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There seems to be a lot of dirty jokes that go just a little over the kids' heads in this movie...

  • In the beginning, when Skiff is warning Lem of the upcoming alien invasion, he states that he already "has protection against the alien's favorite form of analyzation- the probe". He gives Lem a cork and gestures, ahem, where to put it, to which Lem responds with "Yeah, yeah, I get it" before he can say the word itself. Then he says, "Oh wait, I already used that one!", and Lem's reaction? Pretty much shock and disgust and he drops the cork immediately. Really, that entire scene is pretty much made out of this.
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  • After the TV advert for toothpaste, the one dressed up as the toothpaste itself praises the guy dressed as a toothbrush. He responds that he's much better at playing the suppository.
  • When Neera comes out of her house, and Lem is prepared to make his move, his father tells him: "Go on, soldier, take that hill!" and chuckles.
  • A police officer watches a woman walk by, particularly her chest, and the woman tells him to "Keep his eyes on the aliens."
  • When Skiff bursts in on Chuck teaching Lem to woo girls, they look as though they are about to kiss and Skiff shouts: "The cork! The cork! Remember the plan!"
  • Near the end when a blanket falls off a naked Chuck as he stands up, Skiff remarks "That's a funny place for his antennae."
  • Skiff's last item regarding toiletry issues.
    "If you have to go number one, aim for the newspaper. If you have to go number two, go outside. If you have to go number three, I can't help you."
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  • When Chuck first introduces himself to Lem, Lem extends the S while attempting to say "Astronaut". Chuck's reaction makes it clear that this is intentional.
  • "Okay, either your name is Lem, or you want to mate with me".
    • Even funnier for a dane, as in Denmark, Lem is slang for penis.


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