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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth getting stuck in tar for here.

These are recommendations made by Tropers for The Croods fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.


Page Reconfiguration in Progress: Fanfic Recommendations is being split into pages for each individual series, so help is needed to classify each entry into the appropiate category, and to format it according to the template.

Authors and Websites

General Fics

All Change by Hannah Abby

  • Recommended by CMR Rosa
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: A little look at how Grug came to terms with accepting Guy and the realisation that his little girl was grown up and in love.
  • Comments: The first Croods fan fictions and one of the best, a look in Grug mind during the movie.

Crossover Fics
Stories which crossover with other characters or works.

The Day Darkness Got Its Name by psychicsaphie

  • Recommended by CMR Rosa
  • Status: Completed
  • Crossover With: Rise of the Guardians
  • Synopsis: Every day, he lived just like he'd promised them, but he lived in fear. He feared that he wouldn't be able to find dinner and he feared that things would make dinner of him. Every night, he dreamed terrible dreams of teeth and claws and outstretched hands covered in tar. All the while, Guy wondered why. Why had he survived? What was the point of all this?

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