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Don't worry they're just dancing.
This show, being a reboot of The Powerpuff Girls, is bound to have some examples, even if the show is lighter and softer than the original.
  • Anytime Buttercup makes a butt-related joke or pun is a bit risqué.
  • Donny apparently has an unmarried mom. She does have a boyfriend named Axel though, but that might be because she got knocked up by him before she married him. However, nothing official has been said whether or not Axel is Donny's biological father.
  • Bianca Bikini and a few other female characters have some very large hips... (which is kinda hypocritical since they removed Ms. Bellum for more or less the same reason)
  • How are Bianca and Barbarus siblings if Bianca is human and Barbarus is a gorilla? One may say that one of them were adopted, but it is possible that one of their parents made love to a gorilla.
  • Man Boy is very sexist towards women.
  • Allegro seems to be some sort of child molester; he's always trying to force himself on top of Buttercup to hug her when she repeatedly tells him no.
The StayoverPainbow
  • Blossom saying that she "can't live in this world" could easily be interpreted as though Blossom had suicidal thoughts. She isn't shown trying to kill herself at any points in this episode, but still.
  • The way the Townsville citizens behave are like they tried ecstasy.
    • Ms. Keane gets, um, very close and huggy with Buttercup at one point.
    • On a related note, some children hug each other on a huge pile.
    • The policeman let the criminals out of jail at one point in a fit of sheer deliriousness.
    • The Professor runs outside in his underwear.
  • Blossom, Bubbles, and Allegro twerking. It's so ironic that the creators are okay with twerking but not with Miss Bellum's hourglass figure. Even Buttercup is quick to say "Eww!" at this disturbing scene.
  • At the end of the episode, Buttercup is trying not to laugh at Ms. Keane saying if anyone wants to ask questions about "ifs, ands, or buts."
Horn Sweet Horn
  • The episode itself was supposedly a metaphor for transgenderism, but they fail...badly at it.
    • For one thing, Donny turns into an ugly monster due to being hit with the Transmogrifier, so it basically says that transgender people who change their bodies will become ugly. Thankfully, the episode's writer said that was never intended.
    • The whole transgender thing is a myth. The episode was never meant to be about transgender issues, but was promoted as such without the permission of its writers.
Strong Armed
  • Buttercup calls Bubbles a "wiener butt".
Little Octi LostOnce Upon A Townsville
  • When Buttercup finds Princess Bluebelle unconscious, she pokes Bluebelle on the breast with a stick. Also, when Bluebelle wakes up, she assumes Buttercup is her prince and kisses Buttercup on the lips. Onscreen.
  • While Buttercup is doing a "beatbox solo", one of the beatbox noises sound like "Bow Bow Chicka Chicka Wow". For context, that line is usual music in old porn films.
  • Bluebelle attempts killing herself many times. Her suicide attempts are played for comedy, surprisingly enough.
Man Up 2: Still Man-ing
  • As a call back to "The Bare Facts" from the original series, the Mayor's towels falls off (and he's wearing nothing underneath the towel), and the Girls react in disgust to it, implying that they saw his genitals. Yeah, somehow the censors are okay with a middle-aged man naked in front of three elementary-schoolers.
In The Garden Of Good And EddieRoad Trippin'Snow MonthGreen Wing
  • At one point, when elderly Green Wing puts on her super suit, we get a close-up of her butt.
  • Heck, Greenwing in her prime was pretty sexy.
  • The villain Mackaderm is dressed like a pimp.
  • The pelvic movements of the Blue Genie (a villainous parody of Elvis) could count as well.
15 Minutes Of FameSplitsville
  • Whilst Bubbles is flying around, she sees a cloud shaped like a butt.
  • Buttercup tells the monster-dogs to "play dead", then there is a sound of fireworks, and Buttercup gets covered in rainbow goo. That's right, they put extreme gore in a kid's show.
Homesweet Homesick
  • The space camp councilor writing "moon" on his butt.
Minigolf Madness
  • The giant robot owl mascot of the gold course is based off a 1920s flapper.
Midnight at the Mayor's Mansion
  • When the PPGs come to the Mayor's rescue, they gasp in what appears to be him hanging himself, his head off-screen. Turns out he was trying to hang his coat on a coat rack, but forgetting to take it off first.
Deb O' Nair
  • At one point, Buttercup tears off her dress, revealing her boxers and undershirt.

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