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This is essentially an animated Woody Allen movie so there's plenty of funny.

  • So much of Z's dialogue.
    Z: Lunatic at three o'clock.
    Z: I'll have you know, I have it from a very reliable source...well, maybe a drunk raving source...
    Z: Tunnel opening ceremony.
    Z: Every worker in the colony is here!... Hey, wait a minute, that guy owes me money...
    Z: Who the hell is that? (when faced with a penny)
    • When Z, disguised as a soldier, is introduced to Bala at a ceremony, he gives a sexy growl at her instead of the formal greetings he'd given to the Queen and Mandible. Keep in mind, this is Woody Allen making a sexy growl.
  • "Be the ball!"note 
    Z: This is a lawsuit waiting to happen!
  • "The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah/We slaughter termites just for fun, hurrah, hurrah!"
  • The signs the cheering ants hold up for Z:
    • "WELCOME HOME, TROOPS" with the S hastily crossed out.
  • Z's pathetic attempts at being a soldier ant. Highlights include him telling another soldier he'll get out soon since he's got a trial membership—for the army.
  • Aphid beers are either this or squick. Their legs even wiggle when you drink!
  • Some of Cutter's dialogue can be this thanks to his being voiced by Christopher Walken.
  • Weaver voicing that there would be consequences for talking about impersonating a soldier and even listening to ants talking about impersonating a soldier. Cut to a wide shot of soldiers eavesdropping and immediately going back to sleep.
  • For some reason, Z being aghast watching Bala screaming as she passes by, stuck underneath a battleship-sized sneaker, is just hilarious.
  • The grizzled veteran ant soldier Barbatus is a wellspring of Black Comedy:
    Barbatus: [as Z picks up his still-living severed head] Be honest, kid. Am I hurt bad?
    • Also, Z tells him he'll put him back in his body, and looks around to find nothing but dead bodies everywhere.
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  • The ants protest by singing "All we are saying, is give Z a chance!"
  • The scene where Z is somehow mistaken for attempting to take Bala hostage while trying to hide behind her. The scene itself is pretty funny already, but when Z decides to roll with it, what does he do? Grabs a piece of food from a nearby serving tray and threatens her with it. Given that he holds it pretty close to her mouth, it almost looks like he intends to force-feed her if nobody backs off.
    Z: One more move and the princess gets it!

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