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"Y'know, for kids!"

  • An American Tail: After the drunk politician Honest John says "Oh, a rally!", Gussie Mausheimer responds, "That's what I said, a wowwie". John looks at her chest and is about to pick up a feather that had fallen onto her cleavage. It looks like he's about to grab her breasts, and she slaps his hand away.
  • An American Tail: Fievel Goes West:
    • A woman above the stage says "Ohh Pussy pussy pussy pussy! Pussy! Pussy! Ohh! Pussy!'' while stuffing Cat R. Waul between her cleavage.
    • During Tanya Mousekewitz's dance, "The Girl You Left Behind", some cats appear a bit too interested in her, showing an excitement as if she were performing a burlesque dance. A dazed drummer cat stares at her, and she smacks him in the face with a cymbal.
  • The Boxtrolls has its share of naughty gags:
  • In some widescreen edits of Yellow Submarine as the Beatles are walking away from the giant head after "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" has finished playing, there is a cloud in the sky that's shaped like a certain part of the male anatomy.
  • Bartok the Magnificent got away with a Breast Expansion gag because the "breasts" weren't really breasts. As Ludmilla is transforming into a dragon, one of the first things that transforms is her chest, complete with a boing sound.
  • Ferdinand: One of the trio of snooty horses insults Ferdinand (a bull) by saying his parents probably weren't related. This is a joke about the fact that purebred high quality horses are often inbred.
  • The very title of South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut is this, being a rather sly dick joke. This came after the original name, "All Hell Breaks Loose", was shot down by the MPAA for containing "hell".
    • The BBFC rated the film a 15, despite being released in an era where something would automatically be given an 18 for containing the word "cunt" (which Cartman says in the climax).
  • The LEGO Batman Movie: A very clever joke is made about Dick Grayson's name at the police gala.
    Dick: My name is Richard Grayson, but my friends call me "Dick".
    Bruce: Well, kids can be cruel.
  • Sheep & Wolves: the fortune-teller's 'potion of bravery' suspiciously like a bottle of Jaegermeister.
  • Quite a bit in ParaNorman:
    • Courtney has a big butt and is subjected to a lot of Male Gaze. Alvin blatantly grabs her butt twice, once when the group join hands in their Shaming the Mob scene and then again when he tries to hug Courtney at the end, you can see his hand reaching for her ass just before she shoves him away.
    • Perry Babcock is at one point ranting and says he has no idea what Norman is doing in his room and that he could be "playing with his Ouija…or his orbs!"
    • Courtney blatantly checks out Mitch when he's in just a towel and when he asks if he can help her, she responds with "Hell yeah!"
    • When the zombies walk into the modern-day Blithe Hollow, they react with horror at various things, including a billboard featuring a busty witch advertising a casino - one of the zombies is clearly smiling.
    • Mitch and Neil are arguing over who should answer the door and Mitch asks Neil is he's freeze-framing his mother's exercise DVD again, which Neil denies as the camera cuts to him doing just that.
    • This exchange between Norman and Mr. Prenderghast:
    Mr. Prenderghast: Swear to me!
    Norman: Like... the F-word?
    • To prove his grandma's ghost really is in the house, Norman tells Courtney his grandma said it's not very ladylike of her to hide pictures of the school quarterback in her underwear drawer, cue Courtney blushing angrily and yelling at Norman for being a creep.
    • When Mr. Prenderghast tries to get Norman's attention from the bushes, he goes "Psst!", leading Neil to comment the statue they're standing next to just "Psst" at them.
    • When Norman tells his grandma's ghost that his dad said not to talk to her anymore, she responds with, "Jackass."