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Warning, unmarked spoilers galore, do not read until you watched the entire series!!

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    General Character Guesses (nonseason specific) 
Star is a Stepford Smiler
Related to the theories of Evil All Along and Mewni being shockingly realistic for a Disney Princess Planet, she's had nagging doubts all along, her chaotic personality being an attempt to keep the monsters at bay. Mewdipendence Day would be where all the pieces come together (or apart) as her society is revealed to be the invaders. -Woggs 123
  • After three seasons of learning about all of the ways that Mewni was worse than the monsters that they fought, this theory is seeming more and more likely. In addition, it always seemed strange that whenever Star had discovered something that sent her into a Heroic BSoD she would always be shown to be as happy and goofy as usual in the next episode.

Toffee's Blush Sticker.
Anyone notice how Toffee has two stickers, a Diamond and a Spade, on his pauldrons in Queen Butterfly's portrait? Look closely.
  • They're on skulls. Presumably those of Dead Queens of Mewni? Like the Evil Sorceresses and the other one...
    • Wait, if the stickers are actually on the skulls, and Miss Heinous can remove them... Damn.
    • Unless cheek symbols can repeat in the Bufferfly family, those have to be painted onto the skulls. Because diamonds are Moon's symbol and spades are Eclipsa's. Moon is obviously still alive, so it's not her skull or Toffee's right shoulder. And Eclipsa is also still alive, as shown in "Crystal Clear".

We've yet to meet the show's Big Bad.
I've noticed a few things that kinda bug me. This is mostly revolving around Star's hearts. While it's obvious that star has hearts, look at other female character of Mewnian origin.
  • First, look at Queen Butterfly. You'll notice that she also has a Blush Sticker, and that hers are pink diamonds. Although her's appear more faded than Star's hearts, I believe this may simply be because of age, as Star's hearts faded in Freeze Day when she was turned elderly.
  • Now this next one is kinda tricky. Look at Miss Heinous in St. Olaf's Reform School for Wayward Princesses. When she starts to freak out, she gets her own Blush Sticker. Her's are a set of faded black clubs.
    • However, she doesn't show these immediately, and they disappear after she puts herself through the mind control. I believe that these marks are a mark of personality, and since the brainwashing is shown to suppress personality, it would also suppress the blush.
  • Now, keeping all this in mind, we haven't seen someone with spades yet. In traditional playing cards, hearts are typically portrayed as definitively good, while spades are portrayed as definitively evil. Diamonds are a minor good, and clubs are a minor evil. All this adds up to the character with spades being the new Big Bad.
    • In addition, I believe the person with spades will be about Star's age, and her marks will still be a deep black. She'll most likely provide a decent Foil to Star, being just as adept in magic as Star. Perhaps she'll pick up Ludo's piece of the wand and know how to control it better. All of this would add up to one badass fight in the finale.
      • Candidate for Spades: Mina. Mina is clearly insane, but the Blush Stickers could also be a sign of their true personality. Star/Hearts has the most emotion of the four. Moon/Diamond holds a great sense of responsibility and maturity. Heinous/Clubs is obsessed with education. Spades have been representative of transformation and wisdom. Mina can certainly transform, and even though she was crazy, she tried to impart wisdom on Star. So why doesn't she have Spades on her cheeks? As Heinous demonstrated, being out of their normal state of mind can remove them, such as when she re-educated herself. Mina may not have her markings cause she went off her rocker. So why didn't she have them in Star's flashback? Either she was crazy then too and just hid it, or Star was young enough that she didn't notice/can't remember. She is already a foil to Star, once she returns to being Lucid though and if she gets the wand, she may make good on her threat to take over the Earth.
  • As of "Into the Wand," Mina's been jossed. Apparently, it's Star's ancestor, Eclipsa, the Queen of Darkness , who in a portrait, is shown to have spades on her cheeks. and with a name like that, could she be anything but evil?
    • To add to that, her podium in the ancestry room reads "Eclipsa Queen of Mewni, to a Mewnian King was wed, but took a monster for her love, and away from Mewni fled." All of this implies that she may still be alive! I'm calling it early, this is gonna be one hell of a Chekhov's Gun.
    • But wait, there's more! As of "Crystal Clear," we see her crystallized in Rhombulus's lair. Since it's already been shown that crystallization leaves people alive, and that the crystals are WEAKENING, we're fucked!

While Ludo is set up as the show's Big Bad, a Greater-Scope Villain (maybe a Sealed Evil in a Can) will be eventually introduced later in the series.
And it will be a really "serious" villain for this show's standards.
  • Those kinds of villains do tend to show up in these kinds of shows.
  • Seems possibly confirmed by the introduction of Toffee in "Fortune Cookies" who is at least more competent than Ludo is.
  • Even more likely that this villain is the now-disgraced headmistress of St. Olga's.
  • The last few episodes of the first season seem to confirm that Ludo is not the real Big Bad with Toffee being revealed as a Dragon with an Agenda who usurps Ludo and becomes a major Knight of Cerebus.
  • Ludo has the other half of the wand and has decent control over it as of mid-season two. Dude could still hold rank as the Big Bad.
  • He did - For a while, until Toffee saw fit to regain his status.
The entire show is Mabel on Smile Dip.
  • It's possible.
  • Makes sense.
  • Yes. Definitely. Absolutely.

Toffee is the rightful king of Mewni.

Queen Eclipsa is his mother, and when she ran away, her sister became queen. That sister is either Queen Moon or her mother, making Star and Toffee either cousins or cousins once removed. That's how Toffee looks more human than most of the other monsters, and knows so much about the wand.

  • One problem with this idea is the heavy implication that Mewni is a matrilineal monarchy, so Moon, being a girl, would be the rightful heir to the throne rather than any male sibling she may have.
  • Even in gender-lineage real-world monarchies, children of the 'wrong' gender take priority over siblings of the previous monarch.

Toffee was at the Monster Massacre
His desire to destroy the wand is to remove a huge threat to his kind. Because Toffee knows if he takes the wand, it becomes a MacGuffin to be reclaimed, whereas destroying it takes it off the table. He didn't know it could be restored.
  • It's quite possible the wand's power is lethal to his kind, considering how long it took for him to regenerate.
  • Partly Jossed. As the "Immortal Monster" he may have been at the Massacre, but his plans for the wand all led to wanting his finger back.

Toffee was a victim of the Monster Massacre
The moment of his expression moments before the castle was destroyed in the explosion shows that he knew this was about to happen, potentially revealing that he might be a Death Seeker.
  • Again- partly Jossed. We know nothing about the Monster Massacre, but we definitely know now he wasn't seeking Death- just the opposite actually.

Why does the emblem on Buff Frog's armor look like the All-Seeing Eye?
He could have served under Ludo's dad as sort of La Résistance until Ludo took over and ruined everything.
  • It is also on the crown of Ludo's mom. It could be a family sigil of sorts for the Avarius family.

Marco has dreamed about being a prince.
He instinctively protected Star from Ludo's army in the first episode, and he expressed a desire for more excitement in his life. Plus he was impressed with Star decorating her new bedroom. Maybe when the two are old enough, Marco's dream might come true when he marries Star and becomes a real prince.
  • Well... "Running With Scissors" indicates he more dreamed of being a ripped badass warrior who goes on adventures, and travels dimensions. Doing all that felt like a dream come true for him.

Mina Loveberry is post Go Mad from the Revelation.
She learned or experienced something relating to Toffee, Eclipsa, or both. The stress of learning their dark secret took it's toll on her, and she's been a babbling lunatic ever since.
  • Mina's behavior in "Monster Bash" may lend some credence to this theory, as it seems Mina may have learned something about Eclipsa's daughter Meteora a long time ago that seriously freaked her out.

Glossaryck is The Omniscient.
And thus doesn't worry about anything, because he already knows how it turns out. He knew when Star's mewberty would end, down to the exact moment, that Toffee was inside Ludo, and his own seeming death. Heck, he may even know how the series ends, and isn't worried because it's a happy ending. As for his trickster personality, knowing everything is likely very boring, and if he's going to guide fate, he might as well have fun doing it.

The term "Monster" doesn't refer to one species.
But is actually a term collectively referring to various non-Mewman creatures inhabiting Mewni. The Septarians are so far the only ones to have their species name revealed, but each type of Monster is a member of a specific species. The only thing they each have in common is their oppression by the Mewmans, and thus they band together to oppose them
  • "Starfari" and subsequent episodes suggest that this is more or less true. Mewni is populated by many species, and whether members of your species are considered monsters is based mainly on social class and historical prejudice.

There are alternate versions of Omnitraxus Prime in each timeline
Thus the "Prime" in his name, meaning of all alternate versions, he is the most powerful.

Baby is related to Glossaryck
They both have gemstones on their foreheads, albeit different colors and shapes, and act as instructors for Mewman Queens and Princesses. They can even both do the "conjure an apple out of thin air" trick.

Star was sent to earth because River is dying
I know this sounds dark from the sake of dark but hear me out. I first started to notice something was up in the season 3 "Battle for Mewni" opener where we see a flash back with a young River where he is, for the lack of a better word, more coherent. This reminded me of the premier episode, "Star comes to Earth," where River's attitude, despite his brief appearance in the episode, is more proper and regal which is a complete contrast to the crazed wild man we see in the rest of the series and write off because he's from a clan of wacky barbarian-esque people. Going back to, "Battle of Mewni," We see that Moon is taking care of him on some level when River reveals that his wife laid out outfits for him to wear to last the duration of her absence. I think that this points to a more serious problem, that River is suffering from dementia, specifically Frontotemporal Dementia. It also makes Star's stay at earth make more sense. I mean come on, the best way for their daughter to learn magic is to send her to a reality that lacks magic? It makes more sense if they sent her to earth to protect her from the truth and so she wouldn't see the worst effects of the disease.

Queen Moon changed the tradition of bestowing the Royal Magic Wand
Considering how Moon bearing the wand identified her as Queen, it doesn't seem likely that Mewni princesses inheriting the wand at age 14 was the status quo back then. If Eclipsa's reaction was of any indication, the original rule was that only the Queen may bear the wand. Because Moon inherited the wand around Star's age when her mother died so soon, she likely decided to change the ruling so that heirs inherit the wand at age 14.

Festivia is a Designer Child
Someone created her from Eclipsa's DNA and modified it so she would have the best traits one could hope for a queen. She was then indoctrinated and passed off as Eclipsa's biological child.
  • Jossed; Festivia is a peasant girl who was made the heir because Eclipsa's ex didn't want anything to do with her actual daughter.

Marco and Star will upgrade to Battle Couple before the series ends.

Counter to above, they will end up Platonic Life-Partners
Again, to subvert the Magical Girl genre, either Marco or Star will have absolutely no romantic feelings for the other whatsoever. AT ALL. Yes, they will most definitely be a Battle Couple, but it will play out more like a Bash Brothers type relationship, with the two having a real synergy between them when they brawl yet not having a relationship beyond being good friends. OP's opinion that it will most likely be Marco who wishes to have a eros type relationship with another girl besides Star.
  • Considering the heavy influence of Buffy and Xander on those two, if there is any attraction it'll probably be one-sided and/or come to nothing.
    • But Star and Marco are also based on the creator and her husband, this could go either way.
  • Seems to be jossed with the season 2 trailers having them as Smooch Buddiesnote . Time will tell, of course.
    • The above jossed season 2 trailer may just be ship tease because Marco was kissing a tire in a later scene so you might put those two scenes together in order to see why this is classed as ship tease but given that in the first episode of the second season where Star definitely doesn't want Marco reading her diary. We can see that they are upping the ante on the ship tease that these two have but the Platonic Life-Partners theory holds the strongest ground because Disney seems to be fighting the stereotype that they hold.
    • That scene in the trailer was a case of Trailers Always Lie, but the episode "Sleepover" shows that at the very least, Star is developing a crush on Marco.
    • Bon Bon the Birthday Clown adds more fuel to the fire, with Star fighting with her jealousy over Marco and Jackie Lynn-Thomas.

Star has a unique case of All of the Other Reindeer prior to meeting Pony Head.
In an interesting twist, Star didn't have many friends growing up because of her hobbies and personality on Mewni. If her lines in "Party With A Pony" are to be dissected, Pony Head was her first and only friend, prior to meeting Marco.

Star's boots are made from the heads of monsters she's defeated, or were at least specifically designed (in-universe) to look like it.
The bottoms are pretty clearly two rows of teeth, the spike at the front looks like the sort of horn you'd see on the snout of a rhino or triceratops, and there are eyes around her ankles.

Star's relationship with her mother, Queen Butterfly, will be a "Well Done, Daughter!" Gal type, with the Queen going through a Defrosting Ice Queen development.

The Kingdom of Mewni, Star's family, and even Star Herself are Evil All Along
Don't be distracted by the stars and the twinklies and the little hearts everywhere. Star's devil horns-headband and her monster-headed boots aren't accidents. Nor is the fact that her magic goes destructive even when she intends the simplest spells of goodness and cheer. Nor is the fact that her parents didn't give a damn what happens to Earth as long as she lives there and works out her more Chaotic impulses. This may be a case of Lawful Evil (where they're happy to apply the term "evil" to outsiders), Above Good and Evil, or else Mewni has Blue-and-Orange Morality in place to such an extent that what looks like "business as usual" to them is regarded with fear and terror by the rest of the galaxy.
  • And Ludo is the Big Good trying to save the kingdom from them.
  • Expect Star to find out and rebel wholeheartedly, possibly winning herself an Archnemesis Mom.
  • As of "Mewnipendence Day", it is confirmed that at least not all of the Mewmans were innocent in the conflict between Mewmans and monsters. Star recognizes this and is horrified, so Star dissenting may not be far off the mark.
  • "Storm the Castle" pretty much confirms that Star's parents genuinely love her. Which might just make things more dramatic.

Star Butterfly is related to the Doctor
Star may have some relatives of another species besides Mewni, and the Doctor may be one of her relatives.

Star and Tom will break up again, for the exact same reason they broke up the first time.
Over the course of his appearances in season 2, Tom was gradually getting better at dealing with his anger problem. But after they started dating again in season 3, he's reverting. Despite how much he's attracted to Star, she pushes his buttons without even realizing it. That's why in the long term they just can't work as a couple.
  • "Monster Bash," shows that while Tom is ready to help Star when he's needed, he doesn't really care about the same things that she cares about. So the final break-up may happen because, even if Tom can fix his anger issues and Star can learn to communicate with him better, they're just too different to be compatible.

The series will end with Star being crowned Queen
Whether or not it's because Moon willingly steps down and hands the throne to Star or Moon is somehow killed off (which I highly doubt they'll do) is up to speculation.
  • Looks to be that way. Her tapestry is finished.
    • Then again, the tapestry could’ve just been made due to the fact that Star was already Queen. She just gave it up after four days.

Star's title when she becomes Queen
She will possibly be known as one of the following:
  • Star the Uniter
  • Star the Underestimated
  • Star the Rebel
  • Star the Youthful Spirit
  • Star the Compassionate
  • Star the Optimistic
  • Star the Revolutionary
  • Star the Shining
  • Star the Defying

Marco's Exchange Program Will Get His Parents Arrested
Looking at Marco's exchange student program allowing himself to live on Mewni. However, there are no schools on Mewni so Marco is losing a year of school. Also, the exchange student program was actually Marco writing over Star's interdimensional program which makes it unofficial and illegal. Mr. Diaz worries that sending Marco away is probably illegal. Its probably against federal law for someone to send their child to an uncharted territory (Mewni) without proper paperwork. If Marco stays on mewni permanently abandoning and alienating his family and friends, he could be reported for truancy which is your child skipping school. So if Marco doesn't come home soon, Marco's dad, Rafael, will not just get him fired from his art job and arrested, he will get deported back to Mexico. And for Marco's mom, Angie, she would spend years in jail as well as getting fired and banned from teaching poetry at community college. That would result Marco's parents getting a divorce too.

How Mina Loveberry will be defeated
She will be fighting Star, Marco, and Tom. At some point during the fight, she will chase Marco and be lead down a corridor that ends in a dead end. Marco will use his dimensional scissors to escape; and Tom will trap Mina in his fire-coffin spell from 'Monster Bash'. As Mina breaks out of the coffin, she hears Star saying the words "To blackest night, I pledge my soul and crush my heart to burning coal. To summon forth a deathly power, to see my hated foe devoured!". The last thing that Mina sees is a blast of pitch black light hurling towards her.

Oskar is actually a runaway prince from another dimension.
He ran away due to his mother dating someone he didn't like, as mentioned in the "Mewberty" episode. It could also be because his mother threatened to send him away to the prince reform school due to his rebellious nature.
  • Not just that, he's a prince of the merfolk from Mewni. This would be an amusing subversion of the expectation that Jackie would be a mermaid (on account of her general "ocean" theme), and "Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension" describes the merfolk as being known for being extremely stupid. Oskar, well...

Oskar will break-up with Star.
Not because of her sudden disappearance at the end of season 2, but for finding his smashed guitar on the ground realizing Star lied about it going to the moon.

Marco is genderqueer or trans or something.
The signs are all there and episodes such as St. Olga's School for Wayward Princesses, Red Belt, and Heinous show something... Whatever Marco's gender identity turns out to be he's obviously not cisgendered.
  • There's a surprising amount of evidence for Marco being a closeted trans girl.
  • OR he could just be nonbinary or genderfluid. He doesn't necessarily need to be trans binary!

The final official pairing in the series will be Star/Marco/Tom
Star and Tom are dating, Star and Marco have mutual crushes on each other, Marco and Tom have a boatload of Ho would make sense.

The People of Mewni once worshipped Glossaryck.
In ancient times, when Glossaryck first became known to Mewni, the primitive inhabitants believed him to be (and perhaps he truly was) a God. They built monuments, such as the Magic Sanctuary, dedicated to him, depicting all sorts of statues in his likeness, and the Mewmans bowing down before his great magical power. But as time went on, and the Mewmans advanced, Glossaryck became less involved in the day to day affairs of Mewni, and now takes an advisory role to the royal family, rather than ruling them outright. Why he stepped down as their deity is unknown, but perhaps he simply grew tired of the role, or it was just too much responsibility. It may also be why he created the Magic High Commission, to assist in advising the Mewmans he once ruled.

Shastacan is Festivia's father.
He didn't pick some random peasant to trade places with Meteora. Like Eclipsa, he also had an out-of-wedlock child. Once the Magical High Comission became desperate enough to agree on a baby switch so Mewni wouldn't be ruled by a monster, Shastacan took the opportunity to make his non-Butterfly daughter a Queen.

The term “Monster” is just a label, not a species.
Related to an above theory. As Star once pointed out, members of the Magic High Commission, and even some allied species of Mewni, such as the Demons or Ponyheads, are pretty strange looking, but aren’t considered “Monsters” like the Septarians or others. Plus, the Monsters we’ve seen are far too varied to possibly be related, even though they’re all called Monsters. The term “Monster” is just a label the Mewmans use to lump together any species that gets in their way, while other species aren’t considered “Monsters” because the Mewmans need them to maintain control, or they don’t pose any immediate threat. The Monsters we see aren’t really related, but are all considered unusable or threatening by the Mewmans, and are thus called “Monsters” just so they can justify oppressing them.

The Solarian Program is what made Mina crazy.
As a severe side effect.

Mr. Candle has Dissociative Identity Disorder
In "Knight Shift", Marco meets an identical-looking individual who looks like Mr. Candle named "Sir Crandle", but claims he is a different person, yet knew Marco was from Echo Creek, something he would not have otherwise known if he were a different individual. Plus, he had the same white cat on his desk as Mr. Candle. But, when Marco meets Mr. Candle in "Britta's Tacos" and confronts him about it, he doesn't know what Marco is talking about, only to use the words "lifelong posts", which is definitely something Marco last heard from him in Mewni. This strongly suggests that this man does have Dissociative Identity Disorder, where he's Sir Crandle in Mewni, but Mr. Candle in Earth.

    Setting guesses 
The reason the Blood Moon Ball happens once every 667 years... because, once every 666 years, all the demons in Tom's realm have an even BIGGER ball/festival-type thing, to celebrate demonic culture and to just get chaotic.
  • The math doesn't add up, though. If the Blood Moon Ball happens one year after a cyclic event with a period of 666 years, then it would also be a cyclic event with a period of 666 years. For example, think of The World Cup which always takes place two years after each instance of Olympic Games, and both are once-every-four-years events.

There is a Distaff Counterpart to St. Olga's for Princes.
It basically teaches them to be either just like Star's father's public persona or to subjugate their royal wives, depending on the traditions of their home world. Despite the "choice" about which kind of prince you're molded into, it's treated with the same amount of fear.
  • Confirmed in "Heinous", though whether the counterpart school for princes is actually as bad as St. Olga's is up in the air.

St. Olga's was built over or was once an ancient monster temple.
And Star and Marco will have to return to it's ruins to learn more about Eclipsa and the Monsters, possibly having to seek out and form an Enemy Mine with Miss Heinous to get answers from her as well.

The monster temple Ludo was hiding out in was Toffee's original headquarters.
That giant stone lizard head on it's side looks an awful lot like a Septarian...

Mewni has a magical caste system
Relating to the above theory, it's a bit odd that the first time Mewni is shown (outside of a few seconds in the episode one) the first thing that we see is people living in abject poverty. It's shown that Star's family lives in a giant castle, and there are other castles which presumably belong to other aristocrats, but the rest of Mewni seems to be an impoverished slum. Even stranger is how Star doesn't react to this at all, as if it is perfectly normal. Perhaps only members of the upper-class on Mewni have magic and the rest are normals.
  • It's not odd at all. The peasantry living in squalor is a pretty universal feature of feudal monarchy which often goes totally unexamined in stories about animated princesses. Here it's used for black comedy (one of the best kinds of comedy) with the option to (hopefully) become a legit plot point later.
  • Somewhat confirmed and jossed at the same time. It is shown that Mewni does at the very least have a castle system. There are multiple castles with various levels of fanciness and eloquence. It's not shown yet whether it is distinctly for the royal family or for anyone with any level of nobility.

Earth is special in this universe because it doesn't have a magical caste system
To bolster the theory above theory; I'd actually make the guess that Earth is actually one of the rare places that don't support some sort of Caste system basic on magical abilities/properties. If you look at Star (for all her experience travelling the multiverse), she seems to think pretty much every Earth technology more advanced than the Medieval Period was done with some sort of magic. Considering that Mewni's (presumable Muggle) Peasants are living in a distinctly Medieval squalor, while the Mewni nobility have technology comparable too (and often more advanced) than Earth's. It seems like a safe bet that in a lot of high-Magic societies, people rely on wizards for their day to day needs to such an extent that whoever controls the Magic will essentially rule the world. Even without the threat of destruction which one could do the Royal Wand, the ability for the Wizards to up and leave would essentially throw everyone else into the Dark ages. On the other hand, so long as Wizards are able to do everything Earth can after hundreds of years of industrializing and do it better, cheaper and quicker, places like Mewni are never going to advance into the Renaissance.

The wand not only changes shape depending on the current bearer, but it also changes mood.
  • Notice how calm it was when it was in Queen Butterfly's possession. It only became more destructive once Star took ownership. Plus it was revealed that it could become even more dangerous if it ends up in the hands of someone evil.
    • Maybe the Theme Song is even from the wand's perspective!

Mewni was originally known as Septarsis.
Before the Mewmans invaded the land, the various monster races, such as the Frog Men, Kappas and Septarians, whom the land was named for, lived in peace. However, out of nowhere, the Mewmans, with their power over magic and backing by the Magic High Commission, drove the monsters out of the land, and renamed it Mewni, after themselves. While the monsters continued to fight for their land back, certain monsters, such as the Septarians, went as far to refuse to acknowledge the name change, and continue to use the title “Of Septarsis” in their name, to preserve their culture, and to mock the Mewmans with a remainder of what Mewni once was.
The MHC will be stripped of their title and under vote of execution.
Shown in Ready aim fire, they were helping Mina get rid of Globgor and Mina, endangering monsters and humans alike, not only will they be stripped of their title, but at the risk of execution, for mass treason against the Butterfly Family and Mewni in general.

    General Plot Guesses (Nonseason specific) 
Star will accidentally enter Dimensional Limbo and rescue Canard.
Remember, Star frequently traverses dimensions with her scissors- so logically there's a void outside the dimensions travelers can get stuck in. And if she gets there, she'll meet up with Canard, defeat the crazy worm thing that trapped him there, and bring him back to the Ducks. At which point she and her friends will team up with the Ducks to defeat the Saurians and get the Ducks back to Puckworld. (It'll need clearance from Disney legal, given how Adam McArthur has spoken about the "no crossovers for legal reasons" thing.

The room with the symbols in St. Olga's will be important later.
The Symbols on the ground are part of The Prophecy, and represent certain characters. The moon represents Eclipsa, because it's partially covered, thus being the start of an eclipse. The sun represents Marco, as his name was originally Sol, which means sun. And the star represents, well, Star, for obvious reasons, and it resembles the inside of her wand. Now for the rest of the room, the columns on the walls represent Toffee's species, the Septarians, who may have served Eclipsa. And finally, the Monsters on the ceiling represent the rest of Eclipsa's army, with the window in the center showing portal which the army will use to invade Mewni, and dimensions beyond, with the Septarians and their Queen leading the charge. Only if the sun (Marco) and the star (Star) can come together, will the universe have any hope of stopping Eclipsa and her Monster army...

     Season 1 Guesses 
"St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses" is probably not as bad as they make it out to be.
As the show is a deconstruction of the Magical Girl genre, the trope of Boarding School of Horrors might also be subverted or deconstructed if there was an episode set there. When the main characters get to St. Olga's, we find the place to be the fantasy equivalent to a really strict military school, which by North and Western hemisphere standards is not THAT bad. It would be a case of Values Dissonance on the part of Marco and the audience with sprinklings of severe Mood Whiplash in terms of punishment for offenses, ranging from surprisingly very minor to shockingly bowel evicting terror inducing and possibly fatal to Earthlings.
  • King Pony Head says it's a lot like a jail, so that seems contradictory, though the King could have just been lying to keep up the school's fearful image.
    • Or it's the Values Dissonance mentioned above.
    • Seems to be jossed by the episode "St. Olga's Reformatory School for Wayward Princesses" where we see what the school is like on the inside. If anything, it's worse than they make it out to be, with prison cells and brainwashing, the school is basically the princess version of Lake Laogai.

"St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses" is going to become important to the series' plot.
  • We've already seen it twice in the first episodes alone, so it's not too far off a stretch to assume there's some foreshadowing going on and that it will be important to the story down the road.
    • Likely confirmed by "St. Olga's Reformatory School for Wayward Princesses".

Combining the above two theories: A later episode will feature Star dealing with the possibility of being transferred to St. Olga's
  • However, the conflict won't be that it's a terrible place: As it turns out, it's actually a fairly nice place, and all of Star's friends (such as Pony Head) are already there. The conflict will revolve around Star having to choose whether to go to St. Olga's (and leave her friends on Earth) or stay on Earth, away from all of her magical friends.
  • Jossed by "St. Olga's Reformatory School for Wayward Princesses".

Glossaryck was faking being frozen in time
He is beyond space and time, as he created Omnitraxus Prime, the embodiment of space-time, so he wouldn't normally be bound to it. As for the reason he was faking, it was probably just to mess with them.

     Season 2 Guesses 
Speculation on some new characters from the intro
The hulking lizard man with the spiky shoulders and gem in his eye socket is either a goon sent by Miss Heinous to track down Marco and Star for the chaos they caused at St. Olga's (Heinous was seen with an attack dog with similar prosthetic gem-eyes), a relative of Toffee's looking to pick up where he left off... or worse, both (having infiltrated the staff of St. Olga's much like Toffee infiltrated Ludo's goon squad).

The girl with the Sailor Moon-esque buns and pigtails and the smudges on her cheeks is rather obviously a Loony Fan of Star's from back on Mewni, who is so desperate to be Star she wants to steal her wand. She may or may not come into conflict with Star's biggest fan on Earth, Starfan13.

  • Jossed, according to "Starstruck" she's Mina Loveberry, a Mewni warrior woman who befriends Star... but turns out to be totally crazy.

Janna will undergo a Face–Heel Turn
Look how outright evil she looks in the new intro.

Glossaryk is lying about being bound to whoever possesses the book
He certainly wasn't bound to Marco in "Mewberty" after all. He wants to be in Ludo's possession because he can be a useless "mentor" who just frustrates the villain, along with forcing Star to create her own spells that Ludo will have no information about in the book.

The "alternative monsters" Star met in "Raid the Cave" will become Star's allies
The "rebel princess" will be fighting not just Ludo, but less substantial "forces of evil" like the long-standing enmity between Mewmans and monster-kind. The peaceful monsters who had moved into Ludo's old lair are almost certainly going to be useful in dealing with at least one of those things.

Eclipsa saw her husband cheating on her through the spying spell.
This explain's Glossaryck's line that "spying leads to crying" - he's seen a similar situation play out before. That betrayal served as her Start of Darkness and prompted her to run away and take a monster lover.

Rhombulus was right about Star causing the Magic Glitch
He just didn't realize how she caused it. When Star destroyed her wand back in 'Storm the Castle' the explosion caused the leak in magic. Star had no idea this would happen, but Toffee did, which is why he made her do it in the first place. Draining the magic from the universe made his foes weaker, and could also possibly be part of a plot to free Eclipsa. After all, a plan that weakens his foes and strengthens himself and/or his allies is right up his alley.

Marco will be instrumental in defeating the Toffee possessed Ludo
He his his combat training, his 16 years of survival, and his dimensional scissors. Its not a stretch to imagine him cutting off Ludo's arm to de-power him.

     Season 3 Guesses 
The opening scene of the Season 3 intro isn't just intro silliness. Star really will magically transfer Marco's room into Mewni Castle after they're reunited.
It'll be explained that Star did the same thing with her room from Mewni. The Sparkle Glitter Bomb Expand spell doesn't create a room from scratch, it transfers an existing room to a new location, displacing anything that was already there. This would be why when Marco asked Star to magically expand his bedroom in the pilot, she didn't repeat the spell and instead tried to create a new one: he didn't have an existing tower in Mewni Castle to summon like Star did. Unfortunately Star's attempt at a new spell resulted in Mystic Room Suck Transform instead of what she was actually trying to create.
  • Confirmed: Star recreates Marco's room in Mewni Castle.

Kelly is going to become an Ascended Extra
She's seen in the new opening wielding a sword, and she's with Star and Marco at the end alongside Pony Head, Janna, and Tom. She might become an important figure in the upcoming battle with Toffee.

Marco will get stranded on Mewni
It seems one way or another, Marco will be stuck in Mewni and he will spend the season trying to find a way back to Earth. Perhaps something renders his Dimensional Scissors unable to return him to his proper dimension, or the magic catastrophe that is the plot of the pilot movie will end up destroying all possible gateways back to Earth.
  • Jossed: Marco willingly moves to Mewni after finding readjusting to Earth life difficult.

Toffee is a Disc-One Final Boss and part of a Thanatos Gambit
By killing her Mom, Toffee intentionally let himself be set up as Moon's "Hated foe" so she would be willing to make the deal with Eclipsa for the spell. Toffee made it look as though he had big plans for himself and the wand, when really he knew he wouldn't live to see the true plan's end. This was all for Eclipsa. He let himself die, so now that the deal is fulfilled, his mistress will be free. He let everyone think he was the main villain, when really all he did was pave the way for Eclipsa to take the reins. "Only I know how this all turns out" indeed...
  • We know he can get quite hammy when he thinks he's winning, and at the very least is known to crack a smile. Yet his demeanor after Star's apparent death and the wand being broken is... really cold, unhappy even. Even his finger regenerating isn't met with much enthusiasm. I think that makes it clear that his stated goal was not his goal, and he had some sort of gambit going on.
  • Plus, even as he lay dying, reduced to a skeleton with melted flesh, he just smiles, even laughs, implying he knows something Star and her friends don't.

Eclipsa's personality when she was talking to Moon was just an act
And she's really every bit as evil as everyone says she is.
  • If it is true Eclipsa's mother died when she was young, it's probably because Eclipsa was the one who killed her.
  • In alternative, the show will take a plot more similar to human history, so that Eclipsa will result only a rogue princess / Queen with interest in darkness that hence was considered heretical. This is an alternative explanation to the fanatical hostility of the Guardians, as happened in human history (and more, more brutally).
  • Alternative: Eclipsa herself is a plot. Her parents gave her that name clearly related with the darkness because they, or a Man After Man influencing them, had a project. This Chess Master can be still active in some way.
  • It can a sinister plot but also be a case of Dark Is Not Evil. So, we have insufficient data.
    • Star and Marco will be however involved. Surely.

Ludo will undergo a Heel–Face Turn, or at the very least become a Heel–Face Revolving Door

Toffee is legitimately dead, but don't count him out of the story just yet
  • He might return as a real spirit, not the kind of being he was in the wand, and start possessing multiple hosts or demons, be it to help Eclipsa, stop Eclipsa or... something else. Don't forget his final words before Ludo crushes him, claiming to have all the plans and that he knows how everything turns out. He may be dead (otherwise Eclipsa wouldn't have been freed presumably) but he's far from done.

Glossaryck isn't dead.
At least, not entirely.His physical form may be gone, but he will continue to appear to Star as a Spirit Advisor.

Marco will visit Mewni regularly during the summer
And the the intro doesn't depict his room in the castle, but instead a guest room tailor made by Star with her wand to make Marco feel more at home while he's at Mewni.
  • Jossed: Marco does move to Mewni and Star creates him a room in the castle.

The Magic High Commission will have lost their memories because of their rejuvenation.
As a side effect of either Toffee draining them, or being in the rejuvenation pods, they will have no memory of who they are or what their purpose is, forcing Marco and Star to have to spend an episode trying to help them regain their memories.
  • Jossed: Except for Lekmet, they're all good as new.

The darkest spell isn't Eclipsa's invention.
That's why it's not in the book and Moon needed to go learn it from Eclipsa.

Toffee's Goal was to make sure the wand would be as powerful as possible.
In planting himself as Moon's enemy so she would make the deal with Eclipsa, he also had the additional purpose of making sure Star's magical abilities would accelerate, making the Wand far more powerful than its ever been before. That way, upon his final death, Eclipsa would be freed, and can take control of the now all powerful wand for herself. Of course, how she'll steal the wand from Star is another story entirely.

Toffee and Eclipsa were (and are) working together the entire time.
Lending credence to the above theory that he pulled some sort of Thanatos Gambit, It's strange how Moon approaches Eclipsa and says that she needs a spell to destroy something immortal only to be met with no follow up questions about what she's up against. Eclipsa never asked who or what the threat was. Instead they make a deal and she tells moon the spell before saying "aim it directly at his heart." Moon used one of the vaguest words ever. She gave no clue about the nature of the enemy she was facing and all the sudden it becomes a he.

Eclipsa will appeal to have Moon imprisoned.
After Eclipsa escapes from Rhombulus' crystal, she will reveal to the royal court and the High Commission the black Tainted Veins have moved from her arms to Moon's, and announce that the law demands a Butterfly queen outed as a practitioner of Black Magic must be frozen in crystal. Even if everyone scrambles to find a loophole, Eclipsa will (probably sweetly) reference their hypocrisy. She got a life sentence, why shouldn't Moon? With Moon either frozen or undergoing inquiry, Eclipsa becomes the regent of Mewni and Star's guardian for most of the season.

Eclipsa will use Marco's body to resurrect Toffee.
It's widely accepted that you can't find magic darker than necromancy, so a few spells of said ilk are likely in Eclipsa's repertoire. In past seasons, there have been hints that Marco has/will have a connection with Toffee, and that he's vulnerable to dark magic, probably because of latent Monster Arm.

Star will try to get back together with Tom.
To cope with Marco still going out with Jackie, she'll try to start anew with Tom to fill the void in her life. It may or may not work out however...
  • Partially confirmed: Star and Tom start dating again, but they genuinely reconcile their relationship rather than Star coping with Marco and Jackie.

Next time we see Jackie, we'll find out what she's like when she's angry.
She was visibly upset about Star's confession at the end of season 2, and Word of God is that Marco didn't tell anybody before using his scissors to go after Star. Then he ended up being there for (according to the livechat) 2-3 weeks. Jackie is generally very clam and accepting, but when the first thing she asks is where he's been all this time and Marco says "on Mewni", it would be pretty unbelievable if she's not seriously angry.
  • Jossed: Jackie stays calm and kind with Marco, although she does eventually break up with him for lying to her.

Season 3 will take completely over the current summer break
Star will have to stay on Mewni due to her Moon's magic as a whole still being out of whack and other potential threats still being around. So Marco and Janna will frequently come to visit since it is summer and they don't have school, and this will allow the show to focus on the more fantastic characters and settings with their reactions to it rather then Star reacting to more odd but mundane things on Earth.

The Magic High Comission will get a successor
Kind of obvious, but because of Lekmet's death, he will need a successor to his post. Out of all of the remaining members of the High Commission, Queen Moon is the only viable candidate, so very likely she will succeed him as head.

Marco Will Be Punished By His Parents
After the events of "Heinous", Marco's parents might me more involved in their son's life to the point of going overboard childproofing him and restricting him. It's not confirmed what Marco did before he went to Mewni to see Star. He either told his parents about going or he lied about it and snuck off. If Marco comes back to Earth and lied to them, it might be possible that he will get grounded and he will be forced to tell the truth about what he did on Mewni and how he got his scissors from Hekapoo. On another note, his scissors might get taken away. If Star confessed to the Diazes, Marco's punishment might be minimum.

She and Star share many similarities, one of them might be that they are unfazed by the powers of darkness. Eclipsa genuinely doesn't see or doesn't understand her dark forbidden spells as evil because they don't affect her as they affect other people, and may have done bad things without realizing. She is also rather tragic based on the fact that everyone she knew is dead.
  • Adding to this, Mewni is extremely prejudiced and the show does not shy away from depicting it as a Dung Age Crapsaccharine World. How much of Eclipsa's story is true and how much of it is propaganda designed to shame a White Sheep who married outside her station?

Glossaryck is gone, but can be brought back
In season 2, he could show up by using a math book, it's possible he can be summoned back if they make a new spellbook, which will be done through Star's Notebook of Spells.
  • In "Rest in Pudding", Glossarcyk does come Back from the Dead, but he (apparently) hasn't fully regained his mental faculties, unable to say anything but "Globgor", and he's shown to be quite childlike in "Stranger Danger".

"Globgor" will be important later.
Perhaps it's a magic word for a spell. Whether it's a spell for good or evil is anyone's guess though...
  • Alternatively, Globgor was the name of Eclipsa's monster husband
    • Confirmed

The squire trio will be reoccurring antagonists.
They seemed too notable to be one-shot characters. Perhaps they'll even become the show's resident Terrible Trio.

Eclipsa's trial will be a Kangaroo Court.
It will be completely biased, with the Magic High Commission acting as the jury, and Queen Moon as the judge. It will be all up to Star to defend her (possible) innocence.
  • Mostly Confirmed, the Magic High Commission uses The Box of Truth (also known as Truth or Punishment) and were always planning on finding her guilty. Near the end however, Eclipsa manages to turn the trial on them when she asks a question that the Magic High Commission has to answer honestly. "What did you do with my daughter?". It's revealed that Eclipa's daughter, by her monster lover, was gotten rid of, and the Magic High Commission covered it up. Ultimately, both parties are found guilty, Eclipsa with crimes against Mewmantiy and the Magic High Commission with tampering with Mewni's history. Also at the end, Moon alongside Star was on Eclipsa's side during the trial, hence the mostly confirmed.
There will be a Civil War on Mewni
Since tensions between Monsters and Mewmans will be higher than ever after "Monster Bash", Star won't give up on fighting for the equality of Monsters. At some point, Moon may sign a new law that cracks down on the monster population by the Royal Guards, arbitrarily arresting them without due process, as well as arresting any Mewman caught with a monster in their home. This will anger Star, and she decides she will defend the monsters who are affected, and to show her subjects their prejudices have no place in this day and age, even if it means fighting against her mom and the Royal Guard. On her side would be Marco, Pony Head, Tom, Buff Frog, Kelly, monster allies, and Mewmans who agree with Star. On loyalist side would be the Mewni Royal Guard and the Magic High Commission.

Miss Heinous is plotting rescue Eclipsa
.Now that Miss Heinous remembers she is Meteora, daughter of Eclipsa and her monster lover, it seems that she is now off to break out Eclipsa from the Butterfly Castle.

"Globgor" is the magical equivalent of Globnar
Glossaryck had a vision of the future where he saw Star have to participate in Globgor, a tournament between the most powerful magic wielders connected to Mewni. Nobody knows it because it has been lost to time since the last time it was held. The winner is able to decide who does or doesn't get access to magic in Mewni and the various leaders from after the last Globgor decided to ban the event and then wipe all records of its existence so their world/dimension could never possibly be at the mercy of anyone who who would keep all the magic for themselves if they were to win the competition. But Glossaryck's vision showed him that Globgor will happen again and is now focusing all of his reborn mind's strength on trying to warn Star about who could beat her, but is only able to say Globgor due to limitations he can't overcome yet.
  • Jossed. Globgor is the name of Eclipsa's monster husband.

Star is going to use the Truth or Punishment cube during Eclipsa's trial
At this point, she's sick and tired of her family's lying and bias, and figures using it will tell her the truth about Eclipsa in a "the ends justify the means" sort of way. Considering it can be seen in the new mid-season promo, alongside clips of what appears to be Eclipsa's trial, this might not be too far off the mark...
  • Actually, it seems like Eclipsa herself requested it on purpose to prove that she is being truthful.

Festivia is Eclipsa's Mewman daughter.
In "Total Eclipsa of the Moon", Eclipsa has no idea who Festivia, her successor to the throne, is. We learned earlier in that episode that Eclipsa knows a mindwipe spell... so maybe she used one to wipe her own memories so that she could elope with her monster lover guilt-free and used one on Festivia so that she doesn't have to remember that her mother left her. Everyone else either got mindwiped too or never bothered saying anything because it made things easier.
  • Jossed. Festivia was just an average baby who was swapped with her real daughter

Festivia and her following heirs are not the true royal line.
Confirmed, she was an average baby who was swapped with Meteora, Eclipsa's only child

Meteora is planning to take over Mewni
Meteora will demand the throne as Eclipsa's true daughter and is gathering an army of monsters to take it by force if necessary.Sort of confirmed. She does want to take the throne, but doesn't gather an army at all.

Meteora's return is part of a master plan put together by Toffee, Eclipsa, and her husband (King Shastacan)
Toffee is Shastacan's best friend and advisor. While Shastacan went into hiding, Toffee raised Meteora and taught her to brainwash herself and remove her memories of her true family, while Toffee also created / took over St. Olga's and entrusted her with it. Toffee reminds Eclipsa that if she is to be freed, she needs to make a deal with someone that involves "killing" Toffee first. Eclipsa gets crystallized by Rhombulus (willingly in defense of other monsters, possibly the ones that are seen in Crystal Clear) while Toffee escapes and convinces the later Monster King (the big furry one who's probably just a Nice Guy) that the Mewmans will destroy them all unless they retaliate. He becomes infamous for killing Moon's mother and deserting the King when it is clear that a treaty is about to happen. Moon and Eclipsa make a deal (Eclipsa knows who Moon is talking about when she says "immortal"), fast-forward, Star and Ludo destroy the Lizard, thus freeing the Queen of Darkness. She is of the belief that her daughter deserves the throne as she is the rightful heir. She wants to find her husband ("You got a hot date?" "Something like that..."), use dark magic and bring back the Lizard, and recover Meteora's memories to put her on the throne.

Toffee was advisor to Eclipsa and her husband

Toffee IS Eclipsa's husband in a different form
  • Jossed. Eclipsa's husband is encased in crystal.

Toffee is their son and Meteora's brother. If he is the older brother, this may mean that he is Mewni's rightful King.

Eclipsa altered the scroll herself.
In "Total Eclipsa the Moon", she has a minimum several hours unsupervised in the archive room while Moon is trapped before coming back and freeing her. If the scroll had been altered to falsify the historical record and falsely claim Festivia was Eclipsa's daughter, why would the alteration be so comically obvious? It makes much more sense if Eclipsa herself altered the scroll in a deliberately sloppy manner in order make Festivia's name seem like it was inserted into the scroll after the fact. Not to mention that seemingly the only thing changed is inserting Festivia's name where a different name used to be. If that were really what happened, that would mean that previously the scroll said that Meteora was crowned queen, since Eclipsa claims that Meteora was her only daughter. Which seems spectacularly unlikely to have happened. If hooking up with a monster and having a half-monster child was the very crime that got Eclipsa deposed and imprisoned, there's no way that same half-monster child would've ever been crowned queen. There's also the fact that at the start of the episode, Eclipsa is slightly hesitant to deny that Festivia is her daughter when Moon asks.

So why would Eclipsa do this? Possibly because she wants to make Moon's claim to the throne seem illegitimate and set up a claim that Meteora is the rightful heir. Or it could be (given that Eclipsa doesn't exactly seem like somebody who'd see the throne as particularly desirable given that she abandoned it herself and thus might not even want to impose it on her daughter) she's just trying to turn Moon and the Magic High Commission against each other. She's manipulated Moon into doing things that the Commission certainly wouldn't approve of (breaking into their restricted archives and mind-wiping one of their employees who discovered what she was doing), and at the same time planted in Moon's head the idea that the Commission is conspiring against her. Best-case, she's converted Moon into an ally, which is impressive given how biased Moon was against her. Worst-case, she's still created division among the people who want to have her imprisoned again.

Eclipsa's monster lover led the war against Festivia.
From what we learned in Total Eclipsa the Moon Festivia was crowned Queen of Mewni even though she isn't the legitimate heir while Meteora was brushed aside despite being Eclipsa's true daughter. Also in the source books we learned that Festivia reigned during the bloodiest Monster/Mewni war in history when her entire people were forced to hide behind the castle walls. My guess is that Eclipsa's lover found out about her imprisonment and his daughter being banished and raised an army either as revenge or to restore his daughter to the throne.

Star will try to offer Meteora the throne of Mewni
Unfortunately, this well-meaning gesture will backfire when Star discovers that after years of abuse and decades, possibly centuries, of living as the cruel headmistress of a Boarding School of Horrors, Meteora is totally unfit to rule. And if Meteora does get the throne, her first act will be to wipe the Mewmans off the face of the Earth for what they did to her and her family. She might even go after the Magic High Commission for their role in erasing her from Mewman history.

Toffee adopted Meteora.
After the Magic High Commission put Festivia on the throne, they simply put up Eclipsa's daughter for adoption, probably at a pretty shoddy Orphanage. Toffee, who once served Eclipsa and her husband, realized the girl was the true heir to Mewni, and of Monster blood. He adopted her, under an assumed name, and enrolled her in St. Olga's so she would know how to be a royal. She became so successful there, she eventually became headmistress, but has forgotten her true heritage in the process. Of course, she still may partially remember Toffee and her monstrous nature, which is why she had that room with the Monsters and Septarian-like columns, that Star and Marco were in, built. Toffee, meanwhile, made sure the Royal Wand would be as powerful as possible for Meteora, even if it meant his own end, knowing once she gets the Wand, she could simply use a spell to resurrect him. Ultimately, Toffee's goal is to make sure Eclipsa's daughter ascends to her rightful throne, and will use her newfound power to help the Monsters, and punish the Mewmans and High Commission for their oppression...
  • Jossed. Meteora was raised by St. Olga.

Jackie and Tom become friends and/or a possible case of Pair the Spares in a future season.
Tom is a fire-shooting demon with anger issues while Jackie is an easygoing girl with a water motif. They could be great foils to each other and Jackie is exactly the kind of person Tom could learn to mellow out from.

We'll get a new preview for Season Three, and especially Eclipsa on August 21, 2017.

Toffee's ultimate plan, and its conclusion.
As of Season 2, Toffee is currently possessing Ludo's body, he's drained the Magic High Commission of their magic, he's got half of the royal wand, and he's going after Star next. But what exactly is his grand goal?

The goal itself is actually pretty simple. Take over Mewni and a few other dimensions, and become the most powerful being in the multiverse. He's partway towards that goal now, but what's next?

Think about it. Star is said to be one of the most powerful members of Mewni's royal family, only rivalled by Eclipsa. Since the latter is out of commission for the moment, he's probably going to use her to give himself more power.

But draining her magic and stealing her wand just isn't enough. He wants her-and her family-to really suffer after whatever happened between them. But how to go about this?

Well, remember, Toffee only managed to possess Ludo because his essence was a part of the former Big Bad's makeshift wand-specifically, his skeletal hand. And guess who's finger managed to find itself inside of the other half of the wand?

That's right. Toffee wants to take over the body of our little bundle of joy, just like what he did to Ludo, before taking over her homeland. Jesus Christ.

Fortunately, as we all know, the finger was found by Star and removed from the wand in the episode Into the Wand,-which, as far as we know, he doesn't know about-so his plan will most likely fail. But still.

Queen Moon took Star someplace unknown and Season 3 will begin with Marco trying to find Star
It's doubtful Queen Moon would take Star back to the castle because Toffee knows where that is. Very likely, Queen Moon has a safehouse that is in a location unknown even to Marco. Marco still has his dimensional scissors, and since Star left Pony Head and Kelly behind, Marco would want them to accompany him on his dimensional trek to determine Star's whereabouts. Once he finds Star, he realizes that doing so just led Toffee to them.
  • It's unlikely he'll go alone, though:
    • Princess Pony Head will certainly want to help find her friend, and she can't do it alone, since she no longer has dimensional scissors. And she would love to cause more trouble. Besides, she is from Mewni, she knows the place as well as Star.
    • Jenna would not pass up a chance to visit a mystical place like Mewni, and she is also a close friend of Star.
    • Jackie wouldn't be left behind either, since putting her on a bus would be out of the question at present situation. Besides, if she really is some sort of magical creature, it would be a good moment for a reveal!
    • Tom would probably also get involved at some point, though probably not from the beginning. His role would also be unclear, as this could be a good opportunity for him to win Star back... or show some more character development.

Dennis will play an important role in season 3
His love for his big brother may prove to be the key to freeing Ludo from Toffee's control. Dennis being the one person Ludo seems to care about, his presence and encouragement could be enough to spur Ludo into fighting Toffee's Demonic Possession, at least enough for Toffee to be defeated by the heroes.
  • Jossed

Glosseryk knew about the Meteora switch
And he willingly went along with it. After all, his loyalty is only to "the queen of mewni", and I see two ways that could've played out.1. The Magic High Commission had done the act of Baby swapping without his knowledge, and just told him that this was the true queen, so he shrugged and went with it, like he did when Ludo or Toffee became new owner of the book.2. He was part of the planning stage, and threw up his hands to say, "I'm for the queen. If they say she's going to be queen, that's all that matters to me.

And then there's the little matter that he claimed that Eclipsa was Moon's ancestor, despite that not being the case. Glosseryk is not above being contradictory for its own sake in the path of training, and it's just that all the queens of mewni failed to ask whether they were legitimate, since why wouldn't they be. That if they'd asked, he would've told the truth.

By the end of the season, Star and Marco will be forced to leave Mewni
Assuming the above theory of Meteora taking over Mewni and wiping out the Mewmans is correct, Marco will convince Star to follow him back to Earth in a harrowing part of the finale. Star at first urges herself to stay, but her parents tell her it is no longer safe, and so she shares a tearful goodbye to them before leaving with Marco (possibly being accompanied by Tom, Ponyhead, etc). The next season will involve them exploring different dimensions, meeting old friends (such as Buff Frog and the other monsters), and figuring out how to defeat the Big Bad.
  • And now let's take the events of "Booth Buddies" into consideration. What's going to happen when Tom discovers the photo of Star cheating on him with Marco? He's going to lose it! And what if this causes a rift between the Butterflies and the Lucitors - that Tom's future queen had allegedly eloped with some Earth boy? Worst case scenario: Marco will be labelled as a wanted criminal on Mewni and Star could face the same punishment as Eclipsa - as if the threat of Meteora weren't enough!

The real reason why the monsters left Mewni
]It is suggested in "Is Another Mystery" that Buff Frog and the other monsters decided to leave Mewni because of ongoing prejudice from Mewmans. But what if there was another, bigger reason they didn't want to reveal? Upon finding the monster village deserted, Star worries that the civilians may have been captured by a rogue gang of Mewmans, or worse, Mina.

That's right, Mina is attempting to track down the monsters and may even be aided by a rogue gang of Mewmans to carry out her plot in exterminating them. Buff Frog discovered this and warned the other monsters that they had to leave before they all get killed. That's why they don't want any word of their escape getting to the Mewmans. Unfortunately, Mina will soon realize this and try to seek them out, leaving it up to Star, Marco and Tom to stop her (assuming one her rogues hasn't already implanted some sort of Tracking Device inside Katrina's teddy bear).

Star is the First Legitimate Princess Since Meteora
River's Family is an offshoot of the Butterfly Line (One Queen had a Brother/Sister.)Maybe even Eclipsa had a Brother. (If She had a Sister then there was another Solution than Baby Swapping.)Since Mewni is a matriarchy, If She had a Brother it He would have married someone else. And got a different last name.And a few generations down the line we get River who marries Moon and we have come full circle.

There will be an episode where Marco confronts Hekapoo about her role in the Meteora cover-up
Marco has been shown to have a friendly relationship with Hekapoo in "Running With Scissors" and "Night Life". This could mean that he would be disturbed enough by what she did to confront her about it; especially since she broke off her partnership with Marco because he kept information form her in "Night Life".

Star and Tom are being set up as counterparts of Eclipsa and her monster lover
Star will eventually be given an arranged marriage with some snooty Mewni prince (or Marco). It is then she will admit feelings for Tom (either out of love, or more likely to unite the Mewmans and monsters considering Tom is a hybrid). This will get everyone up in arms and the Magical High Commission will threaten to have her crystallized - sound familiar? Thankfully this time, Rhombulus will be the first to decline doing this, given the relationship he established with Star and the fact that he feels at least some remorse in the Meteora cover-up and doesn't want to be involved in the same conspiracy again.

Moon will be Killed Off for Real
Eclipsa lost her mother at a young age. Meteora was separated from her mother as a child. And Moon's mother was killed by Toffee when she was about Star's age. Anyone sensing a pattern? What's more; the synopsis for "Divide" reads that Moon goes missing and Star becoming acting queen, and its sister episode "Conquer" that Star must face Meteora alone.
  • Moon previously spoke with Star about dealing with death in "Rest in Pudding", including that little rhyme; "Baloo-balee, baloo-balow. I let you go, I let you go." This will have significance in the next season as Star tries to move on.

The ultimate villain is yet to be revealed
It seems somebody sent Mina to the temple in "Monster Bash", and it was neither Moon or the MHC. This same person also appointed Ben Fontino to trick Star into kissing Marco - knowing that it would jeopardize the relationship between Star and Tom, the alliance between the Butterflies and the Lucitors and thus the potential unity between Mewmans and Monsters.

How Meteora will be defeated
You know how she drains souls to retain her youth? Meteora may be getting younger each time. She will exploit her powers over the limit, and as a result, she will be transformed back into a baby. Eclipsa will earn the chance to finally raise her as her own. After everything they've been through, they both deserve another shot. And with Meteora out of the picture, the next villain will step forward...
  • Confirmed! in part. The only thing is Eclipsa is queen, She has the wand and her baby and the first thing she does is depart to free her monster lover.

Eclipsa will make a Heroic Sacrifice to save Mewni from Meteora
Eclipsa has shown thus far, she isn't evil and does want to make things right, but the people of Mewni already sees her as the queen who betrayed her people by running off with a monster. The only course of action is to redeem herself in her people's eyes by pulling off some huge sacrifice that will defeat Meteora, but at the cost of her own life.
  • Semi-jossed. Eclipsa turned Meteora into a baby.

Star's body is now made out of magic
The exact effects of the Whispering Spell are still a bit unclear, but Star's body could have been vaporized in the explosion, and if that's the case, she magically created a new one upon returning to life in her golden form.
  • There's this part of "Shining Star" (the Season 3 end credits song) that implies it:
    "Evil won't deter her, 'cause magic flows through her."

Toffee was aware of Meteora, and is counting on her to continue his plans.
While Toffee and Meteora have yet to interact in any way, there are hints that he knew of her existence. Given that the Monster Temple was revealed to be Meteora’s nursery, Eclipsa and her Husband must have spent time there, perhaps it even being their home. And Toffee knew of the temples location, as Ludo told Glossaryck his Wand, Which Toffee was inside of, told him where to find it. Toffee must have known of Meteora, perhaps even being there for her birth, and a close confidant of Eclipsa, or at least her Husband. So when Eclipsa was frozen, and her Husband disappeared, he began his plans against the Mewmans and High Commission, while keeping a watchful eye on Meteora while she was being raised at St. Olga’s. Toffee knew that even if his initial plan failed, Meteora would be there to take over, especially after discovering her true heritage. Even if she didn’t know of him, Meteora will carry on Toffee’s plans in spirit, to punish the Commission and the Mewmans, and make Monsters the dominant force on Mewni...

Moon fled to the realm of magic.
The portal she created resembles the one Star made to access the realm, and her eye glowed the same as Star’s when she entered. She may be trying to gather more magical energy to use against Meteora, especially after being half drained by her. However, if the Unicorns in the realm are anything like last time, Moon may not want to leave...
  • Confirmed.

Meteora's fate in the season 3 finale was the result of a Yin-Yang Bomb.
This post makes a fairly convincing argument that what happened to Meteora was caused by the huge surge of magical energy Star threw at Meteora in a moment of desperation interacting with the dark magic Eclipsa used to defeat Meteora. Instead of being destroyed utterly by Eclipsa's spells, Meteora was reborn thanks to Star's magic.

    Season 4 Guesses 

Glossaryck will indirectly free Globgor
According to the book of spells, Solaria Butterfly who just happens to be Eclipsa's mother developed a spell that "Breaks apart any crystals, including those made by Rhombulus." The only reason Eclipsa hadn't noticed it is because of a buycut considering Solaria being a massive blood knight. All it takes is another moment of desperation on Eclipsa's behalf and some pudding to make Glossaryck teach that spell to Eclipsa.
  • Jossed. It turns out Rhombulus, the same person who imprisoned Globgor, would end up freeing him.

The ceiling of St. Olga will be relevant
There was a room with a ceiling depicting monsters and some symbols, in a room with busts of Toffee's species. This will be relevant in telling the past of Toffee's race.

The Blood Moon will be explained
And it will be a sort of curse that Marco and Star will want to break. The Blood Moon will be sort of a deconstruction of shipping, with it being a force that pushes people together despite their desires.
  • Confirmed
  • The nature of the Blood Moon is certainly going to be explained but that seems fairly unlikely to be what the does. The Blood Moon simply hasn't done anything to actually push Star and Marco together. If that were what it does, then it's gotta be the weakest curse of all time.
  • Confirmed that it's a curse, but that "weakest curse of all time" description seems to apply because it did almost nothing to actually force them together and the same episode cast lots of doubt on the idea of the curse having anything to do with their feelings for each other.

Globgor is a Lucitor
Meteora is a Mewman-monster hybrid who has a devil tail she is able to hide. As shown in "Is Another Mystery", Tom also possesses this trait because he too is part monster. Is it any coincidence that Tom's mother and Globgor share similar appearances? While neither the Butterflies or the Lucitors know it, bringing Star and Tom together could redeem the sins of the past and make Star the first rightful heir since Meteora.
  • Throwing my two cents into this one. It has some real merit. Comparing the designs of Tom's mother and Globgor, they're 'Eerily' similar. With Tom being a bonafide royal, an arranged marriage would make Star a legitimate princess and rightful heir of the throne, of the Underworld if not Mewni. Alternatively, it could unite both. The unfortunate part of this lies in whether Star and Tom's relationship will last. We'll have to wait and see.
  • Semantic correction: Tom’s mom is a Lucitor by marraige. She probably is related to Globgor, though.
  • This makes no sense because if Globgor were a Lucitor, there would've been absolutely no issues with him and Eclipsa marrying, or with their daughter inheriting the throne. Star's third great-grandmother Rhina the Riddled married a Lucitor (John Roachley second cousin to the Lucitor king of the time), and nobody had issue with her half-demon daughter Celena the Shy becoming queen. Demons might biologically be monsters, but legally and socially they're not treated that way by the Mewmans. And likewise, demons aren't thought of as monsters by other monsters, as we saw in "Is Another Mystery". It's not biology that causes monsters to be discriminated against by Mewmans, it's social status. And the Lucitors actually have higher social status than most pure-blooded Mewmans. So if Star and Tom were to marry, that would mean nothing to the average monster, just like how Rhina's marriage to John didn't change anything for monsters.

Mina will go after Eclipsa and her family
We've seen in "Monster Bash" that Mina has been trying to track Meteora for years and knows exactly where the Monster Temple is located. When she hears that Eclipsa has reunited with Meteora and is planning to free Globgor, she will still believe Eclipsa is up to no good, neglecting the fact that Eclipsa saved her along with all the others who fell victim to Meteora's soul-sucking rampage. It will get even worse when she attempts to kill the infant Meteora, leading Star, Eclipsa or someone else to call her out and say she is the real monster.
  • So far Mina has proudly taken credit for the assassination attempt of Eclipsa. Whether it escalates from there is yet to be seen.

Eclipsa will help Star unite the monsters and Mewmans
Eclipsa has a monster husband and monster-hybrid child, and now she's the queen. It only makes sense.
  • Confirmed.

Star will change her last name to Festivia's original last name
I already posted this on Reddit but I decided I might as well put it here to. So I think that it might be possible that Star will change her last name to Festivia's last name. Reasons why she would do this could be in order to finally put an end to the lies and cover-up surrounding the Butterfly family's lineage. She might want to stop 'pretending' to be apart of the original Butterfly family.
  • Alternatively, she will change her last name to her father's.

Eclipsa will return the wand and throne to Star's family
She already left the throne once, and circumstances haven't really changed that much. So once she uses the wand to free Globgor, and Moon is recovered, she'll give everything back.
  • Looking to be jossed. Eclipsa still has every intention of keeping the wand and ruling Mewni. She has even been properly coronated. Meanwhile, Star, Moon, and River have accepted that they are no longer the royal family and are moving on with their lives.
  • A tapestry has been made for Star, and only queens get tapestries, so there's a chance Star is going to be queen when all is said and done.
    • Alternatively, the tapestry was made due to Star already becoming queen in the past. Hence her poem.
    Star the Underestimated was queen for just four days. Her one decision on the throne: to give it all away.

Tom will break up with Star
He clearly knows how close Star and Marco are. He'll ultimately break up with Star because he knows she should be with Marco.
  • Confirmed; it is the premise of "Sad Teen Hotline", but not for that reason.

Rasticore will be discovered by Toffee
So nobody's questioning what happened to Rasticore after "Skooled"? Well, he and Toffee were allies once as shown in "Moon the Undaunted". If Toffee does indeed return again, he'll find Rasticore's arm (or whatever's regenerated) and train him for vengeance against the Butterfly family - which now includes Eclipsa and Meteora.
  • No need to actually train him. After leaving the monster army, he was still in action. He just has the bad luck of frequently getting blown up before getting a proper on-screen battle.

Star will be a Walking Armory
Star no longer has the wand, so very likely, Star will have to resort to using weaponry. Star's arsenal will consist of two swords, a chain-based weapon, a grappling hook, and a mace.

Globgor is able to change his size and form
He varies between being over twice Eclipsa's size in portraits and depictions to being much larger in "Conquer". He was also stated to have a tail note , which he is able to hide like Meteora and Tom. How he was even able to procreate with Eclipsa also comes into question. I believe that, like Meteora, he was able to change from a more humanoid-looking monster to the hulking red giant we see him as. Given this and his appearance, I also assume that he, too, is part Mewman. This was yet another fact covered up by the Magical High Commission.
  • Eclipsa's chapter in the Book of Spells describes Globgor's species as "Size-Shifters". So that's pretty well confirmed.

King Shastacan will get a Villain Has a Point moment.
Despite all of the Hate Sink he has going for him, he will raise at least one valid point (in another flashback), no matter how uncomfortable it may be. After all, the series has been delving into plenty of Gray-and-Gray Morality. If Meteora herself, as well as Ludo, got a Freudian Excuse, chances are that he too will at least bring up a valid point. After all, in "Butterfly Trap", while the trial by box ultimately passes judgement on the MHC for their actions, it DID also find Eclipsa guilty for practically abandoning the Mewmans. Sure, what he did to Meteora ain't ever gonna be forgiven, but it doesn't change the fact that what we've seen of him amounted to very little screen time and his perspective on the situation the kingdom found itself in thanks to its own queen betraying it was never fully explored. Envy and bigotry were certainly factors, but not necessarily the only ones. Meteora may have had the right to the throne, but for all we know letting her take the throne at that time (heavily implied to be just as or even more ripe with Fantastic Racism) may as well had the risk of starting a civil war, to the extent that switching her with the ordinary peasant girl Festivia was (comparatively) a lesser risk even if the switch ever were to be discovered (something that took 300 years).

Shastacan and Globgor were OR almost could have become friends.
If Star is meant to be a Generation Xerox of Eclipsa, Shastacan and Globgor may have had a lukewarm friendship of sorts in their youth akin to Marco and Tom. But alas, it couldn't last...

Rasticore and/or Toffee will get an Origins Episode.
It will double as a Wham Episode, showing the circumstances of Comet Butterfly's death and possibly expand on Toffee and Glossaryck's implied acquaintanceship.

Moon was sent to the dimension where the monsters fled
Because she still has amnesia, she will look at her hairy body and assume she is a monster as well (the episode could even be titled something like "Moon-ster" or "Queen of the Monsters"). It won't help that Jelly Goodwell just so happens to be there - having fled the monster village with the others - continuing to embrace monster life and prompting Moon to do the same. Buff Frog will step in to jog her memory, perhaps accompanied by Katrina who is now a froglet. Moon does eventually retrieve her memory and will then try to find a way back to Mewni.

“Globgor” is an Affectionate Nickname.
For a monster as large and powerful as Eclipsa’s Husband, a name as simple as Globgor is rather strange for him. His true name is something much longer and more intimidating, but for the sake of simplicity, Eclipsa affectionately calls him “Globgor”.
  • A villain with the name Toffee also sounds rather strange (unless it turns out that's not his actual name). Personally, if Eclipsa had a nickname for her husband, it would probably be something like Globby.

Eclipsa doesn’t want revenge on Mewni, but her Husband does.
Eclipsa, after getting her daughter back, and finding her Husband Globgor, just wants them to live a happy life together as a family at the Monster Temple, and forgive and forget about Mewni, and for being frozen in crystal. But Globgor, likely a less forgiving type than his wife, especially after what the Magic High Commission did to him and his family, will try to convince Eclipsa to use the Wand against the Mewmans and the Commission upon being freed. Eclipsa may reluctantly follow her Husband’s wishes out of her love for him, or, of she refuses, he may simply take the Wand for himself, and use its power to take revenge on the High Commission, and all of Mewni...
  • Jossed. While he admits that he's still upset over past injustices, Globgor has no interest in exacting revenge on anyone — mainly because it would only end up hurting his wife and daughter more than they already have been. He was even willing to exile himself, and when that didn't work, offered to be imprisoned again, so as to not incite further discourse upon Mewni with his presence.

Toffee learned the soul-draining technique from Globgor, who passed it down to Meteora.
Meteora seemingly had the innate power to drain the life energy of other beings, similar to what Toffee did to the Magic High Commission while in Ludo’s body, right down to the same green hue and sound of draining. Globgor was the original user of this power, either because of a natural Monster ability, or he could have been magically enhanced by Eclipsa. As he is Meteora’s father, she inherited this power from him. Toffee, on the other hand, if he was associated with Globgor’s family, learned from him how to use the soul-draining power, but couldn’t actually use it himself. At least, until he possessed half the wand, allowing him to use magic. If that’s true, then that means Globgor can also drain Life Energy...

The intro will change again
Because the wand is now owned by Eclipsa, will she be holding it in the intro instead of Star? Will it become Eclipsa vs. the Forces of Evil? I have a more likely theory. The intro for Seasons 1 and 2 had Star and Marco travelling across Earth and Mewni. Then Season 3's intro focused more towards Mewni and the other dimensions. If you thought this was a big change, wait until Season 4. The show's main upbeat theme song that opens with Star's blinking'll be revamped to signify the show's Darker and Edgier turn. Maybe it'll be something Animesque, probably like a Western Animation equivalent to Sailor Moon.
  • Unfortunately no. Season 4 uses the same intro that season 3 did, despite many elements now being badly outdated (Star having the wand, Ludo being possessed by Toffee, Meteora being in her Miss Heinous persona instead of a baby). Daron Nefcy said that this is simply due to budget limitations, and that she was lucky to even get Disney to pay for the first intro change in season 3.

There will be a Time Travel Episode
And there, Marco will learn about his destiny and will a see his future self clad in knight armor.

Star will get an Infinity+1 Wand
Well why not? Star gave up her wand, so she may as well get an upgrade to a wand that is far more powerful than the Royal Magic Wand, forged by the Realm of Magic or some higher entities.
  • If so, this will involve an episode showing how the wand came into existence and how the first queen acquired it. And Star will create her own wand from scratch, so that it's all hers rather than having been stolen from Eclipsa's family.

A future antagonist (Maybe Eclipsa, Toffee if revived, even Globgor, possibly) will get a Villain Song.
And unlike others, like Bill's Scrapped song, or Dominator's song, It wouldn’t be about how evil and chaotic they are. Rather, it would Deliciously Lamp Shade how hypocritical and biased the Mewmans and High Commission are, and every lyric would about how THEY are the ones in the wrong, and The Monsters are merely gaining what they rightfully deserve, at the expense of those who unjustly punished them.

Meteora’s birth was to signify a new era of unity between Monsters and Mewmans.
Eclipsa, after meeting Globgor, realized that not all Monsters are evil, and that the Mewman’s and High Commission’s fear and hatred of them is unjustified. They fell in love with each other, and planned on having a child, not only just to have one, but to create a new era of peace and understanding between mortal enemies. They figured if they proved that Monsters and Mewmans could interbreed, the High Commission and Mewmans would see that they’re not so different from the Monsters, and the Mewman and Monster royalty would unify, creating a peaceful resolution to their generations spanning conflict. But the High Commission, rather than accepting this change in the status quo, saw the hybrid child as an abomination, and ruined everything by attacking the temple, freezing Globgor and Eclipsa in crystal, and sending away and erasing all record of Meteora from history. Now Eclipsa, with her daughter, wand, and husband back, thinks they can salvage their plan, and still reach a peaceful agreement. But Globgor, once freed, will decide that there can be no compromises anymore, and vengeance is the only solution to their problems now...

This season will have two main villains; one on the Monster side and the other on the Mewman side
Globgor will be the Big Bad of the monster group. It's been suggested he was the leader of a monster army and may even be the most powerful and dangerous monster in Mewni's history. This is why the MHC was so afraid of Eclipsa and Meteora; the idea that one of their own would side with their greatest enemy and conceive a child with himnote . That being said, Eclipsa may have planned to change Globgor for the better, and Globgor's affection towards her almost got him to change...unfortunately the MHC ruined everything. Because of this, Globgor will reassemble a new monster army and plot vengeance. Eclipsa will try again to redeem, this time with Star by her side.

As for the Big Bad in the Mewman's group? It will be a Knight Templar counterpart to Globgor; someone who is convinced all monsters are evil and will go as far as to exterminate them all, with the idea that it is the right thing to do. I'm talking about the crazed warrior Mina Loveberry. Once a respected member of the royal court, she could very well have lost her position due to her increasing Sanity Slippage note . She will recruit an army of her own, consisting of other Mewmans who hate monsters just as much as she does.

  • Semi-jossed; Globgor is not at all seeking revenge, and was even willing to remain in the crystal until being accepted by the Mewmans - which leaves a Septarian as the next possible guess. As for Mina, it's very well confirmed.

Festivia will be an Unexpected Character significant to Season 4
What happened to Meteora was, in all honesty, heartbreaking and unfair. But what about Festivia? Whether she given up by her family or an orphan, she like Meteora was a helpless infant and an Unwitting Pawn. Perhaps King Shastacan treated her not much better and she made her life 'fun' to make up for those rough times. Come the monster war, she tried to make peace with the monsters, completely oblivious that she was the source of their anger as a result of being the illegitimate heir. She finds out somehow - most likely from Globgor - only to be crystallized to further cover the scheme.

If this turns out true, she will somehow be freed... and surely Star will have questions to ask regarding her true heritage. Also, it seems Star will be running the kingdom right at the time another war is imminent (see above). Given that Festivia was in a similar predicament, she may be able to provide helpful guidance to her questionable descendant.

Hungry Larry will return
For two reasons. First, his saliva is black, looking suspiciously similar to corrupted magic (like we see from Toffee, or when Moon went to the Realm of Magic). Hungry Larry himself may be made up of corrupted magic, possibly even having some sort of connection to Toffee. Second, he states at the end of his debut episode "Nothing is more terrifying than a man who's lost everything". This may be foreshadowing an event in which Star loses someone close to her and loses it - she will use Eclipsa's darkest spell and become consumed by darkness as a result.

The opening of Season Four will involve finding where the wand came from in the first place...
...and Star obtaining a new one for her family.

King Shastacan genuinely loved Eclipsa.
Now, it's quite obvious that Eclipsa loathed Shastacan and was probably justified in her abandonment of him, but no matter how big of a pompous jerkass he possibly was, Shastacan nevertheless genuinely loved his wife and was devastated when she left him. The MHC sympathized with the grieving King, which is why they staunchly defend him despite his very questionable actions afterward, and why their vitriol against Eclipsa seems especially caustic.


Eclipsa was merely a political tool to Shastacan and he couldn't have cared less about her beyond that.

She was just a means to an end to plant his own derriere on the throne beside hers. He made it no secret that his relationship with her was loveless, so her eventual abandonment of him and the kingdom may not have come as a huge surprise to him. Furthermore, after learning that Eclipsa had remarried to a monster, Shastacan (assuming he was prejudiced against monsters, which is probably a safe bet) used the situation to his advantage and incited war over it, fanning the flames of the hatred that Mewman society feels toward monsters.

There will be an flashback episode of how Eclipsa and Globgor met and why Eclipsa was forced to marry Shastcan.

Why shouldn't there be since that is one of the many mysteries of the show? Eclipsa has a right to tell why she was imprisoned.

Toffee and Rasticore will be revealed as knights under Globgor and Eclipsa's rule.

What they wore (Toffee's general suit and business suit and Rasticore's cape) match the color scheme of Globgor and Eclipsa on the tapestry. Knight often wear the colors and symbols of their lords to show loyalty. What the guards wear in Mewni match what Moon and River wear. Rasticore spent his time guarding Globgor's daughter while Toffee was enacting a plot to get Eclipsa out of her prison.

Mina Loveberry is the true reason Meteora was sent away
Think about it: Mina has been trying to hunt down Meteora for 300 years and not once bothered to check St. Olga's, and Shastacan and the MHC already got rid of her. How does this all make sense? Considering Mina's Knight Templar prejudice towards monsters, she probably detested the idea of a Mewman-monster hybrid more so than the other members of the royal court. She did not just want Meteora gone, she wanted her dead. In order to protect Meteora, the MHC built St. Olga's school (and St. Olga herself) before sending the ex-princess to live there, all while keeping it a secret from Mina.

Alfonso and Ferguson will have some relevance this season
Word of God reveals that these two were supposed to make the trip to Mewni instead of Marco at the end of "Sophomore Slump". Daron Nefcy herself also stated that they would have more stories in Season 3, though they only appeared in that one aforementioned episode. Who knows, maybe they'll have surprising roles in Season 4,especially since it's been hinted that Alfonso may still be married to the Pixie Empress.

Mewni will start an anti-Butterfly rebellion, and Mina will lead them.
From what I saw in the first two clips, all of Mewni now hates Star as much as they hate the monsters. In the first clip of season 4 the tower guard and his prisoner tell Star that all that happened in the Season 3 finale was both Moon's and her fault. Moon for making deals with Eclipsa, and Star for handing the wand and the kingdom over to her.

In a recent clip from NYCC 2018, a pie festival is taking place, and they put on a play called "Butterfly Follies," where they make River look like a idiot and a fat slob and Star an irresponsible teen who is a walking disaster and monster empathizer. On top of all that, Star just takes it.

With Mina getting her soul back and remembering Star as a traitor from the "Monster Bash" episode, she will stir the pot and encourage the Mewmans to overthrow her.

Eclipsa and Globgor are to marry
No one calls Globgor Eclipsa's "Monster husband" But "monster lover", I don't think they married before their imprisonment. I believe Eclipsa and Globgor will finally be married, probably by Star after Eclipsa gives her back the throne and wand. This wedding is not going to be popular, especially by the MHC that is going to try and stop it.
  • While Globgor and Eclipsa already wear wedding rings and no doubt consider themselves husband and wife, Eclipsa doesn't seem to have officially divorced Shastacan prior to fleeing the kingdom, and Shastacan was still alive when they were crystalized. As such, once Globgor is freed that'll be their first opportunity to be legally married.

King Shastacan is the Big villain.
I believe that King Shastacan is the Big bad guy in the show, if not directly by somehow still being alive, then by proxy through Mina Loveberry. He is the one who´s order she is following to kill Meteora if she ever comes back to Mewni, he did not know that both she and Meteora was going to seemingly be immortals, but he is still the one who gave her those orders.
  • Jossed: By the time the series is set in, that punk is deader than a doornail: He had been eaten by Globgor.

The next villain will be a Zamasu Expy who wants to exterminate all Mewmans (as well as the Magic High Commission).

Reynaldo the Bald Pate (The lost member of the Magic High Commission) will appear.
According the Magic Book of Spells, Reynaldo the Bald Pate was the fifth member of the Magic High Commission, and was also the most orderly (and boring). He was retired though, as he could no longer function as a member due to Rhina the Riddled, one of the past queens, casting a spell that accidentally caused him to speak entirely in riddles. Star and Marco, fed up with the Magic High Commission’s corruption and lies, will try to seek him out for advice, only for him give it only in riddles. They’ll spend the rest of the episode trying to figure out what it means, the answer probably being something plot significant.

Seth of Septarsis is Toffee’s father.
Seth of Septarsis, a new Monster leader mentioned in the Book of Spells, has an awful lot of similarities to Toffee. They both have “of Septarsis” in their title, implying they are of the same Monster family. They also have similar anti-Mewman and magic sentiments, Toffee having likely inherited his father’s grudge against the Mewmans. Toffee was not acting on his own accord, but was trying to destroy the magic on Seth’s orders, so he and the other monsters may once again invade Mewni. Seth may even still be alive, given how old Septarians are implied to live, if not being immortal, and was last mentioned as recently as Queen Comet’s chapter, who was Star’s grandmother. There is no record of his death, so he could still be out there, waiting...
  • It's implied that Seth was too old to fight at the time of Comet's assassination, so if he is still around he'd most likely rely even more on scheming than Toffee did, requiring others to act on his behalf.

Glossaryck will put the High Commission through an Empathy Punishment

Glossaryck and the High Commission were made to maintain the balance of magic. Nothing about it says they have to play favorites with the Mewmans. Besides, according to The Magic Book of Spells, Glossaryck was angry about what they did to Meteora. In his bucket list, he wrote down "Fire the High Commission". Why would he put that down? Unless the High Commission did something to make him really mad. Plus, he did try to get Festivia to learn about her family history. In Page Turner, he was screaming when the High Commission called him, and he accused them of wasting his time despite an emergency.What I think will happen is, due to the damage caused by their lie and cruelty to Meteora, they will be put through a spell that turned them into regular, powerless monsters. They will go through the same prejudicial treatment as the monsters, making them understand what the monsters go through.

Toffee and Rasticore are the two halves of Seth.
Seth of Septarsis notably bears a resemblance to both Toffee and Rasticore (Toffee has hair but no frills or spikes, Rasticore has frills and spikes but no hair, Seth has both!) and is implied to have a history with Eclipsa, possibly being the one who killed her mother Solaria, and hates all Mewmans with a burning passion.Now, as against Monsters and Mewmans being together as the Magic High Commission were, perhaps there were monsters who had their own misgivings on it as well, like Seth. So, he led an attack on Eclipsa and Globgor, trying to convince Globgor that Eclipsa wasn’t worth his time, and would betray him. Of course, Seth was defeated, but Eclipsa, not wanting to stoop to the same level as the MHC, was against simply killing him. But if he was left alive, then he would be able to attack again.So Eclipsa decided to Take a Third Option and use dark magic to split Seth into two beings, one left with his intelligence, Toffee, while the other with his brute strength, Rasticore. This was likely chronicled in the last page of her chapter, written entirely in low Mewnian. She believed that if they were separated, then Seth’s two halves wouldn’t pose a threat to their plans for peace. However, Toffee and Rasticore continued to plot behind the scenes, while Eclipsa and Globgor were frozen by the MHC anyways.Now, in the present, with both Toffee and Rasticore out of commission, all seems well. That is, until Globgor is inevitably freed by Eclipsa. He will decide that Seth was right about Mewmans, except for his love, Eclipsa, and force her to gather the two halves remains, and undo the spell she used to split Seth into Toffee and Rasticore, to recreate Seth so he can help them with their revenge. Of course, nothing says that the newly revived Seth won’t simply steal the wand and/or corrupt the magic for his own purposes...

Seth will be revealed to be an Anti-Villain.

Star will free Globgor.
Star is currently feeling very conflicted about whether or not to trust Eclipsa. She will finally make her decision — by freeing Eclipsa's husband.
  • Jossed. It turns out Rhombulus, the same person who imprisoned Globgor, would end up freeing him.

The Beach Day photo is a Prophetic Fallacy
What Father Time gave Star is a picture of her and Marco having a fun Beach Day, which will happen in the near future this season, and Star states it gives her a lot of hope. But, if accounts for the events of "Curse of The Blood Moon", there is a strong likelihood the photo is being misinterpreted; Star and Marco seemingly don't have any romantic feelings for each other anymore, and if that event is still going to happen it might not even be as positive as Star thinks it will be.
  • "Curse of the Blood Moon" heavily foreshadowed the idea that their romantic feelings weren't because of the Blood Moon at all, though. And Star wasn't assuming the photo to have any romantic context anyway.
  • "Beach Day" reveals that the prophecy of the photo played out exactly, but the source was different than Star expected: she sent the photo back to her younger self using Father Time as an intermediary. Though she was initially disappointed that the happiness of Beach Day wasn't a guarantee of permanent happiness, she sent the photo back anyway because it had been a source of comfort through some really hard times.

Glossaryck is trying to teach Meteora empathy.
Judging that Meteora has learned to Dip Down despite being an infant it is most likely that she has more power than even Star or Eclipsa. Add to her past life's history of abandonment, emotional abuse, and selfish attitude if she grows up to repeat history than very few beings can stop her. So on top of her magical training Glossaryck is trying to make sure that she doesn't grow up to be a threat to Mewni again.

Eclipsa's unnamed spell sensed an Immortal nearby.
In "A Spell with No Name", the spell wanted out and is willing to kill Eclipsa's other spells. Why would it suddenly go rogue and try to escape the wand dimension? The only answer is that there's an immortal evil nearby, and it sets out to destroy it. The Immortal could be another Septarian, like the species it used to kill, or Mina Loveberry since she's immortal.

Manfred and Rhombulus are in cahoots with Mina

Manfred previously fell victim to the effects of the Yada Yada Berries, but as of "Cornonation" he is back to normal, but refuses to disclose how he was freed. Mina was the one who planted the berries, so she would likely know the antidote; Manfred was simply covering up her plan. As for Rhombulus, Mina convinced him to unfreeze Globgor in order to expose the monster king as a menace. As a member of the MHC, it would normally feel out of place for Rhombulus to free the same guy he imprisoned, whom he gravely fears, and endanger everyone's lives in the process. Then again, he clearly can't stand Eclipsa, and perhaps a little persuasion (especially for what occurred in "Crystal Clear") is all it took for him to agree on the plan. He's definitely impulsive enough.

As Rhombulus failed his part of the plan, Mina will proceed with plan B. She will assemble an army by recruiting all the Mewmans taking refuge with Moon and River; the ones who still despise Eclipsa. Manfred will persuade them to turn on the former king and queen and join in the Butterfly revolution. Our heroes will find out by another confession from Rhombulus and assemble their own team to retaliate.

  • If this pans out, Rhombulus, as he stews in prison, may very well feel used by Mina and be peeved enough to pledge his loyalty to Eclipsa's side — and if that happens, he might actually be rejected for having proven himself most untrustworthy due to his actions at Eclipsa's coronation, not to mention him wanting to join the fight against Mina for all the wrong reasons.
  • As of "Ready, Aim, Fire" CONFIRMED for not only Rhombulus, but the entire Magic High Commission...though Hekapoo is starting to have doubts about working with a nutcase like Mina who won't even stick to their plan.

Ludo and Star will meet one more time
With his Heel–Face Turn established, Ludo will cross paths with his old archenemy, this time as The Atoner. In the Grand Finale, Ludo along with Spider, Bird, Dennis and maybe his other siblings will show up as a Deus ex Machina during the final battle against the Big Bad, much to the surprise of Star and her friends.

Star will be furious with her mother for not warning anyone about Mina
Once Mina becomes a problem, it will come to light that Moon knew that she was up to no good and yet kept it a secret. No one will be happy about this, especially Star who will be absolutely appalled that her own mother would do such a thing. Subsequently, Moon will feel terrible about her apathy and inaction concerning Mina, and will try to make up for it.
  • Confirmed, but for a way worse reason.

Mariposa will be what helps Meteora bond with Marco
Watching him play with and be protective of his baby sister, her new friend, will have Meteora make new, better memories of Marco and ease her out of her instinctive hatred of Turdina.

Mina is NOT the endgame villain...
An even more ominous and unexpected foe - maybe Toffee or even Seth of Septarsis - shows up as the Final Boss after Mina is defeated, similar to Golb. Mina will have a Heel Realization and make up for her misdeeds by pulling off a Redemption Equals Death type of Heroic Sacrifice.

The way that Mina plans to crush the powerful opposition to her goals of absolute Mewman supremecy (such as Star, Eclipsa, Globgor, etc.) will be to reestablish Solaria's Super Soldier project.
And it's possible that Mina is able to recruit candidates for this from the new Mewman outcast settlement after she gets the bulk of the largely monster-hating populace on her side, driving out Moon and River and anyone loyal to them. If this theory pans out (as suggested by the descriptions of the upcoming episodes), Manfred would likely be among the first volunteers.

The Magic High Commission will be Killed Off for Real in the Grand Finale.
And it will be done by Glossaryk himself.
  • Or if one of them get killed off, it will be Rhombulus accidentally crystallizing himself.
    • Jossed: They died with the magic.

Alternatively, the MHC will be stripped of their duties
They will be forced to get demeaning jobs - I can picture Heckapoo working at Britta's Tacos. Meanwhile, Glossaryk will assemble a new magic high commission that consists of Star, Ponyhead, Tom, and for a real twist - Ludo, who has mastered the Levatato spell.
  • Jossed: They died with the magic.

Tom's whereabouts
In "Mama Star", Tom is last shown buckled to his seat while Star, Marca and Janna frolicked off and were subsequently transported to Mewni. The three of them return in the next episode, but Tom is nowhere in sight. Chances are he is still in the Realm of Magic. With his memory already wiped, his appearance more demonic, and the dark magic about to consume him, he will become the next Toffee.

Or, on a lighter note, Tom was transported somewhere besides Mewni (which is why he didn't appear in "Ready, Aim, Fire!").

Hekapoo left her portal open in the babies' room on purpose
It's very unlike her to be so careless with her portals, especially to a dimension as dangerous as hers. It's likely she left it open so Meteora would go through and possibly even gave her help. As for why... It might have been a way to get rid of the half-monster heir to Mewni in a way that looked like an accident OR, given her warning to Marco that pretty much ensured he'd get involved in whatever trouble was headed for Mewni and her objections to joining forces with Mina in "Ready, Aim, Fire!" she might have intended for Meteora to become a Future Badass in her dimension so Meteora can be sent there later if threatened and likely fight back against whoever's attacking her if they follow.

Mina will betray the MHC
Being the psychotic, monster-hating warrior she is, she will denounce the MHC as being monsters themselves, reiterating the same point Star made a season ago. Heckapoo - who is clearly aware of how insane Mina is - will be the first to pull a Heel–Face Turn, as she is good friends with Marco; may correlate to the above entry.

Not only does Mina want to restart the Solarian Program...
She's also looking for a way to revive Solaria and Rhombulus wants in on it.

Thanks to these 3 links.

Star's tapestry will be a Prophecy Twist.

  • Expanding on this, according to the Star Vs. wiki, one of the descriptions for this episode is “Star solves all her problems and creates a bunch of new ones“. This can be interpreted as Star indeed destroying all magic and succeeding in restoring peace...but only for a short while. In other words, the tapestry is a repeat of the photo of Star and Marco’s beach day: it seems at though everything turns out alright, only for things to turn out no better if not worse than before the fact. In this case, destroying the magic does indeed stop Mina’s army but doing so causes a much worse threat to Mewni if not the multiverse as a whole, forcing Star to try and find a way to restore all magic once again. This also convinces Star that the problem isn’t the magic itself; it’s the corrupt and idiotic people who use it, which motivates her to guide her family and Mewni into a brighter future with magic.

If The Magic Does Go Away, the Magic High Commission will be Brought Down to Normal.
Glossaryck has confirmed that he'll die if magic gets destroyed, and, being made by Glossaryck, the MHC is presumably subject to the same or similar rules. However, they're likely not pure magic like Glossaryck, so, if Star does end up sacrificing magic, if they don't die, they'll likely be Brought Down to Normal, with the possible side-effect of falling subject to Humanity Ensues. As a bonus WMG, if Humanity Ensues does end up happening to the remaining MHC, Rhombulus and Hekapoo will likely be teenagers while Omni is an adult to due the fact that Emotional Maturity Is Physical Maturity.
  • This could also amount to a Karmic Transformation for them. After all they've done to perpetuate the discrimination against monsters, depowering them would make them become monsters.
    • I see Rhombulus being more like a child or even a toddler; he'd be wearing his cape along with snake gloves and a crystal hat.
      • Jossed, unfortunely. Omnitraxus Prime is a pile of bones, Rhombulus an empty crystal and two snakes lying around and Hekapoo is implied to be dead, as well.

Moon will redeem herself at the cost of her own life.
Both Moon and Eclipsa have lost their mothers at a young age. If this pattern continues, it will be Star's turn to lose Moon; a heart-wrenching scene expressing Star still cares about Moon even after her betrayal.

Eclipsa never meant to displace Mewmans.
The announcement the displaces moster showed just said displaced monsters may return to there homes. It didn't say Mewmans had to clear out. Eclipsa might not even have meant houses. The problem got as bad as it did because the Mewmans who failed to work things out with the monsters on their own didn't even think to go to Eclipsa with an intellagent specific complaint about her decree.

Glossaryk knew about the final threat in Season 4 and he already had a master plan in place
As early as prior to Season 2 (when Star's tapestry just started to be made) Glossaryk peaked into the future (or predicted it with his omniscience) and anticipated the then-upcoming conflict of Season 4, ran through countless scenarios of it, and saw only one where Star wins. Said scenario is what is shown in the tapestry. From that Glossaryk knows (which he hinted at early Season 4) that no other way short of destroying magic will bring Star the winning outcome, and that all scenarios resulting from not doing so will end with Mina winning. That being said, Glossaryk knows what the winning outcome is and his whole gambit is a Long Game to carefully ensure the best possible outcome happens. As such, he needed to ensure Star got out of the void, that Star would resurrect him, and that he had to be careful of what information to tell her and when, etc.
  • I think Glossaryck may have been playing this Long Game for decades. He opens Eclipsa's chapter in the spellbook for Star and Ludo but doesn't do so for Moon, requiring her to request assistance from Eclipsa directly. Moon's deal with Eclipsa and subsequent severing of Toffee's finger serve as the catalysts for the chain of events that leads to the series' ending, and none of that wouldn't happened if Glossaryck actually helped Moon.

The Dark Unicorn was corrupting all magic, including the minds of the MHC

Ever since Moon got out of the magic dimension, Omni and Rhombulus haven't been acting like themselves. In Cornonation, Rhombulus concocted a plan that could have gotten mewmans killed in a gambit to prove he's right, and instead of having the people go home and lock the doors where it is safe, the MHC had them trapped in an attempt to arrest Eclipsa. When that fight with Globgor broke out, Omni was not concern of endangering the public, especially Meteora, who crawled toward the fire to see her father. The Dark unicorn could have drank Moon's hatred and became a destructive force.

Solaria didn't stop hating monsters even after her death, it's just that her love for her daughter was greater than her hate for monsters
  • Solaria looked at Mina with disapproval because she was about to attack Eclipsa
  • Solaria looked at Meteora with love because it was her daughter's child

     Post Series/Spin Off Guesses (SPOILERS AHEAD) 
The magic wasn't completely destroyed, but rather cleansed

To be fair, the magic was already in a pretty bad state due to its corruption by Toffee. Thus, Glossaryk knew that the only way to save the magic was to destroy it. So he created a fake tapestry to convince Star to perform the deed. Once it was done, it formed a portal that would lead to the worlds of Mewni and Earth fusing into one...somehow? This was indeed the first phase of magic starting anew.
Glossaryk and every other magic-composed creature will be resurrected in a new form. Take the Magic High Commission - Omnitraxis was reduced to an inanimate skull, Rhombulus a diamond and two snakes, and Heckapoo presumably wiped from existence. Much like Meteora, they will be reborn into better people (could even be a case of Humanity Ensues for them). And another point; it's never explained how Ponyhead and her sisters are still able to float after the magic has gone.

  • Adding onto this is the fact that, in the episode “Toffee”, the eponymous villain explains that the black goop Star is swimming in is the magic. The same thing happens to the magic in “Cleaved”. In other words, in both cases, the magic didn’t literally go away; it was just so badly corrupted it became inactive. So it seems as though magic is a kind of matter; it cannot be created nor destroyed, only moved, displaced, changed into energy; or morphed into a new state. So magic still exists, just in an inert state. Unlike most inanimate matter however, it can regenerate itself. This is evident when the Realm of Magic gets “reborn” even after Toffee utterly destroyed it (save for the smidge of magic that Star used to go back to Mewni), and when Star attempted to destroy the magic on her own only for the corrupted magic to restore itself with the surrounding pure magic. After the former case, the Realm of Magic presumably recovered because of the pure magic Star produced when she dipped down. Since no trace of it seemed to be left behind in “Cleaved”, assuming magic can purify itself with time, it may take longer for the magic to return to a usable state, maybe several years. If it can’t and needs an outside source to do the job, someone may find a way to purify the magic through artificial means, maybe technology. Of course, that assumes the Realm of Magic can still be entered through that well...
    • Lets be real, pudding is probably needed to cleanse the magic.

The magical beings aren't actually dead, at least not all of them
Going with the above theory that magic still exists in an unusable state, Glossaryk may have winded up trapped in a void, similar to his other "death" in the Battle For Mewni arc. Likewise, other characters like Omnitraxis, Rhombulus, Doop Doop and the wand spells are alive only in their subconscious while their bodies are in an inactive state (or in the case of the spells, trapped in a now useless wand). Others may have been Brought Down to Normal; the laser puppies became regular puppies as Rhombulus' arms became regular snakes. The millhorses, on the other hand, inhabited the Realm of Magic and were corrupted, so they perished as a result.

Star unknowingly played right into the Septarians' plan
Now that the Mewmans are powerless, it is the perfect opportunity for Septarians like Toffee and Seth to exact vengeance. Even if Toffee is gone, Rasticore is alive and well, and Seth who is immortal could well be hanging around somewhere. It's just a matter of time before word gets out and he reassembles a Septarian army. And when the time comes, the heroes must bring the magic back.

In the spinoff, The Magic Comes Back and Meteora is the central character
Taking place several years after the events of "Cleaved", an older Meteora will learn how to use the wand with Star as her mentor. Mariposa will tag along as her best friend and sidekick. Meanwhile, Brought Down to Normal Mina has become the next Ludo, wearing the unicorn skull as a helmet and plotting to steal Meteora's wand so she could regain her Solarian powers. Seth's integration into the story will signal a redemption arc for her.

Father Time and Reynaldo the Bald Pate are still alive
The fact that they live in the Plains of Time means that the non-existence of magic in the present doesn't matter. The nature of the Plains of Time means that everything that ever existed will always exist there, including magic.

If The Magic Comes Back, it will be reborn in such a way that only The Chosen One can wield it.
In this new age of magic, only those deemed worthy of wielding the Royal Wand can use magic and Glossaryk is The Chooser of the One. But unlike when he picked the first queen of Mewni, he's going to be at least semi-serious about it so the magic won't be abused again. He'd make sure to only allow those he knows would never use magic for evil to gain the wand and magic in general.

The Inferred Holocaust brought on by the loss of magic will be brought up
One or more characters will target Star, Moon and Eclipsa to avenge the magical allies they have lost due to the queens' actions. Just as both Seth and Mina have genocidal goals, Star will realize she is not so different from them and attempts to redeem herself by bringing back the magic.

Mina will again try to take over Earth
Remember when she said that she will never be defeated as long as other people share her philosophy? Even though most of Mewni has come to accept the monsters, the inhabitants of Echo Creek are clearly terrified of the creatures that have entered their world. Not to mention the possibility of the government getting involved. Mina will convince them that the Butterfly family is to blame and they will join her. So in other words, Mina now has a better chance at world domination thanks to Star.

Miss Heinous will return as Meteora's Enemy Within
A trip planned by Ponyhead to party at St. Olga's Reform School will trigger old memories for Meteora. Slowly, she will regain glimpses of her past life until Miss Heinous is manifested in her mind. She will use these horrible memories to channel herself within Meteora so she could exact vengeance on Marco/Princess Turdina. Fortunately, Mariposa's friendship will keep Meteora in check.
  • As of 2021, while Meteora gaining memories of her past life can still happen, Miss Heinous actually returning sadly cannot due to death.

Heckapoo is still alive
For someone who knew she was about to fade from existence, she was unusually chill and nonchalant about it. Perhaps Heckapoo fled somewhere the magic-killing spell wouldn't affect her (like the aforementioned Plains of Time). It helps that her fate wasn't revealed alongside her fallen colleagues, plus another member of the MHC, Sean, is shown to still be alive.
  • Considering her powers over The Multiverse, she may have inhabited a non-magic alternate universe version of herself.

Seth was one of Rhombulus' prisoners
Now that Rhombulus is gone, there are two possibilities: A) the crystals will be destroyed, freeing him along with every other Ambiguously Evil being who was trapped, or B) they will remain trapped...until The Magic Comes Back and somebody frees him, most likely a Septarian like Rasticore. Alternatively, given the severity of her Sanity Slippage, Mina will free Seth, forming an Enemy Mine with him because they both have it out for the royal family. This could only lead to them stabbing each other in the back later on.

If/when magic returns, an educational establishment will be put into place for people to learn it
Star will eventually realize that magic was never the source of the problems, rather the reckless use of it, and the limited ability to combat it. So, in a vein similar to Harry Potter (while taking cues from High Fantasy universes such as The Lord of the Rings, One Piece and Franchise/RWBY), a school where people who can use magic learn how to use it responsibly will be set up. And the grounds of the school will be a refurbished Butterfly Castle.

Star's decision to destroy magic and the cleaving of Earth and Mewni together will come back to bite her in a sequel series.
Namely, the various Fridge Horror aspects (the disarray of all of Earth's governments, how easily Mina will be able to muster a new army, the fate of Seth being unknown and the destruction of magic meaning that Mewmanity has no defense against him, and the possible release of all of Rhombulus's prisoners, some of whom are genuinely evil) will be revealed to cause the apocalypse in the future. This would all be revealed by a time traveler who went back to Set Right What Once Went Wrong... who is none other than Star and Marco's Kid from the Future. Resentful of her parents for putting her in her current situation (albeit indirectly), as well as likely Parental Abandonment on their part, she'll initially be hostile to her future parents, only to eventually warm up to them. They'll then form either a Power Trio or a Five-Man Band with Tom and Janna (with the potential of a Sixth Ranger joining later on) and go on a road trip across the new world on a quest to bring everything back to normal.

Secrets about Toffee will be revealed

All we ever found out about Toffee was that he hated magic since his teen years, and that he was the general who killed Queen Comet. A movie would reveal his Freudian Excuse and how he was connected to Seth.

Star didn't destroy magic in general, but only Glossaryck and HIS magic in particular

There are a few clues — Glossaryck is intimately connected with the realm of magic (the sanctuary has his statues) in "Meteora's Lesson" it was shown that he gave the wand to the first queen, and he also says he created the Magic High Commission. All the magic of Mewni queens, including the magic that created Solarian warriors can be traced back to Glossaryck.

Also, note that we don't actually see Glossaryck himself die. He implies that he will die, but he's not exactly the most trustworthy guy. He might regenerate his power in time, or who knows? Maybe this wasn't even the only magical realm he has access to.

Not all the magic was destroyed, just the magic connected to Mewni.

Mewmans will become the subject of Fantastic Racism from humans just like monsters before them because of Star's actions.

A combination of many theories on what will happen after Cleaved, there will be an Open-World ARPG/Brawler/Third-Person Shooter Stealth Video Game that is Disney's Science Fantasy Alternate Company Equivalent to the Mad Max and The Fastandthe Furious franchises, with more influences being added into the mix
After all, the show went from an Urban Fantasy Supernatural Dramedy into something more over the top, so why not something different, a Darker and Edgier (but not too dark, realistic and serious, as it will contain more Denser and Wackier Cool vs. Awesome moments like in the show) Wide-Open Sandbox Video Game that goes into a Sequel Escalation of the series. Think of like Disney's Lighter and Softer Alternate Company Equivalent to Grand Theft Auto Online (just like how LEGO, Warner Bros. and Traveller's Tales made LEGO City Undercover as their Alternate Company Equivalent to Sleeping Dogs and Watch Dogs by Square-Enix and Ubisoft in which LCU is based on a Toy and to make it more funnier, LEGO City Undercover, Grand Theft Auto V and Watch Dogs are released in 2013) except even more bigger (by Video Game standards, though not as big as The Crew and it's sequel), more over the top, more Rated M for Manly (although it will also contain some Badass Adorable God Created Canon Foreigner(s) being added too) because we will love to see many over the top manly moments like Mad Max style car Chases while incorporating elements like Star Wars: The Clone Wars-esque Military Science Fiction Weapons into the mix and some Arena battles being more like those in Dragon Ball where we got Fighting Tournaments to determine who's better and even, a massive Genre Throwback to everything. The game will also incorporate newer aspects, elements and locations (with more being added via Free DLC Updates) within the series' Universe.The main settings:

Star, having noticed the consequences of merging Earth and Mewni will have her realize that her decision to destroy the magic was a big mistake.

the next villain of the SVTFOE spin-off will be the leader of the cult who worship Toffee and their goal is not only to wipe out humanity but to killed The whole butterfly family for “murdering” their beloved “god”

The septarians will be a problem, but a problem that can be solved by Earth weaponry
A septarian is able to reform from one severed limb, but what if there's not even a limb left (i.e. if it is destroyed completely with an incendiary charge or similar)? Eclipsa was too focused on fancy dark arts spells and lost sight of simple solutions (i.e. big explosions, incendiaries, swords, etc), a mistake her mother didn't make at first (too bad her mom was also a warmongering genocidal maniac, but that's another can of worms).

Another reason why septarians might not pose an especially big threat anymore
Their extreme regeneration ability was fueled by magic, so without any magic left, they're as mortal as anyone (just like Mina is no magic supersoldier anymore).

The (former) queens, Marco and Tom decide to keep their role in the destruction of magic a secret
No-one but them saw them actually destroy magic except Mina and she thought they were just using the magic realm to hide. They do it so as not to make themselves a target of revenge by either Mina and her followers or the friends of magic beings who perished from the disappearance of magic.

The whole events in season 4 is just Glossaryck's pudding-induced dream

     Meta Guesses 

They will release a real version of the Magic Instruction Book
With all the pages seen on the show, including new ones that reveal new things about the series, like Journal 3
  • Confirmed.

The show is Disney's take on Thor.
Like Thor, Star was forcefully sent to Earth for displeasing her parents. Upon her arrival, she meets a person of the opposite gender who shares her interest in combat.
  • But didn't Disney make that film (of course the effort was probably mostly Marvel's, but Disney must have given the OK, right)? Or do you mean that this is Disney's take on the story if they didn't have to keep with Thor's character?
  • Star is a blond-haired superhuman alien warrior princess from another dimension who inherited a magical weapon of incredible power, and was sent to Earth to learn to behave responsibly. Change that to "prince" and it absolutely describes Thor.

Star is the Pyro
Assuming you believe the "Pyro is a girl" theory, everything, including Star's magical abilities, look like something that came straight out of pyroland. Not to mention she burnt down her own kingdom and almost burnt down the school in the first episode. So, maybe Mewni isn't even real, but rather a figment of Star's twisted imagination.

SVTFOE will continue in the form of a TV movie, Spin-Off or graphic novel series
After what went down in "Cleaved", there's a massive amount of potential for all sorts of new stories and plots that were never quite built up in the show. Not to mention the implications it left behind.
  • Adding to this, Alfonzo and Ferguson will be the new main characters.


Star's mother was a St. Olga's alumna
In a bit of a shocking reveal, we will see in a flashback that Queen Butterfly used to be just as wild, adventurous, and destructive as Star...minus any of Star's kindness, generosity, and willingness to help others. In fact, the Queen was such a hellion that even after being sent to St. Olga's, she would still cause trouble whenever possible to where it became an utter nightmare for any authority figure to be even within earshot of her. The Queen only started to mellow out when she first met her future husband the King in a experimental program where a random student from St. Olga's brother school, a place that is a total contrast to St. Olga's (an advanced placement All-Boys school that is exclusive only to the most talented and law abiding students), is assigned a student of St. Olga's as a means of both helping to rehabilitate said student and as a thinly veiled excuse to set up Arranged Marriages. The Butterflys were the experiment's ONLY success.

This reveal would be doubly important, as Queen Butterfly was such a demonic brat in her youth that the school administration effectively put a total BAN on enrolling ANY of the Butterfly family EVER, effectively making her parents' threat of sending Star to St. Olga's be completely empty. Considering the behavior of the Queen in the past and Star's own, far less intentional destructive tendencies, the administration would be justified in this decision...

  • isn't this kind of Jossed? Between the reveals of Glossaryck stating that Moon had a more direct magic education while Star needs a less direct approach because of their differences and the fact that Moon's mother(and possibly father) were murdered by Toffee and she had to take the reigns of the kingdom when she was young sorta preclude any rebelliousness. If she was a demonic brat in her youth she either dropped it very quickly or Mewni willingly allowed an unfit princess ascend the throne.

There's going to be a martial arts Tournament Arc
With the revelation that Marco knows karate right in the first episode, there might be an episode in the future where Marco is chosen to represent his town/state/dojo/whatever in a karate tournament, and Star comes along to watch. Star offer's to help him to win, but Marco immediately shoots down the idea by pointing out how he would be disqualified for any evidence of cheating to help him win, whether magic or mundane, and how he is truly looking forward to this tournament and does not want to lose because of outside interference.

Star accepts Marco's wishes, but this gives Lugo ideas for a new evil plan: He would send his minions to go down and rig the tournament to set up Marco to win in the most blatant ways possible and make it look like Star was using her magic to cheat behind Marco's back. From here, Lugo will be banking on Marco flipping out on Star, ruining their friendship, and then swooping in to steal the wand right from Star while she's too deep in despair to defend herself!

Of course, Star immediately sees the minions trying to sabotage the other competitors and thus spends the entire tournaments trying to prevent the minions from cheating without bothering to ponder why they're trying to get Marco to win...

  • Well, though not an arc, "Monster Arm" features a karate tournament, and Marco does end up cheating, but otherwise none of that other stuff happens (this isn't Jossed, though, as this could very well happen in another karate tournament in a future episode).
  • Maybe... or how about this: Marco makes it all the way to the final match, and it turns out his opponent is... Star. Turns out, she decided to represent the town/state/dojo/whatever of Mewni. Naturally, they're hesitant to fight each other. Hilarity Ensues.

Crossovers with other Disney shows are to be expected
If so, sometime in a later season/episode.

The Monster Arm is not influencing Marco. Actually Marco is merely acting out his true personality.
The way the Monster Arm corrupts will turn out to be less like that of The One Ring, and more like Hook's hand from Once Upon a Time. So rather than be inducing a change in Marco's personality, what the Monster Arm actually does is give Marco an excuse to act the way he really is.
  • Well, if "Page Turner" is any indication, He loved reading the chapter on Eclipsa. He didn't like it just a little either He's in a state of dark euphoric bliss and evidently had to be fixed with a spell. After seeing that it's hard to believe he doesn't have a dark side.
  • In "Naysaya" Marco says to Chet after he messes up his jacket, while under the influence of the titular curse, that "If Marco were Chet, he would punch Marco." and "Marco would lose all respect for Chet if he did not punch Marco.". If both of those are true, then, even if Marco only believes he would willingly punch someone over a jacket, it would seem to hint that Marco has some rather dark impulses.

The show will become subject to Cerebus Syndrome
Kids cartoons starting out innocent and comedy-filled before slowly delving into deep, complex, and emotionally-driven narratives seems to be a trend these days. Alternatively...
  • Given the plot threads that Tom and Toffee have set up, (Star and Marco becoming soul-bound quite literally and Ludo having allied with someone who seems to know about the history of previous wielders of the wand), I'd have to say that the show is on its way there.

The show will NOT become subject to Cerebus Syndrome
It will remain comedic and episodic its entire run, deliberately avoiding that trend.
  • Jossed. Season 2 ramps up the drama significantly.

There will be a Gender Bender episode.
C'mon, it's totally in line with this show's humor.

The Headmaster of St. Olga's will be a villain
And the students will be his brainwashed army and part of a plan to conquer the multiverse
  • And he needs Star to complete his army. He may be another villain for Star, unlike Ludo who wants the wand, he'll send his minions for the sole purpose of making her look irresponsible to her parents to justify sending her there.
  • Confirmed, though St. Olga's is run by a headmistress, Miss Heinous, and she's simply obsessed with turning girls into prim-and-proper Princess Classic stereotypes. After the events of "St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses", she's determined to track down the troublemakers who inspired her students to break out and riot.

Jackie-Lynn will turn out to be a Mermaid.
Her sea-shell necklace, the streak of blue in her hair, "surfing" the halls on her skateboard, and nonstandard eye design are meant as early clues.
  • Well when Star mentioned in "Just Friends" that she used to live at the Echo Creek canal (a reference to her brief stint on the run in "Star vs. Echo Creek"), Jackie responds "Me too!" Now Jackie probably didn't mean she used to live in the canal, but who knows.

Ludo isn't the Big Bad, his father is.
It will be revealed that Ludo is Star's Evil Counterpart, a prince trying to prove himself to his bigger, meaner father. Ludo spoke about getting his "big boy body" when he got the wand, implying that he's not fully grown yet, and the throne seemed awfully large for him. He could be trying to steal the wand to prove his worth to his father. It may also be why seemingly larger, stronger monsters seem to listen to him. They're more afraid of his father finding out they were disobedient than they are of pint-sized Ludo.

Ludo is the prince of a Youkai kingdom.
As a rider to the above, we've seen that Ludo is a kappa, his water bowl has been seen before. It stands to reason that his father would be the daimyo/shogun/emperor of whateverhis native dimension is.

"St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses" uniform is a Sailor Fuku
I mean come on

The Queen of Mewni was just like Star as a child, and has also lived on Earth as well.
The Queen may seem like The Stoic in her middle age, but its clear Star got her boundless energy from somewhere. The Queen herself must have been a ditzy princess in her youth, but was also sent to Earth to control herself. She may have even be sent to live with another Earth family, whom Star and Marcos will encounter in the future.
  • "Game of Flags" seems to hint at Queen Moon being a Former Teen Rebel, at the very least, going by this exchange:
    Star: You played Flags when you were my age!
    Queen Moon: I did a lot of things you won't be doing.

Star is SCP-239
Because why not?
  • Well, you have some evidence behind your claim. 1) They're both blonde children. 2) They can both change things that they see (Like in the first episode where Star turned a butterfly into a bloodthirsty monster to give Marco a little danger in his life) 3) Star claiming that she's a witch isn't too far fetched (Though, she'd probably say it for shit's n' giggles) 4) "Keter" class seems appropriate for Star, due to her being a reality warping Blood Knight.

Star got her devil-horn headband from Tom
In "Match Maker" we see she used to be, at the very least, friends with a devil-like guy named Tom. During that time, he gave her the headband she wears now. Though later the relationship soured she still keeps it as a memento.
  • Following up on this, she gets rid of it after the events 'Blood Moon Ball' in favor of the cactus one shown in the preview of 'Freeze Day', possibly given to her by Marco?

Earth's lack of magic (or relatively weaker magic) is why it was chosen for Star
The wand's power is proportional to how much magic is in a given dimension. On Earth, while still powerful and dangerous, the wand is nowhere near as powerful and dangerous as it would be in Mewni or another magically enriched dimension. The fact that it's not as powerful as in Mewni also forces Star to better learn control to get what she wants out of it instead of brute forcing it, which is the line of spells she's generally best at.

Oskar is Tom in disguise
They both have fangs and torn pants. Maybe that's just Star's thing, but it would be something surprising for the otherwise bland Oskar.
  • Jossed. They were both seen at the same time and the same place in "Blood Moon Ball".

Marco has a brother, possibly a twin
Does anyone else think he reacted rather strongly when Star jokingly refers to them as 'mess-up twins' in the 'Pixtopia' episode? It's played as a joke but Marco sounds rather nervous about the whole thing, especially when the joke is repeated. He might have a sibling that he doesn't want anyone, or at least not Star, to know about.
  • Considering he directly states, "Marco Diaz came into this world alone!" he would have to be bald-facedly lying to Star about it.
    • Technically a twin that died before or during birth would satisfy both conditions without lying, but seems unlikely for a show like this
      • Well, previously he did not have a brother, but now he's going to have one.

Brittany Wong will become Star Butterfly's Evil Counterpart
Echo Creek's Alpha Bitch is clearly being set up as a foil to Star: Star got into the school because her parents bribed the principal, while Brittany became head cheerleader "on her own, and not because her dad made a generous donation to the school". Brittany is mean and sarcastic, while Star is insufferably cheerful. And with Star becoming a threat to her popularity, Brittany may become desperate to steal back her spotlight. Perhaps Mr. Wong made his fortune in technology, and Brittany can "borrow" some device(s) to emulate Star's powers? Or she might team up with Ludo in exchange for dark powers, or Star's ex-boyfriend Tom?
  • Brittany did hope Ludo would defeat Star during "Brittany's Party".

Alfonzo will be a villain in his next appearance, having become the Pixie King.
In Pixtopia, Alfonzo says he will be "very tyrannical" when he is king, though it is implied that Alfonzo is going to be eaten after marrying the Pixie Empress. However, instead, in a twist, it will be revealed that Alfonzo managed to resist being eaten and seized power over the Pixie dimension. Becoming mad with power, he will then attempt to seize control of other dimensions, until he bumps into Star and Marco again, at which point they will then proceed to defeat him (or turn him back to their side).
  • Jossed (at least in this exact manner). Alfonso appears in Mewnipendance Day, and he's the same as he was. He also appeared to mention a divorce.
  • However, he may be setting up his tyrannical kingdom while coming to visit Marco and the others every once in a while, or Star asked him to visit earth for that day, and he could be keeping his 'tyrannical ruler' plans to himself.

At some point there'll be a parody of that scene from The Godfather involving Flying Princess Pony Head.
Because seriously, how could you pass up an opportunity like that?

The Monster Arm was the voice that convinced Marco to go to the Blood Moon Ball
He did as a way to ease Marco into working with him. Starting off with something simple like going to the BMB even though Star told him not to. Since it ended up working out for Marco in the end, that will help the Arm to convince Marco to listen to him later on.

Janna wants the spell book so she can bring Monster Arm back

Star's "Mewberty" wings are going to grow and develop
If the show undergoes Character Development and Call-Back, we could see Star growing into her wings. And they might mature at a very crucial moment, like if Marco is in danger. And they will be the ultimate sign of Star's growing maturity.

Oskar will continue to improve between episodes
Oskar's keytar playing has (slightly) improved in Mewberty, especially compared to his debut. Considering the show's fondness for Continuity Nod, we may end up seeing Oskar join a band, become a celebrity, and climb in fame before plummeting in scandal and ending up back in his car in front of the school. All off-screen, of course.

Tom will become Marco's arch-enemy.
For interfering in his plan, and never mind that he hasn't really changed and she still doesn't want to be with him.
  • Jossed. Over the course of season 2, they become friends.

"Toffee" is a nickname.
His real name is Mephistopheles. Or, Mephistoffeeles.
  • ...This is genius. Yes please.
  • Or Teufel

Miss Heinous is related to the Royal Family of Mewni.
Not only does she look a lot like Queen Butterfly, but as seen in "St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses", when she gets agitated she gets little club-shaped Blush Stickers. An Evil Aunt, perhaps?
  • Not only does she have Cheek symbols just like Star and her mother but better/worse yet, it establishes a theme - Star's Mother has diamonds, Star has hearts, and Miss Heinous has CLUBS. If Star's Grandmother ever shows up and she's sporting a pair of Spade Blush Stickers, it's all but a guaranteed that Miss Heinous will be revealed to be the Queen's evil sister-cousin-something-or-other.

    • This is probably why the Queen didn't send her to St. Olga's in episode 1.

Mewnians - or at least the royal family - are Human Outside, Alien Inside
Mewberty is one remnant of the early days of their species, when a juvenile Queen Mewnian would leave her hive and collect various drone-males with which to build a new hive. As their society became more and more advanced, this became less and less necessary, but the process stuck around.

Toffee is the secret ruler of St. Olga's
Toffee clearly has a past with the Mewni royal family, and mentions he's been beaten by their magic before. The bowels of St. Olga's have weird statues and frescoes of lizard men who resemble Toffee, almost like an occult ritual chamber. Since magic and the will to use it seems to be tied to imagination, what better way to remove your arch-nemeses' source of power than by covertly creating an institution to suck the heart and soul out of future generations and "reform" them into passive damsels? A twist like that would provide a great dynamic for the future of the show: the unlimited imagination of Star Butterfly versus her very own Wolfram & Hart, an evil and unstoppable institution trying to suck the life out of her.

There will be a character with spades on their cheeks.
To complete the group of card symbol Blush Stickers.
  • Confirmed!

Toffee's encounter with Mewni is by Miss Heinous, and they're arch-enemies like Ludo and Star, but stronger and smarter...
Assuming the Miss Heinous = Mewni Royal or something...

King Butterfly has spades on his cheeks.
To go with the theory that there's a Mewnian with spades to go with the pattern of hearts and diamonds and clubs (oh my!), it's notable that, though everyone seems to guess its a female, there's really no reason to think this is necessarily the case. After all, one can see quite clearly in the beginning of Star Comes To Earth that none of the females in Mewni other than the royals have cheek markings. Therefore, I suggest that the Blush Stickers are distinctive of the royal family, so it's possible that King Butterfly, being a member of the royal family, could be the one to have spades on his cheeks, and we just can't see them because they're hidden by his mustache.
  • Considering the common theory that this is the Star Cheeks are genetic this would hold some unfortunate implications for her parents.
    • Unless they're not genetic. They could be literal Blush Stickers, of the magical sort.

Buff Frog is going to join forces with Star and Marco, if only temporarily.
After he was fired due to Toffee's manipulations, he was seen outside of the Diaz home. Star and Marco will wind up helping him to take Toffee down.
  • In "Storm the Castle", this is confirmed; he helps out Star (though it was pretty brief).

Star and Marco's friendship is about to hit a bump.
Star acted very strangely when Marco told her he underestimated her...

Star will be inspired to be Mewni's Internal Reformist.
She's a Blood Knight, which seems to be inline with her dimension's culture, if not genetic. However, as of "Mewnipendence Day", Star is beginning to piece together that butchering monsters for no reason isn't as glorious as she's been taught, and as this realization continues, Star will try to get her parents to make peace with the non-Mewmans. On a more negative note, if Toffee really is going to lead a revenge motivated attack on Mewni soon, Star's Heroic BSoD will evolve into a straight My God, What Have I Done?

Toffee's missing finger is a Chekhov's Gun if ever there was one
As if we needed any more proof that he has his own agenda. And it's pretty obvious as of "Mewnipendence Day" that he's angling to take Ludo's job.

Jackie Lynn will turn out to be a mermaid princess.
She is hiding out from either an enemy or her parents since sending princesses to st. Olga's seems to always be the first choice parents make.

Saint Olga originated from the Kingdom of Mewni and it's Headmistress wants to deny more than just being from the Butterfly Family

Of course Saint Olga's Academy originated from Mewni. After all it's Head Mistress, Miss Heinous, is implied to be part of the royal family, even though she tries to hide it. The real puzzle here is, why hide that? Why Does miss Heinous feel the need to hide her identity as part of the "House of Butterfly" and feel the need brainwash herself into becoming a perfect princess?

  • As we have seen in "Mewnipendence Day", The royal family's ancestors once participated in what was basically a genocide against the monsters in order to establish the kingdom. When Star realized this, she found it to be upsetting. Miss Heinous, being part of Mewni's Royal family and much older than what we've seen of the members of the House of Butterfly, is possibly aware of the real story behind Mewnipendence Day and the reality of the Monster Massacre. Since someone like Star, an independent and non-brainwashed princess, found this to be upsetting, then chances are that the non-brainwashed and non-repressed Miss Heinous (if that's her real name) would find such facts to be upsetting too (and might be more emotionally worse off by being there to see it happen). Miss Heinous probably brainwashes herself and runs Saint Olga as a form of denial. She does it to deny being part of the "House of Butterfly" (perpetrators of old war crimes), so she can also deny her knowledge of the Monster Massacre (and maybe her participation) and probably deny how horrible it makes her feel.
  • As for the continued operation of Saint Olga's, this is both Miss Heinous and the Kingdom of Mewni's doing. By continuing to brainwash princesses and crushing their spirits and personalities, they eliminate sympathy. And, by eliminating sympathy in favor of soulless duty to tradition, Saint Olga's princesses are trained to not care or think too deeply about their place in life, their actions, or what is going on in their respective Kingdoms. By doing this the Kingdom of Mewni is able to continue it's operations against the monsters, with nothing in the way and no one protesting the mistreatment of the monsters. I suspect that no one (with one exception), not even Mewni, remembers or understands that the Kingdom of Mewni, the "House of Butterfly", and Saint Olga's are deeply related to each other.
    • As for why other Kingdoms participate in the St. Olga's program, there are two possibilities:
      • 1) Other Kingdoms have a similar story to Mewni's when it comes to monsters or their enemies, so wish to protect their reputation and legacies.
      • 2) Mewni's program has become a zombie, and once again the promise of protecting a reputation and legacy made other Royal families want to participate. As a result, the murderous legacy of the Mewni Royal Family has begun to damage everything and everyone else around them.

Saint Olga's is under the direct control of or being manipulated by Toffee and possibly others of his species.
The paintings of lizard creatures buried deep below the facility suggest the connection. Miss Heinous is possibly a disowned member of the Mewni royal family who is collaborating with monsters to take the throne for herself. The entire princess program is both a projection of Heinous's internal conflict over being thrown out and a cover for the operation. Once Star is safely in the facility, the plan is to slowly brainwash her into a Manchurian Agent to assists Miss Heinous's takeover. Toffee, however, in manipulating his partner. He didn't tell her Star is on earth because he wants to keep his partner for having the power of the wand, which would make her too powerful to control/betray.

Ludo is as ignorant as Star
Building upon the theory that Ludo is much younger than he seems, a teen or even a child, and he takes a backseat to his father, the ruler of a Youkai kingdom. He is fighting Star because their families have been struggling in a very one-sided battle for control of the magic wand, but there is nothing personal behind about it. Ludo, like Star, has been raised to believe "Mewmans and monsters fight. They just do." As of "Mewnipendence Day", Star is starting to wonder about this centuries old war, and that she fights creatures who are largely civil and intelligent. Maybe learning Ludo's real age will make her think twice about fighting him.

"Storm The Castle" will involve an Enemy Mine situation with Star and Ludo
After the events of "Marco Grows a Beard", Ludo (and possibly Buff-Frog) will end up seeking Star's help in defeating Toffee and helping Ludo get back both his castle and the respect of his minions.
  • As of the episode, it's sorta jossed? Ludo tries to pull this, but Star doesn't really agree, and Buff Frog joins forces with her instead. Also, the castle is destroyed, and the minions are scattered.

Toffee's goal is to reclaim Mewni for the monsters.
"Mewnipendence Day" shows pretty clearly that Mewni was founded by the first Queen using magic to effectively wipe out most of the land's original inhabitants. It wouldn't be at all strange if some monsters (like Toffee) are bitter about that and aim to drive out Mewni's current rulers and reclaim their original homeland. Taking over Ludo's crew is just his first step towards building an army for that purpose.

Season 2's theme will be slightly different from Season 1.
In that Ludo will no longer be leading the charge against Star. Toffee will.
  • Considering what happened to the wand in "Storm the Castle", this is definitely possible now.

Miss Skullnick will become the voice of Monster civil rights.
Having embraced her identity as a troll, Miss Skullnick will form the moderate voice of reconciliation with the Mewmans against the militant Toffee.

Star's Cheeks are from the Heinous side of her family
A lot of people have speculated on the cheeks possibly being genetic but have focused more on the implications that this means Miss Heinous is possibly related to Star. A more interesting implication from my perspective seems to be that the cheeks were inherited matrilinearly; Star has them from her mother, who may have been born with as a 'Heinous' only to marry into the Butterfly name. From this, there are a few interesting implications to be drawn. Firstly, Miss Heinous noticeably conceals the cheek marks, this along with the fact that despite her philosophy of preserving lineage, she herself has remained a "miss" and simply the name Heinous, if it is her real name, though there maybe a later reveal does not imply all together prestigious heritage, implies to me that the "Heinous" family might have some dark secret or some past event which they are trying to live down. Secondly, this implies King Butterfly is more hesitant about sending Star to his In-Laws than Queen Butterfly is about sending Star to blood family and why Queen Butterfly seems far more zealous than King Butterfly in imposing the duties and responsibilities of Queenhood on Star early; Star is going to suffer extra-scrutiny because of her Mother and so slip ups and additional shame can't be risked. This could also be why Miss Heinous uses the example of a Princess from Mewni because she, like her relative Queen Butterfly, wants to ensure that Star lives up to the expectations set for her in order to either ensure Star is safe from humiliation due to her Heinous heritage or in order to use Star as a pawn to redeem the Heinous name.

So he can regenerate from it if anything ever happens to his main body.
  • You mean like, you know, a magical wand exploding right in front of him?
  • Remember when Marco tries to attack Toffee and misses, and says, "There are two of you!" Maybe that was foreshadowing.
  • Jossed. Moon was the one responsible for him losing it.

Toffee is in fact the brother of the king or queen that was deposed and banished.
  • He could have been the eldest son of the previous ruler, thus he should have been the new king, but Star's mother used her powers to turn him into a monster and steal his throne.
  • It's been established by Star's teacher being turned into one that such a permanent transformation is possible.
  • Also Toffee gives the vibe of someone who has had access to higher education and gives the air of a leader like a president, king or CEO, something that the other monsters have not shown.
  • He also gives a big brother vibe of maturity and the series show that he knows how to play the game of power from his recent manipulations.
  • This may be why he didn't regenerate his finger. It was cut off before he became a monster, and thus his regenerative powers can't restore it.
  • And, if you look closely at the princess extras in the St. O's episode, you see a princess that look to be the exact same species as Toffee. Could they be related?

Toffee performed a Heroic Sacrifice in his own mind
We see Toffee smiling as the wand self-destructs and (possibly) kills him and his minions. The Queen said that the power of the wand could destroy the universe. Toffee hated the Star's magic, and considering the history of Mewni, he probably felt he had just cause to do so. What if Toffee was trying to not only destroy the wand, but those who would seek to abuse it, like Toffee and his minions? And that he let himself die so none of the monsters could realize what he was really up to .

Toffee isn't dead, and is moving onto Phase 2 of his plan.
Because why would you get rid of such a perfectly good/cool villain?
  • To make way for a bigger threat. Just ask Zhao or his identically voiced cousin The Inquisitor what is more frightening than their deaths.
  • There are many things in the episode that reinforce this. Toffee can regenerate, his smiling when the wand begins to explode implies that was also something he accounted for, and after the blast, we can see that the suit jacket he took off prior (as well as the hanger) suffered no damage whatsoever, implying the rest of his suit is likewise resistant.

The magic wand was originally a Dismantled Macguffin.
Glossaryk's talk about how you can cleave something together as well as cleave it apart might be suggesting the wand was originally part of a matching set before the two pieces were brought together, perhaps by the first queen of Mewni when her people conquered the monster lands as seen in "Mewnipendence Day". Now that the star gem from the wand is broken in two, perhaps a villain (Miss Heinous? Toffee? Some new foe?) will try and reforge the wand's counterpart, leading up to an epic duel with Star in the second season finale.
  • Jossed. The wand was an ordinary baby rattle until Glossaryck transformed it into the wand and gave it to the first queen.

Toffee is dead
His plan was a Thanatos Gambit. And now that he's dead things are gonna get worse.

In the next season, Star will be forced to use diplomacy to protect her friends
One of the overall themes of the series is Star's growth into a mature, intelligent individual. One of the lessons she will have to learn is that fighting will not solve all her problems. Star has come to understand this somewhat after learning about Mewni's shady history. And with her wand destroyed, Star may have no choice but to learn diplomacy and guile to not only accomplish her goals, but solve the dispute that plagued her family for generations.

With the above, Marco is going to be an even bigger target because he'll be teaching Star about diplomacy.
Despite being a teenager as well, Marco's actually not bad at diplomacy and will probably end up having to walk Star through a couple of events until she gets the hang of it. But certain parties want Star to fail so they try to get Marco out of the picture, failing miserably for a while before finally succeeding before an incredibly important event where they somehow manage to separate the two friends (either by holding Marco hostage or just sending him to another location far enough away that he can't get back in time to help Star) and Star will have to muddle through it on her own. However, to everyone's surprise (including Star), she nails it.

One of the first episodes of season 2 will revolve around Ludo having to fend for himself.
Stranded in another world with no dimensional scissors, no minions to order around, and no clothes, Ludo will initially make a hash of things trying to fend for himself, suffering many Amusing Injuries along the way. Eventually, however, he'll learn not only how to do things for himself, but how to be a better leader, and he'll eventually escape back to Mewni to reunite his minions and threaten Star again...
  • Confirmed! The season 2 premiere includes an episode, "Ludo in the Wild", about Ludo learning to fend for himself in the wilderness.

Marco's soul bonded to Monster Arm
That's the reason why Monster Arm told him to go to the Blood Moon Ball. The light shined on Marco and Star, but that was misdirection and Marco bonded with Monster Arm. They're stuck forever now.
  • Jossed by "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown" which confirms the Blood Moon created a literal connection between Marco and Star's souls.

Marco and Star have been planned as the endgame from day one.
This one is too easy. Like Kataang, Starco can be seen from miles away.

Toffee is not from Star and Ludo's universe, but one established in a different cartoon
He's from the universe of Chowder. Think about it. His name is that of a food and like many characters in Chowder he's an anthropomorphic animal or some sort of monster. So what's he doing in Star and Ludo's universe? Toffee left his home universe as his evil ambitions (whatever they are) weren't going to work out in Marzipan City. Chowder's universe was simply not useful to him in his plans. So, using a pair of dimension scissors he acquired somehow, he left and made himself at home in Star and Ludo's, where he can truly exercise his sinister machinations.

Ludo will Take a Level in Badass in season 2
No castle, no servants, no clothing, only a pair of Dimensional scissors and part of an egg shell to his name. He'll need a few levels just to survive, and why would he survive the destruction of the wand just to be killed off?
  • Confirmed, in Ludo In The Wild he is considerably more badass.

Toffee has been dead all along
He appeared out of nowhere in his introduction. The reason he wasn't phased by the wand blowing up is it didn't make a difference.

Toffee's soul is now bonded to the missing fragment of the wand.
The way Toffee reacted to the whispering spell, the ominous green glow around the wand fragment. From a Chessmaster like Toffee it seems almost impossible for him to not have known what was going to happen and to just let himself die.

Humans have magic.
Humans all have the same magic: negation. Constantly turning it on and off at random with no one really noticing because everyone is literally doing the same thing. But Marco with his Chekhov's Gun magic-infused dust buster (the one from the Walmart-themed episode) will change that because he will learn to use his magic properly which will probably become a necessary skill in order to fight Toffee, who is probably still alive.

Having their souls bound together will have both amazing benefits and serious consequences for our heroes.
As in, "can find each other anywhere" level benefits and "dying if they're apart for too long" level consequences.

The "soul binding" ceremony just forms an unbreakable bond between the parties involved. Whether it turns romantic or not depends on the parties involved.
Had Tom succeeded, it would have bound Star to him as his wife, whether she wanted it or not. Star was completely unaware of this and if this turns out to be canon, albeit subtly implied, will be utterly horrified at the fate Marco unwittingly saved her from.

Toffee is spades
Star has heart Blush Stickers, her mother has diamond, and Miss Heinous has clubs. This leaves the question of who would have spades. On this page, it has been proposed that Toffee (along with Miss Heinous) is related to Mewni's royal family. So, Toffee is a relative of Mewni's royal family that, for one reason or another, has been transformed into a monster. In his original/Mewman form, he possesses spade blush stickers.

There will be some form of Evil Versus Evil situation at some point
Some possible scenarios:
  • Ms. Heinous trying to exact her vengeance on Star only for Tom to save her, since he certainly doesn't want to see her annihilated.
  • Either Tom or Ms. Heinous or a new villain coming close to actually killing Marco, only for him to be saved by...Monster Arm returning as his Superpowered Evil Side.
  • Any villain getting to close to interrupting next phase of Toffee's plan, whatever it is, and getting disposed off.

Toffee is inside the wand now
He replaced the missing part of the gem and might aim to bond with its power permanently. And maybe corrupt Star in the process.
  • Technically confirmed if you count the fact that his severed finger was the "thing that doesn't belong" in the royal wand during the episode "Into the Wand".

Monster Arm will be revived by some enemy and cut a deal with them against Marco's will.
  • The enemy (whoever they are) will be intending to use Marco as a puppet bound to their will and instead the Monster Arm will make Marco into his own puppet to get what he wants from his reviver. Star will have to pull a Shoot the Hostage to save the day. On the bright side, Monster Arm would finally be gone for good.

Janna and Tom will date at some point
It won't really be romantic relationship though. Tom will just want to make Star jealous by dating girl from her school and Janna will just enjoy showing off with hot demonic boyfriend and use him to get access to some magic books or other macabre stuff.

Star's and Marco's friendship is going to go down a Toradora!-esque road with some Kim Possible mixed in.
Both are best friends having crushes on other people and help each other hook up with the objects of their affection. They live together, with Marco being more competent with housework than Star (his ability to make nachos springs to mind). Not to mention Marco is slightly taller than Star and Star is blonde. He also constantly tends to her because she can't take care of herself, being unaware of Earth's customs. Eventually, it will turn out Oskar likes someone else and while Jackie likes Marco back, she'll not stand in the way of Star because she realizes that Star loves and appreciates him more than she does. Oh, and the Kim Possible mention is because Marco's and Star's relationship won't escalate further until late in the series where they confess their true feelings for one another. How can one not notice these parallels?

Marco is destined to be a "prince" of monsters and Star's opposite.
Fully explained here but essentially Marco is meant to be the sun to Star's moon and they're going to eventually lead their respective sides (Mewmens for Star and monsters for Marco) into battle. However, in a Screw Destiny twist, Marco and Star won't be fighting each other but rather a bigger threat that will force Mewmens and monsters alike to work together. When the dust settles, Marco and Star will unite their sides somehow, either by marriage or by Star making Marco some kind of high-ranked official whose job it is to make sure the monsters are treated well. This will also have the added benefit of tying Mewni to Earth.

The oval painting on the ceiling in "St. Olga's School for Wayward Princesses" depicts a Sealed Evil in a Can.
The hole of white light in the center represents the gateway to a dangerous, sealed-off dimension, and those demonic-looking creatures hail from this dimension. One of the villains (perhaps Toffee?) will try to reopen it.
  • And those symbols on the circular ground, including the moon, the sun, the star resembling Star's wand, and the circular ring around them represent the means to defeat them, the key to open the seal, or what sealed them off in the first place. Perhaps this is why in "Storm the Castle" Toffee wanted the wand destroyed?

Marco and Toffee are the same person, or at least connected in some way.
There's a lot of interesting shots in "Storm the Castle" of Marco looking in a mirror and seeing Toffee or himself in Toffee's suit. First when he tries to attack Toffee but hits the glass and it looks for a moment like Marco's reflection is Toffee before he asks "Are there two of you?" (possibly foreshadowing). Later after the castle is destroyed, Marco looks at Toffee's suit and the glass on top of the hanger and sees his own face. Not to mention Toffee's weirdly specific insult, calling Marco a "disappointment" despite never meeting him before that day and having no reason in particular for him to say that as opposed to a more generic line. It would also give an explanation for how he knows about the first spell Star ever learned, as well as how he never tries to directly attack Star and has a ready means to keep her safe from the explosion of the wand.
  • Given that Marco had a nightmare where he saw his own dead body wearing a copy of Toffee's suit, the connection seems even more certain.

Toffee can camouflage.
He's a lizard, and it would help explain how he showed up at Ludo's desk without being noticed. We've seen him regenerate limbs; it's not a stretch to assume he can do other lizard-y things, and many lizards, including chameleons and anoles, can change color (not well enough for proper invisibility, but then most real lizards can't regrow an arm in under two minutes or pull off that hairstyle.). And on the subject of his Animal Motif based powers:

Toffee fights with his tail.
We have yet to see him properly fight, but he does demonstrate his tail's strength and dexterity when he puts Marco (a martial artist who throws down with monsters regularly) back in the chair. Much like genus varanus, Toffee fights primarily with his tail: it's strong and quick and he whips people with it. Next season, Star will find out the hard way what an effective strategy this is: being accustomed to fighting monsters who grapple with hands and feet, she won't be expecting to get bitchslapped by a caudal appendage.

The episode with "smooch buddies" starts with the haywire wand casting an unknown spell on Star and Marco and ends with a Relationship Upgrade.
The pair initially think the spell they're under is a love spell and try for the whole episode to break it...only to discover that the spell was actually an honesty spell and they were finally being open about their feelings. Cue Relationship Upgrade.
  • Jossed: Star insists she's just friends with Marco in "Mr. Candle Cares", and the "smooch buddies" scene was an attempt by Marco to get Tom to reveal his latest ploy to trick Star into hooking up with him again.

Glossaryk's current form is just his Sleep-Mode Size.
Because if he's really a Trickster Mentor, there has to be more to the little blue loon.

Star has an Evil Counterpart who also holds a wand
Besides Ludo, Mewni must have other enemies, ones who hold a power similar to Star. Why not a princess who is Star's opposite. While Star is kind, cheerful, helpful, and very reckless, this girl is cold, cruel, and calculating. I could imagine her trying to destroy Star's life and try to steal Marco.

Toffee comes from an ancient Monster royal family.
One that the Mewman settlers usurped. Depending one just how long-lived he his, he may have been witness to the great monster massacre.

Marco will end up the big bad of season 2's finale
The green wand will somehow possess Marco, bring back Monster Arm, and he'll end up, as he said 'King of Mewni. He'll just get there through conquering it, instead of being with Star

Marco will be lost to another dimension because of Stars wand being cleaved and Monster Arm will return because of it.
The season 2 promo shows Marco nearly being sucked into a vortex, due to the wand being cleaved Marco will be sucked into the vortex causing him to fall into another dimension or he will use the scissors at the last moment but end up in an unknown dimension. Because of the wand being cleaved, Monster Arm will return and corrupt Marco and turn him into a tool to fight Star by convincing him that Star sent him into the dimension deliberately because of an arguement and because of Monster Arm lying about his tragic story which collides with the history of Mewni which was revealed in Mewnipendence Day. Star will become more aggressive to monsters in her search for Marco (not as lovers but as friends).

Glossaryk ships Star and Marco and is doing everything he can to get them together.
That would (partially) explain why in "My New Wand!" he gave out such cryptic clues to both Star and Marco: he was trying to plant the seeds by creating a situation where Star's "secret" is partially revealed, thus creating plausible doubt in the kids' heads. The real contents of Star's journal entry didn't matter, just that Marco read enough to know there was an entry on him and that Star knew Marco had read some of the entry on him.

Toffee put himself in the wand pieces to manipulate Star, Marco, and Ludo using the explosion as a cover.
Warning, long read. There's no confirmation he's truly gone. But, he does seem to have some info on the magic of the wand. Stuff only Star would know and then some. He could have used the wand's explosion to convert himself into an essence of sorts and placing himself in both halves of the wand. This would explain the change to the wand's power source and crystallization of the shard and bony arm. With Star and Marco, there's a sign, but neither of them know about it. So, he bides his time by watching the two. Should Star show weakness, he'll further the corruption. With Marco, he looks for chinks and ways to have him put in danger corrupt Star further. God help them if he ever finds out about Marco's tentacle arm. With Ludo, it's much simpler. During 'Ludo in the Wild', Toffee was experimenting with the shard. The arm we saw could have been one such experiment; returning from nothing. Not to mention Ludo would be very to manipulate as he's probably overjoyed over finally having a piece of the wand trying it. Toffee could easily 'guide' him, learning more and using Ludo to do what he wants. When both pieces reunite or are cleaved again, he'll no doubt make his move.

There'll be an Actor Allusion to Tom's voice actor's most well-known role at some point.

Buff Frog will eventually get an honest job.
Because he DESERVES it! Bonus if Star helps via her royal influence.

Season 2 and onward will be a coming of age story about Star learning to be more responsible...

Since the start of Season 2 (and maybe since the later episodes leading up to the Season 1 finale), the show's now showing how Star's reckless behavior can impact the people she cares about, and in addition she's now facing the consequences of her actions when she makes a mistake instead of it being more overlooked like back in Season 1.

Star will still be her same lovable self but not as destructive and will have to deal with the implications of the monster/mewmin conflict, how chucking Ludo into that dimensional hole made him more of a threat than he would have been if she hadn't, and over the course of the seasons she'll eventually grow into a competent magic user and eventually return to Mewni to battle the big bad(s)... with Marco at her side as a platonic version of the battle couple.

Yvgeny "Buff Frog" Bulgoyaboff will, out of necessity, pull a Heel–Face Turn.
As seen in one episode, he's desperate for food to feed his kids with, and he's lost most of his edge after parenthood became a priority. As he's seemingly being built up to be the series's Tritagonist, and seeing as though he's on relatively-good terms with Star and Marco, he'll be desperate enough to ask for work as her bodyguard. Being the good person she is, Star will ask her mom to make sure that House Butterfly honors their side of the bargain (and, seeing as how stringent she usually is, Queen Moon will be the antagonist of the episode).

If they're successful in convincing the royal family to hire him as a bodyguard, Yvgeny will be much more successful than Lobster Claws in "turning good" (as he'll have a previous, Friendly Enemy relationship with his charges, as his children have influenced him, and as reminding him of his parental duties is what made him get serious previously). He'll also provide insight on the monster side of Mewni, and their, eventual, friendship will be intrinsic on the subplot regarding the fact that Mewnian\Monster relations were Written by the Winners.

  • Buff Frog will then have many of his fellow monsters considering him a "traitor" for siding with the Mewmans. But a few will think he's got the right idea. Especially after it comes out that Ludo, despite his newfound power, is hording corn for himself instead of doing anything to help the rest of the monster population. Yvgeny is trying to make things better for all monsters, while Ludo is just trying to put himself in charge and to hell with everyone else.

A Big Bad Ensemble will be formed.
So far, in Season 2, Ludo Took a Level in Badass and now has his own wand. This seemingly sets him up for reclaiming the Big Bad role, but we still have yet to figure out why Toffee is missing a finger, who he REALLY is, and why he blew up Stars wand. Most likely, the two will both become the Big Bad in different stories and either compete against each other or join forces in a Big Bad Duumvirate. Miss Heinous might also become a Big Bad since she has stated her intent to annihilate Star and Marco.

Toffee was actually a Death Seeker.
Toffee has been shown to be able to regenerate from injuries, except he's still missing a finger on one hand. He's actually extremely ancient because his regeneration won't let him die by any means he's tried. He discovered that the explosion from the wand when it's destroyed can permanently injure him, and that's when he lost his finger. His goal was to get Star to destroy the wand right in front of him so that he could finally die for good.

Toffee will return even stronger than before, but also shifting tactics to demonstrate how Season 2 is different.
If you check the Freeze-Frame Bonus at the theme song for season 2, you can see a Buff lizard man standing behind Star's parents in the character assembly similar to how Toffee looked, but with some visual tweaks. My guess is that this will be Toffee returned, only stronger and more willing to step in to fight Star directly.

This will contrast to how both Ludo and Star have begun to be a bit more strategic and knowledgeable in how to use their wands, and so Toffee will be more down and dirty after being the background planner for so long. But even more so, as a side effect of being in close proximity to Star's wand being cleaved, he gained the ability to "dip down" as well, and thus fight with magic as well. Just without a wand. So, the final battle this season will be a Meele A Trois between 3 magic users. Star with good magic, Ludo with destructive magic, and Toffee with Dark magic.

  • Jossed. They are confirmed to be different characters, but they may still be related or at the very least the same species.

Toffee is in Ludo's wand
The Wand has a skeletal hand with a missing finger holding the the rock with the wand half in it, And as we know Toffee has a finger missing. Not to mention the fact Ludo is becoming somewhat unhinged...possibly Toffee's presence? Also the wand has started speaking to him, Something that STARS wand never does.
  • Confirmed to some degree as of the end of The Hard Way, Ludo looks at Eclipsa's forbidden chapter and is possessed by Toffee

Blush Stickers are a trait among all female Mewmans
Quite a few Mewmans were seen in "Game of Flags", and only the females had Blush Stickers, including Queen Butterfly's aunt, whose cheeks have stars on them, and stars aren't considered a normal card suit.
  • More likely, it's a trait specific to females of the Butterfly family. We've seen female Mewmans before, and they didn't have the Blush Stickers.
    • It seems as if females related to magic users have them from birth, but others can develop them after using magic for some time.

Toffee is currently manipulating Ludo to his own ends.
  • The blast of light that hits Ludo and knocks him back to Mewni is florescent green. It's the same shade as the piece of the wand that star lost.
  • Ludo's wand is pretty obviously crafted using Toffee's arm bone. The hand is even missing a finger. When we last saw the piece of the wand, it wasn't there.
  • More recently the wand has started to talk to Ludo and allegedly asked him to capture Star Butterfly. It should be noted that this is something Ludo would never think of on his own. He's only ever expressed interest in getting the wand, not capturing members of the royal family.
  • When Golassaryk examines the wand by looking inside, what stares back at him is some sort of lizard horse hybrid that looks remarkably like Toffee

Mewni was once industrialized with modern Technology
  • The Mewnans may be all about certain outdated systems like monarchies and fighting using swords as well as medieval armor, but Ludo's castle has a vending Machine, Popcorn and milkshakes.
  • Toffee is dressed in a standard suit and tie.
  • The staple crop of Mewni is corn. A very versatile one used in everything from food to diapers.
  • The spider that takes Skullnick on the virtual tour states that industrialization during the third Nebullic Millenium gave rise to the fierce troll warrior.

The Truth Or Punishment game was originally created as a torture device.

  • It has a number of functions that would make it suitable for such a purpose, including multiple ways to inflict its punishment (which might originally have been programmable) and an inability to be stopped by any means other than responding truthfully to its questions (which, again, would probably be programmable). There's also the matter that it doesn't respond well to more abstract truths, like Star changing her favorite color or not actually knowing how she felt with regards to her crush. This of course would not be a problem when used for information gathering, as there would be only one complete truth, or a definite I don't know. How it wound up as a party game is something that we may never know, though.
    • Maybe someone used dimensional scissors to enter the dimension it was invented in, found it somewhere and decided it looked cool, picked it up and left back home? Then later they activated it and it started asking questions and they tested it by answering incorrectly, which is when it used a low-power/level punishment (like the tickling arc-thingie), but stopped after the person answered enough of the questions truthfully. Maybe he thought it was a party game and sold it to some kind of a company that now manufactures them? I mean, when you can travel between dimensions, it's not that big of a mystery how things end up where they shouldn't be.
      • Confirmed? It turns out to have multiple settings, one of which is for trials.

Kelly was meant to be foreshadowing
Back when Wander over Yonder was still on, they may have been some plans in the backburner for an eventually crossover with SVTFOE. Kelly was most likely meant to be the character used to bridge the two series together for the crossover to happen, as her design is clearly more in tune with Wander than with this show and her revealing to be originally from Wander's universe during the actual crossover. However, this would never come to pass due to Wander being cancelled.

Toffee is a Bastard Bastard resulting from the union of Eclipsa and her monster lover.
And as such, is Moon's half-brother and Star's uncle.

The Butterfly family had to kill Eclipsa to get the wand back.

Miss Heinous is a descendant of Eclipsa.

Confirmed. She's actually Eclipsa's Half-Mewman Hybrid daughter.

Star will end up being a good-aligned version of Eclipsa.
Dumping a Mewman (an Arranged Marriage?) for an outsider (Marco.)

The Immortal Monster a.k.a. Toffee is a Folk Hero among monster on Mewni.
He is revered for using his strength and cunning to fight against the Mewman oppressors before being seemingly vanquished by Queen Moon the Undaunted as a martyr. The most likely source from which Star learns this is Buff Frog.

Toffee will return in the future by regenerating from his severed finger.
Toffee has shown to have been able to regenerate a lost part of his body and since his finger gained a bit of focus in the ending of "Into the Wand" which is why his finger didn't regenerate when he lost it and he showed no fear or resistance in Storm The Castle. The process will be alot longer than when he lost his arm but he might return in the future since he's had a significant effect on Star and Marco.

The Finger wasn't what didn't belong. The entire tapestry was.

  • Glossaryk states that Star's memories are inside of the wand and while the room definitely had reason to be there, it wasn't as she remembered it because before seeing the Tapestry, she didn't even know that Moon had battled Toffee. Given that fact, how could it exist in a place that was wholly comprised of Star's memories? She'd have to have seen it before, but she hadn't.
    • Probably wrong, has she said she was once in her grandma's room when she was little, she maybe didn't know that Moon fought Toffee, but this doesn't mean she knew about Eclipsa, Solaria or Celena more than they were her ancestors/previous holders of the wand. Also, her wand was totally wrong when she was demonstrating her point to Glossaryk using narwhal-blasts that looked sick and weird, at the end, her last narwhal blast was already normal, so that probably can proof the finger indeed was what didn't belong. Of course, this can be yet proven wrong in case any of her spells turn bad to "sick" status again.
    • Star could've seen all those tapestries before (the last time she was in "the grandma room") but didn't know what they were or just wasn't paying attention. And if this was when she was very young she wouldn't have known how to read yet, thus not knowing what the inscriptions said. But since viewing her memories via the wand's magic is different from normal memory, she could see things like that in full detail now.

  • It lends credence to the above theory about Toffee regenerating from the severed finger. It was likely a red herring.

Star vs the Forces of Evil and Gravity Falls take place in the same universe

Gravity Falls and Star vs the Forces of Evil take place in the same universe because there have been two references to Gravity Falls. Some tourists and Background characters from Gravity Falls appear in "Starstruck" and a poster of Sev'ral Timez appears on Marcos locker in "Into The Wand" but they can't really meet due to Echo Creek being an Expy of Los Angeles and Gravity Falls being set in Oregon while Piedmont is in California. However if Gravity Falls and Star vs the Forces of Evil were set in the same universe then that would also mean that they share the universe with Rick and Morty as they've made references to Gravity Falls as well with Stan's mug, pen, and notepad getting sucked into a portal in "Society of the Blind Eye" and appearing in "Close Rick Encounters of a Rick Kind". This part of the theory is obviously more than far fetched because Echo Creek and Mewni are places that Rick would never want to go to or have reasons to go to those universes and Rick doesn't really enter the portal to the Gravity Falls dimension but Star vs the Forces of Evil and Gravity Falls sharing a universe doesn't seem so far fetched in comparison.

Tom's parents [or grandparents, ancestors, etc.] are Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness and her monster husband.

In the episode "Into the Wand" a few of Star's ancestors are shown in tapestries with poetic descriptions. Among them is Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness, who fell in love with a monster and fled Mewni to be with him.

The monster portrayed in the tapestry does bear some resemblance to Tom, both having multiple eyes, horns, and overall devil-like qualities, suggesting that this could indeed be the same demon king confirmed to be Tom's father. Furthermore, Tom's more humanoid appearance could be attributed to the fact that he may actually be part Mewman, whether anyone knows it or not.

However, this does lead to the unfortunate implication that Tom and Star were once Kissing Cousins. But if either of them find out in a big reveal later on, it might help Tom keep his distance.

  • Given that both of them are royalty, it's entirely possible that both know and simply don't consider it important. Being distant cousins isn't uncommon for aristocrats, and if their only relative in common is Star's ancestor, they're practically strangers by royal standards.
  • Jossed. Eclipsa's monster lover looks like a demon, but isn't. It's established that despite their appearances suggests, the demons of the Lucitor Kingdom aren't regarded as monsters by Mewmans.
    • However, it is later established that demons are still considered monsters in "Is Another Mystery", so the possibility of her monster lover being a demon is still open. He certainly has the features of a demon—horns, multiple eyes, reddish skin, and a tail.

Miss Heinous is Celena the Shy

Every Mewni queen appears to have specific cheeks, and Miss Heinous does too, implying she once was a royal from Mewni. While we never see a tapestry depicting someone with club cheeks, we never see Celena's cheeks either. Furthermore, Celena's description seems to imply she was obsessed with hiding her face... just as Miss Heinous desperately tries to hide her club cheeks.

  • However, Celena was Star's great-great-grandmother. Unless Mewmans live longer than the average human (or unless this brain-washing technique granted her long life), it seems a little far-fetched that Celena would be alive at this point.
  • Jossed. She's Eclipsa's half-monster daughter, Meteora Butterfly.

Whatever compelled the Mewnis to abandon their homeland and colonize Mewni will become a villain at some point

Marco has innate magic and is maybe a princess on some level

Glossaryk initially mistakes Marco as a magical princess in "Mewberty". In the episode "St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses", Marco has zero qualms about crossdressing and is so convincing that Miss Heinous still believes him to be a princess even though she was somehow able to figure out his real name. At the end of "Page Turner", Marco is shown floating in a vortex of energy as if he learned how to use dark magic and has let it consume him.

  • He's shown casting the All-Seeing Eye spell in the episode "Deep Dive".

The voice in the wand isn't Toffee, its Eclipsa

Glossaryk is evil
He is either in league with Eclipsa (The only Queen he seems to like) or is straight up the Big Bad. He clearly knew beforehand at the seance something was going to go down, given that he trashed the rat spell.
  • Most likely he expected Ludo to steal the book, and since he did nothing to stop it he must've wanted that to happen. But seeing as he denied the rat master access to a rat spell, it's unlikely that Glossaryck has any intention of helping Ludo. But seeing as Glossaryck was openly glad that Star wasn't affected by reading Eclipsa's chapter and warns her against using Eclipsa's spells, it seems unlikely that he would be pursuing Eclipsa's agenda. If he were, why wouldn't he want the current wand-holder to be brought around to Eclipsa's way of thinking? Glossaryck might have liked Eclipsa but that doesn't mean he agreed with her.

Someone at the school is working with Ludo
His exact wording during the fight was "Its just like the human said, destroying you would be easy as pie!". Human. Singular. Someone who was close enough to Star to know about the seance.
  • While it's unknown how she would have known about the seance, Brittany Wong seems like the most plausible candidate. At the moment, no one else at the school really seems to have any reason to team up with Ludo, as the rest of the main student characters are shown to be friendly towards her. Brittany is the only person at the school who really seems to hate Star. Further proving her likelihood of working with Ludo is the conversation between the two in "Brittany's Party", where Brittany tells Ludo that she hopes he can destroy Star.
    • Another interesting thing to point out is that she's been almost completely absent in season two, even to the point of her not appearing in the Theme Song's group shot, despite being there last season.
  • I think Ludo's line was "just like the humans say" in an attempt to quote the saying. Most likely he found out about the seance from his rats spies in the school, one of which was sighted by Marco in the air duct while he was helping out with the preparations for the school dance.

Eclipsa plans to pull a Grand Theft Me on someone to come back to life
Possible candidates include:

Jackie, Janna, and Tom will join the main cast to form a Five-Man Band
  • Same idea but replace Jackie with Pony Head

Toffee was Moon Butterfly's Lover
While it hasn't been established what their relationship was, "Into the Wand" reveals that Toffee was one of Queen Butterfly's greatest adversaries, Toffee's defeat being important enough to have been woven into a tapestry. I theorize that before their great battle, Moon and Toffee (presumably under a different name) met and wound up falling in love.

One of Moon's ancestors - Eclipsa, Queen of Darkness - was famous for this, having forsaken tradition and possibly her throne for a monster, and her daughter Star has begun to at least sympathize with monsters since "Mewnapendance Day". Unlike Eclipsa however, Moon decided to ignore her own feelings for the sake of the kingdom and her family name, giving her the title of "Undaunted". Toffee, feeling betrayed, launched an attack on Moon's kingdom with an army of monsters. Since it is shown that negative emotions can effect the nature of the wand's spells, the anger and sadness she felt during their battle resulted in the casting of "the darkest spell". If this was the "darkest spell" and if she really hated him as an adversary and nothing more, she probably would not have just nicked his finger off with it.

Toffee is a descendant of Eclipsa and her monster mate
.And he is just the latest in a long line of her descendants with her man who have all been in conflict with the Butterfly family to one degree or another. Also, all of them have Edible Theme Naming that is very haphazard, like a monster named after a cooking herb such as Tarragon having a son with a name of a meat like Salami and a daughter with a name of a squid based dish like Ikameshi.

The Unicorn isn't powering The Wand...
It's powering a converter from the true source of the wand's magic and this plane of existence and when the power crosses over without being converted the chaos that follows can destroy reality itself. That's why there are several back up unicorns waiting to take over if one of them dies, and the fallout of the brief surge of power from the wand getting destoryed is enough to cause some corruption

Katrina will grow up to be the biggest of all of the tadpoles.
Either that or will be extremely misproportioned because of her huge legs.

Marco and Jackie riding her skateboard together with their arms outstretched like in Titanic is foreshadowing that they won't last as a couple.
After all, the Titanic was a doomed ship.

Star and Marco have an argument and Jackie breaks up with Marco because of an Almost Kiss at the concert between Star and Marco.
In the "Star Takes Over" trailer Marco and Star appear to nearly kiss each other (I think not because of Smooch Buddies) and the episode "Starcrushed" describes Star as attending a different party because of a strained friendship with Marco. I theorise that when Star and Marco attend the Love Sentence concert Star invites Jackie in order to patch things up between the two or Star wants to prove to herself that she doesn't have a crush on Marco. Maybe at the concert Star misreads one or two comments from Marco or just gets caught up in a moment and kisses Marco (or nearly kisses him) while they are singing along with a song. Jackie sees what happens or what would happen and breaks up with Marco, which leads to Marco giving Star a What the Hell, Hero? speech, an Armor-Piercing Question and then finally until the end of "Starcrushed" Marco blames Star for ruining his relationship with Jackie.
  • Or Jackie could just see how close Marco is to Star and think she's doing the right thing for him by breaking up with him so he can be with his soulmate. Marco having such low self-esteem takes this very badly
  • The "Starcrushed" episode is described as Star and Marco having a fractured friendship, I know the episode after "Just Friends" is called "Face the Music" and thats where the whole fight will begin, even if it appears to be described as a Breather Episode it can be what shows how the whole fight begins.
  • Jossed "Just Friends" more or less cemented Marco and Jackie as a couple and Marco is non the wiser to Stars discomfort towards the two's relationship but she's now starting to cast destructive spells caused by envy without batting an eye.

Star really will become known as "Star the Underestimated"
Because I think it would be funny.

Star's growing sympathy for the monsters will cause some sort of conflict with her parents
In "Baby", King River looks distressed when Baby compares Star's magical talent to "monster lover" Queen Eclipsa. There's a good chance there'll be trouble if/when the King and Queen discover Star has been "fraternizing" with the likes of Buff Frog and the alternative monsters.

Marco will show battle prowess thanks to the 16 years hunting Hekapoo on her dimension
Only as a way to make him keep up if they make Star more powerful, especially if we consider Baby said she has more power than Moon, but she's too undisciplined to control that properly. He may have lost the muscle, but the experience from 16 years should still be there, and it's not like muscles made a difference when punching monsters two to three times his size anyway.

Marco's dimensional scissors will transform into a sword
Because let's face it, MoringMark has a good track record with this sort of thing. And Marco's voice actor Adam McArthur approves. And we all know it would be an incredibly badass thing to happen.

Star and Marco are a Time Lady and Lord.
Both of their dimensional scissors are also their Tardises.

Queen Eclipsa is NOT a villain.
Perhaps she had a similar realization that not all monsters are evil like Star did, which led to her taking a monster for a husband. This in turn caused the rest of the royal family to mutiny against her and perhaps even trick Rhombulus into believing she was evil so he would freeze her in crystal.
  • It's possible, but for the record, the monster that Queen Eclipsa fled from Mewni with was not her husband. The poem about her states "To a Mewnan King was wed, but took a monster for her love and away from Mewni fled." She was already married when she fell in love with the monster. The only thing that doesn't seem to fit with this theory is the fact that Star read the chapter and mentions "The Power Of Darkness" and "Eternal Suffering" Not things you'd typically associate with a Jerkass Woobie. Still, it could be a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds situation.
  • She could be Hero with Bad Publicity, and that whole "Power of Darkness" could be a case of Dark Is Not Evil.

Glossaryck's statement to Toffee that "I don't have a side" is False Reassurance.
Just because Glossaryck doesn't have a side doesn't mean he doesn't have a plan, or that his plan won't hinder Toffee.
  • That is essentially what saying you don't have a side means. That, and Glossaryck was very clear that all he could promise was that the book's user could reach their full potential.Theoretically you could learn every single useful spell there is but we all know what they say. There's Always Someone Better. My guess is that everything Toffee learns from Glossaryck will be esoteric should he ever clash with star. She has to make up spells off the top of her head and is far beyond the expected skill-level. Tofee's just going by the book.

Marco's Time in Heckapoo's Dimension will often be a Deus ex Machina
That or an Ass Pull.

At the end of Page Turner, Marco was possessed by Monster Arm.
When Ludo read Eclipsa's chapter, he didn't simply go crazy from dark magic. He was possessed specifically by Toffee, whose soul is now officially confirmed to be inside the evil wand. So it stands to reason that Marco also would've been possessed by the soul of an evil creature that was literally close at hand. This can be supported by the fact that the visible difference between what happened to Marco and what happened to Ludo is the color their eyes glowed while possessed. Ludo's were green like the corrupted wand shard that Toffee is in. Marco's were purple like Monster Arm.This also means Star was probably never in any danger of a similar effect (though she would not have been safe had she read Eclipsa's chapter prior to removing Toffee's finger from her wand), the only danger from her reading Eclipsa's chapter is the possibility that she would be tempted by the dark magic of her own free will, without any sort of demonic possession being involved.

Eclipsa had a sister.
Either she had a younger sister who took the crown after she ran off with a monster, or Star's family has monster blood in their linieage.
  • Eclipsa is referred to as having married a Mewman before running away with a monster and fleeing from Mewni. It seems more likely that she had a daughter with her Mewman husband and had already passed the wand on when that daughter turned 14, before running away with her monster lover.

Janna has a crush on Marco, and worded her response to the Truth or Punishment box specifically admit it without anybody else realizing she'd admitted it, via use of Exact Words.
Everybody thought she was faking Marco out by saying "Well, I think we all know who I have a crush on, don't we, Marco?" and then saying it was actually 18th century poet John Keats. But what she actually said was "Well, I think we all know who I have a crush on, don't we? Marco." At that point, she'd answered the question truthfully and thus was free to lie again.

Season Three will have a Time Skip
How long it will take would decide the plot of the season.
  • If it takes several years. Then Star and Marco would had moved on with their lives. Star would become Mewni's new queen, and trying to find a way to stop Toffee and find the missing Spellbook and Glosseryck. while Marco and Jackie would get married. The 3rd season would focus on their children. The time between seasons would be used for Cryptic Background References
  • if it takes place over several months at most, then events would conspire to reunite Star and Marco. And from that point they will be looking into finding a way to confront Toffee (and the love triangle subplot continues).

Toffee's Finger was left at Marco's house after she left in "Starcrushed"
Come Season 3 Toffee will invade his home to take it back.

One of the story arcs for Season 3 will be about reviving Hekapoo, Rhombulus, and Omnitraxus (and Lekmet if still possible)
Toffee reduced the first three to a deathlike state and the fourth performed a Heroic Sacrifice saving Moon. It will be up to Star and Moon to bring the High Commission back to power.

Toffee is planning on transforming Ludo's body into his own.
And this time he will not only be immortal but invincible. As in, he won't take any damage, period.

Toffee consumed Glosseryck entirely alongside with his magic
This is why the book was empty (it was an actual spellbook, not a fake), and Toffee was so powerful. He would have done same thing with fallen members of High Commission.

Ludo will fight off Toffee's possession long enough to saw his own arm off to try and stop Toffee from taking over his body.
This will open the way for Monster Arm to return and end up attaching itself to Ludo, as a more fitting host than Marco.

Toffee will be defeated by the end of Season 3 with the evil wand being destroyed
But it will be for naught. If the wand is destroyed, the energy he stole will be channeled into resurrecting/freeing Queen Eclipsa.

Toffee is a Fallen Hero.
The "Racism is the real enemy" moral for the Mewman/Monster conflict runs the risk of falling flat if Toffee, who is a face for monsterkind, never had and never will have a trace of goodness.

There will be an episode where the premise will be what would happen if Star and Marco were never friends

Toffee/Ludo/Some Big Bad will give Star a "The Reason You Suck" Speech about how she's the worst of both her families, as a dark contrast to the scene in "Game of Flags" where Moon tells her she's the best of both families.
"The flighty arrogance and selfishness of the Butterflies, the idiotic thuggery of the Johansens... and they expect you to be the future Queen of Mewni? Don't make me laugh."

Star's magic has enhanced Marco's physical abilities without either of them realizing it.
Being a green belt in karate (from a McDojo whose none-too-bright instructor is only a green belt himself) is hardly sufficient to explain a 14 year old of rather slight build being able to beat the hell out of monsters several times his size. Sure, Ludo's army were mostly idiots, but physically Marco really shouldn't have been able to manhandle them so easily. He'd need some degree of superhuman strength for it to make sense, and since he's 100% human the only plausible source of such strength would be that one of Star's spells accidentally enhanced him.

Star's unpredictability and wild imagination will prove to be her greatest asset.
It's been shown in both "Storm the Castle" and "Starcrushed" that brute force is useless against Toffee, mainly because of his Healing Factor. And Toffee's been revealed to know about the magic in the royal spell book (he knew about the Whispering Spell in "Storm the Castle", and as of the season 2 finale he's got his hands on the full contents of the book), but "The Hard Way" revealed that most of the spells Star uses (like her trademark Mega Narwhal Blast) she made up herself. Toffee will have to think fast to plan against an opponent who can theoretically make up spells on the fly.

Toffee will tempt Star with a Love Potion.
Not that she would go through with it, but it's obvious she has Marco on her mind. Come on, it's an obvious plot.

Tom will pull a Heroic Sacrifice.
And his last words to Marco will be, "Take care of Star for me".

If for any reason Miss Heinous manages to pull Star and Marco back to St. Olga's, it will mark character development for Moon and Star's Mother-Daughter relationship.
In the beginning, Moon was strict and almost considered sending her daughter to St. Olga's. But after seeing what her girl is capable of, even with good intention, she'll be disturbed at what the school entails. Especially because she sees Star didn't need to lose her individuality to become a better person than before.
  • Not to mention Miss Heinous will have a character development herself once we see her backstory of how she herself was once a princess, and see why she willingly succumbed to the school's brainwashing.
  • Given the thing with Marco's tentacle arm could mean Marco is now different enough from normal humanity

If Star loses in her battle with Meteora, season 4 will be a parody of Game Of Thrones
Complete with Four Lines, All Waiting.
  • Jossed.

The magic will be restored
In the S4 finally magic is "destroyed" and by destroyed I mean rendered inert but its still present. Marco when entering the realm of magic had a hoodie full of pudding cups and uses like 4 of them (being generous) to negate the mind wiping effects of magic. This means a bunch of pudding is left in the relm and the cups are probably in bad shape. All it will take to reactivate the magic is one cup to fail causing the birth of a new millhorse.

Mariposa was born during “Junkin’ Janna”
We know Mariposa was born sometime between "The Knight Shift" and "Doop-Doop", and "Junkin' Janna" seems like the most logical placement. The main plot of this episode is Tom deciding to hang out with Janna because Star is busy. Marco is absent, even though he would normally be Tom's first choice of who to hang out with. If Marco was also busy because he was at the hospital awaiting Mariposa's birth, then Tom's decision to hang out with Janna makes more sense.