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Tear Jerker / The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

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I don't WANT to be a giant rabbit!
  • When Wallace discovers that he is indeed the Were-Rabbit, he attempts to fix the Mind Manipulation-O-Matic to try and find a cure, but discovers that the transformation left his mind "a rabbity mush" as he finds himself lacking concentration and imagining that the machine parts are carrots. Soon, he's crying and wailing to Gromit "I don't WANT to be a giant rabbit!" It's one of the few times we've seen Wallace in such a terrible state and who can blame him? Inventing is his greatest passion and the one thing that might be able to save him, and one foolish mistake is going to take it away from him.
  • The scene with Lady Tottington at Wallace's doorstep on the night of the vegetable competition. It's pretty bad at first glance but it becomes really sad if you look at it from her perspective. She's been pressured by the townsfolk to cancel the competition because the Were-Rabbit is still out there - a competition held for 500 years without incident, and not holding it for this reason would obviously be very sad. She also thinks that Wallace was lying about the beast being in captivity (because he believed at the time it was Hutch, before later realizing it was him) and in order to get the competition going ahead, she has had to do something she would never have chosen to do: allow Victor to kill the Were-Rabbit. She's had to cave in to a horrible, pompous man who completely opposes her way of doing things, just to keep a family and town tradition in place. She's nearly crying as she tells Wallace the Were-Rabbit is going to be shot, because of how she's a Friend to All Living Things, even if said living thing is a monster. Then, when she starts trying to pour her heart out to Wallace because of her feelings for him (feelings it's implied she's had for a while), he tries to send her away, seemingly uninterested. What she didn't know was that he was transforming into the Were-Rabbit in front of her, and he was trying to get rid of her for her own safety. Somehow she manages to hold it together and is obviously offended and affronted when he slams the door in her face, but when he blew a raspberry at her through the window moments later in the midst of his transformation, that's what finally sends her over the edge and causes her to break down sobbing. All of that put together really just makes you want to hug the poor woman. It doesn't help when we see a smug Victor watching the whole thing from across the street.
  • Victor locks Gromit in a cage while he goes after the Were-Rabbit (Wallace). Gromit desperately tries to get out for a few minutes. Then he slumps, and even though his face is obscured, it's clear that he's crying.
    • Before that, when Gromit is locked up, Victor actually points out that Gromit's loyalty towards Wallace is moving, then follows it up by saying that Gromit won't be.
  • Gromit's marrow accidentally being destroyed during the climax. He worked so hard on it!
  • Wallace's Disney Death, especially when Gromit stands over him, mourning his beloved master. Just before his "Eureka!" Moment, you can see his Heroic BSoD slowly turning into tears of Tranquil Fury as he raises a quivering fist to punch the ground in anguish.


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