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Recap / Star vs. the Forces of Evil

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This is the recap page for Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Note that spoilers will be unmarked.

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    Season One (2015)
  1. "Star Comes to Earth" - When Star Butterfly, Princess of Mewni, botches her first day with the Royal Magic Wand, she's sent to Earth to train. She moves in with Marco Diaz, a middle-school student from Echo Creek Academy, and teams up with him to protect the wand from Lord Ludo and his minions.
  2. "Party with a Pony" - Star and Marco go on a dimension-hopping trip with Star's best friend, Princess Ponyhead. While Marco struggles to win a jealous Pony head over, Pony Head is being followed by some mysterious strangers.
  3. "Match Maker" - Star tries to win over her grumpy math teacher, Miss Skullnick, but accidentally turns her into a troll instead.
  4. "School Spirit" - Star becomes convinced that the big football game is going to be a literal battle, and goes to extremes to help the Echo Creek Awesome Opossums win the game.
  5. "Monster Arm" - A failed attempt to heal Marco's arm in time for a karate meet leads to Marco sprouting a tentacle-like monster whose power proves tempting.
  6. "The Other Exchange Student" - Star suspects that Gustav, another exchange student who's visiting the Diaz family, is hiding a dark secret.
  7. "Cheer Up, Star" - After Marco gets cheered up after a bad day by Star, he tries to repay her kindness. He gets his chance when Star is bummed out about being ignored by her crush, Oskar Greason.
  8. "Quest Buy" - Star and Marco must find a new charger for Star's magic wand at Quest Buy, a labyrinthine interdimensional super-store.
  9. "Diaz Family Vacation" - Even though she's supposed to stay on Earth, Star brings Mr. and Mrs. Diaz on a tour of Mewni as a present for their anniversary.
  10. "Brittney's Party" - Star crashes the birthday party of Britteny Wong, Echo Creek Academy's snooty head cheerleader, but so does her worst enemy Ludo.
  11. "Mewberty" - Marco discovers Star's magical powers come with some odd side effects when she undergoes "Mewberty". He tries to get to the bottom of the things with the help of Star's magic tutor, Sir Glossaryck of Terms.
  12. "Pixtopia" - Marco and Star travel to the land of the pixies, bringing along Marco's friends Alfonso and Ferguson, in order to settle a debt.
  13. "Lobster Claws" - When Ludo fires a particularly incompetent minion, Marco tries to teach him to be a good guy, despite Star's skepticism that monsters can be heroic.
  14. "Sleep Spells" - When Star starts casting spells in her sleep, Marco (AKA "Dr. Marco, PhD") tries to get to the bottom of her psychological issues.
  15. "Blood Moon Ball" - Star's ex-boyfriend, Tom Lucitor, invites her to a magical dance, but Marco is skeptical of Tom's intentions and secretly tags along.
  16. "Fortune Cookies" - Ludo hires a new minion, Toffee, who proceeds to exploit Star's sudden obsession with Chinese fortune cookies.
  17. "Freeze Day" - Star and Marco enjoy a day to themselves when Star stops time, but the two must journey to another dimension to get time started again.
  18. "Royal Pain" - Star's father, King River, crashes with the Diaz family for a few days after an argument with his wife, and proves to be a troublesome house guest.
  19. "St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses" - Star and Marco must rescue Pony Head from a twisted reform school and its ruthless headmistress, Miss Heinous.
  20. "Mewnipendence Day" - Star discovers the dark side of her favorite Mewman holiday, while Toffee sets up Ludo's most loyal minion Buff Frog for a fall.
  21. "The Banagic Incident" - Star tries to prove she can handle life on Earth when she tries to find a place to buy a "Banagic Wand" she saw on a TV ad.
  22. "Interdimensional Field Trip" - Star shanghais the class field trip, and learns a few things about the difficulties of leadership while Miss Skullnick learns a few things about trolls.
  23. "Marco Grows a Beard" - Star must save Marco without the use of her wand after a botched attempt to help him grow a beard.
  24. "Storm the Castle" - Toffee makes his power play, and has Marco kidnapped and held for ransom.

    Season Two (2016-2017)
  1. "My New Wand!" - When Star's new wand goes haywire and locks Marco in a closet, Star must learn how to "dip down" and tap into her full potential to rescue him.
  2. "Ludo in the Wild" - Lost in the wilderness without his minions, Ludo must learn to fend for himself.
  3. "Mr. Candle Cares" - Marco has reason to suspect the school's guidance counselor, Mr. Candle, is working with Tom to demoralize Star and drive her back into Tom's arms.
  4. "Red Belt" - Marco decides to take his karate training up a notch, but discovers his sensei has an embarrassing secret.
  5. "Star on Wheels" - When Star's bike riding lesson goes haywire, Marco must team up with Oskar and Glossaryck to save Star.
  6. "Fetch" - Star tries to get rid of a troublesome dog that won't let go of her wand.
  7. "Star vs. Echo Creek" - After accidentally destroying a police car, Star goes on the run.
  8. "Wand to Wand" - Star struggles to get her wand under control, unaware that Ludo has the other half of her old wand and is trying to use it for himself.
  9. "Starstruck" - Star meets the legendary Mewni warrior Mina Loveberry, but discovers she has a few screws loose.
  10. "Camping Trip" - King River tries to show he's still got what it takes by tagging along on Star and Marco's camping trip.
  11. "Starsitting" - Star and Marco look after Buff Frog's adopted children, only to discover that even tadpoles can be a handful.
  12. "On the Job" - Buff Frog takes part in a corn heist, but his monster friends worry raising a family has caused him to go soft.
  13. "Goblin Dogs" - Star and Marco join Pony Head and her friend Kelly in waiting for what are supposedly the best hot dogs in the multiverse.
  14. "By the Book" - Star tries to get back on Glossaryck's good side so he'll help her master a difficult spell.
  15. "Game of Flags" - Star tries to prove herself to her strict mother, Queen Moon, by secretly participating in the "Game of Flags" at her family reunion.
  16. "Girls' Day Out" - Star teams up with school troublemaker Janna to break out of detention.
  17. "Sleepover" - Star holds a sleepover, but Pony Head's idea of a party game involves a highly dangerous version of Truth or Dare.
  18. "Gift of the Card" - Marco and Star try to spend a Quest Buy gift card before it self-destructs, while Miss Heinous plots revenge with the help of a lizard-man mercenary named Rasticore.
  19. "Friend-enemies" - Tom tries to bury the hatchet with Marco by inviting him to a martial arts film festival.
  20. "Is Mystery" - Buff Frog tries to figure out what Ludo and his new rat army are plotting.
  21. "Hungry Larry" - Star and Janna try to spice up Mr. Diaz's haunted house with an actual ghost.
  22. "Spider with a Top Hat" - Star's most fun-loving spell tries to prove he can be a great warrior and not just an entertainer.
  23. "Into the Wand" - Star must journey into a mysterious alternate dimension and learn some of her family's history in order to find out why her magic wand is acting up.
  24. "Pizza Thing" - Marco and Pony Head butt heads while going on a pizza run.
  25. "Page Turner" - Glossaryck is called away to a supposedly-important meeting of the Magic High Council, right in the middle of a dangerous magic lesson with Star.
  26. "Naysaya" - Marco discovers that Tom has accidentally cursed him with a demon that makes him blurt out his deepest secrets around his crush Jackie.
  27. "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown" - When Marco and Jackie start dating, Star struggles with her feelings as she helps Janna prepare to summon a ghostly clown.
  28. "Raid the Cave" - When the Book of Magic is stolen, Star becomes determined to get it back.
  29. "Trickstar" - Star thinks the magician at Sensei's birthday party is plotting something.
  30. "Baby" - Star's magic skills are put to the test by a much more strict instructor.
  31. "Running with Scissors" - Marco must go on an interdimensional adventure to earn a pair of magic scissors from Hekapoo, mistress of dimensions.
  32. "Mathmagic" - Star learns her attempts to get out of math class might have cosmic consequences.
  33. "The Bounce Lounge" - When Star and Pony Head learn their favorite hang out is closing down, they get their friends together for one last big party.
  34. "Crystal Clear" - Rhombulus, a paranoid member of the Magic High Commission, abducts Star and accuses her of having something to do with the sudden drain of magical resources across the multiverse.
  35. "The Hard Way" - Ludo tries to force Glossaryck to give him magic lessons.
  36. "Heinous" - The Diaz family find themselves in a tense stand off with a vengeful Miss Heinous.
  37. "All Belts are Off" - Marco tries to prove he's a better choice for a martial arts demonstration than his half-pint rival Jeremy Birnbaum.
  38. "Collateral Damage" - When Star accidentally destroys the statue of Echo Creek Academy's beloved mascot, she struggles to lift everyone's spirits.
  39. "Just Friends" - Star starts to feel like a third wheel when she accompanies Marco and Jackie on a trip to a concert.
  40. "Face the Music" - While Queen Moon tries to track down Glossaryck, Star teams up with an unconventional minstrel to compose a tune for her royal "Song Day".
  41. "Starcrushed" - As Queen Moon faces off against Ludo, Star struggles with her budding feelings for Marco.

    Season Three (2017-2018)
  1. "Return to Mewni" ("The Battle for Mewni" Part 1A) - Star and Moon flee back to Mewni, and journey to a mysterious magical sanctuary.
  2. "Moon the Undaunted" ("The Battle for Mewni" Part 1B) - Moon reveals the full history of her encounter with Toffee.
  3. "Book Be Gone" ("The Battle for Mewni" Part 2A) - Ludo struggles to earn the respect of the Book of Magic Spells.
  4. "Marco and the King" ("The Battle for Mewni" Part 2B) - Marco teams up with King River to defend Mewni from a monster.
  5. "Puddle Defender" ("The Battle for Mewni" Part 3A) - Queen Moon must put aside her prejudices against monsters when she and Star hide out with Buff Frog and his family.
  6. "King Ludo" ("The Battle for Mewni" Part 3B) - Marco must free King River from the dungeons after Ludo takes over as ruler.
  7. "Toffee" ("The Battle for Mewni" Part 4) - Star and Marco battle Ludo for the fate of Mewni, and magic.
  8. "Scent of a Hoodie" - Star has trouble letting go of Marco after he returns to Earth.
  9. "Rest in Pudding" - Star suspects that Glossaryck, who was seemingly destroyed along with the Book of Magic, is haunting her.
  10. "Club Snubbed" - Star and Tom have an awkward reunion at the Silver Bell Ball.
  11. "Stranger Danger" - When the infamous Queen Eclipsa is freed as part of a deal she made with Moon, Star is the only one who will stand up for Eclipsa.
  12. "Demoncism" - In a desperate attempt to get his temper under control, Tom undergoes a dangerous procedure.
  13. "Sophomore Slump" - Marco struggles to adjust to life on Earth, and Jackie helps him realize where his heart truly belongs.
  14. "Lint Catcher" - Marco tries to prove he's got a place on Mewni by becoming a squire.
  15. "Trial by Squire" - Marco accompanies Star on a cut-throat shopping spree.
  16. "Princess Turdina" - Marco struggles to tell the truth about his alter-ego, who has become a figurehead for the rebellious students of the former St. Olga's school.
  17. "Starfari" - Star gets in touch with Mewni's "monster expert" in order to prove that monsters aren't all that bad.
  18. "Lava Lake Beach" - Marco accompanies Tom and Star on a day at the beach, only to discover he has his own hidden feelings he needs to deal with.
  19. "Sweet Dreams" - Star discovers she's been "dipping down" in her sleep and wandering through dimensions.
  20. "Death Peck" - Star, Marco, and Pony Head find themselves in danger after a botched diplomatic mission to the Pigeon Kingdom.
  21. "Ponymonium" - Star visits Pony Head and her crazy sisters for dinner.
  22. "Night Life" - Marco's adventures with Hekapoo are imperiled when he discovers Star is the source of the dimensional anomalies they've been fixing.
  23. "Deep Dive" - Star undergoes a dangerous journey to discover the source of her interdimensional sleepwalking.
  24. "Monster Bash" - Star's attempt to patch up monster/Mewman relationships leads to an encounter with Mina Loverberry, and a shocking discovery about Eclipsa's long-lost half-monster daughter.
  25. "Stump Day" - Star and her friends celebrate a peculiar Mewni holiday, but Marco's well-intentioned addition causes trouble.
  26. "Holiday Spellcial" - In the realm inside Star's wand, Spider With a Top Hat tries to smooth things over with the "new guy", the All-Seeing Eye.
  27. "The Bogbeast of Boggabah" - River tries to help Star cool her jets with a father-daughter hunting trip.
  28. "Total Eclipsa the Moon" - Moon takes Eclipsa into the depths of the royal archives to discover what happened to Eclipsa's family history.
  29. "Butterfly Trap" - Queen Eclipsa is put on trial by the Magic High Commission, but they discover she has questions of her own.
  30. "Ludo, Where Art Thou?" - Ludo's brother Dennis tries to track him down in his hiding place among the dimensions.
  31. "Is Another Mystery" - When Mewni's monster population suddenly vanishes, Star and Tom try to discover what's happened to them.
  32. "Marco Jr." - Marco struggles to reconnect with his parents after discovering they're having another kid.
  33. "Skooled!" - Pony Head clashes with Miss Heinous, who's back at St. Olga's looking for a dark secret from her past.
  34. "Booth Buddies" - Star and Marco are trapped in a photo booth by a mischievous goblin who wants them to talk out their issues.
  35. "Bam Ui Pati!" - Star tries to get Pony Head back on her (metaphorical) feet, but Pony Head would rather sulk and watch Korean soap operas.
  36. "Tough Love" - Moon and Eclipsa try to track down the long-lost Meteora Butterfly and bring her home.
  37. "Divide" - When Moon goes missing, Star tries to track her down while Marco and his friends deal with the rampaging Meteora.
  38. "Conquer" - Star is seemingly the only one left who can stop Meteora from destroying Mewni.

    Season Four (2019)
  1. "Butterfly Follies" - Despite becoming a pariah for giving up her throne to Eclipsa, Star is determined to track down her missing mother.
  2. "Escape from the Pie Folk" - Star and her friends try to rescue an amnesiac Moon from the clutches of the scheming Pie Folk of Pie Island.
  3. "Moon Remembers" - As Moon begins to recover her memories, Star tries to find the best way to break some unsettling developments to her.
  4. "Swim Suit" - Star's attempts to prepare for a beach day are interrupted by an argument between Rhombulus and Eclipsa.
  5. "Ransomgram" - When Marco's trusty dragon-cycle Nachos is kidnapped, Marco has to deal with some unfinished business in Hekapoo's home dimension.
  6. "Lake House Fever" - Stuck in Tom's summer home with his family during a firestorm, Star struggles to deal with some underlying tension.
  7. "Yada Yada Berries" - Star and Marco try to find out who slipped Eclipsa some poisonous, petrifying berries.
  8. "Down by the River" - Moon and River try to adjust to life as peasants, but end up inspiring a band of Mewman settlers.
  9. "The Ponyhead Show!" - Pony Head and her sisters try to make Queen Eclipsa more popular.
  10. "Surviving the Spiderbites" - When Eclipsa is late to a meeting with the Spiderbite clan, Star tries to stall for time.
  11. "Out of Business" - Janna tags along on Marco and Star's trip to Quest Buy's epic "going out of business" sale.
  12. "Kelly's World" - Marco and Kelly turn a trip to return a library book into an epic adventure.
  13. "Curse of the Blood Moon" - Marco and Star try to find the source of their lingering feelings for one another.
  14. "Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell" - Dennis tries to help out his unstable brother Ludo and rebuild their ancestral home.
  15. "Ghost of Butterfly Castle" - Moon investigates rumors of a haunting at the old Butterfly castle.
  16. "Cornball!" - Star reunites with Buff Frog at a game of Mewni's national pasttime meant to reconcile monsters and Mewmans.
  17. "Meteora's Lesson" - Glossaryck and baby Meteora have an adventure through time.
  18. "The Knight Shift" - Marco has second thoughts about becoming a full-fledged Knight of Mewni, and the other knights aren't happy about it.
  19. "Queen-Napped" - Star and her friends try to find out who kidnapped Queen Eclipsa.
  20. "Junkin' Janna" - While Star is away at a meeting with the Magic High Commission, Tom and Janna have an adventure of their own.
  21. "A Spell With No Name" - When one of Eclipsa's old spells goes rogue, the other spells in the Magic Wand must join forces.
  22. "A Boy and His DC-700XE" - Marco and Tom go on an adventure with their dragon-cycles.
  23. "The Monster and the Queen" - Eclipsa and her monster husband Globgor enjoy a day together.
  24. "Cornonation" - Star makes plans for Eclipsa to officially be crowned Queen of Mewni, but things go awry when Globgor goes missing.
  25. "Doop-Doop" - Star goes to extremes putting off a trip.
  26. "Britta's Tacos" - Marco reconnects with his friends from Echo Creek while trying to complete a taco-eating promotion.
  27. "Beach Day" - Star tries to enjoy herself when she and Marco have their long-awaited "Beach Day".
  28. "Gone Baby Gone" - When Marco's baby sister Mariposa and Eclipsa's daughter Meteora are stranded in another dimension, Marco and Star must track them down.
  29. "Sad Teen Hotline" - Star and Tom break up, but their relationship troubles become the least of their worries.
  30. "Jannanigans" - Star tries to get Janna's help in getting back to Mewni.
  31. "Mama Star" - Star and her friends try to navigate the Realm of Magic without losing their memories.
  32. "Ready, Aim, Fire" - Star and friends try to reunite on Mewni, only to discover a conflict between Eclipsa and the Magic High Commission, and a giant knight on the attack.
  33. "The Right Way" - Star assembles a team to try and bail out Eclipsa, but the Giant Knight may be too much to handle.
  34. "Here to Help" - Moon arrives to save the day... or does she?
  35. "Pizza Party" - Moon and Mina agree to disagree, but will that truly put an end to the conflict?... or will something else happen completely out of left field.
  36. "The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse" - Star searches for a way to defeat Mina Loveberry and her Solarian Warriors, but to do that, she may have to make a heartwrenching sacrifice.
  37. "Cleaved" - Star and Marco go on one last adventure to save everyone, and this last adventure could change everything.