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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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Fridge Brilliance

  • In the new intro for season three, the lyrics of the song are the same, but the visuals are inverted. Now it's Marco hanging out with Star on Mewni, as opposed to Star hanging out with Marco on Earth. But the lyrics still fit, because while they refer to a visitor from another dimension, they never specifically named Star as the visitor.
  • Marco's obsession with safety actually makes perfect sense when you think about it. He loves fighting and is an avid martial artist. The last thing he wants is to be crippled or killed outside of battle.
    • Plus, learning martial arts is a kind of precaution when you think about it. It can protect you from would-be attackers.
    • Also, if the wand falls into the wrong hands, the universe could be destroyed. That's kind of the ultimate safety hazard. So naturally, Marco would want to help fight to protect it.
    • Training in martial arts makes you to try to take as many safety precautions as possible, since every movement is made to keep your body safe while injuring others, you need to know exactly how to throw a punch or how to twist your hips and ankles or you're going to break several bones while fighting (or just practicing).
    • Case and point, Mackie Hand died trying to perform a stunt on himself and failed.
  • Star is possibly one of the, if not the, most popular girls in school. Brittney Wong, the stereotypical rich popular girl, inviting Star to her party pretty much ensures that everyone would be paying attention to Star and not her. Lo and behold, Star crashes the party and most of the attention went to Star despite Brittney still getting the praise.
  • Word of God states that not only is Tom a demon, but a demon prince. This makes his past relationship with Star make sense despite how strict Star's parents are. As a fellow royal, Tom'd be a better prospect for Star than he'd be otherwise.
  • Why does Star love Marco's nachos so much? Not just because he's a good cook, it's also because nachos are corn chips. As alluded to in "Mewnipendance Day" and clearly shown in "On the Job", Mewmans are obsessed with corn.
  • Each Mewman with Facial Markings so far have all been card suits. They also suit up well with the corresponding categories in Bartle's Taxonomy of Player Types:
    • (As of Season 2 this is no longer the case.)
    • Hearts, or Socialisers, enjoy the social interaction that comes with a game world (this system is used to organise MMO players), and like to interact with other players above all else. When not fighting monsters, Star loves to be with her friends, and values them very highly.
    • Diamonds, or Achievers, are all about achieving higher ranks in a game. Getting on a leaderboard and gaining an elite status are why they play the game. Queen Moon is very concerned with Star living up to the expectations of royalty, and calls her every day to make sure she is improving.
    • Clubs, or Killers, love to have power over other players. They like to sow destruction into the game worlds, and thrive on competition. They can also be good at working with the economy of MMORPGs, but a large amount of them have fun by killing weaker players repeatedly (and fighting proudly when given a challenge). Miss Heinous was proud of being able to rein over the students of St Olga's, and now seeks revenge on Star and Marco for upsetting her progress.
    • Spades, or Explorers, love to explore new areas, creating maps, discovering secrets and Easter eggs, and feel frustrated when the game expects them to move down a specific path, preferring the freedom to explore the world at their own pace. This would explain Queen Eclipsa's decision to reject her arranged marriage and place within Mewnian Nobility to go live with a Monster, in complete defiance of social norms.
  • The opening song actually has a subtle clue about the world. Star casually shoots a monster who is just standing there and doing no harm, which angers him but she is shuffled off before anything happens. It's pretty indicative of the Mewni-Monster relationship, uncalled for aggression by the Mewnians followed by them successfully avoiding the reprisals of the monsters. Plus, if one remembers Star's narration, she said she fought monsters a lot, but what fraction of those monsters were the sapient ones?
  • Ludo's becoming a serious threat in Season 2 may have been foreshadowed by his name. Ludo is a board game based heavily on Pachisi. What's another board game based on Pachisi? Trouble.
  • It is easy to blame Star for trusting Eclipsa when she doesn't know her like Moon or Glossaryk did. But the thing is, Star didn't trust Eclipsa. On the other hand, Star never got to know her maternal grandmother, who was killed by Toffee, and Eclipsa being nothing but kind to Star makes her the grandmother Star never had.
  • For Moon and River, their names together make the name of a very popular love song. Though early season 1 shows the two of them seeming not to have that great of a relationship, even their names were an early hint that, despite everything, they really do love each other.
  • The Royal Magic Wand ultimately takes on an appearance based upon the intent and being of its wielder, whether they realize it or not.
    • Star's version of it looked like a parody of a wand from the Magical Girl genre, befitting her more playful attitude and using it less like a symbol of the right to rule and more like a toy. When it evolves later, it looks similar to its original form, but has more butterfly imagery in it, befitting her growth and willing to try and start working towards the Butterfly name.
    • Moon's version was a diamond headed scepter, befitting her rigid demeanor and feelings on being a ruler, that they have to look perfect for the people rather than be themselves.
    • Eclipsa's version is a parasol big enough for herself with a darker but still elegant appearance, befitting her concern for herself and her family more than her kingdom, as well as still being a Butterfly like her ancestors despite her darker and eccentric behavior.
    • Celena's version was a fan she used to hide her face, befitting her shy demeanor and efforts to hide her half-demon heritage in fear of being judged, while also showing her efforts to maintain a prim image as expected of a queen.
    • Solaria's version was an Laser Sword, befitting her warmongering and bloodthirsty behavior, specifically towards the monsters. It's also heavily jagged in design, befitting her rough and unrefined behavior compared to other queens.
    • Festivia's wand was initially a rattle when given to her as a baby, befitting her innocent demeanor, but later would turn into a goblet. As Festivia had to maintain Bread and Circuses during the time of war, her wand becoming a goblet was meant to help her maintain the idea she was a Hard-Drinking Party Girl.
    • Skywynne's version was an Alarm Clock, befitting the Queen of Hours. Time was the greatest asset to Skywynne, and she was especially proficient at using space-time magic.
    • Jushtin's wand appears the strangest of the versions, being a cane with a sentient alligator head on its top. Jushtin himself was an enigma amidst the family, almost being the first King Butterfly before his sister Solaria was born. His wand having a more monstrous appearance fits that he was one of the few Butterfly family members to not hold issues with monsters, in stark contrast to his sister. It was even thanks to him that the Pony Head's and the Lucitor's became allies with the Butterfly's.
    • Dirhennia's version was an eight ball. Dirhhennia was affected by some sort of Ambiguous Disorder, and focused solely on balls to the point of obsession.
    • Crescenta's wand is similar to Star's, in that it looks more like something from a parody of the Magical Girl genre. Unlike Star's however, the wings on it are much sharper, her wings less angel like and more bird of prey like, befitting that Beneath the Mask, she is much more vile and vicious.
    • Rhina's wand was very similar to a rubik's cube. While it does bring to mind her love for solving and making riddles, it also fits her Absent-Minded Professor character, as much like a rubik's cube, she was constantly mixed up and had to leaves notes to herself, in a sense, solving her own puzzle.
    • Estrella's wand was a pen, befitting one who preferred to draw rather than fight or really rule.
    • Comet's wand was a rolling pin. Comet didn't care much for fighting compared to some of her ancestors, and believed all were equal at the dinner table, even going as far as to advocate for Mewman-Monster coexistence alongside Archduke Batwin.
    • Lobster Claw's version took on two states based on how he perceived himself. When Ludo tried to goad him into being Evil and returning to him, it looked much darker and sharper, but when Star tried to convince him he was good, it was more innocent and cutesy looking. The way it constantly shifted between the two forms ultimately represented how his heart was unable to come to terms with who he really was, a savage beast, or a kind soul.
    • Toffee's fragment of the Cleaved Wand was simply his skeletal hand holding a rock with the cleaved crystal on it. Toffee never truly cared for the wand, but saw it as simply a means to an end, so his version ultimately was just his hand holding its power. After it merges to Ludo's arm, the rock it had for a face is no longer visible, evident in that the rock was insignificant and the cleaved crystal was the real target. Once he regains his finger and restores his body, Toffee no longer needs the crystal, and simply shatters it.
    • Sliding into Fridge Horror is when Marco holds the wand in Deep Dive. While at first it appears like Star's, once Marco touches it with his right hand, the wand changes, taking a greenish color, with a pike on its tip, black wings framing it, and a purple jewel in the center. The fact it doesn't change till his right hand touches it is a nod to the fact his right hand was the Monster Arm, which still exists inside him, but the wands form is concerning. Nothing about it seems to resemble Marco in any shape or form, so what is its true meaning?
  • Eclipsa's tendency to fly with her parasol-wand may be Shout-Out to Mary Poppins, but this is in many ways more meaningful—think about Mary Poppins; just like her, Eclipsa is a specially talented person who came out of nowhere to take care of and teach a child with Mommy Issues by adding excitement to her life. Mary was never really clear about her feelings, either but she did warm up to said child. Eclipsa just taught Star how to be a good, Rebellious Princess instead of a Quintessential British Lady. Unfortunately, Mary ended up having to leave the children she helped raise, just as it came time for Star and Eclipsa to part ways in Season 4. Eclipsa embodying the character archetype winds up being prophetic.
  • Why did Toffee cared so much about getting his finger back? Of course there's the simple explanation that he simply hates magic and the mewmans enough to want to getting back the slightest piece of him they took, but also let's remember that he lost that finger when Moon used the nameless spell to avoid war, the lizards were very confident on going to war with mewmans because they are functionally immortal and by destroying his finger permanently she both scared them off and discredit him as a General. It's safe to say that Toffee very much wanted to still go to war with the mewmans even after destroying magic, but he could never form another army of monsters thanks to what Moon did, so he needed his finger back so he could show them that he could "fix" what the spell did to him, meaning he would get his influence back and be start to scheme for war again.

    Season 1 

Star Comes to Earth

  • There is an interesting dynamic between parents and children. Star's parents (especially her mother) are shown to be strict and regal, resulting in Star becoming a bundle of energy. On the other hand, Marco's parents are shown to be an excitable and open-minded couple, making Marco quite the "safe kid".

Party With a Pony

  • Remember how Star assumed every person's last name was Marco's? Well, this episode reveals that Star's best friend, Flying Princess Pony Head and her father, Flying King Pony Head, almost have the same name. The only way to tell them apart is their obvious physical differences and position of royalty.
    • This is later Subverted since it's revealed that Flying Princess Pony Head does, in fact, have a first name. She just doesn't like it.

The Other Exchange Student

  • Gustav says a lot of incredibly false facts about Scandinavia, but it would make a bit more sense when you consider that he's not actually from Scandinavia.


  • Listening to Oscar's lyrics it's no wonder Star would like his music and attitude, given her own issues.

Lobster Claws

  • In hindsight, there's a lot of foreshadowing as while Marco believes he can take this time to change Lobster Claws to a good guy, Star basically says there's no way for him to reform as he's just a monster.

Blood Moon Ball

  • Both Star and Marco freak out when they start talking in unison. It makes sense why they wouldn't realize what happened as neither of them were paying attention to the ball's announcer when he talked about what was going to happen. Star was distracted by the Blood Moon and Marco had just got there and was distracted looking for Star.

Fortune Cookies

  • It might be incredibly obvious, but Star thinking that fortune cookies actually do reliable divination makes sense when we know a particular store's calzones do the same exact thing. Who knows, maybe snow globes are made by magic in Mewni.
    • Or they just don't have snow globes in Mewni.

Freeze Day

  • Star accidentally freezes time for herself... yet Marco is unaffected and can walk around just fine. This is because two episodes ago they accidentally grafted their souls together in the underworld. The wand simply mistook Marco for Star and exempted him from the effects!

Mewnipendance Day

  • This episode makes Ludo's obsession with the Wand a lot less selfish and justifies why the other monsters would be willing to be beaten up for it. The monsters are annually reminded of them being massacred at the hands of the Mewnians because of the wand.
    • Although is goals earlier on were stated to be purely selfish in wanting his "big boy body" and getting respect and girls. This turns out to be because he is the runt of his family and should be much taller (and was bullied by his parents for it, in an attempt to "toughen him up".

Interdimensional Field Trip

  • In "Matchmaker", Marco's and Star's teacher Ms Skullnick gets turned into a troll and she ends up attaching the attention of one of Ludo's henchmen. Seems like she's in a new relationship only for her to be dumped back into the classroom at the end of the episode. Seems like just a joke about her having bad luck in the romance department. In this episode, we find out that because of the Troll life span she's a teenager. Ludo's monster must've not wanted to end up in jail.

Marco Grows A Beard

  • The episode title sounds like an odd one for an episode that starts out lighthearted and ends with Toffee causing mutiny and tossing Ludo out of his castle.]] Then you realize it's a pun on Growing the Beard; Marco wants facial hair to impress Jackie and appear more mature, while Toffee revealed his intentions.

Storm the Castle

  • Toffee being able to regenerate limbs should actually be obvious when you consider that he's a lizard.
  • Toffee's ability to regenerate limbs helps explain his calm demeanor in the face of violence; he's never actually at risk.
    • His calm demeanor even when the wand blows up can be further explained in that, with all of his knowledge of the Whispering Spell and how the wand works, he knew being in the blast radius would put him in the wand, not kill him.

    Season 2 

Ludo in the Wild

  • How was Ludo able to catch a fish almost immediately after dipping his beard in the water? Because, as seen in his turnaround battle against the Arachnid, his beard was absolutely full of bugs that could have been used as bait.

Mr. Candle Cares

  • There is a brief scene where Marco throws out the pamphlet about being a janitor the guidance counselor gave him, but he just misses the trash can. This is a subtle way to confirm that Marco would actually be a bad janitor.
  • Marco's frustration in "Candle Cares" and fear in "Star Vs. Echo Creek" comes from his Hispanic background and prejudices he's familiar with.
    • In the former, Marco was upset that the guidance counselor told him that he'd be best at janitor work. Marco is a straight A honor student with great physical abilities but that didn't seem to matter to a white guy that would set up a path for his future. In other words, before Marco realized that Mr. Candles worked for Tom, he thought he was being racially profiled!
    • In "Star Vs. Echo Creek" he expostulates to Star that damaging a police car will lead to jail time and that at best, he'll be able to visit. Being "the safe kid" and a person of color, Marco is more aware that if someone like him, Ambiguously Brown, were caught doing something like that, he might end up in jail or not even make it to the police station alive. This doesn't apply to Star, who is white, wealthy, and a princess to boot, hence why Marco's lecture was superfluous.

Star vs. Echo Creek

Game of Flags

  • Moon is the only one of her family who doesn't look down on the Johansens for their rowdy behavior, or their Jabba Table Manners. As she's married to a Johansen, it would be hypocritical of her to do so, so tolerance is the only option. Not to mention, she probably has gotten used to River's behavior at this point.


  • Star having a crush on Marco and not vice versa makes sense since during the Blood Moon Ball, Star was the one smitten until finding out it was Marco she was dancing with. Marco meanwhile just wanted to get his friend out of there. Star isn't sure how to deal with the feelings she had vs her normal conception of Marco as her best friend and has been thinking about it ever since the dance. Marco didn't have mistaken feelings for Star,Whyhyf so he still just thinks of her as a friend.
    • Star could be in love with the idea of Marco due to his masquerade or the machine could have mistaken Star and Marco's relationship as an unknown platonic love rather than a full on crush. Star could be aware of it but is strongly questioning it because of what the pair have been through.
    • This may turn into a Harsher in Hindsight after "Naysaya" since Marco may have gotten a Relationship Upgrade with Jackie Lynn Thomas because if Star is fully aware of her crush on Marco then his upgrade with Jackie may turn his and Star's friendship into a I Want My Beloved to Be Happy scenario or the upgrade may put a strain on their friendship as Marco could be spending more time with Jackie than Star. If she isn't aware of it then their friendship may still be affected as Star may realise the crush in the future and become conflicted about telling him while he's with Jackie.
      • He got his relationship upgrade and this was almost the case.
    • Another hint to this crush is that the girls hear Marco playing jazz on a keyboard, very well, while dressed in a suave outfit. Who else played an instrument while dressed in a "cool outfit" and won Star over? Oskar. Also, another hint for Star's crush on Oskar fading is that he plays the keytar terribly and incorrectly, while Marco shows that he can play piano well.

Gift of the Card

  • The episode has Marco wanting a plum wallet, but later claiming that Prussian Blue is his favorite color. Yet in the previous episode he passed the truth game by saying his favorite color was red. The gradient shows him changing in his tastes much like Star, as something that used to be an important part of him changed over time.


  • Tom's true motives makes sense when you consider that he hates Marco for what happened with the soul-binding but also respects him as Star's friend. Marco due to his A in psychology and respect for Star was able to talk down Tom from killing him and pointing out that you can't force or trick someone into getting into a relationship with you. Tom was anticipating that Marco would help him keep calm in a similar way, and that if Marco failed, then it wouldn't be a big loss to Tom. What Tom didn't anticipate was that he and Marco would be Not So Different in terms of loving the same boy band and that he would crave Marco's friendship.
    • He doesn't know that Marco was the one dancing with Star in "Blood Moon Ball". Marco was wearing a mask (and not even Star recognized him until he revealed himself) and he was frozen when Star said his name. Had he known who Star's mystery partner was, he seriously might've come back and killed him. He likely hates Marco for chopping his hand off on their first meeting, being close to Star and living with Star (they were worried enough about Starco being a thing that they sent spies to the school), and forcing Tom to tell the truth in "Mr. Candle Cares" which resulted in Marco being hugged by Star and Tom being punched. As the demon said, "Point Marco."
    • It's also hinted that Tom has tried to graduate before, meaning that Marco may not be the lowest on his totem pole.

Spider with a Top Hat

  • It makes perfect sense that Spider's initial tries didn't work. The spell works as the name states and he's "Spider with a Top Hat" so he needed to blast with the top hat to work right.

Page Turner

  • The unnamed wizard who was carrying some magical items wasn't shown on the magical scanner. Why? Because of the fritz weakening the magic on the scanner itself.
  • Glossaryck's calling the Magical High Commission "children" comes off as him being condescending, but "Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension" reveals that he created all of them. So, he's their father.

Bon Bon the Birthday Clown

  • Why did Marco see only part of the blood moon after he kissed Jackie? Because like last time he saw only a half of it they were in the same situation they were now: separated. Each represent one half of the moon, thus when they're together it becomes full/complete.

Raid the Cave

  • The Doylist reason why Glossaryck can't simply return to Star willingly is that we wouldn't have the remainder of season two and possibly season three. The Watsonian reason is that Glossaryck likes doing things his way, and at the moment he can't openly help Star due to Ludo "owning" the book, or so he says. Star is also more motivated to practice her magic now that Glossaryck is in danger and has apparently allied with Ludo, when before she was slacking off and doing her own thing.
    • Or he just truly doesn't "have a side".

Running With Scissors

  • Hekapoo's laid-back attitude makes a lot of sense considering she lives in an Year Inside, Hour Outside world and she is The Ageless. She literally has all of the time in the world, and she can screw around in her dimension for years without neglecting her duties to the multiverse.
  • Remember in "Naysaya" when it was revealed Marco is ashamed of his own body? It's clear Marco has wished of becoming a muscular, badass warrior, and could not have felt more happy and confident about gaining the body he has only dreamed of having. The fact that Marco was too sad and upset to see his muscular body go away lends more credence to those insecurities.


  • When Star is told the Chicken Joke ("Why did the Chicken cross the road? To get to the other side."), she bursts out laughing. While the joke is notorious for being unfunny, it is an example of Anti-Humor where the punchline is just the logical answer, and is arguably only unfunny because everyone has heard it before they were old enough to understand it. Except, of course, for Star, who has likely never heard that exact joke when growing up in Mewni.

Collateral Damage

  • This episode shows why Marco was able to pick up on Written by the Winners being in effect during "Mewnipendence Day". He's seen it before with his own home town's history and is an Only Sane Man about said history while others are blinded by the nostalgia.

Face the Music

  • Ruberiot's choice of tea? Mint, which has a reputation of being a good tea for the voice. Useful if you've got a big singing gig coming up, no?
  • Ludo's younger brother is named Dennis, being the Odd Name Out among his sibling. Depending on whether he was born before or after Ludo took over the family castle then his parents changed their naming scheme either because of shame at his being the runt or because they didn't want a reminder of their own failures.
  • Star's ballad is split into four parts. First is a nod to tradition, and mostly what her mother initially wanted it to be.(Diamonds) Second is about, power, magic, and rebellion. (Spades/hearts) Third is about keeping secrets and playing the game of royalty. (Clubs) Last is about secret love. (spades/hearts)
    • And considering "Baby" mentioned that Star shares some similarities to Queen Eclipsa of Dark Magic, that union of both spades and hearts also makes sense.
    • Why does Star feel the need to expose such a fatal error she committed, and why does Queen Moon enjoy the song so much up until the reveal? Up until the verses spilling Star's secrets, her Princess Song was, at heart, exactly the same as her mother's and presumably every Princess Song before it—not one negative word about Star, every one of her "adventurous" traits played up to make her look as amazing as possible. Both Moon and Star's songs even make mention of them inheriting the throne ("Perfect Princess Moon will be our queen!"/"She's gonna earn her crown..."). Until the second tone change, the only real difference between Star's song and Moon's was the musical style used—and Star specifically wanted her song to be as different from all the rest as possible.
  • Suddenly Ludo being a Manchild makes sense when he reveals that he was neglected, due to being one of fifty children. He never properly grew up, until exiled to the wild. Often children that grow up in abusive and neglectful environments become abusive and neglectful in turn.


  • The ending of the episode is a bookends with the first episode. Star begins her friendship with Marco when he stops from her leaving and tells her that he wants her to stay on Earth. The two hug and happily go off looking forward to adventures together. Star leaves Earth at the end of Starcrushed telling Marco that she has a crush on him and runs off crying. Marco isn't able to respond to that quick enough and she leaves Earth. Her time on Earth ends in the opposite manner that it began.
  • Why was the normal ending theme song not played at the end of "Starcrushed"? Because Star is no longer on Earth to sing it, of course.
  • When Oskar accidentally throws away his keytar, he asks Star if it will land on Mars. At the end credits of the episode the keytar lands on Marco's front yard. Marco means Mars in Italian so the keytar actually landed on "Mars".
  • Star not showing any tact in her confession to Marco is obviously motivated by the lack of time she has, but considering literally everybody on Mewni knows about her crush on Marco because of Song Day, it's not really much of a loss to let few dozen more people know.

    Season 3 

Return to Mewni

  • Star's use of the All-Seeing Eye spell didn't alert Toffee because she was using untainted magic (out of concern for Marco). Notice the pink light the wand emits.
  • It's a small Fridge Brilliance, but Star's belief that grandmas "go to a Grandma Farm" could reflect why she called the Tapestry Room "the Grandma Room": she generalizes that all past ancestors carry the title "grandma". Sort of like how she thought everyone on earth had "Diaz" for a last name.
    • I mean, it's more likely she calls it "the Grandma Room" because the past queens are all her actual grandmothers...

Moon The Undaunted

  • Moon was clearly aiming her wand at Toffee's chest before moving it towards his hand. Why did she blow off his finger when she had a clear shot at his heart? Because the Exact Words of her contract said that Eclipsa would be freed once Toffee was killed. By crippling Toffee instead of killing him, Moon dealt with the monster army without freeing Eclipsa. Unfortunately, the contract didn't specify who had to kill Toffee, so when Toffee is killed by Star and Ludo the contract immediately comes back into play.
  • Back in "Into the Wand", the tapestry showed young Moon taking off Toffee's finger with the dark spell she learned from Eclipsa, but there are some big differences: Tapestry — it appears that Moon and Toffee are battling with the latter wielding a weapon and his minions inching towards Moon threateningly. In reality, neither Toffee nor his minions do anything threatening to Moon and she only resorts to the dark spell in order to scare them off. So, why such noticeable differences? Well, like "Mewnependance Day", Mewnans have a habit of painting monsters in a negative light, plus Moon confronted the General directly responsible for her mother's death, so of course she would make him scarier at the moment.
  • This episode explains why Glossaryck was so direct in teaching Moon: She was unexpectedly thrust into being queen because Toffee killed her mother. Moon had to learn as much about magic as quickly as possible in order to protect her kingdom, unlike Star who has the luxury of learning at her own pace.
  • It always seemed a bit strange that Moon looked younger in her tapestry of her as a queen in comparison to the others who looked more adult. But this episode proves why — Moon was 14/15 when she became queen.

Marco and the King

  • River mentions that the reason he was such a good king was because Moon was always there to help him. Makes sense. The moon moves the river.

Puddle Defender

  • This episode can be seen as a parallel to "Mewnependance Day": A Mewni royal learns that no all monsters are bad, that children books and games can be biased, and then shows care and respect for the same monster- Buff Frog.
  • Why didn't Toffee sense the wand when Star used it to so she and Moon can escape from the sanctuary? Because said sanctuary was already filled to the brim with his tainted magic.
  • Why is Moon so dismissive towards Buff Frog initially despite going to the Avarius home in "Face The Music"? First, unlike Buff Frog, it's implied that Moon has been acquainted with them in the past, so she's more familiar with them. Second, regal queen or not, she has her prejudices against monsters that was given due to Mewni painting them in the bad light. And thirdly, Moon's mother was killed by a group of monsters, and it's not uncommon for people to transfer their hate and bias to others because of what someone else did to them.
    • Plus he is introduced as having worked for Ludo. A major thorn in the Butterfly's side, and the current host for Toffee's consciousness. He worked for the enemy.
    • In the suplimentary guide The Magic Book of Spells, it was revealed that the Avarius family was put into power by Crescenda the Eager as a sorta puppet ruler. She's civil enough with the Avarius family because they are on the same side, other monsters on the other hand....
  • Katrina having the buffest legs out of her siblings makes sense — She has yet to grow arms and must rely on her legs to do things hands would usually do.

King Ludo

  • Foolduke is able to steal Ludo's key right under his nose while he's distracted by her and Ruberiot's bickering. We learn in Season 4 that she's from Pie Island, a notorious den of liars and thieves (and bakers). While she is a Defector from Decadence, she still probably remembers a few tricks from there.


  • The place where Toffee and Star went after getting caught in the whispering spell appears to be the wellspring of all magic in the universe. This explains why magic started to weaken and malfunction: Toffee's presence was corrupting the magic and fusing it with himself. This also explains why Star became so powerful because she was channeling the magic of the entire universe.
    • It would also explain how the corruption Toffee caused was reversed so quickly. By saving the last speck of untainted magic, Star was connected to magic just as Toffee was, but being a magic user instead of a monster caused Star's positive influence to spread faster than Toffee's, who required around 2-3 months to corrupt all magic entirely.
    • The whole sequence actually explains a lot about how the wand functions. All magic in the universe is kept in a pocket dimension that functions as a sort of "magic reservoir". The wand has a direct link to this dimension, hence why people at ground zero of the whispering spell are transported there. This gives the user a huge advantage as it lets them pull from a nearly endless source of magic, while everyone else can only use a certain amount of magic at a time before exhausting themselves. Interestingly, the "reservoir" also appears to be the birthplace of the tiny unicorns that power the wand, as demonstrated by the baby unicorn that appears when Star recovers the last speck of magic. Also, while the magic of the pocket dimension is nearly endless, the wand itself requires a power source to keep the connection active.
  • The repeating motif of Star having to "dip down" into her magic like using a ladle to get to the bottom of a pot of soup seems strange at first until you consider her name. What's one of the most well-known constellations in the night sky? The Big Dipper. She even calls herself a "dipper" shortly before pulling her magic out of Glossaryck's pot and transforming into her Golden Super Mode.
  • Why didn't Toffee keep the ability to use magic when he restored his body? Especially since at that point, he was the only one capable of using it? Because his entire goal was to destroy the wand and get his finger back. He doesn't care about having magic, only caring about getting it out of his way. His own immortality was enough for him.
  • Eclipsa's deal with Moon possibly backfired on her a bit since she would only be freed when Toffee was killed. Since Moon didn't kill Toffee after she made the deal, Eclipsa would be stuck inside the crystal for as long as Toffee remained alive, even when the corruption of magic led to the other prisoners being freed from their crystal prisons.


  • In the very least, this episode explains why Moon is friendlier to the Avarius family but not Buff Frog, despite that they're both explicitly monsters: Moon meeting the former may have been done out of complete necessity but the Avarius family were nobility (and allies to the Butterfly family), while Buff Frog was relatively a peasant. Case in point, the Avariuses act more civilized than a lot of monsters while Buff Frog engages in a lot of disgusting habits.
    • Ironically, the Avarius family may be "civilized", but are horrible parents, while Buff Frog is a good parent despite being a 'slob' by comparison.

Sweet Dreams

  • How come no one but Eclipsa knows about the secret tunnels? It's a Butterfly family secret, but Eclipsa was imprisoned before she had the chance to pass it on.

Deep Dive

  • This episode shows why Glossaryck was so impressed by Star's ability to reach through the All-Seeing Eye spell. Normally the spell explodes as soon as someone touches it.
  • Strangely, when Marco touches Star's wand, it doesn't immediately change form like it should. That's because Marco's soul is bonded to Star's as he notes, meaning that the wand simply recognizes Marco's touch as if it were simply Star touching it.
    • And coupled with Fridge Horror, we see that Marco's version of the wand is rather scary-looking. However, one may notice that the wand only changes to this form once Marco touches it with his right hand, a. k. a. the hand of the Monster Arm.

Monster Bash

  • Mina considers Heinous, aka Meteora, to be the most dangerous monster ever. From her point of view, this is completely right. Meteora is a Butterfly, and therefore has a valid claim on the Mewnian throne; and she's also half-monster. She's living proof that Mewnians and Monsters are Not So Different, which would cause huge social and political changes; considering Mina is obsessed with keeping the old ways, Heinous/Meteora is the single most dangerous threat to her whole life philosophy. Plus, all female members have magic, and combined with monster DNA, she'd be an abomination of sorts.
    • Also, in regards to the Mewman-Monster party, Mina might've been separating the monsters and the Mewmans so as to prevent a teen pregnancy between a monster and a Mewman. After all, it's not uncommon that an unauthorized party thrown by teenagers can lead to any number of consequences. Supported by the fact that the first people she targeted were a male monster and Mewman princess who wandered into a secluded part of the temple together.
  • At first, Tom getting beaten by Mina seems like The Worf Effect, given he's a pretty powerful Demon Prince. But then one recalls "Demoncism" and it makes sense: that demon that was removed from him! Without it, he's a notch less powerful than he was before the ritual, and he was facing a Nigh Invulnerable Blood Knight, who'd have been a dangerous opponent for him even at his prime.
  • Retroactively, Miss Heinous being so caring and motherly to Rasticore's arm may be explained by the fact that she is half-monster herself and has noticeably reptilian features such as a scaly arm. Might double as fridge Tear Jerker since Meteora lost her own mother to Rhombulus and she was likely subconsciously trying to recreate her lost childhood. It also doubles as Amnesiac Resonance from a dim recollection of lost memories.
  • Miss Heinous (Meteora) despite her personality is shown to have a love of loud rock music, in "Total Eclipsa The Moon" her mother, Eclipsa is shown playing an electric guitar (made of bones), perhaps Meteora frequently heard her mother playing that music when she was very young and still has vague memories of it.

Stump Day

  • How does Star know Spanish? She's been around Marco (who is well in touch with his Hispanic heritage) long enough, and if anything, he or at least his dad spoke Spanish a lot at home that Star picked it up.

Total Eclipsa The Moon

  • The candles that Moon uses to tell the time burn down to almost nothing while she waits for Eclipsa to help her. This means they were set up by someone and recently at that. It serves as a hint about that specific room in the archives being visited before this point and about someone trying to Un-person Meteora.
  • Moon's mistrust of Eclipsa becomes more justified here with the reveal that Festivia was her successor. Festivia ruled during a time of open war with the monsters and served as a Hope Bringer to Mewni, both of which were likely necessary because of Eclipsa's actions. Running off with her monster lover would have inflamed tensions to be even worse and the Mewnan citizens would have been disheartened at their ruler forsaking them for sworn enemies of their kingdom.
  • Moon never knew about the possibility of wiping minds because that's a Eclipsa spell and, unlike Star, Moon never read the "forbidden" chapter. The one labeled as forbidden by the MHC who wouldn't want this power to be abused.
  • "Mind eraser, pew pew!" is such a short, simple spell unlike the other two known Eclipsa spells which are Magical Incantation because she'll need to be quick and swift to avoid "the victim" escaping.

Butterfly Trap

  • Since Moon was colluding with Star and Eclipsa to force the Magical High Commission to confess Un-Personing Meteora, why did she bother to bring stacks and stacks of evidence? Simple; she intentionally exaggerated how boring holding a normal trial would be so that the MHC would agree to the trial by box. Given how childish Rhombulus is and how impatient Hekapoo can be, they agreed almost immediately.
    • Not to mention that Moon downright stated that most of this evidence came from rumors, folk tales and not-so-trustworthy witnesses, so there was a chance that Eclipsa could get declared Not Guilty, or get just a light sentence, something the MHC obviously didn't want, so the Trial by Box, where they could use questions that would mark Eclipsa as 'Evil' right on the spot sounded much more convenient.
  • Festivia's origins reveal that magic is not a Royalty Super Power and implies that any Mewman can learn to use magic with enough training. This was actually foreshadowed twice, first by Mina having magic despite not sharing any relation to the royal family and second by Marco spontaneously gaining cheek-marks when he used Star's wand. The queens and princesses are only stronger due Glossaryck's training and generations of exposure to very powerful magic.
  • This episode reveals King Shastacan's looks and considering Eclipsa's rebellious and thrill-seeking nature, it makes more obvious why Eclipsa decided to leave him. Shastacan was posh, fat, kinda short, uptight and seems to be a bore of a man. Everything her monster husband wasn't. She even said his most attractive feature was his smile, and in both instances he's shown, Shastacan is a Perpetual Frowner.
  • In hindsight, the Council being arbitrary and prone to causing coups was foreshadowed in "Running With Scissors" when Heckapoo goaded Marco into reclaiming the scissors by chasing her for years into other worlds. The sensible thing would have been to confiscate the scissors, ask Marco where a mere mortal had gotten them, and explain why he shouldn't have had a pair, let alone abused it. Marco had no idea about the rules that govern interdimensional travel, and his going scissors-happy occurred due to trying to find walking space for the laser puppies. The episode used comedy to completely make the viewers forget that Heckapoo is very arbitrary and Would Hurt a Child using magic and emotional abuse.
  • In retrospect, it is a testament to the writing staff's skill that the Magic High Commission managed to avoid coming across as so Obviously Evil that the reveal of their deception would have been a Captain Obvious Reveal. The members of the commission are all noticeably monstrous or demonic in appearance; with the most normal-looking member (Hekapoo) still possessing chalk-white skin, red eyes, and fangs. In addition, in most of their appearances, the members of the commission either acted antagonistically towards the heroes, or ended up being mostly useless. From a storytelling standpoint, it should have been obvious to the audience that the ancient council behind the throne of a Crapsaccharine World like Mewni would turn out to be corrupt. But the fact that the members of the commission usually act rather friendly and goofy managed to make them likable enough that the true extent of their villainy was legitimately surprising.
  • There's a reason why in "Moon the Undaunted", Rhombulus froze Eclipsa right on the spot: he was afraid either Eclipsa or Moon would figure out they weren't related.
  • The royal Butterfly women name their daughters after celestial bodies or events: Moon, Star, Eclipsa...Festivia seems to be the odd one out, as her name relates more closely to her personality than the skies or space. This is most likely because Festivia is the only known queen to be named by someone outside of the royal family.
  • While Star goes into a Heroic BSoD after the reveal that her family does not have a claim to the throne, Moon does not seem to have any reaction at all to the revelation. This makes sense considering her characterization as someone under The Chains of Commanding: She sees being queen as a burden she has to bear and it makes no difference to her whether she received that burden by birth or by choice. The news does not change the fact that she has a duty to her people and she is the only person capable of protecting them. Also, Moon's identity is more-or-less set in stone at this point, while Star was just starting to become comfortable with her responsibilities as princess.
  • A bit of WMG involved, but think back to the game Buff Frog had of Mewmans kidnapping monster babies. Moon admitted she couldn't remember a time when monsters actually stole Mewman babies, but we never heard if Buff Frog remembered Mewmans stealing monster babies. What if the monsters think of the Heinous cover-up as Mewmans stealing a monster baby?!
  • The Reveal of the Magic High Commission's actions actually places Glossaryck's long-held disdain of them in a different light. Previous episodes have implied that Glossaryck can see into the future. He may have seen what the Commission would one day do to Eclipsa (whom Glossaryck was fond of), and was so disgusted by it that it permanently marred his perception of them.

Ludo, Where Art Thou?

  • Why didn't Hekapoo bust Dennis for abusing the dimensional scissors? She was distracted by Eclipsa's trial!
  • Ludo's dummy of Marco has a watermelon head. Marco's Latino, and the watermelon, coincidentally, has the same colors of the Mexican flag; green on the outside, red and white on the inside.

Is Another Mystery

  • Seeing a number of Ludo's former minions who were about to leave with Buff Frog makes sense as to why they served Ludo in the first place; they hoped that if Ludo took over Mewni, they could've kicked the Mewmans out, reclaimed their land and then lived better lives. But, since Ludo was isn't around anymore, they had nothing better to do but to survive, and when oppression got worse on Mewni, they had no other way but out.

Tough Love

  • Why did Meteora get angry when Eclipsa asked her to call her "Mother"? Because, as shown in "Skooled," Meteora referred to St. Olga by that name. At this point, it's probably become a Berserk Button for her.
  • Look closely at Meteora's doll, Bobo. It has a resemblance to Gemini, who was revealed to be an automaton a couple episodes before. Meteora subconsciously designed her most faithful assistant after her old childhood toy!
  • Of course Eclipsa and Moon would mess up when trying to stop Meteora; Moon has always been bound by The Chains of Commanding, and her main priority is to protect Star. Eclipsa in the meantime is worried about her daughter's well-being and safety. Their love for their daughters ends up spelling their doom, because Star and Meteora are their weak spots.
  • In her full hybrid form Meteora appears to have the same energy drain ability Toffee had, implying that it is a standard power that monsters get if they gain access to magic. Only unlike Toffee, Meteora doesn't need the Wand to do it: she can 'dip down' like a Mewman and use it all on her own due to her hybrid nature. This adds more context to the Magic High Commission's fears about a monster gaining magic, especially since it appears to be a One-Hit Kill even against even god-like entities such as themselves.
  • Ironically, up until the end of "Butterfly Trap", Eclipsa has been treated like an outright threat, while her daughter Meteora has been under the radar and been stealing souls from the inhabitants of Mewni. This makes their names all the more meaningful. Think about it: in old times, a solar eclipse was heralded as a disaster, even though it simply blocks the sun for a short while. Whereas a meteor, while nice to admire from afar, can pose a threat if it lands on someone or something. It can even shoot across the night sky unnoticed to the untrained eye. Eclipsa, like an eclipse, has been regarded as evil, even though she's merely selfish. But the real threat is her daughter, Meteora.


  • It makes sense for Tom to be the one to give an inspiring speech praising Marco's determination: he's seen it first-hand how persistent he can be during their ping-pong game back in "Mr. Candle Cares". He and Hekapoo are the most aware of this quality of Marco's.
  • How does Star have many phones? Well, she's a princess, so of course she can afford that many.


  • Tom believed Marco was bluffing when he confessed about kissing Star, most likely due to his experience with Marco in "Mr. Candle Cares", where he actually fell for Marco's lie about him and Star being "Smooch Buddies".
  • Star failing to tell the alligator guardian to open the Magical Sanctuary. One is led to believe that Star was just "bwah-ing" wrong and the guardian wasn't understanding her, but earlier in the episode, we see that the Sanctuary is actually directly connected to the Realm of Magic... which Star had just been expelled from by the Firstborn a few moments ago, meaning that there was no miscommunication between Star and the guardian, rather the latter just didn't grant access to the former because she doesn't have permission anymore to return to the Magic Realm.
    • And why exactly Star lost her permission to stay in or return to the Realm? Because she was directly tainted by the corruption Moon washed off from her arms. Notice that Moon still left tainted imprints on the boarded up well, so there was still some lingering corruption in her body.
  • Watch how Star's wand changes into Eclipsa's wand: it emits butterflies. Think back to the times the wand was claimed or reclaimed by a non-butterfly: the wand didn't emit butterflies. From the first episode alone (when the wand was handed down from Moon to Star), it was meant to foreshadow that Star and her family weren't real butterflies.
  • The ending of this episode reveals why the temple of monsters was kept under guard by the MHC. Eclipsa's monster lover, Globgor, was crystallized right behind the mural in Meteora's nursery. Having him there was the perfect bait for Meteora if she ever returned in order to free him (explaining why Mina set camp in it to capture her) and this explains why Rhombulus was unwilling to say anything about the place to Star, as it would reveal more about their treatment to Eclipsa and their conspiracy.
  • Notice how Tom was okay with Star and Marco by the end despite being shown to be a Clingy Jealous Guy with anger issues previously? Well, early in the episode, he had like twenty or thirty Demoncisms in a row at the hands of Meteora.

    Season 4 

Butterfly Follies

  • Of course Moon would know how to bake pies. Her mother was Comet the Chef, after all.

The Ponyhead Show

  • Ponyhead's sisters shave half of Eclipsa's hair so it stands up from out the middle and goes down on one side. The horses gave her a mane.

Curse of the Blood Moon

  • The episode gives a good reason why Tom has been so relaxed about Star and Marco kissing, rather than showing even a single shade of his old jealous, temperamental behavior: Yes, he does know a goblin pulled a mean prank on them, but he also remembers that the duo were bonded by the Blood Moon all the way back in season one, so he's fully aware that there is a good chance that whatever emotions or feelings that resulted in that and any other intimate actions between his girlfriend and best friend are because they've been Strangled by the Red String rather than them actively trying to enter a relationship behind his back. Hard to engage in righteous anger when you know that the people you want to be angry at might not even be in control of their actions, and that the reason they aren't is because of something you did.
  • Tom wearing a different outfit for no apparent reason seems strange, until you remember what happened in "Swim Suit"; after accidentally being affected by one of Eclipsa's spells, he became self-conscious about his fashion choices, and dressed differently because of that.
  • Go back to the ending of the Storm the Castle and Glossarck defining "cleave." There he was talking about the wand, but it works just as perfectly here with Star and Marco's relationship. Cleaving their relationship bound by the Blood Moon's curse will allow them to recleave their relationship naturally, allowing them a much stronger bond, regardless of whether it eventually becomes platonic or romantic in the future.

Meteora's Lesson

  • Now we know how Mewmans are magically-inclined and not just the members of the Royal Family—the first settlers were doused in magic water, and from that it stands to reason each individual was affected depending on their gender.
  • The manner in which Meteora "dipped down" seems to suggest one of two things in regards to the manner in which someone "dips down".
    • The manner of dipping down is inherently based on the user.
      • When Moon dips down, she appears to use raw magic without any form of spell, typically resorting to magic blasts or creating constructs.
      • When Star dips down, she uses actual spells and demonstrates a larger variety of abilities.
      • Skywynne dipping down, as detailed in The Magic Book of Spells, is implied to have given her a boost to her magical power, as doing so while upset annihilated a dimension, and doing so while normal allowed to her craft even more spells than before.
      • When Eclipsa temporarily dipped down to stop Moon from hurting Meteora, the vains on her arm climbed up Moon's body and appeared to paralyze her.
      • Meteora dipping down however allowed her to access her Your Soul Is Mine abilities from when she was an adult, to a lesser extent as Toffee was simply paralyzed rather than completely drained of his soul.
    • Dipping down works differently for Meteora than the other Butterfly's, possibly due to her monster heritage. Moon, Star, and Skywynne all possess increased levels of Magic on their own when dipping down, and Eclipsa's instance can be interpreted as her simply restraining Moon with her magic. Meteora however is the only one shown to possess soul sucking qualities, a trait she demonstrated as an adult before she learned to dip down at all, implying its a natural ability she possessed and has just regained.
  • Glossaryk taking Meteora to the past to get back at Past!Toffee (even if it lead to the assassination of the beloved Queen Comet) may seem petty, but in the greater scope of things, he's helping Meteora. Think about it, if Toffee hadn't killed Comet, Moon wouldn't have come to Eclipsa. Then Moon wouldn't have struck the deal that would free Eclipsa once he was killed. If Eclipsa hadn't been freed, then she wouldn't have been there to identify Festivia wasn't her daughter by looking at the Butterfly Family Book. And it wouldn't have lead to the events that restored Eclipsa to the throne and Meteora to her infant self. He's ensuring Meteora's timeline.
  • More importantly, there's a reason why Glossaryk wanted to teach Meteora how to dip down sooner rather than later. All the queens he's mentored before were taught later in their lives (except for Eclipsa, who never learned to at all). Considering that Comet tragically lost her life, Glossaryk felt Meteora needed to learn as soon as possible so that when her life is in danger, she can instinctively save herself. As we see in previous queens, it took quite a bit of effort everytime they did so.

The Monster and the Queen

  • Why is Globgor making terrible Black Comedy jokes? Because they're not just any bad jokes: they're dad jokes.
  • It makes sense that Eclipsa would be the one to convert Globgor to be a vegetarian: she's a mewman, and their primary diet is corn.


  • In "Moon Remembers," Star is surprised by Moon being able to play the guitar. This episode provides an explanation: Queens of Mewni have to sing and play a song during their coronation, so Moon would have had to learn at some point before that.
  • Ruberiot interrupts a kiss between Star and Tom. At first, this just seems because he wants to get Eclipsa's coronation over with, but then you remember he's a huge Shipper on Deck for Starco.
  • Why are Rombulus's snake hands so willing to go along with his plan of freeing Globgor so he could crystallize him and Eclipsa despite previous showing them to be a voice of reason to him? Because they remember what Eclipsa did to them in "Swim Suit" and they've been feeling vindictive.
  • Why does it take so long for Rhombulus to crystallize Eclipsa? We've seen before that he can crystallize a person completely and instantly in one shot. He was deliberately doing it to try and goad Globgor into attacking him! He probably thought the plan was going off the rails since the crowd was already less than intimidated by Globgor at this point.
  • This is partly a Fridge-Heartwarming: Globgor's tearful reunion with Meteora is meant to be a foil between him and King Shastacan.
    • On one hand, Shastacan's reaction was, to say the least, unloving. He didn't look at her or even bother holding her. While it's understandable he wouldn't care about the baby of his wife's lover, even then, anyone else would've had the decency to leave her in good hands. He confirms the Monsters' prejudice that mewmans steal babies.
    • On the other hand, Globgor goes above and beyond to be a Good Dad. He's loving and kind to his daughter once they reunite, holding his baby in his arms and showing her affection. He ended up defying the Mewmans' prejudice that monsters eat babies.
      • This unto itself may explain why the Mewmans were more accepting of Globgor after witnessing him rescue Meteora. Like Moon, they too probably grew up with the same games and stories that told them monsters eat babies. But seeing this particular monster disprove that theory may have taken out the linchpin of their prejudice.
  • When Globgor called Eclipsa his "darkest Star", it clicked: Eclipsa and Globgor are somehow foils of Star and Marco(/Tom) if their relationship had been under more tragic, star-crossed circumstances. You have Eclipsa who reflects Star's self-indulgence, eccentric personality and open-mindedness towards monsters (if magnified to the point that it's so easily misunderstood by close-minded people). Globgor is somewhat an amalgamation between Tom and Marco, being a demon-looking monster with superpowers like Tom, but also has a Hispanic accent alluding to Marco and being highly protective of his lover.
  • Why was Meteora able to effortlessly climb the castle wall in "Butterfly Follies" but nearly falls in this episode when she tries the same thing? Well, in the former, she only had a diaper on while in the latter, she wore a ceremonial dress with shoes. Obviously, the outfit added on some weight and the shoes made it harder for Meteora to use her feet to climb.

Gone Baby Gone

  • Meteora being able to carry Mariposa despite being a toddler makes sense. Not only does the former have magical and monster DNA but she's older than the latter.

Pizza Party

  • It takes a while to realize, after the shock sets in, that Moon is meant to be a Shadow Archetype of the audience if they hadn't come to realize sooner that Eclipsa is a genuinely good person. Whilst the audience has come to terms that Eclipsa is just a misunderstood character who deserves a chance, Moon still won't trust her after all she's done to prove her trustworthiness.
  • Thus far, with Rhombulus being overtaken by his Black and White Insanity, he acts as a Foil for Eclipsa, in terms of their friendship with Star. Remember back in "Swim Suit" when the two were butting heads? The episode is meant to establish that while both are easily swayed to do the right thing whenever Star calls them out on their actions, Eclipsa learns from her mistakes and strives to be a better person because of it. Rhombulus on the other hand continues to blindly believe his bigoted ways are right, even when Star is advocating for the monsters' rights.

The Tavern At The End Of The Multiverse

  • What Glossaryk said may not have been what Star liked to hear, and Star leaves believing she will make a heartwrenching decision. However, there is a method to his madness. He gives Star straight-up facts, but his manner of delivering them indicates he is purposely not elaborating or putting them in context to the situation, which hints that there is more to it than him dying and Star not seeing Marco again. Keep in mind, Glossaryk isn't necessarily suggesting that the destroying the magic will be the end of it all, but it's only choice that will lead to the best possible outcome. That being said, Glossaryk knew the exact details of the winning outcome, and if he told Star anymore than what he said on-screen, he would risk not achieving that desired outcome.


  • The concept of the word "cleaved" doesn't apply just to Star and Marco's dimensions coming together. It unwittingly acts as a defiance to Mina's philosophy about racism lasting. Yes racism doesn't die easily. But if Eclipsa and Globgor and the monsters are any indication, you can cleave two different races apart, but they always find a way to cleave together.
    • Also, the two worlds merging presents a nice Stealth Pun for how outmoded Mina's philosophy is: it's a new world.
  • Fridge-Heartwarming: Meteora's story has a lovely Book-Ends when Eclipsa decides to raise her daughter to be like Star. When she first debuted in the show, she was Miss Heinous, whose school Moon threatened to send Star so she would be just another obedient shell of a princess. Essentially, Moon wanted Eclipsa's daughter to mold Star's character. So in Hourglass Plot fashion, it's Eclipsa who decides Moon's daughter Star would be a lovely role model for Meteora. In other words, Meteora's gone from the master to the pupil.
  • There's a significance to why Star, Moon, Eclipsa and Meteora have cheek marks that resemble playing card symbols (respectively heart, diamond, spades, and clovers): It's meant to mark them as the significant characters who would destroy the magic and ultimately save the day.
  • Why did the worlds merge at the end? In a lot of media it is common for magic users to be more powerful if they are either in contact with another magic user or when two or more magic users say the same chant concurrently. In Star VS, both are shown to be true. Eclipsa gets a power boost when in contact with Moon during Moons fight with Meteora. Eclipsa, Moon, Star and Meteora are able to cast the whispering spell by doing it together. Star and Marco were both magic users and in physical contact when they shared the phrase "with or without magic, we belong together". This as indicated by their glowing cheek marks was in fact a spell. It's likely they used the last bit of magic to cast a super spell that merged the world's without realizing it.
    • Also, remember that an agreement between queens is powerful enough to overcome anything. It's how Eclipsa was freed upon Toffee's death, as their agreement is stronger than Rhombulus's crystals (she tells Moon this when making the deal). So what two queens made the agreement? It was the "we belong together" pact between Queens Star and Queen Turdina/Marco!!! (Remember, this is consistent regardless of bloodline, as otherwise Moon couldn't have triggered it, and as was stated in Marco's last visit to St. Olga's, "boys can be princesses too!"
  • It was said that magic being destroyed would send everyone back where they belonged. The worlds merging may have been because Star and Marco, as they said, belonged together, and the magic merging Earth and Mewni was an attempt to reconcile that with them being from two entirely different dimensions.
  • Glossaryck and Heckapoo seemed a bit too eager to allow Star and the Queens to destroy the magic saying that despite being sustained by magic, thus losing their lives if it doesn't exist, they are in agreement that the worlds are better off without it. Being basically immortal, both of them have probably seen generation upon generation use and abuse magic to their own ends, mainly with Mewmans who have used it to conquer lands that rightfully belong to monsters. What's worse is that the Mewman peasants, who don't even use magic, are all shown to be lazy, complacent, and incompetent because their queen(s) have been aiding and leading them with magic the whole time. And now that the Solarians have become magically enhanced, their first action is to kill all monsters and monster sympathizers, proving once and for all that Mewmans did not deserve magic.
    • This helps explain why Heckapoo is so selective about handing out her dimension scissors as she would only give one to the royal families or to anyone who earns it by completing her challenge as seen in "Running with Scissors".
    • Glossaryck probably wanted this to happen anyway. Setting into action Toffee's hatred of magic, reasons why Eclipsa was one of his favorite students, his teaching of Star, and why one of the first spells his students learn is the Whispering Spell. We could probably see it in his actions too. Eclipsa never questioned Glossaryck's teachings, and considering how her magic causes corruption within its user, he was probably set to have her destroy magic, but then Rhombulus froze her. When Toffee corrupted the magic realm, we see him resigned to his fate and not even trying to save himself, but then Star "dipped down" to save it. It then fell to Star to finish the job as he discovered from that incident that her magical potential far exceeds Eclipsa's. All he had to do now was nudge Star in the right direction and while he gave her a scenario that made it seem like she would have to sacrifice everything, she still did the right thing and she was rewarded with a world without magic, but one where she can be with Marco.
  • When Mina saw Solaria siding with Eclipsa and the "Monster-Smoochers," she (and the audience) were confused by this because she was the monster carver, Mina's idol. However, this troper did not think it was too far out of nowhere with her. Because of one thing: Solaria loves her daughter more than she hates monsters. When Eclipsa was young, she and her mother were very close, with Eclipsa even emulating her quirkiness as an adult. So what happened with Mina was a case of Evil Cannot Comprehend Good, or rather, hatred cannot comprehend love.
    • There's also an interesting foil between the two and how love and hate respectively changed them. Mina was once a sweet, humble girl who only began following Solaria out of inspiration. When the monsters assassinated her hero, it must've cemented her hatred for the monsters. Solaria on the other hand was a proud, ruthless warrior who let nothing and no one change her views on monsters. But when it came down to (posthumously) helping her daughter Eclipsa save monsters from the Solarian knights, Solaria had a change of heart to aid someone she loved.


Fridge Horror

  • The dimensional scissors are an interesting item. Opening up holes to allow movement between dimensions. Then you have to wonder, what nasty dimensions exist. What eldritch abominations lurk in these dimensions. If the sight gag between Gravity Falls and Rick and Morty is any indication, it's kind of scary.
  • Glossaryck is fridge horror at its finest. He is arguably the wisest and strongest user of magic in the show, and also the most inconsistent in just about everything. He says that only royalty can use the book of spells, and yet divulged the secrets because he was given pudding, or simply because someone else handled the book. He shows emotion and caring for Star after entering the wand, only to scoff at idea of being Star's friend when Star tried to rescue him. He obviously cares about Rhombulus' gift, yet treats Rhombulus as little more than a child. At times he is blunt with training Star, and at other times pulls Xanatos Gambits with flimsy justifications for such actions. The only real consistent thing that could be said about Glossaryck is how much of a jerk he is. It's no wonder then at how many people have such a low view of him.
  • Consider that Nefcy compared Toffee to Magneto as someone with reasonable goals. Consider what Toffee is now. Is he going through some sort of episodic madness (i.e. as it happens to Magneto occasionally), or does he have some really twisted ideas about what's in everyone's best interests?
  • As more and more of the history of monsters and Mewmans is uncovered, a frightening question is brought up: How many innocent monsters were killed due to Mewni's prejudice?
  • Now, it's a good thing Moon stopped threatening to send Star to St. Olga's because if she knew who ran the school (and who happens to be most wanted by the Magical High Commission as stated in All There in the Manual), Moon would instantly regret that decision.
  • Fate seems to be a big theme in Star vs the Forces of Evil. Early examples can be seen in the idea of the Blood Moon and its Ball. That two souls are connected for all eternity. Then there is "Mathmagic" and how Star is required to answer the math question or else the universe will collapse. Then, there is the episode "The Bounce Lounge" where despite the actions of Star and her friends, the Lounge inevitable closes. For someone as free-spirited as Star, this must be something of a shock. No matter what Star or her friends do, everything appears to be dictated by fate. And it appears fate cannot be broken or changed.
  • Post Season 1, most of the students appear surprisingly content remaining in St. Olga's without Miss Heinous and don't seem to worry about going back to their kingdoms. This leads to the heavy implication that they were dumped there because their parents didn't accept them.
  • Solaria's character page has numerous entries on it noting her Total Annihilation spell would potentially wipe out Mewni's allies like the Lucitor's and the Pony Heads and treat it as a potential mistake Solaria was making due to how blinded by extremism she was, but it's fully possible she knew exactly what she was doing. Mewni wouldn't need military allies anymore if all of the presently-hostile monsters were exterminated with a massive spell, so eliminating the now-redundant allied kingdoms that are monsters in all but name would simply leave more land free for Mewmans to occupy without a fight.
  • According to the Book of Spells, women have the most power in royal Mewni marriages, meaning that marriages can only dissolve when the queen says so. Now, the show hasn't been shy about implying domestic abuse, as shown with Ludo's parents and John Roachley from Rhina's chapter. Suddenly, the idea of kings having no power to end the marriage becomes disturbing on many levels.

    Season 1 
Star Comes to Earth
  • How many people Star may have killed when she set Mewni on fire with her wand. Think about that for a moment.
    • Also, did Star accidentally conjure up monsters from her wand that helped start or prolonged the fire? And, if she did, are they still alive?
  • The universe is big. Mind-bogglingly big. It takes four years for light to reach our nearest celestial neighbor, Alpha Centauri, and that's a pittance compared to the 100-180 thousand light years across that our galaxy stretches. Our nearest major galactic neighbor is 2 million light years away, and the 2014 Hubble Ultra Deep Field ranges from five to ten billion light years away. As in, when the light began to leave those stars to reach us, our sun did not exist yet, and that's assuming that it came from the closer side of the field. The universe is so mind-bogglingly huge... and yet if you screw up with a magic wand roughly the size and shape of a wiimote, all of that is gone in the blink of an eye. Why would someone let Star run around with the Ultimate Nullifier if she's not ready to handle that responsibility.
  • Why is Marco's school so unsafe? He's shown preventing Star from hitting a bunch of hazards. Granted, he probably didn't need to "save" her from an open locker door, but a loose tile and broken glass left out on the ground? Those are lawsuit fodder just waiting to happen. Both should have at least been roped off, and glass is something that needs to be cleaned up immediately due to the potential of sharp objects. Yes, I know it's just a silly little montage gag, but those are legitimately dangerous.
  • It's a quick scene, but when Star opens a black hole in Marco's room, one of the laser-puppies gets sucked in. And it's never seen again.
    • Since all the puppies look exactly alike, it possibly survived.
      • Throughout the rest of the series (so far) there is one less puppy every time they grouped together. It goes from 8 to 7.
    • The 'people getting sucked into black holes' thing is at least mitigated somewhat by the reappearance of the lobster monster that was pulled into one in "Quest Buy".
    • The ultimate fate of Bon Bon the Birthday Clown. If a ghost gets sucked into a black hole, can it ever escape? Can it ever die?
  • The guy who was carried away by Star's enchanted butterfly monster, did he survive?
    • He is shown in the background at the school in later episodes. So yes.
  • Star's parents sent her to Earth to better control her powers, and seeing how much destruction she has caused, the reason she is on Earth is that they don't mind having another world getting wrecked by her destructive powers.

Party with a Pony

  • Star knows that Princess Pony Head can be possessive, and also doesn't seem at all hesitant to believe she might threaten someone with her horn. This suggests that similar behavior may have occurred in the past. If this is the case, how many friends may Star have lost due to such behavior?

School Spirit

  • Star was taught how to snap a person's neck by one of her babysitters as a child. Basically the sweet, kind, dorky girl we've come to know has the knowledge on how to kill people.


  • As funny as Oskar's song is, think about it a bit. The song is about how he lives in his car at school because of his mom and her boyfriend. Even if his mother and her boyfriend didn't do anything wrong, the fact that his clothes and car are in such a sorry state points to him actually being a runaway, living in the school parking lot.
  • There's also mewberty itself. Obvious mutation aside, it leads to the mewman capturing any being of the opposite sex they can find. Considering that it's similar to puberty, which is when a person's body changes in order to conceive or bear children, this is likely supposed to lead to eventual breeding. And Glossaryck's comments imply that not all mewmans return to normal...

Blood Moon Ball

  • Did Tom ever take his anger out on Star? At first, it seems unlikely due to Star's nonchalant attitude toward Tom's aggression during the ball, but Marco actually serves as valuable info here:
    • Due to the lines "Marco, don't karate him. This is Tom" "Demon x-boyfriend Tom?", we know that Star has told Marco about Tom before. When Marco is told that Tom is inviting Star to a ball, Marco tells her to never go to a secondary location with a predator. Since Tom hasn't done anything wrong by the time Marco says this, it seems Marco knows something about Tom that we don't.
    • Also, remember that Marco has an A in psychology, which means he has probably studied Domestic Abuse and how it runs in cycles. He was witnessing his best friend potentially getting back into that kind of relationship with a dangerous demon who has a Hair-Trigger Temper, and said best friend who is an Idiot Hero. No wonder Marco the Properly Paranoid "safe kid" was so upset with how Star didn't even want him to come along to make sure she would be okay.
    • Adding on to this, Star chews out Marco for not trusting her judgment even though he meant well. As the season finale shows, however, during one of the few times Marco can't help her, due to being held hostage, Star's judgment and lack of battle strategy nearly leads to Marco getting crushed, and to the Wand getting destroyed. Marco was proven right.
      • And adding to this, earlier in the episode, of course, Star's judgment regarding the adventure for a sandwich was certainly bad, and would have been lethal if Marco wasn't there.
  • Tom's definitive character flaw is his inability to take "no" for an answer. He uses pyromancy to stop Star from walking away, and aside from the time when he loses his hand (which hurt) and when the blood moon selects Marco, he's been shown getting mad only when Star doesn't want to do something that he wants to do.
  • Imagine how bad of a boyfriend Tom will be when he's older.
    • On the plus side, he's in therapy and working on it.

St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses

  • The fact that so many princesses are sent to be brainwashed by St. Olga's. The school is very upfront about what they do to strip their students of their individuality and King Pony Head admitted the place was like jail. It's staggering that people want their daughters' identities and personalities removed, all for the sake of making sure their bloodlines continue. This becomes worse when you remember how Star's parents were threatening to send her there (her father may have objected, given what he's really like, but odds are he'd bow to whatever his wife says).
    • Makes you wonder whether Star's mother has been to St. Olga's, although she still has her cheek markings.
    • As horrific as the conditions of St. Olga's is, if you think about it, it is Necessarily Evil. Each of these princesses is going to inherit powerful kingdoms, and if they are even remotely like Mewni then also powerful magical artifacts. They are doing this to make sure their spoiled offspring don't come to the throne as complete despots. The brainwashing machine thing doesn't seem to be permanent, as Ms. Heinous demonstrates. So without repeated visits to the machine, it is likely all the will happen in the end is their personality will be tempered by the disciplines learned at St. Olga's. Evil? Most certainly. But maybe one must wonder WHAT happened in the past to make this a standard procedure in the first place and why parents may see it as the lesser of two evils.
  • Miss Heinous during the St. Olga's orientation makes it clear that "no boys" are allowed. What would she have done to Marco if Star's disguise had been less effective?
    • Um...sent him to the male equivalent...or killed him? You know; if the former is possible, I'm not sure which is worse...
    • Adding on this this, there are some theories that Marco handles gender dysphoria on a regular basis. These instances seem more frequent in season two: he asks if he can keep the dress after he's tortured, calls the other princesses his "fellow wayward sisters", is scared about being buried in a suit, and enjoys wearing ballet slippers around the house. Could it be that St. Olga's torture is causing him to suffer a gender identity crisis?

Mewnipendance Day

  • Star reveals that the first Queen of Mewni used her magic to enhance the strength of her warriors to fight off the monsters that previously inhabited the land, leading to the "Monster Massacre". However, if the story is truly accurate, and not an historical exaggeration, then that would mean that the people of Mewni were conquerors that forced the monsters out of their homes and that the "Monster Massacre" was an outright genocide against them. If the monsters from the story were anything like Ludo's current monsters, they might have been more misunderstood than evil.
    • Furthermore, Star herself even seems to put two-and-two together by the end of the episode, furthering the implication.
    • This and the obvious squalor of Mewni's commoners seen in "Diaz Family Vacation" heavily implies that Mewni is actually a Crapsaccharine World.
  • Consider that the Mewmans are in the dark ages in terms of technology. But the depiction of the monster-infested Mewni has telephone poles. It's likely that the monsters had a modern day society before the Mewmans invaded. This would explain why they have technology like wristwatches and why Star knows what skinny jeans are. They would have kept any technology they could successfully engineer.
  • Star points out that the monsters are instinctively aggressive, and is proven right when Lobsterclaws gets confused and totals a city block. The Mewman conquest popup book shows that the Mewmans continued to massacre the monsters even after they gave up, going so far as to burn down a forest that the monsters were running to. There's a stern possibility that only the aggressive monsters survived to reproduce.

Storm the Castle

  • Toffee, as he and Ludo lampshade, has gotten the monsters closer to the wand and succeeded in destroying it, which is apparently what Toffee wanted. It's fortunate that he came towards the end of the season, when Star was more accomplished at using her wand. How much sooner would he have attained his goals if he had appeared and kicked Ludo out when Star had just arrived on Earth and was more inept with magic?
  • Ludo tried to buy back Buff Frog's loyalty with the tadpoles but not many people consider the consequences of the egg theft because if the biological parents of the eggs are alive then Buff Frog is going to face a custody battle or he will be charged as an accomplice to kidnapping.

    Season 2 

Mr. Candle Cares

  • Mr. Candle is revealed to have teamed up with Tom in order to get Tom and Star back together and Marco decides to pretend to be Star's Friend With Benefits, causing Tom to kidnap and torture him. Since Tom did this after believing that Marco is too big of a threat to ignore, it makes you wonder what he's done to Star's previous ex boyfriends (if she's had any after him).
    • Oskar came out of the guidance counselor's office unscathed because neither he nor Star mentions their ongoing flirting by phone and music on Oskar's part. Just what would Tom have done to Oskar if Star had mentioned that she was crushing on him? Would he have stopped at the Cold-Blooded Torture or have done worse?
    • Also Star came very close to mutilating an innocent, harmless mermaid, who she apparently knew given that she refers to her by name during her apology after Marco stops her.

Star vs. Echo Creek

  • One of the things the dragon says you can do underwater is "turn someone to bones" which Star briefly thinks about but doesn't care, it turns out this dragon is a figment of Star's imagination trying to convince her she didn't screw up. This implies that deep inside Star has the urge to murder.
    • To be fair, plenty of people have dark urges that they know of, acknowledge, and then suppress because we know it's wrong. Plenty of people have had fantasies about murdering someone who cuts them off on the highway, but very few, if any, actually do it.

Camping Trip

  • There comes a moment where King Butterfly, while talking to himself, admits to be in denial about Star already dating. Considering that Tom related Fridge Horror takes quite a space in this page, one could say that King Butterfly let Star enter a potentially abusive relationship so he wouldn't have to accept that she was growing up.
    • Or she hid having a relationship from him.

Game Of Flags

  • Have any family members, Butterfly or Johansen, been murdered during these games?
  • What would have happened to Star and Marco's friendship had he not been quick enough to save the Mewni guard from falling into the lava? Would Star had even cared? And if she did, what kind of My God, What Have I Done? moment would she have?
  • The Johansens and Butterflys were ready to kill the princess of their kingdom. If they succeeded, they would have most likely been convicted to die.


  • Tom uses Mackie Hand tickets in order to gain a badge in anger management classes; the Fridge Horror comes in two forms. The first idea is that Tom still might not have accepted that he and Star are not getting back together and he might have been watching or reading the thoughts of Star and Marco without their knowledge so that he can set up the test. The second idea is that Tom is still bitter about Marco accidentally stealing his dance with Star and still wishes to be with her.
    • This has been implied in "Naysaya" when Tom reveals that he was the one that put the curse on Marco because he feared that Marco would try to date Star. He says that this was done after the Blood Moon Ball, but when he said that part it was definitely Hypocritical Humor - he says that he should feel more insecure about not asking anyone out since the dance, but it still implies the fridge horror because it sounds like Tom still hasn't moved on from Star and has made no attempts to ask any other girl to go on a date since the dance.
    • Also, there was a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment in that Marco wouldn't talk to Jackie in the first season for fear of saying the wrong thing. Come "Naysaya" and he does just that thanks to the curse. Was Marco aware subconsciously of what Tom had done to him after the Blood Moon Ball?

Spider With a Top Hat

  • It's revealed that the spells that Star casts have physical forms in the wand, and in the first episode of the second season, the unicorn is revealed to have mutated because of the wand being cleaved. If this episode is canon to the series and set in the spells' point of view, then you might have to think about how the wand being cleaved has effected them.
    • We did eventually find out in "Into the Wand" that the spells become heavily deformed and incapable of action. However, Toffee's finger was in the wand as the thing that didn't belong, it might mean that the spells could still be affected by this.

Running With Scissors

  • Marco's situation — Not only was he trapped in another dimension for 16 years without his friends or family, but the final scene makes it clear that he still retains all his memories of his time in Hekapoo's dimension. He is now a 30-year-old man trapped inside a 14-year-old body, surrounded by people who are effectively complete strangers to him now.
    • He's also now dating Jackie, which means he's a young looking adult dating a 14 year old girl.
    • If the live chats and/or the information they give are considered canon this is mitigated by the memories starting to fade as soon as he got back, he still has them but most are hazy on the level of childhood ones so there's little lasting effect on his development unless something makes him remember more clearly.
    • How many people in Marco's situation have died trying to get their scissors back from Hekapoo, due to the Year Inside, Hour Outside qualities of her dimension?
      • And adding on to that, what were their family's reaction?
  • What if Marco had reached advanced age inside Hekapoo's dimension and died because of it? His parents would have been heartbroken. And considered how angry she was at Toffee for kidnapping Marco...
  • Marco asks Hekapoo to look after his beloved dragon-bike Nachos for him. If time passes by so much faster in H-poo's dimension, will it be dead by the time Marco is old enough to return for it? Or (best case scenario) have waited for him hundreds of years?

Crystal Clear

  • In a roundabout way, Rhombulus was...kinda right about Star being responsible for the fritz. If Toffee is responsible for the fritz as might be the case, and it's only because He's using half of Star's wand to drain magic from the universe, this was only possible because Star willingly cleaved her wand and he put himself in a dark half. So in a way, although she was manipulated into it, from A Certain Point of View Star is responsible for the fritz.
  • As Star briefly mentioned and given Rhombulus's poor judgement, just how many innocent people were imprisoned because of him?
    • Is Eclipsa one of them?

The Hard Way

  • Toffee entered Ludo's wand, and his finger was in Star's cleaved part. He's able to take over Ludo when the latter reads the forbidden page, and in "Page Turner" while the dark magic was a No-Sell on Star, it corrupted Marco. If Star hadn't removed Toffee's fingers from her wand, would Toffee have possessed Marco?!
  • Glossaryck reveals that he's on no one's side, and Rhombulus has said that Glossaryck is the "most powerful magical jerk in the universe". How exactly are he and Toffee going to ally?


  • Ms. Heinous keeps mentioning Rasticore will eventually regenerate because he is a lizard, even from just an arm. All that was left of Toffee, another lizard, was his finger. Its only a matter of time.
    • It happened, but he died anyway.

Face the Music

  • Ruberiot's song spilled some pretty major royal secrets right in front of the king and queen. Even at the insistence of a princess, in some countries that'd be considered high treason. And if the Doylist explanation for his not returning later is that his voice actornote  is too expensive to hire again, the Watsonian explanation may be quite a bit darker...
    • Subverted, one of the artists said that he actually survived the riot, but is just very upset about what happened.


  • Suppose Star and Marco started dating, especially now that Star has revealed her crush to Marco, in front of Jackie before running off in tears. As friends, Star shows a lack of consideration for Marco's feelings and human vulnerability. He always bends over backward to help her more than the other way around. She nearly got them killed in the first season finale to get a "stupid sandwich," as Marco tells her angrily, and later got him a gift card despite Marco not being a happy shopper and the card threatening to kill them. In "Crystal Clear" she and Rhombulus use a crystallized Marco as a table and she refuses to tell him what happened when Rhombulus reverses the spell. This relationship dynamic is not healthy and it hasn't really improved. How long would they last as a couple before their former friendship sours?
  • When Star publicly confesses her feelings to Marco, Jackie doesn't say anything or do anything, just silently giving the thousand yard stare, one wonders how her reaction will be depicted in the next season. Will she become a Broken Bird who becomes distrustful of Star or will she reach her breaking point and have an argument about Star since Marco didn't tell her about Song Day? Will she become furious with Star out of jealousy or for abandoning Marco when he needed his friend?

    Season 3 

Return to Mewni

Moon The Undaunted

  • This episode establishes that powerful black magic is the only way to permanently injure a septarian. In "Gift of the Card" Rasticore, one of Toffee's former soldiers, has a robotic left arm and a gemstone in place of his left eye. This means that there is someone else out there with dark magic on par with Eclipsa.
    • This may also imply that Queen Moon followed through with her proclamation to "Hunt down the remains of the monster army". Makes you wonder how many other monsters suffered the wrath of Moon The Undaunted.
    • There is another interpretation that also counts as Fridge Brilliance, Rasticore's regeneration is slow, meaning he could have lost his arm and eye during a bounty hunting mission, and the prosthetics were a temporary replacement.
    • Something very interesting to note is that the spell Eclipsa gave Moon caused Toffee's finger to disappear in a haze of magic. Because of this, he wouldn't have been able to recover his finger to put it inside the wand when its cover had opened after Star used the Whispering Spell for the first time like many have theorized until now, so the only other possible way his finger could've gotten inside the wand in the first place was if it was Eclipsa's spell that put it there, putting the deal between Moon and Eclipsa in suspect.
      • Eclipa's arms show markings suggesting she didn't just invent, but used the spell. If the spell puts the creatures "killed" into the wand...who else is in there?
      • The treadmill warnicorns? Any number of warnicorns, even? The Warnicorn Stampede is an established spell in the spellbook,after all. Heck, any spell that produces a sentient (if temporary) summoned creature could be someone's soul (or hated foe, but unlikely she'd use the darkest spell for just anyone) that Eclipsa "devoured".
      • Of course it *only* took his finger, and was meant for his heart. If it worked the same way, that means it would rip only his heart out and prevent him from regenerating it-if not fatal, it would certainly keep him from doing anything without necessarily putting his entire body in the wand.
  • When Toffee makes his first appearance in the episode, he is coming out of a tent made of skulls and his shoulder pads are skulls, too. And judging by the their shapes they are Mewmans. How many Mewmans did he and his group kill?
    • And looking closely at his shoulder pads, they have the Facial Markings of the royal Butterfly family. Besides Moon's mother, Toffee has killed other members of her family. And a worse thought — a funeral for Moon's mother wasn't seen and considering the shoulderpad skulls...Toffee could've been wearing the skull of Moon's mother as some kind of trophy and/or intimidation tactic. This lizard is cold-blooded.
      • The photograph of Moon with her mother (who, according to Dominic Bisignano's tumblr is named "Comet"[1]) shows that Moon's mother has butterfly-shaped cheek marks. It's not unlikely the shoulder skulls were some of Moon's relatives, but thankfully neither are her late mother's skull.
  • There's no mention of Moon's father, even during such dire times. Toffee not only killed her mother, he might have killed the last of her immediate family, leaving Moon both a young queen and an orphan.
    • Comet's chapter of the Magic Book of Spells states that she divorced Moon's father. However, what happened to him in the time afterwards is unclear.
  • What exactly happened that could have changed Moon's outlook on Eclipsa so much after their first meeting? It's implied that the spell she was given was part of it but as an adult she sounds downright caustic when speaking about Eclipsa, which seems a bit much based on a single use of one spell.
  • The incantation for the spell Moon was given includes the words "from the deepest depths of earth and sea". Aren't the depths of oceans where you would find Cthulhu-oh my word! Given Eclipsa's penchant for toying with dark magic it's not too much of a stretch to think she somehow tapped into the power of the Outer Gods.


  • Toffee smacked Marco hard enough to leave the rock he was smashed into cracked and Marco was unconscious until Buff Frog woke him up. Did he have a concussion?
  • At the start of the episode, Ludo sends 5 children into the sky using Levitato. However, only 4 return at the end.
  • The Magical High Commission may be revived, except for Lekmet. And he and Rhombulus were boyfriends according to Word of Gay. So, imagine his reaction to finding out his beloved boyfriend is now dead?
  • Since Toffee corrupted all of magic, that included the dimension scissors. Marco wouldn't have been able to go back home to his parents. Rafael and Angie came close to never seeing their son again.

Trial By Squire

  • As they race to get the Armor Wax, Higgs hits Marco's cart with enough force that he almost crashes into a wall full of axes. Given how awfully competitive she has been throughout the episode, she is willing to even resort to murder to come out on top!

Monster Bash

  • Meteora's entire backstory is this. Her parents were taken from her without even a fair trial, she was hunted and persecuted for being a Mewman-monster hybrid, and Saint Olga's erased her identity and kept her Brainwashed and Crazy for hundreds of years.
    • On that same note, what about Eclipsa's perspective of all this? From what little we've seen of her so far, Eclipsa has never mentioned having a child. Not once. This could mean that she's either a Stepford Smiler from being separated from her daughter...or perhaps her memory was erased (by herself or someone else) and she forgot she even had a daughter. Either way, how is Eclipsa going to react when she finds out about Meteora, and what happened to her?
  • Mina's attitude towards monsters and her wanting to maintain the status quo feels like something an old veteran of a war would probably do. She's a lot older than Moon (it's shown that she was apart of the war council back in Moon the Undaunted and apparently hasn't aged a day) and like some shell shocked veterans from old wars, she may have never mentally left. Which, if she was just rounding up innocent monsters now, imagine how many more monsters she has been doing this too in between the time we last saw her.
  • Mina says Meteora is 'the most dangerous monster in history.' While Mina is decidedly not sane, it's not entirely unlikely to be the case given just who Meteora's mother is. If Mina is right, that means Meteora is potentially more dangerous than freaking Toffee. Think about that.
  • It always seemed odd that someone would be named something as obviously evil as 'Miss Heinous', even in the over-the-top world of SVTFOE. With the revelation that she is actually Eclipsa's half-monster daughter, and that her name was originally Meteora, it is disturbingly possible that the Mewmans (or maybe the Magic High Comission) renamed her 'Miss Heinous' as a reflection of what they believed her very existence to be.
    • Confirmed in "Skooled!" when it is shown that "Heinous" is an Appropriated Appellation, given to her by St. Olga when King Shastacan denounced her very existence.
  • Heinous' feud with Marco just became much more dangerous for the latter. Not only could she be an incredibly dire threat by merit of her monster-half but she's also Butterfly Royalty by birth, meaning it's possible for her to learn how to use incredibly powerful magic without the need for a focus like the wand.
  • Realizing that Globgor, Meteora's father, was literally one room away from Star, Mina and the others during the nursery confrontation.

Holiday Spellcial

  • Star is not handling her crush on Marco in a healthy way, like giving his hoodie to her current boyfriend or sending him to the deepest part of the castle to avoid any interactions with him. In this episode we have been given other hint of this in a very discreet way: there's only one way the All-Seeing Eye would know what Marco said to Jackie when she broke the vase... Star used the spying spell on the pair more than once!

Total Eclipsa The Moon

  • The Reveal that somebody went to a lot of trouble to make Meteora an Un-person, even going so far as to change the archive records to make it say that Festivia was Eclipsa's daughter, when Eclipsa doesn't even know who that is raises some disturbing possibilities, but here's the first big one: If Festivia was not Eclipsa's daughter, and Eclipsa never had any children besides Meteora, does that mean the entire Butterfly lineage since then, Star and Moon included, has been illegitimate? Whatever Moon finds out, it will definitely be an uncomfortable truth for her.
    • On top of that, the Mewman's trust in Queen Moon has already been damaged by the reveal that she covered up Glossaryck's disappearance and her failure to stop Ludo's takeover of the capital. If Eclipsa makes a play at the throne, there is a decent chance that the people will side with her instead of the current king and queen, especially if she exposes the fact that the Magical High Commission was involved in yet another cover-up.
    • Mitigated on the legitimacy end by merit of the fact that Moon has an aunt with facial markings, so it's not too much to think that Eclipsa had other relatives that could have taken the throne after she ran off with her monster lover. But it does raise more unsettling questions by way of Eclipsa not even recognizing Festivia. Why is this the case and what exactly happened between her running off and Festivia taking the throne?
  • Eclipsa is way too comfortable altering people's minds with magic, and she implies that her favorite tactic was to Mind Wipe her enemies. The fact that Moon could do so unintentionally is horrifying, especially since she appears to have wiped more than just his recent memories.
  • Rhombulus re-crystalizing Eclipsa the instant that Moon has what she needs become's a lot more suspect in light of The Conspiracy regarding Meteora. He may well have been keeping her from saying too much to Moon.
  • The fate of Eclipsa's monster lover, if Rhombulous crystallized her for her crimes then what did the commission do to him?. Was he crystallized as well, did he escape from the commission and the kingdom or was he killed by Eclipsa's scorned ex-husband or by the commission?.

Butterfly Trap

  • The reveal of what the High Council has done raises a lot of questions about their morality, especially since they have been in power and influenced the judgment of several Queens for centuries. How many times have they influenced the crown? What other moments in history did they change? Did they cause the war against the monsters go on far longer than it should have? If Star Butterfly gains enough support to give equal rights to monsters would they remove her too?
  • Star's right to the throne being at risk is a much bigger deal than you'd think; Star's goal is to have a future where Monsters and Mewmans live as equals, and if she doesn't become queen, she won't have a chance of that future happening.
  • After seeing how horribly bigoted the High Magic Commission is, one has to wonder about the late Lekmet. Was he truly a compassionate character, or was he only compassionate towards his fellow High Magic members and mewmans? What were his views on Monsters?

Is Another Mystery

  • Now that we know demons are considered monsters, but Tom's royal status grants him better respect than other monsters, try not to think about what the result would've been in "Starfari" if instead of Tom, it was another demon the shopkeeper called out. He/she would definitely not be spared the racist shopkeeper's wrath.

Marco Jr.

  • It's revealed that Angie became pregnant after Marco left for Mewni. While everyone is happy for them, there's still a level of discomfort about the whole thing. First of all, when Star comments that there might be a place for "Marco Jr." in Mewni's royal guard, Rafael responds that her "stealing away" one son is enough. Later, Angie comments that their primary reason for having another baby was because they were lonely without Marco around. First of all, could Angie and/or Rafael secretly resent Star for taking their son away? Second, if their response to Marco doing a "reverse foreign exchange" program to Mewni was to try and invoke Babies Make Everything Better, how are they going to react when their kids become adults and leave the house for good?


  • St. Olga offhandedly mentions that there were other robot nannies like her. So this means that other babies were raised just as abusively as Meteora was.
    • ...Or, St. Olga could be lying about there being other robot nannies so she could emotionally manipulate Meteora/Heinous into being guilt-tripped. For all we know, St. Olga was programmed to say there were others.
  • The fact that somebody programmed a robot like St. Olga, an emotionally abusive abomination designed to brainwash and demean a child.
  • Food for thought: Moon wanted to send Star to a school modeled after said-abusive-robot-nanny! This school/robot-it-was-named-after turned Meteora from a wide-eyed, sweet girl into an mentally unstable mess.
Imagine how Star or Ponyhead would've turned out if they had stayed at the school. Kind of raises questions of whether the school really is good for princesses in the long run, even the truly wayward ones. In fact, Meteora may be a prime example that St. Olga's brain-washing treatment only exacerbates princesses' unruly behavior with psychological issues to boot.
  • As extremely powerful as Meteora is, remember one thing: Mewmans have their butterfly forms that increase their powers drastically and can 'dip down' even without the wand. We've only seen what Meteora got from her monster half, just what is she capable of once the Mewman half comes into play?
  • Meteora had her entire life stolen from her and put through a nightmare thanks to her step-father...but it's highly doubtful such a thoroughly unpleasant and self centered person would've been anything resembling a good father to Festivia either. Especially given Eclipsa is implied to have zero good memories of him before finding out what he did to her daughter.
    • Even if her "father" was the kindest and most loving parent in the world—which, as stated above, is at least very unlikely—Festivia would have lived her whole life without a mother, just like Meteora. But at least Meteora didn't even know she was missing a real mother; Festivia would have had to live her whole life thinking her mother abandoned her to run off with a monster, assuming anyone would have told the young princess about Eclipsa's "crime". At best, Festivia thinks her mother ran off and never loved her—at worst, she thinks Eclipsa died before she ever got to meet her.

Booth Buddies

  • Star and Marco's kiss is already uncomfortable because they were manipulated into it by an ultimate Karma Houdini but then you realize Star was manipulated into cheating on Tom. Besides the emotional damage she and Marco are sure to suffer, think about the fallout that could ensue from people who don't buy that Star and Marco were manipulated; Marco could be accused of trying to steal the throne or ruin Mewni's alliance with Tom's kingdom. Or other things...

Tough Love

  • The way Meteora reacts and Eclipsa's words imply that Meteora has never heard the word 'love' directed her way her entire life, or at least heard it so few times Eclipsa doing so shocks her to the core. Is it any wonder Meteora is a psychological and emotional mess?
  • Queen Moon fleeing into the Realm of Magic while apparently on "auto-pilot" in Mewberty mode is a lot scarier when you read The Magic Book of Spells and learn what happened to Queen Soupina the Strange: she got "stuck" in Mewberty mode somehow, and spent the rest of her days wandering the multiverse. That's something that could very well have happened to Moon.


  • As pointed out in Fridge Brilliance above, Star might be currently corrupted by the taint Moon washed off from her arms, having splashed a bit of it directly into her face. In fact, despite both her arms being visibly clean, Moon is still leaving tainted imprints on stuff she touches. And as seen earlier in "Divide", those hand imprints actually damage the touched objects.
    • Taking in account that last part, remember that Moon left imprints on the mysterious boarded up well her and Star came across. That thing is not going to last long, and whatever's behind that well is soon going to be exposed to the Realm of Magic and vice-versa.
    • The poor baby unicorn that Moon threw into a magic stream. It might never come back to its home.
    • Both Star and Moon have been shown to be able to "swim down" the stream, so it is possible to return. But if the unicorn never did, what would happen to its mental state after leaving the realm of magic? Would it become mentally unstable after being "cured" of the realms brainwashing? Would it even remember the realm of magic, or would it feel a vague urge to return home?
  • Now that we know Rhombulus crystallized Eclipsa's monster lover, it's clear from his facial expression that he's not going to be happy once he gets out.
    • What if he decides to go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, and Eclipsa has to fight him? The only reason Meteora survived is because Star willingly gave Meteora her magic, and it's highly unlikely anyone would do the same for him...which means that Eclipsa might have to kill her beloved husband.
  • Race relations between Mewmans and Monsters are probably even worse than they were after "Monster Bash". A giant (half) monster caused great destruction to Mewni, the one Monster Expert that could help left the kingdom and a feared monster from the past may return. Star will have a lot of work to do.
  • While everybody who had their souls sucked ended up returning to life after Meteora's defeat, some of the victims were floating really high in the sky, and now they're going to have a painful fall, at the very least.
  • The incantation for the spell intended to kill Meteora is "Black Velvet Inferno". Seeing as there are no flames present, that last word is most likely in its Italian form; the meaning of which being "Hell". That's where Eclipsa was sending her.

    Season 4 
The Pony Head Show
  • Seahorse did undergo a demoncism to make him tamer and a form of rehabilitation, but Seahorse post-demoncism still has rather questionable morals hacking everyone's compacts so that people can watch Pony Head's broadcasts. Goes to show how flawed the process is and leads one to wonder what kind of person Seahorse was before.

Surviving the Spiderbites

  • King and Queen Spiderbite claim they dislike Eclipsa because of the actions of her husband Globgor, who devoured their distant relative and Eclipsa's ex-husband Shastacan during his rampage. However, according to The Magic Book of Spells, Globgor was crystallized by Rhombulus as he was defending Eclipsa and Meteora from the MHC, and Shastacan was shown holding disgust for Meteora after Eclipsa was crystallized, shortly before giving her to St. Olga, meaning Shastacan was alive after Globgor was crystallized. This raises the question, what happened to him? Asshole Victim he may be, his death is still blamed on Globgor when this doesn't seem possible, so what really became of him?

Out Of Business

  • At the end of the episode, Quest Buy closes down for good, vanishing from existence after Marco buys his wallets. So...what happened to the employees, the goo-brained customers, and all those Marco clones?

Curse of the Blood Moon

  • Tom was going to remove Star's ability to consent in their relationship using the Blood Moon, and it only took him until now to admit it since he thought Star knew. Or so he says; was he hoping that the curse wouldn't work?

Ghost of Butterfly Castle

  • Mina Loveberry wants to revive the Solarian Project, the Super Soldier program that created her, in order to destroy Eclipsa and all Monsters. What makes this especially unsettling? The Solarian Project was created by Queen Solaria...Eclipsa's mother.

Meteora's Lesson

  • While time traveling, Glossaryck is shown not only giving the first Mewman settlers the Royal Magic Wand (while they're all under the influence of the Realm of Magic), but he takes Meteora to "dip down" and zap a past Toffee, seemingly cementing Toffee's hatred for Mewmans and magic in the process. In other words, Glossaryck is more or less directly responsible for all the events throughout the history of Mewni. Now, the real question is, is Glossaryck just being a True Neutral, or did he know everything was going to happen, regardless of his actions?

The Knight Shift

  • Three knights entered the Neverzone, yet only Higgs returned.
  • The Neverzone's time difference means that years can pass in a few seconds. When Higgs returned to the Neverzone, unless she found a way to extend her life, then due to the difference Higgs very likely lived her whole life before Marco even managed to meet Star on the roof of the temple.

A Spell With No Name

  • Most of Eclipsa's spells were destroyed by the unnamed spell. So what will happen the next time she tries to use said spells?
    • The Spells seem to exist in the wand like cookies judging by the fact that All Seeing Eye appeared in Star's room after she used it and none of Eclipsa's spells mentioned how odd it was to see him in there. Most likely as soon as they’re used they'll either re-appear in Eclipsa's room or a new version will pop up.

The Monster and The Queen

  • Just when did Eclipsa read Star's mind?


  • Had Rhombulus' treachery not been revealed, Star would've most likely given up on Eclipsa for good, meaning she and Globgor would've been recrystallize. What would've become of Meteora?
  • Considering the slow pace of Rhombulus crystallizing Eclipsa and the pose Globgor was in when he was crystallized. Globgor may have relapsed when he thought Meteora and Eclipsa were killed by Shastacan and the commission. Or, he was trying to distract the commission so he can save his wife and daughter from being captured for his crimes.

The Right Way

  • With the reveal on Moon's Face–Heel Turn, this scene of Moon and Eclipsa fighting brings into light of this: Had Star and Marco arrived a minute too late, if Eclipsa had completely resisted on standing down, the two would have come back and saw Eclipsa dead in the hands of Star's mother, and Moon's Irrational Hatred focusing on Eclipsa would've made her out to be just like Toffee who did the same to Moon's mother!
  • There's also some Fridge Sadness regarding how the Mewmans living on Moon and River's village became part of Mina's Solarian army. While it's not as shocking since the Mewmans living there made it constantly clear that they still don't like monsters or Eclipsa's changes, it's disturbing to know that they all willingly joined Mina's crusade to overthrow Eclipsa and destroy all monsters. Mewmans such as Maude Maizely or the guy that looks like Gaston who we saw as quirky and likable to a degree ended up having a great loathing for monsters and have no issues with terrorizing monsters or harming anyone who stands in their way. It brings to mind how we have our friends and neighbors in Real Life who may secretly harbor strong racist/prejudiced beliefs and just need the right opportunity to express who they truly are.

Tavern at the End of the Multiverse

  • It is stated the Tavern is where people go to run away from their problems, and beyond it is the plane of non-existence. This has very dark implications; there are people who go there to relax, and then there are people who can essentially commit suicide for their failures by going into the plane of non-existence. That being said, Hekapoo's idea of helping the heroes is giving them a chance to end their misery; considering what Moon did was horrible that it backfired on her and now her own daughter hates her, it's not a stretch for Hekapoo to believe Moon is the most likely to be Driven to Suicide and place herself into non-existence.
  • Star's plan to stop Mina's rampage and plans of genocide against the monsters by destroying magic itself logically implicates that this very act is itself a bigger genocide if Star goes through with it, given that there are millions if not billions of beings made of magic in the multiverse. Entire episodes have been designated to showing characters made of magic; the Spells, the Magic High Commission and beings like them, and everything and everyone that lives in the Magic Dimension for a start. If Star goes through with destroying magic, she will presumably be killing all of them solely to save a portion of her country. In that moment, if she does it, Star will become just as morally controversial a character as the most notorious of the past Mewni royalty whose legacies burden her decisions—if not moreso.


  • Magic is destroyed, Mewni and Earth are fused. But Mina's still out there, humans clearly are going to have a lot of adaptations to make. And if Ponyhead is any indication, non-Mewmans have retained their special abilities. How hard will it be for Mina to amass a new army?
    • Not hard at all. Humankind has a history filled with racism, xenophobia, and other prejudices. Prejudices that are still around to this day. Now humankind finds their world cleaved with a world that was struggling with treating monsterkind as an equal. In her debut, Mina was able to convince half a random group of humans to make her their ruler. Now imagine what she could do with billions of frightened, confused humans.
    • Even worse. Mina doesn't have access to magic, but she now has access to human weaponry, and science on Earth in this series is shown to be fairly advanced, so she can probably just kidnap some human scientists to make her into a Super Soldier again.
  • Magic came into existence once before, and the Realm of Magic managed to recover from Toffee's corruption thanks to Star, so The Magic Comes Back could easily happen one day. And that's not even going into things like how the Ponyheads can still fly, albeit without sparkles, despite magic supposedly being all gone.
  • Now that several dimensions have merged, try not to think about how much chaos Earth's governments are in.
  • What is the fate of all the beings that Rhombulus have trapped in his crystals at the end? Apparently there where only two ways to free someone from a crystal, one being the crystal melted by Rhombulus himself (dead) and the other a spell that can break the crystal (a magic spell). Practically, the destruction of the magic dimension condemned all Rhombulus victims to be trapped in a crystal forever.
    • In an alternative case scenario in which the crystals disappear after Rhombulus' death, all the dangerous creatures that where trapped by Rhombulus will be free, and if he was right about their evilness, that will not end well.
      • Assuming they're truly evil in the first place, Rhombulus has a pretty skewed definition of what constitutes a "bad guy".
    • Not to mention one crystal has a black hole in it.
  • The Mewmans are now powerless...and Seth's fate is unknown. Seeing as the only way he or his species are capable of dying at all was the Spell With No Name, unless Moon killed him with it, he's still out there, still extremely dangerous to the point Globgor is scared of him, and still a racist who would rather see everyone suffer than accept peace with the Mewmans. What's going to happen when he or at least those with his mindset learn the Mewmans are powerless?
  • Reynaldo most likely died completely alone and with no idea what was happening.
  • The Men in Black are going to have a field day with Mewni.
  • Of course, while Star and Marco have finally ended up together with nothing to keep them apart now, what's going to happen when everyone whose lives have been ruined by them both destroying all magic and merging the world together find out that they were responsible for it? Only two results: Star and Marco can help them adapt to this new situation or the two lovebirds are going to have to go on the lam from countless people who want them dead for what they did!
  • After making her speech about how there will always be those who carry on her work and marching off into the forest, Mina can be heard coughing loudly offscreen. There are a couple of possible implications here:
    • For starters, losing the Solarian enchantment that kept her alive and in top form all those years may mean that time is starting to catch up to Mina, and her body is beginning to break down as it starts to feel its true age.
    • Another possibility is that, without her Solarian enhancements, Mina is woefully inequipped to handle the germs and bacteria (which would have no doubt grown and changed over the course of three hundred years) in the forest, and could be succumbing to allergies at best and sickness at worst.

Fridge Logic

    Season 1 
  • In the first episode, Marco is shocked when he comes home and finds out that Star is staying with his family. A few episodes later, he shows Star a wall with pictures of all the other exchange students who've lived there. Granted, it was meant as a one off gag, but you'd think that with that background, when he found out there was an exchange student at his school, his first thought would have been "Oh God, I bet my parents are taking her in."


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