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Radar / The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

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This film is loaded with A LOT more innuendo than your typical Wallace & Gromit adventure. For example:

  • When Gromit manages to lasso the Were-Rabbit and ends up getting pulled along by it, he swerves around a corner. Look closely at the large poster on the wall, which is advertising "Bag-o-Shite" horse manure.
  • When the townsfolk are complaining about their vegetables being ruined by the were-rabbit, a woman stands up holding a pair of half-eaten cabbages at chest level.
    Husband: Look at my wife's brassicas- ravaged in their beds!
  • A similar joke was made when Lady Tottington holds a large pair of vegetables in front of her while complaining that Victor doesn't seem to care about her "produce" while Wallace comments "his loss" with quite a hungry look on his face.
    • Heck, the whole scene of her showing Wallace her secret greenhouse has shades of this due to Wallace becoming more and more rabbitty due to the transformation and looking at the vegetables with a pleasured look of hunger while trying to contain himself. This reaches critical levels when he looks at Lady Tottington's large carrot. The dialogue in this scene is to be heard to be believed, since, despite referring to Wallace's hunger, it could very well have other connotations.
    • While all of this happens, Victor comes to the manor to try and court Lady Tottington, but sees the shadows of her and Wallace in her greenhouse with both of them laughing and her moaning and saying Wallace's name with an excited voice. This was as deliberate as it needed to be to make Victor angry.
  • The vicar owns a magazine about nun wrestling. The cover even imples "bad habits".
  • The parts where Gromit uses the large female bunny disguise to attract the Were-Rabbit/Wallace have quite a lot of this, especially the second one, where the beast gropes the disguise's derriere, followed by the lady bunny slapping him and him reacting with an even more enticed look! You know, for kids!
  • During the final confrontation, and after realizing that he has no chances to seduce Lady Tottington (or getting her fortune), Victor claims (referring to the Were-Rabbit/Wallace):
    Victor: And if I canít have your money, I can still bag your bunny!
  • These two lines.
    Vicar: Beware the moon!
    Constable Macintosh: Stand back! There may be a large rabbit dropping!
  • The cardboard box Wallace uses to cover himself up late in the movie is labeled "May contain nuts."
    • It doesn't help when before he does so, Lady Tottington blushes when she briefly looks down at Wallace's... You know what.
  • Lady Tottington tells Wallace to call her Totty; "Totty" being British slang for a desirable woman.
  • When the villagers get excited upon meeting Victor after his alleged slaying of the were-rabbit, they urge him to kiss their vegetables. One of the villagers says this:
    Kiss my arrrr...tichoke!