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The film probably just barely squeaked into its PG rating rather than going into PG-13 territory, thanks to Woody Allen's secret re-write, as well as the rating system being less strict in the 90s (at least for animated films).

  • The ants go to war against acid-spewing termites, and are massacred, with only Z surviving. We're shown this battle, with ants melting in acid, and in one scene, Z is seen holding the torn-off, but still talking, head of a soldier ant.
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  • Also the exchange: "This stuff tastes like crap." "Lemme try some... Hey, it is crap. Not bad."
  • And then there is the scene where a boy burns the ants to death with a magnifying glass and it looks really gory.
  • "I'm a princess, dammit!"
  • Then there's the line: "You know, I was going to let you become a part of my most erotic fantasies, but now you can just forget that. Write it off." The original line was "part of my most erotic sexual fantasies", but they removed that line to avoid a harsher rating.
  • When Mandible learns that one soldier survived his deliberate suicide mission: "Damn!... Good! Damn good!"
  • "Yeah? And ever since we were little, I have been listening to you complain. What are you bitching about?"
  • "Call me crazy, but, I have a thing about drinking from the anus of another creature." In the trailer, "anus" was changed to "caboose".
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  • "Don't tell that tight-ass anything, Weaver!"
  • "It's your nature, but in spite of your limitations, you are going to finish this tunnel on schedule, come hell or high water."

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