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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.
Before it all began, Marco found Star as a total nutjob.

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  • Star's mannerisms and actions in general count due to her sheer joy and excitement about everything.
    • The way she even screams "MARCO!" becomes really funny after a while.
  • The Running Gag that whenever St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses is brought up, it's always followed by lightning, said character who doesn't want to be sent there screaming, and a shot of them being "sucked" (by a strangely out of place conveyor belt) into said school with the gate closing behind them.note 
  • In the first intro, Star and Marco run up to a giant worm monster that's just emerged from the ground...then as the lyrics go "Gonna have a good time!", the monster's eyes light up like disco balls and everyone briefly dances.
  • A good majority of the facial expressions in this show count.
  • Any time Star is forced to not use magic tends to be hilarious. Mainly due to her very limited knowledge on Earth. Double points if she insists on it.
  • Every time Marco gets called "Princess Marco" ever since "St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses".
  • Any scene with the Quest Buy Sloths.

Season 1

    Star Comes to Earth 
  • Star's entrance into the throne room; she comes galloping in on a wild unicorn and jumps off as she reaches the front of the room, letting the unicorn crash through the wall.
  • "She can't handle it..."
    • Notice how both the King and Queen have got rings under their eyes when they lower their binoculars. Star's been at it for a while.
  • The way Star's parents get her enrolled in Echo Creek High School.
    Skeeves: So, you say you're from another dimension.
    Star: (Playing with the light switch) And you said there was no magic on Earth!
    Skeeves: Yeah, this isn't going to work. (King and Queen present treasure. Skeeves gets Dollar-Bill Eyes) She is going to love it here!
    • And what Principal Skeeves plans on doing with the chest of jewels he got: "Now I'm off to the ice cream shop. Daddy's getting all 52 flavors!"
  • Marco bragging about being taken to the principle's office... and his frustration when he realizes Skeeves just wants him to look after Star because he's such a Nice Guy.
    • Even better, no one is paying attention to him. The most Marco's gloating gets is an annoyed, "Would you just go already?!" from his teacher — just because he thought to ask for a hall pass before leaving.
  • Star's fascination with Earth technology... like light switches and drinking fountains. "And you said there was no magic on Earth!"
    • Marco's first look at Star; she's trying to gnaw the water fountain into submission.
  • Hearing that Marco would like a little more danger in his life, Star decides to do the charitable thing and mutates a wayward butterfly into a hideous monster. Said mutant then grabs a random student and flies off with him. Neither are heard from again.
    Star: Oops... heh! I thought you wanted a little... "dangaaah".
    Marco: Who... are you?
    Star: ♪I'm a maaaaagical princess, from another dimension!♪ (forms a rainbow surrounded by adorable animals, which are scared off when the rainbow bursts into flame)
    Marco: (stunned) Well, that brings us to the end of our tour! I'm going home now. (walks away awkwardly, then breaks into a run)
    Star: (waves enthusiastically) Bye, new friend! See ya tomorrow! Bye! Bye, new friend! See ya later!
    • As Marco is trying to get away from Star, both are oblivious to the fact that the second flaming rainbow she just conjured has set the school on fire. Which is then followed by the sounds of a fire engine. It seems Star has difficulty summoning rainbows that don't catch fire!
  • Ludo's plans once he has the wand.
    Ludo: Soon, the wand will be mine, and then the universe, AND THEEEEEN... actually, the universe should do it.
  • After Star's destructive failure at jazzing up Marco's room with a Mystic Room Suck Transform spell (which creates a portal that sucks everything up like a black hole), Marco angrily lampshades: "Why was the word 'suck' in that spell?!"
  • Star hemming and hawing over whether or not to chase after Marco and apologize.
    • "They won't let me back inside because I'm soooooggyyy!!!"
      Marco: (crazed) Did you bring me my refill?!
      Random Mother: (to her small son as they hurry away) Don't make eye contact.
      • All this while Marco is loitering in front of Stop & Slurp's "NO LOITERING" sign...
  • This exchange:
    Star: Ludo! How did you know I was here?
    Ludo: Hee hee hee, wouldn't you like to know?
    Star: (totally serious) Yes, that's why I asked.
    Ludo: Well, Buff Fro— HEY! I don't have to tell you ANYTHING!
  • Ludo nagging his minions after Star and Marco kick their butts.
    Ludo: You even retreat like losers!

    Party with a Pony 
  • Marco's Super-Awesome Nachos
    Star: Ooh, triangle food!
  • Marco's reaction to seeing Pony Head for the first time, Star's reaction to Marco's reaction, and then her being so excited to see one of her best friends ever again that she accidentally steps on Marco to get to her and stomps on him a few times as she hops in joy.
  • Pony Head mistaking Marco for a corpse, despite seeing him alive barely a minute earlier. It's the delivery that sells it.
  • The entire photo booth scene.
  • When Marco is dangling off the edge of the "Bounce Lounge," the skeleton in the spike-filled pit suddenly springs to life and starts chanting "FALL! FALL! FALL!"
  • Pony Head dancing with a hapless "Bounce Lounge" patron, if a bit darkly so.
  • "Your mother's a horse!" "Yeah, okay, and your point would be?"
  • Pony Head and Marco really work up a sweat playing "Lance-Lance Revolution".
  • The Squares re-arranging themselves Tetris-style.
  • Pony Head crashing to the ground with a hilariously light "thump".
  • "Ah, kids. You have them and then you... wish they weren't around."
  • The St. Olga's goons attempt to make Marco talk via Perp Sweating. At first, it fails, partly because Marco legitimately doesn't know where Pony Head is. Then, they turn the desk lamp on and off over and over, really, really fast.
    Marco: (in agony) Stooooppp! That's really annoying!
  • Somewhat easy to miss, but pretty funny when you notice, but when Star is introducing Princess Pony Head to Marco, she's holding his arms to pick him up (after having trampled him) and is gesturing using Marco's hands.

    Match Maker 
  • This quote from Marco at the beginning of the episode:
    Marco: I like red, I like hoodies, so I bought a dozen of them.
  • Star misinterpreting Earth's grading system, thinking that "F" means "Fantastic".
  • "I need to fix Ferguson up." "No."
  • When Star wants Ms. Skullnick to change her F into an A.
    Skullnick: You're whining about a lousy grade?! I've finally got a guy with a boat, and HE LEFT ME AT THE DOCK!
    Star: The dock?
    Star: (gnawing on her wand) Nyehnyehnyeh.
    Skullnick: I guess I'm doomed to dry land.
  • Ludo's "Big Boy Body" Imagine Spot.
    "And... I'm a lifeguard!"
  • Tom's cameo.
    Star: Mirror, mirror on the wall, call Mom.
    Mirror: Calling Tom.
    Star: Whoa, whoa, whoa—
    Tom: Star!
    Star: No! NO!
    Tom: Oh wait! You're here, I'm here—
    Star: I said call MOM. Not Tom.
    Tom: No! Star! (in demonic voice) DON'T HANG UP!
    (hangs up)
  • When Ludo and his men ambush Star, Star and Ludo are briefly sidetracked by an argument as to whether or not Star's been more distracted than this. Then Ludo resorts to the old "What's that over there?" trick.
  • Star's concern that she just killed one of Ludo's henchmen, Deer-Beard.
    Star: Told you I wasn't distrac— wait, did I just kill that guy?
    Ludo: No, he's not dead! He's probably just bleeding internally and BEING A TOTAL BABY ABOUT IT!
  • Star holding off on her "Narwhal Blast" attack to fawn over Skullnick and Ludo's goon flirting.
    Star: (Lovey-dovey) Awwwww... (Goon comes up behind her) Narwhal blast... (Zaps him without even looking)
  • Skullnick quitting her job as a teacher only to return to Earth. Apparently her minotaur boyfriend dumped her... or at least that's what she thinks happened, because she couldn't understand a word he said.
  • Star tries to give Marco a makeover with her wand. Right after she boasts, "I'm almost as good with matchmaking as I am with magic," she ends up blasting him in the face with a much too powerful beam which scorches most of Marco's hair. Marco's response? "I'm good."
    • At the very end, she then accidentally does it again, changing the back of his head to butterfly wings with one of the antenna on fire.
  • This exchange near the end;
    Star: Wait! What about my A?
    Skullnick: Try studying.
    Marco: (mocking sound effect) Wah-waah.

    School Spirit 
  • Skullnick now eats chicken by the... chicken.
  • Star asks Skullnick what her favorite weapon is. With supreme disinterest and without missing a beat, she answers, "Battle-ax."
  • The fate of the original Echo Creek Academy mascot. In a major Black Comedy Burst, there's a very brief scene of a woman crying on the uncovered coffin, which is just a cardboard box. The woman is unidentified but seems to be the implied widow, which just raises a whole host of questions. And there's a bored looking janitor waiting to get on with it.
  • When he learns that Ferguson is the new Echo Creek Academy mascot, Marco becomes incredibly paranoid that the Silver Hill Prep Warriors are going to kidnap him like they did with the former Echo Creek Academy animal mascot multiple times. Everyone thinks that he's being silly, believing that the Warriors wouldn't be so deranged as to steal an actual person. They are and they snatch up Ferguson the ''moment'' Marco leaves his side to briefly talk to Star.
    Ferguson: STRANGER DANGER! STRANGER DANGER! (Blows whistle several times.)
  • The Flashback Cut to a large royal guard babysitting Star when she was a toddler.
    Guard: You know you've done it right when you hear the neck snap. (Snaps the head of a stuffed doll.)
    Toddler!Star: (As she claps) Yaaaaaay!!!
  • The Stranger Danger Whistle.
  • When Star jumps into the garbage dumpster to wrangle some kitties, you can see a "NO DUMPSTER DIVING" sign to the right.
  • The way Star expresses her school spirit.
  • The "crazy look" in Star's eyes when she's ready for blood.
  • Star tries to pull a Warrior out of a wormhole trap she made, but stops so she can save Marco from getting his head bitten off by a monster squirrel, leaving the footballer to get sucked into the vortex. He doesn't come back up.
  • Star mourning when she sees the shelf dedicated to the school football team, taking it as a memorial for literally slaughtered players.
  • The embarrassed/mortified look on Star's face when the cheerleaders demonstrate their "booty-shaking dance moves".
    Star: Do you know nothing of combat?! No warrior is going to be distracted by Chantal's booty!
    Chantal: (Mildly affronted) Wha?
  • When Ferguson complains Marco's anti-kidnapping measures are turning into kidnapping:
  • Star's very slow realization that the Possums aren't actually going to be killed in battle, especially after booby trapping the entire field.
    Star: ......Ooooooooooh.
    • Made even better by her next line:

    Monster Arm 
  • Marco's first morning with the eponymous Monster Arm. Even as it causes general havoc with its thrashing around he doesn't panic or freak out. His deadpan expression just screams This Is Gonna Suck.
  • The "joke" that Lars tells when he's bullying another kid, right before getting smacked by Marco, is So Bad, It's Good.
    Lars: What's the most important meal of the day? ... It's breakfast! Hahahaha!
  • The fact that some people in-universe state that they want to date Marco's Monster Arm.
  • The Monster Arm offers Marco everything he could want: to beat up his rival Jeremy Birnbaum, to impress his crush Jackie, and to devour the bowels of all humanity... er, win the tournament.
  • "Point Diaz."
  • Some of the female members of the Karate Tournament audience find the Monster Arm to be... intriguing to see in action.
  • The plant Star successfully changes into a human arm, especially when it points to Marco when Star says, "Wait, you're gonna fight with that?"
    • Star using other hands besides her own to gesture with seems to be a running gag, as she does the same in "Party with a Pony" with Marco's hands.
  • The Reveal of Jeremy being just a little kid.

    The Other Exchange Student 
  • Marco and Gustav's ridiculous Secret Handshake.
  • If the pictures on the wall are any indication, the Diaz family apparently didn't see anything strange with taking in a robot and a llama as "exchange students".
  • Star, in a fit of jealousy, boasts "I can make stuff too!" and conjures up... a tiny pink spider in a top hat, which scurries away.
  • The absurd lengths that Star went to to try and catch Gustav in his scheme and what it did to her psyche is truly a sight to behold. Let's just say it ended with her incoherently babbling at Marco in front of a conspiracy corkboard that takes up a WALL of her room.
    • It got to the point where she was so into the search that she blows off the fact that Buff-Frog, one of Ludo's henchmen, was spying on her while she was spying on Gustav.
  • Also, Star taking the time to magic up a seatbelt so she can stay secure on the roof of the Diaz van. Right before pounding on the driver side window and screaming about how they're going to die, which they can't hear because they're singing too loud.
  • This line:
    Marco: We're meeting Gustav for a picnic at Isolation Point. Where no one can hear you scream... with enjoyment!
  • This moment, after Star discovers "Gustav" is actually an average American kid named Charlie Booth:
    Charlie: Thanks for not blowing my cover, Star. If there's anything I can do for you...
    Star: Well, as a matter of fact, Charlie, there is... (cut to Gustav about to leave at Marco's house) BYE! BUH-BYE, GUSTAV! BYE!
  • When Star asks Gustav why he was measuring the Diaz's in their sleep, he simply says, "Uhhhhhh..." and shrugs, before being interrupted by the Diaz's.
  • The epilogue that shows Charlie moving on to the next family, who believes he's a French exchange student named "Francois".

     Cheer Up, Star 
  • Star not helping Marco onto the speeding bus because she thinks he's working out and is in "the zone".
  • "Who punched my bus? Who does that?"note 
  • The lengths Marco went to conceal his "I Kissed a Ninja" t-shirt.
  • Jackie awkwardly making her exit on the shattered remains of her skateboard.
  • Star finally gets Marco out of his funk by accidentally being devoured by a giant translucent fish. Her earlier attempts by wearing a funny mustache, juggling the laser puppies (and almost dropping them), and pulling the fish out of a top hat before she is devoured by said fish also count.
  • "Star, can you please keep your fantasies out of my flashback?"
  • Marco's Embarrassing Ringtone, "Space Unicorn" by Parry Gripp. "It's supposed to be ironic."
  • Star rolling up the bannister after she takes Marco's cellphone.
  • Marco's first try at cheering up Star involved dressing up as a clown. He might have had better luck if he didn't use the Scary Flashlight Face...
    Marco: I thought you liked clowns, sorry!
  • Marco's Did Not Think This Through attempt to cheer up Star with a makeshift roller-coaster, fireworks, and a sombrero.
    • Doubly so when Marco eventually does realize it's a bad idea after it's too late.
    • Also, where the heck did all that water come from? And where did Marco get fireworks from, anyway?!
  • Marco spends most of the episode constructing two sets of improvised armor for him and Star only for them to be completely ineffective.
  • The Remember the New Guy? sequence with Ludo's "new" minions, who claim to have always been there at every battle.
    Ludo: ...Surely you know Spike Balls?
    Spike Balls: Well, we've never been formally introduced. (To Marco) Hi, I'm Spike Balls. I'm usually in the back.
  • Star's indignant reaction to being interrupted while on the phone. "YOU MONSTERS ARE SO RUDE!"
  • Star hugs Marco while he's covered in syrup. What is a heartwarming moment quickly turns hilarious when Star realizes she's stuck to him.
  • At one point during the fight, Star summons a swarm of honeybees. Most of the monsters are understandably unhappy about being stung... except for one of them, which looks like a flower, and is having an entirely different reaction...

     Quest Buy 
  • The source of the wand's power? A tiny unicorn running on a tiny treadmill.
  • A crazed goblin thinks he's cracked the incredibly arcane organizing system of Quest Buy: "Housewares is that way!" He then turns right around and runs into a wall.
  • The sluggish and highly unhelpful sloth employees are a constant source of this as long as you pay for your items and don't wreck the store.
    • The one manning the booby trap section is heavily injured and then gets caught in a giant mousetrap as he tries to apologize to Star and Marco for the elevator malfunctioning. He tells them not to help him or worry because he gets worker's comp for injuries like this.
    • They're so bad at their jobs that Quest Buy has become impossible for anyone, save the organizing-obsessed Marco, to navigate.
  • Star and Marco beating the Riddling Sphinx with the power of the internet.
  • Ludo and his henchmen having to share their elevator with an enormous, obese slug man.
  • When they return from Quest Buy, Star shushes Marco's attempt to give her An Aesop because something catches her eye. Marco says that that's a rude thing to do on Earth; Star ambivalently acquiesces that it's rude on Mewni too, but shushes him anyway because his hand vacuum is floating in front of them. The two think that it's haunted with Marco telling Star not to touch it. She touches it anyway.
  • What actually happened to Star's original charger: it got sucked into Marco's vacuum while he was cleaning and scolding Star for being disorganized and inattentive.
  • Ludo chastising his minions for trying to sneak items into the cart.
    • Especially the frilly dress. "Aww, but you'd look so cute in it!"
    • Another minion tries to buy 'Giraffro'. "I don't even know what that is!"

     Diaz Family Vacation 
  • Hourglasses forming and turning on Star's cheeks as she's forced to listen to her dad drone on and on about his throne posture lectures.
    "So, this is what it's like to be bored to death..."
  • Marco is baffled when Star says his parents are cool.
  • Mrs. Diaz pawing at her husband's chest hair.
  • Marco's anniversary gift to his parents: fanny packs. Same as last year.
  • Star pointing out a series of increasingly-massive castles as she shows Mr. and Mrs. Diaz which one is her home.
  • A peasant boy tries to steal a merchant's stew, only for the clerk to grab him and casually toss him into the pot.
  • To verify that some tracks he's found are fresh, King Butterfly pokes the dirt, then starts licking his finger. Over and over again, very quickly, by flicking his tongue on it.
  • Marco's parents supposedly getting eaten and digested by a hydra? Tragic. Marco running into the monster's large intestine to save them as he gags from the smell? Too soon. But still really funny.
    • Then it turns out they're not in danger at all. They're just chilling in a nearby hot spring.

     Brittney's Party 
  • At his request, Star turns one of her classmates into a pinata. He's initially ecstatic. Then the rest of the student body come at him with blindfolds and baseball bats.
  • Brittney says she'll only invite Star when pigs fly. Star's response? Summon an actual flying pig with a suave voice.
    Flying pig don't need this.
  • When Ludo and his minions hijack a bus, the one who takes the wheel spends almost 30 seconds to buckle up and check the mirrors before driving. About 10 seconds of them were spent adjusting his hat. Ludo complains about how long it took.
    • What's more, the monster's name is Three-Eyed Potato Baby.
  • After the bus crashes, Marco and Ludo take turns vomiting into a trash can.
    • Also the bus flips into the air doing at least twenty barrel roles before landing, but the only ones hurt are Ludo's minions... and Sabrina.
  • At the beginning of the party, Marco tries to steady himself on a chair. A swivel chair with wheels.
    Marco: Who puts a swivel chair on a bus? With wheels?! Seriously?
  • "LEMME SING YOU SOME BIRTHDAY TUNES WITH MAH MOUTH SOUNDS!" It's practically begging to be a meme.
  • Ludo's line delivery on "I'mma bus-jack this BUUUUUUSSSS!!!!", and opening a soda with his beak.
  • Ludo and Brittney commiserate.
    Brittney: Star's the worst.
    Ludo: I know, right?
    Brittney: I hope you destroy her.
    Ludo: Thank you! That is so nice!
  • A random cut during the fight to Ludo eating oysters and saying "There's a rumbly in my tumbly!"
  • When Marco stops the bus, it skids sideways before being flung several feet into the air by a FIRE HYDRANT.
    • "Several feet" doesn't really do it justice; the thing easily caps five stories.

  • Star and Marco freaking out when "Mewberty" causes Star to shoot sticky purple goo from her hands.
  • Star lost a bet with Ferguson, which is why she gave him the Book of Spells. When Marco asks Ferguson for the book, it turns out that Ferguson gave the book to Janna for equally unexplained reasons.
  • Janna's Establishing Character Moment has her asking Hope and Leah if they want to see a dead possum. Then admits she was just messing with them and she tears open the sack she's holding to reveal Star's spellbook.
    Janna: We can do all kinds of witchy stuff with this thing...
    Hope: (excitedly) Can we use it to get my parents to stop fighting?
    Janna: Totally.
  • Janna stealing Marco's house keys after he rejects her offer to "make some magic" with her using Star's spellbook.
  • Why is the swim team doing exercise in the middle of the hall? "Pool's been compromised. ...Poop. It was poop. Somebody pooped in the pool."
  • Star kidnapping Oskar... and his car/mobile home.
    • Then, when they fall back to the ground, all Oskar says is, "'S'up?"
  • Pretty much anything Glossaryck says or does.
    • "I'm not a milady." "Coulda fooled me."
    • "Scrape the siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiides!"
    • "Nature is like a runaway dump truck; hot, fast, and full of garbage!"
  • Oskar's song about telling his mom to clean her room.
  • The end of the episode:
    Marco: Does that mean you can fly?
    Star: Let's test it out.
    *both jump and instantly crash painfully on the ground*
    Star: Nope.

  • Marco, Ferguson and Alfonzo use Star's mirror to make prank calls. They're really bad at it.
    Ferguson: Mirror, mirror on the wall, call anyone!
    Mirror: Calling anyone.
    Person: Eh... hello?
    Ferguson: Greetings, I am King Fergon of Fergustan! Would you care for some treasure?
    Person: Uhhh... is this a joke?
    Ferguson: Okay, here's my booty! (giggling)
    Person: 'Cause... I don't really think you're... doing the joke right.
    Marco: (stage whisper) Ferguson! You're supposed to moon him!
    Ferguson: Oh, yeah, right.
    Person: Uh, I don't have time for this. (hangs up)
  • "Going into portal land, teenage boys are holding hands..."
  • Marco's Emergency Cash Stash.
  • When the gang is dropped down a trap door, the usual "Fat guy lands on top" gag is subverted by Ferguson sliding down on a nearby ladder.
    Ferguson: S'up, guys?
  • A wizard telling Star and her friends that there is no way out of the mines. Cut to Star pointing at a mine cart near an exit and the wizard responding with, "But that's the bathroom."
  • The weapons of Pixies include swords, whips, and chainsaws.
  • Ferguson taking the plastic figurine of the Pixie Queen from his wedding cake to save for later.

     Lobster Claws 
  • This exchange, after a botched attempt at a Cat Up a Tree scenario:
    Marco: That was my fault... I assumed you knew this, but you can't eat children.
    Lobster Claws: Really? Not even the annoying ones?
  • While out and about, our heroes come across a house on fire, and a woman screaming about her baby. Star puts the fire out with her wand, and the woman rushes a baby grand player piano.
    • When they try to find Lobster Claws, who ran into the burning house to save the "baby", they find him in the backyard eating melted ice-cream out of an ice-cream man's cart.
      Marco: Well, he's... not eating humans, that's a step forward.
  • When Lobster Claws goes to help an old lady cross the street, Star boasts she's not taking her eyes off him for a second... then she does anyway, and in that split-second Lobster Claws somehow destroys four city blocks and starts a huge fire.
  • Star and Lobster Claws indulging in some Bad "Bad Acting" when trying to get the latter his old job back.

     Sleep Spells 

     Blood Moon Ball 
  • Oscar seems to be on the way to actually learning how to properly play his keytar, and has moved from dreadful to beginner level. How can you tell? The episode opens with him haltingly playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
  • Tom's carriage, pulled by a skeletal horse, erupts from the Earth in a blast of fire. Oskar's reaction? A deadpan remark that Tom's parking in a handicapped spot.
  • The way it cuts from Tom asking Star out to her shoving Tom back into his carriage.
  • Star stating that Tom's horse is dead.
    Skeleton Horse: Wait, I'm dead?
    • And then this number a little bit later.
      Skeleton Horse: Why didn't you tell me I'm dead?
  • Tom's anger counselor telling him to "Walk it out, talk it out. Walk it out, talk it out. Walk it out, talk it out..."
  • Marco randomly showing up and karate-chopping Tom's hand off when he thinks Star is being threatened. Doubles as awesome and heartwarming too.
  • Tom's life-coach Brian, a ordinary chubby human guy, randomly being in the carriage with Tom. And when Tom's about to lose his temper at Marco Brian encourages him to "walk it out", and starts leading him in a circle. As he does so, Tom rotates his head a full 360 degrees so he can continue to give Marco a Death Glare.
    • When Tom starts getting annoyed, he reaches around his back. Star looks and sees Bryan crouching behind and holding the bunny for Tom to pet.
  • "I just gotta... stop using magic... on, on my face."
  • This exchange:
    Marco: (stage whispering) Don't go...
    Star: (stage whispering) I'm totally going!
  • When we first get a glimpse of the underworld, there is a living skeleton chained to a wall and a hooded creature who is seemingly about to hit him in the gut with a mace. They are stopped by Tom, even though he has no idea what they're about to do. Afterwards, Tom can't tell which of his minions sassed him because the skeleton's mouth doesn't move when he speaks and the other guy's face is completely concealed by his hood.
    Tom: Whoa whoa, ok, guys. I don't know what you're about to do, but I want to keep things low-key for Star.
    ???: You wanna turn the Blood Moon Ball into a greeting card holiday, go ahead.
    Tom: Wait, which one of you said that?
    ???: Me.
    • Even better as he follows that up by declaring that the talking one shall raise his hand. The skeleton is chained to the wall, the other guy is holding a heavy mace. Not that Tom cares as he gets instantly distracted, but it's still hilarious how they just stare at him.
  • Marco moping by himself in Star's bedroom, listening to a "Dia de los Muertos" mix-tape and stuffing his face with nachos.
    Marco: I'll have my own Blood Moon Ball... in Star's bedroom... where it's always fun...
    • The camera is fully focused on him without moving. After he says this line and stuffs his face with nachos, he quickly looks up, the camera shows us a dramatic blood moon... and then he returns to stare at his video in boredom with the camera again focusing only on him.
  • "I'm not gonna bathe in unicorn blood, Tom!"
  • Star nicknames the skeletal fish in the "punch" bowl Henry.
  • The Cephalothorax guy ranting about how boring the watered-down Blood Moon Ball is;
    Demon: Aloof attractive people! Boring! Cauldrons that don't burn your flesh off! What is this, nap time? 'Cause I'm bored! Piece of garbage that doesn't destroy the universe! Stupid cockroach that lives inside! I'm over it already! (Runs off crying)
  • Tom finally loses his temper when Marco steals his dance under the light of the Blood Moon with Star, and is about to burn him alive... when Star freezes Tom in a block of ice. Then to add insult to injury, she resets the number on his "days anger free" button.

     Fortune Cookies 
  • The episode begins with Star and Marco savagely beating up Ludo's minions. One of Ludo's ideas is to throw a rock at Star, so Bearnicorn throws a pebble that harmlessly bounces off her. Needless to say, neither she nor Ludo are amused.
  • "Ooh, Chinese food! ...I have no idea what that is!"
  • The Terrible Interviewees Montage when Ludo looks for new minions. Prime examples include a lazy four-armed guy who admits "No one's been dumb enough to hire me", a slime mold with eyes, one of his current minions (Three-Eyed Potato Baby) and what looks like a female version of Ludo himself.
    • Look at Ludo's desk during the montage and you'll see that he has a clay figure of Star as a pencil holder who looks like she's been impaled by the pencils and is in agony. And if you look at the writing on its base you can see that it was a birthday present from Buff Frog (it's an Ambidextrous Sprite, so the writing is backwards when it's seen from Ludo's perspective).
  • Doubles as an awesome moment, Toffee pretty much smooth-talking his way into getting hired by Ludo, which is impressive enough that Ludo doesn't question it.
    • There's also a brief shot of Ludo's guards; Buff Frog has a rather disturbed expression of confusion, and Bearnicorn is clapping happily.
  • When Marco tries to talk Star out of her sudden obsession with fortune cookies, telling her that they're made in a factory.
    Star: Next you'll tell me that's how they get the snow in snow-globes. (completely serious) It's clear they're the work of dark wizards!
  • Ferguson randomly showing up at the prospect of nachos. Then he regales Star and Marco with the story of how he ate a stale cookie off the floor of a cab and met his spirit animal. "It was a wolf."
  • Ludo introduces Toffee to his fellow minions, who are busy goofing off and having a random dance battle in the break room. And Toffee's legitimately stunned reaction when Ludo shows him how incompetent they are.
  • "On Mewni, there's a place where you can get calzones that'll tell you how you're gonna die!" Cue Cutaway Gag.
    Talking Calzone: You will die from choking on a calzone... just kidding! Heh heh heh, a giant's gonna sit on your face.

     Freeze Day 
  • Star and Marco's freeze day montage. They do things like put mustaches on people, steal a girl's birthday cake, and give a bully an atomic wedgie. Star takes the time to steal Ludo's hat and try it on herself, while Marco takes the time to push Jeremy Birnbaum aside while he's in the middle of a flying kick.
  • Upon arriving in Father Time's realm:
    Marco: Whoa... this is definitely one of the weirder places we've been to.
    Star: Weirder than that dimension of cats with human faces?
    [Cut to Star and Marco looking at a cat in a litterbox]
    Star: Heeey, kitty kitty!
    [The cat turns to face them, revealing a creepy looking human face]
    Cat: Look. Away.
    [Cut back to the present, where Star and Marco shudder at the memory]
  • Marco's attempt to move the Wheel of Progress by himself.
  • Father Time's outburst of Mundane Object Amazement.
    Father Time: There's a twig, and there's a bush, (stops to watch a goose) and I dunno what that thing is, but it's waddling!
  • Star and Marco crossing a river using stepping stone clocks. The first one turns them into babies, the second one turns Star into an old woman while Marco's head lands on it and turns him into a baby with an old man's head.
    Marco: Not a word.
    (Star snickers)
  • The scene where Star views her own life in the hall of history has such moments as Toddler!Star stealing her father's carriage, lopping the head off a training dummy, and going on a treasure raid with Flying Princess Pony Head.
  • Star and Marco realize that there are giant hamsters in Father Time's dimension, and the Wheel of Progress runs on Hamster-Wheel Power. Star asks if he's thinking what she's thinking. Cut to... the Wheel having been turned into hamster-drawn carriage with a seat on top for Father Time. That way time restarts but Father Time can actually explore his dimension. Marco starts to explain that actually he was thinking of just having a giant hamster run in the wheel, but then shrugs it off and says this works too.

     Royal Pain 
  • Marco discovering Star has replaced the stairs with a water slide (and the Diazes' living room with a swimming pool) because "Stairs are so boring!"
    Marco: This was cool, but next time, maybe a little heads-up? Wet socks are a form of torture in some countries.
    • It becomes a running gag, as every time Marco puts on a new pair ofsocks, they get wet anyway at some point. The whole situation is even solved by flooding the house and getting everybody's socks wet!
  • King Butterfly arriving at the Diaz house riding on his servant.
  • Star and King Butterfly's obsession with the flush toilet in the bathroom.
    King Butterfly: Where does the water go?
    Star: Nobody knows! It's one of Earth's greatest mysteries.
  • King Butterfly flushing a number of ridiculous things in the toilet, including a tooth brush, a bottle of mouthwash, the flying pig from "Brittney's Party", and a bowling ball. All while Star encourages him to do so with the camera zooming closer and closer into her face in a really disturbing way.
  • At the mini-golf course, the King's antics set the place on fire.
    Little Girl: (as King Butterfly trashes the Candy Castle hole) Mommy, why is Santa doing that?
  • This line from King Pony Head: "Because I'm ridiculously apathetic to the suffering of others, I'm leaving too."
    • It's funnier in context. Everyone at the party decides to leave because the house was flooded and their feet got wet. King Pony Head...has no feet.

    St Olga's Reform School For Wayward Princesses 
  • Star having a Freak Out nearly every time someone mentions Saint Olga's by name. "AAAUGH! Saint O's, Saint O's, Saint O's..."
    • At the start of the episode when she's running around saying the above, she'll run off camera and it cuts to the rest of her room with Star's legs sticking out from under her rug and flailing around... only for Star to appear from somewhere else and walk past the legs, actively trying to avoid it and warily pointing her wand at it.
      Marco: What's that under your rug?
      Star: I have no idea, but I do know one thing: NEVER ever step on it.
  • Marco lamenting having to be disguised as a princess to sneak into St. Olga's.
    Marco: You couldn't turn me into one of those guards with the cool masks?
    Star: I dunno, pink is definitely your color!
  • One of the students/inmates at St. Olga's is Princess Smooshy from "Sleep Spells"... and she gets scolded for eating one of the bluebirds she's supposed to be singing along with.
  • Marco gushing about the luxurious accommodations at St. O's, admiring the architecture while ignoring the fact the rooms are behind heavily-locked doors.
  • It's both hilarious and creepy how Flying Princess Pony Head spends much of the episode with the same wide-eyed, vacantly-grinning expression no matter what happens, even when Star shakes her around to snap her out of her brainwashing.
  • Marco starting probably the most polite and refined prison riot ever, with dozens of princesses throwing their tea-cups and chanting "It's not criminal to be an individual!"
  • "She's laughing at an authority figure! I think the real Pony Head's still in there!"
  • Miss Heinous's attempts at being ominous keep getting spoiled by her mulling over her choice of words. "Someone get a thesaurus!" She eventually settles for annihilate.
  • "So this is how it ends... on a cold, checkered floor by a pile of soiled linens, wearing an eyepatch..."
  • Marco, after being rescued from Solitary Conform-ment: "Will they let me keep the dress?"

    Mewnipendance Day 
  • Star's explanation of the pursuits the Mewni settlers had in mind:
    Star: Life, liberty, and corn.
  • Toffee and Buff Frog's reaction to Ludo expressing excitement about being able to see into Star's bathroom before his brain catches up with his mouth.
    Ludo: Now we can watch Star where ever she goes! In the kitchen! Bedroom! Even in the bathroom!
    Toffee and Buff Frog: (exchange nervous expressions) Uhh...
    Ludo: ...Maybe we don't keep the bathroom channel.
  • Buff Frog trying to warn the rest of Ludo's army about Toffee;
    Buff Frog: Comrades, it's beginning! Toffee has replaced me with the electronic eye!
    Bearnicorn: We don't care.
    Buff Frog: But you should! Soon, he will replace you with electronic ice cream cone! (To other monster) And you, with other electronic ice cream cone! (To Two-Headed Monster) And you, with...what is it that you do, exactly?
    Right head: Well, there's two of us, soooo, maybe that's a thing?
  • Toffee points out that with so many kids dressed up as monsters, it will be easily to infiltrate the place and steal the wand. Ludo's reaction is to laugh and say "Those aren't real?!" Toffee just sighs an irritated "Okay..."
    • It's the "I can't wait to usurp this idiot" tone of voice, which is also somehow a "It's Friday and I still have three hours left before I get off for the weekend," tone.
  • Followed immediately by Toffee's hilarious disdain for Buff Frog.
    Toffee: Now, who'd like to bring Ludo his wand?
    Monsters: "Uhhh..." "Oooh, uhh, I can't..."
    Buff Frog: I will go.
    Toffee: I thought you might, (under his breath) you fat bag of garbage...
  • Ferguson being "stealthy".

    The Banagic Incident 
  • Star's incredibly hammy speeches at the beginning.
  • Upon leaving the house, she tosses Marco to his bike, and attacks the mailman thinking he is a trespasser.
  • Star mistakes the bushy-bearded record store employee for a werewolf.
    Star: Is this a better store?
    Record Store Guy: Uh... better than what?
    Star: Ugh, more riddles...
  • Star runs into Brittney while fleeing the mob. She asks her to throw them off her trail and runs into a store. When the mob catches up to where she was, Brittney just points at the store and tells them "She went in there."

    Interdimensional Field Trip 
  • Star getting excited about a trip to... the Paper Clip Museum.
  • When Skullnick yells at the students to stop running around with her megaphone, Star animates the megaphone by giving it the head and legs of a male cow. In other words, a bullhorn.
  • The various Amusing Injuries the kids inflict on themselves, like Francis getting sucked into a black hole, Justin trying to touch (and lick) a huge electrified device, and Sabrina repeatedly falling down the stairs in an M.C. Escher-esque display.
  • When Ms. Skullnick is viewing an exhibit about trolls, given that she needs to learn about being one, her tour guide is inexplicably a tiny spider dangling down from the ceiling and talking into her ear with an equally tiny megaphone. It's even funnier since he at first sounds like a bored exhibition recording, only to be almost seductive at the end, giving her a knowing nod when Skullnick realizes how great it is to be a troll.
  • The Universe's Most Dangerous Creature is a monster made of yarn. Even when it's shown to be not-so harmless, it's rather amusing.
  • Janna flashing her fangs when Marco is about to free her, freaking him out. Then she tells him that they weren't real... unless he wants them to be.

    Marco Grows A Beard 
  • Star's total lack of a poker face.
    Star: What face? I don't make face.
  • Star reaching for her wand to undo the beard-growing spell... and instead grabbing a taquito. Which she then eats.
  • Without her wand, Star tries to think of what a normal person would do. The Imagine Spot she makes (of a dolphin-like creature flailing away at a computer while chanting "Work, work, work...") is not helpful. At all.
  • Star talking to (and doing the talking for) a pair of hedge clippers.
  • Star falls asleep and immediately has a dream of a talking laser puppy who reminds her that she could already kick ass before ever getting her wand. And then this non-sequitur:
    Laser Puppy: Also, I am a puppy that shoots lasers out of my eyes. The choice is yours, Star Butterfly. Either rise up and conquer, or wither here and die. ["die" echoes as the dream ends]
  • As Ludo's minions are chasing Star, one of them opens a door, and the chase music abruptly stops as we see Marco on the other side, enwreathed in hair and making muffled panicking noises. The monster closes the door and says, "Uh, yeah, the bathroom's occupied."
  • At the end, Star resolves to remove Marco's massive beard without magic... and instead uses a puny little safety razor. The camera switches to an overhead view showing the room filled with hair, Marco's eyes all that's visible of him as he stares out helplessly at Star.

     Storm the Castle 
  • This exchange:
    Marco: Are you sure this is safe?
    Star: I never said that.
  • "Marco, where'd you put your legs?"
  • Ludo offers his hand for Star to shake and she refuses to touch his giant mole.
    Star: [pushing his hand away with her boot] Actually, I don't want to touch any of your skin with my skin.
  • The one thing that makes Toffee very briefly lose his composure? Marco saying he's boring. And that he dresses like a lawyer.
  • Buff Frog warns Star about Toffee:
    Buff Frog: He knows about you, and he does not like your magic.
    Star: Oh yeah? Well, I don't like his... [beat] uhhh... [ducks through doorway, then pokes her head back] Uhhh...
  • Toffee's irritation with fly monster constantly trying to set up pillows for him like he was doing for Ludo. It culminates in Toffee outright scaring the guy with a Death Glare when he tries it again.
  • The way Toffee says "Surprise!" with a Slasher Smile sounds somewhat goofy and his smirk doesn't help matters though it does make him look rather...unstable.
  • While also being Nightmare Fuel, it is hilarious how Star bursts into the throne room to begin with.
    Star: Ok, here's the plan. We attack on "One".
    Buff Frog: No, no, I don't think that is a goo-
    Star: ONE!
    • Toffee trying to welcome her nonchalantly, only to be blasted away by her wand and ending up lying on the ground with a dumbfounded expression for most of the fight, not even moaning in pain about having lost his left arm.
  • During the big fight, Star casts a spell that "chibifies" three minions. They not only make the most hilarious squeaking noises, but later they come after her with a chainsaw that takes all three of them to lift.
  • Apparently Ludo actually considered Star his friend up until this episode.
  • The offhand and unimpressed way Star deals with Ludo — interrupting him by taking his dimensional scissors right out of his hand, cutting a portal, and tossing him through.
  • Marco sees Star allied with Buff Frog, who's carrying a fountain full of tadpoles on his back. Realising how insane this looks, Star can only shrug.
  • A random tiny unicorn coming out of nowhere and making a grandiose speech in Gratuitous Italian before climbing inside the remains of Star's wand and recharging it.
  • Near the end, the King and Queen confide in Glossaryck, who is in the middle of shaving his legs. Then he lets his towel drop as a demonstration of how the star-shaped gem on the wand has been "cleaved". A hilarious moment in an otherwise serious and foreboding scene.

Season 2

    My New Wand! 
  • The episode opens with Star apparently recording a video with Marco's laptop... then we find out she was in a video chat with StarFan13.
    • Marco immediately closes the laptop when Star points its camera at him, saying that he doesn't want the computer to watch him shower. There's something mildly amusing about the fact that he never objects to Star herself watching him shower.
  • The wand flies downstairs, possibly breaks some stuff, then comes flying back up through the space Star's head was just a second ago. She quietly whispers, "I almost died" to herself.
  • Glossaryck tells Star to think of her wand as being like a spoon that scoops magic "stew" out of a cauldron.
    Star: Oh, my wand isn't a spoon. It's a wand.
    Glossaryck: It's a metaphor, Star.
    Star: No, it's a wand.
    (Glossaryck stares for a moment before turning the spoon into the wand)
    Glossaryck: Fine, it's a wand.
    Star: Now you're gettin' it!
  • Star walking around dramatically saying "Dip dooown!"
  • Star works up the nerve to call up her mother for help... and after an awkward "Hi mommy" from Star, the queen calmly asks "What did you do?" Star's response to get indignant and defensive. (But she ultimately admits that Marco got stuck in the closet.)
  • Star implicitly referring to Marco as being part of "her stuff" that she wants back out of the closet.
  • Star tries to use "everything she has" in order to unlock the door... which in Star's mind involves throwing all her worldly possessions at the door with a catapult.

    Ludo in the Wild 
  • The abuse Ludo goes through is sad, yet at the same time hilarious:
    • Getting dropped from a great height by an eagle. Twice.
    • Falling into the snow and passing out for thirty-six days.
  • Ludo's attempt to pass himself off as a baby bird in a desperate attempt to get fed.
  • Ludo's obsession with the bag of chips.

    Mr. Candle Cares 
  • According to Mr. Candle (or at least Tom), Star is destined to become the queen of Mewni. Marco? Prime Janitor of Garbage Island.
  • Marco saying that he'd love to be queen. He goes off on a tangent about it while Star grumbles in the background.
    Marco: Oh man, I'd love to be queen. [Star grumbles] You'd never have to think about what to wear! You have somebody do that for you. [Star moans] People would just love you because they have to! No matter how weird you are! [Star groans and slides down the lockers] You'd never have to bathe alone...
    Star: Marco, please stop talking...
  • Tom: Flush me first!
  • Marco trolling Tom by talking about make-outs with Star... and the way he dances around the term "frenching/french kissing".
    Marco: Yeah, we've been getting it on all kinds of style. German. Italian. ...Polynesian. My tonsils are so tired, I can't even feel my teeth!
  • In his return visit to Mr. Candle, Marco casually crumples up his career paper and tosses it at the wastebasket. It bounces off the rim; there's a second's pause, then Marco continues talking.
  • While thinking over her concerns about becoming Mewni's Queen, Star calls her mother again. The Queen Immediately asks "What did you do?" Star responds defensively with "Nothing! ...yet."
  • While he's on Tom's spinning wheel, Marco admits to lying about making out with Star.
    Marco: I never made out with Star, I just said that to get your goat!
    Dead Goat Skull: What?
  • Tom points out that Star makes up her own game rules and changes them on the fly, and Marco just goes, "Ohhh, so that's why I never win."
  • After explaining that he was wrong, Tom goes on a long winded speech about how he beat Marco at ping-pong.
    Tom: I used Mr. Candle to get back together with you, and it took me destroying Marco 58 games to 0 to realize I was wrong... like, I slaughtered him... I mean, beating him was so easy.
    Marco: Okay she gets it...
  • Marco returns to find that Star has given herself a goth/punk makeover and is sharpening a battleaxe with a scary look in her eyes.
    Star: [sounding unhinged] Oh hey, Marco. Did you know that if you cut off a mermaid's tail, you can never be queen? It's all in the guidebook.
    Marco: Star, you... you don't have to do that.
    Star: Oh thank goodness. [to a mermaid in a tank] I'm so sorry Tiffany, I never wanted to hurt you!
  • At the end of the episode, Mr. Candle is insincerely trying to assure Brittney Wong that he doesn't think she's "peaked" at a young age when Tom calls him to order him to abort the mission. Mr. Candle promptly cuts his meeting with Brittney short by flipping over his desk and flying out of the office on a levitating filing cabinet.

    Red Belt 
  • During Marco's nightmare at the beginning of the episode, he finds his apparently-dead body stuffed in a locker lined like a coffin and is horrified... to see himself wearing a suit.
  • Star concludes that "nothing on Earth is easy", so she decides to go on an epic "scavenger hunt" for a hammer.
    • Speaking of which, the Diaz's do not have a hammer, so Marco's parents decide to buy a hammer in secret to help her out, after she nearly destroys the house. It's made funnier by it being one of the few times they're taking Star seriously.
    • And when Star announces her desire for nails, the Diaz's cringe and realize that they need to make another trip to the store.
  • The "Karate Kid" montage about seemingly mundane tasks (or in Marco's case, painfully self inflicting tasks) is subverted by the fact that Marco's sensei is also a green belt, because his tape about how to get a red belt got tangled in his VCR. He tried getting it out, but the second tape (labeled "How to Untangle a VHS Tape) got tangled up too.
  • Everything about the fight scene in the VHS Store. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.

    Star on Wheels 
  • Apparently, vehicles on Mewni are pulled by giant invisible goats. And Star thinks this is how Earth vehicles work too.
    • The kicker? She's right.
  • Oskar Greason's car is randomly parked in the Diaz house's driveway for no apparent reason.
  • Glossaryck is once more hilarious in every scene he's in.
    • When Star is hurtling out of control, Glossaryck responds by drawing on his magic, complete with glowing eyes and ominous chanting, and unleashes his power... to create a meatball sub.
    • "Aha! The goat left long ago!"
  • Marco being the Only Sane Man trying to get Oskar and Glossaryck to focus on rescuing Star, while they're just goofing off, eating meatball subs, and using a recording of Marco to make a song about rescuing Star.
  • Star looks like she's about to collide with a lady carrying her baby... then it turns out to be a portrait carried by two movers, and Star plows right through it.
  • "If only those dogs had been wearing helmets..."

  • Star walks into school with a dog on her head and is told to leave. Groaning, exhausted and frustrated, she turns to go. Jackie passes by just then.
    Jackie: Cool hat, Star Butterfly!
    Star: [mutters] Aw, shut up.
  • Marco's recurring struggle to open the juice box.
  • The running gag of the eerily intelligent dog using the human bathroom.
  • Star apparently sleeps with her wand under her pillow. Even though her mom told her not to, because of radiation.
  • A laser puppy shoots Marco in the eye. He's hilariously unperturbed by it, or the fact that it now glows red (and half his vision seeing red).

    Star vs. Echo Creek 
  • Marco's disgust at Star putting sugar on Mexican food. "Get your sacrilege away from my taco!"
  • Brigid (the crazy homeless lady living by the river) likes to make things out of discarded hair, including tapestries, mattress filling, and nests for her animal friends (which inexplicably includes the bearded record store cashier from "The Banagic Incident"). She also trolls Star by briefly convincing her she made hair into pancake batter.
  • Star's fantasy sequence with the singing dragon living underwater. He eventually admits he's just a figment of Star's imagination.
    • In the middle of the song, we get this gem:
    Dragon: You can teach yourself le French, decorate a cake, trash the economy, turn someone to bones, you can make a scrapbook...
    Star: Wait, what was the thing before scrapbook?
    Dragon: Anything you want to!
  • Star ends up having to do community service for all the trouble she put the police through, which takes the form of washing squad cars. She tries to speed the process along with her wand, which doesn't go so well.

    Wand to Wand 
  • Star's sudden obsession with building ships-in-bottles.
    Marco: Don't you think you have enough ships-in-a-bottle?
    Star: (With ships-in-bottles on every surface behind her) "Enough"? I don't even know you!
  • Ludo ordering his minions to beat him up until he gets mad enough to power up his wand. And they get a little too enthusiastic about it for his tastes.
  • At the end, Star decides to forego cleaning the house with magic and tries using a broom... and sweeps with the wrong end Patrick Star-style until Marco corrects her.

  • The episode opens with Star sitting in a dumpster waiting for the store to throw out the old donuts. When they do, the employee greets Marco so casually, it's clear that this is a regular occurrence.
  • Mina tells Star she needs to make a weapon. Her response? Tie a pinecone to a shoelace, stick some flowers on it, give it a face, and name it Davey.
  • Marco's conversation with a mother at the park.
    Mother: Which ones are yours?
    Marco: Those two.
    The camera shifts to show the destroyed playground, with Mina chasing a child and Star crawling around in the dirt
    Mother: (Seriously concerned) Bless your soul.
    Later in the scene
    Mother: Y'know, when they turn 18, they're the government's problem.
  • The scene where the police ask Marco about what happened to the park.
  • When Mina gets ready to begin her regime by shoving several people off a ledge, a man demands that the people get a vote. When he asks who's in favor of "the crazy lady taking over," six people actually raise their hands. It actually ties with the amount of people against Mina taking over before Star finally votes against her.
  • The two cops eventually chase Mina back to the dumpsters behind the donut shop, only to find that Mina has vanished. Rather than dismiss the whole thing as a prank, as one might expect, one of the cops speaks into his walkie-talkie, saying in an awe-struck tone "Magic does exist! I repeat, magic does exist!"

    Camping Trip 
  • Star marvels over Earth nature, specifically the mosquito that lands on her arm. The marveling stops fast after it bites her, and her reaction is to attempt to cast a spell that sounded like it would have annihilated all life on Earth until Marco stops her.
    Star: Cataclysmic Total Extinction Death Blast!
  • Apparently Marco's parents make paintings instead of taking pictures for their camping trips.
  • King Butterfly beating up his own foot while trying to catch fish bare-handed.
  • A half-naked and upside-down King Butterfly offers his daughter a piggyback ride. She understandably refuses. Marco, on the other hand, is all for it, but is rebuffed by the King because "That would be weird."
  • King Butterfly has a staring contest with an eagle. Or as he put it, he tried to break its spirit with his eyes.
    • While he stares at it, we hear a conversation between the King and himself. While this initially seems to be the audience hearing his thoughts, the camera zooms out and reveals he's actually talking out loud to himself. Right next to Star and Marco. About Star growing up and Marco possibly being her boyfriend, then declaring that his daughter couldn't possibly be dating yet even though (as seen in "Blood Moon Ball") this is obviously not the case. Star and Marco themselves just trade confused glances, confirming that this is just as weird by Mewni standards as it is by Earth's.
  • Staring at the eagle gets River fined by the park ranger. Later they have dramatic trouble making their way to the geyser, thanks to River eating the map ("I was hungry! Everything is food when you're surviving!"). River, acknowledging that it's his fault, declares that he'll score them a ride. Smash Cut to the three of them riding a bear with the police in hot pursuit. Smash Cut immediately back to the ranger station with River paying another fine.
  • Marco, Star, and King Butterfly were told that the geyser's final eruption will occur in five minutes. This leads to an epic journey scene, them arriving too late, and some heartwarming material. As soon as that's finished, the geyser erupts again, much to Star's excitement. How did this happen? The park ranger they were talking to likes to lie to tourists for fun.
  • King Butterfly, having fallen into the geyser before it erupted again, thinks that it magically restored his youth. It actually just scalded off all his hair and made his skin a silky smooth red, and he didn't notice.

  • Star and Marco are playing a Chutes-and-Ladders type board game... with miniature versions of themselves. Later we see the tiny Star and Marco playing a board game starring even tinier versions of Star and Marco.
  • Star spends most of the episode with a serious case of Puppy-Dog Eyes from Buff Frog's babies.
  • "I booped, Marco. I booped so bad!"
  • "Leeeeeeeegs! Legs, legs, legs, legs, leeeeegs!"
  • Star chasing the babies up the stairs and down the banister after they grow legs. Eventually she seems to be getting into it, and is just sliding down the banister for fun.
  • Let's face it; you laughed with either amusement or pure joy at the glorious return of Marco's "Space Unicorn" ringtone.
  • Star and Marco finally find Katrina sleeping on a pile of plush toys... protected by a field of bear traps.
    Marco: Star! Why do you have so many bear traps?!
    Star: You're afraid to tell Jackie you have a crush on her, but you're not afraid of bears? I don't get you, Marco.
  • "Thank you star girl. And karate boy. I remember this like something I will never forget."

    On the Job 
  • At one point it sounds like Buff Frog is going through with torturing the rat... turns out he's just annoying it by showing off pictures of his kids.
  • In his zeal to keep the monsters away from the royal corn fields, King River accidentally causes a huge brush fire. His reaction? To sheepishly slink away.

     Goblin Dogs 
  • Marco awkwardly trying to make small talk with Kelly.
  • Roy's "Goblin Song" he plays to customers waiting in line:
    You might think this line is long
    But listen to my goblin song
    It's been hours since you ate
    But goblin dogs are worth the wait!
    What is happening?
  • Turns out the base of Pony Head's neck is a "back pocket" where she keeps things.
  • "Pony Head didn't mean bad, she's just a liar!"
  • Roy the goblin fighting off a mob of angry customers with a t-shirt cannon.
  • The reaction when Kelly finally speaks:
    Star: [surprised] Kelly?
    Pony Head: Oh, we thought you died!
    Marco: What?! No we didn't!
    Pony Head: [muttering] Oh, okay well, I'm sorry, I thought she did die, so, excuse me.
  • The sequence at the end, when Star, Marco, Pony Head, and Kelly all have a Mushroom Samba after finally getting Goblin Dogs and taking a bite.

    By the Book 
  • Star's repeated failures to summon a Warnicorn Stampede, her first two attempts only resulting in a single, rather adorable and harmless warnicorn.
  • Star and Marco try to butter up Glossaryck by taking him to the movies. Not only does he still refuse to come out of his donut box, but he spoils the ending.
    • The movie itself is a romantic comedy about a forbidden love between a human man and a sea princess... who happens to be some kind of Cthulhumanoid. And according to Glossaryck, she dies at the end of the movie.
    • When Star tries to conjure snacks, she creates a cloud of cotton candy, and when Marco is surprised nothing else happened it buries him in spaghetti, then adds meatballs.
  • Star gets ambushed in the middle of the night by a bird-like monster, and calls out to Glossaryck for help. Glossaryck announces he can see right through their transparent ploy to get him out of the donut box, and Star has to tell Marco (who's dressed as the bird monster) to cut it out. Marco lets out one last frustrated squawk as he takes off his costume.
  • Marco freaking out and repeating everything Star says when Ludo shows up. Both Ludo and Star quickly get sick of it.
    Ludo: Okay, seriously Marco, that's getting annoying.
    Star: Actually, he's right.
  • Marco's reaction to Star and Ludo's attempt at dueling with their malfunctioning wands: "This is the worst wand fight I've ever seen!"

    Game of Flags 
  • Star and Marco having to sit at the "kids' table" with a bunch of rambunctious toddlers.
  • Apparently Star's Uncle Lump lost his body during last year's Game of Flags. They managed to attach his head onto a horse's body, and allegedly he likes it better this way.
    • And then he loses his head again.
  • While the rest of her family makes fools of themselves in the Game of Flags, Queen Moon lounges under an awning with her boots off and an unamused expression on her face. It's the closest to casual we've seen her in the entire series.
  • Turns out Star and Marco's duplicates at the kids' table are dummies made out of creamed corn.
  • Star and her father have a brief bonding moment... then Star throws him down the mountainside, an act he definitely approves of because of her strong arm and game spirit. Marco keeps getting interrupted in trying to scold Star by King River's shouts of pain as he rolls down the hill.
  • Queen Moon delivers some prime sass when she catches Star in the act:
    Queen Moon: Star, you're never going to believe this, but I met your twin sister. She was made out of corn. I don't even remember giving birth to her. River, did I ever give birth to a corn baby?
  • Star concludes that the Game of Flags is ridiculous, and "only an idiot would want to win this game". Cue Marco planting a flagpole with his hoodie tied to it atop the hill and doing a dorky victory dance.

    Girls' Day Out 
  • Star yelling, "VIVA MARISOOOOL!" as she's dragged to detention. Then after she's tossed into the room, she snarls and claws at the door like an angry dog.
  • While trying to convince Star to stay and act as "Mayor of Detention", Janna tells her fellow inmates that without Star, they'll "have to return to our previous system of anarchy", and proceeds to flip over a desk.
  • Ingrid, the angry punk girl who speaks entirely in German. Apparently Star misinterpreted her request for a guillotine, giving her a comb instead, and Ingrid angrily tells a shabby teddy bear she happens to have on her "I guess you live today!"
  • Marco spends most of the episode with his arm stuck up a drain pipe after getting shanghaied into retrieving Marisol the hamster. Naturally his crush Jackie sees him like this, then a whole crowd of gawkers.
    • Even funnier is that Marco tries to distract Jackie from his awkward situation by doing a head-stand.
  • Janna offers Star a fist-bump when she realizes they can borrow some batteries from Oskar, but Star suffers from Greeting Gesture Confusion and awkwardly tries to shake Janna's fist.
  • Star tries to "distract" Miss Skullnick by conjuring a "Shimmering Destructo-Cannon", a huge, heart-themed missile launcher. Janna decides to save that for "plan B".
  • Janna's plan is to distract Miss Skullnick with a snake-in-a-can prank... including a live snake. When it finally goes off near the end of the episode, Skullnick runs off in a panic... and returns in her troll armor from "Interdimensional Field Trip", ready to lay the smack-down on the snake.
  • Star declares she's got Oskar wrapped around her finger... and is almost immediately love-struck when she tries to ask Oskar for some batteries.

  • Marco tries to impress Jackie by playing jazz music on the keyboard and moonwalking over... where he promptly trips and falls over.
  • The first question is "What is your... favorite color?" And someone lies anyway, leading to the party suffering severe Tickle Torture. Turns out Janna's favorite color isn't black, but pink.
    Janna: I love pink! It's my favorite! I just hate contributing to gender stereotypes.
    Box: (impressed) Janna likes pink, and fights the patriarchy...
  • Pony Head's reaction to the first question being so tame:
    Pony Head: The next one is probably something interesting, like "Have you ever killed a man?" Mmm, actually, that's still easy.
  • The girls' Brutal Honesty when they're forced to admit they didn't like Star's brownies.
    • Them becoming ugly with distorted voices for lying about it.
  • When Marco tries to say it's Star's turn, The Cube insists that he decides whose turn it is, and he decided... it's Star's turn.
  • Who's Starfan13 got a crush on? Star, of course. Who's Pony Head got a crush on? Herself. As for Janna:
    Janna: I think we all know who I have a crush on, don't we, Marco?
    Marco: Uh...
    Janna: Eighteenth-century poet John Keats.
    Marco: Ha-ha.
  • The fact that Sean Schemmel is the voice of the Truth or Punishment cube is funny when you imagine Son Gokū saying, "Janna likes pink and fights the patriarchy," or "TRUTH! Star Butterfly has a crush on—" and other such lines.

     Gift of the Card 
  • Much to the amusement of Star and Janna, Marco has a discount card for a ballet shoe outlet. Marco (who is actually wearing a pair of pink ballet slippers) insists he just finds them comfortable to wear around the house.
  • Holed up in a crumbling apartment building after St. Olga's fell into chaos, Miss Heinous orders her manservant to go out and spend the last of their savings... on her favorite hair dye.
  • There's something about the fact that Heinous still thinks Marco is a princess, too.
  • Rasticore doesn't travel with dimensional scissors, he uses a dimensional chainsaw. And every time, he has trouble starting it up.
  • Marco complains about Star and Janna going through his wallet, asking if a guy can get any privacy. Star matter-of-factly responds "Nope."
  • Star's repeated use of Puppy-Dog Eyes on Marco.
  • Rasticore's awkward conversation with Janna. Janna doesn't even look up once throughout.
    Rasticore: Tell me where Princess Star and Princess Marco are located.
    Janna: Ugh, loud. They went to Quest Buy.
    Rasticore: The one by the galactic vortex, or the one with the big parking lot? [looks at device] Never mind, I found them.
    Janna: Why did you even ask if you already knew?
  • The sloth employees at Quest Buy are even more ridiculously unhelpful than they were in their first appearance. One sitting behind the customer service desk claims, "It's not my department," and when Star calls him out on it he mutters, "We gotta ditch that sign."
  • When a bird-like monster stuffed into a bottle snarks at Marco, Marco replies, "I can see why you're on sale."
  • Marco's reaction when it looks like he and Star about to be disintegrated by the "Friends to the End" gift card Star bought is as hilarious as it is heartwarming:
    Marco: Let's hug, so when they find our charred skeletons, they'll know we were friends!
  • Marco attempts to get out of being "expired" by the gift card.
    Marco: There's only one thing at this store that I could ever want! Star's my best friend, and friendship is the best gift I could ever receive!
  • Rasticore finally tracks Marco and Star down... and gets blown to smithereens by the killer gift card. There's nothing left but his hand, still clutching his tracking device, which gets sent back to Miss Heinous.
  • Marco finally spends his gift card on a high-security wallet with a thumb-print lock. It doesn't even take Janna a minute to break into it. Apparently she has copies of Marco's fingerprints, among other personal information.
    • It probably didn't help that the sloths got the wallet out of a big box on a shelf full of defective products.

  • Star somehow got herself tangled in Christmas lights.
  • Marco's favorite kung fu movie star, Mackie Hand, apparently died "performing one of his own stunts... on himself... accidentally."
  • Marco challenges a pair of dude-bros who make fun of Tom's carriage ("Where'd you get your sweet ride... at a funeral home?") to a drag-race... which turns out to be a trick to get them arrested for speeding. Marco and Tom even ride by them, wearing exaggerated dewey-eyed expressions of innocence, while they're sitting in the back of a police car.
    Tom: That was so much more fun than obliterating people!
  • The reveal that Tom's white tiger was actually his anger management coach in disguise.
    Marco: I cleaned your litter box!
  • Tom starting to sing "Too Little, Too Late" from Love Sentence, with Marco following the song afterwards, both singing together and then Marco apparently walking away, only for him to turn, and, glaring very pointedly, sing an, "Oooh~hoo" (complete with a little head wag) to finish the song and then keep walking away.
  • How does Tom convince Marco he's sorry? Using his demonic powers to bring Mackie Hand Back from the Dead so Marco can get his autograph.
    Mackie: Wait, I'm dead?
  • When Marco continues to walk away after the duet with Tom, Tom rises to the sky on a pillar of fire and forebodingly chants an incantation as he resurrects Mackie Hand. Marco's initial response to this frightening display of demonic power is to keep walking away unimpressed and call Tom a drama queen.
  • "I still don't like you, Tom." "I still don't like you too, Marco."
  • Tom and Marco eating cereal while watching Mackie Hand's fight with the ticket holder and security guards.

    Is Mystery 
  • Buff Frog gets caught spying on the hole in the force field around the royal corn fields because he talks out loud while writing.
  • Meatfork, the overly-angry boar-guy guard who flexes and shouts all the time. He hardly lets Buff Frog get a word in edgewise.
  • When Meatfork orders the prisoners on the Wheel of Pain to stop so he can chain up Buff Frog, one of them mutters "Why does he have to yell?"
  • Buff Frog's frustration when the prisoner he's strapped next to can't tell him anything about where the corn goes other than "It goes in the Hole."
  • The bat guy would rather throw himself down the garbage chute than deal with "the boss". And it's a very deep hole by the sound of it.
  • Buff Frog uses his Overly Long Tongue to steal the keys from Meatfork. Then he accidentally rips the guy's pants off and swallows the keys. So, he turns to plan B and picks the lock with his tongue.
  • "You know why they call me Meatfork? 'Cause it's a family name!"
  • Meatfork's tough-guy facade finally cracks under Buff Frog's quiet defiance; it doubles as an awesome moment:
    Buff Frog: I'm not going back to Grinder.
    Meatfork: No?
    Buff Frog: No.
    Meatfork: No?!
    Buff Frog: No.
    Meatfork: NOOOOO?!
    Buff Frog: No.
    Meatfork: ...Okay then, so will you please take me with you?!
  • Ludo offers to give Buff Frog a job working for him... and Buff Frog promptly punches his lights out.
    Buff Frog: I'm sorry, I think you've lost your mind.
  • Buff Frog practicing not talking out loud at the end.

    Hungry Larry 
  • Star's Halloween costume. She's Ludo.
  • Marco tries to bribe some kids into going to his father's lackluster haunted house. They aren't impressed.
    Vampire Kid: I'm eight. That's like, ninety years old in Halloween years!
  • "I'm gonna go bribe some five-year olds. Maybe they'll think my dad's scary."
  • Despite Marco's "No summoning!" warning, Star and Janna try and summon Hungry Larry anyway. It involves writing his name in mustard on an old take-out menu and licking it off, then saying his name three times. The skies grow dark, and as they finish the incantation there's a knock at the front door. They answer, and find... a tiny, unassumming Bedsheet Ghost with a suitcase and a sheaf of paper.
    Hungry Larry: Star Butterfly? You summoned me? ...Well, can I come on in or what?
  • The fact that Marco telling them not to summon Hungry Larry is immediately followed up with Star and Janna doing exactly that.
  • The scene where Angie Diaz tries to comfort her husband.
    Mrs. Diaz: Honey? I know you're probably totally humiliated that you wrestled a blow-up doll in front of your son and his friends, but everyone inside loves you! (beat, Angie sighs angrily and leaves) There's a bowl of candy corn for you on the porch. Don't step on it!
    (Mr. Diaz peeks out the window of the shed)
    Mrs Diaz: Rafael, I can see you in the window!
    (Mr. Diaz closes the venetian blinds)
  • "You guys are still here?" "We're not 'guys'."
  • "Everyone's having a great time! Can't you hear those blood-curdling screams?"
  • While the scene where Star and Marco investigate her room after the trick-or-treaters mysterious disappear is pretty spooky, Star tasting some black goo she scraped off the wall and saying, "This is saliva" in a matter-of-fact tone is amusing.
  • Mr. Diaz tries to shove the inflatable Frankenstein's monster in a wood-chipper. It escapes, knocking over the tape recorder playing Mexican heavy-metal music he had on, and bounces away over the backyard fence in a goofy manner.
  • After Mr. Diaz saves everyone from Hungry Larry, he orders Larry to "Leave this place!" Hungry Larry leaves in a huff... and in a flying taxi cab.

    Spider With a Top Hat 
  • Spider throwing himself against a wall trying to break through it is kinda sad, but also hilarious.
  • One of Star's narwhals (the one with the eyepatch) is married to a butterfly. And they have a kid, a baby narwhal with butterfly wings.
  • One of the Warnicorns admits that she kinda likes the pain.
  • "Did I fail to entertain you?!" "Um... yes, you did."
  • "You've got the hat of a warrior... wait, no, I mean 'heart'."
  • When Spider gets a Floating Advice Reminder from Rock the Warnicorn, it stops to give him a kiss on the forehead.

    Into the Wand 
  • In a Black Comedy sort of way, when Glossaryck sees the malformed narwhals, he assumes Star's committed some kind of massacre and is prepared to cover it up (with a big bottle of magic bleach) and go on the lam with her.
    Glossaryck: I've got the stain remover; you go start the car!
    Star: They're not dead!
  • Star's blasé reaction to the Alien Geometry of the wand.
    Star: [pointing in different directions all around her] School. School. School. School. I guess I'm going to school.
  • Star's attempts at wrangling Li'l Chauncey, her mother's late pet goat-pig.
    • The fact that Li'l Chauncey has arrows protruding from his body, even in Moon the Undaunted's tapestry.
  • Star reads about how her ancestor, Eclipsa Butterfly, ran off with her monster lover... and admiringly calls her a "bad girl".
  • Glossaryck gets Star out of the wand by having her jump into his eyeball. After she does, the eyeball is stretched out and dangling from its socket. Glossaryck doesn't seem to notice it until Star points it out.
  • When Glossaryck says they should get rid of the "thing that doesn't belong" (Toffee's severed finger), Star just tosses it into her closet.
  • Star got lost in her wand after getting distracted by a memory-Marco repeatedly popping in and asking about his hoodie. At the end of the episode, Glossaryck asks if Star's going to test out her wand, but she replies that she's had enough magic for one day. Then the real Marco pops in asking about his hoodie, and Star immediately blasts him. After a pause, she cheerfully says "It worked!"
  • How Star and Glossaryck exit the wand.
    Glossaryck: Step into my eyeball! I- yes, that's what I said.

    Pizza Thing 
  • Star and Pony Head's over-the-top makeovers near the start of the episode.
  • Pony Head wearing skinny jeans.
  • Marco trying to walk in skinny jeans after being forced to wear them by the police.
  • Pony Head spontaneously throwing a party in the middle of the street.
  • Poor Marco freaking out when the car Pony Head stole gets crushed in a trash compactor.
    • Then Pony Head magically repairs it and brings it to life so it can "go home".
  • The speech that the little kid gives near the end about friendship to Marco and Pony Head sounds a little sappy, but there's something funny about the fact that this child is describing pizza as a metaphor for friendship.
    • One thing they say about why they love pizza is that there are “no sharp edges to stab someone with, because it's round, like the circle of friendship."
  • Marco and Pony Head decide to call a truce and make their own pizza after Marco accidentally drives his favorite pizza place owner to retirement. The result is not that good. And according to Star, it has way too many mushrooms.

     Page Turner 

  • When Marco first tries to ask out Jackie, the Naysaya curse compels him to instead talk about his sweaty pits.
    Marco: What I meant to say is the sweat is gushing down Marco's back like a waterfall. Now it's crossing the border, into Marco's undies.
    • Jackie briefly slips into the Third-Person Person speaking that Marco engaged in due to the curse.
    • As Marco runs away, you can see the sweat on his back and butt.
  • When Star tries to comfort Marco about his screwup with Jackie, Janna shows up at their table and tells them that the whole school's talking about it.
    Star: Hey, hey now, Marco, it's not that big a deal.
    Janna: I heard what happened. Everyone's talking about it. [takes a seat] Welp, looks like you should just give up on dating forever.
    Marco: Thanks for the vote of confidence.
  • The pen Star hands Marco to write with. The googly eyes jiggle with a little sound effect as he finishes writing.
  • To circumvent saying something embarrassing to Jackie, Marco tries writing a note instead. The note turns out to be embarrassing as well.
    • When the contents of the note are revealed, Janna stands up in the background, points, and goes, "HA!"
    • Marco handing over the note.
    Jackie: Oh, hey, there you are! I got your paper towels.
    Marco: Oh uh, heh, thanks. [hands over note] Here's some paper for you.
  • Marco making Chet from the swim team hit him for bumping into him, even though Chet has no desire to do so.
    Chet: ...don't make me do this, bro.
  • Janna has a secret compartment at school where she keeps a storage of occult books. Except it's not hidden in her locker, but behind a panel at the back of Marco's locker.
    Marco: Hey, where'd you get my combination?!
    Janna: From your diary.
  • When Marco is writhing in agony as the Naysaya grows out of his neck, Star's appropriately horrified expression is in stark contrast with Janna's excited smile.
    • After her initial shock, Star quickly goes into Cuteness Proximity mode over "little Marco Jr."
  • Some of Marco's insecurities are pretty hilarious. He still keeps his childhood teddy bear (named "Esteban") around, he pretends his pillow is Jackie Lynn-Thomas and kisses it goodnight, he's practiced kissing on his reflection in the mirror...
  • In Janna's occult book, the picture depicting a victim of the Naysaya curse in the 16th century shows the Naysaya wearing a tiny pilgrim hat after growing out of the victim's neck.
  • Turns out Tom cast the Naysaya curse on Marco to keep him from hooking up with Star ("That was before we started hanging out"). He's amused that Marco hasn't asked out a girl since the Blood Moon Ball.
    Marco: How do I get rid of it?!
    Tom: Just let it run its course. Once it's shouted out all your worst, most shameful secrets, it'll wear off.
    Marco: And how long will that take?
    Tom: It depends. How insecure are you?
    Marco: ...Oh no.
  • When Marco is hiding in his room, Star tries to give him comforting, friendly words. To make her presence apparent, she slides her finger under the door and contorts it in an impossible way so that the tiny face she drew on it would face Marco. Then she leaves when the door cuts off blood circulation to her finger.
    • The mini face Star drew on her finger has the same heart-shaped Facial Markings she does.
  • What does the Naysaya want more than anything in the whole world? Cereal.
    • Even after Marco feeds it all the cereal it can eat, the Naysaya still blurts out secrets. When Marco calls him out for breaking his promise, the Naysaya responds, "What's a promise?"
  • The way Star Squees over Marco asking Jackie out. Then she Glomps him in excitement.
  • "You know who to call when you get divorced, Marco."

     Bon Bon the Birthday Clown 
  • For starters, the fact that this is an intense, high-stakes mid-season finale… titled "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown".
  • After falling off the ladder onto Star, Marco picks up her leg in a panic.
    Marco: My leg! (shakes it) I can't feel my leg!
    Star: That's my leg.
    Marco: (drops it) Oh. Sorry.
  • "I promised Marco I'd be his dance buddy tonight! His teeth might fall out if he goes to the dance alone!"
  • "What are you gonna remember more, high school dance or dead clown séance?" "Dead clown séance!"
  • Marco triumphantly spinning Miss Skullnick around after Jackie asks to go to the dance with him.
  • Janna and Star interrupting Marco's shower routine, all so they can raid the bathroom for supplies.
    Marco: Now my backside smells like cologne... (Janna smacks Marco's butt) HEY!
    Janna: Ain't nothin' wrong with that... (sniffs) It's nice...
    Star: Yeah, it's nice!
    • Later, Janna tells Jackie "Sniff his butt. You'll thank me later..."
    • Also in that sequence of events, Janna outright slaps Marco on the ass.
  • When Jackie rings the doorbell, Marco panics and runs into the shower stall.
    Marco: Uh... what am I doing? Where's my... [steps out of stall] Where's my room?!
    [Star points at the bathroom door]
    Marco: Oh yeah! [runs out]
  • Janna, while waiting for Jackie and Marco, decides to turn on and off a flashlight pointing at her eyes. Which she keeps doing even as the two of them have their date moment.
  • Glossaryck's song about Bon Bon the Birthday Clown.
  • Star kicking dirt on Janna when the latter falls asleep in a grave.
  • Star increasingly irrational jealousy over Marco and Jackie.
    Star: See! It's like just because Marco has a mole, huh, suddenly Jackie has to have like, eight of them?
    Janna: Those are freckles.
  • Jackie brought her skateboard on the date, and two helmets, all hidden under her dress. And she's wearing at least the shorts of her normal outfit underneath as well for some reason.
  • One of the pages in Star's spellbook instructs on what to do if you delete gravity. "Do NOT attempt to just bring gravity back!" It goes on to explain that you should freeze time, fix gravity, rewind time, then unfreeze it.
  • When Ludo disguises himself as Bon Bon, Janna comments that the explosion that killed Bon Bon really did a number on his face.
  • Some little moments during the fight, like the spider falling into the arms of the statue, or the trick candles blowing out and relighting as Ludo is knocked past, then again a second later when the eagle swoops past.
  • Ludo freaking out when Star hits him with a cake and he gets trick re-lighting candles stuck to his head. He runs around in circles screaming, "I'm on fire!" until his eagle grabs him and beats him into the dirt to put the candles out.
  • Bon Bon really does return... in the middle of Star's fight with Ludo. His ghost almost immediately gets sucked into Star's "Mystic Room Suck Transform" spell.

     Raid the Cave 
  • Star packing a ridiculous amount of things on her quest to rescue Glossaryck from the clutches of Ludo. Her backpack is so big even she has trouble carrying it.
  • Marco misidentifying an old-fashioned typewriter as a "vintage laptop".
  • "I don't have time to breathe!"
  • The reason Star and Marco didn't get a warning from Buff Frog? They mistook his crudely-written crayon letters as "fan-art" from the tadpoles. Made even funnier by the fact that this had been predicted by fans months earlier and depicted in fan-art.
  • It turns out the monsters Star was fighting weren't Ludo's minions, but a band of peace-loving "alternative" monsters who had moved into the cave after Ludo packed up and left. They were carrying weapons just because they looked cool, and were useful for putting "stylish" holes in their clothes. Then a monster puts a "stylish" hole in Marco's hoodie, declaring that he's now one of them.
    • Then by the end, two of them have finally realized she's Star Butterfly, 'Rebel Princess' and they're some of her biggest fans. So they ask her if they can hit by one of her spells, she goes easy but still obliges them, and they cheer at the honor (including a new hole in one's clothing to show off).
  • Among the things Star sees with the All-Seeing Eye before finding Glossaryck are Mr. and Mrs. Diaz making out, Tom clipping his toenails (which are apparently so tough he needs some kind of buzz-saw apparatus to cut them), Janna pouring grease in front of a door at school ("Janna, you scoundrel!"), Principal Skeeves about to go out on a date, and Marco watching her from the door ("Marco!" "Sorry!"). When Marco leaves the door is still open, so Star is left with a recursive image of herself, watching herself, watching herself.
  • When Star finally finds Glossaryck, he appears to be moaning in despair, but is actually enjoying a tub of pudding.
    Star: Is that pudding?
    Glossaryck: A whole tub of pudding...
    Star: Where are you?
    Glossaryck: In flavor heaven!

  • A meta-example: for months fans were freaking out about a fragment of a leaked script in which "Star grabs Marco's tiny package." But as many suspected, the "tiny package" was a literal one, as seen when Star takes Marco's birthday present for Sensei.
  • Star's present appears to be a haphazardly wrapped pile of random stuff. When she lays it down on a table, it starts leaking some sort of liquid.
  • "The point of Earth magic is to allow yourself to be entertained by pretending that it's real... like love."

  • Star's desperate attempts to clean up her room in time for her evaluation. She crams stuff into her closet of secrets, her Beanbag monster buddy, a chest that sprouts wings and flies away, and the portal from her "Mystic Room Suck Transform" spell.
  • A teddy bear begs Star not to put him inside the Closet of Secrets. As he sticks his paws out of the slats of the closet door, he's apparently dragged away by something, leaving claw marks on the door.
  • The unexplained kicking-Star-legs thing from the St. Olga's episode is seen again, crammed into a trunk and still kicking as Star cleans up her room. It also stops kicking once Star shuts the trunk closed, as if she just killed it.
  • Glitter falls out of Star's home-made spellbook every time Baby picks it up. Star admits she "only" used about five pounds of the stuff.
  • One of Star's attempts to deliver the apple to Baby is to summon a minotaur to hand it to her. He does so very slowly and awkwardly. Then it slips from his hands and he accidentally steps on it.
  • The winged chest flying with a flock of geese at the end of the episode.

    Running With Scissors 
  • Marco getting woken up by the laser puppies for walkies. Then he looks outside and there's a huge thunderstorm going on outside his house, complete with a kid in an inner tube going down the flooded street.
  • Star's busy working on making her spells more precise, trying to shoot a floating tennis ball with small laser blasts. Judging from the holes in her bed's canopy, she definitely needs the practice.
  • Marco using the dimensional scissors for ridiculously mundane things, like getting a soda from the fridge, picking up fast food, or even just putting his foot on a sandy beach (which weirds out some little kids playing there). Then Hekapoo catches him trying to use the scissors to throw trash into a garbage can that's just a little too far away.
  • The way Hekapoo alternates between "ancient guardian of mystical forces" and "sassy prankster girl".
    Hekapoo: You humans are lame times a thousand. *pokes Marco* Boop.
  • Star finds out that Marco's "gone scissor-happy" when a guy from the dog park wanders into her room and tries to get his dog to do his business on Star's couch. "Rainbow Diaper Blast!"
  • Pony Head doing "cardio"... which amounts to eating snacks while hovering over a treadmill.
  • How did Pony Head get a pair of dimensional scissors from Hekapoo? She didn't earn them so much as find them when Hekapoo left them in the bathroom at the Bounce Lounge.
    Star: [gasps] Pony Head! That's stealing!
    Pony Head: More like... finding...?
  • When Star asks if Marco is in trouble, Pony Head just nonchalantly says he's probably dead.
  • Star being awestruck at the sight of rugged Future Badass Marco. She also completely ignores him telling her about the cool things he did while he was gone in favor of drooling over his abs.
    • The way Marco goes from Future Badass to Adorkable teen at heart when Star shows up is just as funny as Hekapoo's transitions between her two sides.
    • His first reaction at seeing Star after missing her for 16 years is hugging her. Star's reaction to that?
      Star: [escapes from hug] [aims wand at him] Unhand me, (Beat) beautiful stranger!
    • Marco's own commentary on his "hot bod" in the second #MarcoLIVE Chat.
      Marco: Unfortunately though, as soon as I got the scissors back from Hekapoo and came back to Earth, my hot bod went away. [sighs] That's okay. I've seen the future, and the future is abs.
  • Marco becomes...understandably outraged when he finds out 16 years in the alternate dimension is 8 minutes on Earth. Hekapoo nonchalantly expains that time in other dimensions runs differently. "Not sorry!"
  • Marco's Dragon-Cycle is named, "Nachos".
  • "Later, H-Poo!" "Don't call me that!"
  • Hekapoo says goodbye by giving him one last Mark of Hekapoo as he leaves. The bald spot from it burning his hair is the only change his body keeps.
    • Marco is disappointed to see that his body reverted to being physically 14 years old when he returned to Earth, but Star just happily pokes at the flab where his six-pack used to be.
    Marco: No! My hot bod! Where did it go?
    Star: [pokes him] Squish!

  • The awkward "shut up before you make it worse" expression on Janna's face when Star tries to explain to Miss Skullnick exactly what it is that makes the Chicken Joke so funny.
  • Every time the time loop resets itself, Janna is wearing a different silly hat and giving a different punchline to the Chicken Joke she was telling Star at the beginning of the episode. Then Miss Skullnick turns back into a human, and that seems to really weird Star out.
    • Ome of the Jannas getting offended when Star says she keeps wearing terrible hats.
  • When Father Time runs over Star, she just clings to the Wheel of Time and tries to keep asking him for help.
    Father Time: You're stuck in my wheel! I ran over you!
  • While not in the episode for very long, Omnitraxus Prime delivers some funny moments.
    Omnitraxus: What do you think is causing these time loops?
    Star: The same stupid math problem.
    Omnitraxus: Oh. Well... why don't you just do the math problem? Omnitraxus Prime has spoken!
  • Star getting distracted by the alternate universe where she's an adorable little anthropomorphic cat.
  • Near the end of the episode, as space-time starts collapsing the various alternate versions of Star's universe start colliding, with Star and her classmates turning into alternate versions of themselves, some of which are pretty absurd. There's apparently universes out there where everyone is a cockroach, one where everyone is a talking trash can, and one where everyone is a dog.

    The Bounce Lounge 
  • The episode opens on Pony Head bawling her... well, head off, and Star and Marco at first think she "ran out of rainbow toothpaste" or something. When she breaks the bad news that the Bounce Lounge is closing, Star starts crying too, with a glass-shattering shriek of despair and plenty of tears and snot.
  • Kelly is bummed because she broke up with Tad, but she agrees to help get the Bounce Crew back together because "I can be despondent anywhere."
  • We finally meet the Bunny Pirates from the show's intro, who have pressed Johnny Blowhole (who has literally forgotten what it means to party) into being their cabin boy. How does Star deal with them? By turning their captain into a giant carrot. Cannibalism ensues.
  • When trying to convince Headphone Joe and Lady Scarves-a-lot to leave the boring Club Null, Star asks Pony Head, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Apparently, Star was not thinking of committing arson.
  • Marco's dorky dancing.
  • The Bounce Crew manages to throw a wild party that raises enough money to pay off the mortgage, but the Bounce Lounge closes down anyway because Miss Sparkles is tired of partying after running the club for more than five-thousand years. The gang heads back to Star's room, and Star and Marco mull over their souvenirs of the Bounce Lounge's final party: a piece of ABC gum scrapped off one of the tables and what's either a piece of the dance floor or someone's tooth. But what did Pony Head get to remember the Bounce Lounge by? "Just this photo booth!"

    Crystal Clear 
  • Lekmet having to use a magic-powered mobility chair to get down the stairs... except thanks to the magic glitch, that's on the fritz too.
  • Really, the entire exchange between Lekmet and Rhombulus. Rhombulus desperately tries to defend his case only to make things worse with each of his actions, all while Lekmet gets more baffled with each reveal and keeps calling him out. Which he does entirely in his goat-like speech which only Rhomboid understands, but his expressions make it pretty easy to guess what he is saying.
  • Rhombulus getting into a fight with his hands.
  • Rhombulus's "rogues gallery" includes Zedlord, who blew up a planet, Astrabelle, who tried to create a black hole... and an incompetent pizza delivery guy. During his tantrum later in the episode, Rhombulus accidentally sets the guy free.
  • After Rhombulus un-crystallizes Star's head, she wakes up and starts screaming at the top of her lungs, then is re-crystallized then is uncrysallized as if no time has passed.
  • When Star convinces Rhombulus that his "gut instinct" might have been mistaken, he shouts, "I thought I could trust you, gut!" and starts punching himself in the stomach.
  • Star and Rhombulus bonding over what they have in common... they both think Glossaryck is an insufferable know-it-all.
  • Crystalized Marco being used as a coffee table by Star and Rhombulus.

    The Hard Way 
  • Glossaryck apparently went for his "morning stroll" in his underwear.
  • Ludo dragging his book around as part of his training. Then he finds out Glossaryck only put him through it because he expected training to be difficult.
  • Ludo attempting to bond with Glossaryck, having him read bedtime stories and tuck him (and his wand) into bed, much to Glossaryck's exasperation.

  • Rasticore's still slowly regrowing from just his hand. He's a forearm now, which Miss Heinous keeps in a baby seat. And at the end of the episode, she gushes over him growing his elbow back.
  • Miss Heinous throws Rasticore's arm at Marco; it lands on the floor between them and starts dragging itself forward with its fingers.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Diaz spent most of the episode more worried about having to cancel dinner with the Hendersons than the evil ex-headmistress who wants to murder their son.
  • Apparently, Marco's been getting royalty checks for all the "Princess Marco" merchandise they've been selling. Which would explain how he keeps replenishing his "emergency cash stash".
    • Four words: Princess Marco Action Figure.
  • Miss Heinous lets Marco get away with an apology... in the form of a "cat-shaming" type video. And then Marco starts passive-aggressively twisting it.
  • The Running Gag of Miss Heinous constantly referring to Marco as a Princess, even calling him "her" and his parents "Your Highnesses." And no one corrects her. Not even Marco.

    All Belts are Off 
  • Marco interrupts Sensei watching some super-cutesy kids' show about a unicorn.
  • Star points out that Marco's being kind of creepy, following Jeremy around and spying on him... then she says he should "wave that creep flag!"
  • After Jeremy's mediocre martial-arts display, Sensei admits to Marco that he only picked Jeremy because his parents donated a lot of money to the dojo ("That's how I keep this place afloat! I really shouldn't be running a business..."), and that he personally thinks Jeremy is a "toilet".
  • The Grandmaster's dramatic disappearance being spoiled when he ends up chasing the bus that brought him to the dojo. "You can't leave the Grandmaster!"

    Collateral Damage 
  • Janna singing about stabbing trash.
    "Stabbing all the trash with the stabby stick~"
  • Janna picking up stuff other than trash, like a guy's hamburger while he's eating it. Star takes it further, using her wand to pick up pretty much everything on the ground (and a few things that aren't, like a guy's headphones and a car door). This includes the statue of Otis the Possum, which sets off the plot.
  • When Janna wonders what Star is doing picking up trash.
    Star: I volunteered.
    Janna: Uh, for detention? Are you okay?
    Star: [strained laughter] Totally! [spills a trash can] [despondent] No, I'm actually pretty messed up.
    Janna: [nonchalant] Oh! Me too.
  • The Overly Long Gag of Otis falling apart bit by bit.
  • Principal Skeeves' story about how he survived a "harsh" winter hiding from bullies under the belly of Otis the Possum.
    • Star's reaction to the line "The winters are harsh around here" is to glance at the palm trees outside the window, stirring in a gentle breeze.
  • "Marco's turned into a locker?! This day just keeps getting worse!"
    • Marco retreating back into the locker.
  • Marco doing an old-timey history documentary narrator voice. At the end of the episode, Star starts doing it too.
  • "Football players kiss it before games, teachers make offerings to it, others just stare and wonder: what's a possum?"
    • For the "offerings" part, Skullnick and the principal are shown doing some kind of ritual, with candles placed on the statue, Skullnick offering it a basket of apples, and the principal kneeling and bowing.
    • For the last part, Marco is shown standing in front of the statue and looking vaguely confused.
  • The letter from one of the Echo Creek settlers about how much he hates possums. It even has a sketch of a possum with the word "demon" next to it.
    Timothy Bonner: Dearest Rebecca, I hate the possums. I hate them so much. My rage for them is all I think about. They scratch and bite like the demons in fairy tales. I can no longer love you. I can only hate... the possums.
  • Star admits she got a little crazy after Ludo stole her book of spells in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown". She apparently started calling Marco "Glossaryck" and tried to put him into a book ("Because that's where you live!")
  • Star's ridiculous speech about how everyone at Echo Creek is "better than a possum", plus lampshading Alfonzo and Ferguson's Demotions to Extras.
    Star: Ferguson! Alfonzo! I haven't talked to you guys all year, but you are always there in the background, doing your thing!
    [Ferguson and Alfonzo silently raise their hands from behind a crowd of other students and wave. Their arms are all that's visible of them.]
  • Throughout the episode the janitor is increasingly strange, even by the standards of the rest of the school, going from burning books to dressing in just a loincloth while spearing them to urging everyone to burn down the school.

    Just Friends 
  • Star and Marco mouthing along to the lyrics of a Love Sentence song while brushing their teeth together.
  • Star sneaking into Marco's bedroom.
  • Marco struggling to put on his too-small concert tee.
  • After Marco collides with a family of ducks, they end up taking them to a vet. The vet announces that both Marco and the ducks should be alright, but "The skateboard didn't make it."
  • "I'll just be here ruining things... ripping t-shirts, breaking skateboards, and traumatizing families of ducks."
  • Jackie tells Marco that the ducks deserve an apology. Marco is about to do so, then Jackie immediately admits, "I was joking, Marco, but that was really sweet."
  • Star trying to reassure Marco. "I just wanted to be down here by the stage so I could feel their sweat spraying on my face!"
  • In a Black Comedy sort of way, Star walking away from the Love Sentence concert with a smile on her face... while venting her growing jealousy by blowing up the sign for the concert with a magical blast.

    Face the Music 
  • Queen Moon's ridiculously trite and cutesy "Song Day" song. While she seems to be satisfied with it, Star (who is usually excited about cute things) is horrified.
  • Star's reaction to Moon asking if she can handle working with Ruberiot on the Song Day preparations. Star says she can and hangs up, then:
    Star: Oh, I can handle it... by avoiding this problem until it goes away.
  • While learning about just how abusive Ludo's family was is rather disturbing, we also get a humorous reveal of how he got his castle: it used to be his family's home, until they decided to go on vacations without him, giving him the opportunity to change the locks and claim the place as his own, trapping them outside.
  • There's something both humorous and heartwarming about Ludo's brother Dennis stalking Queen Moon ominously... only to turn out to be a slightly-nebbishy guy who's worried about his big brother.
  • Ruberiot only saw Marco and Star hug once. Yet he writes and prepares an entire portion of the song to be about how Star is in love with Marco. And as if to make it completely impossible for Star to pretend it was anybody else, he quickly says Marco's full name. And to make it even funnier, Ruberiot drops out of his singing voice for the part where he says, "And his name is Marco Diaz."
  • Star's mortified reaction when Ruberiot performs a verse in his song about her crush on Marco.

  • The sheer Mood Whiplash whenever the episode switches between its comically awkward A-plot about the Star-Marco-Jackie Love Triangle and its dramatic, serious, high-stakes B-plot about the Magic High Commission confronting Ludo.
  • Rafael and Angie Diaz at Marco's party, decked out in tacky 90s-style hip-hop outfits.
  • Rafael finally figuring out after two whole seasons what could go wrong from a teenage boy and a teenage girl living together.
    Rafael: What could be weird? Two teenagers sharing a home. One boy, one girl. (beat) Oh. Oh no.
  • What Star's friends are up to when she summons her "friend circle".
    • Pony Head is at a dinner date with a guy and she's talking about how she'd be "the most reliable, non-flaky girlfriend ever." As soon as her phone buzzes for Star's message, she ditches him just as the four lobsters she ordered arrive.
    • Janna is at home laughing at a horror movie. When she gets Star's message, she scarfs down all her popcorn and immediately heads out.
    • Kelly is fighting a monster, and is about to stab a sword into its back when she gets Star's message. She then calls off the fight, and the monster acts all friendly and gives her a fist bump goodbye. We later find out they're the best of friends and do this kind of thing all the time.
    • StarFan13 was already hiding around in Marco's house, spying on Star while she called in her friends.
  • When Moon and the High Commission break into Ludo's lair, they burst in on the eagle regurgitating a bunch of chips and bugs into the spider's mouth, and collectively pause in disgust.
  • The "bad kids" party is rather comically edgy at times, with them burning old homework assignments in bonfires (that are quickly put out with extinguishers to keep them controlled) and mouthing off to the cops.
    Cop: This is the police! You punks better be having a study group up there.
    Bad Kid: I've never read a book in my life!
    Cop: (angry grunt) That's it! I'm calling your parents!
    • Then said kid reveals a wing suit and casually escapes by flying off the roof. It's the sheer randomness of it that just sells it.
    • Janna rapidly tossing homework into the bonfire.
    • Star making it rain cats on the party with her new spell "Sparkle Kitten Fireworks Shower", which soon go out of control.
    • StarFan13 gathering up a ton of the cats in her arms.
    • Oskar calling Marco "Mango" instead of his actual name. According to the "FanCo13 LIVE" chat, Marco apparently takes offense to this nickname.
  • While flourishing his keytar, Oskar accidentally sends it flying high into the air. At the very end of the episode, after the heart-wrenching finale, there's an ominously quiet and solemn credits sequence, followed by the keytar suddenly crashing into the Diaz family's front yard.
  • Marco is about to toss a pizza nugget into Jackie's mouth when Star asks to speak with him for a minute. He walks away with her, leaving Jackie still standing there with her eyes closed and mouth open in a goofy expression, going, "Ahhhhh..." as she holds an armful of pizza nuggets.
    • The fact that Jackie-Lynn Thomas has now joined the ranks of characters who have contributed to this show's vast collection of silly facial expressions.
  • Star has a rather unconvincing laugh when denying that she has a crush on Marco. Pony Head is characteristically blunt in response.
  • Near the end of the episode, during the dramatic scene in which Star confesses her love to Marco, StarFan13 faints dramatically and Pony Head triumphantly cheers that she knew Star had a crush on Marco.
    Pony Head: Who called it? I called it! Boom!
    StarFan13: (faints)
    Pony Head: I called it.

Season 3

    Return to Mewni 
  • While spying on Marco with the All-Seeing Eye spell, Star grows annoyed when Marco admits he doesn't know where she hid her favorite cereal. She also complains about how "dramatic" he's being, calling him a "cute idiot".
  • Star and Moon's childish mother/daughter squabbling is hilarious... when it's not kinda sad to see how the dilemma they're in is straining their relationship.
  • The surviving members of the Magic High Commission spend the episode tethered like balloons in a most undignified manner.
    • Some birds have built a nest in Hekapoo's hair, prompting Star to quip "Hekapoo's gonna be an auntie."
  • Thanks to the magic acting up, the carriage Moon conjured to carry Star's belongings turns into a rickety wooden cart, then a red toy wagon before disappearing completely.
  • Moon discovers the "supplies" River packed for her mostly consist of cutesy gifts from him.
  • When Moon stops Star from using her magic to fight the rats, Star picks up a stick off the ground and yells "Stick Blast!" as if it were a spell while swinging it. After knocking down one of the rats, she spins the stick over her head...and then a second rat grabs the downed rat by the tail and spins it as a weapon.
  • The guardian of the sanctuary turns out to be a vaguely crocodilian creature (which resembles a gharial), which communicates by making a goofy "WAAARK" sound. Moon's attempt to communicate with it by leaning down and imitating its cry briefly makes Star think her mother's lost her marbles. Turns out she really does speak fluent Crocodilian (?)
    • knowing that Grey Griffin also provides the voices of Mandy and Azula makes this scene even funnier when you picture either two making that noise.
  • The poses the Glossaryk murals take.
  • "I thought you sent Grandma to a grandma farm. To hang out with other grandmas."

    Moon the Undaunted 
  • Everything about Lord Mildew, but especially when he pulls Moon's chair out for her.
  • Mina "interrogating" the monster monarch.
    Mina: You shut up during your confession!
  • Young River Johansen being an awkward, adorkable doofus when he tries to talk to Moon.
    River: Did I just call the Queen "pal"?
  • River's "apology meat", a drumstick with "Sorry" carved on it.
  • During the argument between the Magic High Commission about Mewni going to war or not, Rhombulus says "yelling feels really good right now!"
  • Moon's reaction when Eclipsa passes out: "OH MY GOSH, I KILLED HER!"
  • What's the first thing Eclipsa asked for when she was freed by Moon in the past? A chocolate bar from a nearby vending machine.
    • Just the fact that the Crystal Dimension even had a vending machine, as well as the place where the Magic High Commission were taken to be revived in the previous episode.
    • Even funnier because she sounds like she's saying "Before" like she's trying to mutter some magical prophecy... and then it turns out she's just begging for candy.
    • Following that, when Eclipsa asks how long she's been imprisoned. Moon tells her it's been hundreds of years. Naturally, Eclipsa chokes on her candy bar out of shock. ...Then takes another bite out of her candy bar.
      • It's a blink-and-you'll-miss moment, but look at Eclipsa's hand while she eats her candy bar: she has her pinky sticking out like she were drinking tea.
  • Moon casually riding up to the monster army on her pig-goat Chauncey and sitting down to eat a picnic lunch... composed of the "apology meat" she got from River earlier, which she delicately eats with a knife and fork.
    Monster (annoyed) Can we help you?
  • When Toffee arrives and introduces himself, Moon lampshades how his name isn't exactly what you'd expect from a murderous general:
    Moon: I premuse you're the one they call the Lizard?
    Toffee: Yes, but you may call me... Toffee.
    Moon: Toffee?! How is that any better?
  • After Rasticore allows a fellow monster to bite off his own arm, he uses his freshly-regenerated new arm to high-five the original.
    • Beforehand, Moon insisting they don't need to demonstrate, but they've already gone ahead with it. When Rasticore's arm is bitten off off-screen, Moon reacts, not with shock or horror, but with the mild disgust of a girl who just saw high school boys do something vulgar.
  • After Moon casts the curse on Toffee's finger, Toffee tries to demonstrate how "ineffective" her spell was. He tries to regrow his finger, but instead, the regenerating part turns to charcoal, and a butterfly-shaped mist fizzles from the stump. As though cheerily telling Toffee with a morbid smile "Have a nice day".
    • Toffee giving an irritated expression is what sells it.
    • Overall, just how the battle between Moon and Toffee went down. The tapestry from "Into the Wand" implies that there was this epic brawl, but here, we see that Moon just severed Toffee's finger while Toffee stood there and took the blast. When it didn't grow back, the rest of Toffee's army freaked out and scattered, while Toffee just stalked off with an annoyed look.

    Book Be Gone 
  • The montage of Ludo angrily travelling all the way across Mewni to get back to the monster temple after the book sends him flying.
  • The Running Gag of Glossaryck trying to roast pudding on a stick. He finally gets it right, and disappears immediately afterwards due to the book being destroyed.
  • Ludo attempts to talk to the book. At first he acts like an angry parent, saying "I demand that you let me write in you this instant or I'll turn this car around so fast it'll make your head spin!" Then, he acts like a lover in a romantic soap opera making an Anguished Declaration of Love, complete with sappy music.
    Ludo: You and I aren't really that different, you know. We both like magic and...other stuff. What I'm trying to say is that I really appreciate you and all you've done for me, and if you're not letting me write in you because of something I did or I said...all right, I'm just going to come right out and say it. [beat] I love you, book! I do! And I would be honored if you would let me write in you.

    Marco and the King 
  • The opening, with King River waking up and throwing a wild party three days in a row, while the rest of his court grows increasingly exhausted.
  • Marco accidentally getting locked onto the balcony by a despondent King River. He ends up having to squeeze his way back into the castle through a tiny window that's just big enough for his head.
  • Mewni's defenses consist of a magic force field, a magic moat, and magic safety cones.
  • River's Rousing Speech mentioning a blacksmith who makes iron shells for turtles.
  • Why is the monster advancing across Mewni? Because when River called it to go away, the monster thought he was calling it to come here. After it's all sorted out, it complains that it had to cross all those buildings and now its foot is full of splinters... and a guy who is embedded on the sole.

    Puddle Defender 
  • Buff Frog answers the door in his bathrobe and underwear.
  • Moon's horrified reaction to seeing Buff Frog's living room is just one big mud puddle, thanks to the rainy season.
  • Buff Frog's manboob-hidden "Ludo Forever" tattoo. Star's reaction to it is priceless.
  • Moon asking Buff Frog where the washroom is.
    Moon: I would just like to go freshen up a bit.
    Star: (while mad at her mom) SHE HAS TO GO MAKE BOOM-BOOM!
    (Moon's face turns bright red)
  • Buff Frog's reaction to the fact that Toffee is possessing Ludo.
  • Katrina's reaction to finding out Star doesn't have a plan and that she's just going to go wing it.
    Katrina: That is a terrible plan!
  • While it naturally paints a grim picture of the state of affairs between Mewmans and monsters, Buff Frog's collection of blatantly racist board games is darkly humorous, with every single one being about killing Mewmans in some way. He even has one directly called "Kill the Queen" that he kind of trails off in embarassment of when he's reading the titles aloud. Extra funny because Mewmans apparently have all the EXACT same games, just with the roles switched.

    King Ludo 
  • Ludo trying to get the key to the dungeon around his neck, only for his head to be too big for the string. He has to put butter on it to get it to slide.
    • When Ludo leaves the butter behind, Marco uses it to slide off his shackles and gives it to Rivers so he can do the same. Rivers eats it instead.
  • Marco being surprised that there's an AC vent in the dungeon.
    Marco: The dungeon has air conditioning?
    River: It's a dungeon, not a torture chamber.
  • The constant bickering of Ruberiot and Foolduke the jester. At one point, their fighting serves as a distraction and Marco assumes they've been faking all along. Ruberiot's response?
    Ruberiot: (Laughs) No, we really do hate each other.
  • The Running Gag of everyone in Mewni apparently being impressed by the Mime.

  • Ludo Levitato-ing a bunch of children into the air for singing off-key at the advice of his wand-hand. Especially funny when you remember Ludo's wand is possessed by Toffee. For a character who's normally an example of Pragmatic Villainy, only harming when he needs something done, that sure was weirdly petty.
    • Also, Ludo Crosses the Line Twice since he could have possibly murdered children in this scene...and then says the hilarious line "Singin' with the angels!", following it up with telling a band composed of two of his rat minions to "Play me off! Which is then followed by... an awkward instrumental in which the drum has no steady beat and the lute sounds like someone's just randomly plucking the strings as a result of being expected to improvise on the spot. Considering Ludo probably hired the rats for the sake of having some musicians and with little regards to their musical skill, this is a given.
  • Star and Marco both independently came up with the same plan of infiltrating the castle by disguising themselves as giant rodents.
  • Star being unable to pronounce "Levitato". Funnier when you remember that she never learned the spell, which is considered entry level magic, in the first place.
  • Ludo playing with Toffee's eyeball after killing him.
    • Just the simple fact that after all that Toffee's done, and the level of danger he posed, the Chessmaster Knight of Cerebus was killed by Ludo, of all people! And right at the height of his Badass Boast, too!
    Toffee: You think you've won? HAH! You don't make the plans, I do! Me! Only I know how this all turns out!!
    (Cue the pillar being dropped on him, crushing his ravaged body)
  • It turns out King River managed to survive being Levitato-ed into the sky by getting rescued by a flock of giant eagles. Who now consider him their king.

    Scent of a Hoodie 
  • Ruberiot, Foolduke, and the Mime stopping Marco to say their goodbyes... and playfully send him tumbling down the stairs.
  • Star and Marco accidentally getting in each other's way while Marco is trying to leave through the portal back to Earth.
  • Star sniffing Marco's hoodie in order to relive her happy memories with him... even though it stinks to high heaven after everything it's been through.
  • Star goes down to the royal laundry room to get back Marco's hoodie, and runs into Lavabo, Knight of the Wash. He directs her to the pick-up window... which is also manned by Lavabo.
  • Lavabo's dramatic monologue about watching his father at work in the royal laundry, inspiring him to become a Knight of the Wash.
  • Lavabo getting Shot in the Ass by one of Star's laser blasts.
  • Despite Star's apparently Sanity Slippage, she seems shocked when Lavabo was expecting her to kill him in order to get Marco's hoodie back.
    Star: I was gonna maybe turn you into a duck, or like, boop you on the nose real hard!
  • Star's pouty meh face
  • Star returns Marco's hoodie after it's been washed... by having the magical flying bucket-cat she created earlier in the episode deliver it in a gift box, which it throws at Marco's face.

    Rest in Pudding 
  • The hors d'ouerves at Lekhmet's wake consist of his favorite meal: tin cans with cocktail olives stuck in them.
  • "Star's upside-down in the punch bowl." "Oh no, not again!"
  • "Stop saying 'ghost', it's weird!"
  • When Star thinks Glossaryck is haunting her, she frantically calls Janna, who is having dinner at Britta's Tacos (from "Star vs. Echo Creek" and "Running with Scissors")
    Janna: You're seeing dead people? That's the coolest thing I've heard all summer.
  • Star has to keep Janna from eating while giving her advice.
  • Star reveals that she kept a piece of the old spellbook, which Janna points out is a little weird.
    Star: Uh, Janna, you're gonna get on my case for keeping weird stuff?
    (Cut to Janna combing the hair on a shrunken head.)
    Janna: Touché.
  • "You buried him in a pet cemetery?! Do you want him to haunt you more?"
  • After Star's second call to Janna, it's revealed she was eating with Marco and Jackie.
    Marco: Who was that?
    Janna: No one, shut up.
    Marco: (to Jackie) Why do we even hang out with Janna?
  • The ending: Star excitedly brings home a revived Glossaryck, holding out his limp body as he stares with a wall-eyed expression and says "Glob-gor".

     Club Snubbed 
  • One of the heirs at the Silver Bell Ball is Prince Rich Pigeon, an ordinary-sized pigeon who happens to be strutting around on a brand-new pair of human legs.
  • Star's cousin Rock spends most of the dance staring at his phone, ignoring everyone... except when he ends up awkwardly dancing with Pony Head.
  • Pony Head explains snubbing.
    Pony Head: The more you ignore somebody, the more they fall deeply in love with you. That's like science, it's scientific or something like that.
  • Pony Head's expressions when Tom and Star snub each other.
  • Pony Head dancing with Rich Pigeon, by means of Rich Pigeon holding onto her neck with his legs.
  • When Star and Tom are the only ones who haven't danced with each other, King River awkwardly assures Lord David "They're saving the best for last!", and the two share an awkward glance at each other. Then the two end up childishly bickering when Star snubs Tom in favor of Manfred the page.
  • Tom's mother Queen Wrathmelior, a gigantic, fierce-looking demon, being moved to magma tears by Star and Tom's dance. Also counts as a Heartwarming Moment.

    Stranger Danger 
  • Glossaryck, having not quite recovered from his rebirth at the end of "Rest in Pudding", spends the whole episode saying nothing but "Globgor" and acting like a cross between a toddler and a rambunctious puppy, including Star taking him for walkies.
  • When Eclipsa calms the resurrected being down by scratching his crystal, Star says "how did you do that and teach it to me now".
  • Eclipsa admits she might have "some self-control issues"... when we see a fairly large bucket full of Snookers' wrappers she's eaten.
  • The Magic High Council going through an over-the-top exam to make sure Star hasn't been "contaminated" by Eclipsa's presence, including a decontamination shower and an eye chart that reads "I AM EVIL".
    Star: Why is there a monkey?!
    Hekapoo: To check for evil fleas.
    • Star's impatience to their paranoia only makes it better:
    Star: Do you even know what you're doing?
    Rhombulus: No, but we still gotta do tests. ARE YOU EVIL?!
  • Star getting Moon and the Council to admit that, aside from dabbling in black magic and the whole "running off with a monster lover" thing, they haven't seen Eclipsa do anything straight-up evil.
    Hekapoo: Uh, I mean, I saw her double-dipping in the ranch at the Royal Ball once.
    Omnitraxus: She told me she thought Rhombulus was annoying!
    Rhombulus: Can you believe it?!
    Star: ...Yes.
    Rhombulus: Oh yeah, she totally used to eat babies!
    Hekapoo: No, no, that wasn't Eclipsa. That was Bobipsa, the Barbarian Baby-Eater.
    Rhombulus: Are you calling me a liar?!
    Omnitraxus: I'm pretty sure Eclipsa was a pescetarian.
  • Star chanting "Due process! Due process" while doing the Cabbage Patch after Queen Moon agrees to give Eclipsa a trial.

  • Ponyhead seems to be a Bad Liar, displaying Overly Nervous Flop Sweat as she talks with Star.
    Star: Are you okay? You're ruining the carpet... okay, what is going on?
    Ponyhead: What? Huh huh huh... oh, you know, that is so funny that you would think to say a thing such as that, because I most definitely did not run into Tom, and definitely he did NOT tell me to NOT tell you what's going on.
  • Ponyhead suggests asking her ex to find out where Tom's Demoncism is going to be held.
    Star: Which ex? Sorry, that sounded way more judge-y than I wanted it to.
  • Ponyhead's ex Seahorse, formerly a punk-rocker, is now a nerdy Magic Mirror salesman.
  • Ponyhead tries to distract the robed attendants at the Demoncism by draping a robe over herself (with her horn sticking out of the hood) and asking if they can vote on a new color of robe for the fall season.
  • Tom being his usual schmoozing self, even as he's being escorted to the altar.
    Tom: "Son of the Blight" has arrived! Thanks for coming out, everybody.
  • Star goes to punch a tree to work out her frustration over Tom geting 'demonicized' (quoth Ponyhead, "You kno how much I hate trees!"). Then one of her punches is timed with Tom's demonic powers going haywire and setting the forest ablaze.
    Ponyhead: Harder! HARDER! (forest bursts into flame) Dang, not that hard!
  • The Demonicist acting like a slightly condescending pediatrician, offering Tom a gift from the "toy chest" for being a "good patient".

     Sophomore Slump 
  • Marco's mom and her story about being "the 'craw-sawnt' girl".
  • Janna as a Killer Game Master. "The imps eat your hands." and accepting Marco's butter strategy despite of no surroundings in the game situation and letting him win by using the strategy which was exactly used in Battle for Mewni.
  • Janna congratulating Marco by clapping which he claps back like a seal.
  • Marco's Sensei wanting to be "cape bros".
  • "Oh no, I'M the 'craw-sawnt' girl!"
    • Jackie's utter confusion as Marco talks to himself, ending with a blank stare at the door when he leaves.
  • Marco's Epic Fail at trying to win Jackie a prize at the ball toss game.
  • Marco spending his "emergency cash stash" on a fancy sit-down dinner. Then he and Jackie liberate a lobster from the lobster tank.
  • Principal Skeeves giving Marco a somewhat-formal send-off when he decides to go back to Mewni.
    Skeeves: Well, I hope I'm not sending you off to your death!
  • Several of Marco's friends give him gifts as he leaves. Janna gives him back his social security card.
    Marco: Where did you get this!?
    Janna: Don't ask questions if you don't want to know the answer.
  • Raphael as Only Sane Man concerning Marco leaving school for another dimension.
    Raphael: Is this even legal?!

     Lint Catcher 
  • Star throwing a burrito at Marco when he surprised her.
    • Before that, she is singing about the burrito. When Tom enters minutes later, he's flushed the toilet, came out of the bathroom, singing the same song.
  • Poor Marco gets a dose of Break the Haughty when he learns King River wasn't serious about making Marco a knight, and the "knightly cape" that Marco spent most of the summer bragging about is actually the king's old "meat blanket".
  • Marco isn't sure about being a squire to Sir Lavabo.
    Marco: I'd be way down here in the basement...
    Star: (cheerfully) Actually, sub-basement!
  • Star runs into Eclipsa, who's enjoying some time out in the courtyard... shackled to an enormous length of chain.
  • Eclipsa offers to let Star help feed the birds and Star, still mad about Marco unexpectedly showing up, ends up eating some of the birdseed herself.
    Eclipsa: ...That wasn't popcorn.
  • The fact that Eclipsa, who's been firmly established as fairly weird to a level similar to Star, ends up playing the Straight Man to her, and even offers her some legitimately helpful advice.
  • It's amusingly ridiculous that being a squire to Sir Lavabo is extremely dangerous... because cleaning out the "lint catcher" involves dealing with a ferocious monster made out of magically-animated lint.
  • After taking Marco to a reproduction of his room (complete with Laser Puppies!), Star tries to get him to kneel. When she snaps "Marco, sit!", the Laser Puppies are quicker to obey than Marco.

     Trial by Squire 
  • One of the things Star wants to get at the Squire Blowout sale at Quest Buy is a palm tree costume. After she convinces Marco to stop taking things so seriously, the costume is one of the things they pick up.
  • Marco showing off "The List".
    • The first item on The List is "Snacks", with the quantity listed as "All of Them".
  • The introduction to Higgs' knight, Sir Stabby. At first he appears to have been eaten by a dragon, but then he pries open the dragon's jaws to say hi.
  • The first hint that Squire Higgs isn't as nice as she seems.
    Higgs: See you at the starting line, nerd.
    Star: Okay!
    Marco: ...D-did she just call me a nerd?
  • All the shopping carts for the Squire Blowout have horses on the front. Star is immediately drawn to a cheery and colorful-looking one.
  • After Oldguy sabotages their cart, Star replaces the wheels with hamster balls, complete with adorable hamsters in them.
  • Higgs baiting Marco into grabbing a can of dragon attractant rather than dragon repellant. Cue Scream Discretion Shot as poor Marco is swarmed by dragons.
    Sloth: Apparently, we've got dragons on aisle 14.2... again.
  • "I'm here, Star... under the dragon butt."
  • Sir Stabby apparently being impressed by the crazy stuff Marco and Star picked up.
    Sir Stabby: Clever squire! Salami... I'd never see that coming! (Higgs crosses her arms and angrily growls and glares at Marco in jealousy)

     Princess Turdina 

  • Moon's reaction when she hears Star heading down the hall.
  • Star's commentary on the arbitrariness of the Mewman Fantastic Racism against monsters, complete with a cart with a map of Mewni and figurines.
  • When Star leaves, she leaves the cart behind, Moon openly wondering what the heck she's going to do with it.
  • Star and Queen Moon having a childish mother/daughter argument after Star goes to see Jelly Goodwell.
  • Star accidentally kicking down the door of the Royal Muenster Expert. "You must be here for the cheese!"
  • Among the offices Star looks through while searching for Ms. Goodwell, there's one with a horse riding a knight.
  • "It's gotten to the point where monsters can't even go shopping for a pre-ripped t-shirt!"
  • Star trying to climb into Ms. Goodwell's treehouse observatory in her bulky monster costume.
  • "Don't you like my explosion?"
  • It turns out Buff Frog and the other Monsters knew about Ms. Goodwell the whole time.
    Buff Frog: You must be Crazy Dirty Lady Who Watches Us Through Trees!
  • Ms. Goodwell is so impressed by the monsters' teamwork, that she decides the Mewmans should be more like the monsters. She proceeds to tear her clothes off (leaving her in her long underwear), roll around in the mud, and climb up a tree, much to the confusion of the other monsters.
  • Star makes Buff Frog the new Monster Expert... but the heartwarming moment is ruined somewhat when she realizes the real reason Buff-Frog is tearing up is because she accidentally stabbed him with the pin.
     Sweet Dreams 
  • While being pulled through an interdimensional void, Marco passes Ludo, who casually waves hello with a blank look on his face. Marco waves back with an equally blank face.
  • Eclipsa gently mocks Marco's karate poses, wondering if they're some sort of "sword-hand dance".
    Eclipsa: Aren't you adorable?
    Marco: Who are you calling "adorable"?!
  • "If you die out there, don't go blaming it on me!"

     Lava Lake Beach 
  • Tom using his magic fire powers, complete with spooky incantation... to start a campfire and roast some marshmallows.
  • Marco's heartfelt speech to Kelly being interrupted by a giant angry hellhound named Jorby, who seems jealous that Kelly has a new "sparring partner".
    Marco: Leave her alone, man, she's going through some stuff!
    Jorby: We all are! Everyone's in a constant state of falling apart! Existential war cry!
    Marco: Does everyone on this stupid beach wanna fight?

     Death Peck 
  • The brief Cutaway Gag of Glossaryck treating Star's forgotten wand like a chew toy.
  • Ponyhead messing around with Rich Pigeon's leg collection.
    Ponyhead: Look at me! I can dance now!
  • "I'm sorry we can't all just float wherever we want to!" "Definitely not with that attitude!"
  • Marco, Star, and Ponyhead struggling to pilot a Humongous Mecha-esque pair of giant legs, accidentally making it moonwalk at one point.
  • The Reveal of Rich Pigeon's voice.


    Night Life 
  • Hekapoo and Future Badass Marco are chasing down a giant squid monster, trying to lure it back into its home dimension. Marco does this by punching it in the eye.
    Hekapoo: Why did you punch it in the eye?!
    Marco: Where else was I supposed to punch it?
    Hekapoo: Just don't punch it!
  • Relaxing at a Bad-Guy Bar, Marco remarks that he missed his extradimensional adventures in "Running With Scissors".
    Marco: Punching monsters, crazy adventures, seeing weird things...
    Patron: Hey, who are you calling "weird"? I'm quirky!
  • Marco unconvincingly lying to Star about going fishing.
  • Pretty much everything about Talon Raventalon.
    Talon: I love harpooning!
  • After Hekapoo angrily leaves, Talon Raventalon asks Marco if he wants to hang out. Marco silently backs out through a portal.

     Deep Dive 
  • Star's rambling attempt to explain what's been happening to Janna.
  • Janna is blowing on Marco's hair. When Star tells her to stop, a shocked Marco says "That was you?!"
  • Star trying to mimic the mysterious, high-pitched noise she's been hearing during her sleep-portaling.
  • Marco doubts that Janna knows enough about hypnosis to help Star, to which Janna has two words: "Chicken butt." Cue Marco passing out.
  • Janna's magical supplies include a jigsaw puzzle "for when things get slow."
  • When Star makes it to the Realm of Magic, she's swarmed by a small herd of adorable baby unicorns.
  • Janna suggests asking Glossaryck for help, but he just shouts "Globgor!" and faints in a panic.
    Janna: You're a disgrace to magic.
  • When Marco is about to use Star's wand in order to find her, Janna remarks "Oh, that's a bad idea, and that's coming from me."
  • Marco successfully manages to wrangle Star's wand, and it even transforms into a new shape. Then Janna feels the need to add a dot on the wand's face with a sharpie so that it has a mole like Marco's.

     Monster Bash 
  • Rich Pigeon turns out to have helped fund Star's party.
    Marco: I'm glad your leg is better.
    Rich: Legs heal, Marco, but grudges last... (cue close-up on Rich's angry face) forever.
    Marco: Yeah, well... I'm sorry?
    Rich: Kidding! Kidding! Kidding! Heh heh heh, water under the bridge...
    • Then, Rich Pigeon sneaks up on Marco, provoking his "Karate-pose";
    Rich: Look, guys! I got him to do it! I got him to do the "Sword-Hand Dance!" Everyone! Sword-Hand Dance!"
    (Everyone begins to shake their arms like Marco's karate pose.)
    Marco: No, it's- It's not a dance! This indicates I'm poised for combat!
    Kelly: Hey, Marco. Wanna dance?
    Marco: ...Okay!
  • It's rather amusing to see the once strait-laced Miss Heinous listening to angry heavy metal music (and headbanging) while preparing to take her revenge against Marco.
  • Star getting her tongue stuck on the block of ice she conjured up to chill the punch.
  • The reveal that the horns on Rock Johansen's shoulders aren't part of his outfit, but the result of a boating accident. "I should've died."
  • Mina says she has to battle monsters because it's "doctor's orders". She then presents her "doctor", a rock with a face painted on it and a stethoscope.
  • When the hulked out Mina is trying to escape, she flies out like a super hero... only to start flying like a helicopter with her hair.
  • Rhombulus almost being tricked by Star to give out information he's not authorized to.

     Stump Day 
  • River's nephew wants him to tell them a story of Stump day but River just blatantly rejects him.
    Nephew: Tell us a story of Stump day uncle River!
    River: Hahahaha, you don't tell me what to do!
    • River then immediately proceeds to tell them the story of Stump day anyway.
  • During the big argument scene, Tom is mad at Marco because he thinks he's not respecting Star's wishes (and for accusing him of not deserving to be Star's boyfriend), Marco is mad at Tom because he thinks Tom forgot Star's birthday, Kelly is mad at Janna for saying she's jealous that Marco is fighting Tom over Star instead of her, Star is mad at everyone for disrespecting the Stump, Starfan13 is mad "because Star's mad", and Ponyhead is mad because "No one is paying attention to me! Also, this party has no hotties" Also, this line:
    Pony Head: Happy birthday Star, it's the ultimate gift! Two boys are fighting over you!
  • Not even River thought the Stump was real, much to Star's surprise.
    River: Honey, it's a Stump!

     Holiday Spellcial 

  • The ridiculously petty problems the Seeing Eye spell exposes: One spell used another tail as a hankie, another licks all the muffins before picking one, another drank all the punch.

     The Bogbeast of Boggabah 
  • Star trying to swim through the air as Moon levitates her out the room.
  • Star's frustrated reaction when she has to do the whole pre-hunt ritual over again, from sitting in a sweat lodge to making camouflage to braiding her and River's hair to carefully applying elaborate war paint.
  • River yelling at Star during the hair braiding ritual to "make me pretty!"

     Total Eclipsa the Moon 
  • Moon angrily eating Cornritos after her encounter with Star.
  • Moon comes into Eclipsa's room only to find her rocking out on a guitar made of bones from one of the creatures that infest her tower. As soon as Eclipsa realizes that the queen is there she reacts exactly like a teenager caught by their parents, dropping the guitar and freaking out one of the creatures.
  • Moon awkwardly smuggling Eclipsa into the archives under her dress, which produces an obvious bulge that somehow goes unnoticed by Sean the security guard.
  • Eclipsa high-fiving one of the mechanical hands at the archives.

     Butterfly Trap 
  • Sean the security guard acting as the court stenographer. First he shows up late because he had trouble finding the "type-y thing". Then he distracts Queen Moon by typing too loudly.
  • When the Commission gets into an argument about Eclipsa's punishment, Sean asks them to slow down because he can't keep up. Moon's reaction is priceless.
    Moon: [Death Glare] NO.
    • And then Sean types it down.
  • The "Box of Truth" is the same kind of box used for Truth or Punishment back in "Sleepover". Queen Moon is shocked that Star and her friends used an interrogation device to play party games; it turns out the Box has settings for "Party" (which makes Rhombulus blurt out that he has a crush on Queen Moon), "Intervention" ("We need to talk..."), "Bachelorette" ("Alright, ladiiies! Are you ready to...?"), and "Trial".
  • Rhombulus hastily admitting that he has a crush on Queen Moon to the box, followed by the blank stares of everyone else.
  • According to Eclipsa, she wrote the "evil" spells in the Forbidden chapter, but she previously wrote eviler spells that "didn't make it into the final draft". She talks as though writing evil spells were but writing a book or directing a movie.
  • When the Box of Truth brings up the image of her and King Shastican, Eclipsa gives the most disgusted expression, as though openly thinking "Yeesh, how can anyone forget a guy like him?"
  • Each member of the Magical High Commission gets to ask one question. Rhombulus blows his asking to confirm whether or not Eclipsa ate any babies. In response to the blurted-out question, Eclipsa responds with a pause before she utters a confused "What?"
    • She says she didn't, but casually admits to psychologically harming a few teenagers.
    • When each member asks their question, the Box visualizes each exhibit. When Rhombulus asks his, an extremely cartoonish version of Eclipsa is shown with a large Pac-Man style mouth and hungrily holding two crying babies.
  • When the Box of Truth gets the High Commission to admit what happened to Eclipsa's daughter, it declares "This concludes the trial! Although, if we're all being honest here, it seems like y'all still have some issues to deal with."
  • Sean's increasingly freaked-out expression when Star, Moon, and Eclipsa reveal the trial was a ploy to get the High Commission to reveal the truth about Meteora, including twisting his own horns like cranks.

     Ludo, Where Art Thou? 
  • "Are we berating Dennis? It's not even dinner time!"
  • Ludo remarks on how much Dennis has grown. "You're exactly as tall as I am!"
  • Ludo has apparently been keeping a stash of bugs in his beard in case he ever sees Spider again.

     Is Another Mystery 
  • Marco trying to wrangle Glossaryck. "You come back here, young... old man!"
  • Marco accidentally opens Buff Frog's letter to Star and freaks out... because "I accidentally read someone's mail without permission!" Even after hanging out with Star for nearly a year, he's still the rules-conscious "Safe Kid".
  • Tom awkwardly offering to be Star's confidant.
    Tom: I'm all ears! Well, technically, I'm mostly eyes...
  • Star suspects the letter might be a forgery... because she can actually read the handwriting. It later turns out Buff Frog's youngest Katrina wrote the letter.
    Buff Frog: How many times must I tell children, to become spy, you must not leave paper trail!
  • Star and Tom's reactions to being hit with tranquilizer darts.
    Star: What's that thing on your neck?
    Tom: (with tranquilizer dart on neck) What? I don't have a thing in my neck. What's that thing on your arm?
    Star: (notices tranquilizer dart on arm) Huh? (starts getting groggy) What are you doing on the ground? What am I doing on the ground? (falls unconscious)
    • Made even funnier by the fact that you never see or hear the darts hitting them; the camera cuts and they're just there.
  • After getting knocked-out, Star wakes up with a burlap sack over her head.
    Star: My face is itchy. Why is my face itchy?!
    Tom: Because you're in a burlap sack...
  • Star and Tom struggling to find each other with sacks over their heads. Tom ends up panicking and getting his horns stuck in a tree... and Star thinks that's a good thing because they know they're in the woods now.
    Tom: I think I just found out I'm claustrophobic!
  • When Star enters Buff-Frog's home and finds it all a mess, she assumes there was a struggle and fears the worst. Later, Buff-Frog explains that the house is naturally messy. "You try to keep house with ten kids."

     Marco Jr. 
  • Star seems to think a "baby shower" involves washing actual babies.
  • It finally hits Marco that his mother is the one having a baby.
    Marco: Mom?! You're gonna be... a mom?!
    • Meanwhile, Star is grinning ear-to-ear and bouncing up and down on her feet right behind him.
  • Marco is weirded out that his parents named their second kid "Marco Junior". "You don't name your son after your son!"
  • Marco's afraid to fully hug Angie in case he hurts the baby. She gets inappropriately mad at his half-hearted hug.
    Angie: (with scary music) I spent thirty-seven hours squeezing you out of my body, and this is what I get?
    Marco: Oh, oh, I just didn't —
    Angie: (deadly serious) Give your mother a hug.
  • Following that, Star listens to the baby kicking. Marco gets excited and shoves Star out of the way, and puts his ear to Angie's belly.
    Angie: (sarcastically) Why yes, Marco, you may touch my stomach.
  • "Get out of here, tap-water ice! You're not needed anymore!"
  • Marco getting startled by a life-like portrait of Rich Pigeon.
    Marco: He's so real, I can almost... smell him.

  • Princess Arms giving Pony Head a pop quiz on brunch.
    • The first question is on the four pillars of brunch. The answers are waffles, eggs, bacon, and more bacon.
  • Rat Princess heads into Princess Arms' office to alert her of Miss Heinous/Meteora's arrival, only to cringe with disgust at Princess Arms shaving her underarms. Shocked at first, Princess Arms crosses her arms in annoyance and asks Rat Princess the reason she's in her office.
    Princess Arms: What do you want?"
  • Pony Head gears up for a potential confrontation with Miss Heinous/Meteora, telling Princess Arms "If I don't make it out alive, I just wanted you to know... I hate you."
    • Then when Miss Heinous appears to attack, she instead tears down the door to her right and walks inside with her entourage. Completely ignoring Ponyhead.
  • Pony Head thinks Miss Heinous is after her because, "Isn't everyone?"
  • When Gemini reprograms St. Olga to access Heinous' real file, he opens the back revealing a simple computer mouse.
  • Rasticore's attempts at quitting his partnership with Meteora, coming with all sorts of excuses to justify never seeing her again. Then Meteora just blows him up.

     Booth Buddies 
  • Star apparently takes photo booth pictures very seriously. "These are business acquaintance photos!"
  • Alex Hirsch gives a hilarious performance as Ben Fotino, the goblin repairman who lives in the photo booth.
    • "Does Pony Head know you live in her photo booth?" "Does a hot dog have bones in it?"
    • Ben interrupting the awkward moment after Star and Marco's Big Damn Kiss to celebrate.
    • Hell, the fact that Ben is essentially a crazy "Starco" shipper and technically the antagonist of this episode.
  • Marco gives Kelly the keys to his mount Nachos, and warns her not to joyride. Kelly promises not to, but the stars in her eyes suggest otherwise.
    • After Marco gets the keys back, she asks Kelly if she went on a joyride. Kelly tells him "Oh, ye of little faith" with a straight face... and her hair blown back and covered in branches.
  • When Ben tells Star and Marco that the booth is magical, both him and Star have wide, Wingding Pupils upon the confirmation. During Star's reaction she is joyfully gasping and holding her face whereas Marco is cringing for doubting the booth's magical properties.
    • This somewhat becomes Hilarious in Hindsight since both of their reactions, pretty much sums up the divided reactions between the fanbase on the ending.
  • Star's catatonic state after the kiss, consisting of a long, continuous groan as the booth's curtains are draped over her face.
  • Tom showing up at the end of the episode and unknowingly making Star feel worse about her and Marco's kiss by playfully joking that he cheated on her with a delicious slice of pie.

    Bam Ui Pati! 
  • The pizza guy has difficulty recognizing Pony Head from her ID because A) she doesn't have a horn anymore and B) she's kinda let herself go.
  • Pony Head rolling out her bedroom window and into the arms of Seahorse, who's apparently stuck in "customer service" mode even off the clock.
  • Star's Overly Long Scream when she jumps out a high window trying to chase down Pony Head. "Cloudy was a lot further down than I thought he was!"
  • Seahorse producing dozens of 3D-printed decoys of Pony Head.
  • The repeated use of the phrase "body bone" in the subs for Bam Ui Pati.
  • When Star asks what happened to Pony Head, Khrysthalle suddenly bursts into tears and starts blubbering about waking up one morning to discover you've become beautiful.

     Tough Love 
  • Eclipsa speaking in Pigeon.
  • Rich Pigeon's struggles to control his "war legs".
  • After getting thrown out by Rich Pigeon, Eclipsa wonders what their next move is. Moon sarcastically suggests they "follow the trail of destruction", and a Reveal Shot shows a swathe of destroyed, burning forest and monstrous footprints.
  • The villager who lost everything during Meteora's attack slumping on the floor, then rolling down the hill and into a hut, which then collapses on top of him.
  • Moon and Eclipsa's encounter with Eddy Johansen, who claims to have been trailing Meteora.
    Moon: Can you take us to her?
    Eddy: Well, that depends... do you have legs? (looks down) Oh, look at that! Answered my own question! You both have legs!
  • Eddy saying that Meteora's current size must come from her mother. Eclipsa responds that Meteora's father deserves most of the credit without batting an eye.
  • Eddy admitting that while he thought he wouldn't mind the peace and quiet without his family, he does miss them... except for Tim, he's glad he's gone.
  • The two queens trying to whisper Eddy away from looking for Meteora. They even try frantically waving their hands around to barely raising their voices in fear of waking Meteora up.
    • Eddy wakes up Meteora.
    Eddy: I think I'd better give her a nudge. See if we can wake her up a bit. Nudge. Nudge! (Meteora's eyes glow) ...Yup, I think the nudge worked!
  • Moon and Eclipsa are hiding behind a rock when the former fearfully whispers "She.. has.. magic?" Eclipsa can only respond with a frightened, tight-lipped "Mm-Hm!" The way she answers, it's as though if she were to open her mouth, an uncontrollable scream would escape it.
  • When Meteora curiously picks up Eclipsa, unprepared to be lifted up by her oversized daughter, the latter exclaims "Whoop! Up we go!"
  • The sheer amount of awkwardness around Eclipsa's reunion with Meteora, who at this point has turned into a giant monster with the mentality of an unstable child. Eclipsa tries to both connect with her daughter while avoiding making her angry and is understandably terrified her daughter might try to suck out her soul. The look on Eclipsa's face when Meteora says she wants to be called "Baby Smooth" makes it clear she's scared shitless.
    • Also the almost unsure shrug Eclipsa gives Moon when she suggests trying something to see if Meteora would listen to her.
    • It can also be interpreted as Eclipsa essentially miming "What's that, can't hear you".
  • "What's a Bo-Po?"
  • When Eclipsa puts her foot down and tells Meteora she can't have the throne of Mewni, Meteora turns around and stomps away like an indignant child. Eclipsa completely forgets how scared she was a few moments ago and starts scolding Meteora.
    Eclipsa: Young lady, you turn right back around!

     Divide & Conquer 

  • After her calm interrogation of Eclipsa, Star orders the guards to come in and put her in chains again. They instead pick up Star. And after she corrects them, they accidentally lock a guard inside the room.
  • Star shooting Sir Dashing of Muscleton for condescendingly calling her "baby girl".
  • The introductions of the "Marc-nificent Seven".
    Marco: Each of you were handpicked for your specific set of skills. Hekapoo's basically a one-woman army. And she's also on fire. Talon is... [Talon puts on a pair of shades] really... [Talon puts a second pair of shades onto the animal skin hood he's wearing] ...big. And I think Hekapoo has a crush on him. But it's probably just because of his body.
    Talon: Wait, what?
    [Hekapoo shrugs]
    Marco: And then Jorby and Kelly... [Kelly appears to be flossing Jorby's teeth with a sword] They're, um... Well, Kelly's... got a lot of swords!
  • Marco nonchalantly leans on his katana. And announces it loudly to make sure everyone notices.
    Tom: Well, I'm gonna take the bait... what's up with the sword, dude?
  • Star goes into the magical realm and finds her amnesiac mother, who's considerably more care-free and playful... not to mention stark naked. Thankfully, her wild hair covers her whole body.
    • To keep herself from forgetting, Star leaves herself a bunch of notes and phone messages reminding her that she's Star Butterfly. Unfortunately, because Moon hears this, she thinks she's Star Butterfly.
    • When Moon holds one of the unicorns, she tells it that she was never going to let it go until Star calls her over to look at something and she immediately tosses the unicorn up into the geyser.
    • Moon disappears up a waterfall, leaving a confused Star starry-eyed and gently twisting side to side at the bottom.
    Star, in a soft singsong: Where'd the hairy lady go? I don't know, I don't know...
  • Ponyhead asking to be thrown only to bounce off of Meteora's chest. She asks if she won because she can't see or hear anything. What makes it even better is the "Really?" expression on Meteora's face
  • Though it comes during a serious situation and conversation, Tad's over-the-top facial expression and vocal tone while calling out to Kelly are good for a few chuckles.
    Tad: Kell-aaaaayyyyy, Ke-llaaaaayyyy...
  • Marco trying to get Tom to leave him behind and then confessing that he kissed Star.
    Marco: Yeah, so you don't owe me anything. Now go- [Tom's already left] ... Wow. No hesitation.
  • Tom protects Marco from Meteora's soul-sucking blast, saying he was calling his bluff. Then Marco says that he really did kiss Star.
    Tom: Oh. Well... it's too late now!
  • Meteora continually trying to take Tom's soul, only to have him gasp and come back, adding that he had thousands of spirits in him. This continues on for some time, turning into an Overly Long Gag.
    Tom: [Gasp] This might- [souls get sucked, he gasps again] take- [repeat] a while.
  • During Star vs. Meteora, the former actually has the gall to pull a "Jellybean Hallucination Mist" on the latter. And it works, albeit briefly.
  • When all the inhabitants of Mewni regain their souls, they start to float down and make a sound like a gradually deflating balloon.
  • Tom killing the moment between Marco and Star near the end. Doubles as Heartwarming.
    Tom: Awww! I'm... I'm just gonna make this weird.
  • Star's reaction to Meteora being reborn as an infant is priceless: She gave Eclipsa the wand, and finds out a few seconds later that it may well be the biggest mistake in her life. Thus we contrast Eclipsa's extreme joy with Star so confused and regretful that she can barely speak.
  • After months of Glossaryck's nonsensical ramblings of "Globgor", we find out that he can speak full sentences and possibly could have all along, and Globgor was Eclipsa's monster husband who she flew off to find. He then follows suit, causing Marco to fall onto the floor and Star to ask if Glossaryck's voice sounded different.

Season 4

    Butterfly Follies 
  • Star seemingly finds Moon at a carnival play mocking the Butterfly family and grabs her to escape, except that it turns out to be a cross-dressing actor named Erik who was just playing the role of Moon in the play. Marco gets sidetracked from the quest to find Moon and asks Erik for makeup tips, to Star's increasing annoyance. Then Erik makes the mistake of insulting Star, and she transforms him into a frog. She tells Marco she'll change him back, but Erik runs off and jumps on the back of a bird that flies away with him.
  • During the play, the actress playing Star says, "Here's what I got to say about Mewmans! Narwhal Blast!" and farts.

    Escape From the Pie Folk 

  • River's constant paranoid insistence that all Pie Folk are scammers.
    • When a local offers to watch the boat for a small fee, River promptly sinks the boat.
      Marco: What happened to our boat?
    • Marco was supposed to be getting a bloodhound. He got a monkey instead.
      Star: You got a monkey?
      River: No, dear, he got scammed.
    • The monkey immediately steals Marco's wallet.
    • River identifies a child thief as a scammer trying to trick Star into getting in trouble for stealing. Turns out he was... except the real owner of the cart was also a scammer, and sells all three of them into slavery.
  • Foolduke is, apparently, one of the Pie Folk, and she came home to visit her parents. Cut to her parents fleecing her husband out of everything he owns.
  • The monkey saves Marco from falling—and then demands payment or it will let Marco fall into the volcano.
  • When Marco asks Foolduke about the lava, she says it's just lukewarm tomato juice.
    Foolduke: [flatly] I hate this place.

    Moon Remembers 

  • In an effort to distract her mom, Star desperately says that Moon is great on the guitar. She's shocked that she actually is.
  • While Eclipsa agreed to keep Moon distracted, she herself gets distracted by performing a metal solo.
  • Eclipsa politely recommends that River (who clearly hasn't had a bath in weeks) freshen up under the waterfall, and he refuses. Moon bluntly tells him to take a bath, and he agrees.
  • River yells at the dinner Eclipsa is feeding them, mostly because it's not corn.

     Swim Suit 
  • When Star sees what Eclipsa did to Rhombulus, she asks if anyone saw. Eclipsa cheerfully says that she's "very sneaky."
  • While Star is fighting Eclipsa and Rhombulus, the latter's remaining crystal on his chest is broken, freeing the creature that was trapped inside it.
    Rhombulus: Oh, no! My other Crystal Nipple Demon! I still wasn't sure which one was evil.
    [The demon laughs and rides away on the monkey, and noises are heard from outside]
    Left Snake: Pretty sure that was the good Nipple Demon.
    Right Snake: Yeah, I think we can let him go.
  • Marco tries on various swimsuits throughout the episode (Tom likes the tiny ones). Turns out the monkey stole his normal ones. Marco leaves them with the monkey in the end because they look better on him.


  • Star is very excited to go to the dimension where Marco is all grown up, which she refers to as "the ab dimension."
  • Brunzetta tells Star about a time Marco got transformed into a yam for a year.

     Lake House Fever 
  • While Star and Tom's family are playing a board game, they are interrupted by a shrieking noise, which Tom says is his great-grandfather, Relicor. The scene then focuses on a painting of him on the wall, making it appear as if he is dead and his ghost is haunting the painting...but then the painting moves away from the wall like door, revealing that Relicor was hiding behind it. What makes it even funnier is that Tom is very casual about it.

    Yada Yada Berries 

  • The constant use of "yada yada" as a euphemism for murder.
    Star: Eclipsa, somebody tried to yada yada you!
  • Star's over the top eagerness to solve a crime. It's clear she just wants to be a detective.

    Down by the River 

  • Moon manages to convince River to do an unfair share of the work just by saying "I gave birth to our child."
    Moon: Ha! I can't believe that still works.
  • Moon going mad with sleep deprivation, so she started cooking strawberry death pies, which explode on impact. She also built a moat (filled with alligators, whom Moon convinced to enter the moat freely), a watchtower, and a catapult to fling her strawberry death pies.
    • And River finds it all really attractive.
      River: Strawberry death pies! You are a genius! I love you.
  • There's an old legend about "the Hook Man", Mewni's equivalent of the Boogy Man. The Maizleys still believe in him, to the point that they bang pots and pans together to drive him away from the Butterflys' encampment.
    • When Moon and River can't find any sign of the Maizley family:
      River: You don't suppose the Hook Man got them, do you?
      Moon: River, the Hook Man isn't real.
      River: Ohhhh...right.
    • Turns out the Hook Man is real. Specifically, he hooks you on insurance you don't need.

     The Ponyhead Show 

  • Pony Head notes that if Eclipsa is trying to improve her image, playing a guitar made from a mewman skeleton probably isn't the best place to start.
  • When Kelly asks Marco if cooking shows are fake, he tells her that they aren't, but wrestling is. Her reaction is to just stare blankly in disbelief before walking away.
    Kelly: It's okay, Marco. Yeah, you ruined wrestling for me, but it's not like you haven't ruined things before.
  • Star wonders why the mewmans are getting so angry at Pony Head's show, when they can just turn it off. Seahorse cheerfully says he hacked their phones so that they can't turn it off.
  • Pony Head's sisters offer to touch up Eclipsa's makeup. Star finds her in a completely different outfit, half her head shaved, and makeup that makes her look like a completely different person.
    Star: This is not a "touch-up!"

    Surviving the Spiderbites 

  • When preparing for the arrival of the Spiderbite delegation, a monster covers up the statue of Manfred. Considering he was petrified in the kitchen, that means someone dragged him out to the hall just so they had to cover him in a sheet.
  • Star somehow failed to notice that the cups she served the Spiderbites' drinks in were decorated with pictures of Globgor wreaking havoc.
  • The Spiderbites aren't racists, they are just offended by all the Globgor-themed decorations, since Globgor terrorized their kingdom centuries ago. Including a paiting entitled "Globgor's massacre of the Spiderbite kingdom."
    Star: ...these are getting weirdly specific.

    Out of Business 
  • Marco's lengthy celebration, complete with Happy Dance, when he hears that Quest Buy is closing.
  • Janna appears out of nowhere to go with Star and Marco to Quest Buy, with absolutely no explanation. Marco freaks out, but Star really doesn't care how she got there.
  • Marco's reactions to Janna's Marco-based wishes. While the baby Marcos (with wheels for hands) just have him aghast at why she'd even think up such a thing, the army of evil Ocrams causes him to be stuck in a state of catatonic shock for the final minute of the episode... until he realizes in horror that he "NEEDS TO SAVE THE BABIES!"

    Kelly's World 

  • Turns out Kelly's house is... her mother. Just sitting on the ground, with her husband and daughter living in her hair.
  • Kelly's people don't have money, they have fighting. As in, they fight each other over literally everything. Marco starts a riot when he tries to give a little old lady his seat for free. Everyone is fighting for the right to fight the little old lady.
  • Marco throws away the fake hair when he challenges the librarian. Kelly points out that he just threw away his padded hair-armor.

    Curse of the Blood Moon 

  • Marco and Star have a midnight rendevous... to eat sugary cereal. It's the only time they can be sure Meteora won't be awake. They still wait until the clock strikes midnight to pour their cereal, because it covers up the sound.
  • What makes Marco realize his feelings for Star are a real problem? She pairs up two marshmallows so that they "won't be lonely," and he cannot stop thinking about how cute it is.
  • Janna is once again just hanging out in the castle. At midnight, it should be noted. She offers to help Marco with hypnotism, and reminds him of how she hypnotized him to get sick whenever he thinks of nachos.
  • Janna knocks out Marco with the "chicken butt" trigger. He wakes up in the girls' restroom, but whatever she did, it didn't work.
    Janna: So I just wasted fourteen hours of my life for nothing?
  • Tom's grandfather Relicor spends a significant portion of the episode on Marco's shoulders, screeching.
    Marco: Wait, is he just staying up there—?
  • Relicor pulls a specific book, causing the demonic elevator to appear in a wall of flames that distintegrates the book case. Marco is not impressed.
    Marco: You know, this elevator might not be worth burnin' a shelf of books every time you wanna use it.
  • A giant tower appears to block the path to the severing stone, with a little demon at the base. Star asks what he wants, but Marco is again not impressed.
    Star: Oh, great demon thing! What is it that you want from us?
    Marco: Wait, are you serious? Ugh. Isn't it painfully obvious that this creep is some sort of bridge troll? He just came up out of the ground to block our path. Over a very rickety bridge, I might add. Now there's gonna be some crazy thing we gotta do to pay the toll. Feed him a goat or something. There's always a thing! Any second, this creep's gonna be all like, [creepy voice] "If you wanna cross my bridge, you must, uh, uh, uh, uh, [couch appears] lift this couch that magically appeared up these thirty stairs!" And then the five of us are gonna try to lift this stupid thing up the stairs, and it's not gonna work, and the creepy guy's gonna be all like—Uh, sorry. What... What's your name?
    Abraxacan: Abraxacan.
    Marco: Thanks. Then Abraxacan is gonna be all like—and I know this is a bad impression— [creepy voice] "The couch can only be lifted by the right pairing!" Ugh! And we're gonna be all exhausted and stuff. And we're gonna be like, "Duh! It has to be me and Star who lift the couch!" Just us. Because our souls are bonded.
    Abraxacan: Bound.
    Marco: Thank you. Bound. Together. Anyway... [sighs] Grab an end, Star. Let's get this thing over with.
    Tom: Um, I don't know if all that was completely obvious. To me. Maybe I'm alone.
  • And then it turns out that Abraxacan was just trying to con them into moving his couch. Another demon appears and says the actual test is a fight to the death, but everyone manages to sneak by.
  • After the bittersweet ending where Star and Marco successfully sever their bond (right as they were beginning to wonder if they should do it after all), the Severing Stone makes another chime, and everyone looks over to see that Janna has done something.
    Janna: I did it! I got my soul severed from itself! Whoo! [laughs]
    Star: What?! Oh, Janna, come on! Why would you do that?
    Janna: Now I have two souls. I'm pretty much a demon.
    Tom: Uh, Janna, it... it doesn't work like that.
    Marco: Yeah, now you just have two halves of the same soul.
    Janna: So I'm half-demon. Still counts.

    Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell 

  • Just to start with, the completely random opening scene. Alternate versions of Star, Janna, Marco, and Jackie are trying to summon Bon-Bon the Clown. Except Star has a magic bell instead of a wand, Janna is a cyclops, Marco has a bubble around his head, and Jackie is a robot. Glossaryk shows up briefly, and while it's easy to miss, she has three boobs.
  • Dennis signed a contract that requires him to give up everything he owns after fixing it up for the next guy, because he wasn't wearing his reading glasses.
    Ludo: Dennis, why weren't you wearing your glasses when you signed this very important contract?
    Dennis: They don't look cool.

    Ghost of Butterfly Castle 

  • All the ridiculously petty problems the villagers have, most of which consist of poor scheduling. Including things that don't actually need scheduling, like two men wearing the same jacket on the same day.
  • Moon needs to go back to Butterfly Castle to find the one thing that will solve all her problems: A day planner.
  • River attempting to explain the eponymous ghost.
    Moon: Well, which is it? Haunted or cursed?
    River: I Think it was cursed with a haunting. Oh wait, no, it was haunted with a curse! Or maybe it's just a ghost that curses at you. You know what? I'm gonna go double-check with the Maizleys.
    Moon: Great. While you go do that, I'm going to get my planner.
    River: Be careful! Don't talk to any ghosts! They curse at you!

  • The titular sport is essentially Mewni's version of Calvin Ball. Made funnier by Marco trying to understand all the rules.
  • How did Star find Buff Frog? Katrina told her. Buff Frog complains that she is, once again, missing that the point of being a spy is to make sure no one knows what you're doing, Katrina points out that he didn't know she was in daily contact with Star.
    Buff Frog: [single tear] One day, she will surpass me.
  • Kelly randomly jumping into "professional announcer mode" to scream at the field, then back into normal mode to talk with Marco. He finds it unsettling.

    Meteora's Lesson 

  • The episode starts with Eclipsa practicing her Pigeon language skills in the mirror.
    Janna: this a bad time?
  • Glossaryk shows up with a broken arm, demonstrates the ability to understand Meteora's baby talk perfectly, and decides to take her back in time for a lesson. Janna remains oblivious the entire time, since she's on her phone.
  • The custodian of the River of Time is a balding giraffe named Reynaldo, who speaks entirely in rhyming riddles. He used to be a member of the Magical High Commission, but they kicked him out for being annoying. He spends most of his time trying to convince Glossaryk to have father-son bonding activities with him, to no avail.
    Glossaryk: [to Meteora] Here's a free extra lesson for you—don't have children.
  • Glossaryk and Meteora are accidentally taken too far back, to the founding of Mewni. They meet a small boat of pilgrims who have lost all their memories passing through the magic and don't even remember who they are. Glossaryk, very annoyed, gives them an abbreviated lesson using the pop-up book from "Mewnipendence Day," creates the magic wand and gives it to one of the pilgrims at random, and then recommends they hide from the coming storm behind the nearby stump. Just the completely casual way he does everything makes it seem like he's had to do this sort of thing before.
  • What's the ultimate origin of the magic wand, one of the most powerful artifacts in existence? Glossaryk picked up a tiny unicorn from the magic goop, put it in Meteora's baby rattle, and played "eeny-miny-mo" to pick which of the Mewni pilgrims to give it to.
    Glossaryk: [deadpan] Congratulations! You can do magic with that thing.

    The Knight Shift 

  • The episode starts with Eclipsa knighting a monster with a sword. His mother, in the audience, screams and cries because she thinks Eclipsa is about to cut his head off.
    Sir Cuddles: You know, she's gonna cry no matter what. That's what she does. So... maybe you want to go on to the next guy.
  • Both Marco and Star separately talk to Manfred about their troubles. Note that Manfred is still petrified.
  • Star suits up in an awesome suit of armor to find Marco... and then figures he probably doesn't need her help so she just gives up.

  • The episode revolves around Star trying to find Eclipsa when the latter has been kidnapped. In the end, it turns out the whole thing was organized by Pony Head, and Eclipsa was never in any real danger. The strange octopus creature on Eclipsa's head turns out to be a VR headset, and she was playing a game while she was kidnapped. The entire thing was a continuation of Pony Head's promise in "The Pony Head Show" to make Eclipsa popular. And it worked.
    Star: Well, Pony Head, that was a totally awful thing to do. But you did somehow end up helping Eclipsa, so I can't really hold it against you.
    Pony Head: Yes! No consequences for Pony Head!
  • Near the start of the episode, Star receives a massive bill for all the damage she did to Reflectacorp equipment during "the Pony Head Show." She's relieved when she discovers the whole thing was part of the trick.
    Star: And at least I don't have to pay that huge Reflectacorp bill.
    Pony Head: Okay, no. That part was real. You have to pay that, or they'll find you.
    [awkward pause]

     Junkin' Janna 
  • While Star and Eclipsa are waiting for a meeting with the Magic High Commission, Sean offers them some donuts that he made himself. Eclipsa tries to hide her disgust at them, telling him that she likes them, which prompts him to give her more. Seeing this, Star hides hers so she doesn't have to eat them.
    • Back at home, Star is shown emptying a pile of them from her boots. When Tom tries one, she warns him not to...but he actually likes the taste.
  • Janna trying to get Tom to stop texting Star by calling him even though they're in the same place.
  • Tom is offended when he realizes that Janna invited him for the sole purpose of blasting a specific annoying crow.
  • When Star refuses to stop using her mirror-phone, Rhombulus crystallizes it. The next scene of the meeting shows that Star beat him up for it.

     A Spell With No Name 

  • The other spells guilt Richard (Narwhal Blast) into going to rescue Glowworm when Spider isn't in any condition to do so.
    Makeup Blast: Aren't you Spider's best friend?
    Richard: I mean, we hang out occasionally, but...
    Flying Snail: You guys hang out all the time.
    Dave: Yeah, you're always chatting it up at the lunch tables.
    Rich: Didn't you guys plan a road trip together
    Flying Snail: Uh, isn't he godfather to your children?
    Richard: Yeah, but who isn't a godfather to a couple of kids?
    Dave: Shame on you, Richard.
    Richard: Fine. I'll go. [floats out into the hallway]
    Dave: Quick, shut the door!
    [door slams shut behind him]
  • How do they plan to capture the Spell With No Name? A "dark magic containment cylinder."
    Richard: It looks like a pickle jar.
    Pyro Pony: Yeah. Yeah, it is a pickle jar.
    Ouroboros: Pickle jars work great, as long as you don't knock it off the shelf!
    Void Cat: Knocking stuff over is super fun, "Mom"!

    A Boy and His DC- 700 XE 

  • Marco tells the other members of the group that he invited a "real professional" to ride with them. Tom promptly crashes into the bar.
  • Tom knows absolutely nothing about dragon-cycles. He didn't even know they were alive.
  • Marco tells Tom about how he broke up with Kelly, but it was "super amicable." Cut to Kelly, still sore about it.
    Kelly: How sad is that? My break-up buddy broke up with me.
    Hekapoo: Yeah. That's why I only date the dummies. Ain't that right, boys?
    Talon and Quirky: What?

    The Monster and the Queen 

  • Apparently Globgor wasn't very good at being a vegetarian at first. He thought leeks and leeches were the same thing, and thought potatoes were a type of rock.
  • After Globgor makes a bad joke where it looks like he's going to eat a bunch of miners, he reveals that he already realized they weren't in the real world. He does this by pointing out a whale floating in the air with muscular arms, a sword, and a banana on its head.
    Eclipsa: What... is it?
    Globgor: That's Bananahat Musclewhale.
    Eclipsa: I'm afraid I don't know who that is.
    Globgor: Bananahat Musclewhale was the last crusader against the evil tyranny of Lord Rygax, wizard overlord of the kingdom.
    [an evil wizard figure holding a staff appears at the top of a small stone castle]
    Lord Rygax: [laughs evilly]
    Eclipsa: Lord Rygax?
    Globgor: Yeah, but listen. Bananahat Musclewhale was unprepared for the enchanted skaddlings that Rygax mind-controlled to do his bidding. And Bananahat fell to their awesome powers, leaving Lord Rygax to run the kingdom into darkness... forever.
    Eclipsa: I missed this part of Mewni history.
    Globgor: This isn't Mewni history. It's from my mind! I created Bananahat when I was a little boy.
    Eclipsa: Oh. Makes sense.


  • Ruberiot openly wonders who Janna is and what she's doing there. Everyone ignores him.
  • Eclipsa has to play a song at her "corn-o-nation." Apparently it's tradition.
    Star: Goodness gracious, why do all our ceremonies have to have songs?
    Ruberiot: Because that's the way that queens get coronated! They play the song, the people cheer, and voilà! A newly coronated queen.
    Star: [under her breath] Just sayin', could've been a dance or something.
  • And why is Eclipsa coronation called a cornonation? Marco forgot to spell-check the invites.
    Tom: Well, if you think about it, Mewni is sort of the only dimension where that kinda makes sense. We're pretty obsessed with corn.
  • Whilst everyone is preparing for the upcoming cornoration, the still-crystalized Globgor is dressed with a bowtie for the occasion.
  • In the same aforementioned scene, Janna helps speed up the coronation invitation distribution in her own way:
    Janna: [hands a stack of the invitations to some random guy] Give these to three hundred of your closest friends or you die at midnight.
    Random Guy: [runs off screaming with the invitations in tow]
  • When Star (in her Dipped-Down form) offers Globgor her hand so they can peacefully turn him in, we have this exchange.
    Globgor: [Stares] ...Which, uh, which hand do I take?
  • Ponyhead "posing" for the talent show. Given she has no arms or legs, it's basically nothing more than turning herself at different angles.
  • Tom and Marco's song. Marco is claiming that he couldn't possibly jump straight into a song as Tom is helping him get dressed, and then they sing a duet together.
    Audience Member: (with an ironically disapproving scowl) I like this.
  • Janna's first reaction to seeing Globgor in the flesh.
    Janna: [takes picture of Globgor] Nice job, Eclipsa. I get it now.
  • River speaking up for Globgor... in his own way.
    River: That man was willing to stay in a crystal to keep his family safe! He's a dad just like the rest of us!
    Star: Yes, exactly! Well, I mean, not everyone here's a dad, but...
    River: [sad sigh] Not yet.
    Star: [just looks confused]
  • The audience is confused and offended that they are asked to decide Globgor's fate.
    Audience Member: This is a monarchy, not a democracy!


  • Eclipsa and Globgor give Star a going away present: A dead mewman. They clarify it's a cake, and Star happily eats the head.
    Tom: [wide-eyed] I love you so much.
  • Justin Roiland as Doop-Doop. He's basically Mr. Poopybutthole as a weird, useless magic broom.
  • When Star learns that Marco's new baby sibling is a girl, she expresses surprise because she thought that the new Diaz baby was going to be a boy. Rafael then makes a crack about how for how much the doctors charge, that you'd think that they'd be better at their jobs.

     Britta's Tacos 
  • When Star learns about the "mystery prize" at Britta's Tacos, she hopes that it's a t-shirt, while Marco hopes that, for 200 tacos, it's something a lot cooler. Guess who's right?
  • Starfan13 reunites with Star.
  • The bathroom-stall man who looks like a trainwreck future version of Marco.
  • Janna is banned from the titular stand for reasons that aren't fully explained, but probably have to do with her getting free samples multiple times using Paper Thin Disguises.
  • Jackie's confused face as Marco once again explains his thought process to her.
  • The Running Gag of everyone thinking that Marco's little sister is his and Star's daughter.

     Beach Day 
  • The day starts with Mrs Diaz wondering why Star's swimsuit is in the freezer instead of her closet. Star scoffs and says her closet is for secrets, not swimsuits.
  • There's a traffic jam on the way to the beach... because sixty goats escaped from a truck.
  • The taxi cab driver is not happy when Star gives his cab the ability to fly.
    Taxi Driver: [quietly] Put my car down.
    Star: What was that?
    Taxi Driver: I said, put... my car... [glares at Star] DOWN!
  • Star summons Cloudy, with Marco lampshading that they should have done it from the start. Cloudy promptly crashes from all the smog.

     Gone Baby Gone 

  • Marco summons Bruntzilla for directions. She gets a little annoyed when she realized he only summoned her for directions, and she's not coming on the quest.
  • Star excitedly asks if Bruntzilla remembers her. She says she doesn't, and Star's cheek-hearts break.
  • Star is disgusted with the skin-flakes-and-garlic-spiders soup Mariposa and Meteora made. Marco, on the other hand, happily drinks it down.
    Marco: Ah. Brings back memories.
  • Meteora is incredibly nonchalant about sacrificing Star to a vampire demon.
  • When Marco and Mariposa are fighting the vampire demon, Star and Meteora just stand to the side and discuss how awesome those two are.
  • How do Marco and Star convince Mariposa and Meteora to return home? Promise them food that is not spiders.

     Sad Teen Hotline 
  • The very first scene of the episode. Tom and Star's breakup scene is as emotional and sad as expected... until Tom can't portal his way back home.
  • Star changes into her butterfly form with a Transformation Sequence in order to open a portal, but it doesn't work. She keeps trying, with the background of the transformation still shown behind her.
  • Upon finding out about Tom and Star's breakup, Rafael calls Sad Teen Hotline to try to help them out. Only to immediately start talking about his own feelings on the matter with the lady on the phone. When it cuts back to him later in the episode, Rafael is still on the phone with the lady who, upon realizing that Rafael is an adult, immediately hangs up on him for not being a teen.
  • When Star and Tom explain that they might be too emotionally compromised to properly use their powers, thus preventing Tom from going home, Marco cheerily remarks that he isn't sad at all, prompting both of them to give him death glares.
  • While Tom is trying to break up with Star whilst they're sitting on the roof, a nearby helicopter keeps passing by the two, constantly drowning out Tom's words. Until Star gets tired of it and freezes the helicopter solid in the sky. It stays frozen in the sky for the entire episode until the very end where the episode closes with the copter crashing right behind Star.

  • The first scene. Star wakes Marco up by literally dragging him out of bed to tell him that Janna appeared in Mewni without a portal somehow, to which Marco decides they need to wake up Tom. Only he promptly discovers that Tom's not there. As he questions where he could be, Star looks up, facepalms and tells Marco to also look up. Turns out Tom was sleep-floating. In the nude. And Marco's reaction implies that he saw more than he needed to.
  • It turns out Janna is banned from Britta's Tacos for trying to steal the prizes in the back room. It was during one of these attempts to sneak back in that led her to finding the magic well that leads to the Realm of Magic located underneath the building, which was how she managed to go to Mewni the first time. One can only imagine what was going on in her mind as she lost it while she was in there.
  • Oskar's failure to realise Janna is there. He asks if her name is Janna, and she tells him no. He believes it.

     Mama Star 

  • Star refers to the Firstborn as her "unicorn daughter" multiple times. It's perfectly accurate (at least according to what the Firstborn told her), but the utterly casual way she says it is silly.
  • How does Star convince the unicorn to take her and her friends to the well that leads to Mewni? By reminding her that she, Janna, Marco, and Tom are teenagers and they both know how wild and crazy teenagers are if they lose their minds.
  • The kids get into wild shenanigans while under the influence of the Realm of Magic including:
    • Star being surprised she has hands.
    • Marco confessing his love to Star, only it turns out to be a hallucination (the visual part, anyway, Star definitely heard what he was saying, given the music and her reaction).
    • Tom losing control of his shapeshifting and turning into an ugly version of himself.
      • And, when they try to escape the seatbelts, Tom doesn't even touch them, he just moves his arms up and down.
    • Janna forgetting what a tennis ball is.
      • And then as her mind fades more, she's bouncing tennis balls off Tom. Two of them are already stuck on his horns, and then one bounces back and lands in her mouth.

    Ready, Aim, Fire 

  • Where does Marco reappear in Mewni? The lint catcher.
  • Star reappears in Mewni in Doop Doop's shed. He is ecstatic that she's there, but she immediately abandons him again.
  • Janna reappears in Mewni under a pile of Meteora's plushies. Glossaryk casually tells her that Star is with Doop Doop, which Janna refuses to believe is a real name.

    The Right Way 

  • Star introduces Eclipsa to "the greatest fighters in Mewni." Then she admits that they're just her friends, who happen to be fighters.
  • Pony Head is still obsessed with her show, and makes Seahorse follow her around with a camera during the fight.
  • Eclipsa refers to Janna and Sir Dashing as her "advisers" because they're all she has left. Janna's advice? Blow something up.

    Here to Help 

    Pizza Party 

  • The Magical High Commission having a premature victory pizza party, completely ignoring all the horrible things going on outside. In particular, Rhombulus is trying to eat pizza while Omnitraxis rants about how awesome it will be to have weekly meetings with the queen, and pre-meetings, and after meetings, and more.

    The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse 
  • As horrible as Quirky Guy's death is, everyone in the room screaming in terror is quite funny (Jorby especially).


  • Eclipsa sees Marco and Star holding hands and squees.
  • What's the one thing keeping people from going crazy in the Realm of Magic? Glossaryck's pudding.
    • This results in Star, Moon, Eclipsa, and Tom getting it shoved in their mouths to restore their memories, and they all react in both surprise and disgust.
      Star: Ugh, why can't he just tell us things?
    • This exchange.
      Moon: Pudding?
      Star: Yeah. Magic's weird. Wanna blow it up?
  • Marco tries to improvise some spells like Star. He makes a rainbow tube man that looks vaguely like Sensei and kitten bombs.
  • Just how giddy Marco is about having flipped a horse.
    Tom: You flipped a horse!
  • It's not every Final Boss who can say "My horsey-pony broke!"
  • Mina is in the middle of another rant when she suddenly freezes with a look of shock at taking an arrow to the head. Then she shows her helmet blocked the arrow and keeps talking.
  • Mina comparing her ideology to a "bad fart".
  • Princess Flying Pony Head is still her usual snarky self even after all the magic in the multiverse is seemingly gone.
  • Pony Head complains about all the pigeons who have apparently moved into the hospital. Rich claims they're just visiting, but Pony Head points out that one is having his mail delivered.
  • Let's not forget that Rich wasn't actually injured during the battle, just his battle-legs. He's still in the hospital waiting for the legs to be repaired.
  • On Earth, Marco wakes up and yells. The paramedic casually says he's been doing that every couple minutes, including the exact things he yells, then diagnoses him as delusional.
  • Janna unbuckles Marco from his gurney and then says she can distract the paramedics by bringing her heartrate to zero for sixty seconds. She snaps her fingers and her heart stops.
  • As Star races for the portal to reunited with Marco, she uppercuts a man-eating plant and yells "Punch!" as if it's a spell, just like the "Stick Blast" back in Return to Mewni.
  • Just the sight of Rich Pigeon being chased up a tree by some Earth dogs, while wearing his massive battle-legs.

  • From the animated live chats:
    • According to StarFan13 in her first chat, "sometimes on the weekend, I wash people's cats. The cats don't like it very much, though." (This is explained by a later chat, where she mentions she works at an animal shelter.)
    • Marco's parents busting out hip hop moves on the #MarcoLIVE chats.
    • Though ever so slightly leaning towards Fridge Horror is Marco's answer to the chat asking if he's ever seen a "weird triangle guy" on any of his adventures in other dimensions.
      Marco: There WAS this guy i saw in one of the dimensions... uh his name was like will, william...somethin, somethin, I dunno. Looked like a Nacho, cute little guy.
    • Lil' Chauncy from "Into the Wand" randomly appearing in the StarFan13 LIVE chats and bothering her.
    • The barbecue chef at Sensei's birthday party from "Trickstar" randomly flinging burgers onto Marco's counter for no reason. Like Lil' Chauncy, he is The Thing That Would Not Leave. It comes to a head in FanCo13 LIVE when Lil' Chauncy and the burger guy interrupt them both in quick succession.
      Marco: Get the meat guy outta here! Seriously, we got a dead goat on the loose and a guy throwing burgers. (school marching band playing behind Marco) Oh god, they're back.
    • In the "FanCo13 LIVE" chat after "Starcrushed" aired, StarFan13 asks Marco if he wants to read her Starco fanfiction. Marco, still reeling over Star's Anguished Declaration of Love for him and abrupt departure, understandably refuses very bluntly.
      Marco: Okay... guys, I've said it so many times... so many times. I have... barely had a chance to process any of this information... (inhales) and... I don't have an answer yet. I don't know. I mean, I guess I'm... really glad she told me... anyway, I can't talk about it; I'm gonna get all... choked up. Okay, let's see here... uh... (burger flips onscreen onto the counter behind Marco) Get outta here, burger guy! Seriously! I'm talking about FEELINGS! And you're in here, flinging meat!
  • On Twitter, Daron Nefcy held a poll asking fans who they thought was the mysterious voice that compelled Marco to go to the Blood Moon Ball. It was the Sea Captain portrait in Star's room that was talking to Marco, which actually got the second highest number of votes, believe it or not.
    • One of the options for the poll is just "Marco is crazy".
  • A storyboard artist for the show, Kristen Gish, was asked if Marco is bisexual. Her answer was a Shrug Of God Does Not Own This World and an Incredibly Lame Pun about Marco being "bike-sexual".
    • Another storyboard artist, Sabrina Cotugno, claimed this in response to Kristen's answer.
    Sabrina: Marco is bi! Star is bi! Everyone is bi! It's the law now! Everyone enjoy your brand new bisexuality!
    • Kristen's response to half the fandom taking Sabrina's response seriously.
  • The outro credits can be a bit of a mood killer.
  • From the Star vs. the Forces of Evil panel at the Gallery Nucleus art show:
    • When making the "Running with Scissors" episode, they considered hiring a different voice actor than Adam McArthur to portray adult Marco. McArthur actually had to audition for the role, and while he was practicing for it, he asked his mother and his wife for tips on how to sound manlier.
    • The Q&A had most of the questions asked be about things like how to get into the cartoon business and behind the scenes stuff. Then one young girl stands up and asks, "this season, is anyone going to die?"
    • For the last question, someone asked about any Getting Crap Past the Radar moments that they were surprised to have gotten away with putting in the show.
      • For Daron Nefcy and Drake Brodahl, it's the entire "The Banagic Incident" episode.
      • For Dominic Bisignano, it's the Mushroom Samba in "Goblin Dogs".
      • Aaron Hammersley's is the line in "Blood Moon Ball" with Marco calling Tom a predator.
      • Adam McArthur was surprised by the scene in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown" when Janna spanks Marco's butt in the bathroom.
      • Becky Dreistadt picked the fact that "Hungry Larry" was able to get away with thrice referring to the inflatable Frankenstein's Monster as a blow-up doll.
    • Speaking of Getting Crap Past the Radar, "The Banagic Incident" actually failed to get past England's radar and is apparently a Banned Episode there.
      Nefcy: By the way, "Banagic" is banned in England. That is— that was our one episode I think that was ever banned anywhere. It's not aired in England; they don't— they don't approve.
      McArthur: You know they ALL illegally downloaded it! (points to the audience) Which you should stop doing!
    • Although the show's crew and the trustworthy fans were disappointed that someone at the event did not respect Nefcy's wishes by recording and leaking the Season 3 opening sneak peak (albeit in low quality) against her requests, there's something funny about how when the opening was officially released on YouTube by Disney, the description below indicates that someone's still salty about it.
      Better things come for the people who wait #DontLeakItNextTime
  • Apparently, the crew for the show keeps a wall of printed out fanart somewhere in the studio. Included on it is...
    • Fanart of Star making out with Janna while also flipping off Marco and Jackie as revenge for their date in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown". Then Janna starts kissing back and flipping a them a double bird.
    • An image of Toffee in his battle attire from "Into the Wand" while giving a seductive pose as if for a model magazine.
  • The fact that Adam McArthur (Marco's voice actor) very openly and shamelessly ships Starco (and is probably the biggest Starco shipper on the face of the planet) is amusing in itself, but it also leads to some funny moments on social media. It sometimes borders on Trolling Creator.
    Marco!Adam: Star, I love you...nicorns.
  • The YouTube channel mashed has done a fusion parody of Resident Evil and Star vs. the Forces of Evil. The name? S.T.A.R.S. vs The Forces of Resident Evil.
  • The final episode of the series, "Cleaved", rather than being given a description that implies something epic, was given one that's very barebones and tells nothing (likely to keep things a surprise):
    "Star attempts to solve all of her problems."


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