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Nightmare Fuel / Star vs. the Forces of Evil

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While this show has colorful and wacky visuals and an absolutely adorable cast of characters, it can also segue right into horrifying then right back to being sunshine and flaming rainbows... and sometimes it just doesn't change back.

Spoilers Off applies to Nightmare Fuel pages. All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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  • Even if Star is perfectly capable of defending herself, there's still an evil overlord with monstrous henchmen willing to injure or possibly even kill her for her wand.
    • Hell, just what might happen if the wand falls into the hands of someone evil (competent or not) is unnerving.
    • The wand's power in the hands of Star is not particularly reassuring either. She's got a good heart, but she's still a Nightmare Fetishist Inept Mage. Some of the things she creates are downright horrific.
  • Flaming rainbows. While certainly funny they cause very real trauma and property damage.
  • Just what the heck is going on in St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses to merit such despair from Star and Pony Head? It's less a "Reform School" and more brainwashing center, where they remove emotions, individuality, free-thinking, and personality from the inmates, turning them into an army of drones "that will make the family proud". It's basically a Nineteen Eighty Four reeducation facility for princesses. And it uses the same technique used on Alex Delarge from A Clockwork Orange. King Pony Head's line on it is not helpful:
    King Pony Head: It's reform school, cupcake, not jail. Although, admittedly, it is a lot like jail.
  • TOFFEE!!
    • Despite his silly name, he was the only competent member of Ludo's team, and if it weren't for Ludo himself in "Fortune Cookies," they could have gotten Star's wand. In his second appearance, "Mewnipendence Day," he manages to actually succeed in getting Ludo to kick Buff Frog out, Buff Frog being the only one suspicious of Toffee. And in his next appearance, he stages a coup and gets Ludo thrown out of his own castle by his own monsters. Yes, the guy's only appeared thrice and he's already overthrown Ludo. That doesn't even include the fact his middle finger is cut off and he's voiced by Michael C. Hall.
    • There's also the fact that nobody had even realised that he'd entered in the room when he first appeared, he manipulated Ludo into hiring him, and that "Toffee" might not even be his real name since Toffee was the only word on his business card.
    • Also, "Toffee" sounds pretty similar to Teufel.
    • In "Into the Wand", it's shown that it was Moon who sliced off his middle finger. Oh, and that he's immortal.
  • Ludo in Season 2. He's gone from a Harmless Villain to a genuinely threatening Knight of Cerebus with a wand with a sinister glow. In each appearance he makes he seems to be going more insane than he was previously, and he reaches his absolute scariest both when he dresses as a Monster Clown to steal Star's spellboook and when his body is taken over by Toffee.
  • In "Fetch" Star, while half asleep, mutters that she isn't supposed to sleep with her wand under her pillow because of radiation. It's unlikely that having that thing in her hand all the time is any safer, much less nibbling on it frequently.
  • Season 3 is subdued, but it is hard to miss the increasing similarities between Star and Eclipsa. Both are incredibly gifted in magic, have a Sweet Tooth, and are having a conflict with their families over the treatment of monsters. The hammer it in further, their love lives are each involving two different males of her age: one that is mostly humanoid/mewmanoid (except for the lingering will of the Monster Arm inside of Marco) and one multi-eyed, relatively monstrous one (Tom).
  • The way the series gradually shows the dangers of bias and racism and how it can culminate if left unchecked. It starts out small with simple exclusion and prejudice. But then it becomes hostility and a hate cycle. In season 4, it comes to a head when Mina and her army of Solarian knights attempt genocide on the innocent monster populace!

    Season One 

Star Comes To Earth

  • Even before Star gets her wand, she's been shown to be a real terror to the general populace of Mewni, as evidenced by her riding a wild unicorn through the streets, with citizens running and abandoning carts as she rams right through; blasting the doors open and two unlucky guards to who knows where, and terrifying the living daylights out of the aristocrats and court officials; before just barely crashing the unicorn into her parents—she manages to get it to jump up and smash the stone masonry behind them instead.
    • And when she does: pandemonium with screaming and flaming rainbows.
  • The butterfly monster Star conjures up to make Marco's life a little more exciting with some "danjah." The student it abducts never saw it coming and is never seen again.
  • Star attempts to expand Marco's room to be just as awesome as hers! ... And ends up making a black hole. They just barely close the door on it and the puppy it sucked in is never heard of again.
  • Adorable puppies! That shoot laser beams out of their eyes. They're shown to be powerful enough to blast holes, destroy furniture, and gradually eat away at jeans, but fortunately, not enough to cause permanent retina damage if they shoot you in the eye. (We hope.)

Party with a Pony

  • Pony Head. It's a flying, talking horse's head that talks like a Valley Girl. With no visible means of flight, any sign of where its organs are, or... anything. It's just a head. That talks.
  • The Bounce Lounge! Butt furniture, excellent music, and an unguarded edge with no safety rails that leads down to an eternal pit of deadly spikes. (There is a skeleton there.)
  • Pony Head threatening Marco in the photobooth with "the horn." With the Audible Sharpness and dangerously close proximity of her horn to his neck, it's extremely obvious she's going to stab him in the throat.
  • Pony Head abandoning Marco in the arcade dimension. Even without the St. Olga's goons after Pony Head, Marco could have been trapped there with no way to ever get back home.
  • What exactly does Star mean by saying that Pony Head has gotten "possessive" before...?

School Spirit

  • The Kitty Cat Offense. You'd assume something like this would be cute and harmless, you'd be wrong.
  • At least two of the Warriors were seen being sucked into a vortex. It's never revealed where they ended up, if they're still alive.

Monster Arm

  • The Monster Arm. It will make you popular, vastly improve your fighting skills, and improve your self-confidence all at the cost of devouring your enemies' bowels.
  • Jeremy Birmbaum's terrified cry of "Not my bowels!" is funny, but it also drives home the fact that Marco's supposed nemesis is a little kid who Marco has just put in horrific danger.
    • Not to mention the arm's dying message that its violence and murderous intent are part of Marco now.
      Monster Arm: You can treat the symptoms but you'll never cure the virus...
    • It's implied that the violence and murderous intent were always a part of Marco. You can't create something from what isn't there.
    • What about the look of soul crushing horror on Marco's face when Star says it PROBABLY won't be back?

The Other Exchange Student

  • Hilarity of Star's mental deterioration aside, it's horrifying, the idea of being the only one aware of a terrible fate about to befall your loved ones and yet no one will listen.
  • Star chasing Gustav down through the woods is pretty scary, especially since the poor kid looks absolutely TERRIFIED.

Quest Buy

  • The grotesque, random shopper who decides to buy/abduct/kidnap one of Ludo's henchmen because "momma's having porkchops for supper."
  • One of Ludo's men falling, screaming, into a black hole.
  • The sloth employees when angered.
  • Quest Buy is having a 25% off sale on "Things That Murder." The announcer then gets abducted by a giant mutant centipede.

Diaz Family Vacation

  • The common people of Mewni live in some pretty squalid conditions outside the castle walls. We're even treated to a shot of a feral child eating some kind of rat.
  • The hydra eating its prey whole. With the victims still alive in its stomach. Which King Butterfly cuts open onscreen.


Lobster Claws

  • Lobster gets a bit confused and burns down three city blocks in the time it takes the heroes to blink.
  • The climax of the episode: After staging a fake fight with Star to get back in Ludo's good graces, Lobster Claws manages to get the wand. And as everyone goes Oh, Crap!, the wand transforms, but so does Lobster Claws, as he gets Black Eyes of Evil. Objects begin to float in midair, and Lobster Claws himself gets Drunk on the Dark Side, proclaiming that Evil Feels Good. Thankfully, Star's appeal to what good is within Lobster Claws gives Marco enough time to kick the wand back to Star, but this episode makes it VERY clear that if Ludo or some other villain even touches the wand, it's game over.

Blood Moon Ball

  • Angry Tom. You do not want to be in his dimension when he is ticked off.
  • While sitting alone in Star's bedroom, Marco hears a voice whispering "Blood moon tonight" and "The moon of lovers". We never find out where that voice came from.
    • Signs appear to point to a painting of a sea captain, which shouldn't even be talking. It wouldn't be until Season 3 where this is partially expanded upon.

Fortune Cookies

  • Star's mega mushroom destruction blast creates a massive mushroom cloud that causes mushrooms to grow out of Ludo's henchmen.
  • Toffee. Despite his silly-sounding name, he is cold, calculating, and far more dangerous than Ludo. Because of him, Ludo and his henchmen came dangerously close to getting the wand in this episode.

Freeze Day

  • The dimension of cats with human faces. "Look away."
  • According to Father Time, time is literally fragile, and it's possible to BREAK TIME! What happens when you do that? Who knows, but it's a bit of a scary thought.
  • At the end it's revealed that time slows down and stops once in a while. The entire universe could be frozen for two years and nobody would notice. Have fun!

Royal Pain

  • Helios absorbs and presumably burns one of the partygoers, on-screen, and almost does the same to Star. After that, he threatens to consume the entire planet because he was hungry.

St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses

  • We finally visit the eponymous Boarding School of Horrors that's been such a place of dread for Star Butterfly... and as she so aptly puts, it's worse than her worst nightmares about the place. Dark, gothic, and utterly dedicated to making a fortune breaking down troublemakers and free spirits alike for apathetic parents who just want "a one of a million emotionless rubber stamp your bloodline can count on".
    • One line in the advertisement shown to the girls upon induction is a voice whispering "We murder princessesss..."
      • The above line is actually echoing "Wayward Princessessss..." Still creepy though, and can be easily misheard as the above.
    • It gets worse when Marco gets a dose of the Solitary Conform-ment Chamber, where his eyes are forced open Ludovico-style as he's subjected to drab etiquette slide-shows at high speed.
      • Even worse, for a split second, Marco actually gets affected by it before snapping out of it. And the head ministress watches Marco's fight with upmost glee, claiming she enjoys smelling his individuality disappear into blind obedience.
  • One scene has an entire room full of princesses who have started to succumb to St. Olga's brain-washing curriculum. They're taking an etiquette lesson, and keep repeating the same phrase all in unison:
    Keep your pinkies at ninety degrees... more tea, please... (sip)
  • The reveal of Pony Head's transformation while under St Olga's control. She's creepily staring through a window then reveals that she had turned pale with princess-typical make-up on her cheeks and lips and lost her original style of speech and all of her personality. Her pupils were also a different size and she kept an unsettling smile throughout. Even her Wingding Eyes had disappeared and been replaced by generic sparkles.
  • During the beginning of the episode, we see something underneath Star's rug and wearing a pair of her boots. When Marco asks what's underneath her rug, her response is "I have no idea." It's never brought up after that.
    • It's worth noting that she says she "knows not to step on it" and prior to that was seen nervously pointing her wand at it as she passed.
  • The mysterious circular room with the surrounding dragonesque totems, the strange painting of demonic creatures on the ceiling, and the cryptic engravings on the floor. Even the music is jarringly eerie. Seriously, what is going on here? And what is this room doing in St. Olga's?
    Marco: What is this place?
    Star: I don't know...
  • Not to mention that this was the first truly dangerous adventure Star and Marco have had. If they had failed, they would have lost all of their personality and become completely emotionless "princesses".
  • Most of the soundtrack of the episode is very ominous and dark, in huge contrast to the rest of the series.
  • The fact Ms. Heinous found where Star and Marco are from does not bode well.
    • Even more so that the word she was looking for to describe what she wants to do to them is annihilate.
  • During the fight when the princesses break out of jail, we see a pixie-like princess blast the head off a guard. The headless guard just sits on his knees for a few good moments before he finally slumps to the ground.
    • The guards are robots.
  • It is revealed that Ms. Heinous has spade stickers on her cheeks, implying her to somehow be related to Star and her mother. She gets rid of them through her brainwashing machine. What are the face markings and what horrific thing happens to a person's mind, if they lose them?
    • It wouldn't be until Season 3 where we find out.

Mewnipendance Day

  • Star learns that the Great Monster Massacre was a battle between completely defenseless monsters and Mewni settlers who were equipped with armor and large weapons. It gets even worse when it's shown that the monsters were already living in Mewni and when they were driven out, the settlers burned down the forest the monsters were fleeing into. Sadly, this never even occurred to Star until Marco points it out to her and she sees her friends reenact the massacre.

The Banagic Incident

  • Star attacks the staff of a pirate themed restaurant, thinking they're real pirates and their customers are being held prisoner. She shrinks one to an impossibly small size, which is horrifying given what usually happens to shrunken individuals.

Marco Grows A Beard

  • Some black comedy when Star seems to destroy the cutesy creatures she creates to carry her to school.
  • The Tickle Monster is rather creepy. Its big emotionless eyes really stand in contrast with its deep, menacing voice.
  • Toffee's coup, as the ridiculously inept Ludo is thrown out of his own castle. The result was the page image at some point. If there was any doubt of Toffee being the show's Knight of Cerebus, it is pretty much gone by now.
    Ludo: YOU CAN'T DO THIS! This is my castle, those are my monsters!
    Ludo: Toffee... (Toffee smugly closes the doors on him)

Storm the Castle

  • Toffee's arm gets burned off by one of Star's spells, and it rather gruesomely grows back.
    • This also marks the first time in the series where Star is shown causing such severe injuries to someone with her powers. Beware of the Nice Ones indeed.
    • What may be even more disturbing is how little Toffee seems to care about missing an arm. For a full minute, he simply remains on the floor where Star blasted him, watching her beat up his minions, looking intrigued and completely ignoring his gruesome stump of an arm until he decides to regrow it as a show of strength.
  • "Just swallow it". When Ludo tries to steal the wand during Star and Toffee's confrontation Toffee responds by having the chicken monster EAT HIM. Onscreen. Ludo somehow survives and winds up in the chicken monster's egg, but that's not revealed until later, giving the impression Toffee'd just had Ludo killed.
  • Toffee shows just how serious he is by threatening to crush Marco to death unless Star gives up her wand. And he doesn't mean "Give me the wand so I may use it's magic for my own nefarious purposes!" (like Ludo would say if he was competent enough to concoct such a plan), but rather... "Destroy it."
    • When Star is surprised, Toffee changes his facial expression from 'stoic expression' to 'chilling grin' when he says "SURPRISE!" He then goes back to stoic in an instant. Kind of makes Toffee seem... Psycho.
    • Pretty minor in comparison, but the gentle way Toffee talks about The Whispering Spell and how it's the first spell Star's mother taught her is offputting and almost intimate.
      • Not to mention the implications of the above - how exactly does Toffee know it was the first spell her mother taught her? Does he have insider knowledge of the royal family? Or even creepier, does he somehow know Star from childhood?
  • The Whispering Spell itself. A spell that removes all the magic from the wand. It's eerily gentle as it dulls the wand's color to grey and crumbles the wings to dust. When it's done, the spirit of the unicorn powering the wand floats up to Star to whisper a few last words before it leaves. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Star Butterfly has just basically smothered her wand to death.
  • Toffee's smile just before the wand blows up is not the expression of a defeated man. Just what the hell was his goal in all this?
    • Made more disturbing by the Cryptic Conversation that follows. King and Queen Butterfly refer to the wand as having been "cleaved," only for Glossaryck to muse on how the word can mean to either cut apart or to join together... and then he asks if they've found all the pieces. It's pretty blatant foreshadowing of things to come, the only question is just what it means.
  • A small one, but there's a spit second flash of the Monster Arm with a creepy smile when Star wants Marco to put his hand in a... sandwich... hole... monster. Yep, Monster Arm is still with us, baby!
  • A more major example comes near the end. Star, Marco, Ludo, and Buff Frog make it out of the explosion, but Toffee and his minions are nowhere in sight. note 

    Season Two 

Multiple Episodes

  • Ludo's Giant Spider can be very unsettling for people who have arachnophobia, especially when it's shown attacking someone.

My New Wand

  • The new unicorn powering the wand glares at Glossaryck and sports a pair of Glowing Eyes of Doom while doing so. Whatever's going on with the wand seems to have affected him.
  • When they talk about "dipping down", Star and Glossaryck's pupils end up widening and consuming their irises and sclera, making them pitch black, which is very unsettling to look at.

Ludo in the Wild

  • It's noticeably quieter than most Star Vs episodes, with a more creepy atmospheric feel.
  • The Giant Spider killing and eating the talking bug right in front of Ludo.
    • And Ludo eats the remains of said talking bug when they fall around him, without any hesitation.
  • The ending reveals that Ludo has found the other half of the wand. And he was on Mewni the whole time.
    • Take a closer look at the wand. It's made of the other piece of Star's wand, a rock... and a skeletal arm. With a hand that's MISSING A FINGER. No guesses who it belonged to... but note how when we last saw the wand crystal, it wasn't there.

Mr. Candle Cares

  • Star's (initial) willingness to chop up an innocent mermaid with an axe to avoid becoming queen someday.
    • And it initially seems that Mr. Candle is to blame for this since he told Star that the only thing in her future is becoming queen of Mewni...
      • And then Marco discovers that Mr. Candle is in cahoots with Star's ex-boyfriend Tom. Tom is using Mr. Candle in another one of his schemes to get back together with Star, one that could've left her a depressed broken princess had Marco not intervened in time.
  • Mr Candle's Non-Standard Character Design may be Uncanny Valley for some.

Red Belt

  • Marco's unexplained nightmare in the beginning.

By The Book

  • As of this episode, Ludo's wand has started talking to him.
    • What's worse, Ludo and his wand now know about Star's instruction book.

Game Of Flags

  • The titular game of flags starts out innocent... but it soon becomes terrifyingly apparent that Star's family have no qualms about straight up murdering each other during the game.
  • How did Star's Uncle Lump get his whole body cut off from his head?

Gift of the Card

  • The actual fact that Quest Buy sells sentient, killer cards, quite literally. Star and Marco got lucky, but imagine for a second that someone got this gift card and decided not to use it for whatever reason.

The Sleepover

  • The cube ends up trying to kill the kids just for not telling the truth, while taking on a horrifying transformation with its eyes and teeth appearing.

Is Mystery

  • Ludo's order to his giant eagle when she catches Buff Frog is a rather chilling Call-Back: "Just swallow it." Yeah, Ludo's wand has been a very bad influence on him.

Hungry Larry

  • This episode probably outdid Mewberty for being the most terrifying episode of the entire show, even for a Halloween special, having visuals and a plot that would fit more in films like The Conjuring than a children's show.
  • The titular demon Star summons seems to be more creepy than scary, despite looking like an underwhelming Bedsheet Ghost at first. He winds up being BOTH, with how he just drools everywhere at his largest size.
    • Drawn in by Janna's scream of utter terror, a bunch of trick-or-treaters go up to the haunted room of the Diaz residence. The ensuing background noise is full of frightened yelps and cries from dozens of voices and then it just stops.

Spider with a Top Hat

  • Just the fact that every single one of Star's summons is sentient, even if they are happy about is can be quite unnerving.
  • The giant supernatural wolf that appears near the end of the episode defeats most of Star's best spells and swallows her and Marco whole.

Into the Wand

  • We learn that Star has an ancestor known as Eclipsa, Queen of Darkness, a sinister-looking Black Sheep who left her Mewman husband for a monster lover. Yeah, that's not going to come back to bite in the ass.
    • Then, when Star ruins to grab Toffee's finger, five images flash onto the screen like a Jump Scare. Doubles as a Freeze-Frame Bonus when you play it frame by frame. The images are a close-up of Toffee smirking, the Wand breaking, Queen Eclipsa mentioned above, a negative of the Wand breaking, and a closer-up negative of Toffee again. Each of those is unsettling on their own, but together are HORRIFYING.
  • The creepy cheeriness and existential weirdness of the other versions of herself Star encounters in the wand.
    Star: Who are you?
    Other Star: (spreading her arms) I'm Staaar Butterfly!
    Star: (mutters) Nuh-uh, you're not.
    Other Star: Did you find the thing that doesn't belong?
    Star: Not exactly. I mean, I found Marco's hoodie, and my dad's chair, and... Chauncey here. Wait a minute, why are there two of us here?
    Other Star: Didn't Glossaryck tell you? If you're inside your wand too long, all your new memories become your old memories! Until eventually, your current timeline is overwritten by the future versions of yourself. Like me! (spreads her arms) Staaar Butterfly!
    Star: (creeped out) Wait, so, you're gonna replace me?
    Other Star: Yeah-heah-heah! But don't worry. (smiles steadily at her) You'll never know the difference.

Page Turner

  • When the Council's reaction to Star being left alone with Eclipsa's chapter is a Mass "Oh, Crap!", you think they're just overreacting. Nope; if what happened to Marco is any indication, then if Star had succumbed to the dark magic in Eclipsa's chapter, we could have been dealing with the Apocalypse.

Bon Bon the Birthday Clown

  • Bon Bon the clown died when some trick candles exploded in his face. In front of a crowd of people. As he was demonstrating that they were safe to use.
  • Ludo (dressed as a clown) and his minions rising up from behind Bon Bon's grave.
    • Not to mention this is the second time he makes a Call-Back to one of Toffee's lines.
    Ludo: SURPRISE!
    • Even worse, Ludo's behavior resembles Toffee so much now since he obtained the wand that it's entirely possible, even probable that Toffee is the wand.
  • Star almost gets sucked into the black hole she attempted to send Ludo through, which due to her wand malfunctioning, is no longer a portal to the void of space and is now a dangerous-looking, glowing-green portal. If Marco, Jackie, and Janna hadn't been there to help her, there's no telling what would have happened...
  • Ludo and his evil wand now have both Glossaryck and the book.


  • The entire ending of the episode, as Baby calmly and coldly provides an evaluation of Star to her horrified parents:
    Star is nowhere near your skill level at her age. She's far beyond it. In fact, I haven't seen anything like this... since Queen Eclipsa.

Crystal Clear

  • If you look closely at the "evildoers" Rhombulus crystallized, one of them is Queen Eclipsa herself. Even worse, Rhombulus tells Star that, because of the magical fritz, his crystals (that used to be as hard as diamond) are getting weaker. Those who assumed that Eclipsa was long dead are in for a surprise when they see this. Chances are she'll be freed at some point...

The Hard Way

  • Guess who's back?
    Toffee: "Hello, Glossaryck."
    Glossaryck: "Hello, Toffee."
    ** To clarify, Toffee was inside Ludo's wand this whole time - and now he is in possession of Ludo's body.

Just Friends

  • Either Star is starting to lose control of her green magic or she is venting her emotions in the worst possible way. At worst her spells are getting more destructive, the longer she is in a scenario that fuels her envy.

Face the Music

  • Ludo's mother drops her infant daughter. Luckily, the baby is unharmed, but what makes the brief moment unnerving is that she's hardly concerned over doing such an action.
    • Also, some fans have pointed out that it looks like Lady Aviarius has a black eye. From what we see of Ludo's father, it's not hard to come up with an unpleasant conclusion...
      • Though if you look closely, you'll realize that both of her eyes are ringed with purple, and so are Lord Brudo's. So it may just be that she has a lazy eye that's perpetually closed.


  • Toffee is an absolute nightmare throughout the whole episode. In fact, by the end of the episode, he wins outright, and his plan is pulled off effortlessly. Where to begin?
    • He completely takes over Ludo's body, reabsorbing his skeletal arm and regrowing his arm as part of Ludo's body - with the wand piece still inside his hand. We first see him standing over a lifeless Queen Moon (who thankfully is revived by Lekmet).
    • He delivers an effortless Curb-Stomp Battle to the entire Magic High Commission, despite each of them proving to be incredibly powerful beings. He reduces Omnitraxus to a small skull with a single magic blast then proceeds to beat up both Hekapoo and Rhombulus so badly that he temporarily kills them, draining all their magic. Lekmet does his best to restore their life energy (at the cost of his own), after which Toffee simply curbstomps them a second time and drains them again, leaving them seemingly dead once again. It is quite unnerving to see Moon and Hekapoo lying on the floor with lifeless eyes - and Rhombulus' face is just blank darkness.
    • Moon goes One-Winged Angel and takes on Toffee in a final showdown - and still loses. And it took all of Lekmet's energy to revive her just for that. Soon after, he dissolves into dust, leaving only a horn behind.
    • Moon attempts to finish Toffee by blowing the room to pieces, but he simply rises from the rubble completely unscathed, and Moon rescues her defeated companions, opens a portal using scissors, and throws them through (including Lekmet's horn and dust). Even worse, this is the last that we see of them - seemingly lifeless and getting carried around through the portal like ragdolls.
    • As Moon turns to leave, Toffee gives her one final ominous message:
  • Toffee has become such a dangerous threat at this point that Moon goes to Earth and immediately forces Star to leave the planet behind, possibly for good.
  • Glossaryck is gone. Completely. The book found in the lair is a blank. And now that he's gone, things are bound to go From Bad to Worse.
  • Unless Star emptied out her secrets closet, unlikely given how much of a hurry she was in to leave, Toffee's finger is still in there. Meaning that Toffee will inevitably go to the Diaz's house while Marco and his family are completely unprotected.
    • Though her room DID disappear along with her, so it's possible she took the secrets closet too.

    Season Three 
  • This teaser for Season 3 may be only 16 seconds long, but boy howdy, is it foreboding. From Ludo attacking with a horde of rats to what appears to be a young Moon taking the hand of a dark figure as a band of dark energy snakes up her arm. And all the while a young girl's voice (likely Moon herself judging from the cheek markings) is reciting some sort of spell:
    "I call the darkness unto me
    from deepest depths of earth and sea.
    From ancient evils unawoken,
    to break the one that can't be broken.
    To blackest night I pledge my soul
    and crush my heart to burning coal,
    to summon forth a deathly power
    to see my hated foe devoured!"
    • Remember the "darkest spell" mentioned in Moon's tapestry in the Grandma Room from "Into the Wand"? Well, now we know what it is.
  • And then there's this lovely little Wham Episode of a trailer. To recap, King Butterfly has been kidnapped, Ludo/Toffee has some sort of freakish obsession with taking ''his'' place as king, Toffee murdered Moon's mother, and Moon herself made a deal with QUEEN ECLIPSA, WHO IS ALIVE.
  • What's revealed about Eclipsa over the course of season 3 is much worse than what was foreshadowed. She didn't do anything. Moon and the High Commission even admit as much, she was locked away for centuries and taken from her lover and her child and she. Did. Nothing. Even after being forced to admit that, the High Commission still intend to lock her away, all because of the ingrained racism and prejudice in Mewman society causing these otherwise good people to do something awful to an innocent woman.
    • Well, she did flee with Globgor and abandoned her kingdom, but her punishment was excessive, to say the least. Which is even worse.

Return To Mewni

  • All the magic in Mewni one by one getting corrupted and failing. First we see the horse and carriage expire, then the path of magic lights. Finally, in the so-called sanctuary, there's evil looking black goop that definitely shouldn't be there.
  • The black, empty, dead look of the Magic High Council's bodies.

Moon The Undaunted

  • When Moon visits Eclipsa, there's undertones of creepiness about it.
    • The way she cryptically says "Be... fore...". Granted she's talking about numbers on a vending machine (B4), it's not helped by how she practically wheezes it, even says it with a chilling shiver.
    • When Eclipsa pulls her hand out of her frozen glove, she reveals that underneath, it's blackened and veiny. Unless it means something else, she's used more dark spells than she's cared to count.
  • When you think about it, it's unnerving to imagine when Eclipsa has ever used her spells, particularly, her curse for killing something immortal.
    • While casting it, we see Eclipsa with a smile literally frozen on her face. It has all the creepiness of a supposedly possessed china doll waiting to come to life.
    • The spell also begins to blacken the veins along Moon's arms. Even Moon notices this and has apparent second-thoughts about going through with the curse.

Book Be Gone

  • In a fit of rage, Ludo destroys the spellbook, which Toffee wanted. Glossaryck burns with it, onscreen, and notes that he knew this would happen.

Marco and the King

  • The extreme state of disrepair the Kingdom goes through under River's misrule. And its usual magic defenses are no longer working either.

King Ludo

  • The Mime's only line is "GET THE KEY" and it's delivered in a rather unnerving way.


  • Star, trapped inside the corrupted wand, nearly drowning in the tainted magic. And it's not only the circumstances: Star looks legitimately terrified, with tears of despair in her eyes almost the whole time.
    • Before that, Toffee's spirit was merged with said tainted magic, forming a giant, slimy simulacrum of the lizard himself.
    • And once Toffee's about to escape, he casually just leaves Star to die, despite saying he would return her if Moon returned his finger. So much for the Affably Evil villain who would keep his word back in "Storm the Castle."
    • Just how...normal Toffee's voice sounds, even when he's a swirling mass of corrupted magic. No deep, reverberating echo, no Voice of the Legion. He's as soft-spoken and Faux Affably Evil as ever... and in a way, that's even more sinister.
    Toffee: Hello... Princess...
    • We later learn that it wasn't exactly inside the corrupted wand, but rather the realm of magic itself, the source of all magic that all wands connect to. So as he gained strength overtime, Toffee had ultimately managed to corrupt all magic in the realm, meaning he's corrupted all magic everywhere, and reduce the realm itself to a bleak, post-apocalyptic hellscape.
  • Before Star's Magical Girl transformation, there's the look on her face and the scream she makes when she 'dips down' in a pot of boiling soup that Glossaryck insists is just normal soup and therefore, it is boiling, making it seem like she just scalded both of her arms for a split-second... even if it was worth it in the end.
  • Moon's entire reaction to Star's supposed demise — At first, she just stares out in shock with a sad music playing. Then, the music becomes darker. Her eyes start to tear up. Her pink diamonds turn pitch black. The black/purple markings start to grow. And then, she runs Toffee to attack, only to get thwarted. So, her next plan? Use the dark spell that was taught to her by Eclipsa... aiming right at his heart. And as she attempts to recast the spell, the black-purple veins continue to grow. While the spell didn't work, this Mama Bear was out for that bastard's blood.
  • There's something unnerving about how Marco, enraged over Star's apparent death, punches a hole clean through Toffee's chest. Sure, Toffee deserved the hell out of it, but this is a teenager, fully willing - and able - to punch clean through an adult male's chest!
  • The aftermath of Toffee's return. He's back in his own body, none of Moon or Marco's attacks even faze him thanks to his healing factor. For a moment, it seems like he's being merciful when he walks away...but then Fridge Horror settles in when you realize that with all the magic corrupted, there's no way left to fight him. Nothing left to stop him from rebuilding his armies of old, and leading a campaign of death that no one can prevent. If not for Star finding the last ounces of her pure magic and using them to undo the corruption, Toffee would have won.
    • And even if Toffee did assemble a new monster army to conquer Mewni, Toffee never once, in past or present, gives any indication in his words and deeds that he wants to rule the land as king or anything like that - after all, he's not like Ludo. He was not out for personal power, he was out for revenge. It's entirely possible that Toffee wanted to retire himself after his plan was completed and could then just watch as Mewni, already torn asunder thanks to his actions, was overtaken by hostile monsters, and all Mewnians who were left powerless to defend their land get enslaved or killed by the monsters in the ultimate payback for the monster massacre that Mewni was founded upon. That is more chilling than any Take Over the World villain scheme could be.
  • Toffee's death scene is absolutely horrifying. Star melts away his skin with the wand, leaving only blackened goo with hints of his skeleton poking through, and one of his eyes now hanging out of its socket. Pretty brutal and violent in general, but they got away with showing this on a TV-Y7 cartoon!
    • The above description doesn't do the horror justice. Here's some visual aids for you. Good luck sleeping tonight.
    • It's cerebral, too - In an absolutely nightmarish voice, Toffee's left cursing Star, claiming that "I'm the only one who knows how this all turns out!!". Seeing him lose it like this is chilling.
    • Even scarier is the fact that being mostly vaporized and left with only a small part of his horrifically melted and mutilated body by a Wave-Motion Gun wasn't enough to kill him. Sure, Ludo finishes him off, but this really hammers in why Toffee's Red Baron was 'the Immortal Monster'.
  • The dark Volcanic Veins Moon gets from her Deal with the Devil with Eclipsa, which spread up her arms whenever she tries to use the spell she got from it.
  • So Toffee's apparently been Killed Off for Real. That's good, right? Only... recall the terms of Eclipsa's deal with Moon. Once Toffee was slain, Eclipsa would be released from her imprisonment. And as seen in the closing scenes, her crystal prison is now cracking. We're probably about to find out why Eclipsa turned out to be The Dreaded...
    • A promo for the remainder of Season 3 features verbal confirmation that Eclipsa is indeed released now, and Moon warning "She can make you do things that you don't want to do." There is clearly more to Moon and Eclipsa's relationship than we know, and it sounds like Moon has damn good reason to fear her.

Rest in Pudding

  • That... thing playing the organ at Lekmet's funeral. At the very least, Moon thought so.
  • At Lekmet's funeral, Star sees Glossaryck in the fruit punch. Her mom tells her to let Glossaryck go, but Star keeps seeing Glossaryck everywhere, from the doorknob, to the sink water. It gets to the point where Glossaryck takes over her entire room!
    • The segment where Star gets surrounded by several of Glossaryck's eyes, fingers and distorted faces is easily one of the freakiest moments in the show (imagine Junji Ito for kids). Even the part where Glossaryck does a Face-Revealing Turn as a bedside lamp can be a bit creepy even though it was clearly meant to be an example of Nightmare Retardant.

Stranger Danger

  • Glossaryck did come back but he has the mental capacity of a dog.
  • While Star pointing out that the magic high commission and her parents seem to just expect her to take their words on Eclipsa being evil, there are subtle sentences that make you wonder where the truth lies.
    Star: Are you in my mind? They said you could be in my mind and I wouldn't even know.
    Eclipsa: Oh, definitely not! But if I were, I wouldn't tell you... (awkward pause) That's a joke.
  • Later, Star asks Eclipsa to calm down a crazy Glossaryck.
    Star: Could ya maybe do that little crystally-tickly thing again?
    Eclipsa: Are you sure? I might ... corrupt him.
    Star: Whaaaaaat?!.. Ohhhhohohohoho, that was another joke, haha!... Right? (Eclipsa doesn't answer)


  • The eponymous ritual. Tom decides that the only way to become a better person and prince is getting rid of whatever angry demon is responsible for his (as he calls it) "problems" in a purification ceremony. He waves off the creepy hoods and bones aesthetic as just part and parcel of the Underworld of which he is the prince, but the truth is that the ceremony includes him being tied to an X-shaped wooden contraption with magically enforced manacles, and after the chanting and the drawing of a symbol on his face, he gets Volcanic Veins and his eyes go blank and he yells in agony while struggling against the chains and his body being forced into an unnatural position as if all of it was in a cramp. And the energy that is dispersed during this creates a wave of blue flames that set the people in charge of the ceremony run for cover. Even Star's magic cannot break the manacles so all she can do is climb up to hug him in an attempt to calm and help him. When he comes to, he says (with a smile) that he's hurt all over... then we find out all this only got rid of one angry little guy.
    • To put things into perspective, if Tom DID choose the 13 year regimen, at any point in that timeframe, it would do far greater damage to him than it did to Seahorse, since he is a demon. Either killing him or turning him into a docile demon with zero personality.
  • Even though one of the Demoncism brethren raising his hand is Played for Laughs, it's unsettling how he lowers it when his fellow brother glares at him with blank, unblinking red eyes.

Princess Turdina

  • The ending reveals just what Miss Heinous was really doing with all those princesses: sucking out their life force/willpower like some kind of psychic vampire.

Lava Lake Beach

  • The Soulrise is portrayed as a romantic event, but it can be kinda freaky: Waves ripple from the lake, then the sky gets darkened by clouds, as if a storm was approaching. Then, a giant eye rises, with the skin dissolving so only the eyeball is left. Then it cracks open, revealing an orb of light, which draws what appears to be souls from the lake and form some sort of tornado. Winged skeletons fly by when it happens, one of them very close to Marco.

Sweet Dreams

  • Star's Golden Super Mode form is so powerful, not even multiple large chains tying her to the bed are enough to stop her from flying away through a dimensional portal. Star and Marco end up in a void and try to return to Mewni, and they would have failed if Eclipsa wasn't there to help.
    • Also in the void, Marco comes across Ludo, floating around with a blank look on his face.

Deep Dive

  • There's something very unsettling about the Firstborn and the Realm of Magic in general. They do not appear to be evil or anything, but the Realm has an effect that causes one to want to stay there, forgetting everything about their identity, name included. And the Firstborn insists that Star does not leave. Had Marco not tried to use the wand, Star would've been stuck there forever.

Death Peck

  • The pigeons may look stupid, but when Marco (accidentally) breaks Prince Rich's foot, they chase the heroes mercilessy, foiling all their attempts to flee. The heroes try barricading a door, but to no avail. When it all goes silent, they think the birds are gone... and then they reappear.
  • The heroes are actually sentenced to death for their troubles. It seems they will be executed with an axe but the punishment is actually being pecked in the forehead until death.
  • The skeletons seen around the Pigeon castle? They belong to the castle's previous owners. Again, the birds are much more dangerous than they seem.


  • The Pony Head sisters plan to fake Teta's death and blame it on Lilacia so she wouldn't become queen. When Star wants out, they creepily order her to stay and help them. Special mention to Shonda and Shinda's Creepy Monotone being put to use and young, "innocent" Pranciss brandishing an axe. Who knew they could be so messed-up and ruthless?

Monster Bash

  • Rock Johansen's injuries look really painful, as you can see the reddish, rotten skin around the horns protruding from his arms.
  • Slime and Princess Spiderbite accidentally crash through a wall, ending up in a secret passage to the basement. Not only they get lost, but a shadow rises up behind them and Star can only listen to her scream after...
  • Mina Loveberry returns, and is responsible for many of the more shocking moments of the episode.
    • She's the one who captured Slime and Spiderbite. Also, she also got many other innocent monsters and trapped them all in a closet.
    • She was always a loony, but she acts like a soldier with untreated PTSD now. She's been waiting for a long time to kill Heinous and her actions are borderline terrorist in nature.
    • Her super form has her become ripped, with blank white eyes and pointy teeth and also speaking with a Voice of the Legion. And she is powerful enough to shrug off everything Tom and Star throw at her. Mina is dangerous.
  • Though also awesome when Tom shows his stuff in the battle with Mina, one of his powers is recite some demonic incantation to trap Mina in a coffin. The imagery of him wreathed in flames while speaking an unintelligible language is kinda dark for the show.
  • The ending is appropriately ominous for such a Wham Episode, as Miss Heinous embraces her true identity as the long-lost half-monster daughter of Queen Eclipsa. Her arm has turned scaly, her face green, her ears pointy and eyes yellow. The moonlight only makes her new appearance scarier.
    "My name is Meteora..."
    • Even more so is Mina called her the 'most dangerous monster in history.' Granted, Mina's not exactly sane, but if Mina's actually telling the truth, that implies Meteora is more dangerous than freaking Toffee. Let that sink in!

Stump Day

  • The giant Stump breaking into the castle, dragging away Janna into the darkness, then one by one grabbing Tom, Kelly, Marco, Star, River and Moon, with some red liquid oozing from its carved initials.
    • What's worse is that if Star's assumption is correct, the Stump's wrath cannot be sated by people showing positive emotion to another, and the Stump only left because Stump Day was over and its time was up.

Total Eclipsa The Moon

Butterfly Trap

  • We got confirmation that Fantastic Racism drove the Council to replace Meteora with a peasant girl, meaning that Star's entire life is a lie.
    • Even more unsettling is how even when it's immediately made apparent that the Council (sans Moon) lied, they still insist that they did nothing wrong, even as the Truth Cube starts to close in on them. Rhombulus only cracks after Star gives them a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.

Ludo, Where Art Thou?

  • Lord Brudo and Lady Avairus's behavior toward Dennis can be scary for anyone who's had to deal with verbal abuse (especially if said verbal abuse is from your own parents).
    Avairus: [Ludo] was the worst!
    Dennis: (under his breath) You're the worst.
    Brudo: You got something to say?!
    Dennis: No.
    Brudo: No, what?
    Dennis: No, sir.
    Brudo: That's what I thought.
    • There's also a clear warning sign the abuse isn't always just verbal, given the following exchange manifested by the dummies as Dennis is confronted...
    Dummy Lord Avairus: Calling his own mother and father garbage!
    Second Dummy Lord Avairus: How about I teach you to apologise?!
    Dummy Lady Avairus: Watch his fingers, dear~!
  • Dennis finds his big brother living in an exact replica of their family's house made of garbage, and interacting with garbage dummies of their parents. As Dennis tries to make Ludo leave the house, more parent dummies start appearing seemingly out of thin air, and they're still spewing out all the hurtful comments both Dennis and Ludo have probably heard all their lives. One of the last dummies Dennis "fights" is of his father... and it's gigantic.
    Dennis: (after two new dummies appear) Where did-?!
    Ludo: (shrugs) I dunno.
  • Just when it seems like Ludo is finally starting to recover from his Sanity Slippage, he opens his closet door to reveal garbage dummies of Star and Marco. Here We Go Again!...
    Ludo: How about a game of charades?

Marco Jr.

  • Marco slowly taking on the appearance of his painting for his little brother Marco Jr is utterly disturbing. And then he turns into a cardboard cutout of said painting. A horrifying example of And I Must Scream indeed.
    • The fact that this may have happened to other people as well is a terrifying thought.
  • When Marco is reluctant to give his mom a proper hug due to her having a baby her reaction, quotes and death glare are understandable (due to probably having pregnancy pangs) but still surprising and unsettling to see due to how down-to-earth she normally is.


  • The Scream Discretion Shot that follows Meteora attacking Pony Head and the other girls, which is followed by her slowly walking out of St. Olga's and dropping Pony Head's severed horn. Meteora certainly seals the deal that she's a Knight of Cerebus here.
  • Even worse, in an earlier scene Rasticore charges at the princesses with Meteora while wielding an active chainsaw and we only see the feathers come out of the torn pillows as their leader is thrown through a door. If that wasn't bad enough, one of the princesses is only a child and is crying and screaming in fear the whole time. Just a— Jesus...
  • The videos we see of Meteora's childhood. Hell, she was raised by a robot (the "St. Olga" the school is named for, apparently), who subjected her to brainwashing and emotional abuse alike to follow the king's orders of hiding her away. We even get to see some of the brainwashing in action. The look on her face is as it's happening is... horrifying.
    • The fact that the abuse was so bad that Meteora willingly subjected herself to the brainwashing, because she had gotten to the point where she couldn't even function without it.
  • Meteora's Sanity Slippage at the end of the episode. Her appearance gets more disheveled, and she develops a Twitchy Eye. Then when Rasticore says he's leaving, she rips out Gemini's mechanical heart (revealing that he's a robot in the process) and uses it as a grenade to reduce him to an arm again, before going off to reclaim Mewni's throne.

Booth Buddies

  • The huge spider-crab... thing under the seat of the photo booth. And its scream-like roar once Marco finds it.
  • In a more mundane way, Ben Fotino. He's a voyeuristic creep who coerced two random teenagers into kissing each other just because he thought they should, is completely unconcerned with their visible distress afterwards because at least he got what he wanted, and completely gets away with it. Also counts as Paranoia Fuel, as neither Star nor Marco, nor even Pony Head were aware that this guy lived inside the booth, despite having used it to take friend photos several times before.
    • Driving the point home about Ben, his introduction involves a Gross-Up Close-Up of his face staring at Marco and Star through the booth window.
  • Let's face it, Star and Marco's kiss is a demonstration of every teenager's dream come true turned into a nightmare; one dreams of kissing his/her crush, only for that to happen under the worst of circumstances. After the whole thing, Star just dies... of embarrassment.

Tough Love

  • Hoo boy, Meteora has now gone completely off the deep end and has turned into a gigantic rampaging beast that leaves nothing but destruction in her wake as she approaches Mewni.
    • And she can now fire magic blasts from her eyes. Soul-sucking magic blasts. Just like the ones Toffee used against the Magic High Commission in "Starcrushed". This means the return of the lifeless, floating victim corpses with pitch black eyes. And worse yet, unlike Toffee, she doesn't need the Wand.
    • Speaking of which... Moon losing half her soul! Meteora partially misses her with that soul-sucking blast. The last shot we see of Moon in this episode is a view of her face with one empty black eye.


  • Moon has completely forgotten who she is. And while she did manage to heal herself at the Realm of Magic, the taint that's been washed off her arms is actually permeating throughout the Realm and affecting the local baby unicorns.
  • Star's struggle to not forget who she is in the Realm of Magic. The slightest distraction and you could be lost forever, never knowing who you were or why you were there. We saw the effects of the Realm the first time she was there, but seeing her going into it knowing what to expect, trying to stay on track but still slipping, only recovering through her reminders to herself, it really drives home how dangerous the place is. At one point, Star finds a note she left herself, but it's ineffective because she's forgotten how to read.


  • When Moon and Star are exploring the several worlds connected to the Realm of Magic, they come out in a mysterious, boarded up well that prevents them from finding out what's beyond it. The music in this moment starts sounding ominous.
  • Even thought they weren't actually dead, seeing a bunch off souless husks floating around is pretty disturbing. Especially when Star returns to the castle and the halls are filled with hundreds of them.
  • While it definitely qualifies as awesome, seeing Eclipsa take up the wand, her first real use of magic in the series, is utterly terrifying and serves well to show exactly why she was called the Queen of Darkness. Also the spells she uses are frighteningly powerful, enough to take down Meteora.
  • Although it didn't actually kill Meteora, simply regressing her to an infant, seeing the effect of Eclipsa's "Black Velvet Inferno" and Meteora's reaction to it isn't pretty (calling out "Mommy" as her mother tries to kill her and then screaming in pain) as it was implied that the spell was supposed to kill her, and Meteora only survived and regressed to infancy because of Star giving up her power to her earlier.
  • Now Eclipsa has everything. She has the wand, her child and Glossaryck. To add icing to the cake, the first thing she does after obtaining all of these things is leave to free her monster lover. Marco sums it up in a single sentence:
    Marco: What did you just do?
  • We finally get to see Eclipsa's monster lover in person - sort of. He's been crystallized in the Monster Temple, and not only is he the size of a building, he has an absolutely furious look on his frozen face.
    • Fridge Horror sets in when you think about why he has that look on his face. Chances are high that he is not going to be happy when he's set free and learns what happened to his wife and daughter.

    Season Four 
Butterfly Follies
  • Everyone blames the Butterfly family for everything that's happened: Moon disappearing, Meteora attacking the kingdom and finally, Eclipsa becoming the true queen of Mewni. At this point, it's surprising there isn't a revolution yet.

Escape from the Pie Folk

  • While this is mostly played for comedy, there is something disturbing about the way Pie Island is depicted. The entire island, down to its king, are con artists and thieves. You can't trust anyone, as everyone here is out to con you in some way. If you find one who seems nicer than the others, he will turn out to be a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. The only exception, Foolduke, has come to hate the entire place, as even her own parents are conning her husband.
  • Star and Moon are descendants of the Pie Folk! Yes, Festivia was a Pie Folk. If the Magical High Commission were so desperate to replace Meteora with a girl that came from a clan of pie baking thieves and con artists, it really drives home how racist and prejudiced they are.
    • Worse still, the Magical High Commission didn't even ask the Pie Folk their permission. Festivia was accidentally abandoned by her clan on the way to the Pie Carnival. The Magical High Commission found her, raised her and prepped her to become the new Queen of Mewni. What of Festivia's parents? How frightened were they when they realized a group of deities took their baby to become a queen without their consent?
  • The Pie King first reveals his true self by ripping off his midget disguise, revealing him in a contorted position as he stretches upright. It's...creepy, to say the least.

Yada Yada Berries

  • The fact that there exists something as simple as berries that can turn anyone who even just licks them into stone. And the way it's talked about implies that it's as good as killing someone, meaning that Manfred and Sherry (The latter of whom self-inflicted it) pretty much died onscreen note .
    • For added Paranoia Fuel, just imagine that you're eating what appears to be an innocent fruit, none the wiser about what it will do to you...

Surviving the Spiderbites

  • What happened to King Shastacan after he had Meteora replaced with Festivia? Globgor ate him. Of course, he was understandably angry with what happened to his family and Shastacan was a real piece of work but still! Talk about overkill!
  • This episode reveals a few rather disturbing details about Globgor: apparently, not only did he enjoy eating Mewmen, he also actively cultivated the image of a terrifying monster, down to having a painting drawn with the blood of his enemies.
  • It turns out Eclipsa is looking for pieces of the Spell Book so she can restore it with Glossaryck's help. All it takes is just one piece so she can fix it. And Star has one piece. It seems she doesn't trust Eclipsa so much either.

Out of Business

Curse of the Blood Moon

  • Turns out Marco and Star's soul-bond meant that they would fall in love with each other whether they wanted to or not. There's something creepy about how many mannerisms and actions they copy off of each other, apparently without any conscious control. It's undone later, but still.

Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell

  • The beginning of the episode has Ludo repeating the events of "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown" in a dimension with obvious placeholders for Star, Marco, Janna, and Jackie. For all his attempts to work through his issues, it's clear that some parts of Ludo's mind are still not all there.
  • How does Ludo get the deed to the Avarius castle back from the Land Baron? He has Eagle and Spider eat him.
    Land Baron: You're crazy!
    Ludo: No, I just love my brother. But I'll do crazy things to protect him. (pokes Land Baron's nose) Boop!

Ghost of Butterfly Castle

  • It's revealed that Mina was the one who tried to turn Eclipsa to stone, and has been growing her own Yada Yada berries.
  • This episode confirms that Mina Loveberry is the result of the "Solarian Project," a Super Soldier program created by Queen Solaria. The scary part? Mina wants to revive the project in order to get rid of Eclipsa (Solaria's own daughter). Even Moon pointing out that the Solarian Project was a dark period in the Butterfly legacy does nothing to change Mina's mind.
  • Moon's refusal to do anything about Mina's plan to get rid of Eclipsa, deciding that it's not her problem. It shows that despite getting along previously, not only does she still not trust her, she doesn't seem to care about her anymore. If Moon doesn't even warn her about Mina, this will most likely cause more problems in the future. She also doesn't seem to realise that by doing nothing, she's putting Star, her own daughter, in danger.

Meteora's Lesson

  • When Glossaryck takes Meteora to the past, they come across Toffee convincing a nervous Rasticore to let his arm get bitten off. Sure, thanks to Septarian Healing Factor, Rasticore is immediately fine afterwards, but geez...
  • During their time travelling, Glossaryck not only gives the first Mewman settlers the royal magic wand (made from Meteora's rattle), but he has Meteora dip down to zap past!Toffee, seemingly cementing his Fantastic Racism towards Mewmans and magic. This could be seen as an Unwitting Instigator of Doom situation, but considering that it's Glossaryck...

Junkin' Janna

  • Those bits of scrap metal like the one Janna and Tom were riding? They were parts of a giant suit of armor. And that crow that's collecting them? It's Sebastian, Mina Loveberry's pet. And speaking of giant armor, remember the giant knights in the pop-up book from Mewdependence Day? Specifically, the scene from the book that had the giant knights chasing the small monsters from their home?
  • Tom burns the crow's right eye, and we see the end result of it. The skin on the right side of his face is now covered in third-degree burns and a huge red scar and the eyeball is now milky white, a sign of blindness.
  • The fact that Sebastian has the ability to turn into a more monstrous form, with no apparent explanation other than the possibility of Mina using the same experiments that Solaria used on her. What's even scarier is that upon seeing this form, Janna decides that she and Tom should leave.

A Spell With No Name

  • The titular skull butterfly spell that has no name. It is so destructive that one touch is all it takes for it to destroy other spells. And what could happen if anyone tried to use those destroyed spells? Worse still, it's invisible except to Narwhal and Glowworm.
    • Considering the nature and design of the spell, it's implied to be connected to the spell Moon used to destroy Toffee's finger, which Eclipsa wrote in the Magic Book of Spells that she considered it so dangerous that she didn't name it. As it later is revealed, it's also Solaria's Total Annihilation Spell from her chapter of the Book of Spells, and the version used against Toffee was a milder one.

The Monster and the Queen

  • Being crystallized is an unfortunate fate for Globgor, but being trapped in his own mind is worse. He stood there lonely for 300 years, his mind full of nothing but a facsimile of the Mewni he once knew, surrounded by no one but his imaginary creations, not knowing if Eclipsa or Meteora are alright.


  • When Star goes up to the Monster Temple to see what's keeping Eclipsa, she finds Eclipsa's guitar on the floor...and the crystal encasing Globgor is now empty.
  • As Globgor grapples with Omnitraxus on the stage, setting it on fire in the process, Meteora starts to crawl over to him, much to Eclipsa's horror.
    • Also to Eclipsa's horror was when Rhombulus started crystallizing her again. The poor woman finds herself about to go through the same eternal imprisonment that robbed her of her daughter and husband. Had Globgor not fought back, she would've lost them all over again...
  • Turns out it wasn't Eclipsa who freed Globgor; it was Rhombulus, who did it to prove to everyone that Globgor really was someone to be feared. Because of this, the entire stadium was put on lockdown, and Eclipsa and Globgor were nearly crystallized again, despite their complete innocence. Even Hekapoo and Omnitraxus (who aren't innocent themselves) are appalled at how crazy his plan was.
  • Eclipsa, Globgor, and Meteora are finally reunited, Rhombulus is arrested by the Magical High Commission for letting his racism and paranoia get the better of him, Eclipsa is officially queen now and both monsters and Mewmans are finally starting to get along... but then a crow flies by. And it's no ordinary crow. It's Sebastian. Which means Mina Loveberry knows...
    • Just the fact that Sebastion is so nightmarish that his presence practically bleeds into the "Awesome" page and "Heartwarming" page...

Doop Doop

  • When Star thinks Eclipsa and Globgor have baked an actual Mewman for her to eat, Tom excitedly yells "yes!" Does this mean that Tom eats people like Globgor used to?

Gone Baby Gone

  • After putting Meteora and Mariposa to bed, Marco gets a cryptic warning from Hekapoo, who orders him to stay on Earth. A few minutes later, when Marco and Star go to check on the babies, one of Hekapoo's portals is still open, and both babies are gone.
  • Even as a teenager, Meteora still has lingering feelings of hatred for Marco. And even she can't understand why she does.
  • The fact that Mariposa and Meteora were going to sacrifice Star so that Mariposa would get magical powers.
  • Wyscan the Granter has a mouth on his stomach that eats magic.

Sad Teen Hotline

  • Star and Tom both can't create portals to Mewni, and think it's because of the emotions they're dealing with. But then Marco's scissors don't work either. While they assume it's because their breakup has made him upset too, Star later tries to call her mother and Ponyhead and gets no answer for either of them. Something has gone wrong and there's no way of knowing what it is.
  • When the police helicopter unfreezes, it crashes and explodes, no doubt killing whoever was inside.


  • Janna is legitimately scared that she has no idea how she got to Mewni.
  • This episode confirms the theory that Mewmans were originally humans that were exposed to the Realm of Magic for so long, they forgot who they were and where they came from, and became magical creatures. How is this theory confirmed? Janna got to go to Mewni when she accidentally found a magic well connected to the Realm of Magic located underneath Britta's Tacos. And near the well is a stone carving of Glossaryck being worshipped like a god by four men while the Realm of Magic is being created. Oh, and remember the blocked door Moon and Star ran into in the episode "Conquer"? That was the well. Moon and Star were this close to going to Earth.
    • Think of the implications. Someone knew what the Realm of Magic does to people and knew about the other worlds the Realm is connected to, so they covered up the well and buried it. That is until Janna discovered it.
    • This also means Janna lost her memories and mind while she was in the Realm of Magic before she eventually stumbled onto the right path that led to Mewni.

Mama Star

  • As if Star, Marco, Tom and Janna losing their memories and minds in the Realm of Magic wasn't bad enough, there is a dark unicorn that is corrupting everything including the baby unicorns. And according to the Firstborn, all it wants is destruction.
  • Tom transforms into a hideous form while under the influence of the Realm of Magic. And because he lost his memories and mind, he has no idea how to control it.
  • They forgot Tom, and it's unknown if he was teleported away too (it's later revealed that he wasn't).

Ready Aim Fire

  • The Magical High Commission (even Rhombulus, who wasn't actually jailed) seem to have recruited Mina Loveberry to get rid of Eclipsa and Globgor. Turns out they are responsible for all the portals shutting down. Rhombulus and Omnitraxus say it's a last resort, but even Hekapoo is quick to say Mina is too crazy and is not following their plan.
    • To say Mina Loveberry is crazy would be the least offensive thing to say to her.
    Mina Loveberry: (laughs) Oh, I'm the crazy one? The person saving everyone from monster invaders? HA! (to the tapestry of Solaria Butterfly) Did you hear that, Queen? Our kingdom used to be great! But not anymore! (flies into the giant suit of armor and turns into her muscular Solarian form) It's time to give Mewni back to the Mewmans! And if that makes me crazy... (picks up a lightning-shaped laser sword resembling Solaria's wand and points it at the Magical High Commission) ...I'm as cookoo, cookoo, cookoo as they come! Sebastian, get me my helmet!
  • Globgor and Queen Eclipsa...lost to her.
    • Worse still, Globgor's "flesh wound" caused by Mina's sword seems to be getting worse. Eclipsa did say it was specifically designed to destroy monsters, which means even the tiniest cut would result in a very slow, agonizing death.
    • Eclipsa is throwing every spell she has at Mina, until she is forced to put up a barrier. Mina starts slamming the barrier with her sword, causing it to crack. Eclipsa has a look of fear on her face...and then the episode just stops.

The Right Way

  • In order to defeat "Mina", Eclipsa calls forth the Spell With No Name, aka Solaria's Total Annihilation spell, and its effects are terrifying to behold. Even worse, Eclipsa has no idea that the spell has gone rogue and won't just return to where it came from after being summoned...
    “I call the spell which has no name, my mother’s gift with which she reigned. Eclipse my heart with rightful power, stand before the queen and cower.”
  • Mina is defeated at last. Then Marco arrives and drops a bombshell: the person in the suit of armor isn't Mina. It's just some random mook. Cue hundreds of the same giant suits of armor marching toward he castle, with Mina at its head. Saying this went From Bad to Worse would be an understatement. It's Mewdipendence Day all over again.

Here to Help

Pizza Party

  • The reason Moon still distrusts Eclipsa and sided with the Magical High Commission and Mina? She blames Eclipsa for everything that has happened to her: getting hurt by Meteora, getting lost in the Realm of Magic, being separated from Star and being sent to Pie Island. No wonder Star calls her out.
  • When Mina declared she was going to kill Eclipsa, Globgor and Meteora instead of banishing them like Moon wanted, Moon is quick to dismantle the Solarian Warrior spell... but it doesn't work. Turns out they're not loyal to her. They are only loyal to Solaria Butterfly.
  • And where is the Magical High Commission while Mina and the other Solarian Warriors destroy Mewni? Celebrating how they're back in control by throwing a freaking pizza party! At this point, Hekapoo decides to quit without telling Rhombulus and Omnitraxus.

The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse

  • Quirky Guy demonstrates what happens to monsters if too wounded by Solarian wounds: they just explode into light. No body, no blood, just... nothing left behind as they explode. Oh, and when they explode, they don't come back. Janna's scream of terror was appropriate.
  • The fact that Mina is willing to murder every last monster in the village, including Buff Frog's children.
  • While in the Tapestry Room, Star starts to conclude that Toffee was right about magic being a curse. As she ponders this, the Toffee on Moon's tapestry suddenly turns his head towards her, yelling "Surprise!"
    • Even then, there's just something eerie about Star seeing the ghosts of her dead ancestors gather around, with glowing, Blank White Eyes that look like they are staring right into your soul. One has to wonder if Glossaryk's mind is where the queens go when they die.
  • In the titular tavern we watch one guy get erased from existence. He screams as he's dragged into the shadowed part of the tavern then his scream is abruptly cut off as his head is pulled into the shadowed portion then he's just gone.


  • The unicorn skull briefly coming back to life to tell Star to leave. Fortunately, she was in a haze of amnesia so this didn't affect her.
  • It turns out that Tom ended up becoming a mindless slave to the dark unicorn after being left in the Realm of Magic (and it's implied that it's only been a day since Star, Marco, and Janna were there), with Blank Glowing Eyes of Doom. Thank goodness Marco had Glossaryck's pudding.
    • What makes it scarier is that he makes no sound at all. No dialogue, no grunting or screaming, just complete silence.
  • In a desperate attempt to feed some of Glossaryck 's aforementioned pudding to Tom, Marco manages to impale himself on the dark unicorn's horn. It's brief, but you can clearly see the horn sticking out of his back. Arguably one of the most graphic injuries on the show.
  • Mina getting eaten by the dark unicorn.
  • Mina, even after losing all her powers forever, still hasn't given up her crusade to destroy all monsters. One has to wonder if she'll ever recover from her mental instability...
  • Glossaryk, the Magic High Commission, and the unicorns in the Realm of Magic all die due to the destruction of magic, the latter having the flesh melt off their bones. And that's not even considering what the magic and the Wand being destroyed does to the spells inhabiting it and other magical beings across the Multiverse, like the Laser Puppies.
  • The new Merged Reality is shown to have thrown the people of Earth and Mewni into chaos.

    The Magic Book of Spells 
  • The book reveals that despite being portrayed as a stalwart defender by Mewman history, Queen Solaria was actually a genocidal maniac who waged a campaign of extermination against monster kind and even tried to make a spell that would eradicate all monsters. She's also the one who changed Mina (and others) into the mentally unstable Super Soldier she is now. Apparently, she was so bad even Glossaryck found her to be too extreme.
  • The book reveals how dangerous dipping down will be if not controlled properly. Skywynne accidentally destroyed an entire dimension by dipping down. She was in emotional turmoil after the stress of her duties and the stress of her love life. Fortunately, the dimension was home to only moss and fluorescent worms.
  • Skywynne also erased gravity by accident, normally this would be played for laughs. However, 16 people were lost to space. It was reassuring to know that a translated note reveals they landed on another planet and became its inhabitants. Unfortunately, she fears that they want revenge.
  • Eclipsa made a spell called Ouroboros, which forces the victim to eat their own feet. Becomes Nightmare Retardant however in Season 4, where it's shown used on Rhombulus' snake arms. All it did was make one stick the other in its mouth and bite down, meaning unless the victim is extremely flexible, the worst it will do is force them to put their foot in their mouth.
  • When Dirhhennia inherited the wand, her mother's millhorse Stephandipity starved to death because Dirhhennia forgot to feed her. And given how fat Stephandipity was, it probably took a while.
  • Solaria's guide on how to slay monsters and how she insists "They are happier this way".
    • Lizard Men (Septarians): "Not sure what to do with these ones. Best to explode them and spread the pieces as far apart as possible. They are happier this way".
    • Slime Men: "Do not touch these slippery beasts, a spell worked from far away is advised. Possibly something that burns them to a crisp or sends them to another dimension. They are so much happier this way".
    • Kappas: "A cowardly mean-spirited sort. A simple disembowelment spell will make them rue the day they were brought into this world. I promise they are happier this way".
    • Frog Men: "These creatures deserve no mercy, to end their miserable existence you must mince them into tiny pieces. Believe me when I say that they are happier this way".
    • Conjoinikins: "These creatures too deserve no mercy, they are an abomination to the ever-after. To end their miserable existence, you must flambe them with your sword wand. They are most definitely happier this way".
    • There's an added bit of horror in Solaria's guide. Septarians actually can't die, they appear as if they're still able to feel pain, and are conscious the whole time they reform. It's no wonder that Septarians hold such lethal grudges against the Mewmans if this was the common procedure for dealing with them.
  • Turns out that Comet was a genuinely good, peaceful, and kind person who wanted true peace with the monsters, and nearly succeeded. This means Toffee flat out murdered an innocent person in cold blood purely out of hate, which adds a rather terrifying attribute to his character.
  • Crescenta's chapter establishes her as a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing anti-monster crusader capable of creating hundreds of terrifyingly efficient spells - one such example being a bone-healing spell that transforms said bone into a monster while it's still attached to the patient's body. But it doesn't end there - if one takes the time to translate the smatterings of Low Mewnian found throughout her chapter, they get... this.





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