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Nightmare Fuel / Wallace & Gromit

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Moment subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

The Wrong Trousers

  • Feathers McGraw is this in spades. Despite looking exactly like a normal penguin, there's this unearthly sense of soullessness in his eyes. His every move is careful, calculated, and utterly ruthless, willing to commit any number of crimes or misdeeds to attain what he wants. It's legitimately unnerving to see him move onscreen, as there are no anthropomorphized movements or qualities to him - he is just a penguin that wants to hurt people.

A Close Shave

  • The part near the beginning of the short film when Wallace panics about Shaun going through the machine can be pretty alarming & disturbing to kids, especially because of the tense background music. Leads to Mood Whiplash when all it does is shave him bald. But considering what we had to see to get there, it's a relief.
  • The revelation that Preston is a robot, especially when he rips himself out of the knitting machine. He's essentially a dog version of The Terminator. But that's nothing compared to him attempting to turn Wendolene, Wallace, Gromit, and the sheep into dog food.


A Matter of Loaf and Death

  • Piella is a surprisingly terrifying villain, due in part to being a serial killer with a body count along with her abuse to Fluffles being disturbingly similar to an animal abuser or even a child abuser considering how anthropomorphic animals are.
  • The scene where Gromit sneeks into her house to return her wallet becomes very disturbing once he sees the numbered mannequins with chef hats and her diary filled with pictures of the bakers she murdered whom she has crossed out with the last one being Wallace whom he realizes is the baker's dozen.
  • The jumpscare where Gromit falls from Piella's chandelier on top of her waking up and opening her eyes. Making it even more horrifying is the fact that the next scene cuts to Gromit on the bed in the morning thus making it very ambiguous to what truly happened.
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  • Piela's death involves being eaten by crocodiles. We don't see the ordeal, but we hear it instead.

Cracking Contraptions