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Heartwarming / The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

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  • The opening sequence, with Gromit growing up from a puppy to the dog we all know and love and with Wallace being there for him from those early days.
    • Gromit's Undying Loyalty to Wallace is demonstrated during the sequence. We see a part where Wallace and Gromit have an argument and the picture splits into two. In one, while mad at Wallace, Gromit could be seen knitting something...and later on, it turned out to be a sweater for Wallace. His master may exasperate him to no end, but despite it all, he cares about Wallace very dearly, even when angry at him.
  • Lady Tottington in general is very heartwarming and nice, especially thanks to her love for animals and her desire to keep them from harm's way.
  • Lady Tottington standing up for Wallace and Gromit after the Were-Rabbit strikes for the first time is both this and an awesome moment.
  • When Wallace is unable to reassemble the machine to change him back from a were-rabbit, the poor guy breaks down to a blubbering mess, thinking he'll never invent again. But then, Hutch begins to reassemble the device, since he has all of Wallace's transferred smarts. Seeing what's happening, Wallace's gloom quickly dissipates and turns to hope and pride as he and Gromit marvel at Hutch's progress.
  • Another one for Lady Tottington; even after she believes that Wallace has "rather let her down" after placing her trust in him to get rid of the were-rabbit, she wishes to part on good terms with him.
    Lady Tottington: Canít we at least shake hands? Part as friends?
  • When Gromit lures Wererabbit!Wallace away from the vegetables, Lady Tottington cheers "Hooray for Anti-Pesto!" Given she previously said Wallace failed her, she's (seemingly) witnessing Wallace redeem himself by single-handedly luring the monster rabbit from the vegetable competition.
  • Gromit being so determined to save Wallace from Victor that he's willing to sacrifice the giant marrow he was going to enter in the vegetable competition. Unfortunately, it doesn't work out, but it's the thought that counts. Ultimately, he's still rewarded the Veg-Out Trophy by Lady Tottington for his courage. Guess one might say it wasn't a total loss for Gromit. Wallace even beams "Every dog has his day!"
  • The first thing that Lady Tottington does when she thinks Wallace has died is to comfort Gromit, despite how clearly distressed she is. She touches his shoulder and even gives him a handkerchief to cry into. The fact she's extremely upset over Wallace's supposed death is quite touching too, and shows that she really cares quite deeply for him.
  • At the conclusion of the climactic fight with Victor, Gromit and the Were-Rabbit share a high-five — which leads Gromit to let go of his safety line. Were-Rabbit Wallace sees what is going to happen and dives into the open air to catch him, shielding the dog in his chest from the fall.
    • Shortly after Wallace seemingly dies after saving Gromit, Gromit revives him with a slice of Stinking Bishop cheese and then we have the following:
      "It's me again! I'm back! Gromit! You clever mutt! Well done, old pal!" (dances around, hugging Gromit)
    • As a little extra, a few minutes after Wallace returns to normal after coming back to life and everyone has finished celebrating, two rabbits are shown nuzzling their noses together like a little "eskimo kiss" as they're both happy to be together. D'awwwww.
    • To make things even more heartwarming, that's what inspires Lady Tottington to turn her home into a rabbit sanctuary.
  • Hutch going to the bunny preserve at Lady Tottington's. While she and Wallace didn't end up together, she'll always have him there in some form.
    Hutch: (as he's sent flying out of the Bun-Vac and into the air) CHEEEEEESSSSSEEEEE!!!!