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  • Star's wand is a blatant mash-up of Sakura Kinomoto and Sailor Moon's wands. Speaking of Sailor Moon, Star's magically making a disguise to get into St. Olga's Reform School does look awfully familiar... though this ability together with her general looks might also quote a different show with a magical girl.
  • When her wand gets into the hands of evil in "Lobster Claws", it resembles the Eye of Truth.
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  • Whenever Star or anyone uses her mirror to call a person, they usually chant "Mirror mirror on the wall..."
  • Star's spells don't go right because of what keywords she uses (and she didn't mean it). Sounds familiar?.
  • Star is basically a more family-friendly and less evil version of Princess Punie.
  • In "Matchmaker", when Star accidentally turns her teacher into a troll, she has a pink gem for a belly button. Alternately, this is a reference to the troll dolls popular in the 1990s.
  • King Butterfly's staff is topped with a moon and star headpiece that's identical to Sailor Moon's wand with the Imperium Silver Crystal attached to it
  • The music during the fight sequences is based on or sounds like the battle music from Pokémon, or in some episodes, Mega Man X4.
  • Two in "Quest Buy": when Star's wand runs out of power, the colors change to monochrome, and Marco does a Kamen Rider Kuuga pose when they confront Ludo.
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  • Ludo remarks about a rumbly in his tumbly in "Brittney's Party".
  • In "Blood Moon Ball", guests at the titular Ball line up to get drenched in unicorn blood, which pours down on them in a manner similar to that seen in Carrie.
  • In "Mewnipendence Day", the cover of Star's book resembles a Little Golden Book.
  • St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses is basically Emilie Autumn's The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls.
  • The dimensional scissors are likely a call out to the subtle knife from His Dark Materials.
  • In "Fetch", one of the lost animals listed on the board in the park is a black-and-white cat named Hei Bai. Another is a cat named Grumpy and a turtle named Ninja.
  • Mina Loveberry is an expy of Sailor Moon, especially the Odango Hair. Her name even sounds like Usagi's '90s dub name, Serena. Not to mention that Mina is also the name of one of the characters from the anime, specifically Minako's dub name.
  • In the same episode with Mina, they go to tourist locations and see cameos of tourists and Soos from Gravity Falls.
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  • In "The Banagic Wand", Star enters a music store that has records by "Ant", "De Soul", and "Jam", for sale.
  • "My New Wand":
    • Glossaryck paraphrases the page quote on Charles Manson, of all things, as a way of dodging a question from Marco.
    • There's a visual reference to Alien: Resurrection when Marco finds a deformed narwhal in a box in Star's closet.
    • It's revealed that one of the laser puppies is named "Sajak", a clear reference to Pat Sajak, the host of Wheel of Fortune.
  • In "Goblin Dogs", Star summons a small cloud to ride on like a surfboard/skateboard/snowboard. This is a clear reference to the various depictions of Sun Wukong, who famously rides on the "Lucky Golden Cloud", but especially to Son Goku from Dragon Ball (who has the Kinto'un, a.k.a. the Flying Nimbus).
  • In "Sleepover", the first question asked in the game ("What is your favorite color?") is a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Star's answers (blue and yellow) are the answers given in the movie.
    • From the same episode: a puzzle box clearly not from this world that exists to inflict punishments on those who try to play its game? Sounds like Pony Head's seen Hellraiser.
  • In the episode "Friendenemies," we see above his desk Marco has a picture of a golden, six-fingered hand, with the number 3 on it.
  • In "Into The Wand," look really closely at Marco's locker in his dream sequence. He has a bumper sticker for Sev'ral Timez.
  • In "Naysaya" Tom is playing a video game with something that vaguely sounds like Megalovania playing in the background.
  • In "Raid the Cave", the scene with Star and Marco approaching the entrance to Ludo's cave is a blatant reference to Sir Lancelot running towards Swamp Castle in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, except Star and Marco are on the back of a warnicorn.
  • If "Mathmagic" is to be believed, there exists a version of Star that wears a green tunic and hat, and a shield on her back.
  • When Marco is captured at St. Olga's, Heinous forces Marco into a chair, where he's strapped down and forced to watch a brainwashing movie while his eyes are held open so he can't look away. Sound familiar?
  • Marco's recollection of Echo Creek's history in "Collateral Damage" is a spoof of a Ken Burns documentary.
  • Echo Creek was founded by a family of pioneers who got trapped in a snowstorm named 'The Bonner Party'. Of course, unlike the real Donner party, they did not respond to their predicament with cannibalism.
  • Marco's dragon-cycle Nacho from "Running with Scissors" looks nearly identical to the dragon-cycle depicted on the album cover for the Judas Priest album Painkiller
  • The first teaser trailer for The Battle for Mewni has a young Moon Butterfly reciting the incantation for her "darkest spell" that she used to defeat Toffee. According to Word of God, the spell is inspired by Lina Inverse's Giga Slave from Slayers.
  • One of Buff Frog's board games seen in "Puddle Defender" is apparently titled Castle Crushers.
  • In "Rest in Pudding", gravestones can be seen with the names of Harpy Gee characters.
  • Also on "Rest in Pudding", Janna warns Star against burying the remains of the spell book in a pet cemetery.
  • In one scene in "Sophmore Slump", Marco plays a tabletop RPG called "The Adventuring Zone" with Janna, Alfonso, and Ferguson. The scene also draws some cues from the Dungeons and Dragons scene in Stranger Things.
  • Jackie's room in "Sophmore Slump" has a poster for "21 Pylons", and one that has a picture of Bill Cipher on it.
  • The gnome dolls Marco and Star buy in "Trial by Squire" resemble the gnomes from Gravity Falls.
  • Star and Marco's line "Yes. Yes, we did." in "Trial by Squire" is a reference to Phineas and Ferb.
  • "Monster Bash" Meteora shares a name with [[Music/Meteora an album by Linkin Park]]. Considering her taste in music and the album's themes of losing identity, it's appropriate.
  • One of the photos Star and Marco took together in "Booth Buddies" has them in the final pose of the Fusion Dance from Dragon Ball Z.
  • In "Booth Buddies" just when Marco has mustered resolve to do what he needs to do to free them from the magic photo booth Star says "Go get 'em, Tiger".
  • Tom's outfit from the season three finale has a distinct Fire Nation-vibe to it. Given he's a hot-tempered prince with actual fire powers, this may well be intentional.
  • When Queen Eclipsa performs spells with the Wand in "Conquer," instead of shouting the names of the spells like the other characters, she says them softly, bringing to mind Sailor Pluto. Also, season 3 ends with Meteora Butterfly being reborn as a baby and Eclipsa leaving to raise her, similar to the ending of "Sailor Moon S."
  • In Season 3, the soul sucking balloon effect is a reference to "The Hanging Balloons" by Junji Ito
  • The Season 4 preview titled "Butterfly Follies" features Star, Marco and River watching a public performance with actors that mock and satirize the Butterfly family using crude humor. Many fans felt that this was similar to how Aang and his friends watched a play that parodied him and his adventures in a similar, mocking manner.
  • Star's disguise in "Escape From the Pie Folk" gives off a real Strawberry Shortcake vibe.
  • "The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse", both the episode and the location, are a reference to Douglas Adam's The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.


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