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Tear Jerker / Antz

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Don't make my mistake, kid. Don't follow orders your whole life. Think for yourself...
  • Barbatus' death.
    "And then he just died in my arms, right there. I don't think he ever once in his life made his own choice..."
  • The entire aftermath of the termite battle after which the aforementioned Barbatus is killed. Just to put it in perspective, except for Z, both sides were completely wiped out.
    • The worst part is that those soldiers didn't know they were being sent on a suicide mission so that they wouldn't stop General Mandible from drowning the Queen and all the workers so he can start his own, more militant colony with Princess Bala's offspring once she becomes his queen.
    • Through the termites' point of view, they're just defending themselves from an unprovoked attack...and they were slaughtered along with the ants.
    • And then there's Weaver's reaction the next time we see him. He allowed Z to switch places with him for a day so that Z could see Princess Bala during a royal inspection, completely unaware that the army being inspected was also being sent on a suicide mission. The look on Weaver's face is one of utter despondence, as he believes that he got Z killed in his place.
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  • Chip is (understandably) inconsolable after Muffy is killed by a flyswatter.
  • A small one but after the whole bar fiasco Z has found someone he actually loves and starts acting much more lively around everyone. And then it becomes sad once again once he goes back to the bar and waits for Princess Bala, once she doesn't come around Z is now the only patron left in the bar. The bartender asks if he wants another aphid beer, to which Z sadly declines and says he's leaving for the night. It's Woody's delivery that really makes it sad.
    • Later, Bala tells him she only picked him because he was the most pathetic bug in the joint. Briefly, Z's reacts with a pained expression, before covering and acting cool about it.

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