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Stuff in Star vs. the Forces of Evil that makes you wonder...

As a Headscratchers page, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

    Moon mentally lost 

  • Is there something more to the "world" Queen Moon says she hates while mentally lost with Star in "Conquer"? She says, "This world is dumb," suggests leaving it and then strange music plays. Could this be foreshadowing?

    Lucitors and monsters 

  • Eclipsa's entire backstory, one of the main arcs of the series' third season, revolves around her being imprisoned and demonized for leaving her Mewman husband and King in favor of her monster lover instead, and as the episode "Monster Bash" revealed, giving birth to a Mewman-Monster hybrid, Meteora Butterfly, also known as Miss Heinous. As monsters are discriminated intensely by Mewni, she is considered a criminal and a disgrace to the Butterfly family, and was unjustly imprisoned in a magical crystal for possibly hundreds of years. However, enter the Lucitors, the ruling family of the underworld. Their kingdom is a close ally of Mewni, despite the fact that their family is composed of Queen Wrathmelior, a giant demon that bears a heavy resemblance to Eclipsa's monster husband, Dave, her Mewman husband and King, and Tom, their hybrid son and Star's current boyfriend who she had previously dumped for his anger issues. Also, in "Club Snubbed", we see that the Lucitosrs are even good friends of the Butterflies, inviting them to the annual Silver Bell Ball, and approving of and even encouraging Star and Tom's relationship. So the question is, what's their excuse? What's any different about their relationship then Eclipsa's? Is it because Wrathmelior is technically a demon? Either way, it's a huge double-standard that Star of all people should have picked up on by now especially, considering her current efforts to achieve justice for Eclipsa and stop the discrimination of monsters in favor of a peaceful co-existence.
    • She did pick up on it, and mentioned it in "Starfari". The difference between "Monsters" and "Not-monsters" seems to be intentionally written to be arbitrary. The Pony Heads and the Lucitors have been allies with the Butterflies for generations, so they don't count as "Monsters" according to Queen Moon.
    • As it turns out in "Is Another Mystery", Demons are more of an exception. However, they are still held in contempt despite their alliance with the Butterfly Kingdom because they are still considered monsters.


    Opening song 

  • If the Expository Theme Tune is from Star's point of view, why is the Theme Tune sung by a male singer?
    • Maybe that's the voice Star thinks with.
    • What if it's the wand?
    • Considering it shows Marco in almost all the scenes, except the first five seconds, what if it's him? Who else would comment about it getting weird and wild? For Star, just about everything shown is normal for her and her dimension. But for Marco, it's strange, new, exciting. And once you get to the third season, where the show's focus moves into exploring Mewni a lot more, and Marco sees more of Star's home dimension, it rings true. Throw in the amount of dimension-hopping they show in just the 40 seconds of the original theme song, and it totally could be Marco singing the opening theme, with Star at the end of the episode...

    Portal closing sound 

  • Anybody else think the portal-closing sound from this show is very similar to the PlayStation 2 splash screen?
    • Could be. It's not like sound effects aren't used and reused by other media all the freaking time.
  • Why was episode 3 released before episode 2? Is this something I'm missing, or is this just a case of Anachronic Order?
    • It was a special preview for, the Watch Disney XD App, and Disney XD On Demand users.

    Blood Moon Ball and Star 

  • For me, the lesson of "Blood Moon Ball" falls short. Star made a decision, but after that point when Tom has decided to clearly manipulate everything about the Underworld and the Blood Moon in order to have that dance, it comes across as majorly skeevy. That Marco came and crashed the lame party-something that Star would do on a regular basis-strikes me as off. They have each other's back for a reason, and Star seems to have forgot about that this one episode.
    • Star wasn't necessarily in the right and Marco saved her, but she was upset that Marco didn't trust her to handle Tom on her own after she told him several times that she was going to the ball. She saw it as Marco patronizing her and not realizing that her wand is a Game-Breaker. Case in point, the minute Tom attacked Marco, she imprisoned the former in a block of ice without anyone trouble, and before that she wasn't accepting any of Tom's attempts to dunk her in unicorn blood or enjoy the soul-binding.
    • Of course she could handled Tom-that much I don't dispute. It's the issue that, the episode prior, Marco mentions-in no uncertain terms-that he wants to matter to Star. He got over his interest in mutual protection, but those still ring true this episode. He cares, and I don't think it's reasonable to punish the guy because he wants to feel like he matters to his best friend, and potentially more than that. I think that's where the episode falls short-making Marco look bad by interfering-when he had the chance, and probably should have-doesn't solidify his importance as a character, or his importance as someone Star can trust to have her back and look after her, who-quite frankly, given her reckless nature-she needs.
    • If the show has a Trolling Creator, maybe we need to accept that Star's Fatal Flaw is that she doesn't like to admit that she needs help to handle things, especially since the reason why she got sent to Earth was because she couldn't handle the magic wand on Mewni, as her parents tactfully summarized. Thus it's her Berserk Button when Marco underestimates her or treats her like a Damsel in Distress, because it brings up bad memories of that first awful day with the wand. This would be in-character with her response in "The Banagic Incident," where she knocks Marco's dessert out of his hands for implying the same thing several episodes later. With that said, a few people in Star's shoes would feel insulted that their judgment wasn't being trusted because it's one of the few times that she does think through a situation, and her affection for Tom isn't the Mad Love that other people have expressed for villains. Marco's only "punishment" was a mild lecture, and to then make Star nachos, which he would have done anyway if she had stayed at home.
    • Star has asked for help plenty of times. Her fatal flaw is the emotional baggage she carries around from her mother molding her into a perfect future ruler. When Marco questioned her ability to handle herself, she lashed out because it reminded her of her mother's authoritarian personality. Of course, Star may not even realize this, as she didn't even know she had mother issues until Dr. Marco, Ph.D.! pointed it out.
    • The episode clearly sides with Star on this one - Marco apologises at the end, rather than any sort of compromise. And I'm with her on this one - showing someone they matter to you and that you're friends does not mean accepting their opinion and letting them dictate how you ought to behave. Star was in control throughout the Blood Moon Ball and didn't need Marco's help. While Tom might have tried to set the evening up so they could have the fated dance, it's implied to be a force of destiny and the beam doesn't land on Star until she wanders off. There's no guarantee she would have danced with Tom if Marco hadn't turned up and she stayed put. Even then, she clearly shows reservations about getting back with Tom and just being around him in general. It isn't as though she ignored Marco's advice - she admitted she could have been making a mistake but wanted to give it a try, and Marco should have respected that instead of trying to forcefully remove her from a situation she had chosen to be in.
    • This is a good point. Another thing to note is that Marco understand reality better, while Star knows fantasy better, so she could probably handle herself relatively better than on Earth, and having Marco wouldn't be as crucial. Plus, Marco's showing up set off Tom's temper in the first place. However, it's still somewhat frustrating, because going with Tom at all seemed like a pointless risk and an indisputable mistake. Tom was clearly still struggling with anger issues, so he was essentially a somewhat literal walking time bomb. Really, it would have been best for her not to go at all. If the episode had acknowledged this better (rather than just a "maybe"), then perhaps the Aesop could have come off better. As for that "fated dance"... its nature isn't really clarified, so it's still somewhat unsettling. It's also made frustrating because Marco has often strained himself to pull Star out of dangerous (even lethal) situations (even outside Earth), so it's not as though his fears were unwarranted either. The basic lesson "you can't control her every decision" makes sense, but it would have been nicer to have better acknowledgment of both sides (like in "School Spirit" and "Fortune Cookies"). But then, I wouldn't say this is a flat-out Broken Aesop; the general idea does still hold.

    Star's understanding on Earth 

  • The premise of "Banagic" is that Star doesn't understand Earth and is permanently stuck in a Mewman medieval mindset. For some things, it works; she sees werewolves on TV and has no reason to doubt they exist on Earth. But other times, it's sort of unbelievable. Star's a seasoned dimension-hopper who goes to Earthlike nightclubs, Earthlike video arcades, Earthlike punk rock shows, Earthlike big box stores, Earthlike phone offices, et cetera. When they went to St. Olga's, for instance, Marco immediately recognized it as a finishing school. The show goes to the "the multiverse is just like Earth" well for jokes so much that it's incongruous for them to have an episode about how weird and off-putting Earth is for someone from the multiverse. If the multiverse is so much like Earth, how can she not figure out what a theme restaurant is or what a mailman does?
    • One consideration here is that Earth is unique for not relying so much on Magic (and instead relying on magic and having a lot of non-literal turns of phrase); Star is never surprised by Punk Rock or Pirates, but based on the weird and eccentric places she goes, she might be surprised people would pretend to be pirates for the sake of a restaurant theme. Considering the easy access she has had in life has to making these things real (and often dangerous), it's weird for her to process what's only pretend and what is real. After all, a lot of our mundane earth technology seems like it could not be replicated on Mewni without the aid of a Wizard or magic. So it's hard for Star to figure out what is a mundane but real and what is simply magical and pretend since it used to be that a Wizard just did all of those things by spell.
    • Also, the only thing listed that might actually be "just like earth" would be the video arcade (of which we haven't seen enough to know if it actually is just like earth). The nightclub? Surrounded by deadly spikes of doom with a speaking skeleton. Big box store? The sorting system drives people mad. The phone office? Sends people into mines to work of their depts. St. Olga's? Uses blatant mind control. The multiverse is superficially just like earth, but with odd things hiding behind every corner. This leads to Star still expecting said odd things even on earth, because to her, they aren't odd, they're the norm.

    Ambushing Marco 

  • How did the monsters get the jump on Marco in Storm the Castle?! He's defeated them effortlessly before, even making fun of them. I want to know what Toffee did exactly, or if they just caught Marco while he was sleeping.
    • The latter is a possibility. Marco's tough and skilled, but he's still a 14-year-old boy, and he can get in trouble if he gets grabbed by the monsters directly. Toffee's more competent than Ludo, so maybe he just organized the monsters better. Or maybe Toffee used other pragmatic tactics, like sleeping darts, nets, an indestructible cage...


    Whispering Spell 

  • In the ending of Storm the Castle, Star's mother doesn't approve of Star destroying her wand by using the Whispering Spell. Apparently using the spell is dangerous since the wand itself is her family's heirloom, and destroying it will have broke what has been brought down to her family for generations. Yet why is the whispering spell the one she teaches to Star first?
    • Because the spell itself may be completely unrelated to destroying the wand since Star didn't made the connection until Toffee told her to use it. The spell may have been intended as something to be used only in emergencies. Maybe it is a Death Spell, and it worked on the wand precisely because it killed the power source.
    • Alternatively, the very fact that the wand could destroy the universe may mean that Star's mother taught her the spell as a contingency; if the wand were ever in danger of falling into evil hands, it would be safer to destroy it.

    Ludo a kappa 

  • If Ludo's a Kappa, then why wasn't his water dish spilled when he was blasted onto his back in "Storm the Castle"?
    • From what we have seen the few times he took off the skull, he appears to not carry water from his pond around. So the bigger question would be: why not? What happened to it?

    Star's rug 

  • What the heck IS that thing under Star's rug?!
    • I like to think that the thing under Star's rug is a result of her spell in Mathmagic which resulted in all sorts of wibbly wobbly timey-wimey stuff happening (but on a small scale), and that the thing is actually a being, or maybe an alternate universe version of Star, from a parallel reality. Other than that I've got no clue either.

    Regenerating fingers 

  • How come Toffee can regenerate his arm in an instant, but apparently not his one lost finger?
    • One thing stood out for me in "Storm of the Castle". Toffee - for whatever reason - bothers to put his jacket and tie away nicely and both remain unharmed after the explosion. We also see his hand up close multiple times in that episode. If he can regenerate his body easily... what if his finger isn't lost? What if his finger can regenerate? What if he allowed to let his body get destroyed, knowing that his finger is safely inside his jacket, ready to regenerate the rest of his body from it?
    • As revealed later in Season Two, Toffee lost that finger to Moon Butterfly in her youth. Who's to say it didn't permanently damage the stub, making it so that it couldn't regenerate? Everything else would be fine, but not that appendage.


  • Does the writers of this show know anything about Scandinavia at all? Even something as basic as the fact that it's not even a country, but rather a group of different countries, with different languages?
    • When Star asks Gustav where he exactly he came from, he even asks her how much does she know about Europe. So I'm sure the writers knew what Scandinavia is, and were simply just playing up the stereotype just for laughs.
    • I would find that easier to believe if Star had found out about it from the research she did in order to bust Gustav, yet there's no mention of it, even though it would be one of the easiest ways to prove that he was lying. Also, the language books she found in his backpack even said "Scandinavian", as if it was just a single language. So, still scratching my head at that one.
    • If you look closely at Star's string theory wall, she has on there a map of the Scandinavian Peninsula, showing that she did become aware of what Scandinavia is during her research. Also, about those books that Star found; Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, the three countries that make up Scandinavia, are all very similar to each other, both culturally and linguistically (as in their languages sound really similar to each other), which is why you usually see the three get confused with each other. So like I said before, they knew pretty much what they were doing, and were simply just playing it up for laughs.
    • Also, even if Star would have figured out what Scandinavia is, she still is pretty much an alien from another dimension that appears to live in the USA. The USA are a collection of states that - while having their own names and stereotypes - all agree that they are something bigger - the United States of America. Even if Star would have gotten to the point where she knows that Denmark, Sweden, Norway, etc are separate states, how would she know that they aren't still "Scandinavia" and that their citizens refer to themselves as Scandinavians?
    • The episode is very clear that it's Gustav who knows nothing about Scandinavia. He's an American pretending to be foreign, so of course he gets everything comically wrong.


    Wet socks 

  • Why didn't Marco just take off his socks? It's not that hard of a solution to the wet socks thing.
    • He probably wants to wear socks. And you can't exactly predict when your next pair is going to get soaked, proved with Star and King Butterfly flushing random things down the toilet and flooding the bathroom.

    Green belt defeating monsters 

  • Marco has, according to himself, "a green belt with a stripe" in karate. This means that either the monsters are so ridiculously weak that groups of them can be defeated by a 14 year old, roughly mid-level karate student, or he's much better than his rank suggests, which would in turn beg the question how Jeremy could be any better than him even with a knuckle duster.
    • Maybe Jeremy's parents bought him that black belt (as opposed to him actually earning it)?
    • Perhaps Marco's safety issues make him fear hurting others. So he holds himself back against other people, which prevents him from advancing in rank, but against evil, dangerous attacking monsters who deserve it and can take it, he has no problem going all out. So he might actually be way better than his belt dictates (in Real Life, he certainly would be).
    • Both these questions kinda get addressed in the show. When Marco talks about Jeremy in the episode he's introduced, he states that the only reason Jeremy is a black belt is because his parents paid for fancy lessons, implying that Jeremy didn't really earn his black belt. Also, in the episode where Marco is trying to get his red belt, he states that he has been a green belt for a ludicrously long amount of time. Sensei then admits that he ruined the VHS tape on becoming a red belt, and that's the only reason Marco has been held back for so long. It's fair to assume that Marco would have been a black belt by now, if he'd had a competent sensei.

    Face Stealing 

  • Marco tells the Goblin-elephant-demon lady the following: "When you steal other people's faces, all you're really stealing is your future." I guess my question is, were they actually serious??? I'm well aware that you can ruin your future by fitting any number of the tropes here from Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk to Kids Are Cruel, but that wouldn't change the fact that your future belongs to you. That's what makes it frightening when you do ruin your future. It's bleak and all yours. It's made even more unbelievably stupid by the fact that we can't potentially be talking about an object that was stolen and in turn prompted the hero to steal it back. We're talking about what will happen to this character in her remaining lifespan. How can she steal that??? Were the writers just trying to make us laugh by spoofing scenes like this or should I be even more worried about the future of humanity? I know this is a cartoon, but even the music that plays during the scene changes to indicate that she was actually considering a Heel–Face Turn from that unbearably painful piece of dialogue. Granted it does turn out that it Wasn't that trope...
    • Marco was bluffing and invoking psychobabble. Even someone with an A in psychology can't reason with a monster princess that steals faces. It was a parody, hands down.
  • Mewnipendence Day. Why they have such a day if, according to the show itself, Mewni has always been an independent nation since the day of its foundation? It feels like they called it that for the sake of a bad pun.
    • Maybe they call it that because they stopped the monsters from "Restealing Mewni for themselves." As star puts it. Mewmans were settlers who came to an island that wasn't their own. They just attacked the natives and stole it, then massacred the natives who tried to steal it back thus allowing them to occupy the stolen land independently. Not that it makes much more sense. "Conquest Of Mewni " would have been a better name for that.
    • You know... we can't be 100% certain that the word "Mewnipendence" is really derived from "independence." There might be another word that sounds like it... or maybe Star just translated the word into English wrong (according to "My New Wand!", there are both Mewman and English languages).
    • Simple, they didn't want to acknowledge the truth that they might have been in the wrong. Nobody wants to see themselves as the bad guys so instead of calling it something accurate, like "the conquest of Mewni," they called it Mewnipendence day. They spun the story so that the Mewni were painted as liberators rather than thieves.
    • Also, from the Meta standpoint, it's to deliberately invoke the way America was founded on land stolen by colonists from the natives. In universe, Star has been attending earth school, she certainly learned the founding myths of America, and probably noticed the parallels without necessarily noting the problems. So she translated it as "Mewnipendence" specifically to draw the parallel to earth's own "celebrating the way we kicked the last people off this land and founded a country" holiday.

    Green belt 

  • Marco's karate ranking. Given that he has been fighting, with no small amount of success, the monsters sent after Star and himself, surely Marco has learned through practical experience far more than he might have in class. Yet he is still ranked at only a green belt. Granted, he's trying to level up to a red belt in an upcoming episode, and this is several levels above green, though how far beyond varies between schools. However, shouldn't his increase in experience and power already have been evident to his Sensei?
    • Turns out Marco's sensei isn't even a red belt.
    • Which makes things even more confusing. Why is Marco so good at karate when his instructor is a hack, and how on Earth is Jeremy a black belt?

    Mina's insanity 

  • Mina mentions that she is on vacation and that it was "Doctor's Orders". Is there a chance that her insanity is only temporary and we'll see her composed after she gets some rest? To be honest, star goes a little crazy after staying up and spying on Gustav all those days. Maybe it's a thing with Mewnans?
    • Who can say?

    Cops and magic 

  • Why does one of the cops in "Starstruck" act surprised that magic exists, when Star's been doing crazy magical stuff for months already (including many things far flashier than anything from this episode) and some of it directly experienced by the Echo Creek police?
    • Some possibilities:
      1. It could be that he's new to the town and/or police department and hadn't encountered a Star-caused magical incident before.
      2. Star hadn't caused any problems in the park or his jurisdiction so he hadn't seen any magic yet.
      3. Considering all of the Gravity Falls cameos in the background of this episode, this could just be a further reference to Gravity Falls, in that crazy magical things go on around them all the time and yet they continue to remain blissfully (and sometimes willfully) ignorant of what's going on around them. Especially the police. If this is the case, expect him to have no idea about magic again, if he ever makes a reappearance.

    Dumpster diving 

  • Why exactly does Star go dumpster diving for old donuts when she could easily just buy fresh ones?
    • It's cheaper that way. Also, there's a general rule of thumb for most pastry outlets that things made one day typically aren't held for resale the next day, so most of those perfectly good donuts and bagels get thrown out. One of the tragic parts of the American food glut. So of course Star would go after those donuts if they're still relatively fresh.
    • I suppose it could also just be that to a Mewman, stale donuts actually taste better than fresh ones.

    Sending Star to Earth 

  • So the whole reason Star got sent to earth was because "she can't handle it. (the wand)" Okay, but how does going to the "magic free" earth help her to handle it? Did they send her there to grow her character so she could use the wand wisely? Are there like wizard dimensions where she could be sent to school to better handle it? I know without her going to earth the premise doesn't work, but the reasoning behind it just seems a bit...odd.
    • They sent her to Earth so that it wouldn't be their own kingdom put at risk by Star's magical accidents. Oh, and a dimension full of wizards would also be full of people who'd want the wand for themselves. And who'd be able to do actual damage if they stole it; it seems that the wand only works for people who already have some level of magic within them, meaning that ordinary humans on Earth probably can't use it.
    • A Magic Instruction Book is included, along with the tiny wizard Glossaryck in it. That probably helps. The book has info on the wand's previously used spells, so learning how to use the wand is probably best done by studying the book, listening to Glossaryck, and seeking advice from the wand's last user (who obviously needs to run a country, but Star can talk to her at will with the magic mirror).
    • They also probably never expected her to be attacked by monsters in a dimension without monsters, meaning that they never expected her to have a reason (or excuse) to need the wand beyond controlled practice with Glossaryck. We also know that Glossaryck trained some (if not all) of the wand bearers before Star, perhaps they never saw a need for outside instruction. Perhaps there are no "magical wand bearing" schools.

    Using the scissors for intra-dimensional travel 

  • In "Girls Day Out", why didn't Star at any point just use her dimensional scissors? I mean I can get that it may not of worked when getting from the detention hall to Oskar as Ms. Skullnick is sitting on a bench right across from him and both her and Janna would've been instantly spotted, but why didn't she use them to get back once they got the spare batteries? Not only would it of been a lot faster to do that than trying to get back there on foot (or in this case, a janitor cart transformed into a giant porcupine), it also would've saved them a lot more time doing that, while also having plenty of time to spare. Plus, even though dimensional scissors so far have only been seen being used to travel to other dimensions, unless I'm mistaken, nothing in the show itself has stated that a user couldn't just use the scissors to travel from one location to another in the same dimension. So again, why didn't Star just use them?
    • Great question, especially since it was very heavily implied that she can use the scissors to get from one place to another on earth when she wanted to hang the poster of Justin Towers. Marco asked her why she didn't just knock and she answered that she had dimensional scissors. That said, I guess it's safe to assume that she didn't use them in "Girls Day Out" because she left them at home. It's as good a guess as any.
    • When Star comes into Marco's room and sees a whole bunch of portals, she immediately knows he's gone "scissors-happy." This is probably a known thing, and more experienced scissors users may try to avoid using them for "small things" to avoid getting psychologically addicted.

    Scale of destruction 

  • In Storm the Castle, how is it that the explosion that results from Star destroying her wand is powerful enough to destroy Ludo's Castle completely and everyone inside, except for Star and Marco, but not the egg that Ludo emerges from shortly afterward??? Prior to leaving, the chicken monster lays an egg right next to the crystal cage, everything is blasted to kingdom come, but the egg is fine. Insane Troll Logic at it's very finest, and while i'm at it, how on earth didn't it destroy Toffee's coat and tie? That wasn't inside the cage like Star and Marco were or even next to it like the egg. How?
    • We're dealing with magic and monsters here. Everything's unprecedented. Toffee's jacket and tie might actually be mystically reinforced to serve as armor, and perhaps chicken-monster eggs are meant to be inhumanly powerful until they hatch, but the blast weakened that one enough that Ludo was able to break free.
    • It's magic, particularly wild and unfocused magic to self-destruction - it probably made a random selection of what it affected since there was no focus. Ground zero = blast, a small bubble beyond that = not affected, and so forth in stages until one of them destroyed the castle with concussive force. Or something; her black hole spell has similar selection qualities, in that it doesn't affect 'everything' when it should.

    Star telling her parents 

  • How much of the events of Storm the Castle did Star tell her parents? Why didn't Moon freak out when she heard about Toffee?
    • Moon's pretty reserved, and there's a lot she doesn't tell Star. It's possible that she did her best to remain cool because she didn't want to alarm Star by revealing how much danger she'd really been in, fighting an ancient enemy of the family. Alternatively, since this is Star, it's possible that it simply didn't occur to her to mention the villain's name. '
    • Or perhaps more likely, Moon didn't react because the name "Toffee" doesn't mean anything to her. If that's not the name he was using decades ago when Moon defeated him, there'd be no reason for Moon to connect the lizard-monster Star fought with "the immortal monster." There's probably lots of monsters that look like lizards, and it's not as if Toffee wore a business suit back when he fought Moon.

    Spider a girl 

  • How does Ludo know his Spider is a girl?
    • Maybe she laid eggs off screen.
    • I'm pretty sure only female spiders can spin web. He also might be familiar enough with the species to tell, especially since female spiders of many species tend to be way larger than the males.

    Star and Oscar 

  • What was the purpose of Star's crush on Oscar? Was it a season 1 experimental test of how Star could handle a crush on Marco? Or is it setting up a VERY complicated Love Dodecahedron?. Because it felt kind of pointless after her crush on Marco appeared and Oscar almost disappeared completely from the show along with Star's crush on him.
    • It might be an Aborted Arc. Or, it could be as you said, in setting up Star doing something with Oscar to get her mind off Marco. What's interesting to me is that she clearly was still attracted to Oscar in his latest season 2 appearance, given what happen in Girl's day, but the very next episode is Sleepover, which does the true crush reveal. Like how Brittney or Marco's other friends haven't appeared very much, we'll just have to wait and see what the writers have planned.
    • Oskar is just a guy she's physically attracted to. Marco is the guy she's in love with.
    • I was asking about the purpose of the crush. I never said the crush on Marco was forced or anything. I wanted to know some possible reasons for why they spent 1+ seasons teasing it yet they dropped it almost immediately while leaving Oskar as a guy who was there for Star to be crushing on even though that crush and flirting they had went nowhere.
    • It's possible that her crush on Oscar was systematic of how in part she had a habit of falling in with Bad boys. First it was Tom, but then it's Oscar. In part it might be that she liked those two because of her own rebellious streak, so she thought having another bad boy as her boyfriend might be what she wanted. That symbolically, Oscar is who she was at the beginning of the show. Reckless, defiant, quirky in some ways. And Marco is who she's becoming in being more responsible and level headed. Or it could just be that Oscar was a joke that was meant to be dropped once the story got better developed.

    Tech levels 

    Ship building telekinesis 

  • Why didn't Star deliver the apple to Baby with the telekinesis spell that she was using to build ships in bottles in "Wand to Wand"?
    • She was really nervous. Maybe she just forgot. I think virtually any seasoned professional can crack under pressure.

    Bounce Lounge retiring 

  • If the owner of the Bounce Lounge just wanted to retire, why not just sell the place instead of wrecking it? I mean Star and Pony Head are surely rich enough to buy it, what with being royalty and all.
    • The owner is pretty cooky and old, so she probably wasn't thinking straight. Or, she just really doesn't care about what happens to the Bounce Lounge anymore and only wants it to end for good. "Nooo! The party is over." -The Bounce Lounge owner. Plus, considering the fact that she's thousands of years old, she probably has enough money in her life already.

    Rhombulus and Lekmet 

  • "Crystal Clear" doesn't make a shred of sense and not for the reasons anyone might think. My question is if Rhombulus is the only person who can understand what Lekmet says, why would he ever be scared that Lekmet tried to call the magical counsel (or whatever its called?} Armed with that knowledge, you could just cross your snake arms and lean calmly against the wall while the old goat rambles on in a language that nobody knows. I just don't see this working. It might be an oversight on the part of the character, but it comes off like really, really bad writing to me.
    • Actually, it does make sense in context. Rhombulus froze Lekmet because Lekmet most likely planned to show the Counsel that he (Rhombulus) had frozen Star and Marco. Even if they can't actively understand him, seeing the princess of Mewnie frozen in crystal would cause anyone to be a more than a little curious as to why she ended up in that state. Rhombulus didn't want anyone asking questions because everyone makes fun of him and his mistakes.
    • How? Lekmet is not ambulatory (Banister Chair Lift) so it isn't like he could run and pull a Lassie bit. and it doesn't do any good to speak on a phone when the one person who can understand you is not on the other end. The question had nothing to do with what his plans were. It had everything to do with the fact that there was no need for Rhombulus to worry if he is the only one that understands what Lekmet says. Lets say for all intents and purposes that the person who answered could at least understand that something was wrong given Lekmet's unintelligible babbling. They would naturally ask for Rhombulus, who could say : "He just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job I've been doing when it comes to locating and punishing evil. Bye." Or they could send someone over , giving Rhombulus enough time to slash a portal and throw star back through it. (No evidence). Again. its not a question of what Lekmet's plans were. It's a question of why Rhombulus would ever worry about Lekmet calling the Magical counsel if Rhombulus is the only person who can understand or interpret what he says in the first place. There's just no way around it. He even tells Star not to worry for that very reason. So why on earth did he??
    • Well, Rombulus isn't too smart. It was probably a gut reaction on his part in fear of what would happen that he acted so hastily.

    Marco the 30 year old and 14 year old girls 

  • Marco is now a 30 year old in the body of a 14 year old, dating another 14 year old. Doesn't that make him sort of a pedophile?
    • Probably not, it's not like he's equivalent to a normal 30 year old, he spent 16 years fighting, hunting and surviving, with no interaction with regular people (possibly no one but his prey) his concept of peers would still be what he left on earth since he had no people growing up around him.
    • Does it really matter? No one is being abused.
    • That's not how biology and growing up works. Also by his story, he interacted normaly with that dimension's equivalent of people.
    • There's also the fact there are different timelines. Time is relative. Marco was only gone for eight earth minutes so with respect to Earth, he and Jackie are still the same age. That's not Pedophilia.
    • The issue with age of consent, age gap and all that is mental and emotional maturity. Marco lived and experienced 16 full years, and he remembers all that. For all intents and purposes Marco is now a full grown adult in the body of a 14 year old.
    • Marco experienced those 16 years, but everything about him physically reverted to his 14 year old body. Including his brain. He has 30 years worth of memories but he still has the mind of a teenager.
    • Not only did his body and mind revert back to fourteen years of age, but having thirty years of memory does not make you sexually attracted to children. Furthermore, He isn't a thirty year old in the body of a fourteen year old. His own body aged according to the timeline he was in. Once he returned to Earth's timeline, his body followed suit. Lastly, Jackie is a teenager. Ephebophilia is the term for a grown adult who is sexually attracted to teenagers. Marco does not fit either description given that he's fourteen. Hardly an adult.
    • It was never stated his mind was affected once he got back. He retained all his memories and experiences, which is why he couldn't remember his laptop password. Just like in every body swap/age swap story, in this case, he has the mind of an adult and body of a teenager, hence, he's an adult in a teenager's body. Just like Mathew Perry was an adult in a teenager's body in the movie, 17 Again. If one wants to go the Milo Yiannopoulos route, fine, he's a ephebophile.
    • The brain isn't a metaphysical thing, it's an actual organ in your head. When Marco's body was physically reverted to 14 years old, his brain was too.
    • Again, there's no indication of that other than wishful thinking, in fact, there's evidence for the opposite. Marco looks at his room as an old, distant place, he has completely forgotten his laptop password, and comments on how the burger that, to him he didn't finish eating a long time ago, was still warm. All this even though he had been gone for 8 minutes on Earth. He still has 16 years of experiences and growth, aka the "mind" of a 30 year old. Again, the same as in every age altering fiction, falling under the same squick as all those adults who become yourger (ex. Jumanji).
    • Actually, in the second #Marco LIVE livestream, he mentions that he doesn't really remember his time hunting Heakapoo. He still has it in his memory, but he remembers it the way you'd remember a really hazy dream, distant and vague. That would seem to suggest he's still mentally fourteen.
    • One can live with that Author Saving Throw.

    Brittney's weight 

  • Has Brittney put on weight between "Mr. Candle Cares" and "Collateral Damage"? Her face looks fuller, though the rest of her body doesn't seem to have changed.
    • It could be that her face looked droopy because she was sad, like everyone else. Weight gain is also a possibility though.

    Star revealing secrets 

  • In what dimension, Star would you think it's okay to spout how you lost the sacred Book of Spells along with Glossaryck the powerful wizard man who serves whoever possesses the book? And remember she herself said she knew about the whole song until the part with Marco came up, so she clearly knew her parents didn't want her spilling the beans. So yeah, WTH hero?
    • More to the point, where did Star ever get the idea that her parents said they'd keep it a secret from the High Commission? That's not remotely what they said. They told Star that they'd find Ludo and take back the book themselves and that she should just sit tight.
    • Star knew that the Magic High Commission was in the dark about the book and Glossaryck because Rhombulus didn't know a thing about it until she told him in "Crystal Clear".

    Star fleeing riot 

  • On a second note, why the hell would Star just up and leave after her brute honesty caused a full on riot? Yes I know it's established that her main character flaw is running away from her problems, but if you know anything about history, people getting mad at the monarchy usually leads to a freaking coup, and she just leaves her parents, friends and best friend/love interest. What makes it worst is in Starcrushed when Moon comes to get Star, she doesn't listen even though her mother looks like she was on the losing end of a battle which for all Star knew could have had something to do with the civil unrest she caused. Seems Star was grabbing onto both the Villain and Idiot Balls.
    • Well, Star's grown up in a pretty idyllic lifestyle before being sent to earth. In a way, it seems like all these things that you're talking about with history, responsibility, assumptions and coups? NOTHING like that has happened in Mewni history to this point. Sure, we can have those kinds of assumptions, but all Star has known in her life has been nothing of the sort. Let's go over what we know about Star's past at this point. 1. She was in part raised by the knights as a fighter. 2. She's always partially resented her mother for being controlling. 3. She didn't...particularly know the family history. More the general kingdom history like Mewnipendence Day. 4. She loved to fight, have fun and live her own life away from her "royal duties". 5. She doesn't particularly care about the problems of her people, given her cavalier attitude toward talking about the people in the lower parts of mewni when she took the Diaz family to visit or her nearly running them over with wild unicorns. 6. Star's never really been all that responsible before in facing up to her issues, more wanting 2nd chances or to fix them through fighting. With that combination of things, along with the fact that Star hadn't....really grown that much over the first 2 seasons relatively speaking, and with the fact that she's in emotional distress over having her deepest darkest secret exposed in front of everyone on her home world, it's not THAT surprising she up and ran for it. She probably assumed that everything died down and the people weren't a problem anymore.

    Moon's hair 

  • Ok, so Moon held her hair up with a pearly headdress in Season 2, so how did she keep her hair up in Season 1? She didn't have some kind of headdress then.
    • She had hairdressers. Also, the pearly headdress might not be what's actually keeping her hair up, since it looks like she didn't need it before.

    Fixed dimensional point 

  • In "Mathmagic" Omnitraxus Prime explains that Star is a Paradox Person because she refuses to answer a question in school. How is Star a paradox?, the multiverse is composed of thousands (if not millions) of outcomes and possibilities from decisions which range from minor differences to major differences. Isn't the original Star already part of the outcomes since the answering the question is basically a "yes" or "no" scenario. The versions of Star are fulfilling the "yes" part of the scenario due to answering the question regardless of accuracy, whereas the original Star is fulfilling the "no" part of the scenario since she isn't answering the question. There is bound to be other versions of Star that aren't fulfilling the scenario for specific reasons.
    • It's best not to think about this, it's a fixed dimensional point meaning that it's definite and fixed into the universes, try to think of the explanation in Bioshock Infinite. Most importantly, it's a Disney cartoon not Stephen Hawkins The Nature of Space and Time, they don't have majors in quantum physics and I'm pretty sure the viewer won't understand or care about it either.

    Purpose of spells 

  • Why would spells even exist to do things like heal a broken arm by transforming it into a tentacle monster, or causing the target to grow an eternally expanding beard? "Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension" reveals that thanks to Star's unfortunate habit of "skimming" through the spellbook instead of reading the the entire spell before casting it, she overlooked that both of those spells if left alone after casting will eventually kill the target. But why would any of the previous queens of Mewni invented such ridiculously slow and convoluted ways of killing somebody? Especially since they're not even effective means of killing. Simply shaving the magic beard ends its effect, after all.
    • Torture spells. Yeah you heard me. Those spells might've been used to torture others. Or, alternatively, it was a way to take down their enemies by giving them seeming benefits before they die agonizing deaths being choked by their own arm or suffocated by their own beard.
    • It's not quite clear how making new spells work. Its possible they are discovered in a "scientific" way (say this and move like this and it has this effect) meaning that new spells would be "discoveries" rather than purpose made tools. If they are instead purpose mad tools, its possible that they were unintended side effects of the tools use (ex "Look at all those poor beardless men, I know what will help! *poof* Woops won't stop growing back to the drawing board.) The "torture" theory doesn't really work, considering that those are still incredibly ineffective at that purpose.

    Marco seeing Star not old 

  • In "Running With Scissors", why wasn't adult Marco confused by how Star hadn't aged? He wasn't yet aware time moved differently in Hekapoo's dimension.
    • He didn't think of it at first.

    Witches and queens 

  • "You do like witchy stuff with the hair? Is that what this is? You some kind of witch?" asked The girl with the devil horns, magic wand, Book of Spells and demon ex boyfriend. Enlighten me... what differentiates star and the queens before her from witches?
    • I assume the difference is in their methods/materials used to cast magic. Star uses a magic wand which has been passed down through generations in the royal family of Mewni. Meanwhile, she's assuming the lady uses HAIR to do magic. The wand may be considered sort of a more natural source of magic (well, perhaps natural isn't the right word, but you understand what I mean) while using hair would be considered a wrong on unnatural way to use magic, and therefore somebody doing that would be considered a witch... or maybe Star's just not thinking about what she's saying.

    Toffee and Eclipsa's contract 

  • Eclipsa's contract can only take effect via a Dead Man's Switch by Toffee, but Toffee was dead after the first season finale, so how did that not break her crystal prison?
    • Toffee was not dead after the season one finale. He just merged himself with Star's wand and was inside of it the entire time. This was confirmed in the movie and even further demonstrated by what happens when Star uses the whispering spell and blows the fragment in Ludo's hand , herself and Ludo up. Given that Eclipsa's crystal cracked at the end of the special though, it's safe to assume that he's dead now.

    Jackie and Star's confession 

  • Sooo, we're 4 episodes into season 3. Are we just not going to address what happened to Marco and Jackie's relationship after Star's confession?
    • I know. Marco and Star never reference her confession even once.
    • Star was kinda flirty with Marco (telling him he's never been cuter) after they reunited. And Marco seemed to be fine with it. Still no mention of Jackie though. And Word of God is that Marco didn't tell anybody before going to Mewni, so he vanished for weeks without Jackie having any idea where he was.
    • Resolved as of Sophomore Slump.

    Mewni toilets 

  • How is it that there's a "solid gold toilet" in the royal bathroom when it's already been established Mewni doesn't have indoor plumbing?

    Moon letting Toffee leave 

  • Why did Moon just let Toffee walk away after she removed his finger via Eclipsa's spell? Presumably she shifted her aim at the last second and didn't go for his heart like Eclipsa said because she was having second thoughts about letting "the Queen of Darkness" go free. But Toffee is the monster who murdered her mother. Why just stand there and let him leave, instead of say restraining him until Rhombulus can freeze him. Or even using the darkest spell again to take off one of his legs so he can't flee. If Toffee had been captured that would've brought him to justice and removed any future threat, and still kept Eclipsa in prison.
    • We have to remember Moon was only fourteen at the time, even as a grown woman she's still clearly terrified of Toffee, the fact she managed to actually drive him and his army away is pretty much all she was mentally capable of. And their is also the fact she probably couldn't have stopped him if she wanted to, the guy is next to immortal and a lot stronger than she is. Eclipsa's spell is pretty long, if she tried to do it again he would either run away or attack her, she really only hit the first time cause he believed such a spell couldn't exist. Basically she let him go, hoping like his army his spirit was defeated.

    Getting help 

  • Why didn't Marco try to get help from Tom and/or Pony Head? With his own scissors, he could easily communicate with them.
    • Maybe he was in a rush?

    Whispering Spell not killing Ludo 

  • Ok, I know someone brought this up before, but how did the Whispering Spell not kill Ludo? The Whispering Spell would kill or trap any living being not adequately protected, but since Ludo's arm is the wand, by all accounts Ludo should've been blown to pieces.
    • Good question especially since Star's reluctant answer to "Does this mean everything is back to normal?" implies that she expected the same thing to happen. Maybe it had something to do with Ludo being possessed by Toffee or with the fact that there was only a fragment of the wand embedded in his hand, not the whole thing.

    Returning to Mewni 

  • How were the eagle and spider able to return to Mewni in "Book Be Gone" after falling through a dimensional portal to Earth in "Starcrushed"? They had no dimensional scissors (nor the capacity to use them), so how were they able to make their way back to Ludo?
    • Maybe Ludo managed to find them?

    Definition of monster 

  • What exactly is the criteria for being considered a Monster? There are plenty of non-human/mewman people that are perfectly accepted in Mewni like Tom, Hekapoo, Rhombulus, and Lekmet. Why is a winged goat person that can only speak in bleats fully accepted and respected but a cat person that can probably speak a language known by most others be considered a monster and hated?
    • Perhaps is that they are a different race that has their own kingdom/realm? Pony Head and Tom are the heir of their respective kingdoms, while the other have their own dimensions they belong to. The fact that they are "selective" with who they treat as a monster might even be the point: They are racist(Specieist?) and don't see the hypocrisy
    • Star herself goes on a rant about this in the season 3 episode, Starfari. She questions her mother about why people like the Pony Heads, Tom and his family, and the Pigeon kingdom are not considered monsters, with the fairly unsatisfying answers in the vein of "We've had an alliance with them for ages" or "They're rich".

    Marco communicating with Star 

  • Why would Marco and Star have not talked at all during the couple of weeks between his going home in "Scent of a Hoodie" and deciding to live on Mewni in "Lint Catcher"? Their tearful goodbye in the former episode makes it clear that being separated was the last thing they wanted, but then they proceed to act like they don't have dimensional scissors to visit each other on a daily basis, and magic mirror phones to call each other. Even though one of the intervening episodes has Star use her mirror multiple times to call Janna. The whole thing reeks of an Idiot Plot to generate artificial drama between them when they're reunited, instead of giving us more of the close friendship that's always been the core of the show.
    • There's also how River says in "Lint Catcher" that he thought he'd never see Marco again. Seriously? Even for River, that's an astonishingly stupid line. Not only is he aware that Marco is a very close friend of Star (to the point that he repeatedly got treated in season 2 as if he were already part of the royal family), he's also a friend of River, given that multiple episodes were devoted to the two of them bonding. Yet somehow he thinks that Marco would never come back? And that giving him a meat blanket while pretending it was a cape, and making a fake offer of knighthood, were a good idea?
    • On the same note, How did Moon not hear River make Marco an offer to become a knight? She asked him if he had, but at the time he did, they were standing in the same room a few steps from each other and that's being generous.

    Restoring Glossaryk's mind 

  • Glossaryk came back, his mind hasn't been restored, but why didn't Star take him to the Magic High Commission? Surely they'd be able determine at least partial what's wrong with him, and they likely have some kind of magic or multiversal Doctor.
    • Star took him to her mother, who is a member of the Magic High Commission. Apparently Moon and friends couldn't do anything about it.
    • There's also the fact that Glossaryk explicitly states that he belongs to the book and consequently belongs to whoever the book belongs to. The book was destroyed save for a tiny piece so it isn't really surprising that he Came Back Wrong. There's virtually nothing left of the book.
    • "Conquer" implies that he was just messing with them the whole time.

    Eclipsa's name 

  • Why Eclipsa, the Queen of Darkness, was baptised with such a name? If it is a case of Nomen Omen, which project had her parents for her? Counterexample: what if the name would have been Light? Light the Queen of Darkness would have been... ludicrous. Or a nonsense. And Mewni is also a Magic World, so that the Power Of The Words is real.
    • Names as Shadow, Darkness, Doom, Demona, Catastrophe would have been to avoid... like astronomical names as Comet (in some historical ages), Void, Collapsar (or Black Hole), Neutron Star, Black Dwarf, Nova, or Eclipsa. (SuperNova being probably the most dangerous). This fact needs to a new section in the WMG part.
    • Just because the world is magical doesn't mean that the names have power by themselves. Regardless, the Butterfly family seems to go with astronomical theme names. Apparently Comet was already taken without anything strange happening, and "Moon" is generally associated with darkness itself. "Light" wouldn't fit the theme naming, all the names sound like names rather than simply being random astronomical words. "Solaria the Queen of Darkness" might be a bit ironic, but it sounds fine.

    Marco returning to school 

  • So, is Marco going back to school in the fall or what? He was gone from Mewni for about a week and he was antsy to get back. How is he going to survive a whole Semester? Or is he just going to visit on Weekends and Holidays?
    • Don't you remember? When Marco left earth, they all treated it like he was the one going on a foreign exchange trip just like Star was "accepted" into Earth. Perhaps part of the reasoning by Marco's mom is that Marco needs to get his adventuring gene out of his system, and that'll have him accept the mundane again.
    • Yeah, but unlike Star, Marco actually has to go to school right? I mean won't the Diaz's get in trouble with the law if Marco doesn't show up to school? I doubt they'll buy the fact that he is off in another dimension. They could lie and say it's a legitimate foreign exchange, but Echo Creek High would have to have records or something if one of their students is in a foreign exchange program.

    Eclipsa's secret passage 

  • How exactly does the secret passage Eclipsa used in "Sweet Dreams" even work? The idea that Butterfly Castle would have secret passages that she's aware of is entirely plausible, but Star's bedroom isn't a proper part of the castle. It's a magical creation that she attached to the castle a few months earlier. So how could any of the passages that Eclipsa discovered 300+ years ago have an entrance behind the sea captain portrait in Star's room? On the other side of the wall behind that portrait ought to be nothing but air.
    • Maybe Star just "moved" her old room to the new location, and all the previous passages and stuff followed it... magically?
    • Given that the castle has been home to generations of very powerful magic users, that's not exactly outside the realm of possibility. A Wizard Did It is completely applicable here. Such a place could easily be a full-blown Eldritch Location by now.

    House arrest 

  • What's with that whole "keep Eclipsa under house arrest until the trial" thing? Even Star notes that she doesn't really trust her and only insists on trial because that's the right thing - but, as Moon points out, actually setting up said trial will take months (gathering evidence, finding witnesses, doing paperwork...). Since Eclipsa is still imprisoned, but not recrystalised yet, it's clear that the trial is yet to occur. Why not keep her crystalised until then? It doesn't seem like crystalisation comes with any unwanted side effects aside from exhaustion and is clearly painless - and most importantly, it's rather clear that the crystalised person stays unconscious until they're decrystalised, which makes it favorable over normal imprisonment for both Commission (as it leaves Eclipsa with no way to plot an escape plan in case she's found guilty) and Eclipsa herself (since, instead of spending months in prison - Cardboard Prison, but still - she basically falls asleep and wakes up just before the trial).
    • It's HIGHLY probably that the magical contract that Eclipsa and Moon made prevent them to imprison Eclipsa in crystal again, as "A contract between two queens is stronger than any crystal."
    • Doesn't seem likely. Commission would know if it worked so and wouldn't try at all to recrystalise her rather than giving up on that because Star asked them to. Plus, the contract said that Eclipsa would be freed - not that she would stay free.
    • Keeping Eclipsa under house arrest was Star's wish, which is simply being respected. Also, Eclipsa probably enjoys having the barest amount of freedom possible for as long as she can and most likely doesn't expect to win the trial anyway, so house arrest beats crystallization (she at least can enjoy her hobbies like flower-caring, candy-eating and bird-feeding while chained up).

    Star staying on Mewni 

  • Following the Battle for Mewni Arc, Star is still on Mewni and there is no word of whether or not she'll ever go back to Earth. I thought Star only had to leave Earth because Toffee possessed Ludo, absorbed Mewnian magic and was going to kill star to retrieve his lost finger. She only said "probably forever" because she just wasn't really sure how long she'll be away until the it was all over. But now that Toffee is finally dead and all the magic he stole was restored, what the hell is Star still doing in Mewni? I know it's Star's homeworld and she's a princess, but she was sent to earth so she could cause less chaos on Mewni. She even adjusted to enjoy her new life on earth and she felt free to make her own decisions. Now she seems to have abandoned that chance and is now willing to make herself a more responsible Princess for her Kingdom.
    • The main problem is that we were never shown what Star's motivation for "becoming a more responsible princess" was. It just happened off-screen that she at some point decided she needs to be a proper princess, the very thing she's always rebelled against being.
    • Star seems to have mastered her magic pretty well at this point (at least to the point that there doesn't seem to be an risk of her accidentally setting towns on fire again), and school was just something she did because as an "exchange student" she was required to attend. That said Star's explanation for why she can't go back to Earth with Marco (to help her kingdom recover from Toffee's attack) falls pretty flat since we've yet to see her actually doing that. The writers decided to make Mewni rather than Earth the primary setting in season 3, but it really seems like they could've gone about it in a much more natural way instead of what amounts to "just because."
    • Well, there's also the fact that Star facing Toffee was in many ways, one of her ultimate tests. The fact that she accomplished what her mom couldn't do was more than enough to convince the latter that it just about time for Star to move on to the next phase as future Queen of Mewni.
    • There's might also be...another factor: Jackie. Star's become too good of friends with her and Marco to just skulk around earth while they're growing their relationship. She might've partially wanted to stay on Mewni to try and stay as far away from Marco and Jackie as possible and get her own life. Hence her needing to let him go via returning his hoodie at last, or trying to let go of Glossaryk.

    Ludo getting his scissors back 

  • How did Ludo get his dimensional scissors back in season 2? Star clearly stole them from him in "Storm the Castle" when throwing him into the void, and that's why he couldn't just leave the void right away or after being ejected from the void into the Mewni wilderness portal himself right away to somewhere more hospitable in "Ludo in the Wild". But in "By the Book" he's able to open portals to Earth in "By the Book" (with seemingly the same scissors though only a single blade is seen) and "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown" (off-screen), and in "Toffee" it's confirmed that Ludo really does have the same scissors as from season 1.
    • The Void he was thrown into just lead to another party of Mewni, remember? Once he got out of the woods he just had to find the place he lost them and get it back. Its not like Star carefully disposed of them.
    • Even if Star did just toss them on the ground (since she had no use for a second pair of dimensional scissors), how would Ludo know to go back to the ruins of his castle and look for them?
    • Its possible he just went to the castle to see if there was anything left, then found it then. Otherwise By the Book was where "the Wand" started talking to him, ordering him to kidnap star. Its possible it told him where his scissors where.

    Star dating Tom again 

  • So why is it none of the other characters find it strange Star is dating Tom again? They all heard Star confess she has a crush on Marco. You'd think Starfan13 would throw a fit.
    • Maybe Starfan13 is a Tomar shipper.
    • If Star has kept contact with Janna even after returning to Mewni, then there's no reason she wouldn't keep contact with StarFan13 as well, in which case her relationship could have easily been disclosed in a simple conversation offscreen.

    Mewmans and latrines 

  • How did Mewmans suddenly become familiar with the latrine? In the early episodes King River is fascinated with the toilet and asks what its for. Star explains that humans "put things in there" and flush them into the unknown. The two proceed to happily put a bunch of things in the toilet and end up flooding the latrine. Yet Mewni's castle has a Solid Gold Toilet. A Mewman (Specifically the Buffoon) not only uses it without any trouble but questions how she ever lived without one. In episodes prior, Queen Moon asks where The Powder Room is and Star loudly exclaims "She Needs to make Boom Boom!"

    Star and pages 

  • Okay, has Star never heard of a page? What reason is there for her to invent the ridiculous role of a "princess's squire"? (I mean, granted, traditionally, women never had pages, but there are a number of hints gender roles aren't quite the same on Mewni, and it's certainly less ludicrous than "squire.")

    Doing something about Mina 

  • So, why hasn't anyone done anything about Mina? I thought it might be due to her seeing a doctor but in a later episode, said doctor is revealed to be a rock with a face on it adorned with a stethoscope. They're letting a completely insane albeit extremely powerful former heroine go wherever she pleases and do whatever she wants. Given that she cheerfully suggests pushing humans off a cliff during her first appearance, It's pretty hard for anyone to argue that she isn't hurting anyone. She's also dressed in filthy rags. There's no Mask of Sanity like we got with Jelly Goodwell Nothing about this disorder is Somatoform.
    • Mina is probably too powerful for anyone to handle, as she can easily No-Sell Star's strongest spell. Also, besides attacking Star, she has not really done anything against Mewni yet, only targeting monsters.
    • Still, no one ever addresses the matter despite there still being potential problems in letting someone like Mina wander. Even aside from her attacking monsters, she did attack Star herself who was royalty at the time! Her finally becoming an antagonist in season 4, comes off as the natural end result of that negligence when Moon becomes well aware of Mina plotting against Eclipsa yet does nothing. Despite the fact that her daughter would most likely be caught in the crossfire and Eclipsa already having opponents to her rule in the Magical High Commission.

    Glossaryk hiding the truth 

  • Given how Glossaryk loves to hold what he does/has power for over everyone, why did he refer to Eclipsa as Moon's 9 times great grandmother in Page Turner when they aren't actually related? Did he even know about the Meteora swap? And how would the commission even managed to keep that from him?

    Eclipsa adapting 

  • Eclipsa has been crystallized for approximately 300 years. How did she adapt so quickly to modern-day Mewni? (Unless things haven't really changed in those 300 years)
    • Adapt? She spent 90% of the time under house arrest. And the rest of the time in places she was familiar with, or the countryside tracking a giant monster. What was there to adapt too? In any case, it seems like not a lot has changed. The first thing she does when she wakes up is ask for a chocolate bar from a vending machine, implying even the technology remains semi-static.
    • Mewmans hate change so the only thing that has really changed since Eclipsa's time was the introduction of those compact mirrors Reflectacorp makes.


  • What happened to Rasticore after the events of "Skooled"? He was basically obliterated by Meteora and once again reduced to an arm, which she takes with her as she plots to take back the throne. The next times we see Meteora, Rasticore is nowhere to be seen. We could assume that Meteora is trying to nurse him back to health by hiding him somewhere, but given her fate in the finale, she has likely forgotten about him.
    • She probably just absorbed his soul like everyone else. As for what happens to him after she's defeated, eh, I got nothing. Resolved in "Yada Yada Berries".

    Butterfly powers after Eclipsa 

  • If the Butterfly family line actually disrupted with Meteora, and all the next queens were descendants of some random girl, why do they (Moon and Star at least) still have the family traits - the cheek marks and the ability to turn into butterfly-people?
    • Magic mutates its carrier after long exposure, giving Festivia and her descendants cheek marks. Also, it seems that anyone in Mewni can use magic with the wand at least, it's just that only the royals were allowed to.
    • It's very possibly that this happened to the original line as well, and Star is therefore wrong. They 'are' more magical than everyone else, because over their generations of service they picked up the same mutations.
    • Star didn't say they weren't more magical than everyone, she said they weren't any more 'royal' than anyone else.

    Defeating Toffee's species without the Spell With No Name 

  • According to the canon book, Eclipsa made her Darkest Spell explicitly for killing Toffee's species because they're so dang unkillable that was the only way to kill how did the Mewmans beat and subjugate them in the first place?
    • "Unkillable" doesn't mean "unbeatable". As shown by Rasticore, their healing factor slows down over time. It's not much of a help that you can slowly heal any injury, even lethal, if you still can end up with a broken spine that you'll need months to regenerate. And there is also the little fact that you don't need to kill or even wound someone in order to imprison them - especially if one of your allies specializes in freezing bad guys.

    Glossaryk helping the Butterflies after Eclipsa 

  • If Glossaryck could only help magic royalty, How come he continued to be of service to Festivia? Festivia was a peasant baby born into poverty. She became queen because the High Commission got rid of Meteora and passed Festivia as Eclipsa and Shastacan's daughter. In his first appearance, Glossaryck refused to help Marco unless he give him pudding due to not being royal blood. I understand that he started working for Ludo after his book was stolen because Ludo was of royal blood, and very tainted blood on his father's side too. So why didn't he close the book on Festivia?
    • Nothing says it has to be royalty. The book will open for anyone who wants to use it (but not write in it). Glossaryck goes with the book and if Festivia now has the book he'll train her as he would anyone else. Ludo was not the owner of the book, Toffee was since he was the one with the wand (the skeletal hand was his after all) and Glossaryck was aware of that.

    Pie Folk and Festivia 

  • How did the Pie Folk know about Festivia being taken in by the High Commission and how she became Queen?
    • Plot hole.
    • It's possible they realized very after the festival that one of their own was missing and just recognized Festivia and added two and two together. After all, it seems that Mewman princesses are very public figures, they probably saw her from a young age and was just recognized, or she may have had a strong family resemblance to her real kin. And of course, being Pie Folk no one would believe them.

    Glossaryk going along with the book 

  • in the end of Bon Bon the Birthday Clown why Glossaryck just go like Screw This, I'm Outta Here! ludo and go back to the kingdom or star*
    • Because he belongs to the book so whomever has the book becomes his student. Even if he'd left and gone to Star then Ludo could have just pulled him back through the book. he instead used the opportunity to make Star more independent.

    Future photo 

  • With the revelation at the start of season 4 that the "Beach Day" photo first seen in Starcrushed was a gift from Father Time that depicts the future, rather than (as it seemed at the time) just a photo one of the many fun things Star and Marco must've done between episodes prior to Star's crush making things "weird" between do Star's actions in that episode make any sense at all? How can she be so terrified that she and Marco will never go back to being happy together when she has proof right in her hands that they will? How can she think at the end of the episode that she's separating from Marco "probably forever" when again, the photo proves they'll be reunited? The whole thing retroactively undermines the powerful emotional stakes of that episode. And likewise it makes Star and Marco's arbitrary separation in early season 3 and Star's bizarre anger at Marco for coming back into her life make even less sense than it seemed to at the time, because again Star knew he'd be coming back since they hadn't taken the photo yet. This comes off as a sloppy ill-conceived retcon that the writers came up with solely to set up an episode later in season 4, without thinking through what the change means to the previous seasons.

    Mewni poverty 

  • With magic as powerful as they have, what excuse is there for poverty to exist on Mewni?
    • Keeping the status quo, as it were, since no poverty would likely mean that these citizens wouldn't need a ruler and there'd be no reason for the Butterfly family to exist. There's also the fact that magic can only depend on the user, so even if they are nigh-omnipotent, there are some limits. For example, Star can make her own powerful spells, but she dislikes studying or training, so she can't just take a page from Skywnne and use her magic to make food fall from the sky. Speaking of Skywnne, she did try this and the results were disastrous: her subjects were ungrateful to her and the Mewman population expanded to the point of taking over lands from the monsters.
    • It may also be that the citizens actually like it better this way. Remember, Mewnians do not like change, so they might not want to escape poverty as they're used to it.

    Yada Yada culprit 

  • What if the person who wanted to Yada Yada Eclipsa was someone who was close to her? Whoever tried to turn her to stone knew what she was having for breakfast, how she liked her oatmeal, and when she has it. Whoever gave Babs those berries knew Eclipsa would have berries with her oatmeal.
    • "Ghost of Butterfly Castle" reveals the person who tried to Yada Yada Eclipsa was Mina Loveberry.

    Power of the curse 

  • If the Blood Moon curse is so powerful that it was making Marco "love everything about Star" to the point of obsession, how did this never come up prior to "Curse of the Blood Moon"? How is the effect so powerful now, yet so weak previously that both Star and Marco were able to date other people without the curse pushing them back to each other? So weak that Star's feelings for Marco didn't reach the surface until after she saw him dating Jackie, and Marco's feelings for Star took even longer (at least an in-universe year) to emerge. The only time it could even theoretically be interpreted as having pushed them together is the single time the Blood Moon appeared to Marco in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown" upon his first kiss with Jackie, and after that did nothing every other time Marco kissed Jackie or Star kissed Tom. So why did the supernatural obsession with loving everything about Star not emerge until 2 years later in-universe? Granted, the same episode does cast doubt on whether the curse actually caused their feelings, but Marco automatically finding everything about Star to be automatically perfect was something completely new in "Curse of the Blood Moon" and that part surely did have to be the influence of the curse. Which brings us back to how bizarrely inconsistent the show's been about it.
    • Presumably the curse grows stronger over time. Also, they could have easily had the feelings for each other and just tried ignoring them at first until they grew too strong.

    "Money" on Kelly's world 

  • How do bank accounts and credit transfers work in Kelly's world?
    • They don't use currency. Fighting is their currency. Kelly even mentions that when one of her relatives purchased a yacht, he had to be taken to a hospital.

    Hospital on Kelly's world 

  • How do hospitals work in Kelly's World?
    • Hospitals might be free in her world, considering how fighting is a constant part of everyday life.

    Pies never lie 

  • So what are the odds that a "Pie Of Truth" from an island full of established con-artists and swindlers is actually a Pie of Truth and why do they Butterfly-Johansens accept it with little if any suspicion?
    • It lines up with what they know already about Festivia (or at least Star knows and probably told Marco; River might not have known even by that point), things that the Pie Folk probably shouldn't have be aware of on their own. But more to the point, it doesn't really matter if they're telling the truth about Moon's ancestry, because it's immaterial to their mission to rescue her.

    Trying to Yada Yada Eclipsa 

  • Why did Mina try to Yada Yada Eclipsa? It won't kill her, after all.
    • She could've knocked over her statue form and destroyed her.

    Glossaryk not speaking normally 

  • In Conquer Glossaryck speaking normally now! why did do that talk about Globgor beck at Rest in Pudding!
    • Okay, assuming I understood that properly, he wasn't speaking normally because it was another of his puzzles to get Star to think things out for herself. It's the same reason he pretended to die during her wand fight with Ludo, the direct method doesn't work so well with Star.

    New Solarian warriors 

  • In "Ghost of Butterfly Castle", Mina asks Moon to help her create new Solarian warriors to overthrow Eclipsa. Moon rejects this, saying she's no longer queen and isn't going to get involved. In "Here to Help" we find out that she went back to Mina and did all of the things she'd just refused to do in their initial meeting. Given the implication that Moon alone empowered the new Solarians, she must also have been the one to do so for Mina's pet crow Sebastian, first seen to have a Solarian form in "Junkin' Janna". But "Junkin' Janna" is only 5 episodes after "Ghost of Butterfly Castle". What the heck happened during that very brief period of time that would cause Moon to completely reverse herself with regard to Mina's plan? The events of the intervening 4 episodes don't seem to even include anything that Moon would've been aware of in the remote forest where she's living, let alone cause her to conclude that such extreme (and flat-out insane) measures were needed against Eclipsa. Whatever happened to change Moon's mind must have occurred completely off-screen, yet the show didn't even hint at what it might be. As such, the revelation that Moon was working with Mina feels like a twist just of the sake of having a twist.
    • It's poor writing. Moon was revealed to be working with Mina because the show needed a twist.
    • It's more rushed writing than bad writing, Moon even says she got involved in order to stop Mina from doing something much worse than what Moon intended. Presumably there was supposed to be a few more episodes between Moon refusing and her deciding Eclipsa needed to be removed but they were cancelled instead and so didn't have the time they needed to do the story properly.

    Star's tapestry 

  • If Star's Tapestry shows her destroying magic, how come she still has hers and shooting at black gunk? How come it is only the monsters in it and not Mewmans besides Moon, River, and Eclipsa? Also, if her tapestry is complete, how come the hold where Glossaryck was is still in it and not repaired?
    • Tapestries are never 100% accurate. For example, Moon didn't blow off Toffee's finger while screaming and riding Chauncey in a badass fashion, nor was Toffee scared. Simply put, it's a dramatization and exaggeration of events.

    "Gas leak" 

  • Why did Jackie and Starfan think the portal in "Cleaved" was a gas leak? I mean it's forgivable to have the random extras in Echo Creek be that stupid for comedic effect, but these are the characters who know what portals look like and have literally gone through portals themselves.
    • Maybe Jackie and Starfan are afraid of saying something like: "holy pooperscoop, a magic portal!" around a bunch of people who might have no idea that magic exists? Y'know, to avoid being seen as weirdos and all that. To be fair, though, most people seem to react pretty normally around magic, so just saying it's a magic portal shouldn't be too much of a problem. That, or they've both seen an actual gas leak that looked similar to the portal before *shrugs*.

    Depowering the Solarians 

  • When Moon tries to revoke the power of the Solarian Warriors, Mina says that they are sworn to follow Solaria, not Moon, and further heavily implies that only Solaria can command or depower them. But Solaria appears in the final episode and does evidently have some kind of power still; Mina encounters her, and she's very clearly not supportive of Mina's current efforts. Why was destroying magic even necessary when some part of Solaria was still around and possibly capable of stopping Mina, and willing to do so? Even if she couldn't, they could have at least explored the option—maybe playing the issue between Solaria and Eclipsa off the conflict between Moon and Star. Why jump straight to genocide when another solution was already implied to be possible?

    Number of children 

  • Why does everyone in the show keep saying that Buff Frog has 12 children when he actually has 13? Buff Frog himself even does it and never corrects anyone.


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