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Nightmare Fuel / The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

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As a Nightmare Fuel page, all spoilers are unmarked as per wiki policy. You Have Been Warned!

While The Curse of the Were-Rabbit has an overall family-friendly tone, don't let that fool you into thinking it won't have scary moments in it.

  • Both transformation scenes. But the first one probably takes the cake since we get to see it first and foremost.
    • The first one: When Victor seems to have him cornered, Wallace suddenly tosses Victor with enough force to throw him onto the AntiPesto van windshield. Then Wallace shows massive buck teeth, his hands and feet turning into paws, etc, while becoming a hideous beast. All of this is shown, while Gromit, Victor and Philip watch the whole thing in pure horror.
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    • The second one especially, where Gromit is pinned against the door as Wallace is transforming and desperately begging him to help him. He knows what's happening, but is powerless to stop himself.
  • The Were-Rabbit stalking the Vicar through the fogged-in churchyard, and attacking the vegetables on the church's offering table. The Vicar is so horrified when the beast shows itself to him (but not the audience) that he begs for divine mercy.
    • This leads directly into the Vicar's chilling speech in the church the next day, refuting the constable's assertion that the vegetables were destroyed by an ordinary man:
      Vicar: This was no man!
      (The entire town falls silent as he enters)
      Vicar: Does a man have teeth the size of axe-blades?! Or ears... like terrible tombstones?! ... By forcing vegetables to grow far beyond their natural size, we have brought a terrible judgment upon us! And for our sins, a hideous beast has been sent to punish us all! Repent! Repent! Lest you too feel the wrath of... THE WERE-RABBIT!!
      (The camera zooms out to reveal the Were-Rabbit's gigantic Impact Silhouette on the stained glass window)
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  • The Were-Rabbit's silhouette ominously dissipates in the mist after attacking Growbag's garden. You get to see its figure, and then it fades away like nothing. Not helping is the music playing during that sequence as a whole, probably one of the most intense scores in the movie.
  • When Wallace and Gromit think they've captured the Were-Rabbit and Wallace goes on the date with Tottington, Gromit makes a very disturbing discovery. The giant rabbit footprints don't lead to the cellar where Hutch is, but rather upstairs. Then, as he follows them, the tracks turn from a rabbit's to a human's and they lead straight into Wallace's room. Then when he opens the door, he sees all the eaten vegetables. Now we know who the Were-Rabbit is...
  • The illustration of the Were-Rabbit from the Vicar's Book of Monsters is pretty unsettling.
  • Just the fact that Victor is still wanting to kill the Were-Rabbit despite being aware that it's Wallace. If anything, discovering the Were-Rabbit is the man who's seemingly stealing his girlfriend (whom he's only marrying for her money) away from him makes him even more determined to kill it. It's that very determination of wanting to carry out the deed that is scary, even if it means abandoning his morals through committing deliberate murder.
    • When Victor gives an evil grin to Gromit after seeing who it really is, the lightning and thunder during that scene heighten the horror.
  • The stakeout scene is appropriately ominous. It's eerily quiet, with almost no music or sound. Then, after Gromit tries getting Wallace to come back to the car by honking from him, looking down the tunnel that Wallace walked through, there's a Freeze-Frame Bonus when he gets back in... but the shadow of his ears (or rather, something else's ears) remain.
  • While it may not be a huge one, Wallace getting mad in itself could be considered this. Imagine the most chill, agreeable man you can have tea and crumpets with, suddenly flipping the switch when someone he cares about is getting hurt and it turns out he’s turned into a giant monster. Scary to think about.
  • Wallace takes on the mannerisms of a rabbit when he and Hutch accidentally mind-meld. His voice is still distinctly his but his pop-eyed panicked expression doesn't seem to match it. Not to mention his hopping all over the place as a bunny comes across as quite jarring in the body of a human.
  • The Were-Rabbit itself. Despite its Nightmare Retardant concept, it's actually absolutely terrifying. Just picture a giant furry beast who will eat all your veggies. All of them.
    • Though the use of Shadow Discretion Shot and ominous music helps, this movie SOMEHOW succeeds in making a giant rabbit eating people's vegetables legitimately disturbing to watch.
  • The first night Hutch the rabbit sleeps after his and Wallace's mishap with the brainwashing machine. He wouldn't stop shaking and twitching. Later that night, all the bunnies are huddled together in one corner of their cage quivering with fear and watching Hutch's cage as it violently shakes from the rabbit's transformation inside. Then the cage bursts open and the bunnies immediately cover their eyes. We don't see what happens next but thankfully the bunnies were not harmed. This scary transformation sequence leads the audience to believe that Hutch is the were-rabbit.