaches through the viewscreen anyway. If magic is telling the laws of physics to sit down and shut up, Star just told the laws of magic to sit down and shut up. Glossaryck even says, however unfazed, that he's never seen that done before.


  • Star's final attempt at magicking the apple. She steels herself and the music swells as she shoots it with a pink-and-green blast (and note how these colors have been contrasted against each other in the past), it glows... then splits down the middle, neatly cleaved into two. After a moment of disappointment, a tree grows from the apple, glowing with light, filling the room with its branches and producing, from one of its branches, a single red apple.
  • Baby's evaluation: Despite her lack of discipline and inability to perform basic spells, Star is not a failure at magic. To the contrary, her capabilities are far beyond what's considered normal. Not since Queen Eclipsa has Baby seen anything like Star.

Running With Scissors

  • Marco shows off what a determinator he is: when Hekapoo requires that he defeat all of her hundreds of clones in order to earn a pair of dimensional scissors (since he wasn't going to go back to Star without being able to replace the pair he borrowed from her like he promised), nothing will stop him from completing that mission. Not even if it takes him sixteen years, which it did.


  • Marco is forced into making a public apology to Heinous and denouncement of individuality to the princesses of St. Olga's. However, Marco does apologize with sarcasm, making a coded message to the princesses that he's being forced to do it and still wants them to continue their rebellion.

The Hard Way

  • One bit of dialog near the end of the episode, bringing back you know who from season 1.
    Toffee: Hello, Glossaryck.
    Glossaryck: Hello, Toffee.

Face The Music

  • Even though it ended up doing more harm than good, Star's Song Day turned out to be pretty epic.


  • The Magic High Commission effortlessly taking down Ludo's minions.
  • Though Toffee takes him over shortly afterwards, Ludo gets a pretty good Badass Boast about the amount of crap he's been through all season.
    Ludo: Worried about me? Don't you get it? I lost my army, my kingdom, my clothes! And look – still standing!
  • Before that, he also had a good moment when held prisoner by the High Commission and interrogated. Even when faced with the most powerful magic-users around, Ludo keeps completely calm and answers every question with hard facts.
    Ludo: Face it - you've got nothing on me.
  • Toffee shows just why he is the true Big Bad of the story, using Ludo's body with his own arm now reattached to Ludo's right one (the crystal half still displayed in the center), delivering an effortless Curb-Stomp Battle against the entire Magic High Commission, temporarily killing Moon, Hekapoo, Rhombulus, and Omnitraxus, and leading to Lekmet performing a Heroic Sacrifice to stop them from dying permanently.
  • Moon shows some really impressive fight skills against Ludo!Toffee. It shows why she is called Moon the Undaunted. And when it becomes clear that magic isn't working against Toffee, Moon counters by using her magic indirectly instead, to throw large objects at him. In the end, she takes it one step further and obliterates the room in an attempt to finish him.
  • In a weird sense, Star confessing her crush on Marco to him. It may have been a truly sad moment given that she had to leave for Mewni because Toffee was back, but she decided she couldn't leave until she was honest with her best friend.

    Season 3 
Return to Mewni
  • Star saving her mom from some deadly vines that she was trapped in, which have killed many others judging from all the skeletons scattered around the tree.
  • Star calling her mom out for wanting to just hide away from Toffee even though doing so puts other people like King River and the citizens of Mewni in danger.
  • Star going One-Woman Army on a trio of rats without her wand, but a stick. She most likely would've won had Moon not intervened or if the Magic High Commission didn't need saving.

Moon the Undaunted

  • Toffee's finger being blasted off by Moon is enough to scatter his armies as they saw Moon had magic that could get past the regeneration. Mostly awesome as it shows Moon's intelligence, finding a way around her contract with Eclipsa, while still driving back the monster forces.
    • Despite being terrified Moon approaches the monster camp and begins her picnic with incredible poise, which only serves to magnify the psychological effect of her eventual attack.
  • This piece of dialogue that marked how the once young and inexperienced Moon became the regal Queen she is now:
    Rhombulus: What did you just do?
    Young Moon: I did my job. And as your Queen, I will continue to do my job of protecting this kingdom. I will hunt down the remains of the monster army and scatter them without country or leadership. Now, are there any questions? [...] I didn't think so.
    As she walks towards them, they give room for Young Moon to pass and bow to her as their new Queen.

Book Be Gone

  • A villainous one, but Toffee manages to manipulate Ludo into destroying the spellbook (and apparently Glossaryck as well) in a fit of rage.
    • It's actually more awesome than that - aside from taking ownership of the book way back when he gained possession of Ludo's body, he didn't manipulate Ludo into doing anything. All he did was stay within the wand and Ludo's subconscious and wait for Ludo's frustrations with being unable to write in the book to reach a breaking point, immediately taking hold of Ludo again afterwards just to see the book burn and take Glossaryk with it. As he said, "this was all Ludo."
  • After being blasted from who knows how far from Mewni, Ludo walks all the way back through grass, toxic waste, icy terrain, the sea, and rain without once stopping.

Marco and the King

  • Marco is not content to sit around and be a Distressed Dude, and helps inspire King River to have the same attitude.
  • King River's Rousing Speech includes telling his subjects that they are all each other has and that even without magic, they can do amazing things.
  • A villainous one: at long last, Ludo conquers Mewni.

Puddle Defender

  • Buff Frog standing up to Moon. This is a woman many monsters fear, but when she insults him by ignoring his status as a parent he lets her have it.
    • In order to show Moon how much he cares for his babies, he stops Star, Moon's only child, from escaping.
    • He then proceeds to show the defense mechanisms he created to keep his kids in and danger out.
  • The board games dealing with prejudice are a meta one for the writers. Moon admits her belief about monsters stealing babies comes from a board game as a child, since she assumed the game would not exist if not based in reality, mirroring how many people view damaging stereotypes about other races. Fantastic Racism just got a whole less fantastic...
  • The babies helping Star sneak out through a tunnel they dug that their dad knew nothing about.
  • Star managing to punch a snake without even looking.

King Ludo

  • Marco and the royal entertainers stealing the key from under Ludo's nose.
    • What makes it more impressive were Ruberiot and Fool Duke were able to steal the key by getting into a fight with one another.
  • The mime. She's just fantastic.
  • Ludo managing to levitate River into the sky, public execution style. Thankfully, River survives.
    • The fact that Ludo is so dangerous despite being physically weak and having learned only a single very basic spell. The thing is, Ludo is very good at that one very basic spell he knows.
  • King River deciding to not be rescued. Why? Because a king can't abandon his people.
  • Let's see: King River gone. Star and Queen Moon still MIA. Only allies are entertainers. Oh, and Ludo has one of the powerful objects as a body part. Seems hopeless, but Marco's answer when Fool Duke asked what do they do now? "We fight."


  • Moon frees Marco from his shackles by cutting through them with a single swipe of her hand.
  • Buff Frog's fantastic leaps.
  • After Toffee is resurrected and coldly states that Star is gone, Moon goes into Mama Bear fury as she prepares to use the dark spell on Toffee again, aiming directly at his heart.
  • Marco punches a hole through Toffee's chest when he thought Star was gone forever. If it wasn't for Toffee's healing factor, Marco would have killed him.
  • Toffee utterly dominates both Moon and Marco after he is resurrected. Effortlessly blocking Queen Moon's attacks, taking Marco punching a hole through his chest and healing it before swatting him away into a boulder hard enough to crack it, and finishing it off by effortlessly pushing Moon waist deep into the ground before brushing off his suit and walking away. He did all this in a few short minutes with minimal effort and zero fear, only boredom and mild irritation.
    • The fact that he did this without actually fighting them and just walking away. Not only is this Pragmatic Villainy since a fight would accomplish nothing for him at this point as opposed to going to reassemble an army, but it also reflects the attitude that he has gotten what he wanted, while Moon has lost everything, and thus she isn't even worth the effort of fighting. He'll just walk away and leave her to wallow in her misery. That is cold and superbly evil.
    • As for as Revenge schemes go, Toffee's was one of the best. In this episode, we see that the end result he wanted was to regain what Moon had taken from him - his finger- and take everything away from Moon in the process: her magic, her friends, her throne, her daughter. And for a brief moment, it looked as though he had succeeded.
  • Star managing to find the last spark of non-corrupted magic in her wand, repairing it and purging Toffee's influence.
  • Star goes full Sailor-Moon Magical Girl to defeat Toffee and it is glorious.
    Mewberty!Star: WHERE'S TOFFEE?
    • And if that isn't awesome, her magic managed to restore the lives of the Magic High Commission.
    • And who is it that finishes Toffee for good? Ludo. It also becomes his first truly redeeming moment in the series.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: King River manages to survive being levitated by Ludo, saves the others who were also levitated, and becomes king of a group of eagles.
  • Ludo choosing to willingly go back into the void again in order to find himself. To contrast, he had a panic attack at the idea of going back in there back in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown".

Club Snubbed

  • The dance between Star and Tom. They dance into a spiral of her butterflies and his flames.

Stranger Danger

  • Star showing a lot of maturity by calling out Moon and the Magic High Commission for assuming Eclipsa was evil just because she did things her family didn't approve of and fell in love with a monster. Star's a lot different than how she was in mid-season 2.
  • Eclipsa remaining calm and friendly despite being threatened re-crystallization.


  • Tom goes through with his demoncism and removes his inner-demon. As it turns out, that's just only one of the thousands of inner-demons inside him! It would take up to 13 years to remove them all. The awesome part is, if this is the equivalent of St. Olga's, Tom managed to maintain his personality after just the one session.


  • The dam the monsters built to hold back the flood works! In the process, this earns the Monsters a little more respect, furthering Star's cause to bring peace between Mewmans and Monsters.

Death Peck

  • As Marco injures the crown prince, he, Star and Pony Head are chased by an angry flock of pigeons. They foil all of the heroes' attempt to escape and then they capture them. Don't mess with the pigeons.
  • Crossing over with heartwarming, Rich Pigeon's Rousing Speech to the kingdom, telling them to join Star's cause for justice.
    Rich Pigeon: Yes, father. I disobeyed pigeon law and learned the Mewni tongue. But I did it for our kingdom's future! Why must we proud pigeons continue to pretend to be mindless animals? Princess Butterfly champions a noble cause: peace and friendship between the powerful and the downtrodden. We must not let our prejudices against the Mewmans prevent us from joining their fight for justice. We are a small but mighty empire. I love this kingdom and it is my duty as its prince to protect it. But it also my duty to bring it forth into the future. Star Butterfly: you have inspired me. Seeing you work so hard makes me want to be a better prince for the Pigeons. Nay, nay, nay, nay, nay, nay- for all of Mewni!


  • King Pony Head's mighty bellowing of "Foooooood!", which causes snacks, candies and desserts to fall on the table.
  • Lilacia managing to bust her sisters' plan to stop her ascension to the throne.

Night Life

  • Adult Marco and Hekapoo now close portals together, and each get to do cool stuff in the process.
    • When a squid monster appears, Marco simply punches it into the eye. Turns out Hekapoo wanted him to leave it alone, though.
    • When they push the monster through the portal, Hekapoo leaps in the air, closes the portal with her weapons and leaps back straight into Nachos' backseat. Marco can only say "whoa" in response.
    • Hekapoo is having trouble pushing the bunny pirates back in their dimension. Marco shows up in time to help her, earning the adoration of the pirates on the process.
  • Hekapoo decides she needs extra muscle for their final job. She hires a macho birdman named Talon Raventalon. Each and every action of his is punctuated by electric guitar snippets.
    • He asks for a mug full of worms and gulps them down in one go.
  • The three use a harpoon gun to bring down the creature opening the portals: Star Butterfly, in her sleep-portalling. Realizing this, Hekapoo botches up the harpoon launch, driving away as far as she can so that the rope with the weapon won't hit the target. She succeeds.
    • Before, Marco tackled Talon to stop the harpoon so they wouldn't close the portal. He broke Talon's shades in the process, triggering him to a fight. In his normal, teenage form, he managed to defend himself from the punches of a tall and large birdman. Badass Normal? You bet!
  • When Hekapoo gets mad at Marco for knowing Star was the one opening the portals and not telling her (Hekapoo), she threatens to report it to the Magic High Commission. Marco convinces her not to just with a seductive look and his adult voice. She even admits she cannot resist it.

Deep Dive

  • Marco using Star's wand which turns it into a new wand for him and successfully using a magic spell for the first time!
  • Star can now activate her golden super form at will!

Monster Bash

  • The battle with Mina Loveberry has one for all parties involved:
    • Star uses her strongest spell, Spider With a Top hat. The little guy fearlessy opens fire with a gatling gun.
    • Tom gets to show his stuff and not only unleashes a barrage of flames, he uses demonic incantations to trap Mina in a coffin.
    • And Mina herself, no-selling all of their attacks with her hulked out super form.
  • Rhombulus and some royal knights arrive to defuse the situation. He freezes everyone in his path, forcing Mina to flee. It says a lot for Rhombulus when even the one who beat both Star and Tom runs away!
  • Star lampshading the double standard of the arrest of the troublemakers of the party at the end in the form of an Armor-Piercing Question. The knight has no answer and can only obey the princess as she demands that the monsters be freed. It shows a lot of maturity for our heroine.
  • A meta example for Jessica Walter, voice actress of Ms. Heinous - she took one of the most wicked Hate Sinks on the show and believably portrayed her as a victim snapping out of subtle brainwashing at the sight of her childhood playroom, both delighted and on the verge of tears as her memories come flooding back.

Total Eclipsa the Moon

  • Eclipsa devised a song purely for navigating the complex dungeons of the Magic High Commission to get to the Royal Archives.

Butterfly Trap

  • The whole trial turns out to have been a Batman Gambit by Star, Moon, and Eclipsa in order to get the rest of the Magic Council to admit what they did to Eclipsa's daughter, Meteora. Considering that Moon was initially just as distrusting of Eclipsa, cooperating with her and her daughter to help uncover the truth shows a lot of Character Development on her part.
    • Granted it was all part of the plant, this is a pretty subtle moment of awesome: not once did Eclipsa ever lie. She could've risked fibbing a little to help her case, but she stuck her guns and made it clear she's not afraid of telling the truth about her past transgressions. And the only lies that were ever spoken were by her biased accusers, the Magic Council.
  • When the Punishment Box is slowly starting to shrink and threatens to crush everyone, Eclipsa is the only one who doesn't flinch when the process starts. Rather, she just stares down the Commission with a look of stone cold hatred out of pure fury for whatever they've done to her child. (What's more, they are denying her the right to know what they did with Meteora.) This was the first time Eclipsa ever really got angry.
  • Star calling out the MHC for their blatant hypocrisy and abuse of power.
    "You know, this is so unfair! You enforce the laws of magic on everyone around you, and yet for some reason, you can lie to us? How does that make you any different than the villain you say Eclipsa is?!"

Ludo, Where Art Thou?

  • Dennis finally decides to stand up for himself and Ludo against their Jerkass Abusive Parents... okay, so he's really fighting dummies of them filled with garbage (which are somehow spewing hateful comments and materializing out of nowhere), but who's to say he won't have the nerve to face his parents for real? The cherry on top is when he finishes off the last one with a slam dunk!
    Dummy!Brudo: This is what we get...
    Dummy!Avarius: ... for raising brats like you and your brother?
    (Dennis tackles them, then sees a giant Dummy!Brudo)
    Dummy!Brudo: Oh, but you're a big man now, who thinks he and his brother are too good for this family?
    Dennis: YES I DO! (punches a hole through Dummy!Brudo)
    (All that remains is the giant Dummy!Avariua, made up of a basketball hoop)
    Dummy!Avarius: Look at you! You're just like your awful brother.
    Dennis: Good! 'Cause he's! My! HERO!! (Slam dunks so hard it shatters Dummy!Avarius)


  • The entire episode is a CMOA for Miss Heinous/Meteora. She manages to take back St. Olga's and curb-stombs all of the rebellious princesses singlehanded. After 2 seasons of Villain Decay, Miss Heinous has finally regained her Knight of Cerebus status.
  • Gemini activates the St. Olga guards' Suicide Attack, turning their mechanical hearts into grenades. Princess Arm's response? Pick up one of the exploding hearts and throw it back at Miss Heinous.
  • When St. Olga was reactivated, she criticized Miss Heinous/Meteora's tail. In return, the latter crossly retorts that she quite likes her tail. It's a small thing but it shows she's no longer going to let St. Olga hold any sway over her identity as a half-monster-half-mewman.
  • Miss Heinous/Meteora reactivates St. Olga and forces her to reveal the truth about Heinous's past. After seeing how horribly St. Olga raised Heinous, emotionally abusing her and brainwashing her into becoming what she is now, St. Olga tries to guilt trip her "daughter" saying she did the best she could. Heinous responds by punching St. Olga clear across the room and destroying her for good. For anybody who's had to deal with this kind of emotional manipulation from their parents, it's extremely satisfying.
    St. Olga: You should be thanking me.
    Miss Heinous: Yeah THANK YOU!


  • Marco showing he's got what it takes to battle Meteora by taking every spell Star can throw at him, even including Spider With a Top Hat Blast.
  • Star shows that she does not forgive and forget so easily when she walks into the council room and sees the Magic High Commission there, immediately ordering them out of the room on the basis of "no liars allowed".
  • The Marc-nificent Seven versus Meteora.


  • After Tom's repeated statements that Marco is his best friend, Marco confesses to kissing Star. Tom is a good sport about it, proving how mature he's become since he first started showing up.
  • Marco knocking Meteora down with a single kick to the eye. It's even more impressive when you consider Meteora had just drained several of the anger spirits inside Tom, making her far stronger than she was when the fight between her and the Marc-nificent Seven began.
  • River leading a small army of Mewmans on eagles to fight off Meteora after she's invaded the kingdom. Sure, they get their souls drained, but it was worth a shot, a Last Stand in the making.
  • Everything about Star's battle with Meteora as she finally uses her Golden Super Mode in a real fight, and is the first person to actually fight Meteora on even footing. She ultimately loses, but it's a very close call, and leaves the way for...
  • Eclipsa Butterfly. We finally see "The Queen Of Darkness" in action when she takes the Wand from Star, and it is amazing. She effortlessly trounces Meteora, who had been carving her way through every character that fought her to that point, uttering spells with names like "Midnight Shriek" and "Black Velvet Inferno" with a calm quiet voice. It really adds some context to when it was said Star had as much potential.
    • Although it's painful for her to attack her own daughter, Eclipsa standing up to Meteora (for Star) speaks volumes of how she's evolved from being overly doting to putting her foot down. In "Tough Love", she tried to be gentle with Meteora, and it didn't end well. Here, she firmly tells Meteora how wrong it is to take the throne by force this way, and actively repels her daughter from attacking Star.
  • The ending alone can be satisfying for those who dislike how King Shastican played his part in Meteora being erased from history and abused by St. Olga. Think about it: Centuries ago, King Shashtican had his ex-wife and her monster lover imprisoned, and banished their daughter. The royal wand was given to an imposter heir, and for generations, nobody was the wiser. But in the end, the entire monster-mewman family is alive note , not to mention the wand is back to its rightful owner. And where is King Shastican? Buried six feet under, as you would expect centuries later. Looks like Eclipsa and her family got the last laugh.
  • A subtle, offscreen one for Rhombulus: he managed to crystalize Globgor, Eclipsa's monster lover, and live to tell the tale. Given the monster's size and expression, he did not go down gently. Quite a feat for Rhombulus.
  • Star returning the wand to it's rightful queen, Eclipsa. Giving up her right to a throne, accepting that her family history was built on lies (regardless of the fact that it was never something they asked for) and not knowing the full consequences but knowing a wrong needed to be righted is a tall order for someone Star's age, but she did it.


     Season 4 
  • The San Diego Comic-Con Sneak Peak. Full stop.
    • The end of season 3 saw Star giving up her wand to Eclipsa leaving fans wondering how she'd manage without it. Next time we see her: Star has become a Kung-Fu Wizard first shooting off magic blasts and including a new spell, the Rainbow Fist.
    • Marco now has a katana and shown taking on and taking down armored soldiers twice his size cementing his Took a Level in Badass from the finale last season.
    • River is with them and its revealed that the three of them have broken into this prison tower for the third time looking for Queen Moon.
    • The warden of the prison complains how since Eclipsa took over he's no longer allowed to imprison Monsters. First is the fact, either fear or loyalty to the throne itself, the people have apparently accepted Eclipsa as queen. Second is that it implies that she's passed laws that protect Monsters going against everything the Mewmans believe regarding them...and they're actually obeying said laws.

Butterfly Follies

  • A Fridge Moment of Awesome for Rhombulus: in Eclipsa's restored castle, Globgor is still shown to be sealed in his crystal prison. This means that Rhombulus's crystal magic is so strong, even someone as powerful as Eclipsa can't even make a dent in it.

Yada Yada Berries

  • Eclipsa showing a lot of maturity and calmness to free the suspects and promising to work on gaining their trust.

Down By the River

  • Moon tells River to see what their irritating new neighbors want. When River protests, Moon reveals her go-to argument winner:
    Moon: I gave birth to our child.
    (River begrudgingly gets up)
    Moon: I can't believe that still works.
  • Moon managing to make exploding pies.
  • The fact that Moon and River manages, by accident, to create a village.

The Ponyhead Show

  • Eclipsa showing off her beautiful singing and guitar skills.
    • However, all the mewmans still dislike her despite her music skills. All except one little girl.

Surviving the Spiderbites

  • Although a somewhat frightening fate, the fact Globgor mauled and ate King Shastican for having Eclipsa put in a crystal and their infant daughter Meteora wrongfully banished is pretty understandable. One cannot blame him for what amounts to avenging his family.

Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell

  • Dennis taking Ludo's previous advice and moving out from his Abusive Parent's House.
    • Dennis, Ludo and all of their siblings rebuilding the Avarius castle deserves a mention.
  • As creepy as it was, Ludo uses Spider and Eagle to eat up the landowner who swindled Dennis.
    Ludo: You're probably wondering who I am. So let me introduce myself. I have waged a war on the Butterfly Family for years. I burned the Magic Book of Spells to ashes. I fused with the most powerful relic in existence. I amassed an army large enough to conquer this wretch land. I'M LUDO AVARIUS!
    • And re-donning his old season 1 outfit, skull helmet, portal staff, and all. He's Back.


  • The younger generation of Mewni not falling into the same prejudices of their parents and playing a great game of Cornball.

Meteora's Lesson

  • Meteora being able to dip down despite only being a 1-year-old toddler. Glossaryck even commented on how he thinks magic is in good hands.

The Knight Shift


  • As dubious as it was, Pony-Head's fake kidnapping plan of Eclipsa was brilliant. Not only did she (with the help of her sisters) fool all of Mewni, but they also managed to increase Eclipsa's popularity.

Junkin' Janna

  • Somehow, some way, Mina managed to give Sebastian the same Solarian experiment that made her a juggernaut.
  • Tom sacrificing his phone to save Janna and then blasting Sebastian with his fire.
    • In response to the latter awesome moment, while Sebastian may now have a scar, he still manages to still fight Tom.
  • When Star and Rhombulus start to get into a fight, the scene cuts before we see it. When they are seen again, Star is unscathed...while Rhombulus is visisbly beaten up and has one of his arms in a sling.

A Spell With No Name

  • Richard saving the day by using his echolocation to find the titular deadly spell and re-capture it.

A Boy And His DC 700 XE

  • After letting his dragon-cycle go and join the other free dragon-cycles, Tom decides to do the Devil’s Mark Jump by himself, using his powers to fly. It gets somewhat negated when he ends up beaten up by it, but it's still a great moment that impresses the others enough to let him join their club.


  • Globgor vs the Magical High Commission. You finally get to see the full power of the king of monsters and the deities of Mewni. But what puts a stop to the fight? When one monster in the crowd shouts that Meteora is in danger, prompting the expected response from Globgor.
  • Meteora dipping down again to get out of her cage. Points for setting off the domino effect that proved Globgor's innocence.
  • River yelling "OVER MY DEAD BODY" and stopping Rhombulus from putting Globgor back in the crystal. He's come a long way from the trigger-happy king who so readily catapulted fire projectiles at monsters just for coming near his corn field. In that moment, he was a but a Papa Wolf willing to stand up for another father.
  • Who broke Globgor out on Eclipsa's coronation? It was Rhombulus. Why did he do it? Paranoia and racism, hoping Globgor would attack everyone so that they'd all see how "evil" he and Eclipsa truly are. Hekapoo, for all her own faults, will not tolerate this, berating him for letting his paranoia rule his judgement for putting everyone in danger and has him arrested.
    Hekapoo: Are you kidding me!? We don't trust Eclipsa either, but if you think putting everyone in danger was a good idea, you're the bad guy here!
  • The fact that Star was the one to deduce that it was Rhombulus. By pointing out that it made absolutely no sense for Eclipsa to release Globgor on the day of her coronation, where she knew everyone in Mewni including the MHC would be watching her. That Rhombulus was the only other person with the means to free Globgor, and that he even had a motive - to frame Eclipsa.
  • Moon finally seems to get through to the citizens of Mewni that she can no longer make decisions for them, and that they all need to decide for themselves whether or not to accept Eclipsa and Globgor. Thankfully, they do. And then Sebastian the crow flies overhead...

Gone Baby Gone

  • Mariposa once kicked Meteora's arse despite not having magic powers. Needless to say, Meteora was and still is very impressed.
  • Marco and Mariposa team up to defeat the wish-granting demon.


  • How did Janna go to Mewni without using dimensional scissors? She accidentally discovered a magic well that connects to the Realm of Magic underneath the back room of Britta's Tacos (she was banned for trying to steal the prizes).

Ready Aim Fire

  • It may be a villainous moment that crosses into Nightmare Fuel, but seeing Mina Loveberry being able to fight off both Globgor and Eclipsa is admittedly awesome at the same time.

The Right Way

  • Pony head's Rousing Speech is incredible, especially given who's saying it. And Star's response? One spell.
    Ponyhead: "Babygirl! Don't let that monster win! She's full of hate, but you! You need to look around you? You are surrounded by love! You've got a BIG heart girl, the biggest heart Mewni has ever seen! Show her your heart!"
    Star: [leaping into the air] "Rainbow Kaiju Battle Armor!"
  • Star laying a royal beatdown on Mina (actually just some random Solarian Warrior) with the aforementioned spell.
    Star: You need to STOP! Mewni has changed. And it is not! Changing! BACK!

Here To Help

  • Marco finally gaining the courage to confess to Star that he's in love in her and has always felt that way. They have a passionate kiss and finally become an Official Couple.

Pizza Party

  • Star going into butterfly form and letting Moon know immediately that she screwed up, yelling out that she is a traitor.
  • There's no doubt that Moon made a dire mistake in turning against Eclipsa, but she was never going to take it as far as Mina and the Magic High Commission - when Mina tries to kill Eclipsa and Globgor anyway, Moon immediately reveals that she had a failsafe in place to strip the Solarians of the power she gave them. Unfortunately, she didn't account for the fact that the counter-spell only works if she's the queen they swore fealty to...

Tavern at the End of the Multiverse

  • Tear Jerker though it may be, Star letting her mother have it for the dire situation that her actions - motivated by mistrust, lingering bigotry - have lead to is fully deserved, given it's ruined all of Star's efforts to give monsterkind a better life on Mewni.
  • Eclipsa immediately tells the dog man to shut up when he starts needlessly heckling an already distraught Moon over how Star read her the riot act. She also makes it rather clear to Moon that her off kilter ways of dealing with things came from living a life that was essentially a horror show, but she still keeps going.
    Dog Man: Is that your daughter, talking to you like that? I could never talk to my mom like tha-
    Eclipsa (grabbing his pool cue): That's it! THAT'S IT you're done! All done! Game over!
    Dog Man: That's my pool cue!
    (Eclipsa gets sent flying back and crashes into a table, but brushes it off like nothing)
    Eclipsa: So what do you say, Moon? You want to get in a quick game of pool?
    Moon (extremely confused): How can you even think about that at a time like this?
    Eclipsa: My whole entire life has been "A time like this," Moon. You learn to enjoy these moments.
    Dog Man: That's my pool cue.
    Eclipsa: should smile more.
  • A more subdued version goes to Eclipsa when, despite having every justifiable reason to hate Moon for what she's done to her, her family, Star, and Mewni, Eclipsa thanks her for freeing Globgor and tries to give her advice on how Moon can repair her relationship with Star. Moon held nothing but a misguided hatred and distrust of Eclipsa, and Eclipsa still tries to be the bigger person and help someone who views her with contempt. This just ultimately proves Eclipsa truly was a decent woman who was wrongfully convicted by those around her, and that she's pretty much a better person, queen, and mother than Moon could ever hope to be.
  • A posthumous one for Toffee. As it turns out, he wasn't lying or boasting or even sputtering nonsense when he said "Only I know how this all turns out". He was talking about how he foresaw magic becoming problematic in the grand scheme of things, and would lead to someone (Star) carrying on where he left off.


  • Eclipsa and Meteora's first (if last and only) time they dip down to the point of changing into Butterfly Forms.
  • Marco flipping a horse. Even he seems excited about it.
  • Shortly before that, Marco using the wand again. It goes much better than it did the last time, and for a short time he's coming up with new spells (much like Star does) and firing them off one after another.
  • Marco is impaled in the process, but he manages to get the pudding into Tom's mouth and free him from the corrupted unicorn's control.
  • The way Solaria's ghost glares at Mina when the latter wonders what the former is doing with "these monster moochers". Her stoic expression just says it: "What I should've done centuries ago".
    • The way she turns back to the ritual without batting an eye has a feel as though she's wordlessly saying "Proceed..."
  • When Mina rambles on as usual, a monster archer fires an arrow at the former's skull-hat. It doesn't silence Mina for long, but it's pretty powerful.
  • The Death Glare Star and River give Mina as she leaves with her speech about her "good ideas". There's something about it that wordlessly says "Your 'good ideas' can come back all they want, but we're never listening to them ever again."
    • While not as intense as Star or River's glares, Globgor's glare towards Mina still speaks volumes of how prepared he is to guard his family against her, should she ever come back and make trouble.
  • Something powerful about how Eclipsa wants to raise Meteora the same way Moon raised Star because she thinks Star is a good role model. In the beginning, Star once looked up to the wrong kind of role model, thinking being big and strong and tough were good enough character traits on their own. But throughout the series, she moved beyond wanting to be like just like Mina (especially after finding out how insane she truly is) and found better things she wanted to be... compassionate, just, and diplomatic. Eclipsa looking to Star has an element of coming full circle, where Star has grown to be someone worth looking up to, even more-so than her former hero.
  • After two seasons of witnessing the Magic High Comission show thier true nature as hypocritical, hard-nosed bigots who harassed and persecuted Eclipsa and her innocent family, it's cathartic to see them meet a fitting end, so Mewni is free from their selfish corruption.
    • Although she died the same as Rhombulus and Omni, Heckapoo counts for doing the first genuinely honorable thing in her life by allowing Star passage to the Magic Realm. One might even say she anticipated her ultimate fate while her fellow councilors didn't know what hit them.
  • Instead of Star and Marco being separated forever, the portal caused by the last bit of magic they had in them ensured that they would be together... by merging Earth with Mewni. Glossaryck was right. Cleaved can mean to separate and to bring together.

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