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    Captain Charles T. "Chuck" Baker

Chuck is a 50-year-old human astronaut who gets stranded on Planet 51.

  • The Big Guy: He is the biggest main character in the movie.
  • Decoy Protagonist: He is first billed in the opening credits and top-billed on the DVD cover., but the real protagonist is Lem.
  • Humans Are Ugly: Chuck is quite handsome and has had his likeness posted on many earth magazines. However, but Planet 51 standards, he's hideously ugly and is assumed to be a threat because of this.

Voiced by: Justin Long

Lem is a 13-year-old who works in the planetarium. When he first meets Chuck, he agrees to help him stop his spaceship. When Chuck is captured by Kipple, he leads a group of friends on a rescue mission to save him and help them stop the ship.


Voiced by: Jessica Biel

Lem's 15-year-old neighbor and crush, which she actually reciprocates.

  • Beauty Brainsand Brawn: The beauty to Skiff's brawn and Eckle's brains.
  • Cute Alien Girl
  • Nice Girl: She's one of the few residents of Planet 51 who doesn't believe Chuck to be evil and doesn't require much motivation to help rescue him during the climax.

    General Grawl 
Voiced by: Gary Oldman

General Grawl is a 69-year-old general who relentlessly pursues Chuck.

  • Anti-Villain: While he's relentless in his pursuit of Chuck, it's because he's under the mistaken belief that he poses a danger to his planet. Once he relizes that Chuck isn't dangerous, he orders his men to stand down and parts with Chuck on friendly terms.
  • Big Bad: He is falsely the main antagonist of the movie and Kipple working for him is all part of his Evil Plan.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: With Kipple.
  • The Dragon: To Kipple.
  • Laughably Evil: Of the Comically Serious variety.

Voiced by: Seann William Scott
Skiff is the 14-year-old best friend to Lem and a friend of Eckle's.—-


Voiced by: Freddie Benedict

Eckle is Neera's 8-year-old brother who speaks in a British accent.

    Professor Kipple 
Voiced by: John Cleese

Professor Kipple is a 80-year-old scientist who helps General Grawl to get rid of Chuck's brain. He is Grawl's henchman. At The Stinger, he is revealed to be the Big Bad of the movie.



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