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  • The Penguin lends himself to these.
    • In his first appearance, he explains that he was abroad in the Far East. As he finished that statement, a pair of attractive women walk in the room, prompting Penguin to remark with, "Speaking of abroad..." and growl flirtatiously.
      • Later in that same episode, he is heard offscreen smacking some female party attender's butt and is immediately slapped by her for it.
      Penguin: (grins) Hmm. Spunky...
  • In The Batman vs. Dracula movie, when Dracula takes notice of Vicky Vale, a local news reporter, the Penguin confirms that she is attractive by commenting that she had "nice jugulars".
    • In one scene, Vicky kicks him in the crotch.
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  • In “The Bat, The Cat, and the Very Ugly”, there’s a scene where Penguin is making moony eyes at Catwoman while she’s feeding him fish. His jacket is off and his tie is undone. He then yells at the Kabuki Twins to give him some privacy and calls them “clingy”.
  • Batgirl got a pretty good line in the episode "Two of a Kind":
    Robin: The neighbors say that [Harley Quinn] went freely with the Joker. Wonder what he could want with her?
    Batman: He saw a vulnerable person he could manipulate, someone good for a few laughs until he got bored.
    Batgirl: And join us again next week when Batman analyzes the Freudian implications of Penguin's umbrella.
  • Joker's use of the expression "snafu". There, however, is a kid-friendly version of that acronym (Situation Normal All Fouled Up).
  • "Oh, look who's arrived at my coming out party!". Crossed with Have a Gay Old Time - in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, a young lady's first big party was referred to as her "coming-out" party.


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