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Awesome / The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

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  • The very first scene with Wallace and Gromit tackling the pest that attacks one of their protected crops. They display an amazing sense of teamwork and coordination, even if the scene isn't very long.
    • As an extra, there's the way Wallace and Gromit are congratulated after their victory. It's real nice seeing the duo being rewarded and recognized for their work!
  • Lady Tottington standing up for Wallace and Gromit after the townspeople turn against them (for one time they failed) is both this and a heartwarming moment.
  • The scene where Gromit takes the bullet meant for the cornered Were-Rabbit Wallace. Victor loads the Golden Carrot into the gun and fires, blasting himself backwards. Were-Rabbit Wallace cringes away. Gromit's ears shoot up in alarm. Then his eyebrows lower in a determined squint. He speeds towards the scene, swings into the path of the bullet with a rope from a flagpole, and takes it right in the side of the airplane.
    • Following this, when Gromit accidentally lets go of the rope he's holding, Gromit's plane starts to fall out of the air, leading Wallace to jump out and break its fall, seemingly pulling a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Lady Tottington's final scene with Victor. "Consider yourself dumped."
    • Not to mention her spraying Victor in the eyes with Pansy Spray so Wallace can get away.
  • Wallace tossing Victor several yards onto his truck at the beginning of his transformation. Nick Park admitted that this was his favorite scene because it gave Wallace an excuse to be violent.
    • Similarly, when the Were-Rabbit stops Victor from harassing Lady Tottington. For the first time ever, Wallace is pissed.
  • Hutch rescuing Gromit from the cage he's trapped in.
    • On that note, the fact that for some fans of Hutch, that he's playable in the video game adaptation.
  • The moment when Gromit and Hutch drive in to lure the Were-Rabbit away from the festival using the former's prize marrow, stealing away Victor's chance of shooting Wallace.
    • The Awesome Music is what sells this scene. At first, it starts out incredibly tense as Victor prepares to take the shot. And then, when the Anti-Pesto van drives by, the sweeping Anti-Pesto theme kicks in, indicating the heroes' arrival.
  • Another moment that's also heartwarming is Lady Tottington giving Gromit the golden carrot he fought so hard to win as a prize for his bravery and Wallace acknowledging he deserved it. It's amazing to see Gromit finally get the respect he deserves!