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Nightmare Fuel / The Croods

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Birds aren't always happy critters. In fact, these birds are incredibly dangerous!

  • "The End". There's no explanation as to what's causing it or why (though the opening implies its due to continental drift), but Guy was not exaggerating when he called it the End of the World.
  • A case that is initially played straight: Grug after going into a cave and drawing a cave drawing of his family, only to have the saber tooth from earlier show up and try to eat him, and then blows out the torch to presumably eat him off screen. Which is later defied when the cat remembers that it's terrified of the dark, and immediately helps Grug revive the embers so they can cling together in the comforting torchlight.
  • The Piranhakeets. Swarming birds that can skeletonize an animal in just a couple seconds. Arguably the most dangerous animal in the entire movie.
  • Eep's opening narrative on how all the other cave families in the area died out. Even before we see a single CGI animal, the 2D animations of the neighbors' ugly fates - particularly the "mosquito bite" incident - establish that there are nasty things out there in the Croods' world.

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